Big Brother Canada Andrew CAMPAIGNS to Gary & Jillian tells Emmett that GARY is SKETCHY!

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: Andrew & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 25 2013 1150pm


While the live feeds were cut and all the house guests were gathered in the living room where they sat and watched images on the TV. The images were possibly HOH camera photos or photos of past competitions. The house guests think it will be for tonight’s HOH competition and that it will be a TRUE or FALSE competition.


11:40am Andrew tells Gary that he would be a good person to take to the final two because the jury is already bitter you think they want to give it to someone who got a second chance. Gary says no I didn’t think that. Andrew asks Gary for his vote. Gary says that he doesn’t know yet he is still trying to think. Andrew says that is okay I understand. Andrew says its down to Talla or me and if its a split vote them Emmett will break the tie. Andrew says people see me as a threat. Gary says I don’t know. Andrew brings up how Emmett and Jillian also have similar wins totals. He says that the people in the jury will look at those wins and Jillian and Emmett have won the last 4 HOH’s. Andrew tells Gary that he will leave him alone. Gary says again I don’t know Andrew… Andrew says if you want to come talk to me you can. Gary starts studying the past events of the house. Emmett starts bringing his stuff down from the HOH room into the bedroom.

Big Brother Canada April 25 2013 1158am
11:50am Gary goes to stop Emmett in the hall to ask him questions about studying. Emmett then heads up to the HOH room. Jillian starts telling Emmett about a conversation with Andrew. Jillian says that Andrew thinks you and Gary are working together. Jillian says that Andrew said he would go talk to Gary. Jillian comments that Gary didn’t even come to tell you that he talked to him. Emmett says I know I can’t trust Gary 100%. Jillian says that she trust that Andrew will take us both to the final 3. Jillian says that Gary will take Talla. Emmett asks Jillian to run over what is going on in the house. Jillian says that so much is going on right now. Jillian says Andrew said he didn’t know if Emmett is 100% so I need to go talk to Gary. Emmett starts getting upset with what Jillian told Andrew and tells her that she needs to be careful about what she says to people!
Big Brother Canada April 25 2013 12pm
12pm Talla comes up and tells Emmett I saw you talking to Gary and I want to know what it was about! Emmett says he wanted to talk about the pictures because we all had to sit there an look at them. He thinks it might be for the HOH competition. Emmett says I don’t even care, I’m not even competing in it! Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back.. Jillian and Emmett are talking about Gary being sketchy. Emmett says that he is going to go have a talk with Gary and if he doesn’t bring anything up hey I was just trying to feel Jillian out to day to see what they are saying .. then.. Jillian says that Gary has been talking to Andrew today and he has not told us. Big Brother cuts the feeds again.
Big Brother Canada April 25 2013 1205am

12:15pm – 12:30pm Andrew and Emmett are in the main bedroom talking. Andrew things the photos that they viewed in the living room have to do with a TRUE or FALSE competition. Like when Peter was catching the apples did he have 3 apples in the bin. Andrew says and that would be false. Emmett and Andrew discuss it possibly being a double eviction tonight. Andrew says Talla will definitely not be talking to me after the show. Emmett asks if Talla talks game with Gary. Andrew says I don’t know, I don’t think she is a big gamer. Andrew tells Emmett that he asked Gary who he is voting for and he said he didn’t know. Emmett brings up how all his clothes are dirty. Andrew asks you don’t have anything for tonight? Go shirtless .. give them what they want! Emmett leaves the room. Big Brother cuts the live feeds again…

12:50pm Still Hush Hush..
1:25pm Still Hush Hush..
2:35pm Still Hush Hush..
5:20pm Still Hush Hush.. The Big Brother Canada Live Feeds will likely get turned back on some time during the episode tonight or shortly after..

The following VIDEO is Emmett’s HOH Video Diary where he talks about the difficult choices you have to make as HoH. He also shares his top picks for final two and dishes on the future of his alliance with Andrew.

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Hope it a Tie vote so Emmett has to break it then Andrew can see if E has lied to him


And it is Gary that votes to keep Andrew (lets Andrew know right before the vote to possibly secure a vote for Gary in Jury). Gary asks Emmett ‘Why would I vote for that motherf****er B*8tch? You know I wanted him gone!’…throwing doubt onto Jillian (Andrew supporter?). That would make it sparky in the house.


i really hope so too so that emmett’s backstabbing is finally exposed, but emmett threatened jillian the other night, saying that if she votes against talla (to keep andrew), andrew will still be going and then jillian will have lost talla’s trust while emmett will still have talla’s trust. i think if jillian does vote against andrew, she should tell him right before tonight’s eviction, explaining that emmett threatened her this way and no matter what he is going (and hopefully her saying that, she will get andrew’s jury vote instead of emmett). if she doesn’t say anything to andrew, he will have no way of knowing emmett wanted him out (emmett won’t have to vote) and andrew will see jillian as the sole backstabber… having yet another person in jury who dislikes jillian…
jillan SHOULD see it as if she votes to evict andrew she will 100% lose his trust and probably his jury vote, whereas if she votes to evict talla, she’ll still be in the house and jillian can work on gaining back her trust or explaining the situation so it’s NOT 100% jillian would lose talla’s trust.


the interesting thing I find about Jillian’s game is that I think that she is just as good at manipulating as Emmett is… the only difference is that Jillian will do not, but not necessarily acknowledge that she is doing it. That is what she is doing trying to get Emmett to vote to evict Talla instead of Andrew. Ultimately, that will be what will end up making her lose. Emmett will be able to acknowledge and be open about how he manipulated people and Jillian will have a hard time doing this, I don’t know if she would even admit to herself that she is manipulating people, let alone the jury. Tonight should be interesting! I still hope Andrew is out, so that Talla and Gary can team up and try and get out either Jillian or Emmett… just to make things interesting…


Pretty sure Andrew is going home, which really sucks. I wanted him to win.


Hmm, looks like Em is starting to get a bit nervous about Gary & Talla (wish Andrew had told him that they are talking game, even if he doesn’t know if it’s true, stir the embers of distrust). Plus he has Jillian in his ear about her concerns & also keeps saying how much she trusts Andrew to take them final 3.

Could be a more interesting eviction tonight that it was looking. Hey, hope always springs eternal, right?


jillian always gets like this on eviction day but ultimately does what she said she was doing from the start


Sure Jillian is good at manipulating and lying but she has done everything that Emmett has wanted with the exception of Peter. The problem Jillian is in is that she has lied so much to everyone especially Gary that no one trusts her anymore or anything she has to say. She dug her own grave. Emmett is not going to keep Andrew tonight he knows if he does Andrew will get him out. Emmett is just telling Jillian things to keep her on his side and so he has his ass covered. It never comes back to him.


Jillian hasn’t been doing her milkmance duty……………all of Emmett’s clothes are dirty! What? Emmett now has to wash his own clothes? 🙂 (Maybe Jillian is starting to think for herself a bit)


Hope Gary wins HOH today and joon forces with Talla to get the couple in the block, that would make this last week more interesting to watch.


if gary wins hoh tonight, then talla will jump to gary who is in power. i just hope gary will not be blinded by his crush to emmett just like andrew’s to jillian. wwhen gary & talla are together, that’s the only time that they make the great move.


Hey, Name. I actually think Gary would be ruthless, crush or no. He’d vote to evict Em in a heartbeat if her has the chance. He knows the Jury hates Jillian so it behooves him to sit beside her at the end. If it is Talla that survives tonight, don’t think he’d take her over Jillian, again, knows the Jury hates Jillian more than the floater – he knows there’s a good chance if F2 is Gary & Talla the Jury could take into account he had that 2 wk break outside the house.

I do think this will be a bitter Jury – as much as Alex & Peter are such fans of the game, they will let their anger that players they consider so beneath them in terms of game play had the audacity of evicting them that they can’t give them the money. Jillian did have a great point in that blow up with Peter – if you’re such a fan of the game, you should be voting to reward big move plays.

What do you think the chances are when it comes to the vote, Peter gives his vote to the hairband??


Just reading the last thread – Talla continues to throw Andrew under the bus, complaining about him, exaggerating everything. Ironic that she’s complaining to Gary, considering when Gary was on slop & on the block he was much bitchier & in fact, went at Talla several times, quite intensely.

But true to form, Talla continues to be a class A jumper – since Gary has a vote in keeping her this week, she’s sucking up & throwing her fellow stooge under the bus, the stooge who spent most of the season entertaining her, otherwise she would have been left to her own company for long periods of time since Em did everything he could to avoid being around her (& Gary during his 1st stay in the house) – he absolutely hates spending time with her & only does so now, as he instructed Jillian to do, to get close so they can make sure she does what they want. (they have no idea she isn’t in their pocket, unless it’s to her advantage in the moment).

I know it’s the game to campaign, try to build mistrust about your fellow stool(ie), but in turn, she blows up every time she thinks Andrew has campaigned to the others to stay. Even accused him of daring to campaign for himself, taking it as an affront. How dare he try to get off the stool at her expense. She really does have such a sense of entitlement & an exaggerated sense of her game. Honest, how did Andrew handle being around her as long as he did – no wonder he sometimes had moments he wanted to self-evict. Was just as bad when Peter was there, because he didn’t add to the repartee in the house.

Would love to see Talla’s face if she in fact ended up being evicted tonight. Busy! LOL!


So who won the 1000 $ cash prize in the pov comp? Emmett? They showed everyone else accepting their punishment or prize but cut that part out. I guess production wants to play down the fact he won a 1000 bucks…


they showed that emmett was the only one to hit the button for that and he told Dan too


They never tell the competitors who won prizes in that competition, though. This helps to spreads seeds of discontent with players accusing other players of taking them, and winners lying about their wins (such as Big Brother 12 when everyone assumed Matt took the prizes and evicted him when he hadn’t actually taken any)… as long as Emmett stays quiet about it, he’s a bit richer with no-one the wiser.


If Gary wins HoH tonight I can see him trying to get Emmett out. Gary is smart he knows he won’t win against Emmett in F2 and Gary is telling everyone he just wants 20K but in all DR talks he says he wants to win. I could see him putting both Jillian and Talla on the Block with the hope to Back Door Emmett. This way no matter what, he stays on Emmett’s good side. But, it really doesn’t matter who he would put up because it all comes down to the POV and who votes.
May the Power of Glitter be with you Gary ! LOL


The hoh doesn’t really matter and it doesn’t matter who they nominate all it does is secure them in the final 3 the pov matters. If emmitt or jillian win it they have the only vote as to who goes and they are in the F3. Lets face it unless talla has been faking how bad she is at comps then the likely hood of her winning is slim which mean jemma has to only beat gary


thats not true….say gary wins hoh and pov….he can tell talla the only way you make it to final three is if you vote how i want and get out emmett otherwise youre going home (which logically is true because why would emmett or jillian vote eachother out??) so….hoh secures you the final 3 and if you win both you hold a lot more power…lets be real its not like well have a dan/danielle situation where if talla gets saved shell vote out jillian….not happening


I really want Talla to stay ….

And wins HOH, hopefully, finally … DEAR GOD!!!

If she wins HOH tonight (fingers crossed), she could worry no shits about those other three…

and I’ll be relax watching Talla making it all the way to the finale night <3

Since dr. Will in Season 7 US, and Natalie in Season 11 US, Talla is the only HGS to ever make it to the final 5 without winning any HOH's or POV's

that's something to be proud of obviously <3


I want Talla to win the HOH, too. She will lose her mind, haha. Talla wins HOH, Gary wins the veto and Jillian and Emmett will have to campaign against each other and beg Gary to save them. Sounds like a good week to me!


Why is Andrew even wasting his time asking Gary for his vote if he doesn’t even bother to tell Gary what’s in it for Gary… basic campaigning. This is your last day, Andrew. Even if you have to lie, you gotta at least try!


Precisely why Andrew is a terrible player.


Andrew has been put on the block by his “alliance” twice when they had another option, yet he still is 101 percent loyal to them. Now he is about to be evicted by the same people he is loyal to. If he was a good player he would at least listen to Dan(one of the greatest player of all times) instead of shunning him.


Yes! I agree. Some players get so caught up in being loyal to their alliance that they sacrifice their own game… which is beyond stupid lol because why would you put your own game at risk to stay loyal to people who,

1. you just met a few weeks ago
2. you will probably never really see again, and
3. want to beat you to win the 100k for themselves, too!

The point of this game isn’t to be “honest” or “loyal”… I think Mike/Boogie was the one to say, “this is Big Brother, you’re allowed to lie!”.


Yes Andrew. LIE, LIE, LIE !

Geez. I guess he just doesn’t have any game. So maybe it is his time to go. How is he supposed to stay and play if he doesn’t know how. At least this will the end the frustration, when it comes to Andrew… But next on the docket is Jillian. Step up Jillian, you are the next contestant on “Why are you too stupid to win this game”


Andrew Won’t give any reasons to Gary because he doesn’t like the guy. If Andrew would have listened to what Dan told him ( You have been put on the block twice by your alliance ) and tried to get Gary on board with him right away things might have been different but Andrew let his pride and Anger get the best of him. Emotional players never win, they usually always get voted out.


only last week Andrew was putting his finger to his head asking for someone to shoot him, complaining about peter game talking constantly. Every time i turn on the live feeds andrew is talking game so who this week is putting their finger to their heads. Andrew should have went to Dan instead of acting all superior stating he didn’t need Dan..Well Dan tried to tell him to play the game but Andrew wasn’t listening he could easily sway emmetts vote by putting a bug in his ear that Gary and Talla are talking and jillian knows that Gary and Talla are both taking her to final two and both want emmett out. tell him jillian has confided in him she knows she couldn’t win with emmett in the final with her but played andrew to get emmett out now she knows she is safe with anyone but has a better chance with Gary or Talla in the final two. .Andrew is talking to the wrong person when talking with jillian he should be talking to emmett and feeding him these lines..andrew you talk a good just can’t walk the walk when it comes to playing the game.


He’s talking game, but he’s not talking game WELL. To Jill and Andrew he’s just pretending like nothing has changed even when all three of them know that he’s probably going home. He talks so much about “when we’re in the final 3, we should–” and “next week” while failing to emphasize WHY they should vote to keep him here this week. There’s more than deals, Andrew, and if other people have made more appealing deals than you need to up the ante! Tell them all the reasons why they should keep you over Talla!!

As for his discussions with Gary… please. I’d hate to even call that game talk. It’s sounds like this:
ANDREW: “So, Gary… want to vote for me?”
GARY: “Uhhh…. not in a million years.”
ANDREW: “Ah, okay. Just thought I’d check.”


Dawg/Simon, is tonight’s eviction episode gonna again be aired live, like it was last week (which means no spoilers), or is BBCA going back to taping it a couple of hours beforehand, like they’d been doing previously? (which means we’d have spoilers.) Just curious. Thanks as always, guys!


Thanks, Dawg! Dawg FTW!!!!! 🙂


hey do u guys know where u can watch the live streaming of the show tonight online?


of course he will! thats why you guys are the best and most reliable!!!




Would love to see Talla win the next HOH, and put up Emmett and Jillian. Then Gary wins POV, not use it and Emmett goes home. Then, Talla win the final HOH and takes Gary to the final two with her. Then she lets everyone know that she played them all. Now, that would be very funny.


These Hgs, when they talk to jill should realize they are talking to Emmett too. I think the only one who really does that is Talla.

And Gary has made a mistake in lying about jury votes. He should have to told Jemmett that it is a bitter and jealous jury and would vote for Talla to win cuz everyone let her get to the end.

And the argument for taking him, to jillian, should be that he thinks because Jillian lied so much that he might have a chance against her, because they are so jealous he got to go back. (He could pretend to be conflicted, thereby forcing Jill to convince HIM he should take her, that he can beat her cuz of her lying. Meanwhile she is patting herself on the back and convinced that she can beat him). But tell her that the jury is respectful of the game but not the twists. Topaz’s whole game was over because of a twist etc. And I (gary) am a twist! (including taking Emmett, in his inner-conflict, cuz he doesn’t have any blood on his hands, so Gary could say that is not really “game” it’s more like just being able to control his showmance , could be useful too. It attacks Jill’s ego. Jill would then argue that he let everyone, her specifically, do his dirty work. When she had to do all the grunt work and risk looking bad) All he has to do is point out the good “game” moves Jillian has made (cuz she believes they were game moves and they should respect that) That would boost her ego. If he appeals to her ego, (like Dan would do) he is more likely locked in. Because only reassuring her is not enough. He will always have to reassure her, but if he appeals to her ego, then he’s got it made.

The argument for Talla to work with him would already be in place. Talla would win cuz they let her get to the end. He says you didn’t win anything, you just choose to do what was right at the right time! You were entertainment and a good friend (AJ, Topaz . And you would have Jill’s vote cuz you are both girls Emmett would vote for you cuz he would be influenced by the jury). She would so buy that. But if they so respect the game than “Talla you have to admit that Emmett played better than you. And Jillian. They made moves etc. You would deserve it but if I were you I wouldn’t risk it cuz they absolutely hated the twists”

With that, and Andrew complaining about the F4 becoming the F5 again then Talla would believe that jury would not like twists either.

And instead of telling Emmett he would be happy with second place, he should have went with “the jury respects the game” and let him know that Jill, “even though she lied to them, was playing the game hard, and she was open about it. She took responsibility. That takes guts, and earned their (the jury’s) respect”. With Emmett you have to put him down, cuz his ego is just fine as it is. Make him panic. That way he is more likely to make a mistake.


Well, all of my picks are gone/will be gone tonight. Guess it is time to throw my support behind my hometown contestant, Talla! (I’m on a losing streak already.)


Are the live feeds on while the episode is on air?


usually not.. a couple times earlier in the season the live feeds started 1/2 through the Thursday episode.


I cannot stand Talla, thank god i can turn her off , i was watching after dark and she is just unbearably annoying and silly! I would love it if she actually was not as dumb as she lets on but unfortunatly judging by her diary room and pre bb canada interviews seems to me it is not an act. She really is delusional, thinking she is a player in the game and a bonified alliance member…U R A PAWN! Its infuriating to see her get upset when someone toys with the idea of putting her on the block, like they are not supposed to…she has not done anything in the game but annoy people and embarrass herself yet she feels a sense of entitlement as if every one should just step aside and give queen talla the prize already, DO SOMETHING TO PROVE YOUR WORTH, she can barely put 1 sentence together properly! Enough of my rant lol…

If these hg stop being sheeping they would put up emmit already. Most fair outcome would be emmit and jillian in the final eventhough i want gary to be in the final…i cannot stand jillian and the only thing that will satisfy my is if jillian goes to final two and gets grilled by the jury, everyone knows she cant handle confrontation!!


Apparently she is a pawn no more.

Sandra S.

Talla is the one to watch – this girl is going to surprise us all! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! GO TALA 🙂


I’m beginning to wonder is players and fans of reality shows are even remotely interested in reality…I do not believe for a second that as Gary claims, he is back in the BB house playing with “a little” glass in his eye.. The guy on survivor was pulled from the game because of a bit of sand in his eye.. Medic’s on site suggested they had to do that because the potential was there he could lose his sight.. My concern here is for Garys health.. I think production should tell the HG, jury and fans what is really going on. Step out of the game for a moment of compassion. Is Gary sick? Was the emergency fake or real? Was Gary given yet another advantage that feeds productions agenda.?


ok, but, put things in a little perspective…it depends on the damage it can do, they wouldn’t risk it if he wasn’t cleared to go back in to the house and there is a BIG difference to being a house in missisauga ontario vs being on survivor in a remote area….gary is probably max 30min from a hospital should anything arise


I don’t know if anyone noticed, but when Gary came back into the house he was telling all kinds of lies about what jury members thought. BB didn’t stop him. Why? Because he was lying.

But when the HGs would have conversations about the jury house, like the luxury of it, when they slept, if anyone cooked for them, BB would tell them to stop talking about production. Because that was the truth and he was not supposed to talk about it. Gary was told in the DR to stop talking about jury, so when Gary was talking to Jillian about the luxury of the jury house, (so she wouldn’t feel bad about Andrew) he stopped himself and said BB told him to stop talking about the jury house.

But Gary continues to lie about how the jury will vote. And we know it’s a lie, he has told us.

BB will not stop him from talking if he is lying. I don’t know why the other HGs haven’t caught on.


Talking about the set-up of the jury house is not the same as lying about how the votes within the jury house are leaning.


so after all that ^^^ i forgot to make my point

Gary isn’t supposed to talk about it, the whole eye thing. But if BB didn’t tell him to stop talking when he said there is a little bit of glass left, then he is lying.

He got fixed up right and probably wants the HGs to believe he is at a disadvantage.


If Andrew leaves tonight i hope Jill & Em are next to go. This show should be more about the players than about the production IMO. BBC has failed on that count Talla should win to expose the joke that this show has turned into.


Big Brother should not have allowed these exciting final days to fall around tax time. Damn it!

My Distraction Therapy has been doing wonders for my stress level. 🙂 But nothing for my motivation.

I am not so sure Revenue Canada would be pleased to hear that though


This week has been interesting for several reasons:

1) Gary re-entered the house much to Andrew’s chagrin & proceeded to capture POV to retain his safety through to Final 4

2) Dan’s visit was timely & DID NOT FAVOR ANY ONE, he gave his advice & suggestions to get them all thinking end game. Gary utilized his time the best with him with Emmett a close second.

3) For the FIRST time Talla & especially Andrew are feeling the heat of being on the block because NEITHER is entirely sure they are safe. Paranoia is at an all time high for each of them & they have finally recognized how vulnerable it feels when you aren’t certain you’re a pawn.

4) Andrew has literally become everything he hates this past week; talking so much smack behind Talla & Gary’s backs & intermittently has even thrown Jill & Emmett under the bus to each other (& to T & G). For someone who has repeatedly remarked “It’s JUST a game” he is finally realizing the hypocrisy of saying that to people on the block. Why shouldn’t they be able to campaign? Why should he be mad at Jemma when almost every person in jury was lied to or back stabbed by one or both en route.

He simply thought his deal was stronger than anyone else or didn’t bother to get more details. In my opinion I find it odd he never investigated further to find out why Jill keeps saying they (the jury) all hate me b/c I lied to them. Why hasn’t he found out WHAT she lied about. Rather he was content to believe his bond was strong & he showed zero empathy for those whose dreams were shattered like Alec & Peter.

Worse still was his arrogance in speaking with Dan. Instead of utilizing him as a resource to determine how he could get Gary on his side & throw a wrench in Jemma he chose to believe his own hyperbole.Andrew needed Dan’s experienced advice the most but he utilized him the least. Somewhat disappointed by his current state as I’ve enjoyed him throughout the season

5) As per above what’s happening to Andrew now is a microcosm of the house. All along Andrew said: “It’s just a game” “stop campaigning & just get over it” “If you vote me out I’ll be mad, but I’ll suck it up, get over it & accept it”, “I can’t stand how self centered or singular minded these people are” “Suck it up you’re leaving”, “I’m tired of these people being nice to people’s faces then trashing them behind their backs”.

In other words Dre has presented himself as being loyal, competitive, no excuses & cut & dry. The reality is he became victim to the power of being in power & lost his empathy & logic. His ego told him he was different & deserved better than the others but now he has fallen prey to the exact same desperateness, indignation & denial as everyone who sat in his chair prior. A big sign was Emmett tried to subtly indicate he might go home & he evidently got extremely angry & verbalized it which is why Emm told T & J not to tell him he was leaving.

6) Perhaps most interesting is Dan’s visit prompted activity of the strategic kind in the house; I’m still hoping my earlier assessment of Talla being intelligent will surface; given her current activity she is working almost as hard as Emmett to align herself with each of the F4 to get to F2. Can’t wait to see if she will spill to the audience this was her plan should she not make that seat.

7) Gary has been pretty adept at keeping out of the drama of the block party & saying just enough to not commit or get him in trouble, tho he is still the most forthcoming with Emmett. Although I want to believe he sees Jill & Talla are HIS best F3/F2 options I’m not sold b/c when he left the first time he stated he would vote based on game not personal & he was advocating Emmett then.

8) Jill is showing her true manipulator this week as she isn’t getting what she wants from Emmett; she’s been playing spin doctor especially with Emm as she tries to turn conversations into reasons why Andrew should stay. Emmett is too smart for her though & recognizes Andrew would NEVER take him as his F2 likely over ANYONE. Unfortunately, I can’t see Jill cutting Emmett at F3 should she make the choice but if her paranoia keeps up & she continues to sense his slight withdrawal while he aligns closer to both T & G she might.

9) Emmett is playing a really good game; looking at all the options & thinking end game. He’s said he’ll take Jill HOWEVER he would more than satisfied if it was Gary & Talla going with him to F3 simply b/c his win would be easier. He also had the best quote of the week: (to Dan) “You’re hurting my game, coming in here & opening people’s minds; after all the work I did closing them” I literally laughed out loud at that one.

10) Finally as we enter the home stretch the house is proving to be exactly like any other BB house as the remaining four who are staying are starting to smell the money & are all having difficulty thinking about anything but winning. Paranoia has begun to build & will only increase over the next 7 days as they all compete & jockey for position & try to bring their desired best case scenarios along for the ride.

Tonight we’ll see if in fact it’s a live evict or just HOH and as the days dwindle I’ll be very interested to see if any of the F4 actually do something unexpected. Will Jemma turn on each other? Will Gary cut Emmett? Will Gary & Talla team up? And will Jill recognizing she can likely only win sitting beside Talla finally lie to the one person who may actually earn her the jury votes to win by cutting Emmett?

Stay tuned……


Going over all the senerio’s and leaving out who i prefer to leave for jemmette’s game there are good and bad reason’s to keep either one.

Talla: the good- talla is a weak player and the odds of her winning hoh/pov is against any of the three left is very slim and yes stranger things have happened but i doubt it. The bad- Talla isn’t the most trust worthy and could float to gary.

Andrew-the good – andrew more then likely will honour the east coast allience and if he doesn’t win hoh/pov will take jemmette to final 3 the bad- he is a lot stronger competitor then talla and jemettes percentage of winning would go down. He seems to be loyal to jill but he seems ready to blindside emmitte.

Conclusion more then likely andrew will leave but you never know


Simon, I have been watching all of the previews for tonight`s show and they all same thing, Final Eviction and final HoH of the Season. So I am thinking that they will go straight from 4 to F2 with the 2 on the Block going home. So looks like POV is going to get you to the Finals.


I’m hearing rumors that the feeds are cut starting Sunday