Big Brother Canada LIVE FEEDS are back BUT GARY is still out seeing the doctor..

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: Andrew & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 835pm
8:25pm The Big Brother Canada Live feeds get turned back on. Emmett, Talla, Jillian and Andrew are out in the hot tub room. (Gary is no where to be seen. He is probably still seeing the doctor about his eye.) Talla and Jillian are talking about hair cuts / styles. Jillian heads inside to shave her legs and get ready for bed. As she walks away Talla says nice bum Jillian .. It really is nice! Andrew says it would be nice to play chess right now. Emmett agrees and says that he thinks Big Brother just didn’t want to have all of us up there. Emmett heads inside. He goes up to the HOH room to shower with Jillian. Jillian takes off all the make-up that Gary put on her this morning. Emmett tells her that she looks way better now.. you look healthy now .. before you looked sick!
Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 840pm

9:10pm Talla is in the kitchen cooking. She has been going off talking about how there is no marinara sauce. Andrew tells her yes there is it’s in the fridge. Talla goes to look and finds some. Emmett brings the chess board down from the HOH room. Andrew and Emmett head out to the backyard to play chess. Talla comments to herself if he (Andrew) stays I will be so mad! Out in the backyard Andrew and Emmett talk about the broken glass. Andrew says that he cleaned it up because you know who (Talla) wouldn’t do it. Andrew says that he asked her who else is going to do it. He says that Talla said Gary. Andrew says yeah right. Andrew says and last night I was cleaning up broken glass from her. They head out to the hallway out to the hot tub to play chess. Big Brother cuts the live feeds and when they come back Andrew and Emmett have packed up the chess game. They were told that they can’t play chess and that he has to return it to the storage room.

Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 910pm

9:25pm – 9:45pm Emmett heads up to the HOH room to listen to his music. Meanwhile down in the kitchen Talla is making Chilli while her and Andrew talk about random things. Talla complains about how messy the kitchen is. Andrew says well think about who was cooking in here last (Gary). Andrew says living with a bunch of people is a god damn nightmare! Andrew says that there isn’t a dish fairy that comes in here to dirty them up. Jillian goes down stairs and says that Gary said her a$$ was fat. Andrew tells her it looks lovely. Jillian asks Do you think it was a task!? Andrew says I don’t know .. what you should be more worried about is what Emmett or I think about it rather than Gary.
Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 940pm

Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 930pm

9:45pm – 10pm Andrew, Jillian and Talla are in the kitchen.

Cooking with Talla:

10:20pm Andrew heads into the storage room to grab a popsicle, when he returns he stops at the living room and says to Jillian and Emmett. Andrew asks where are the stools .. I should practice my speech for tomorrow.. Dear a$$holes.. He then laughs and sits down with them. Jillian heads back into the kitchen. Talla asks her .. you don’t think Emmett is thinking of keeping Andrew do you? Jillian says nope, nope not in a million years. Talla says good! Then she says it really depends on you and Gary.. They continue talking about cooking. Meanwhile in the living room Andrew and Emmett talk about the possibility of it being a double eviction tomorrow. Andrew comments that Topaz was a nice girl when you talk to her .. but she will never be asked back. Emmett agrees and says that she didn’t make enough moves. Andrew heads to the kitchen. Jillian tells Emmett that it is hard to do studying down here because people see it and are already scared of you.. Emmett agrees.
Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 10pm

10:30pm Jillian, Andrew and Emmett sit in the living room. Andrew says that this is how it should have been .. just me and you two ..with her going home. They comment on how they wonder if Gary had to wear the prison costume to the hospital or not. Jillian cracks up laughing. They laugh about how he hasn’t had a shower since Saturday either. Big Brother cuts the live feeds.

10:40pm Talla brings Jillian and Emmett her chilli to try. Emmett says that its alright. Andrew says that its okay it’s a 6/10. She says she thought it was a 10. Andrew tells Talla that there is a Pepsi over here for you. Emmett tells him to shake it. Andrew says that he couldn’t do that to her. Emmett says toss it over I will. Andrew gives it to Emmett and he shakes it and throws it back. Andrew tells Talla again there’s a Pepsi here for you that Jillian brought you. Talla says thanks but I think I will have a beer. Emmett says dammit I wanted her to open it. Andrew and Emmett talk about HOH wins. Emmett says that Jillian has 3 and if she wins tomorrow that will make four. Andrew says she would be scary to take to the finals. Emmett laughs. Emmett asks Andrew what he would look at as a jury member. Andrew says he would look at it like a combo.. and look at each person differently. Andrew says that he thinks the speech wont matter most jury member will have their mind made up before it even happens. Emmett asks really? Emmett comments that the worst thing would be getting put out by Talla. Andrew says what got you out.. BUSY! Andrew says it would be just as bad to be gotten out by Gary. I could see that I got him out so he gets me out.

11pm Emmett heads out to the hot tub hallway where Talla is sitting. Talla asks Emmett if he will tell Andrew he is going to be voted out or just let it happen. Talla says what would you want him to do if it was reversed. Emmett doesn’t answer. Emmett and Talla talk about jury votes. Emmett and Talla talk about if they were in the final two together. Talla thinks they would be pretty even in votes. Talla talks about how some people say a competition wins only matter if you needed to win, but I don’t think that way .. a win is a win is a win! Talla says each one is a notch on your belt. I don’t even know what kind of belt I have. Emmett explains to her that she needs to tell the jury that she didn’t need to win anything .. she could just rely on her social game… they all stressed out while I got to sit back. Talla asks if Emmett feels bad for sending Andrew home tomorrow. Emmett says yeah I do, I am going to go back home and hang out with him. Emmett tells Talla that if it were Jillian and Talla up there he would have to vote for her.. just because I will be going back to Nova Scotia and seeing her. Talla tells Emmett that Andrew will get over it being voted out. Emmett tells Talla to just be nice to him tomorrow. Emmett says that he hasn’t lied to Jillian and that he avoids the final two question so that he doesn’t have to lie to her because he is going to pick the best option to win. Talla says it’s just a game. Emmett says yeah its just a game but it will take a while to get over it.

11:30pm – 11:50pm Meanwhile inside Andrew and Jillian are in the kitchen and he wonders what the hell Emmett and Talla could be talking about.. Andrew and Jillian head up to the HOH room and talk about random things. Talla joins them and Andrew heads downstairs to go to bed. Emmett joins them. Talla says that she is going to go annoy Andrew. Emmett tells her to go give him a rub. Talla says that’s disgusting. Emmett says a back rub, your mind went to the gutter. Talla leaves and Emmett motorboats Jillian’s boobs. Jillian says that she feels like sh!t after talking to Andrew. She says that Andrew was talking like he is still going to be here to take out Gary. Emmett tells her its called big brother you have to lie. Emmett wants Gary to see Jillian not sleeping in the HOH room. He wants to put holes in their relationship so that he (Gary) won’t think they are so close and take one of them to the final two if he chooses. Emmett says tomorrow night will be a wild one .. Gary thinks we are taking him and Talla thinks we are taking her. Emmett says best case is you win HOH and then Gary and Talla will both think they are safe. They wonder who will go on the block if Gary wins HOH. Emmett tells Jillian that she needs some block experience. Emmett and Jillian start studying the past events…
Video is uploading:

11:55pm Meanwhile Andrew and Talla have gone to bed.. (GARY IS STILL NOT BACK YET)
Big Brother Canada April 24 2013 1153pm

12:00am Talla and Andrew

Stooges saying goodnight the only way stooges know how using hand puppets

At one point Talla starts screaming and they cut the feeds.. (the only time i’m happy for them cutting the feeds that scream was killing my ears)

Andrew: “Goodnight Talla you stoogette”
Talla: “Goodnight stooge”
Talla: “Goodnight Andrew”
Andrew: “Goodnight Talla”
Talla: “Busy”
Simon: “:(“
After about 5 minutes
Talla: “Did I saw Good night to Big BRother.. Goodnight Big Brother love you”

12:22AM Milkmance milkmancing and studying

1:14AM Feeds on hush hush
2:25AM Feeds on hush hush


2:32am Feeds back

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That Veto comp on today’s episode was so rigged, they kept showing Gary’s bell being lit and wouldn’t show Gary and Andrew pressing the button together. Secondly, Dan was solely put in the game to help Gary and Talla align and get to F2 and break the milkmance. Thirdly, isn’t it convenient they didn’t show Gary sleeping on countless times? Why didn’t they take his veto away? They took Emmett’s HOH away so why the double standards? Lastly, as much as I feel bad for Gary with the glass incident, I hope it removes him from the game because that would be karma for production. Then they can shove that powershift right up their a$$.


Andrew also said his buzzer wasn’t working iirc on the feeds afterwards. It was very interesting editing on BB’s part, not showing Gary falling asleep and them alarming him. It makes the casual viewer think he actually stayed up and that there was no help from them.
I really do think that BB is rigged to a certain extent and they’re definitely trying to keep Gary in the game.


If i only watched the show and never saw the feeds andrew would be the least favorite and although he isn’t mind i was amazed how bad bb showed him tonight. It looked like andrew tried to throw talla under the bus and that because she hasn’t won anything she is the go to pawn (not a fan of talla either but his rationalization here was riddiculus) that she had to go up because her job was to be the pawn and he somehow was entitled to be safe. I have seen the feeds and between his temper tantrum and how he treated talla he seemed liked a bully. It was very sad how they portrayed him. They down played his talk with emmitt and jillian and they didn’t even show him talking to talla and there deal seemed to be just about if she won hoh. They showed then making a deal as emmitt watched making it look like emmitt is in control of everything going on in the house. Just by going by how they edited they seem to be making emmitt and gary in the best light and i wouldn’t be surprised to see both them in the final 2


If Emmett had won the veto and Big brother had to sound the alarm once for him he would have been DQ’D and lost the Veto, but not precious Gary… I feel bad and hope Gary is alright but I also do hope he gets pulled for medical reasons


I doubt he’ll be pulled. My guess is he’ll be back with an eye patch which will probably make the HOH tomorrow kinda hard for him.


Yup Gary will be back with a patch and a power to help him to final 2 ;)


pirate power of veto


LOL PPOV lets him force one houseguest walk the plank and another to swab the deck. but it also gives him scurvy


best hypothetical pov to date!


and i thought only i saw that .. how is it that andrews hand was beside the buzzer and he only had to slide it to hit it .. were as gary lifted his hand and then hit it and he still was faster .. that was total BS .. shame on you BB (riggers)… They are poor at their edits…. hang my head in shame … now we will be known as cheaters … so sad .. :-(


Are you kidding me?!!

Gary is a human being of course when tired he would fall asleep. Its natural. Emmett fully cheated and was a complete child about doing so when caught.

While I’m team Emmett. Think before you speak. Its a game but they are people


completely understand your view. The task was a punishment not a challenge. It is not all that challenging to be woken up, but it sucks. If he had to force himself to stay awake, it would be more of a challenge. I also think it’s more of a punishment to allow him to fall asleep for a second and then wake him up. The problem comes in the editing. If they weren’t trying to cheat for him, why would they edit it in a way that makes it looks like the task was to stay awake the entire time without assistance.


I agree they pick the on hoh that was geared to gary i am not sure if it was rigged since neither emmitt or jillian tried to win it so it became more andrew vs gary but i do find it odd andrew didn’t get anything but one. Gary coming back was for drama not sure if it will break milkmance up but it definetly put a wrench in some plans but it seems emmitt has recovered from it.

On another note andrew is being a little creepy his comment that she shouldn’t care about what gary thinks about her ass but she should care about emmitt and his opinion seems weird. I get emmitt considering but andrew should have no opionion on this he does get jillian is into emmitt and not him. His crush on jillian is what is going to cost him the game.


i think he meant the fact they are straight


Sour grapes


Dan was live-streaming during the episode and he said there’s no way the comp was rigged. He was there when they were testing the buzzers, and he was there when it was being played.

38 year old reflexes vs. 21 year old reflexes.

And Gary didn’t get them all. Jillian, Talla and Andrew each got one.


But Dan is a liar…he is party to the Gary conspiracy LoL


I don’t think the buzzer was rigged .. On the flip side I wouldn’t trust Dan inside or outside the Big Brother game.


I don’t think that the game was rigged i think the game was geared to gary. You have jillian and emmitt who were not trying to win it, talla who well is talla enough said which left gary vs. andrew i do not think there is an age thing andrew is 38 not 98 so his reflexs are just as good but i think andrew was over thinking his choices while gary just kept hitting it. I also think andrew thought jemmette was trying to win so he may have been less motivated to win. When it ended and relised gary won that is when it was the buzzer was broken if emmitt or jill won he wouldn’t have said anything.


Did they mention if tomorrow is double eviction or how the final week will play out?


No mention of a double eviction, just normal eviction and that an HOH comp will be tomorrow. No explanation of the final week.


BTW for every vote Dawg gets in this poll he’ll save a kitten from the SPCA


Just tweeted by big brother canada – There will be an HOH during tomorrow’s episode, and then our special 3-part final HOH the following week! #BBCAN


I think it will be a fast forward Sunday then a recap and part 1 of hoh on Wednesday and part 2 and 3 and jury vote Thursday


I wonder if they will cut the feeds..


I think they’ll be down until Sunday after tomorrow after the fast forward eviction I’m guessing


I would think so to but slice is showing afterdark every night even Thursday night..


I for one hope Gary doesn’t come back and they can let this final four reset and play the dam game!!!!


Maybe BBCan is really keeping their eyes on social media and sites like this. Since they got that chess game, people have been complaining how boring the house has been — and here they are today taking it away. Interesting.


I totally agree. I also noticed that when Talla got the moose task, someone on here mentioned they thought it would be funny if Marsha asked about Peter – then this time with Dan’s task, she did:| BBC IF YOU’RE READING THIS, SAVE ANDREW AND GET RID OF JILLIAN!!!!


They didn’t show the ‘rooster crowing’ every time (countless) Gary fell asleep. *Thank you Canada* . I wouldn’t trust Gary as far as I could throw him – and now that the extra ball and chain have been added; that amounts to nil.


I’m talking about the deals Gary is making (not trusting his word). I do hope his eye is not seriously injured.


Gary has only made two deals one with talla and one with jemmette. Since we are at the final five not a lot of choices both talla and jemmette have no intention of keeping there deals (talla said to herself she will break her deal with gary if she wins hoh/pov and jemmette also will more then likely break there deal) so if gary doesn’t keep his word i wouldn’t hold against him since no one else is we are near the end the likely hood of anyone keeping there word is rare if they want to win the only allience that probably will stick together at this point is jemmette the other deals are strickly to cover them in just in case.


Yeah, I think we should all just acknowledge that BB is first and foremost a money making entertainment show… the competition part of it is secondary… so we should expect that the game is inherently unfair and production can change things at any point. I mean, of course, there are part of the game where being competitive helps and being strategic helps, those are certainly elements of the game… but luck and BB production interests, I think much more influential that most people believe. But hasn’t this already been proven via BB US?


Go to Andrews Facebook site and like his page! :).


Yes bc if social media has anything to do with it then Emmett’s Facebook has at least double anyone else’s likes. Andrew fans! Go to Andrews page and hit like!


On joker update emmitt and jillian were talking that gary has been taken to the hospital before bb told them to stop talking about it


I was wondering why everyone on the BB CAN FB page was saying Gary was at the hospital. Seeing a doctor does not necessarily mean hospital.


Dawg just sent me a message saying that Jillian and Emmett figured Gary went to the hospital, there was no confirmation he did. Jillian says she heard Gary… and the feeds were cut so it’s safe to say he’s getting some sort of medical attention.


Damn wish I could watch the feeds right now :(


If he had glass in his eye he would have to go to a professional. A medic couldn’t take it out. So he went to the hospital. Emergency dept.

They would have to keep him separate somehow so people don’t recognize him and say anything. But i am sure he would have to wait 4 hours before seeing a doctor, the usual wait time, just like the rest of us. Unless the staff are BB fans ;)


i am curious as how thumbs down can be attributed to that comment.

I happen to know doctor’s offices are not open late, walk-ins close early enough that Gary would not have been seen in one since the time of his accident was about 8pm.

They only other option is the emergency dept at the hospital. Geez. it’s not rocket science.


probably americans who dont understand how health care works in canada


While I agree Americans probably don’t understand the Canadian health system very well, the whole “doctors offices are closed when it gets late so the only option is emergency” is exactly the same over here.


Lol no use in thinking about it… I wrote “game aside, I hope Gary’s eye is okay” and that was thumbed down… Simon wrote that Dawg will save kittens for votes and even that was thumbed down… there’s just no rhyme or reason to analyzing why people do anything anymore haha!


Along with the usual wait in emergency, he’d first been seen by an emergency doctor.. Then most likely by an eye specialist. If he still has glass in his eye he’d need to be treated by an eye surgeon to get it out.. If he has surgery, he may be kept overnight. Then there’s the issue of how long it will take the eye to heal. The risks of staying in the game.. The last thing BBCan would want is for a HG to go blind from an accident in the house.. He may not be back this season.


Feeds have been on hush hush for awhile.. if it was nothing serious why has it been over a hour.


Production took Gary to the hospital to put xray vision in his eye so that he can win the next HOH


its a great idea this show,but the over acting by the guests is a little hard to ignore,I agree with andrewI would be mad as well,in my opinion the rateings dictate alot of the show…….Gary was popular so it was easy to pick out who should come back……….Talla is soooo over done..great rates to see her Plastered,she does NOTHING else………her “cutsie Bimbo routine”………has worn itself out…comes off as silly now.Andrew is Supposed to be angry…………each person has been instructed on their expected behavior as rateings dictate……..martha the moose is soooooooooooooo gary……forgot to mention Gary talks about the jury house all the time.


Good night Stooges


aww simon, cute :-) for the last time, kind of sad, bye bye stooges aka team flonkfail :-(


Emmett told Talla in their hallway talk, that he thinks Jillian wouldn’t take him to F2. That she would take Talla because Jillian thought she beat her (Talla).

In Jemmett’s pillow talk session, he didn’t tell her that he told Talla that. Only that he “subconsciously” told Talla to throw the next HOH.

So now it is clear that he is setting things up for someone else to get rid of Jill. So whoever wins HOH (other than Jill) puts Jill up and the other votes her out. (cuz he believes Gary will vote her out too).

Why doesn’t Jill seem to see this? Or even think of this as a possibility? I know that Emmett is bribing her with a date, for the first Sunday after they get out of the house. Sadly, I think that will be enough for her to throw her chances of winning out the window.


good points I missed the hallway conversation. I think you’re right about Emmett. In some scenarios he might not have the votes to beat jillian, He knows he has a good chance against Talla and Gary in the final 2.


Actually Talla and GAry do have a chance to beat Emmett
1) Talla is really a normal person. This entire time she was acting ditse (KAboOom)

2) Gary wins alot of comps and Emmett backstabs Talla and Jillian enough to lose their votes



If Gary and Jill vote to evict Andrew tomorrow, like Emmett wants, Andrew will still be convinced that Emmett was his Beast Coast bud. So Em will get talla, jill, andrew (if up against Gary) plus whoever else. Gary would get Topaz (plus Alec with a threat from Topaz to withhold “affection”) Maybe Talla if he can get her to see what is really going on before she leaves (but that would require years of explaining)

If up against Talla, I don’t think he would get Gary’s vote even though that is what he is counting on. But he would still get Andrew and Jill. Peter. (who would Talla get? AJ. Or not any more if Andrew serves up his “hater”ade about talla-do-nothing)

Anyways, Emmett believes he will win because he told all the people (except Andrew) that they were going and he tried to save them but… He believes that they will respect him for that, cuz it wasn’t his fault they were evicted

Andrew will vote for Emmett unless he discovers Em’s BS.
Topaz for Gary
Alec (i believe) goes where topaz does
Peter Emmett of course
AJ is an enigma to me
Jill for Emmett (or he won’t date her)
Talla for Emmett cuz he makes her feel special (now)
Gary is a wildcard


If Gary got removed from the game, I think that’s the only way that Andrew wouldn’t be going home tomorrow.
Maybe this is the ol’ BB “Glass in the Eye” twist ;P lol GLOWERSHIFT


LOL love your sarcasm


Say what you want about BB rigging and all that which I don’t believe, but all of you are still watching so really what difference does it make?!
Secondly no one should ever wish someone to be out for medical reasons and say it is karma.

Why does Andrew feel the need to belittle everyone in the house like he is some sort of a GOD. He keeps going on and on about how messy the house is. I guess he really needs to be put in to a BBUS house, now those houses have really been messy !
Nice to see BB finally take the chess game away 3 days to late I might add.

I think out of all the BB shows I have watched I have never seen one person or even 2 for that fact complain as much as Andrew does. Of course Andrew is being shown negatively during the TV shows because all he does is complain. What else do they have to show of him besides that and him saying rude things about others this last week.


I think Andrew’s complaining (about a messy house) is a lame way to get Jillian to keep him cuz she likes things clean too. Also he thinks he is staying, is a F2 for Jill, so he thinks he is “confiding” in his alliance/buddy Jill about his secret feelings about the other HGs.

And Andrew has always been self-dep (as they said in the house when AJ was there). But also he was always ribbing the other HGs. So in that way he has always been the same. It’s just the feelings behind it have changed. But he is like any other soon-to-be-evicted HG on any of the BB’s. They always feel helpless and get angry out loud about the things that have always bugged them in the house, but couldn’t say because they were trying to stay in the game.


OMG now Emmett is telling Jill if she ripped apart the person she was sitting next to in her (jury) speech she would just look classless.

I knew it. She won’t say what she needs to in her speech, she will be too nice, cuz she always takes Emmetts advice.


That is not what he meant what he meant was don’t attack the person beside you (wether it is him or not) on a personal level but instead say what you have done in this gaem and why they shouuld vote for you.

How long can a player be gone before they forfeit if this was survivor gary would have been kicked out already


He is now back as of 2-3am eastern


Dang! Major computer issues but finally here. Couldn’t wait to see what everyone thought of the ep. tonight. Man, Production really skews those edits, don’t they? No way representing what’s really going on & really throwing some under the bus. Looks like many of you shared those sentiments.

Not a single shot of Gary getting buzzed?! Thought they’d do this cute little montage, make it seem like this funny little thing, deflate criticism (wouldn’t have worked, but still). But nothing. Made it look like he just breezed through this. What the F***?!! The anointed child, for sure.

Talla acts so entitled. She has so many personas: the valley girl, the betty boop flirt, the wise Yoda (this is positive, you’re (Andrew) negative); & then once in blue moon, acts like this very self-assured, intelligent young woman. Her game is: How dare anyone put her on the block.

In the comps, couple time with the camera angle we can see Andrew & Gary both hitting the buzzer & still can’t figure out how Gary’s lit 1st. It’s telling that the only 1 Andrew got is because Gary didn’t go for his buzzer – didn’t want the hair cut one. Would have LMAO if Gary’s light would have gone off anyway – Gary would protest he didn’t buzz & Prod would be yes you did cause we need you to win this veto. HA!

Yeah, as others have mentioned what a crappy Andrew edit. Look like mean spirited person. That’s really sad, esp. as we’ve all seen that he’s a good guy & has put up with a lot in the game with good humour. Yes, Gary’s return made him cranky for a few days but the last 2 or so, he’s been regaining his footing again.

I just really hate when productions do this in a game, really screw some players & make others look wonderful when you know they aren’t. Case: They made
Peter look like this loquacious, charismatic wunderkind – Worked for the TV audience till he shot himself in the foot during his exit – my opinion, of course. Did you see in Jury pics, he’s still got that stupid hair band wrapped around his fingers. Those fingers look like they’re starting to turn a little blue, huh?


lol. oh Peter. Still hoping for a little Liza time. Won’t he be surprised to learn that Liza and Tom have matching Tattoos


“Would have LMAO if Gary’s light would have gone off anyway – Gary would protest he didn’t buzz & Prod would be yes you did cause we need you to win this veto. HA!”

LOL!!! That would have been epic! Or an epic FAIL, as Lala would say…
But unfortunately, that’s why BB doesn’t let us see the comp on the feeds: they’d just cut this out and tell the HGs they’re “not allowed to talk about this”. Hey! We don’t know, maybe this DID happen!


I don’t think the last pov was rigged in favor of Gary and I am definitely glad they brought him back! Can u imagine we’d be stuck watching jemmett make out, Andrew complain about anything and everything and ditsy drunk Talla…boring, so glad glitter is back, makes the show worth watching again! So glad they took away the chess board too!!!


Well, if prod hadn’t brought Gary back, Andrew would have had far less to complain about.
We might have had another week of the Andrew and Talla show we so enjoyed before Gary’s return. :(
I’ll miss the 2 “at their best” aka before Gary 2.0.


I suggested this might happen weeks ago – Jillian and Emmett pretend to fight – that’s what happened in the last hour. He suggests she go sleep in the other room so it looks like they had a fight. Jill follows orders and of course she is sleeping alone tonight. Emmett is running the show – BB show and the house.


BABYBARE, No one in the house would fall for this ploy. Emmett was looking a bit tired today. Maybe he just wanted some zzzz’s


Nope…heard him tell her during the live feeds. She will do ANYTHING he tells her!!!


I think Talla is playing it up how dumb she is. Before Dan came for the sleepover everyone was wondering who would be coming in to the house and in the DR Talla rattled off a bunch of BBUS names so clearly she isn’t as dumb as she is acting !!!


I would be happy if Gary doesn’t come back. He shouldn’t be there anyway. He was evicted once, it would be nice to see him go out for good. But of course, if he is evicted, he will probably be “voted” back in during to final 2….


this isnt survivor..this is BIG BROTHER CANADA…. sooooo im assuming gary will come back on finale nite for the win ;)


The fact of the matter is clearly this, Gary has now twice had exposure to the outside world beyond the closed doors of the Big Brother Canada House, we all know by now he had a unfortunate accident that requires medical attention, how severe the injury we don’t know, but wish him all the best In good health. Let the remaining four house guests now vie for the win to the remainder of the game 2013.


Wonder if BBC has good liability Insurance for accidental Injury?


I didn’t realize that Talla was such a BB fan…………..


Simon, sad for your stooges. :( I can tell that you’re quite bummed. Andrew outlasted many HGs this season. He played a very good game, and, until just this past week, he was very entertaining on the feeds. His many loyal fans are 100% right. He got a consistently bad edit on the Slice episodes; very unfair to him. It was *so* nice to see a brief, return glimpse of the witty, banter expert, far less uptight version of Andrew, when Talla went to bed tonight, with him already half asleep. When Andrew was at his wittiest, Talla really responded to it. Those stooge chemistry moments were very unique. Loved watching it. That’s what I will choose to remember about Andrew. He gave BBCA everything he had – no shame at all in that.


I just need to vent: Every little thing Talla does annoys me. She doesn’t have an “Off” switch. Bossy girl with small dog syndrome. She’s built like a square building and has to talk even if no one is in the room because she knows it’ll be aired so it’s part of her ‘performance piece’. I know (this may be petty of me), but GAWD I just cannot take another minute of her. Please don’t attack (this is the only place I can do this freely and get rid of it), thankfully. I have been voting DAWG and I see he is above Talla now. Woohoo. Thanks to this forum to let folks like me vent these silly little things. I had a perfect jpeg to illustrate how I see Talla but it seems you can’t cut/paste. I’m sure there’s a muppet or Crank Yankers character she resembles.


Glad to see Gary is back in the House after the hospital. Hopefully his eye is okay and it just needed to be flushed out.


For the yanks who may be unfamiliar with the Canadian health care system. For regular problems you would see your family doctor or go to a walk-in clinic.. A s long as you have a provincial heath card the visit is free. If you require immediate emergency attention one would go to the emergency department of a local hospital or 24/7 clinic. The doctor there will exam you and decide the next course of action. Tests,, xray etc.. At this point you may also be seen by the on call specalist or sent by ambulance to a hospital where there is one.. E.g., heart problem, eye injury. Whatever is needed to fix you up , e.g. surgery, etc Yes all free.
This process takes time.. I ‘ve had eye problems in the past. And would have an eye specialist send me to another because each ones focus is on a different part of the eye.. So even if Gary was treated by the eye surgeon tonight, this doctor may still want another specialist to see him. That make take a few days. Or be a follow up appointment after the eye is given time to heal.. Once you are released from the hospital you must pay for your own medications, dental, glasses, eye exams. We can purchase extra insurance for that..
The other problem is, I am sure members of Gary’s family will go to where ever he is.. BB isn’t going to risk futher injury to him.. I doubt he’ll be back. Unless the problem turns ot to be very minor.


In all the seasons BBUS, has a houseguest every had to leave the game because of health reasons? Got me curious – I know in BBUS 1 player was evicted for pulling the knife & last season or season before, Willie for threatening, Evil Dick for a sick friend/family member. Any others?

In Survivor, there’s been a few pulled for health issues – once you leave the island, you can’t come back, I believe, even if they fix you up pretty quick. While I too, like everyone, hope the glass did not cause serious damage, I can’t help but wish that BB was a bit more like Survive – if you have to step outside the confines of the house, yer out!


bb9 us two people had to leave due to medical reasons (allergic reaction and hypoglycemic attack – both at the same time) and they were aloud back into the house. i think the rule is if you can come back in within 24 hours and compete, you are good to stay.


aw that last night with the stooges video made me laugh so much. i love their banter and handpuppets. i will miss them :( i hope andrew finds a lovely wifie after this show that appreciates his humour and can fill that empty side of his bed.