Big Brother Canada Jillian: “Talla you are a natural disaster”

8:54pm Hammock Milkmance

Jillian saying that Talla truly believes that she will take her to the final 2.
Emmett: “You can’t win this game without a little bit of lying”
Jillian says she’s been lying to Talla all along. Jillian continues about how she was talking to Talla about the two of them making it to final 2.

Emmett: “You want to take her to the jury”
Jillian: ‘No no no.. I don’t know”
Emmett: “Talla has votes in the jury Gary doesn’t”

Emmett asks her if she’d being connecting with Gary. Jillian says gary is too fake she cannot get a real connection with him, “He’ll take you for sure” (gary)

Jillian now saying that there is pros and cons to whoever goes with them to the end.

Jillian tells him he’s in a tough spot because Talla see him as a bigger threat than Gary.

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Talla says mouth like a sailor, brain like a turnip! One of the nicest things someone has said to me!

9:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Emmett and Jillian come down from the HOH room. Jillian comments Andrew isn’t here ..he usually has coffee ready for me every morning. Meanwhile Talla and Gary are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Gary goes to the main bedroom to put on his make up. Talla joins himEmmett heads out to the hot tub and puts his feet in. Emmett then heads back inside and sits on the couch looking at the memory wall.

10am – 10:20am Emmett heads back out to the hot tub room to get into the hot tub. Jillian is up in the HOH room doing her make-up even though Gary wanted her to do it with him. Emmett heads back inside. Jillian comes down and says I missed you. Talla says I miss you too.

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Big Brother Canada Spoilers Last Stooge standing HOH and Eviction Results

Talla Rejaei and Andrew Monaghan were nominated for eviction. Unlike almost ever Eviction this season I cannot say with 100% certainty who will be going home. As the feeds have been down for most of the day we have no idea what last ditch effort was employed by Andrew but from what I’ve seen these last couple days I can be pretty confident that Andrew is gone. I wish we could keep both stooges but that’s not going to happen. Stooges had a chance to win the Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions but they just didn’t have it in them. The Milkmance reign of terror continues with really nothing much standing in their way.

Every season of Big Brother there is a group of players that I enjoy watching on the feeds. It’s a combination of Game play, comic relief and just plain interesting conversations. This year it was the stooges. last night with the stooges

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Big Brother Canada Andrew CAMPAIGNS to Gary & Jillian tells Emmett that GARY is SKETCHY!

11:40am Andrew tells Gary that he would be a good person to take to the final two because the jury is already bitter you think they want to give it to someone who got a second chance. Gary says no I didn’t think that. Andrew asks Gary for his vote. Gary says that he doesn’t know yet he is still trying to think. Andrew says that is okay I understand. Andrew says its down to Talla or me and if its a split vote them Emmett will break the tie. Andrew says people see me as a threat. Gary says I don’t know. Andrew brings up how Emmett and Jillian also have similar wins totals. He says that the people in the jury will look at those wins and Jillian and Emmett have won the last 4 HOH’s. Andrew tells Gary that he will leave him alone. Gary says again I don’t know Andrew… Andrew says if you want to come talk to me you can. Gary starts studying the past events of the house. Emmett starts bringing his stuff down from the HOH room into the bedroom.

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Big Brother Canada Talla says my mom worked her a$$ off so that I could sit on the couch!

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Talla and Gary are in the bathroom talking. Talla is complaining about how Andrew has been. Gary says that he knows he is playing for second place and he is okay with it. Gary tells Talla that out of everyone here he wants her to win and that he would be happy if she won. Talla brings up how Andrew said he was happy he won the $10,000 Brick gift card because he owns a house. Talla says my mom loves the Brick too and we need a couch! Talla says my mom worked her a$$ off so that I could sit on the couch! Well not sit on my a$$ but you know what I mean.

Talla heads to the kitchen where Andrew and Jillian are and she grabs her breakfast. Andrew makes a comment of peeing in the middle of the night. Talla says I would rather just sleep and if I pee my bed, I pee my bed! Talla laughs.

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Big Brother Canada LIVE FEEDS are back BUT GARY is still out seeing the doctor..

8:25pm The Big Brother Canada Live feeds get turned back on. Emmett, Talla, Jillian and Andrew are out in the hot tub room. (Gary is no where to be seen. He is probably still seeing the doctor about his eye.) Talla and Jillian are talking about hair cuts / styles. Jillian heads inside to shave her legs and get ready for bed. As she walks away Talla says nice bum Jillian .. It really is nice! Andrew says it would be nice to play chess right now. Emmett agrees and says that he thinks Big Brother just didn’t want to have all of us up there. Emmett heads inside. He goes up to the HOH room to shower with Jillian. Jillian takes off all the make-up that Gary put on her this morning. Emmett tells her that she looks way better now.. you look healthy now .. before you looked sick!

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Gary asks what if you were PREGNANT? Jillian says I wouldn’t be pregnant, I couldn’t be..

5pm Jillian, Talla and Gary are in the kitchen. Talla comments that her stomach is really hurting right now. Oh my god I feel like I am going to puke! I am feeling nauseated! Jillian asks did you take a pill? Talla says no. Jillian asks did you take a vitamin. Talla says no! Jillian says if you took one of my multi-vitamins they make you sick if you don’t have a lot in your stomach. Talla says I don’t feel good. Jillian says maybe you are pregnant. Talla says yeah .. no! Gary asks what if you some how were.. no you would have known by now. Talla says yeah. Gary says but you would be showing by now. That would be funny if someone was pregnant and they just started showing. ..because you can’t take a test. Well yeah you could ask for a test. But what if you were pregnant .. what would you do .. just stick it out I guess?! Gary laughs.

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Andrew says I am not going to beg you to keep me, you just better fu*king do it that’s all!

2:30pm Andrew and Jillian are playing a game of chess. Talla and Gary are talking about Gary wanting to be a Dj. He begged his mom to pay for Dj school for him. He went for a week and then quit because the travel to and from was too much. He says that his mom was pissed that she couldn’t get her money back. He says that he still wants to be a Dj. Gary starts rapping and Jillian, Andrew and Emmett tell him to shut the hell up. Talla tells Andrew if I fart it will come right your way. Andrew tries to put a pillow between them. Talla says nothing can stop it!

2:40pm – 3pm Jillian is annoyed with Emmett because he was giving Andrew chess advice. Jillian tells him that’s a new low. Talla says I know what diagonal is .. it means up .. horizon. Gary says that he respects her teachers.

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Emmett to Talla “You are playing Will Kirby’s Game”

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11:20AM Gary, Jillian and Talla Playing chess for the last 30 minutes nothing but Chess talk going on.

Emmett joins them, Jillian says she’s “Doing Good” but doesn’t want him hovering over her with his “Judging Eyes”. Emmett starts giving advice to Jillian and Gary. Gary jokes around doesn’t like it when Ememtt does that “Emmett thinks he’s a chess change.. b1tch you can’t beat someone in three moves.”

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Emmett to Jillian “Andrew is going home you have to get it through your head”

9:51am HOH Milkmance

Jillian tells him she knows one way that they both are safe.. Emmett: “No you don’t you think you do”

Emmett is saying he would like to keep Andrew but it’s just too risky.. Jillian points out that sooner or later Talla is going to win a competition. Emmett isn’t sure she will he still thinks their safest bet will be to get rid of Andrew even though personally it’s something he doesn’t want to do. Emmett says If Andrew wins the final HOH he’ll take Jillian over Emmett.

Emmett says they need to distance themselves a bit to make Gary think “Hey maybe they are that close”

Jillian points out that Talla will beat her in the endurance during the final HOH

Emmett: “that is why we are taking Gary”
Jillian: ‘Talla will win HOH tomorrow.. thats just our luck”

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Big Brother Canada Gary says I’m just looking forward to Thursday to give my b@lls a wash!

8:10pm Emmett and Andrew head out to the hot tub room. Emmett comments on how the chess board will be gone Thursday morning so might as well get as much use out of it as we can. Andrew says yeah they gave us Gary and the chess board .. I would much rather give Gary back. Andrew starts talking about how they he or Jillian need to win the HOH and POV to send Gary home and then its the final 3 like we planned.

Emmett and Andrew head inside to get ready to workout. Andrew heads to the bedroom and comments about on how Gary is fixing his ball and chain. Gary is annoyed with it because he spends more time fixing it. Andrew leaves and comments to Emmett in the bathroom ..imagine if Big Brother had given Gary a real ball and chain.. but I guess it would destroy the house.

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Talla impersonates Andrew “Hi, I’m Andrew TOTES BRUTES! Flonk! Pissed! You couple of Ya Whos!”

5:20pm The house guests are on an indoor lock down. Andrew, Jillian and Talla are in the kitchen. Talla does an impersonation of Andrew. Hi, I’m Andrew .. TOTES BRUTES! Flonk! Pissed! You couple of Ya Whos! Andrew laughs why weren’t you me then! Talla says I could do that for hours. Talla leaves to take a shower. Andrew asks Jillian if Talla talks about him. Jillian says no, I don’t think she wants to talk about it. Andrew tells Jillian that she is in a very good position right now… She gets to compete in HOH and if she wins it .. she just needs to win two more competitions and then she is in the final two. Andrew says I should be in a good position but I’m not right now. Jillian heads up to the HOH room to lay down on the HOH bed. Andrew goes to nap in the main bedroom. Emmett and Gary finish up their chess game and head down to the kitchen to eat.

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