Big Brother Canada Gary says I’m just looking forward to Thursday to give my b@lls a wash!

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: Andrew & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 830pm

8:10pm Emmett and Andrew head out to the hot tub room. Emmett comments on how the chess board will be gone Thursday morning so might as well get as much use out of it as we can. Andrew says yeah they gave us Gary and the chess board .. I would much rather give Gary back. Andrew starts talking about how they he or Jillian need to win the HOH and POV to send Gary home and then its the final 3 like we planned.

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 831pm
Emmett and Andrew head inside to get ready to workout. Andrew heads to the bedroom and comments about on how Gary is fixing his ball and chain. Gary is annoyed with it because he spends more time fixing it. Andrew leaves and comments to Emmett in the bathroom ..imagine if Big Brother had given Gary a real ball and chain.. but I guess it would destroy the house. Gary hears Andrew and yells what are you saying about me?! What did you say! Gary goes to confront Andrew and asks did you just say you wished they had given me a real one!! Andrew says no I said imagine if.. Gary says oh because I was going to ..

8:35pm – 8:50pm Gary, Andrew, Talla, Jillian and Emmett are all in the kitchen talking. Gary hopes that he will be able to get rid of the prison suit by Thursday before the live eviction. They tell him probably not since you got it in the veto. Gary and Andrew head out to workout. Andrew complains about how annoying Gary is. Emmett says that’s why they voted him back. Emmett says it doesn’t matter any ways he will never win this thing even if he wins every competition from here on out .. because no one would ever vote for him after getting a second chance. Andrew asks what do you think he is going to do, is he going to vote me out. Emmett says yeah probably he hates you. Andrew says yeah. Gary comes out and apologizes to Andrew about what he said inside about wanting the eviction to just happen so he can wash. Gary says that it is just getting to him and he doesn’t want it to come off that way because he knows what it’s like to be on the block. Andrew appreciates him apologizing and says not to worry about it. Gary says but I am looking forward to Thursday to give my balls a wash!

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 844pm

9:10pm Talla and Gary are playing with the balls in the backyard. Andrew and Emmett are working out with the weights and Jillian is doing her exercises by the pool. Talla heads out to the hot tub room and starts talking to Henry the moose. She says it’s Tuesday .. almost the end of one of our dreams. I should be in the hot tub.. oh so you want me to be in a two piece? Are you going to be heart broken if I leave ..are you going to follow me out the door? Awe you’re sweet! Don’t get it!
Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 9pm

10pm The house guests have random conversations in the backyard:

10pm Big Brother gave them wine. Emmett and Talla are out in the hot tub talking. Talla brings up the awkward situation between Gary and Andrew. Emmett doesn’t really say anything. Jillian & Gary come out to join them. Talla starts talking about her past relationships. Emmett doesn’t want to listen to her …so he whispers into his mic and asks them to call him to the diary room.

10:30pm Talla is in the hot tub talking about wanting to BAM BAM! She tells Jillian to get up and BAM BAM with her. Jillian gets up to BAM BAM and Talla says oh you have a fat a$$! Jillian sits back down. Andrew joins them and thanks Gary for getting them the liquor. Gary says it was for something he did in the diary room. Talla says that she is going to get SLOPPY TONIGHT! Jillian talks about not feeling good about herself .. she says she feels pasty white and self conscious about the marks on her face. Talla tells her its a burn, you ripped the skin off. Talla and Jillian put their feet up against each other. Gary says whoa you have big feet Jillian! Andrew says its because Talla is a shrimp. Talla leaves. Gary starts talking about being in the ball and chain and says that he is starting to feel degraded .. I don’t even want to start to think about it. Jillian says I know what you are think about but don’t go there… you took the punishment .. anyone could have gotten it.

Gary says Master can I please eat… NO eat the sh!t in the green can!

Talla comes back with another bottle of wine. She gets Andrew to open it and them pours the glasses. Andrew is getting annoyed with all the comments about Emmett. Jillian tells Andrew that he is the sexiest 38 year old… Andrew says on the show. He laughs. Jillian says no that I have ever seen. Talla says the hot tub is making be more romantic, I want to make out! Talla wants to kiss billy (Gary’s ball & chain). Gary says he’s gay. Talla says I could turn him straight in a second. Talla and Gary start rapping.

Videos are uploading:

10:50pm – 11:15pm They all head back inside. Talla and Jillian get into the pool. Talla starts bouncing her butt in the pool. Gary starts rapping “make a wave pool, make-a wave pool, make-a make-a make-a wave pool .. you-a you-a damn fool! After the a$$ bouncing and rapping is done they head inside. Up in the HOH room Emmett tells Gary not to rub it in that he is staying and someone else (Andrew) is going home on Thursday. Gary says that he felt really bad after he said it and apologized for it.

** The house guests were told by big brother if they sing one more time they will all be punished! **
Video is uploading:

11:30pm Gary and Talla are in the kitchen talking about winning. Gary tells Talla that she could win $100,000! Talla says that he could win it too. Gary says no, I am playing for second place. I know how the jury is voting!
Video is uploading:

11:40pm – 12am Up in the HOH room Gary is licking and biting Andrews arm. Andrew tells him to stop biting me. Andrew says stop my mother is watching. Gary start tickling Andrew. Andrew tells him to stop. Gary keep cuddling up to him. Andrew says stop grabbing my crotch! Talla climbs on top of Gary and starts humping him. Jillian asks what is Talla doing BAM BAM BAMMING him? Andrew says Gary you have got to stop it! Jillian asks what is he doing? Andrew says he is all over me. Jillian mocks Andrew and says my mother is watching! Talla and Gary start dancing like fools. Talla gets on the ground and starts booty popping. Talla then cranks up the music on the ipod and big brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back Talla is still dancing. Jillian and Gary are talking. Jillian talks about the friends she has that are honest with her. One told her that she was getting fat. Andrew and Emmett continue to play their chess game.

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 1155pm

Big Brother Canada April 23 2013 1156pm
Video is uploading:


1:24AM Feeds have been cut for about a hour.. Right before they did get cut Talla and Jillian were pretty drunk..


1:40pm Feeds back everyone sleeping

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Okay, I’ve got a question. Assuming Andrew is leaving this week I’d like to know who you guys think deserves to win, give whatever reasons, personal, strategic doesn’t matter AND who you think doesn’t deserve to win, again based on whatever reasons.Personally I don’t really care for the four Jill, Emmett, Talla and Gary so my reasons will be strategic. I’ll start:

Deserves to win: With Andrew gone it’s Jillian or Emmett to win. They’ve played a good game, strong alliance, have been winning comps and getting rid of people which is the whole point. Whether you love or hate Jillian you cannot deny that she’s a great competitor. I suspect most people don’t like her because the perception is she’s Emmett’s puppet and a liar but in her HOH she did get her way and have Peter evicted even though Emmett wanted to keep him, proving that she is capaple of making her own desicions. Her lying doesn’t really bother me, I mean show me a person that hasn’t lied. Emmett also has played a good game so I wouldn’t mind seeing him win. He’s turned on people when he had to (Tom, the Shield). It sucks seeing them take out Andrew but I can’t hate them for that. Everyone here is saying Andrew should be taking them out, so again, they’re doing to Andrew what a majority of people want to be done to them.

Doesn’t deserve to win: Gary, simply for the fact that he already lost, was evicted so whatever he does is a non factor to me. Yes it’s a game expect the unexpected blah blah blah but the fact that he was evicted and brought back so late in the game changes everything. Also Talla I can’t say much, I mean I have nothing to say about her just that I would only want her to win if she was up against Gary.

So I wanna hear about you guys picks for BB winners.


Talla should win just because it would be hilarious.


Talla winning would be a disgrace to big brother. It would turn the big brother game into a joke my opinion of who should win has always been emmitt he has played the best game. I think gary is a strong player but i find it hard to forget he got a two week pass and i think jillian also deserves to win it just emmitt played the game better.


What game have you been watching? The game IS a joke!… It’s just so darn addictive inspite of what it is! Lol


I do not think the game is a joke some of the twist i may not like but i don’t think it is a joke talla winning that is a joke the game not so much.


Regardless of 2 wk hiatus or not i think Gary deserves to win b/c he has played a rly gd and strong game period! As far as i’m concerned.. so what if he got to come back?! That’s a part of the game..if any of the 4 in the house had that opportunity or anyone else that was on big brother, they would b happy for it so i dont pay all that whining about ti any mind. I got over what i felt was “unfair’ when the whole Topaz thing went down.. that was the worst contravasty of the game.. as far as i’m concerned… if even with coming back, being hated for it and targeted, he still makes it to final 2.. then he rly does deserve to win b/c that shiz aint easy to overcome and he’s damn good if he does overcome it. Like i said.. overall so far.. he has a played a game i respect more than Jillian for one (nothing wrong w/ lying, but when u swear up and down and u say ur word means so much… you get the opinions you sew), has played a overall stronger game then Talla (that’s a laugh) and Andrew combined. The only other person he rivals in game play to me is Emmett.. either of those two should win!


BigBroFan, I see you want Gary to win. These forums wouldn’t be fun if we all agreed with each other, would they?


Well, to answer you I am sad that Andrew is going home because he was my choice to win… that said I think that Jillian would be next in line because she is a strong competitor and lets face it would have been out and so would Emmett if it was not for her wins… after that Emmett would deserve to win based on winning when he needed to and influencing Jill.
Talla does not deserve to win, unless as you said she somehow ended up against Gary…
Gary totally does not deserve to win based on the two week hiatus he got in the Jury house…

Now who do I think will win… either Emmett or Gary… blah… Gary I think would only have a chance of winning against Talla… otherwise not…

Who knows what the future holds… my fingers are still crossed that they keep Andrew and he wins of course…


I think Emmett has played the best game. Just the fact that he has made it this far without being targeted when he is such an obvious threat is crazy. He’s played a strong yet subtle strategic game and has the ability to convince people to make moves that benefit him without seeming overly obvious. As well, he has been the best at adapting to all the ridiculous twists and using them to further his game.

Jill has also been a huge strength in competitions. I don’t think that Emmett is controlling her entirely, but I do think without him she might have made some more impulsive decisions along the way that might not have been as beneficial in the long term.
I have nothing against Gary but he didn’t deserve a second chance, no one who has been voted out already does in my opinion. And Talla, is well – Talla…. sometimes entertaining, sometimes kinda annoying but regardless she definitely does not deserve the top prize.


I agree emmitt has had a great game almost flawless and i am amazed he hasn’t really been targeted and most of the jury members are not mad or even bitter at him that is amazing you have to respect that game. While emmitt has had a great social game and alot of him moves are behind the scene jillian took more of the front and center alot of the blood is on her hands and she has lied to alot of people. I don’t think anyone can win this game alone so jillian and emmitt have helped each other get to where they are but emmitt adapts better i think even if jillian wasn’t there emmitt would know the moves to keep him there in a way he is like dan which is why dan respected his gaem he can get people to do his dirty work and is always safe over the course of the game with few exceptions he has had everyone’s trust. Jillian game is more obvious she is very strong but never seemed to be a target in fact has never even been nominated which is amazing. Andrew he didn’t seem to have game until tom left but his blind trust in jillian and him not seeing that emmitt and jillian are working together his is down fall and making moves against emmitt while he is in power not a very smart move. Gary i think is strong and for the most part i have liked his game but him have a two week pass in jury doesn’t sit well with me and i can’t wish him to win becasue of it. Then there is tallla the girl seems to have come on the show to drink, get drunk and pary she doesn’t seem to remember there is a game which is good because she has had no game. From emmitts pov the best move he can make will be to get andrew out keeping him over talla does him no good. Andrew has hinted to jillian that taking emmitt out should be his next move which she shoots down. I think andrew is a strong player just not a smart player. If andrew leaves he seems to think it is dan’s fault for getting in emmitts head so there is no blood on emmitts hands once again.


Not directed at you personally but all these Emmit lovers be very, very careful. This season has the same taste of a turd BB14 and Dan brought to the game. Emmit brings the same sh*tty taste to BBcan. And just as I said Dan’s game last season wasn’t as great as everyone said I see Emmit the exact same way. He’s personally sending Andrew to the jury over the useless undeserving Talla. In Emmits mind he has 3 votes in the Jury. I say when Alec and Peter compare notes he may still keep these 2 even though Emmit was behind thier evictions. Andrew votes anyone but Emmit. He’ll bring AJ with him. So it’s 2-2 and Topaz so far. You have to count freaking jury votes! ask Dan the genius how that worked for him on BB14. If it’s Jillian beside Emmit Jillian gets Lala and needs just 1 more. He backstabs Jillian using Gary which is his clear plan I think he loses the entire jury’s respect. 7-0 on anyone but Emmit at that point.
To behonest i see Gary doing everything he can not to sit by Emmit. As I actually believe he can beat everyone else due to his time in the jury house. I thought it was 4-3 either way going into the final of BB14. Only to see Ian win 6-1. Don’t presume A that Gary honours his F2 deal with Emmit. second don’t be shocked if Lala makes F3. Third don’t be surprised if a gay guy wins the season. After all productions rigged the game so far in his favour. Let the farce be continued.


Agreed, very true indeed


It’s all about the Jury! Ask Dan the genius on BB14. Time to have some fun. I’m going to presume Andrew is evicted, go figure and rank the final 4 from 1st choice to 4th choice to win BBcan votes from the jury. Then I’ll rate the 4 remaining HG’s on where there vote is likely to go if they end up on the Jury.

AJ- Talla, Gary, Jillian, Emmit…. Emmit last is based on my belief after Emmit backstabs Andrew he will be the leader of “anyone but Emmit” in the JH
Topaz- Gary, Gary, Gary, Gary…. I cannot get a handle on her. Don’t think she’s a E or J fan. Lala after Gary your guess as good as mine
Alec- Emmit, Jillian or Gary, Lala… I think Jillian by a hair if Emmit has JH time before the final vote. Real close call.
Peter- Emmit, Jillian, Lala Gary… As we know he thinks all but Emmit useless. As with Alec perhaps Emmit in the JH can convince Peter jillian 2
Andrew- Gary, Lala, Jillian, Emmit… This will be rightfully one bitter jury house member. Andrews convo with Emmit Thursday will have to be 5 star BS or Emmit can kiss his vote goodbye! Switch Lala and jillian if she votes to keep Andrew, she will not though.
So here are the remaining 4 not knowing who F2 will be.
Lala- Jillian, Gary, Emmit… In the JH if she makes it there before finally night she get alot of influence from AJ/Andrew. I’m betting a souring on Emmit never gets him her vote.
Gary- Emmit,Jillian, Lala… He could do almost anything like vote Lala if it’s the 2 girls. Emmit in a cake walk for Gary’s vote. EMMIT are you listening Gary in the jury is 1 GARUNTEED vote to win the MONEY! Hel..freaking..lo
The final 2 this should be easy…..
Emmit- Jillian, Gary, Lala… bitter won’t begin to discribe Emmit if he isn’t final 2. He’ll know he screwed up evicting Andrew over Lala. He’ll blame Andrew for losing POV certainly won’t be his fault. Won’t be trusting Gary and stacking Jillian versus Gary heads up for HOH either right?
Jillian- Emmit, Gary, Lala… Lala last with no chance F2 to get 4 votes against anyone.

So her is basically what I see. The votes seem to suggest it is unlikely that a bitter Andrew gone at 5 can get enough “anyone but Emmit votes” on his own even with AJ and perhaps Topaz. If it’s Gary/Emmit he gets her vote and needs 1 more. Alec/Peter/Jillian all solid Emmit votes. Would you care to have all those prizes sitting on the broad shoulders of Talla? I’d just go throw up now. PS This is exactly why Andrew should stay.Andrew plus AJ convince Lala to give Gary the money! Emmit screws 1 more person over completely he cashes no100K cheque..
So now we have Jillian. Take a quick look at Jillian versus anyone but Emmit. Give Andrew a “pity” vote Thursday win the game if Emmits not F2. Alot of folks put to much wieght on blood sometimes. Jillian played pretty straight up the usually lies, ect. Dan BB14 was just a wiesel. Lesser of 2 evils if Emmit gone. Gary has Topaz and no one else. I just don’t see Alec/Peter voting for a returning HG winning like Gary. Andrew only turns on Jillian if he thinks it’s an E/J double hitter getting him out and not Emmit alone. Gary’s strength is in anyone but Emmit senario
Lala has 1 chance only. Vindictive jury who says we got “screwed” so screw the show!

Odds to win at present:

Emmit 3:2
Jillian 7:2
Gary 4:1
Lala 100:1.


I am not really agreeing with your post i get you are not a emmitt fan and i can appriciate that but emmitt has played a very different game then dan for one thing emmitt has kept most of the blood off his hands. When gary came back one of the reason’s he didn’t want to take emmitt to the final 2 is because the jury likes him and with peter in jury pushing for him to win he has a really good chance of winning. Dan on the other had screwed over eveyone in the jury, dan’s strategy wasn’t winning it was lying and manipulating people. Dan’s best move in the house also was his worst the whole swearing on the bible saved him from being evicted but it also is what pissed the jury off. From the begining to the end of the season dan had a target on him and the likelyhood of him winning was very slim. Also the fact he already won it was always a uphill battle and i thought dan played an awsome game and is one of the best players to play this game. Between both emmitt and jillian they have both played a very good game and it would be hard to tell which one was better the only advantage i can see over jill is that emmitt is more liked in the jury and has had no blood on his hand i don’t think the jury would be a problem with him. Talla winning would be a joke and i don’t see who in the jury would vote for her no matter who she was up against vindictive or not in dan’s case he was with someone who played a good game as well so it gave the jury another option. Talla isn’t an option she is a horrible player and the jury knows it there is no way they will vote for her. You also can not play your game about the jury you have to make the best moves you can make and hope you can make them understand. Emmitt has lied but the only person in the jury he has burnt is andrew and considering that andrew burnt most of the jury i don’t think they will care what he has to say i still think out of everyone emmitt has the best shot.


Stan you have some very valid points there. This season will definitely leave a bitter aftertaste, no matter how it plays out. I’m starting to wish for a ridiculous ending to match the ridiculous artificial influence of the show. Sad, cause the casting had great potential.


I’m with you for the same reasons – I actually think that Jillian should win over Emmett. She has lied a lot, but that’s the game. Really, if anyone fully trusts anyone in that house, they aren’t playing smart. You have to fight for yourself and not give up on competitions because someone says they’re going to save you. Plus, and I think a lot of people are forgetting, that Emmett has been DQ’d from 3 competitions and lost his HOH because of one DQ. That’s saying a lot – everyone else made it through all of the challenges and so I think Jill could use that in her favour. I think the only chance Talla has is if she’s against Gary, and possibly against Jillian for the simple fact that the Jury members might be bitter about her lying.

Unfortunately, I think Andrew is going this week – otherwise I think he’s played the best game so far. UP until this point – this week he’s been super whiny and annoying. We get it – the twist sucked and you don’t like Gary, but STFU already.

Gary doesn’t stand a chance to win – the twist was ridiculous that late in the game and no one in the jury will forget it.


Yes he was dq but jillian was also dq in the one that emmitt lost his hoh so i guess they would hold that against her to but jillian also has all the blood on her hands and she is the one who made the deal with topez and alec then went back on it. I think they are going to be more mad about that then anything else, peter already told jillian he won’t vote for her which is why she got mad at him and stormed out so right there she lost 3 votes, she may have andrews vote after this, aj is up in the air and depending on which two enter the jury gary more then likely will go to emmitt and talla is up the air also. If emmitt does go to jury then she will have his vote but unless she is against talla i don’t see her winning either


if andrew is evicted this week then i want talla to win


Who will win?
My prediction is Emment.. He’s made the least mistakes.. And in a good position for the finals..The sponsors and producters will be happy to have him as the BBCAN#1 poster boy..
Sitting in the second chair will be Jillian. They will confess they are a couple. Not just two HG in a tight Alliance.
At the finale, Emment will ask Jill to marry him and give her a ring bought but production this week..This will sanitize both their reputations. Be used as an excuse for the lying, back-stabbing, questionable morals.. .
In a few months they will drift apart but remain friends….Jill keeps the ring.
Andrew will understand. He’ll forgive them and stop feeling like a sucker..
Scripted fake reality shows have a following. An Audience. Can we call this BB. I guess.. The Canadian version


QUEEN BEE…OK, call me a sore loser, if you so incline, only because I feel so badly for Andrew; ( the injustice of it all. ) I would like Gary to win.

Reason #1…: Emmett knows Gary has a crush on him, and using it to his advantage. Little does he know that Gary will bite him in the azz. #2… I really thought Talla had Andrew’s back; Big Fail. ( before she was on the block.) # 3… Jillian really won’t think for herself, b/c of Emmett.
I really don’t think Jillian won, ‘the voting out Peter’…Emmett decided in the end, it was better for him. ( probably let her think it was her idea.)
#4…I understand the lying in this game; after all it’s BB. What I can’t understand, is lying for the sake of lying.

So all in all…Gary is being a little nicer; which I like. Talla is being a snake in the grass; constantly running to whomever, saying “Andrew said this, Andrew said that.” UGH!!! ( never thought I would say that, about sweet little Talla.) Emmett and Jillian doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘Alliance’. ( Dr. Will and Boogie. Dan and Memphis, etc.)

Gary lied to Emmett and Jillian about Jury votes. I don’t blame him; whatever helps. Why on earth would E. and J. believe him? So, if Andrew leaves…I say Gary FTW.


Not sure if I made it clear, about ‘Alliance’; you don’t turn on them!


You’re not a sore loser. You’re also expressing your opinion on who you think deserves or does not deserve to win, like the rest of us.


Ok first off emmitt and jillian know that gary is lying about the jury. Jillian told andrew he was lying as for andrew this is a game and it is about making it to the final 2 so i don’t blame jemmette. Andrew was going to turn on emmitt the moment he could he has already been hinting to jill that if he stays maybe they take him out and he has said several times he wants him gone because he knows to win emmitt can’t be there he made a final 2 deal behind emmitts back with jillian so i don’t feel bad for andrew. His allience with emmitt was always fake he was never loyal so why should emmitt be? If anyone is playing dumb it is andrew why on earth would he believe that jillian would backstab emmitt they have been working together since the begining and he may have stayed if he didn’t telll jill his plans to get emmitt out. Gary only drawback is he was already evicted so the jury may hold that against him but i still hoping emmitt wins but it will come down to this pov as to who goes to the final 3 if both jemmette is in the final 3 then the odds are in their favour but with both gary and talla wanting them in the final 3 it does look good for them (talla already said to herself she will betray gary if she wins the next hoh)


Big Brother Canada is not a Comedy show.


Oh yes it is, and so is BB US! BB is a big joke… But I’m still a fan! 🙂


Pretty good odds on either Emmett or Jillian making it to final two.
If it’s Emmett, he will win. If it’s Jillian she will win. If they both make it, Emmett wins.
I just can’t see Talla pulling a majority vote whoever she is against.
Gary could only win against Talla. In that unlikely scenario it will be because he pulled a rabbit out of his ass and wins the next HoH and/or PoV, and keeps winning.

The winner in my mind is the person who played the best, meaning they controlled the house, had a great social game, and did well in competitions. Right now that would have to be Emmett followed by Jillian.


i dunno, if gary makes F2 he could win against jemmett….think about it NO ONE re enters the game and then makes F2….alec and peter were working with him….topaz is his girl….i think that talla would vote for him….and if emmett was there hed vote for him…


Yes but also consider that no one has ever entered the game when the Final 4 was in place already. Usually it’s voting back one of the 5 first evicted houseguests or when there’s 8 people which is a bit more than 4.
4 people is one step away from the Final HOH, so if someone enters the game at that stage mathmatically they do have a high chance of making it to Final 2.


I was not really a fan of anyone this season because I feel that no one has really made a good mood besides Gary who got rid of Tom and Topaz who tried to get rid of Andrew. Everyone else really did not make a huge move. Emmett is really smart and knows how to play both sides and come out clean. Jillian plays with to much emotion. Andrew was dumb for working with a showmance.


Jillian took out Alec and then in another HOH took out Peter, two people who were clearly coming after their showmance, that was a good move coz it ensured her and Emmett’s survival. We all know that Alec was a strong competitor and had to be taken out so she did it before he could do some damage to her game. Topaz tried to take out Andrew but failed, I don’t consider that a good or bad move just a gamble that didn’t work out.

Yes I agree Gary taking out Tom was a good move but he still got evicted so all the moves he made before he lost the game are meaningless, coz well… he lost, and any ‘big’ moves he makes from here on out it’s coz he got a second chance. He already got ‘checkmated’.


It isn’t about who makes the big moves it is about the moves that you make to get to the end topez slept most of the game and the one move she makes failed so i don’t see her game as a very good game. Gary was evicted and that will be held against him by the jury but it will depend who he is up against with jill it could go either way with emmitt he will lose. Talla he will win for sure. I am not an andrew fan but i agree with him bringing gary back this late was not really fair


Jillian shouldn’t win. Yes, she lied but I wouldn’t call that good at playing the game. Anyone can lie but it’s more than that you also have to play with some sort of respect and a certain amount of honesty. Jillian HAS NOT done a single thing other than listen to what Emmett wants. Anyone can lie it’s the players that are always thinking ahead and continually making moves that win. Just because you win HoH a lot of times doesn’t guarantee a thing. It means you are a comp. beast. Jillian’s social game is non-existent. She spends every moment with Emmett and has not gone out of her way at any time to really get in the heads of the other house guests. Add on that her lying to every single person in the Jury. Even when Gary came back in to the house she was still lying. All that people will see when they decide is that she is a liar.
Emmett will win if he makes it to the F2 because not only has he spent time with the other house guests and talking with them and telling them the truth(most of the time) he worked it so others did some moves for him and he is always thinking one step ahead of everyone.
Emmett has always stayed true to his Alliance until people within it decided to do something to harm it ( Tom with Liza, Alec making deals with anyone with 2 legs , Jillian and Andrew making a F2 ) Jillian, however, has never been true to an alliance. ( Even now she is not fighting for Andrew even though it may rock the boat think of your own game not Emmett’s ) Jillian hides behind Emmett ’cause she knows he will let her ride his A*S. That’s not playing a good game that’s being scared to play !!!!
I really want Emmett and Gary F2 with Emmett winning all the votes and I think that is exactly how it is going to play out.
On another note after these people are let out of the house I can see Emmett really being annoyed with Jillian and dropping her. Emmett hasn’t sowed his oats yet in his life! I got the hint of that when the Cheerleaders came into the house.


..and someone, a while ago, pointed out that Jill always interrupts ppl with stories about herself. I think that usually irks ppl in reality tv.

When I think about it, that could hurt someone in the questions that determine the final HOH. (the one who decides who will join them in F2). BB14 last year, Dan made a point of talking to all the HGs about things unrelated to the game. He paid attention to how they talk, the phrases they used, as well as what they say. That ensured he could figure out what their answers would be in part 3 of the final HOH comp.

Has Emmett done enough of that? He has been purposely hiding out with Jill too. Even though he seems to be more social, is he listening to the HGs? He must be because when talking to Dan he revealed alot about how he was playing this game that I never knew he thought about. So maybe he has this covered too. It’s too bad the DR never showed us his true intentions in the game so I could follow along. That is the whole reason I watch the show. For the DR’s! (and the comps of course)


You really have to watch and learn the game. See lieing and honesty are opposites. How can you lie and be honest? I’ve never heard of it. The game rewards liars. In fact I cannot think of a single BBusa season where the winner didn’t lie along the way. Jillians done nothing it’s all Emmit…again please I beg you please watch the show. You don’t even need the feeds. Jillian has won 3 HOH’s I believe that is because she EARNED them. Emmit was to busy getting Disqualified 3 freaking times. Lieing is allowed in BB. I guess when you refered to honesty YOU forgot he flat out cheated 3 times that he got caught on. You did convieniently forget those facts RIGHT?
I could go on about your dilusional view of a game you clearly aren’t watching. Your need to get a dictionary to look up the defination of honest. You’ll be shocked to learn 3 time cheaters ae dishonest not honest people. But 1 more leason so you can learn to understand the game. Gary versus Emmit will NEVER be a 7-0 vote. Do you think Topaz is voting for Emmit over Gary. Only a fool(stronger word edited) would think that ridiculously! Then we have Andrew and AJ. Do you think after Emmit COMPLETELY backstabbed the loyal Andrew he’s getting Andrew’s and by extention AJ’s vote? It is very unlikely. Emmit gets Alec, Peter and Jillian. Your great F2 7-0 sweep looks potentially like 3-3 with Lala deciding the winner. You might be surprised to know Lala will chat with AJ/Andrew on that little nugget. Emmit can still beat Gary as these 7 votes aren’t locked in. But 7-0 Emmit versus Gary is pure fantasy.
By the way Emmit has lied to basically everyone on the jury or going there. The only difference between he and Jillian might be some haven’t clued in on that yet. Andrew in the JH may help the learning curve for Alec/Peter.


Very well observed. When they compare notes in jury they’ll realise that Emmet screwed everybody over and his not so good social game of damage control won’t help him any longer.


Also getting tired of people refusing to give Jillian credit for her social game, just a reminder she had 3 people wanting to take her to F2. So besides winning comps, she played the social game when she had to. She had even established a girls alliance with Talla, Topaz just in case.


Honestly i can tell you right now Jillian isn’t gonna win this game regardless of who takes her to the finals. Gary wants to take her or Talla to the final that’s why he’s telling Emmett that the jury loves Jillian in reality they all hate her. I don’t think this jury isn’t gonna base the winner on who won comps, they will most like base on social game and moves. Jillian really didn’t make a connection with the jury. I honestly think her jury vote would be Andrew or Talla. I could see Aj, Alec, Topaz, and Peter vote for Gary if he brings either Jillian or Talla to the final two and he knows this. Gary has no intentions of bringing Emmett to the final two, he knows it would be a dumb move. Regardless of who Emmett brings to the final he is gonna win because he played a good social game and didn’t piss off too many people. Plus Gary has an advantage over everyone because he knows what kind of way the jury is leaning to which is Emmett. This is why Gary is being super friendly with Emmett. Like they say “Keep your friends close and your enemy closer.”


Okay, 2 lines highlight a lot of Emmett’s game play (brilliant descriptives, Dawg) – At the hot tub “Emmett doesn’t really say anything” – As some pointed out earlier, he is really boring, only has 3 topics he talks about.

Think he fancies himself a “Dan” but not even in the same league. Dan had flare, and had to fight so much harder for survival than Emmett, really had to talk his way through the game. The only time we’ve heard Em be that loquacious was when he was talking with Dan. Otherwise, he’s been pretty damn bland – Milk is a good nickname as milk is pretty bland in itself, right? Hell, a lot of times Emmett puts on a sour face (like when he didn’t want to take part in Talking with Talla – Jillian had to really coax him. He sat there with sour look on his face – see, even there, just like milk, curdled milk. Ha – & then forced himself to “be charming” for a minute but the contempt was there.

The other line: “Emmett doesn’t want to listen to her …so he whispers into his mic and asks them to call him to the diary room. ” Yet another thing Emmett has done most of this game, using HOH to avoid hanging with the players, esp. the ones he doesn’t like. Easy to seem charming to them when he only has to take them in small doses, then runs away to HOH (they don’t realize this is what he is doing) whining to Jillian about everyone while sucking face. He’s had such an easy ride in so many ways by hooking up with Jillian. Without her HOH’s, can you imagine what melt downs he’d have if he had to be like Andrew, unable to get away from the others. And yet, with his easy ride, he still loses his temper often.

Can you imagine what he’d be like if ANDREW had put him on the block?

Em was actually 1 of about 4 players I liked at the start but very quickly started to see these little glimpses I didn’t like. Kept trying to overlook them but they became worse as the wks went on. Yeah, Andrew survived to stay a fav – this isn’t actually about him at all. Was just thinking that even with all the twist, even the unfair ones, can’t make up for the dead air around Em.


Thank you for pointing that out! Glad I’m not the only one who noticed.


Why do people act like Gary coming back was such a “disgrace” to the game?? It’s not like this is the first time this has ever happened in BB history!! Regardless of the fact that he was evicted and came back, he deserves to win. Also, what would be so bad about Talla winning?? She’s still in the house therefore she still deserves to win…ya she hasn’t won shit but if she can go the whole game and make it to F2 without winning an HOH or veto, good for her!!


Many of us hated the Gary twist – for me, it’s not because it screwed up Andrew’s game so royally. It’s because: 1) So late in the game. He was away, decompressed, enjoyed good food, hanging out, having fun, really rested. He comes back in battling for HOH & Veto against players that had been on slop for a week, & non stop ongoing game stress.

Plus got to talk game with the other Jury members, no reservations in sharing intel since they’re out of the game. Able to strategize the what ifs, the woulda, coulda, shouldas that he was able to take in with him.

2) The fact he could just walk in the front door. Didn’t earn it except through a vote. In BBUS, at the least the incoming had to fight it out with the evictee – that was definitely more fair.

3) Able to lie to the house guests as to what he learned in Jury. Sure, lying is part of the game but when you’re all in the house together 24/7, you have a way to gauge the potential for the lie. It’s not an even playing field.

Sure, as an evictee, could be said they’d want to get him out again, he shouldn’t be there but, using the intel from the Jury, where they picked apart the pros & cons of what they would do if they were still in game, he had beyond an unfair advantage of how to go about what he wanted to do. Some think in pics there ere some chaperones to prevent game talk but in the video of Jury house, we clearly see 1st AJ & gary talking game, then all 4 so the chaperones weren’t doing their job.

Again, this isn’t a snark because his return hurt Andrew (it would have hurt who ever it was that had send the evictee out), just noodling out loud (er, in print – Grin) why it just felt like such a mistake production wise. I know it could have been worse – the UK version sounds horrible. Why call it BB if you’re going to change it so drastically?


The US version of BB started out like the UK version with the public deciding who gets voted out each week. The US version changed to the format with HOHs in season 2 and the UK version stayed the same. That’s why I didn’t like the first season of BBUS either.


not going to lie…..jillian sounds a lil cray cray about this book id love to hear what gary is thinking in his brain!! also, talking about death, especially with andrew sitting right there, awkward….


Not everyone speaks ‘hood’ – want to define cray cray for us please?


Looks like people more and more people are getting pi$$ed about Gary sleeping during the 24 hours he was suppose to be awake.. What do you all think?


As Gary would say …Throw the m$$h#r F#&k*r out…….
Production would be like Talla and say…. “busy”……
Andrew would kiss the ground……
J/E would retreat to the HOH and lie about what they think about whatever they assume is happening…..blah blah blah
Again Gary would scream m%$her F$%ker….


Simon, I posted at the time that it was an easy ride for Gary cause he knew he could fall asleep & they’d keep buzzing him -sometimes what, 3 – 5 times in a row. Being able to sleep 30 sec – a min or two & then have the jolt of being awoken time & again, that’ll get you through the night. He didn’t have to perform any task either that he needed to be awake for, focused.

Viewer anger did get production to review, then DQ Emmett – he’d already opened his letter home too. How crazy would that be if enough people did complain directly to Production & they then did the only fair thing? Just in the pics you posted here you can see him lying down on the couch, out like a light; eyes closed & face slack in sleep sitting at the table; so many examples.

Now that would be a righteous twist! Not only screw up Gary’s game – he’d have to go on the block but would also affect Emmett’s game too since Andrew knows he’s voting him out, even if he hasn’t 100% said it. He knows. Jillian wouldn’t be impacted so much cause hey, she played the social game. Made Andrew think she wanted to vote for him…

How about it, not just Andrew fans but fans of the game’s integrity itself. Many of you made similar observations at the time & since.


I think he should lose the Veto. He slept.


Production is not going to penalize Gary for Anything. Plus the Veto ceremony has already happened. I can’t wait for the POV comp and the edits tomorrow night. Wonder if Andrews griping was justified. Not likely but the edits will never show it if it was fixed.

Allison Grodner

WTF is BB Canada? Have any of the females gotten naked so far this season? Does Canadian bacon have more calories than American Bacon?


OK Simon …..On the serious side of this debate about Gary sleeping. I haven’t seen the comp or heard the rules.. If Gary wasn’t allowed to sleep for 24 hours and fell asleep many times to the point thy had to use a horn to wake him up. Then he didn’t complete that task. The problem is he is sltil, along with other HG doing a task from this same POV comp. The POV has been used. Should have been a luxury comp not POV. Maybe at the end he will get a punishment. Maybe not be able to compete in the next HOH or POV.. But if he doesn”t finish the second part then he should loose the POV…


i liked last yr with this comp when frank couldnt compete in two hoh’s as a punishment….that being said this was played with too few people left!!


Reading the comments on this page pro Emmett’s game & pro Jillian’s game & you know what strikes me? E & J are both playing 1 part of the game well – 1 good at comps & 1 good at social. Together, they make 1 good player. That’s kind of how I see them, I realize now. Apart, don’t think either of them would have lasted to this point.

I still say Emmett’s social game hasn’t really been tested. Being able to hide out in HOH to get away from the players he can’t stand – esp. Talla AND having his cuddle buddy to not only whine continually to, but to you know, ease sexual tension played a huge part. Can you imagine what he’d be like if he’d gone 6-7 wks. without that ahem, release, all while having to deal with the players he has such contempt for plus getting DQ’d so often & no HOH to go running to; The fact Jillian won HOH during 1 DQ & was HOH for the Veto DQ definitely help take the sting out of once EM had his temper tantrum. He didn’t have to stay out in the reg. rooms with the others, being social.

Some might say hooking up with Jillian & controlling her HOH’s was part of strategy – sure. I just think he hasn’t been really tested. I think he wouldn’t have made it too far in BBUS. Some might think he has similarities to BBUS winner Hayden – there’s a passing resemblance but in terms of game play – Hayden def. had to hustle a lot more. He did have a cuddle buddy too (similar videos out there) but she wasn’t a strong competitor, didn’t win a lot. He had the 4 – 5 guy alliance & was part of the big move to get out Matt & had to juggle constantly to not have the guys turn on him while also hiding the alliance from everyone. He worked it. AND he stayed loyal to HIS friend – Lane.

So E & J = 1 player – LOL


No offence but i think this is a stupid comment i don’t think E&J are one player that is the most riddiculus thing i have ever heard. You don’t like them i get it but to minimize them is just really stupid they both played their own game and most of the times there game moves are compatible. If we go by your theory then andrew and talla are one person, gary and topez, alec and peter and so on therefore no one in the game of bb is a single player. No one who plays this game plays it alone you can’t win it that way. I don’t get your comment. Emmitt and jillian may have been alined for most of the game but they have had different moves at time emmitt was connect to tom, peter and alec which had nothing to do with jillian while jillian was conspiring with liza the fact they make there moves together is more that they decided to team up to win the game they are both strong players emmitt seem alittle bit stronger in his social game and thinking further ahead.Emmitt has been playing since day 1 while players like andrew and talla sat back and did nothing. Andrew started to play after tom left but before that had no real game. Talla still hasn’t played so if you think E/J are one player how do you rank them a non player?


Hey Hallie, no offense taken at being told I’m stupid & ridiculous! However, to use your reasoned words, I do find it “ridiculous” when someone has a difference of opinion & automatically it’s claimed that the only reason I differ from your opinion is because I’m so blinded by my heart swooning devotion to a fav. When the fact is, I can look at the game/players objectively & come to a different opinion.

I do not hate Em & J – I don’t know them, how could I hate them? I might not like some of their game moves or some behaviours in the game, however, I also have enjoyed many of their moves & have posted as much, because I can appreciate aspects of everyone’s game without it impacting the liking of my fav.

Andrew & Talla as 1 player?! Did you actually read my post before you fired off your … considered opinion of it? What has Talla won or done that has helped, balance out Andrew’s game, impact it? With E & J, on reading many of the posts today (er, yesterday) where fans of 1 or the other wrote about what they admired of each ones game, I noted there were many similarities about each ones strength & weaknesses – which created this pic of each being a 1/2 that fit neatly together, making 1, big winning player.

Sure, they could play well apart – I just happen to believe not as well. And yes, they hooked up with other players but never fully committed. It’s why Em could turn on Tom, Peter, etc. They’ve stood solid together, able to fly a little higher, faster knowing the other has their back 100%. No other couple had this type of togetherness at this level.

Alec & Topaz – Alec constantly threw her under the bus. Enough said.
Peter & Alec definitely were committed in their alliance, however, they were actually closer to 2 sides of the same coin – shared the same strengths & weaknesses – both bad at the social game, decent at the comps when they wanted to be but their arrogance of their own brilliance brought them down.

My opinion has nothing to do with Andrew, has nothing to do with loving or hating E & J. Nor of other posters who like them. As I posted yesterday, a post which I believe had over 40 thumbs up – I so enjoy this site because of how articulate, interesting, witty the postings are. They make me think, sometimes someone has such a different &/or interesting take on things that I’m intrigued by their reasoning; other times they make me laugh out loud, milk/tea out the nose often & so often am impressed with how differences of opinion are not only tolerated but embraced with respect & at times, with gentle ribbing.

I learned yrs ago when someone accuses a person of something, look closely behind the words, you’ll usually see that they are accusing you of something they themselves are guilty of. Perhaps my post hit a nerve – a rabid Emmett fan, might I venture?


Wow, Gary is totally putting the moves on Andrew! It’s one thing to joke around and tickle, but another to actually lick/bite his arm and grab Andrew’s crotch!


Talla chilled out the entire season.. talked nonsense never really stressed etc etc.

If she wins the final HOH does she deserve to win? is this style of game play legit?


With so many strong players still in the game and if she makes it to the final hoh i would be shocked if she won it and i don’t think she would deserve it one move doesn’t take away the fact she has done nothing in the game and i also do not see who she could be up against that she could beat.


Any Hg who gets to the final two deserves to win as much as the other person with them. It all comes down to how lucky you are, Does someone who wins fifty million in the Lotto deserve it more than all the other people who bought tickets.. No… Talla, who will be F4, has manage to convince everyone that she is not a threat,, That’s huge,,


… and let’s not forget that Emmett himself is actually considering taking her farther in this game. The “genius” of the game has a plan for Talla. So if Talla gets there, it’s because they let her! Never mind let her, they actually TOOK her.

So if she makes it, and the others kept her in the game, despite all her “uselessness” then she deserves to be there.

She could argue that she had game. She was a vote when these others needed a vote. She was an intricate part of the game as evidenced by Emmett et al choosing to use her for their own ends. She propped up all the remaining HGs! She was USEFUL! So maybe she was the backbone to all of their games’ and they wouldn’t have gotten as far without her.

What can be said about a player who was included in everyone’s plans and used to her full potential? Yes those HGs were smart. They saw her “potential” and made use of it, but she also made the choice to go along with those plans. She could have been offended and stepped up and tried to prove that she was smarter than they thought, and tried hard to win comps and want to have power to make the “big moves” they always talk about. Instead, she knew her place and she used it to her advantage.

(I have to be honest. I have never looked at her game like this before. It just came to me as I was typing. So now for me it is something to chew on, food for thought)


I am not the biggest fan….but if Jordan won bbus anything can happen. At least talla didn’t get pulled through by a showmance most of the game…I don’t know, probably not my favourite choice, but with Andrew gone I am not sure I really care who wins, I just kind of don’t want Jemmett to win on a personal level


are u allowed to show Jillian’s breasts when she fully showed them in the HOH shower tonite at 9:48pm while she was changing her clothes?……a video or a cap……?…..


we didn’t catch it

fly girl

And tsk tsk tsk ladies and gentlemen Jemmet are at it again right b4 the feeds cut out AGAIN. I just wish those 2 could hold out for 2 weeks they are really starting to grind my gears and i think they should change the name of the hoh room 2 jemmets sex den. I am now officially over the live feeds and afterdark and the whole show in general sayanara slice tv however i will continue to keep updated on who wins from this site.


I worry about Jillian. If she had seen BBUS, i wouldn’t. But I am afraid, if she is F2 against Emmett, she won’t say what she needs to say to win. (like someone pointed out Emmett’s DQ’s and “everyone else made it through all of the challenges and so I think Jill could use that in her favour”.)

I think that if she had seen Erica and Boogie as F2 on AllStars she would definitely be able to pull off a winning speech. But I am afraid she would just say everything “nicely” and not point out the things that Emmett did wrong.

When Suzette was still in the house, she had a talk with Jillian. She told her that in BB the showmances alway go far. That the guy always brings the girl to the end. But she neglected to tell the whole truth. And, at the time, i didn’t realize that Jillian didn’t really watch BB so I thought it was some ploy on Suzette’s part to make sure Jill stayed with Emmett so that showmance would be targeted. I thought Jill knew that showmances don’t generally work that way. But she never watched!

So because of Jill’s lack of knowledge about BB, I am worried she won’t win if up against Emmett. (I am only worried from a game standpoint. I have never rooted for her or Emmett. It’s just i have to adjust my view now that andrew is leaving, so i can still enjoy the game. With the help of everyone here i can now look at each of the HGs game without the pesky “favourite” involvement)

Bill from Halifax

As a few posters have pointed out, in BBUSA at F2 GIRLS never beat BOYS.

Look over the results of all 14 seasons and you will see that the only time a GIRL has won BBUSA, there was another girl @ F2.
If a BOY makes it to F2 the BOY always wins.

If anyone knows this… Jillian should.


Gary slept when he wasn’t supposed to.Should have lost pov.They let him drink when he is on slop.That’s totally messed up.They sure are favouring him.
If Andrew goes hope Gary wins POV and evicts Emmit.Poetic Justice.


When the entire house wins a reward everyone gets to use it–have nots included. So Gary drinking isn’t ridiculous, it’s normal. Though I’m beginning to be a little less pleased with how his whole punishment system is being handled due to the many little things that are piling up.

-Falling asleep during the 24 hours and being buzzed awake? Fair by itself, as the punishment didn’t say “stay awake on your own will” but rather “stay awake.”
-Removing prison clothing for “dress up like another player” task? …perhaps fair by itself. But I’m leaning a bit more towards “wait a minute, why is THAT allowed? He could have put other clothes on top of the prison uniform.”
-Drinking beer? Fair by itself–have-nots normally get exemptions when the house has earned something (like a food or beer).

Any one of those items is excusable by itself, but in combination it DOES seem to make things a little less fair overall. They’re not favoring him, yet, but they should take caution if they wish to avoid this perception in the future.


i love andrew but emette is ruthless he will send anyone home he is heartless sign the check its is


I don’t see why BB isn’t allowing the house guests to sing on threat of punishment when they’re making up their own songs and just having fun… what copyright are they infringing? I haven’t heard any “make a wave pool you a damn fool” songs on the radio, haha! What are they supposed to do for 14 hours a day, anyways? I love Big Brother but I think that they could really condense the whole season down to half the time… yeah it’d be shorter but we could watch two seasons a year and it would put some fire under their butts to campaign, scheme and get into some drama instead of lounging around in complete boredom on most days lol.


its not JUST about copyright! They seem to have encorporated a bit more of the bbuk aspects of ‘big brother’ in that, big brother is a person who controls everything they do….bbus certainly regulates things, but the tasks etc and the extent of bb influence on the bbcan house is definitely taking a page from the bbuk book. I remember when I lived over there watching it and they would have to like eat crackers until bb told them to stop, have to dance whenever the music came on for 24hrs, theyve had ‘dictator’ challenges, ‘cinammon challenge’….things of that nature. That is actually one production thing I like about bbcan vs bbus, more challenges, more control from ‘big brother’. It not only makes better television, it actually can take a mental toll….like talking with talla hahaha


maybe its for future copyright infringement. If Gary releases that song after he gets out of the house (cuz c’mon, it’s catchy LOL) then they don’t want him suing them.

“make a wave pool you a damn fool”. “make a wave pool you a damn fool”. Can’t get it outta my head 🙂


Production needs to throw in another twist if Gary makes it to Final 2….he should lose one jury vote for each week he was in the jury house…even the playing field

Bill from Halifax

Talla should win.
She has won zero anythings.
She is the least deserving.
She is the least intelligent.
She is the least mature.
She is the least capable of winning a competition
She is the least coherent

When she wins, she will stand forever more as the beacon to those who come after, whenever they think there is no reason to evict the floaters because they are harmless.

There should be no such thing as a floater in BB because they should be evicted.

Talla will serve as a reminder that to win BB:
– you don’t have to be strong,
– you don’t have to be knowledgeable about big brother, or
– in fact you don’t have to be knowledgeable about anything really.
– you don’t have to be able to communicate in sentences
– you can nap all day and annoy everyone of your housemates
… and STILL they will reward you by letting you win the game.

What a sad state of affairs.


Lmao. Love this post.


Finally! somebody pointed out Jillians phat bootay