Big Brother 15 Eviction and HOH Results Nick Vs Elissa Vs Helen


A huge shocker went down this morning. After realizing that the Moving Company only had 6 votes to evict Elissa and not enough to cover his a$$ and the identity of the MC Spencer panics. He goes to Helen where she basically tells him he’s a sketchy F*** . If Elissa goes she will win MVP and she’s going to win this weeks HOH. She will use these two powers to take out the people not in her alliance. This all scared Spencer enough to start laying the groundwork to Disband the Moving Company. We’re not sure but last night there was strong indications that McCrae was going to vote against the Moving Company and Evict Nick. If this was the case them perhaps Spencer caught on and realized in order to survive he has to jump ship. McCrae had told Spencer that Amanda was voting to evict Nick so maybe this got him worried since Amanda and McCrae have been power cuddling

After Spencer talked to Howard and McCrae. They decide to break off from Jeremy and Nick and rebuild the trust with Elissa, Helen, Candace, Andy, Judd, Amanda..
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My Prediction

Nick goes home
Helen, Andy or Jeremy to win HOH

Confirmed results

** If these don’t update check out the comments **
Andy votes to evict Nick
Amanda votes to evict Nick
Judd votes to evict Nick
Candace votes to evict Nick
Jessie votes to evict Nick
Kaitlin votes to evict Elissa
Jeremy votes to evict Elissa
Spencer votes to evict Nick
Howard votes to evict Elissa
Gina votes to evict Elissa
McCrea votes to evict Nick

Nick Evcited

New HOH is Helen

CBS Interactive Inc.

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211 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Eviction and HOH Results Nick Vs Elissa Vs Helen

    1. Wooooooohoooooooooooooo
      Go Helen Goooooooooo

      I loved that victory party outside.
      In your face “beautiful people aka barbie aka king and Queen aka circle of trust aka racist and bully aka The bitches and the pimp aka J-K-A.

    2. Helen knew she was going to win HOH? How..production gave her the answers to memorize?
      The public needs to stop giving Elissa the MVP, I voted for her the first week, but she’s not doing anything.
      Vote out Nick and keep boring Elissa? I don’t see how anyone can say this game isn’t boring.
      And Helen knowing she was going to win HOH is just unreal…..
      Sidetrack people with the racist bs while production rigs this game.

      1. Jeremy went around saying he was going to win HoH, so if he would have won would you say rigged??? Elissa did make a big move by putting up Nick and not following the others to put up a floater. She was the under dog and MVP was warranted. This week should go to Helen. She rocked!!!!

      2. I’ve heard numerous players in numerous seasons claim they are going to win the next hoh. It’s called setting a goal& not stopping til ya get it. Helen is super smart. She doesn’t need production to help her win hoh! She used her own brain to make that happen.

      3. In response to BBK….

        Ummm…. Contestants ALL the time Proclaiim they ARE going to win HOH – They ARE going to win POV. The odds based on the 16 – (and less as they go) people in the house – chances are pretty good. its Game Talk.

        Elissa Has actually played it pretty well and used her MVP powers to further herself in this game. She was teh Target BOTH weeks and BOTH weeks her nominees went home. I give her credit for that. Just because she is not IN YOUR Face and harassing like “The Pretty (and Racist) Bunch” Doesn’t mean she is not playing a good game. She has won MVP because she is Rachel’s sister… and she also became a target based SOLELY onthe fact that she is Rachel’s Sister. Personally I am not a fan of Rachel – but I give Props to Elissa – for using her power and playing this game.

        I agree – like with Any show that it is edited in a certain way – so portray people in a certain way… But if you are so certain its rigged – Why do you watch or even go on the sites to read about the show?

    3. utterly disgraceful from cbs to yet again favour amanda in the racism senario, making her look good, when amanda herself has made racist and homophobic remarks that mccrae have told her is bad

      she is no position to be giving advice on racism…cbs have really chosen the wrong person to be their in house anti racism leader, it really should be howard, helen and candace, and most certainly not amanda

      amanda who is cheating on her boyfriend on national tv, also attempts to cruelly and viciously bully jess every chance she gets to a ridiculous and unnecessary extent

      wake up to yourselves cbs

      its already confirmed cbs is favouring elissa with the mvp pretty much designed for her, and insulting the audiences intelligence by making it seem elissa is not guarenteed to win mvp every week…and they are now giving amanda (who said she used to work in post production in LA) favourable edits to make her look like a good person, when its clear she is not, based on her behaviour and comments on the feeds and after dark

  1. Oh how things have changed in the last 36-48 hours. And might still. To all the poo pooers who think the season is over if one HG or another goes home, just think about the past couple of days. Why can’t there be more like them…this week even. I hope we get a double eviction soon.

      1. I agree, this week was so exciting with the flip flopping, snarky remarks, arrogance and bullying that it was a roller coaster. Now that Elissa, and the house has been turned upside down I am hoping her true personality will come out and she can begin playing the game.

        The game has truly changed for everyone now, expect the unexpected!!

        luv you Simon and Dawg, best site for BB EVER!!

  2. T.V. on … CHECK

    Popcorn and Drinks… CHECK

    Adult diaper for when I piss myself from laughing too hard…

    … 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

  3. Simon and Dawg, you make watching the show with my 8 yr old son so fun. He can’t figure out how I already know what’s going on. Thanks for helping me look like a super smart ‘player’.

    1. I don’t think so, at least not in Howard’s case. The MC was only the first thing that came along and he’s had his doubts about them from the beginning, I think. Spencer, on the other hand, his time may be up…but, you’d be guaranteed to win against him if you keep him around…then again, there’s others who fit that bill too but may be better at comps. It’s the only thing in his favour, IMO, don’t like him at all. Helen to take it all, but she’s going to need protection, she’ll be a big target, that’s what I want her to have HOH and/or MVP this week.

      1. More to that, I think Howard is genuinely liked by all the girls and I do hope he’s been holding back in comps, he could be great protection in comps for his side. He’ll be fine.

    2. What I like about Helen and Elissa is that they truly play as a team… Andy too. I think the Elissa bashers are unfair. Doesn’t she deserve credit for being bullied and nominated since the start, and never bashing anyone from a personal standpoint? My Happy Day will be the day that Aaryn and Jeremy, narcissist racist homophobes bullies are kicked out of the house… go Elissa, Helen, Candace, Andy, and yes, McCrae!

  4. I’m PRAYING the crowd boos Aaryn again just to see that dumb look of shock on her face!!! Ooooh this episode about to be so JUICYYYYY!!!

  5. the week that helen put together this week, is one of the best played weeks weeks ive seen in a while in the social aspect. I think she is very deserving of mvp next week.

    1. Yeah, I’m voting Helen for MVP, she deserves it she’s playing a good game. Imagine all that power HOH and MVP.
      All I want now is to enjoy a beautiful week of Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin on the block.

  6. helen did ok but this week it was moving company destroying themselves , mainly howard and spencer flipping on jeremey , mcrae even said amanda was voting one way and he would vote with mc and howard and spence decided to flip last min which is dumb , vote out a guy and allie to keep elissa which has her own team and there low on it dumb move by mc to turn on eachother

    1. Failure to keep Jeremy in check is what I would call dumb. Hard to keep an alliance with as loose a cannon as that guy.

  7. Welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2013, first we induct the Donatos (Eval dick & Daniele). We have a second inductee: Diane Henry big brother 5. Congrats you will be inducted into the hall of fame.

  8. Ya no, Elissa played the game just perfect, by keeping to herself and letting everyone self destruct. She’s no dummy, she knew exactly how to play this week out. Her and Helen and Candice are very smart ladies, and all three deserving of MVP, and winning the game.

    Got my popcorn & pepsi

    got my jammies on and the animals all fed

    Can’t wait to hear Aaryn get booed when she casts her vote. I hope it is Freaking LOUDER than before!

    Poor Jeremy’s boat has sprung a leak. LMAOOOOOOOO

  9. “Yes..we all do”…. loved that response from Julie while talking to Aryan when she said she talks about being an open person and the house and America knows a lot about her. Classic!

    1. Yes! I loved that too! EPIC! Her & Jeremys face were priceless…Katlins too! loved it…can’t feel for GM, her mouth is as bad as Arayns…

    2. What did I say??? WHAT DID I SAY????? Helen HOH!!!!!!!!! YES! bye bye Jeremy or Arayn! Hope she can put y’all on slop!!!!! more icing on Arayns lips slop style!!! I feel so good… more happy dancing!!!!!!

  10. wow! airing arayns mouthy racist remarks…sh** just got real…now on to GM & Jeremys & Spencers “jokes”…time for that to be aired next?

    1. Not that I want Spencer to win anything but I would love to see his C&NT talk exposed also.

      I’ve been reading this blog and knew that Amanda spoke to Aryan about her comments but seeing her response is even worse even after knowing that it was coming. Love that CBS showed it though… kudos!!

    2. Hey Simon and Dawg

      Does the house tell blonde jokes and call Aryan “Barbie”…. I don’t have the live feeds and I haven’t seen you mention it. Is she confusing her outside life with her BB life?

  11. Damn, Julie’s tone and feeling could be felt loud and clear when she replied to Aaryn “yes, we all do” in reply to knowing who she is being on BB. I’m so glad CBS showed reaction to her comments and Amanda addressing it and how Aaryn reacted to it. She’s in for a rude awakening when she leaves the house.

    1. Not sure if it was just me, but I swore I heard Julie call Jeremy Germy twice and then when talking directly to him, she said Jeremy.

  12. Oh man, CBC isn’t sugar coating Aaryn’s racism. They are letting it all be exposed. Good for them. Aaryn’s life will never be the same.

  13. Just wanted to say thank you to all the people who work so hard to bring us these wonderful updates from the feeds! it is GREATLY appreciated and I really enjoy reading these every day!! job well done!

  14. he was a big target for them , now hes an enemey and they have to know hes gunna out the mc and just say howard and spence went with the elissa power and group

  15. like how elissa said she wants to play fair considering she is the only one with a week to week advantage with the mvp

    1. Reminder – it is only Week TWO. Yes she has had the power for 2 weeks – that the viewrs gave her – but people will vote harder to get someone else to have the power. Its not HER fault she got MVP. And honestly she is playing a smarter game that a few of the others in the otehrs in there – power ot no power.

  16. People! Please! Let the production rigging comments stop! This is a game where we can see the best, and the worst in people, and unfortunately, we have seen the worst in some of the house guests. At least I hope they can’t get any worse. These people have no idea what we, watching, think of them. Jeremy and Aarynn had virtually the whole house scared of them and were convinced they owned it! And their little groupies were just as pathetic. How many times have you watched an underdog get screwed over, and wanted to tell them what was going on so they could see for themselves? I know I have! And how many times have you watched it happen and wish somehow the good guy would come out on top? With all that has happened, if production “enlightened” the underdogs, I, for one, am ecstatic! I really thought this season was going to Hell in a hand basket, but now the game will really begin! I can’t wait to see what happens! The way BB is showing what is going on, the racism and bigotry apparent, it’s obvious they are trying to be open and honest with America. I really don’t think Elissa will get the MVP again, but not until she steps up her game. The ones who truly deserve to have it are Helen and Amanda. Those two women FLIPPED that house! Fasten your seat belts America, Big Brother is taking off!

    1. I was never one to believe that production was rigging the results but after the changes to this season and tonight’s result I am done with Big Brother. Shame on CBS for controlling the game for the sake of ratings.

    2. Awesome breakdown and I am with you 100%. I hate the rigging comments also…. I don’t even care if its true! How boring would it be if MC steamrolled the entire season!!! Yes… as boring as the Bridgade, except (insert the amount of weeks left) x 1000. Break it up, let people scramble for NEW and original alliances. And yes, MVP is going to someone else this week.

    3. Wow, this week was amazing. I agree them two girls flipped the whole house upside down!!! The look on Jeremy’s, Kaitlin, and Aaryn’s faces was priceless. Helen and Elissa make an amazing team. They keep going and we could have a serious girl power ending to this season.

      1. Have you been watching? Elissa is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. If she didn’t have Helen, she would not still be there…..MVP or not. I wanted to smack Rachelle most of the time because she is the most annoying person I have ever seen on tv…but I liked Elissa….for about 2 seconds…then I saw that she could barely form a sentence on her own….and many of them didn’t make sense…..I think Elissa has gotten a lot of grief…unfairly, I would add….but she is no game player….she didn’t even add the votes….she thought aaryn nation could vote. someone else had to remind her that hoh doesn’t vote…..DORK…..why is she even there? she clearly doesn’t even want to be. Helen is awesome, but Elissa can only ride coat tails….

  17. Howard is officially my favorite…he remained loyal to his alliance and have Nick a pity vote…and he’s got more integrity than most of the house.

    1. Since everyone knows Spencer is playing shady it was smart. All blames Spencer while Howard gets in good with Helen and everyone else.

  18. McCrae did this for the p***y, cut the BS.. His game was already disintegrating once he got blinded by the tig ol bitties.

  19. Did someone say Elissa needs to step up her game and doesn’t deserve MVP? David and Nick are gone because of her nominations! Come on people…give her some credit! ;)

    1. The MVP is for the player playing the best not the most popular. She didnt deserve either of the MVP votes so then she wouldnt have had the chance to put people up. You cant give her credit for something she doesnt deserve. she has Hellen to thank for still being here. She has zero game.

      1. MVP is the Most Valuable Player! It doesn’t mean it can’t be the best or the most popular. Elissa is valuable for America because the viewers DO control the game that way too!

        1. What you say is true but she is the one that came into the game with way more fans inherently because she is the sister of a famous BB player. They don’t start on an equal playing field and the first 2 weeks out the gate she obviously wins the mvp

  20. Mcrae was going around the house whistling Frank Zappa’s song, “Princess”. Big Brother crew told him to stop and Amanda slapped him for it, why?

  21. look i dont think the entire game is rigged im just saying elissa has had what 3 or 4 free nom’s because she had a fanbase behind her already , she couldnt even hide the power because everyone in the house and people watching knew she was getting mvp , she may not get it next week but thats prob because helen will get it from some of elissas fans , the twist was supposed to create confusion and fun mystery to the game not and advantage for a someone to start the game all im saying

  22. I will say one final comment about Aaryn and tonites show. She said she won’t apologize because people call her barbie or make fun cause she is blond. What the ditz doesn’t seem to realize is this. She can change her hair col our…African American’s can’t, Chinese can’t. So her reasons for saying what she did doesn’t hold water

        1. I didn’t realize that I didn’t finish my thought. I meant to say that she can change her hair colour but being African american or Chinese they can’t change the colour of their skin

    1. I know what you’re trying to say, but anyone can dye their hair. Plus, and I mean this very gently, by you’re saying (as others have similarly commented) that race is something that can’t be changed/not their fault carries the implication that it’s something negative, which indicates bias. Bias isn’t racist, we all have biases/opinions, but when it comes to respecting others, we need to check out our biases, especially when it comes to our communication.

  23. OMG im having a heart attack now!! I seriously cannot believe that Elissa came out alive in this nomination. Wowwwww i am soooo shocked, i honestly thought elissa was a goner! Soooo true how things in the house seem to change soooo quickly, i cant believe elissa made it through…yeyyyyy!!!

  24. Helen FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Yawn, Rachelissa gets bailed out again as she chokes but her clone Helen wins. Jeremy is probably going home now, and this season gets more and more boring.

  26. haha , helen winning congrats , moving company just packed their own truck out , wow what idiots they were , now that jeremey will go down , hes going to take them all with him

  27. Look out bullies … here comes the Helen locomotive and she’s gonna put the brakes on that runaway train named Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I even loath the way Kaitlin over-confidently raises her sign for the tie breaker thinking she’s won. Sooooo cocky!

  29. That was such an intense HOH competition. HELEN WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. jeremy face when hellen win priceless… gina marie makes me so sick crying over some dick she aint even sample .. nick didnt even kiss her yet she act like she was at a funeral with all that crying ….. powershift lol jeremy please pull a chima lol

  31. This is going to be interesting Helen winning HOH!

    Howard will play both sides telling Elissa’s side Spencer voted Elissa out since they don’t trust spencer and he was working all that before eviction in the have not room. He will tell Jeremy he doesn’t know what happened because he voted Elissa out.

    Feeds come back up so I can see what is going on after this bombshell!

    Also, did you notice no HOH interview with Julie? I wonder if she refused to do it! I would have.

    1. Now that there is an HOH on the other side… giving MVP to Elissa is pointless. She only got it for the last 2 weeks because the side she is on needed the help. She doesn’t need help now (she is totally set) and MVP can move on and I really expect that it will. Helen and Amanda did an incredible job on getting that house to flip (in one day!!!). Kudos for Elissa in putting up Nick – I can’t see too many in that house putting up a STUD and it worked for her!!

  32. GEEEZZ. Gina M is acting ridiculous! She knew the guy 2 wks,
    I LOVED seeing Jeremy’s face when Nick was evicted. and what happened to “I’m a beast, Im going to win EVERY HOH and EVERY POV” Hahahaha! See ya!

  33. I hate that CBS cut feeds to Canada, first year in a long time I haven’t had the feeds thanks guys for keeping me updated

  34. Wow, so much! I’m glad Helen won!!! Things are about to get real for Jeremy and his group. You could see how shaken and upset they all were! Howard’s gonna play off the rogue vote for Elissa as Spencer and he will tell Jeremy he doesn’t know what happened because he voted for Elissa.

    The faces of Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn was priceless!!! I was screaming at tv when Nick voted out. Not that I cared who was voted out really, but because it was an awesome twist!!!! This is a game changer.

    Interesting how Julie didn’t do the HOH interview with Aaryn in the HOH room. I wonder if Julie refused. I know I would have!

  35. Ginamarie was just a complete embarrassment tonight. The way she was crying was like someone in her family died. For Godssake, he wasn’t even into her. He didn’t even kiss her. She can’t take a hint.

  36. Hopefully Jeremy or Aaryn go next Thursday. Perfect time to backdoor Jeremy, keep him from playing for the Veto.

  37. Allow me to predict this weeks noms real quick

    Helen will put up Jeremy and Aaryn, and Elissa will put up Katlin

    Jeremy will win POV again, and replacement will be Gina.

    Thursday Aaryn Nation will be the 1st to find out she got s**t-canned….

    1. I think you will be wrong. Helen will put up Aryan and Kaityn and the MVP will put up Jeremy or a pawn. If Aryan, Katilyn or pawn comes down then Jeremy will go up. I think they have learned their lesson that Jeremy cannot be allowed to compete in POV but needs to be backdoored! Though I would love for him to be put up from the start!

      I LOVED the fact that Jeremy went out in the first round!!!!

    2. I’m very excited to see one of these rotten peeps go!! However, I think the girls will be safe this week…too bad as I want Aaryn out the most, especially after the “tone” Julie gave her tonight! Helen, Candice and Elissa are all on the same page about getting powerhouse guys out, so I think Jeremy is the #1 target and if he wins POV then they’ll figure out Howard voted against them and put him up.

  38. I hope Candace Helen Andy Amanda Judd and Elissa make the top six. U got one black one Asian the gay guy one jew one hillbilly and the outkast. Would have said Howard but nah I’m not liking how he’s fake prayin with everyone. It would be great if it was a true prayer and not him tryin to use it to get ppl on his side and tryin to get MVP.

  39. Although most of the OBBer’s were evidently rooting for Helen to win tonight, I personally was not. I find that once I begin to like her on the live feeds, I watch a CBS episode and see her DRs and am completely turned off. The head bobbing and over confidence that she displays drives me bat sh*t crazy. Mainly the head bobbing. It’s like an awkward 90s movie with really bad acting.

    I was actually hoping that Howard would win HOH to see how he would have handled the situation of the MC splitting up. I would have loved to see him pick himself back up and make real alliances that would have been as loyal to him as he was to Nick. Not saying that I didn’t want Nick to go home because let’s face it, the drama that Nick going home and Elissa staying will cause this week is golden. I just really like the loyalty to Nick that Howard showed tonight and I feel that his vote represented his character because he knew his vote didn’t really count that much.

    1. While that loyalty truly proves he is a great guy, that same loyalty is probably going to get him getting evicted.

  40. I really hope Jeremy isn’t nominated because that gives him the chance to win pov!
    But, he should be back doored!

  41. from the uncontrollable crying from GM to the long and sad faces from Jeremy, Katilyn and Aaryn this has been one great night. lol. i can’t wait to see the after dark show! lol Helen really did her thing tonight. Jeremy you my friend are toast! the whole triple thrust or whatever the hell it is is done! lol.

  42. holy sh*t ! One of the best EVER BB nites on TV…going to buy the live feeds now ..gotta see the Germ and GM go off soon ! The family was whooping and hollering loudly !

  43. I bet BB gives MVP to someone else since Elissa isn’t in any danger this week. It’s gonna Big Boring the next 4 weeks since we all know its 10-4 & Jerm/Aaryn/Kaitlynn/GM are next to go.

  44. I know a lot of ppl love Elissa for some reason so I’m probably gonna get a lot of hate from this post.
    At the beginning of the season I was skeptical of this MVP twist but then I realized that it could be interesting. However, I found it extremely stupid of CBS to cast Elissa in this season because it was obvious that she would win MVP each week. At the begging of the season there were 14 normal house guests and one who would automatically be given special powers. The MVP twist had the potential to be a fantastic addition to the game of the big brother because it would always keep people on their toes however this is obviously not the case as America isn’t voting for the player who is playing the best game instead, they are voting for the most “famous” house guest.
    I truly believe that Nick was by far playing the best game in the house and its sad to see him go. I swear if Elissa wins MVP this week I am gonna stop watching Big Brother this summer. Personally, I hope BB next year is just the plain barebones game that we all love with NO TWISTS.

  45. Aaryn, you suck. First Clueless David & now dumbass Nick. Geez Aaryn, your 0-2 against MVP (I mean Elissa). I’m looking forward see you GinaMarie & Kaitlin on slop.

  46. I don’t get the show for another 45 minutes but I’m starting to feel sorry for Aaryn and I’m definitely not a fan. She’s getting a crash course in sensitivity training that’s going to hurt for a long time, I mean all this in front of millions of people? Really, she’s just a silly, ignorant girl and I hope she’s got some resilience, she’s going to need it.

    1. Come back and comment again after you see how Aryan deflects her racists comments as obnoxious! I’ve been reading this blog from the beginning of the season and I knew Amanda “warns her” but she doesn’t care. You can be stupid because you are young, but Aryan is IGNORANT. Her response to Amanda “clueing” her in on her racist comments was to ROLL her eyes repeatedly and blaming it on others. TRUE RACIST in the HOUSE!!!!

  47. Wonder how many tears GinaMarie will shed when she finds out she was fired from her job. Racist skank deserves it

  48. I think it will for sure be a new MVP. that they will give it to the other side of the house, or to a random floater like andy.

    that said, Helen now knows spencer is total garbage for her as a teammate. this will lead to a great week of spencer, aaryn and Jeremy squirming.

    1. While I don’t want Elissa to win MVP again either, just because Elissa win does not mean BB is rigged, it could just mean that the majority of BB watchers like Elissa and are voting for her for the wrong reasons.she has not been playing the best game, but she could be getting the most voted

    2. Josh it don’t matter now since Helen is HoH, Elissa is safe. I’m sure BB is smart enough to give to someone else, like Helen.

    3. Everyone hates Aaryn but at least she had enough class not to scream & dance around when she won HOH, unlike Helen & Candace.

      1. Helen and Candice have been victims of Aaryn’s despicable behaviour based solely on their race and have been havenots twice! I think I would be pretty freakin’ splendid if I were in their shoes.

      2. She didnt need to because she thought she was protected till the end with her immature mean alliance. Candice and Helen had to win this or they would be gone. Seems like worth celebrating. An open racist has no class, period.

      3. Aaryn says whats she really thinks, you riggedbigbrother have racist feelings and thoughts and you are too much of a COWARD to admit. them.

  49. im so proud of that group. I really thought they would all sit back and watch the “cool kids” talk about gross stuff all summer and let them win. instead they came together and made a darn alliance, good for you FORMER floaters.

  50. This season just took a turn for the better and just blew a good chunk of the other seasons out of the water. By finally grabbing a brain and aligning with numbers and allowing the best game to win and not let the baby bitch tyrants run the house and also exposing a major alliance instead of trying to align with them and hope for the best (* which would be to HOPEFULLY win an HOH) when it comes down to you and the major alliance that you coasted with thus looking like a complete floater fool. Kudos Candace, Helen, Elissa, Amanda for sticking together and flipping this house upside down. Sorry the rein of Toddlers has ended, better go get their playpen because Jeremy is definitely going to need to sit in a timeout after this stunt the house just pulled.

  51. They should do double evictions early this year. Aryan Barbie and the Cheri Oteri knock off Gina Marie get my vote.

  52. I realize I didn’t finish my comment. I meant to say that African Americans can rt change the col our of their skin and Chinese can’t change theirs either

  53. Well there are a lot of rattled viewers tonight. There needs to be a new MVP (someone who actually is the “most valuable player”), so ease off Reiley fans!!

  54. I know a number of you will not agree but the only one I am feeling sorry for right now is Gina. She is genuinely upset and the two others are being catty.

  55. Gina Marie reminds me of Glenn Close, Elissa better watch out lest she find Helen simmering in a big wok.

  56. I feel really bad for Gina Marie. Wait before you hate on me. It’s because she is an almost 33 year old woman hysterically crying over a man she knew a few weeks because she hasn’t found a man she’s liked in 2 years. Over dramatic and placing too much important on finding a man.

  57. Supermom phone call
    H:ring ring
    H:Elissa, it’s me Helen. Check this out Kaitlyn just over cocky that she will win HoH and guess what
    H:Not only Jeremy face turn red and Aaryn turn b$tchy.
    H & E: hahahaha

  58. with this result floaters will float forever in there. they all know now, the big targets will get voted out one week after the other. it will be jeremy, spencer and howard. maybe mixed up by aaryn or kaitleen. the next 3 weeks will be really really boring.

  59. Even though I am happy with both evictions I’m not sure that I am a fan of the MVP nomination power. The fact that none of the HOH nominations have left the house is a huge change to the game. it really lessens the power of the HOH.

    1. Yup the only way Jerm/Aaryn/Kait/GM will get to actually evict someone with their HOH win, is if there is a double eviction & I would hope there wouldn’t be time for mvp votes during it. Or if they cancel MVP week 4…..but by then there’s only gonna be 2 of the 4 left.

  60. Aaryn said the fish were segregated, the white fish at the top & the black fish at the bottom….so? How the hell is that racist?

  61. Wow, Aaryn is now singing the song of the BB loser…. There are things more important going on outside this house, I don’t want to be here were a few I heard. She knows her game is over!

    1. Aaryn feels “ridiculous” because she got played!?!? How about feeling ridiculous for being a racist and being embarrassed by that instead of being on the weaker side of the house right now!?!?! Oh wait, she claims she isn’t a racist and doesn’t make racist comments .

  62. I can’t believe nick is gone!! Is anyone else is in shock like I am about how well Kaitlin did in that completion!! She has brains??

  63. 1) CBS did the hardest edit on Aaryn yet.
    2) Elissa stays
    3) Seeing GM shaking her head crying when Nick leaves along with Aaryn Kaitlyn and Jeremy in shock.
    5 Jeremy is one of the first ones out of the HOH comp
    6 Helen wins HoH

    Clean Sweep Tonight!

  64. Tonite’s episode ROCKED! I was sooooo bored with this season, but they brought the excitement today. So happy for Helen.

  65. As promised , I bought the feeds ..enjoying every minute of it….GM said ” F**k them we’re the pretty people……something along the lines of ” and when I go back to my pageant job”

  66. Okay, I don’t like Aaryn at all… BUT… The reaction I saw when Amanda talked to her had a lot of hurt in it too. Her first response was tears. And while racism is despicable, so is bullying. I think she said what she did because she would totally breakdown and cry. I feel very sorry for her because she is going to have a very tough time if she doesn’t change her thinking.

    1. so you are in support of amanda the adderal popping crazy who has made racist and homophobic remarks, and is cheating on her boyfriend on national tv, and bullies jess every chance she gets to a ridiculous and unnecessary extent?

      fuckin hell

  67. if they are smart..which Helens side is…whoever gets MVP on their side should just blame it on elissa so they dont have a bigger target on their back just saying :)

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