Gary asks what if you were PREGNANT? Jillian says I wouldn’t be pregnant, I couldn’t be..

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: Andrew & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 457pm

5pm Jillian, Talla and Gary are in the kitchen. Talla comments that her stomach is really hurting right now. Oh my god I feel like I am going to puke! I am feeling nauseated! Jillian asks did you take a pill? Talla says no. Jillian asks did you take a vitamin. Talla says no! Jillian says if you took one of my multi-vitamins they make you sick if you don’t have a lot in your stomach. Talla says I don’t feel good. Jillian says maybe you are pregnant. Talla says yeah .. no! Gary asks what if you some how were.. no you would have known by now. Talla says yeah. Gary says but you would be showing by now. That would be funny if someone was pregnant and they just started showing. ..because you can’t take a test. Well yeah you could ask for a test. But what if you were pregnant .. what would you do .. just stick it out I guess?! Gary laughs. Would you stick it out? Jillian says yes. Gary says oh my god you’re killing me ..but what if you were on slop. Jillian says I wouldn’t be pregnant.. and I couldn’t be.. Gary asks what if you were on slop and you were just craving food.

Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 501pm

5:20pm – 5:40pm Meanwhile Andrew and Emmett are out in the backyard working out. Andrew and Emmett talk endurance competitions and what type Talla would be good at. The speculate on what type of endurance competition the final HOH might have. Hanging or holding a key or something.
Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 528pm
Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 5pm

5:40pm – 5:55pm Jillian and Talla go out to the hot tub room and sit in the door way talking about random things. Jillian gets called to the diary room. Emmett and Andrew come out for fresh air. Andrew heads back inside. Emmett tells Talla 100% Andrew is going home tomorrow. Emmett comments it will probably be a double eviction with two people going home. Talla says it might be like what Dan said where someone goes home on Sunday. No day never said that someone else did. Emmett says yeah but there is a good chance it could be .. because it’s over on the 2nd and that only gives us a week. Emmett heads back to workout and Gary joins Talla. Talla and Gary talk about food and relationships. Jillian comes back and Gary leaves.

Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 545pm

6:10pm – 6:30pm Jillian and Talla talk in the hallway to the hot tub. Jillian says that it is weird being in a relationship on a reality tv show.. all we can do is kiss. Talla says that because her mom hasn’t seen her in a relationship before she would probably be embarrassed .. or insulted if I did kiss. But she did see me make out with a girl. They talk about how two people could be going home tomorrow. Jillian talks about telling Emmett not to tell Andrew that he is going home because he would cause chaos in the house. Talla says if it was the other way around you know he would do the same thing. Jillian says yeah he would get rid of Emmett. Talla and Jillian talk about how Andrew and Emmett both want to take us to the final two. Jillian asks who says that Emmett would take me.. he wouldn’t take me over you. Talla says you are ridiculous yes he would. Gary comes back out and they change the conversation to talking about Talla’s ex number 5. Emmett joins them and they talk about their facebook accounts when they get out and how there will be lots of haters but they can’t let it get to them.
Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 6pm

6:35pm – 6:50pm Jillian tells Andrew if it is a double eviction and you go out first then, I would be out right after you. She says I hope that doesn’t happen. Andrew says but Emmett he.. better not! I was just talking to Emmett about it. Andrew says the he hopes it doesn’t happen too because I really do want it to be our final 3 in the finals. Andrew says if it is you and I we have a good chance since we know we will be taking each other. But with Emmett he will probably take you. Jillian and Andrew leave the storage room. She says I need to go get ready. Andrew asks for what? Jillian says for bed. Andrew walks away and says to himself Jillian Shut Up!

6:50pm In the kitchen: Gary asks Jillian “You ever been with an inmate?!” Jillian and Emmett laugh. Jillian jokes yeah he treated me the best I ever had. Gary starts pretending he is Jillian’s pimp and she is the prostitute. Andrew says he is saying you are a prostitute. Jillian says yeah you looking for one. Andrew says yeah, how much? Andrew asks Gary how many facebook friends he has? Gary says he deleted his account. Andrew asks then how many did you have? Gary says over a 1000. Andrew says yeah I have close to that .. a 100. Emmett says that he has about 800 but that he started deleting people he didnt talk to. Andrew says if I did that I would have 4 left.

7pm – 7:25pm Emmett and Jillian head out to the hot tub room to get into the hot tub. Emmett laughs about how he was talking about going out to bars and picking up chicks when he gets home to throw the others off to think we’re not that close. They continue to talk game:

7:30pm – 7:40pm The house guests are in the kitchen eating the chicken wings Gary made for them. Talla says look at my face right now, I am every guys dream! Andrew says I like to lick chicken wings right to the BONE … you know what I mean Gary!

Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 731pm

7:40pm – 7:50pm Emmett and Jillian are in the pool. Gary starts yelling EMMETT, EMMETT, EMMETT COME QUICK!! Emmett climbs out of the pool and runs to the kitchen. Gary broke some glass and it went into his eye. Emmett gets a piece out but Gary says there is still some in there. Gary says he needs a doctor and heads to the diary room. Emmett and Jillian go back and get into the pool. Shortly after big brother switches the live feeds to the hush, hush screen..

Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 8pm
8pm – 8:15pm The live feeds return and Andrew is vaccuming up the broken glass in the kitchen. Talla asks I wonder if Gary is okay! Andrew says I am sure he is fine. Talla says yeah, he’s got to be careful… glass in the eye! Big Brother cuts the feeds again.

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I wish Emmett would just man up and tell Andrew that he was going. Give Andrew a real chance to argue his case. This will be the first time that someone chooses to get rid of a member of their own alliance. Imagine if Emmett was evicted the first week?
That would make for a very different season for sure.


The Quatro got rid of Tom.


If Andrew wasn’t an idiot he would make it clear to Emmett that if he backstabbed him, he would not get a single jury vote.


I hope the twist is that Andrew is taken off the block, Gary loses his Veto for drinking and sleeping, and Jillian has to go up and her and Talla are both evicted. Final 3 would be Emmett, Gary and Andrew. They would all be working for it.


That would be great, but it would never happen. Andrew has fans, but not as many as Gary.


If I’m Production, and I’ve only got 3 shows left, and still 4HGs remaining after Thursday night, and I’m Slice, I’m thinking, “How can Slice end BBCA with the highest individual episode ratings possible?” My guess: They *don’t* do a DE tomorrow. (And they haven’t announced one.) Instead, they’ll plan to do a live eviction episode on Sunday night, and start Part 1 (likely endurance) of the final, 3 part HOH, at the end. Then, air the Part 1 result, and air Part 2 of the final HOH on Wednesday. Then, Part 3 of the HOH, do the last eviction, have the winner pick who they’ll bring with them, hold the jury vote, announce the Favorite HG, all during the 2 hour finale on Thursday, 5/2. Any other thoughts out there?


Yeah, that honestly sounds like the best/ most reasonable thing for them to do.


Unless they plan to take 3 to the finals, like Survivor. I find it pointless because there is usually one of the 3 who get no votes at all.


Game aside, I hope Gary’s eye is okay. I guess we’ll find out if he comes back in with an eye patch. If he is impaired, maybe BB will have to scramble to change out the comps they have planned… or maybe Gary will exit altogether and BB will insert the runner up from the Powershift twist (AJ??).


Hey anyone have the link to watch live??


this one might work


no one notices when Talla talks, she struggles to answer gameplay questions, not because she’s as ditzy as she lets on but because she has to figure out the safest answer for who she’s talking to…I totally can read it on her face


Emmett keep hitting the wood to show his alliance he’s into the Veto. Only touched the buzzed when 1K was up for grabs! Andrew did try his best to get the punishment he ws just not fast enough. I’m sad, …


Andrew is such an A*sh*le that low blow he made to Gary about the chicken and Bone really lost any respect i had left for him. Those type of jokes are unacceptable period. Sometimes I think Andrew thinks he is funny when he isn’t he is far from it. Then to top it off he didn’t even show any empathy for Gary and the Glass in his eye. The Dude can go now from all that I have seen now in the last week from him.
I Really hope Gary’s eye is okay. People can go blind from the smallest of glass particles in the eye.


^Feelings have been caught.


i don’t think i got andrew’s joke… wasn’t he just joking that he liked to eat it to the bone… like gary likes bones (boners)? how is that offensive? gary is out and proud…


I suspected Jillian being pregnant with her weight gin constant eating now her lips flare up with sores….hormones


And this is why US BB uses plastic everything!