Emmett to Talla “You are playing Will Kirby’s Game”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: Andrew & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

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11:20AM Gary, Jillian and Talla Playing chess for the last 30 minutes nothing but Chess talk going on.

Emmett joins them, Jillian says she’s “Doing Good” but doesn’t want him hovering over her with his “Judging Eyes”. Emmett starts giving advice to Jillian and Gary. Gary jokes around doesn’t like it when Ememtt does that “Emmett thinks he’s a chess change.. b1tch you can’t beat someone in three moves.”

11:40AM Jillian is called in the Diary room .. Emmett wastes no time in giving Gary some hints (Gary has just hi king left). Andrew joins them starts studying the chess board..

Gary doesn’t really want to finish the game because there isn’t much he can do. Emmett thinks Jillian is good at making moves but has trouble seeing the grand strategy of the game. Emmett mentions how Talla can get away with sleeping the entire time( She’s on the couch sleeping while they play chess) Gary drops a bit of water on her to wake her up. Talla says she’s not sleeping just resting.


12:00pm Talla and Emmett

Talla asks if Andrew thinks he’s staying. Emmett jokes “Yes same as you think you are staying”
Talla: “Are you going to say anything to him tomorrow”
Emmett: “Dunno”
Talla briefly talks about lat night and how drunk she got. Asks him who washed her face last night. Emmett: “You did.. we just watched”
Talla starts talking about Game etc.. doesn’t make real sense.. (LOL I’ve given up trying to understand what she says)
Talla says she’s lost her train of thought, “Where was I going with it”
Emmett :”No where.. Talla you are fine.. you don;t need to win any competitions”
Emmett: “You are playing Will Kirby’s Game”
Andrew joins them.
Talla: “you want to hear my dream”
Andrew: “GOD NO”



12:12pm HOH Back to chess
Talla: “Oh my gosh wave pool is awesome.. So we’re allowed to sing”
Gary: “original songs we’re allowed to sing”
Andrew: “Of course.. but you have to know anything you create on here is now the property of Big Brother”
Talla: “Cool”
Gary: “What would be funny if it was on iTune I would die.. as long as I can perform it on SNL
Andrew starts laughing “WHAT SNL”
Talla: “But Gary I have to be there I have to be in a little baby pool” (Actually that would be funny.. )

Jillian beats Gary at chess..
(Gary is in for the shock when he finds out after a month tops his Big Brother Fame only exists with the Big Brother Fan community)


12:24pm kitchen milkmance whispering

Jillian relays her conversation she had with Gary.

Emmett instructs her to go up in the HOH and make sure Talla and Gary don’t talk more than they have to.

12:40pm HOH We’re back to chess Jillian Vs Emmett with Andrew watching from the bed.

1:00pm Emmett beats Jillian at chess

1:07pm Emmett and Talla play chess.. (This might be a tough one to call)

1:24pm Talla Farts and clears the room


1:40pm Chess and Chit chat.. with the occasionally Fart from Talla


1:46pm Kitchen Andrew and Jillian Andrew tells her he’s talked to Gary. He threw it out there that it’s obvious Emmett and Jillian are out there. Andrew adds that he hinted at getting rid of Emmett if he won POV, Andrew knows if Gary runs off to tell Emmett he’s gone but he had to make a play for Gary.
Jillian doesn’t think Gary and Emmett even talk game. Andrew isn’t sure.
Andrew: “You would know better than me”
Jillian: “NO.. I don’t believe they talk”
Andrew explains if Emmett talks to him about it he’ll tell the truth say he’s trying to stay in the game so the beast coast can make it to final 3. “I had to make a play with Gary.. I just wanted you to know what I did”
Andrew: “The only thing that matters to me is you and me”
Jillian: “OK”
Jillian: “Obviously the three of us are all going to talk about who we are voting for.. I would think then Gary would mention it to us”
Andrew: “I don’t think so it wouldn’t be smart.. I had to make a play with Gary it wasn’t really a heavy one. ”

2:10pm HOH BAck to Chess..

Gary says he’s had temporary boyfriends for weekends when he lived like a gypsy.. “Kinda fun actually not knowing where you are going to be the next day”

Gary says he’s in the “ballroom scene” and the ballroom scene doesn’t like Madonna because she copied “Voguing”. Gary doesn’t think anyone has Vogued of Big brother
Andrew: “There’s never been someone like you on Big brother Before.. for god sake”
Gary: “Marcellas was like me”
Andrew: “He was black and Gay but nothing like you.. Glitter Gary”
Gary says he wants to get his degree not for himself but for his family he says everyone in his family has one.
Andrew: “I don’t have a degree and everyone in my family has one”
Gary: “I want to own a museum later in life.. A museum and art gallery”


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LOL… Dr Will should not be mentioned in the same sentence as these tools.


Dr. Will best BB player ALL Time


Sorry that is your opinion the fact is it is Dan.
Better record (finals both times) and only Unanimous winner…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr Will HOWEVER, facts are facts…
Dan is the current best player in BB history.


PCISBS, it is also an opinion that Dan is the greatest player, not a fact. YOUR opinion. Both sides of the arguments are not facts. Yes you can have your evidence but it’s still an opinion.

So I will put it like this, it’s Lorne’s opinion that Will is the greatest, and it’s YOUR opinion than Dan is the best. What makes his/her opinion an opinion and your opinion a fact?


Sorry Queen wrong…
only criteria to gauge whether or not a player is best is how they finished.
Across the board this is true…
Baseball WS champion is best team…
Football? SB champ reigns supreme…
ANY OTHER WAY is sour grapes…
Dan ONLY Unanimous winner meaning he is the only one who played a game where EVERYONE thought he should win because they felt he played the best game…
ALSO only player to get to the finals twice and he is NOT the only player to have played more than once.
Facts are measurable by place in the game and percent of Jury votes.
I know everyone likes to twist it up and complicate it because they like someone elses style…
HEY RUSSEL you are NOT the best survivour player ever… NO SOCIAL GAME… Jeff tried to explain this.
The object is to get to the end and win Dan done it twice (end) won it once… Dr. Will nope…
I maybe even like Dr. Will better that is not the same as him being as good as Dan was…


First of all I am NOT trying to fight with anybody. My logical (non emotional) mind just won’t this go…

To be clear: I was not talking about your favourite player, or who you like the most…

To put more clearly who has been the most successful?
Dr. Will with a win and final four? Or Dan with a win and 2nd place…
Clearly Dan has been more successful and that is the measuring stick for best player…
Most liked? most entertaining? different questions different answers opinion becomes part of those…
Janelle was always my fav, and I like Dr. Will more than Dan but is the most successful player in BB history.
Too many people let their emotions cloud the question… phrased differently I think you can understand what I mean.
For me this is still just a light hearted discussion which I guess i am passionate about.
I’ll be quiet now… go TALLA lol…


I get your passion it clearly shows in your argument for Dan being the greatest but, regardless, it’s still an opinion, not a fact. It would be nice for OBB commenters to discuss who the greatest is, it would be interesting the different viewpoints you’d get. I bet you’ll find Will fans just as passionate as you.

Perhaps in another post…..


Too bad you don’t seem to understand the difference between opinion and fact…
favourite is opinion…
Best is based on performance not opinion

Like Peter said none of the moves he made were correct because he didn’t win!


Again, another opinion.


Queen you are now showing your ignorance…
Performance on big brother is measurable if you win you are the best that season the earlier you get evicted the worse you played…
Therefore best player is determined by performance
Dan has the best performance
Therefore Dan is best player
Opinion does not enter into this discussion
once again you can say opinion all you want but when stuff is measurable it is not based on opinion.
You probably think the color of the sky is an opinion or 2+2=4 is also my opinion
logic obviously is not a strong suit for you…or you are just too emotional about it to understand the difference


If it’s double eviction week then it would please me to no end to see Emmett walk out the door right behind Andrew. The reason he’s where he is today is because he had a loyal alliance and those people helped him get there, it’s not like he ruled the house, he got lucky and that’s it. He didn’t make any big moves and the people getting voted out was a majority decision anyways, he bugs the hell outta me with his high and mighty attitude, he’s nothing compared to Dr. Will. It’s too bad Jillian doesn’t use her own head with keeping Andrew, especially since Emmett is telling her it’s because Andrew would take HER over him…well geez Jillian, doesn’t that tell you that Emmett doesn’t want you to win and would throw you under the bus too?? Ugh, I wish she was a stronger woman but unfortunately she’s acting like a teenage girl wanting the boy to like her so she does what he wants, it’s frustrating to watch.


Like Jill is fond of saying, “she’s just a girl.” Which apparently means that Emmett knows better than her and she should continue to do everything he tells her to… I mean, he tells her what to say AND who to say it to for goodness sake (and she DOES it)! Go up to the Hoh room and keep those two from talking, Jill. Go talk to Peter and apologize for yelling at him earlier. Evict Andrew for me this week even though you want to keep him, okay? Go do this, go do that… play my entire game for me and eliminate my largest threats so I can get to the final 2 with no enemies and nothing to worry about.

Emmett’s plan of utilizing Jill is quite smart, actually, but Jill’s lack of self-confidence and conviction is really starting to bug me. She flip flops constantly based on rumors that people whisper in her ears, and she can’t make any decisions at all without consulting Emmett. Even on the rare occasion that she wants to do something differently than he does she still waits for him to give his stamp of approval or she won’t do it!

And it’s not like Emmett is a master manipulator, or anything, Jill is just so…. so… needy.


better yet an instant eviction with no chance for veto!!! that would be killer!!!


hehehe.. that’s evil lol


You know what i find funny is that emmitt is being held to a higher standard then andrew everyone is all about emmitt backstabbing andrew but andrew made the first move he made deal with jillian to take her to the final 2 after he promised emmitt he would take him and has also been hinting at getting him out for weeks so why exactly should emmitt be loyal to an allience that is going to stab him in the back. Also, emmitt has only been loyal to two allience once was with tom but he got way to difficult to work with the other was with jillian. Jillan and emmitt have been aligned since the begining jillian will not go against emmitt anymore then emmitt would go against her their best way for both to get to the end which was there plan from the begining was to get andrew out keeping andrew doesn’t help them at all, Jillian listiening to emmitt doesn’t make her weak there is NO REASON to keep andrew why keep two strong players going into the final 4 when you can have one maybe if this was a few weeks ago it made sense but for them to screw themselves all they need is for andrew to win pov, gary to win hoh then they are screwed.

As far as emmitt getting lucky that is riddiculus really i get you don’t like him for some strange backwards reason but the fact is he played a good game he has been playing since the moment he was in the house, he was on the block day 1 and managed to save himself made a few allience on the way, broke a few and won pov’s and hoh’s you don not have to make big moves in the game if it hurts your game. Andrew on the other hand sailed through the game was isolated from everyone till tom left, and jemmette have taken him far to he could have gone when topez put him up but he didn’t. Emmitt isn’t anything like will and i have never heard him compare himself to any player. I can’t wait till andrew leaves he is like a two year old. You talk about loyalty well talla has been with andrew since the begining of the game but he was willing to cut her for jillian what does that say about him. This is a game and you have to get to the end to win which means you make and break alliences along the way it is part of the game and fyi loyaltiy goes both ways


When you post we should change the thread title to the Emmit love thread! You are so freaking stupid. The Andrew/Jillian deal is based on Emmit getting evicted and not by them. The three discussed in the begining of the alliance Jillian and Emmit will take each other if there is that option at F3. No one in there right mind(clearly your dilusional) thinks Jillian was making a deal to take Andrew over Emmit. Andrew couldn’t have been more loyal to these two. You just a plain dilusional liar. Have you taken out that dictionary yet and learned the definition of honesty? Emmits has been disqualified for cheating 3 freaking times idiot! He is the most dishonest person this season and deserves nothing. You want an honest player and blindly support a pure CHEAT!


Simon, Dawg,
what are the guidelines for this forum?
I think it’s great to bring up arguments in a constructive way and explain why people think they are right, and why they think others are wrong. When people resort to

“i get you don’t like him for some strange backwards reason” (hallie)
“You are so freaking stupid”
“clearly your dilusional”
“You just a plain dilusional liar” (3x Stan7777, incl. 3 spelling mistakes)
or my fave “JOHNNY GO F**K YOURSELF!” (WeHo)

I’d like to know your take since these posts pass your screening and you don’t comment on them.

Jim, thanks for your kind explanation. Still, you didn’t explain in a way I understood why having different opinions made it ok in this case to say “JOHNNY GO F**K YOURSELF!”


Hey Johnny,

Simon and I try our best to police the comments but it is impossible for us to catch everything that might or could offend someone. We are both working 12 hours a day on the site trying to update what is happening every minute of the day .. on top of other commitments and jobs. We ask and appreciate everyone to be respectful and not to take things personally. Comments should be for talking about the game and interacting with other fans. Everyone should try and get along and be more careful not to attack others.


I’m no Emmett fan either but that’s because I think he’s boring and not because I think he doesn’t deserve it. Emmett has actually been playing a pretty good game. The reason why he’s still here is just as much due to himself as it is because of the people who helped him. The point of the game isn’t to make big, dramatic impressive moves. The point of the game is to get to the end however you can and do it in such a way where the jury members will still vote for you to win. That’s what Emmett has done. It’a all a delicate balance.

He’s played a solid social game by joining strong alliances (something players like Suzette couldn’t accomplish) and at the same time, he still used his judgement to do what’s best for him. Some BB players are literally loyal to a fault and get so caught up in being “loyal” that they sacrifice their own game just to stay loyal to people they’ve only known for a few weeks and will never see again. He’s not perfect but Emmett has kept himself pretty likeable to the others. Suzette had a woe-is-me complex. Tom let the power go to his head. Liza overplayed too soon. Gary annoyed everyone with his glitter power. Alex became rude and cocky in the end. Yes, Emmett is boring to me but he’s kept his head down and hasn’t stood out too much and that’s a smart social game. The other players that you may think “carried” him couldn’t do that because they let themselves be targeted and voted out.

Aside from his social game, he’s played a strong competitive game, too. He won competitions to save himself. You can’t just count on your alliance or the fact that you think people like you. Players have thrown comps because they assumed that they were safe and then they were voted out that week (::cough:: Alex). It would’ve been great if Peter could’ve won the veto in his last week but oops guess what he didn’t so he was voted out. That’s his fault. For all the weeks that Emmett has been HOH, it’s very possible that he could’ve been voted out but he prevented that by winning HOH. You have to win either HOH or POV to guarantee your safety and the people who “carried” him didn’t do that for themselves.

And let’s not forget, he’s been able to keep his strongest alliance (Jillian) in the house. Showmances are easy targets so for a showmance to still be in the game this late is a feat in itself. The week where he doesn’t win, Jill wins. The week that she doesn’t win, he wins. As boring as it is for one side of the house to stay in power, they worked as a team to win those comps fair and square to keep themselves safe.

I’m not even a fan of boring milk drinking Emmett but he’s here because he got himself here. Socially AND competitively, he earned it.


I think the point is he is not an underdog. he is an attractive, sincere and sweet looking, young, athletic male. He is built to win this, and because of that, he has not had to work as hard at the game. I feel like the true test of a player is how they get out of tough situations. Yes, he is winning competitions, but he doesn’t have the pressure on him to win. He has also proven himself to not necessarily win fairly.

I don’t like his attitude, or his personality at all, but on top of that, I just don’t like seeing these big guys coast on through the game. It’s not a challenge for him.


So if someone is good at what they try to do, they don’t deserve it as much?? I don’t get how he is “built” to win this… there have been plenty of players who have won BB that aren’t the obvious athletic, buff guys. If anything, in the history of BB, being a big athletic guy makes you an immediate and easy target so no, he didn’t necessarily go in with an advantage. Uh, case in point… the two muscle heads, Emmett and Tom, were the first nominees to be evicted.

So how has he not had to work hard? That doesn’t make any sense. He has had to work hard on both the competitive side as well as the social side. It’s not as if he’s relying purely on his muscles or his “attractive” looks (as you call it, lol). He had to form alliances and involve himself in discussions on nominations and evictions, make smart choices to not ruffle feathers to avoid being a target, and make decisions that push himself further in the game without making enemies at the same time. Other players make moves but they also make enemies (ahem: Jillian).

He also earned the wins to the comps that he’s won. None of those were just handed to him (he’s been disqualified for cheating so if the show wanted to just give him a win they wouldn’t have done that) and not all those comps were bronze over brains comps, either. Uh, the last HOH was a mental comp! There is no athleticism involved in a puzzle and he wasn’t “built” to win it any more than anyone else. He just had to use his brain. Being, as you call it, “sweet” or “sincere looking” doesn’t give him in advantage in that, either… lol!

I don’t like his personality, either (I’m rootin’ for a Gary & Talla final 2 at this point lol), but tell me again, how has he “coasted” when he has had to make smart choices socially as well as win physical and mental comps to keep himself safe?


It wouldn’t matter if Jill wanted to keep Andrew. He vote doesn’t really count. Gary is going to vote out Andrew and even if she votes out Talla, Emmett is the tire breaker and he votes out Andrew. It’s pretty much a done deal.

It would still be a smart move for Jill to vote out Talla and make Emmett vote out Andrew. That is a direct move that would show Emmett’s hand and Andrew would take that right to the jury. I think is way too chicken for that though…..too bad


I like what you said about Emmett. Now that i think about it, just because Dan had a good/interesting game doesn’t mean it can be duplicated.

Dan wasn’t athletic like Emmett. He didn’t have a showmance. (Memphis only showed how loyal and manipulated/trusting someone can be. Danielle can go in that category too). Dan did without the promise of everlasting love. He did it by being a friend and ally. Emmett is not a friend and ally. He pretends to be friends by talking about what they will do after the game, but in the game he tries to stay away from them when he doesn’t need them at this moment. Buries his head in Jillian’s face. Dan was out there all the time, working it. And, Emmett has not been a good ally. Even when there was Quattro he said that his true alliance was to Tom. And look what he did to Tom. Dan kept Memphis! Or maybe it’s because he choose the right ally in the first place. Tom was an idiot so hitching your wagon to him was a mistake, Emmett! Memphis was more likable in the house.

It’s obvious that Dan liked Emmett’s game because it appears it is just like Dan’s. No blood on hands, keeping people in line, manipulating. Emmett even said to Dan that he had to go around closing all the minds that Dan opened up. So Emmett misted Dan lol.

But I can’t help but think they are different.


Emmit and Jill have not played a great game they have just won enough to protect each other.I don’t agree with Gary being their and production is protecting him unfairly but I hope he wins POV and sends Emmit out the door.Their protection is gone next round unless they win POV.Then I like to see him take Talla to the final two. I think what Canada has done Sucks.


I disaagree, I am not sure what a good game is if winning doesn’t mean that you play a good game but i think emmitt and jillian have played an awsome game they do win alot but they are also liked it will depend on who wins pov but as it is both talla and gary plan on taking the couple to at least final 3. Talla (talking to herself ) plans on backstabbing gary so if she wins and gary doesn’t win the hoh she will take emmittt (which means jill won hoh) if gary won hoh and she has to chose between jemmette she thinks she has a better chance with emmitt so she will take him. Gary want to take jemmette to final 3 but if he has to chose between them wants jillian because the jury hates her. Right now jemmette is looking good


Well from time to time I disagree with you but not this time. Your pretty much spot on on both Production and Canadas choice. I will give you 1 thing to think about. There is a wide spread opinion on this and other forums that Gary will target Emmit going forward. What if he targets Jillian instead? That’s his basic F2 deal with Emmit in a nut shell. Gary agrees to get out Jillian because Emmit can’t. I personally think Gary can go either way. He targets Emmit 100% only if Jillian is HOH.
By the way these 2 idiot thinking HOH isn’t important at 4 they are plain terrible including that great “genius” Emmit!


HI,Stan777. They all know HOH has importance. This is why they are all working to convince Talla it is not, especially Emmett both directly and through Jillian.


Is tomorrow a double eviction?


I think Arissa would have mentioned it at the end of the last episode to increase viewership. I could see a fast forward week with an eviction on thursday and another one on sunday. On the other hand, why evict more than necessary before finale, since 4 already isn’t a lot to make for interesting feeds…

Nana Jo

An Ode to Big Brother

House guests enter, one by one
All for money, some for fun
Mind games spiral, day by day
Engender worries, votes to sway.

Emmett pulls the puppet strings,
Downing ice cold milk while he sings,
“I know I’ll never meet another milkmaid like Jill–i-an
Because she makes me feel like a great big man.”

Andrew’s wit saves the house from gloom
But will that save the Jester from impending doom?
Gary would be his best insurance,
But the milkmance gives false hope of endurance.

Talla coasts, a shallow pond
Clueless that she is a junk bond
Screeching, preening, all a flitter
But someone had to put the word Twit into Twitter!

So the pieces on the chess board scheme,
The milkmance and Canada’s favourite queen,
Poised to dance to final three … but wait!
Producer randoms ( a Talla HoH?!) might yet just change their fate!


I’m soooo over jemmett , jillian and her obnoxius whiny voice and emmett and his moody personality! For god sakes production do something to save Andrew and keep some interest in this game .Andrew is the closest thing to enjoyable viewing left in the house.Gary and his over the top ideas an expectations once BBC is over is laughable, what exactly does he do for a living ??And then theres Talla , funny at times but i think as a child she may have been dropped on her head! Once they evict Andrew this show falls to unwatchable !!


I admit, I don’t get a lot of the logistics and ‘moves’ to get to the end, so can someone explain to me why they are hanging on to Talla this far. It must serve some purpose right? Personally I find her really annoying, self-absorbed and if she’s not looking at the mirror she needs to be in the room where things are happening so she can be on camera. Reminds me of a little kid going Look at me, look at me, look at me. I wish they would tape her mouth shut sometimes.


J+E want to keep Talla because they think it’s the highest probability of them both making it to f3 and then f2.
Talla is the least likely to win next week’s HOH or POV, so they could evict her before the (likely) endurance comp at f3 where she would have a good shot.
There is never a guarantee as to what is the best decision, but this seems (to me, and obviously to them) like their best bet.


If Andrew had won the puzzle HOH instead of Emmett, and Gary had still won the POV, then I think Andrew wouldn’t be talking so much about Beast Coast until the end: it’s almost the end, and I think he would have thrown down the gauntlet and evicted Emmett (by agreeing to do so with Gary, who would probably have agreed, for the same reason).
I would have been sad to see Emmett go, but I wouldn’t have blamed Andrew for doing what’s best for him in this situation. With Emmett gone, Andrew would have noone to fear losing against if he made it to f2.
I’d say it’s for this kind of scenario that Andrew said many times at the beginning of the game that “Hey! it’s just a game. If it’s in your best interest to evict me, I won’t hold a grudge”. That’s what he would have told Emmett. Now, unfortunately for him, he’s on the other end of the gun, and so it’s in his best interest to act like “he would never have done that”.

I’m sure Emmett doesn’t feel like him and Gary are “buddy buddy”. At this point, all remaining players but Jillian are opponents, so he wants to get rid of the strongest opponent. They were able to “cope” with having to deal with Talla for all this time, so another week won’t kill them (probably).
btw: BB should cut Talla off alcohol and show them all a video of Talla drunk, as we discussed when she last passed out. (back then, we had no idea BB would show a video of J+E making out… so that now seems only fair!) She keeps saying she’s so embarrassed, but she repeats the exact same behavior every time.


What would be nice is if Canada got to vote who was evicted each week


Jillian is starting to look like a raccoon. Gary seems to favour raccoon eyes.

Guess i have to wait and see the finished product.


If I see Jillian eating with her hands and licking her fingers one more time I’m going to barf.
Team Andrew!


The is a video compilation on you tube of Tally the sloppy drunk, it’s sad, she said ,after the first time , that she never does that, ahem , liar liar pants on fire, she really needs to get some help, maybe win a bit of money for counselling, but alas, she would spend it on booze.