Big Brother Canada Talla says my mom worked her a$$ off so that I could sit on the couch!

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: Andrew & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 25 2013 939pm

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Talla and Gary are in the bathroom talking. Talla is complaining about how Andrew has been. Gary says that he knows he is playing for second place and he is okay with it. Gary tells Talla that out of everyone here he wants her to win and that he would be happy if she won. Talla brings up how Andrew said he was happy he won the $10,000 Brick gift card because he owns a house. Talla says my mom loves the Brick too and we need a couch! Talla says my mom worked her a$$ off so that I could sit on the couch! Well not sit on my a$$ but you know what I mean.

Big Brother Canada April 25 2013 923pm

Talla heads to the kitchen where Andrew and Jillian are and she grabs her breakfast. Andrew makes a comment of peeing in the middle of the night. Talla says I would rather just sleep and if I pee my bed, I pee my bed! Talla laughs. Talla then starts telling a story about how she asked for a no foam latte in the drive through but got all the way home and “it had more than the required amount of foam.” She says that she then called and complained. Talla says that she wants to go fart on the walls of the house. Jillian asks what are you talking about? Talla says I don’t know I am weird!
Big Brother Canada April 25 2013 945pm

Big Brother Canada April 25 2013 946pm
9:45am Jillian asks what should I do? Talla says what do you mean? Jillian wonders if she should say anything. Talla says milkman what should we do? Emmett says don’t do it! I hinted at it to him and he freaked out! If you are going to do it .. then do it when there is only 5 minutes left. Jillian says that she feels so bad .. I have been so reassuring to him. Emmett tells her its better not to tell him anything. Emmett heads to the bathroom and helps shave Gary’s hair. Emmett asks how his eye is? Gary says its good. Emmett asks is there any more in it? Gary says a little. Gary says and I am supposed to tell you that nothing ever happened.

10am – 10:15am Jillian is in the bathroom talking to Gary. Gary tells Jillian that out of everyone he thinks she has the jury votes in the jury house. He says that she has Alec, Topaz and Peter’s vote. Jillian questions having Topaz’s vote .. I lied to her a few times. Gary says well okay maybe you don’t have her vote. Jillian and Gary continue to talk game and about the finals. Jillian thinks Gary has a good shot at winning .. you are good at comps, you’re entertaining. Gary stops her and says that he thinks Andrew will go to the jury house and make them not vote for me because I came back.

Video is uploading:

10:20am Andrew and Gary are in the bathroom talking. Andrew thinks that it will be a double eviction tonight. Gary hopes he can take off his prison suit for the show. Andrew says that he’s glad he can shave his head before the show. Gary doesn’t understand why he can shave his head but I can’t change. Andrew says because I took a hair cut and you said you would wear that for a week. Andrew and Gary talk about having heart to heart conversations in the house. Andrew asks Gary if it looks like I’ve been losing it this week? Gary says only that one time..

Big Brother Canada April 25 2013 1055pm
10:25am – 10:50pm Emmett and Talla are out in the hot tub room talking. Emmett continues to convince Talla that she can’t win any competitions because it will go against her game. Emmett says that its your social game that got you to the end not having to win competition. Talla agrees that she can’t win the HOH competition. She says thanks for helping me Emmett! Emmett and Talla talk about how Andrew is feeling right now about knowing he is going home. Talla says that she is very thankful that it isn’t her going home.. Thanks GOD! Thanks Henry! Andrew joins them and they talk about random things. Emmett gets called to the diary room. Andrew asks Talla what she thinks is going to happen tonight. Talla says that she is just going to try and enjoy it until she has to sit on the stool. Andrew wonders what Gary is going to do. Talla asks you haven’t talked to him? Andrew says not really, I am not like a Dan or someone who talks game a lot. Gary and Jillian join them. Gary almost puts his feet into the hot tub. (He can’t because he took the punishment for a week not to wash or use the pool/hot tub.) Talla and the other yell at him not to get in.

10:50am Gary and Jillian talk in the bathroom about getting Emmett out next. Jillian thinks everyone is going to hate her. Gary says look at Dan he back stabbed and lied to everyone.. Jillian says yeah but in the season he back stabbed everyone.. no one voted for him.. whereas, season 10 he stuck to his alliance and didn’t back stab anyone and he won.

11:10am Jillian and Andrew are going to the living room to sit down. Jillian calls for Emmett to come .. Big Brother cuts the live feeds.

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im sorry, i get its a game…but they gave the curteousy of telling EVERYONE else they were going home (except gary) and they don’t tell andrew? On a game level it may or may not be the right move, but on a personal level, low blow for andrew, i would think they would owe him more than that. Jillian should tell him for her game too since clearly emmett won’t and doesn’t seem to care about his jury vote.


Dawg deserves to win BBCAN he never turned his back on his alliance and fought for us to get to final 2 right to the end. Too bad I got sent home week 2.. Go Dawg


Andrew told Jillian that he wouldn’t want to know.
Emmett wanted to tell him. He’s been miserable these past days and wanted to be by himself (in the hot tub, in his HOH). I think he really sees Andrew as a friend and hates not being able to have this discussion with him.


not true. read the 9.45am entry above. plus emmet wants andrew to blame jillian and gary for his eviction. he is trying to secure andrews jury vote by sucking up to him and pretending to care about the friendship. emmett even told jillian to distance herself from andrew while he is busy being buddy buddy with him. if jillian doesn’t tell andrew that she is voting him out because of emmett and gary, she will get blamed, while emmett keeps the blood of his hands once again.


I was talking about personal feelings, not about the game.
It’s subjective, and it seems like you won’t see it the way I saw it, but I saw Emmett being by himself in the hot tub for long periods of times these last days, and I FELT he looked sad and unhappy about the situation.
Fact is, yes, he wants Andrew’s jury vote. Yes, he doesn’t want Jillian to be buddy buddy with him and tell him that it was Emmett who insisted on Andrew getting voted out. At this point, I think that what he said at 9:45 was a game move, but regardless, I believe that Emmett does feel bad for getting Andrew out.


… but also part of Emmett’s strategy has been to tell the people they are going, and that he tried but there was nothing he could do about it. He either admitted that to Dan or to the DR. I can’t remember which. But I remember him saying.

Also to keep the others from telling him (andrew) that he is going, then Em looks like a standup guy if he is the one to break it to them


Well Andrew will be gone for sure tonight and I’m not happy about it. I have a feeling production threw a juror in order to take power away from Emm. The same with Dan’s visit… He offered some pretty good insights nobody really took to heart. Emm continues to destroy anything on his way and he is on straight way to win. As much as I don’t like him I think he does deserve to win. He’s truly a master manipulator.
Still hoping for a twist that would let Gary/Talla win the HOH and Emm on the block and evicted. All we can do is hope


I don’t think Emmett is so much a “master manipulator” as he is working with people that don’t really need urging. He’s certainly positioned himself very well in the game and I give him credit for that, but lets look at who he has “manipulated:”

-Jillian: She does whatever Emmett says because she is needy and unsure of herself. It’s not Emmett HIMSELF that is very convincing, it’s just that Jillian is easily mowed over by opinion and is more attached to her relationship than she is with winning the competition.
-Talla: She doesn’t think about the game at ALL (or think in general) and is more than happy to do whatever someone tells her to if it means she won’t be on the block that week.
-Andrew: Is loyal and can’t fathom Jillian or Emmett lying to him. He makes a deal and expects that it will be honored… so no manipulation is needed there, as he’s never going to backstab anyone or go against his word.

If we compare that with Dan in the last season Emmett’s “manipulation” is… well, not even comparable. Dan was actively engaged in changing people’s minds to suit him, and Emmett more just sits back and lets people come crawling to him and Jillian in the Hoh room because they HAVE to.


They are a bunch of cowards. Tell Andrew for fuck’s sake. You let Peter prepare his foolish departure, and you claim to love Andrew. You are evicting him for the right reasons, but don’t leave him hanging.

Feeds are really going to suck now. They probably won’t even turn them back on anyway.


They know very well that he would tell them what bunch of aholes they are. Andrew kept his game clean. He had few breakdowns but overall is a likeable trustworthy guy. Promise means something to him. They know very well that I’d Andrew knew they’ll be all squirming.

Char bar

Come on the guy has said “he’d freak the f– k out so what have the guy self -evict ???


For the love of God (and this production screwed game), throw Andrew a twist & give him a shot to exact revenge. Once he’s gone, I’m gone…the others are more boring than watching Topaz sleep…


My feelings exactly. I’m disconnecting Slice if Andrew gets voted off today.

BB Canada Supporter

Seriously? That’s a little childish. It is a game. Not everyone can stay to the end. You need to adapt, like the houseguests. It would be nice to see some of the people “threatening” to stop watching, actually follow through because that is just ridiculous.

Andrew came into the house knowing what game he was playing and if he’s too naïve to think that its a possibility that people are lying to him, then he shouldn’t be there.


Ya but he is not going to exact his revenge on the right people. It’s Emmett and possible Jillian for lying to him that deserve retribution. Unfortunately Andrew is like the complete opposite of a Dan like player and will just join Jemmett again to take down uselss Talla and Gary.

Andrews blind loyalty is his downfall. Sorry but that’s not how Big Brother is played.


When Dan was hinting at a ‘Big Move’, he was talking about Jillian or Andrew.

Andrew and Gary together could have completely flipped this house but they are just too stupid…Well, Andrew is too stupid because of his misplaced loyalty. Gary would probably be on board if Andrew offered him the right thing.

Jillian should consider flipping next week, we’ll see what happens. But she’s another one playing for 2nd place…


Gary should be stripped of his POV..BBC blatently interfered with his punishment by waking him up numerous times…I say DQ BBC!!!!! Next person in line with highest points is Andrew. Andrew FTW!!!


East Coast Alliance, more like East Coast Backstabbers!!


Dear Diary: Ok…so I got a bad haircut yesterday and am feeling quite “bitchy” today. I started out being so positive about BBC, but now I feel really let down…too many shifts in all the wrong places did it to me (I think, but am not totally certain about that). I can’t seem to care who is left to win. Now I record the shows to watch, but don’t seem to be in any great hurry to see them. I am also quite happy to see the first season come to an end. I put effort into staying positive throughout, doing my best to roll with what happens and accept the outcome but it just took too much energy. I am bitter and disappointed but can’t really put my finger on why I have become that way. Will I ever recover? I really liked all the houseguests, but now I just don’t give a sh**. Can one bad haircut do that to a person?


This game too predictable, one more major game shaking twist would do the game a huge television ratings success and bring back the fans who have quit watching because of the predictability factor, pandoras box would have been something to add to this mundane game or something along those lines. Why watch when it’s been predetermined who is going to win, weak player play, oh well, maybe next year if this show comes back for another season.


I have to admit I haven’t watched the live feeds as dilligently as I have in the past. The house is actually kinda boring right now.

I want Gary to go home but I know that is NOT going to happen this week . Too bad. When he is all about “Canada voted me back in because they love me and want me to win” I just want to throw up. Whoever voted this bozo back in the show should be ashamed of themselves.

If Talla wins this game, then this first season of BB Canada was a complete failure. I’m not even sure she knows where she is most of the time!

Jillian is an insult to all women. “But I’m just a girl”. Are you kidding me???

And then there is Emmett. The only time I like him is when he gets fired up. Then at least I know he has a pulse! His true colours are coming through the longer he is on the show. If he can survive this week though, he will win it.


“Whoever voted this bozo back in the show should be ashamed of themselves.”

I am :(

(walks away, hanging my head in shame)


I’m with you – hardly ever watch feeds anymore – as for Talla, I ‘m not even sure she knows WHO she is most of the time and as for Gary, I have no words.


why does Jillian put her hands into the container of cereal (and such) and pick thru it til she gets exactly what she wants? Then she puts here fingers in her mouth and goes digging for more?

I am sure the only one who doesn’t mind is Emmett, since he has no problem with the inside of her mouth. But why would the other HGs not say anything? Like Gary would say something without fear of being voted out.

It’s just ewww


I love ANDREW!!! Hate that production has changed things for the lovebirds to win and why hasn’t Gary been given some sort of punishment for drinking wine or sleeping during his 24hr of no sleep!! Isn’t Gary suppose to be a HaveNOT and eat slop for the remainder of the time he is there? Oh so now Slop includes liquor. Interesting. Does production not realize they actually stream this stuff so we can see what is happening? Why does Emm get disqualified in the HOH but nothing happens to Gary!! I will not be watching this show next year if they decide to have #2! Bitter much?


LOL at Emmett trying to convince Talla to throw the HOH comp… I hope she’s just playing dumb and totally dominates that comp!


So happy that the Garbear is back from the hospital and OK to play for the next HOH…hope the new xray vision helps him tonight. lol

Cant wait to see the bitter pill leave in shock that his precious east coast alliance didn’t really have his back.
I am sure Alec & Peter will be glad to see him.


Yet again, another reason Jillian is an Idiot in this game. Why tell Andrew anything. Did you tell anything to any other person right before you evicted them and lied to them ? NO! So why start now? If she is thinking it’s because she really likes him and considers him a friend , that still doesn’t matter. ‘Cause when Andrew gets to the Jury they will wonder why tell him and not us ?? I also just thought about when Emmett told Jillian she needs to get close to Talla so that they can keep her and Gary from making any sort of a plan together she has to think about the game. Jillian says ” I Just hate doing that it’s not in my nature ” ! HUH????? So lying all the time and backstabbing people ( not keeping one promise ) for others, is in your nature??? This girl has a warped way of looking at herself.
I really hope Jillian is the next one out. Even when she talked to Dan he could not get her to see that she wouldn’t win against Emmett. Won’t she feel stupid if Emmett wins the money and doesn’t want to see her again.


Emmett & Gary talking:
E (Q) “is there any more (glass) in it (Gary’s eye)?
G (A) “a little.”
Give me a break. No doctor is going to recommend you carry on with whatever your doing with glass in your eye.. Did he see even a doctor? Was he lying or mistaken about the glass? Where was he and what was he doing while gone? Why no explaination from production? Instead Gary is suppose to hush up as nothing apparently happen.. To me this would be a good time for someone, HG/ Family, to talk to a lawyer..


There is a real chance Emmett could go next. “Gary and Jillian talk in the bathroom about getting Emmett out next. Jillian thinks everyone is going to hate her” Reading between the lines for the past week, I think, given the chance, Gary, Talla and maybe even Jillian would all vote to evict Emmett. They should all realize at this point that they cannot beat him in final 2, Gary definitely knows this. I think Gary and Talla both want to bring Jillian to final 2 (Gary because he knows Jury hates her) and Talla because she has a female alliance with her. And even Jillian is starting to realize that if she brings Emmett, she is playing for 2nd (I don’t how many times Dan told her this…). I know Jillian won’t nominate Emmett, but if Gary or her win POV, they could backdoor him. As the HGs say “let’s go through scenarios”:
Jillian wins HOH, Noms: Gary and Talla, Gary goes unless he wins POV, Emmett goes up, Emmett goes (or a weaker move, Gary votes for Talla to leave… but then he’s not guaranteed even 2nd place, so I’m not sure he would do this).
Talla wins HOH, Noms: Emmett and Gary, Gary goes unless he wins POV (or unless Jillian grows some balls), Jillian goes up, Gary sends Emmett home.
Gary wins HOH, Noms: hard to say, but his goal would be to get out Emmett, so unless Emmett wins POV, Emmett is out. If he does, Talla would go… I just realized, what happens if Talla and Emmett are up, Jillian wins POV and saves Emmett… there’s no one left to put up… what happens???

Actually I guess Emmett and Gary have equal chances of going (except Emmett cant participate in HOH comp but it comes down to POV). I think Jillian is safe no matter what (Talla, Emmett and Gary would each vote for her to stay over anyone else).


If the person that’s not HOH and not nominated (Jillian, in this scenario) wins POV, he/she won’t use the veto and have the only vote to evict.


” I just realized, what happens if Talla and Emmett are up, Jillian wins POV and saves Emmett… there’s no one left to put up… what happens???”

The POV holder is the one with all the power. The POV holder casts the only vote to evict. Instead of using POV on Emmett, Jillian would just evict Talla.


I wish Andrew and talla could both stay. Just curious, do they ever air stooge banter on the shows?


We should have stopped watching when the first unfair decision was made, by production, when the bee’s knees comp did not go to the rightfull winner, Liza.
I had a feeling back then, I think 12 year olds are running this show, I will watch till the end, but next year, they can kiss my arse.