Emmett to Jillian “Andrew is going home you have to get it through your head”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: Andrew & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 839am

8am – 9am Emmett and Jillian are awake getting ready for the day. Talla is sleeping all over the house. Andrew tells Emmett I don’t know why they keep letting her.. Andrew heads up to the HOH room. Emmett says that he doesn’t get it, why isn’t she getting buzzed! Andrew tells Emmett that some people are just special. Big Brother then wakes up Talla again with the alarm. Talla continues to sleep. Big Brother turns on the alarm again. Andrew says this is why some people shouldn’t have booze! The alarm goes off a number of times again.

Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 845am

Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 846am
Emmett and Andrew are up in the HOH room playing chess. Jillian comes up with her breakfast. The wake up alarm sounds all over the house. Andrew says see Jillian this is what drives me nuts! Emmett goes down and tells Talla to get up! They are buzzing us all over the house now, if you don’t get up they are going to punish us! Talla asks what do I do? Emmett says you are hung over! If you don’t feel good then go talk to them. Talla says help me. Emmett tells her to go shower and get cleaned up! Emmett helps her up and puts her in the shower. Emmett says Talla I am not mad but don’t come out of the shower until you are awake! He then turns on the shower and tells her to not come out until she is clean. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back Andrew says to Emmett I don’t know how you can go out for a drink with her. Emmett says yeah, no. Andrew says last night when he came out there they were pouring out wine, the whole bottle of white. Big Brother cuts the feeds again. When they come back Andrew talks about having a little blow up with Talla. Emmett says that he thought Andrew was going to get into it with her last night about how she is a useless tit in this game. Andrew says na, I was trying to compose myself a little bit. When someone starts going at you .. you just want to say FU*K YOU! I was just trying to help .. I raised my voice a couple times. Emmett says it was good, had a little blow up there.


9:34AM Talla lost her earring last night.. she tired, still drunk from last night and PI$$ed off. Talla wanderers around the house looking for it.

Talla: “I don’t know where it is and I need it.. I’m functioning on 4 hours of sleep.. It’s gone.. my earring is gone it just doesn’t make sense”


9:51am HOH Milkmance

Jillian tells him she knows one way that they both are safe.. Emmett: “No you don’t you think you do”

Emmett is saying he would like to keep Andrew but it’s just too risky.. Jillian points out that sooner or later Talla is going to win a competition. Emmett isn’t sure she will he still thinks their safest bet will be to get rid of Andrew even though personally it’s something he doesn’t want to do. Emmett says If Andrew wins the final HOH he’ll take Jillian over Emmett.

Emmett says they need to distance themselves a bit to make Gary think “Hey maybe they are that close”

Jillian points out that Talla will beat her in the endurance during the final HOH

Emmett: “that is why we are taking Gary”
Jillian: ‘Talla will win HOH tomorrow.. thats just our luck”
Emmett :’That’s fine you can beat her in endurance”
Jillian: “No I can’t”
Emmett tells her to start getting ready for the final HOH Endurance.. they need to train for it.
Emmett is going to try and get Talla to drop out of the HOH tomorrow night.. He instructs her to change her social game.
Emmett: “Andrew is going home you have to get it through your head.. you stop hanging out with Andrew cause it’s not benefiting your game.. get closer to Gary and Talla”

Emmett adds that Gary and Talla are very weak players much weaker than Andrew and that is why they need to get rid of him, “Andrew is leaving because he’s such a strong player”

They run through the jury votes they have..

(The milkmance is in for a surprise)


10:00AM Gary and Andrew
Andrew basically explains to Gary what the final 7 days is going to be like hinting at the advantages of having Andrew stay in the game.


10:20AM Talla and Jillian

Talla is campaigning a bit says she’s sick of Andrew saying he’s pis$$ed and wants the Big Brother Experience to end.



10:32am Gary and Jillian

Jillian tells Gary she’ll throw HOH to him if he throws POV to her. .

Gary: “If you throw HOH you won’t even go on the block.. Yeah I’ll throw the POV if you throw the HOH”

Gary: “I’m fine with winning 20 grand..” Gary explains that he doesn’t have enough Jury vote to win this game but Jillian does. Gary: “Alec is bitter as f*** .. You don’t understand Jill the people in the house are mature they respect you for getting them out”
Gary: “I’m mature for my age..”
Jillian jokes that if it’s her and Gary in the final 2 the jury house will abstain their votes.

Gary says if he wins the 20 grand he’ll buy a puppy get an apartment, go on a vacation for a year and pay off his debt.

Jillian and Gary agree that they do not want to Talla to win the game. Gary doesn’t want Andrew to win either because he’s already won 10 grand, “He’s going to jury and he’s going to have fun there.. trust me it’s living in the lap of luxury”

They both say how excited they are about going to final 3, Gary: “It’s final three no ones cracking”
Jillian hints that Emmett is here to play the game and he might take Talla. Gary doesn’t think so I think they are locked in.

They agree that the Top priority is for Talla not to win the HOH.

(Video uploading)

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Funny to see Gary and Jillian completely BSing each other. Who in their right mind will throw a Final 4 HOH, you win that you’re safe everyone else is fair game if they don’t win the Veto.


anything is possible last season dan got not one but both of the final 3 players to drop during the first part of the final hoh challenge so it is possible dumb but possible


gary is DEF BSing…..but jillian i think might be serious about throwing the hoh…for some reason her and emmett discussed this last week too, because they want to control the vote…but like dan told gary…win both. if he wins both he controls it….sure its a bit risky if jemmett win veto….but he just has to make sure he or talla does and get rid of emmett hopefully….the viewers need them to be split up and since we know everyone wants to take jillian the best chance is to ensure that jemmett just doesnt win pov!!


The POV is more important because the POV holder is the one who casts the only vote to evict. and thereby choosing who they will compete with in the F3. If you are HOH then yes, you do go to the F3 but the power to choose who you go with is more of an advantage. The HOH only chooses who goes on the block, the rest is out of their hands. (Even though, all season, the HOH have been having their way, the house was stupid not to see the actual power was in their hands. They didn’t have to vote the way HOH wanted them to. They only did that so that the HOH would have the blood on their hands and get the blame.

This season was everyone trying to play Dan’s game. Except Jillian, who doesn’t really have a clue about that, wasn’t in step with the rest of the house. She has been kinda like Janelle. And Janelle never won.


You know what would be awesome if Talla won HOH.. splitting up the milkmance


Okay, is Jillian even listening to what Emmett is telling her:

“Jillian tells him she knows one way that they both are safe.. Emmett: “No you don’t you think you do”

“Emmett says If Andrew wins the final HOH he’ll take Jillian over Emmett”.

Em has said some variance of these things to her many times – Hello, Jillian, wake up. How many times does he have to tell her that he doesn’t respect her opinion or even instincts on the game? Em is unfortunately showing his disdain for “women” – good to suck face with, to clean up after him & cook for him but little lady, let the big, strong man take care of the brain aspect of the relationship.

He’s told her many times, he’s kicking out Andrew cause he doesn’t want him to take her to F2.

You know, when Jillian steps away from the cuddlemance mist, she does make some good moves – She knew Peter would not be loyal to her at all, that he was in Em’s back pocket & so had to get rid of him. Em would have voted against her wishes if there had been a few more players voting. He knew if the vote was 1-1, not only would she have the deciding vote, she would know he had gone against her wishes. However, he’s making her think he did what she wanted.

He wants her to avoid Andrew so that Andrew gets mad at her for shunning him, thus ensuring Em gets his vote cause hey, Em is going to continue talking with Andrew, planning their get togethers at the local pub, etc.

Hoping Jillian somehow manages to get away from Em’s smothering. As some pointed out, usually when they start talking, when she starts making some good points, he just starts kissing her, even in mid-word, just to quiet her.

Yeah, the longer the game goes on, the more the players are under the microscope, the more they reveal who they really are. As the “O” says: When someone shows/tells you who they are, believe them”!


Well said Chili! Emmett shows his true self (using women as a personal sex/slave/toy). If a guy ever got in my face while i was talking, my fist would be in his mouth!! No longer like Emmett, and respecting Jillian less, but I do hope that it is Jillian and ANDREW in F2…ANDREW FTW!!!!!


OMG how do you go from him giving jillian him pov to emmitt doesn’t like women! this is just riddiculus emmitt is trying to point out that andrew is strong if he wins he will take gary for sure and take jillian if andrew leaves they have a better chance with talla that she won’t win anything and the power will be in there hands. He knows that andrew wants to get him out which is why he is trying to explain this to jillian but to say he has no respect for women is just another dumb comment from the emmitt haters.


You are a true IDIOT! You do not understand what these folks are saying. LISTEN!!!

Emmit is getting rid of Andrew because Andrew helps Jillian and not HIM! How freaking stupid art you? Jillian is actually right. If they keep Andrew they have 2 shots versus Gary for HOH not ONE moron! If you believe Gary and I definately do not Andrew and Gary take take E/J F3 if possible. Jillian is correct and Emmit the idiot is not. But as I have pointed out before Emmits plan is to evict Jillian using Gary to do it. It reminds me of Dan throwing the final comp so Ian votes out Danielle.
Emmit treats her like trash. When she sees the tapes of the show she will be heart broken. Emmit is using her like a toilet seat!! You are absolutely pathetic in your inability to see Emmit as the true PIG he is.


I disagree completely. Because he doesnt think Andrew will take him to the final 2 but keep Jill instead he is somehow showing his disdain for women by wanting him out? What? Where are you getting that from? He is playing his own game, not hers. Its in HER best interest to keep Andrew, not HIS. He was smart by knowing he could use Gary to his advantage to get another ally into the F4, meaning if its a F3 with Gary, Emmett and Jillian, he has a bigger chance to making it to the F2. Talla is useless and cant win a thing, why would any player want her gone in the end game? She is an easy person to beat, she is easy to manipulate and she is easy to win against in the final. Andrew is a better competitor, has more friends in Jury, and could move on Emmett to get Jill to keep her word with him.


I don’t this Emmett hates or dislikes woman I think he needs a woman that challenges him. Jillian is happy just lying on her back and it seems as though he’s losing respect (naturally).

If Jillian were the type of girl everyone thought she was (smart, independant) he wouldn’t be as annoyed as he is. I think he’s over her, but a warm body is a warm body.

Dream Big

“Gary says if he wins the 20 grand he’ll buy a puppy get an apartment, go on a vacation for a year and pay off his debt.”
In what world can you get an apartment, puppy, vacation for a year and pay off debt with only $20,000?!?!?! Cause I want to move there.


I’m thinking he means, rent an apartment, as in move out of his mom’s house.

I WISH you could get an apartment for less than 20k. I’d be so there. lol


he could be talking down payment. How much could his debt be if he lives with him mom? Maybe a couple thousand? I only know west coast housing prices, and I think $20,000 for a downpayment would be tough, but he woudl be a first-time homebuyer, and again…prices could be considerably less depending on where he’s looking.

Bill from Halifax

“They agree that the Top priority is for Talla no to win the HOH.”

What a stupid top priority. On second though, all they have to do is ensure Talla is drunk for the HoH, which given Talla’s track record, should not be difficult at all.


It’s amazing to me that their top priority isn’t to make sure Gary doesn’t win Hoh. Gary has backstabbed and gotten big players out before… he’ll probably do it again to try and get Emmett out. The way he should see it is this: Take Jillian to the final two and almost guarantee a win because the jury hates her. Take Talla to the final two and guarantee a win because she’s only survived this long by being NO threat WHATSOEVER. Take Emmett and… well, he’ll probably lose. So logically, Gary should go after Emmett next week.

And speaking of final 2, Jillian! Stop being such an idiot! Andrew and Emmett are the only people in the house guaranteed to take you to the final 2, and you’re going to let Emmett put Andrew out of the house simply because Andrew is a threat to HIM? Think about YOUR game for once, Jill! You have 2 out of 4 players who would take you to the final two right now, and you’re going to purposely evict one of them just because some boy flutters his eyelashes at you?!? You’ve said many times that you want to keep Andrew… but lo and behold, Emmett isn’t giving and saying “yeah, that’s okay” this time. And for some freaking reason you need his APPROVAL before making ANY game moves.

…she’s not going to wise up. She’ll keep doing whatever Emmett asks her to.

Sandra S.

I LOVE Talla!!! She is funny, genuine and has played an honest game, not mean at all. Whose to say the game she’s played isn’t good – she’s made it this far – I’d say whatever it is – it’s working!! Actually she would have been HOH if she hadn’t made the deal with Jillian earlier in the game…. Go Tala 🙂


come on if talla’s game was to actually play under the raidar then i would say great more power to her but talla hasn’t had any game the reason she is as far as she is was pure dumb luck there were biggeer fish to fry so to speak. talla has barely made any moves at all she just went along with the pack at times it barely look like she remembered she was in the game. As for lying no she hasn’t really lied she did lie recently when she promised gary f2 but when she was talking to herself she did say she was never going to honour that. She really did need to lie because she never made any moves she just relied on others to carry her.


I agree, but I’m going to play devil’s advocate a bit here. Talla hasn’t actually been in danger at all this entire game. She hasn’t NEEDED to have any sort of gameplan. I agree that it was not her intended strategy to lay low and have everyone take her because they think she’s dumb and doesn’t stand a chance, but I do hope to see her in a little hot water. Not because I don’t like her (I do!), but because I am still holding out hope that she was atleast redeem herself a little bit.


lol, I was thinking the exact same thing regarding Gary saying that he would get an puppy, buy an apartment, go on vacation and pay of his debt with 20 grand. Gary is in his early 20s right? He’s figure it out soon enough… but definitely 20 grand is still alot… and I am all for Talla winning the next HOH!!! Seriously, if Talla or Gary don’t win HOH, I’m going to be angry. I actually like Jillian and I think she’s doing her best, for someone who isn’t familiar with BB game play, but her and Emmett need to feel the heat at some point!!


Well, I don’t know about jemmette needing to feel the heat what i think is that they should have made moves against them a long time ago and now the odds are in there favour if either one of them win pov they are in the final 3 so they now have a 50% chance, chance of talla winning either hoh or pov is slim (crazier things have happened) so gary is there only obstacle. You can be mad all you want but they have a greater chance of going to final 3 and from the conversations in the house it seems that both talla and gary want to take jemma to the final 3 so the odds are very good for them. If andrew had stayed i don’t think the odds were in there favour andrew is strong and i think talla would have had a better chance then going to f3 then emmitt unless he won.


Personally I think Gary is BSing everyone right now until he knows who wins HoH. Gary really listened to what Dan had to say when he was in the house.
For all of you who think Gary won`t win if he made it to the F2 … Don`t be so sure. Depends on who goes with him. Sure he was out of the house for a few weeks but that doesn’t mean a thing. Some people might say it was hard to come back and get people to take you along when other alliances should have been strong by then.
If Andrew , Emmett and Jillian were as strong as they thought they were then Andrew wouldn’t be worried right now. The problem is that Andrew made a F2 deal with Jillian and Emmett knows , I mean who makes a F2 deal with others knowing it’s just the stupidest move I have ever seen. Sure he thought Emmett was part of the F3 but then why didn’t he also make a F2 with Emmett so he had his back covered no matter what.
Jillian is an Idiot she has no idea how to play the game. She can’t think for herself. She has no social game ’cause if she did she wouldn’t need to rely on Gary for how the Jury is thinking on voting. People should be able to figure out for themselves that part of the game, after all, they know what things they did and did not do.
Gary is there to win 1ST he keeps saying to everyone he only wants 20K but in all of his DR talks he wants to win !
Jury votes can change also, sometimes Jury won’t make up their mind until they have a chance to talk with the Final House Guests. Andrew on the other hand I don’t see him changing his mind on anything. He seems to hold a grudge on every single thing. Especially Gary.
The second mistake Andrew has made is continue to seek help from Jillian when he needs 2 votes to stay. Instead of going to Gary and get his vote he is sticking with the Milkmance. He sits and says ” dumb F*c* was let back in here ” why not up your game play and actually get into it with Emmett so Gary can see you might be worthy of keeping around. If you never wanted Emmett in the F2 then why in the Hell be nice to him when he just put you on the block fight to stay. Instead Andrew is rolling over and playing dead like a dog.
Honestly I think with all the lies in the house this season it is really hard to trust a single person. You need to be the one in Power that is how you are going to make it to the end.


I agree! People didn’t like when I posted something about Gary having a good chance before, but I stick by it!

I wish Andrew could have won…i think he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, and I think he wanted to play an honest game, which I commend, and I wish things had been different and he turned on jemmett, although I would argue he never even had that chance!

At this point, I want Gary to win. It is nearly impossible to come back and almost win it…yes its late in the game to come back, but all the more reason he had to win that pov to save himself and hell have to save himself next week too! Maybe it is the canadian in me, but I really would love to see the first gay houseguest to win big brother be canadian…it would be fitting!! I think besides that, he is actually a good competitor as well and I just think he makes a better poster winner than the other three…thats just me though!


and by that i meant North American big brother house guest (since bb canada is the closest to big brother us stylistically)


you are right, andrews fatal mistake was making the f2 deal with jillian. why he would think that she didn’t have a f2 with emmett and trust her not tell emmett about it is beyond me. really bad and unnecessary move at that time. i bet jillian regrets telling emmett by now though.


“Emmett tells her to go shower and get cleaned up! Emmett helps her up and puts her in the shower. Emmett says Talla I am not mad but don’t come out of the shower until you are awake! He then turns on the shower and tells her to not come out until she is clean.”

This is really funny.

But Emmett has to protect her. If they get a punishment because of her then she may be considered for eviction and that will mess with Emmett’s plans


I think i see how Gary is playing it out now, finally.

If he has a deal with Jil that she will throw HOH to him (and he throws POV to her) then, as HOH, he will put up Emmett and Talla. He is telling Jill she won’t even go on the block, and they have F2 or at least a deal they don’t want Talla to continue, so when he puts up Emmett and Jill wins POV, she will keep the noms the same and she has the vote. But if Emmett wins, cuz he wants his fate in his own hands, Jill goes up and Emmett has the vote. If Talla wins then she has a F2 with Gary (even though they are both very willing to break that) and Gary could be able to pursuade her to vote the way he wants (vote out Emmett, his “keep your friends close, enemies closer”). Or vote out Jill. Which could be Gary’s plan, as he was discussing this with Dan during his stay in the house.

So Jill throws HOH to Gary, Gary is HOH and Emmett is sitting pretty. He has a F2 with Gary (Emmett tells Jill they must distance themselves so Gary doesn’t think they are that close. KInda late for that Emmett!). And Talla is in his pocket.

Either way, Gary would be in the F3. And that puts him at very good spot.

Jillian is the only one who is in peril. She must completely trust Emmett. Or obviously has no clue as to how this important HOH and POV actually work. Emmett may or may not believe that POV is more important than HOH. He could have been lying to Jill. If he was lying to Jill then he is fully utilizing every player left in this game. Props for that. If he believes it, then he is missing a crucial step. He is setting himself up for eviction because if Talla wins POV (it could happen, even though he believes it won’t) then Gary influences her to get rid of Emmett, Emmett’s game is over!

Emmett’s fear in this game is leaving because he trusted the wrong person. Is he trusting the wrong people? Or not so much the people as trusting they will behave in the manner that Emmett thinks they will. In other words, can Emmett trust his own judgement?

The game is getting good now! 🙂


I am honestly shocked that Talla hasn’t gotten evicted. Not because of her gameplay, but because I am surprised she hasn’t tried to hit anyone or something while drunk. I know the booze is good for ratings, and I know Talla is too, but I wonder if BB is hoping she MIGHT self-evict while drunk.


I really-really-really wish that tomorrow Jillian and Gary give a big FU to Emmett and vote to evict Talla. Emmett needs his game to be shaken cause he’s had far to easy of a time getting other people to do his dirty work.


Why does production keep giving Talla alcohol? She can’t drink. Makes her ill.. Or is it persons in production who have sick minds.. .. They are acting like some dumdass in a bad bar trying to get laid.. .. In their case manipulating her to behave foolishly so as to try an increase show ratings..
Andrew so you think Talla is a “useless tit.” As you walk out the door tomorrow, would you say same like the third tit position you have been in between E/J.

A Mom

I’m very glad to see that there are two people on here who see what I see in Andrew (BBAlias and mooning – thank you for your insight). In an earlier post I was very derogatory in my comments about Andrew as I had just finished watching the After Dark show which centred on Andrew whining and bitching about Gary coming back in the house and about how useless Talla is.
Here’s what I said: Andrew’s problem is that he’s got a huge crush on Jillian and keeps hoping that she will leave Emmett for him. Unfortunately for him, he’s not half the man that Emmett is as he’s like a “whiny bitch”……..always whining and bitching and hoping that Jillian will comfort him. He would gladly throw Emmett under the bus in the hope that Jillian will be with him. Ha! Ha! Ha! What a sucker! Grow a pair Andrew! You come off like a limp weiner, no wonder you don’t have a woman in your life at your age. You make me want to puke…..whine, whine, whine, bitch, bitch, bitch. I wish someone would muzzle him. Please, please get him out this Thursday!
I’m not apologizing for my comments as I had been voting for Andrew to win until watching that episode of After Dark. Okay he whined about Gary’s return once or twice, fine! I understand, but move on! Instead he kept following “jemmett” around complaining about the same thing over and over at every chance he got to bend their ears. It really sickened me to watch a 38 year old man who is the oldest member in the house behave this way, having worked in a profession with men who act like real men (Military & Para-Military). He’s so blinded by his crush on Jillian that he can’t even see that she is playing him. She loves the fact that two men in the house want her. I’m so happy that my son chose a nice Scottish lassie with morals, as his wife.