What are the Big Brother Live Feeds? and Why should I try the Free Trial?

The Big Brother Live Feeds are the 24 hours a day 7 days a week live streaming video of the Big Brother house showing the entire season of the show.  The televised Big Brother episodes only offer a small glimpse into what really happens with this Reality TV Show, whereas a Live Feed membership allow you to watch every second of the entire season. The live feeds provide Big Brother fans the option to watch as much of the season as they want or the specific exciting moments. Lets say yo missed a ruthless fight in the House and CBS never airs, the live feeds let you re-watch at the touch of a button using the flashback feature.  After logging in to your live feed account you have the option of watching 4 different camera views of the house or you can watch all four camera’s at once. No need to wait for the television broadcast to tell you which Big Brother Twist will be reveled just load up and the live feeds and you’ll have all the information at your finger tips.


Every year a pre-season Early Bird Discount for ONLY 3 weeks before the start of the season where you can sign up for the LIVE FEEDS and watch the entire season for ONLY $23.99!!

In addition, CBS Live Feed Members also get exclusive access to interviews and chat sessions with past house guests along with a lot of other stuff including daily live feed events and access to re-watching BB11 & BB12. 


The best part of the Big Brother Live Feeds is the Flashback feature, this allows you to jump back in time to watch all the action that you missed or re-watch the highlights of the season.  Using the Flashback feature is simple, you just select the Date, Time and Camera that you watch to watch and then click GO!

How you can use your live feed account and our site to get the best value:

At we will provide detailed Big Brother 14 Live feed reports of what is happening in the house 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the entire season. By coming to our blog you can quickly update yourself on the recent events in the house and then pick and choose the dates and times that you want to flashback to and watch for yourself.  This way you don’t miss a minute of the action and you are thoroughly updated on the dynamics of the house guests and the game. The blog community is one of the most entertaining for all you Fans, find out what other people think, interact in polls and jump into a raging argument just to piss around. By buying the SuperPass Live Feeds through our site you are helping support all the updates and spoilers that we work tirelessly to bring you throughout the ENTIRE season.

How to use the live feeds:

The feeds are very simple to use, Just login to your account and choose whether to watch the feeds live or to use the flashback feature.  If you choose to watch the live feeds in real time you have the choice of four camera views where you can easily and seamlessly jump from camera to camera to follow all the action.

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Paul is crap!!!!!!!!! Cody deserves to win!!!!!


at least paul is smart enough to stay in the game this long

Lori-Jo Carroll

How do I view flashbacks? I used to watch on Puffin which is no longer available.