Big Brother Canada Jillian: “Talla you are a natural disaster”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April ?
HOH Winner: Jilian Next HOH: April ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Andrew
Have Nots Gary


“The award goes to”
– Award for BEST Entrance = Talla or Gary
– Award for BEST Kiss = Andrew / Aj or Emmett / Jillian
– Award for BEST Freak Out = Suzette or Talla
– Award for BEST Alter Ego = Gary as Zoe or Alec as Ricardo
– Award for BEST Cry = Aneal or Gary
– Award for BEST Costume = Andrew or Jillian



8:35pm Kitchen Jillian, Emmett and Gary

Jillian: “You look like Michael Jackson FO SHO”
Jillian tells them that Talla is upset she says that she was “Cut Off” Emmett: “YOu fu***ing joking me.. she talks all the time”

Emmett pulls her aside and starts talking to her. Tells her he knows she’s mad he’s lived with her for 67 days he knows when she’s mad. He adds that he never talks. Talla says that she has insecurities and everyone in the house knows that. She wanted to say something and didn’t get the chances. Emmett tells her that she should go into the Diary room and tell them what she was going to say.

Talla tells Big Brother she wants more Alcohol.

Talla just says they haven’t had dinner and it’s 9:18.. Hmm it’s 8:45 where I am.


8:48pm Gary: “If a girl was in the mix I would tell her don’t go join the party”

From the sounds of it they had a lot to drink.
Jillian: “Talla you are a natural disaster”


9:11pm HOH Emmett and gary

Emmett tells him that tomorrow is POV and Nominations

Gary thinks that the POV competition tomorrow is going to be rigged to make it even between the three of them. Gary wants to know what Jillian is doing. Emmett says she’ll probably put up Gary and Talla. Gary seems a bit Pi$4ed about this. Emmett tells him it doesn’t matter. Garry disagrees says it does in fact matter.

Gary tells him that when Topaz came to the jury house from the hospital he says she had stitches.

Gary says that he would come back and do an all stars but he’s sure if he played again everyone would want him out. They would all know he’s physical.
Gary: “I would like this time I’m coming to win.. as long as Talla doesn’t win and you win the next HOH you have a big o check in your wallet”

Jillian and Talla Drunk girls talking game.

(Video coming)

Emmett and Gary HOH


8:54pm Hammock Milkmance

Jillian saying that Talla truly believes that she will take her to the final 2.
Emmett: “You can’t win this game without a little bit of lying”
Jillian says she’s been lying to Talla all along. Jillian continues about how she was talking to Talla about the two of them making it to final 2.

Emmett: “You want to take her to the jury”
Jillian: ‘No no no.. I don’t know”
Emmett: “Talla has votes in the jury Gary doesn’t”

Emmett asks her if she’d being connecting with Gary. Jillian says gary is too fake she cannot get a real connection with him, “He’ll take you for sure” (gary)

Jillian now saying that there is pros and cons to whoever goes with them to the end.

Jillian tells him he’s in a tough spot because Talla see him as a bigger threat than Gary.

Emmett thinks Gary will take Talla over him he needs to keep working on Gary.

(Video Uploading)

10:18pm Gary thinks that maybe Talla is pretending to be stupid. Gary: “I bet you she’s like a psychiatrist or something.. I think she helps homeless people” Gary adds that maybe she works with street people or a social worker.

Gary: “She doesn’t like words like Whore or Crazy.. and only people in those fields care about that”
Gary asks him what he’ll do when he gets out. Emmett plans on redoing his mother’s kitchen because his parents haven’t touched it since they bought the house. Emmett says it’ll take 2 weeks.. he’ll have some beers BBQ and get it done.
(Video coming)

10:25pm Talla Talking to the the MOose in the hot tub She’s asking Big Brother for another bottle of Campaign.
Talla: “Knowing I am final four is crazy crazy crazy crazy… just gotta make it to the end.. ”
Talla: “I don’t know why she won’t put up Emmett though.. the fact that she won’t”

(Video coming)


10:52pm Talla, Emmett and Jillian
Talla is drunk as f*** talking to Jillian and Emmett as they pass the football around. Talla: “Big Brother will we get another bottle of champagne or should I go tot bed… I’ll go to bed”
Emmett: “talla maybe you should get some water in you”
They head into the Hot tub.
Talla: “Jillian I think I’m in love.. I’m infatuated.. ”
Jillian: ‘You are not allowed… ”
Talla: “When am I allowed”
Jillian: “At teh wrap party”
Talla: “My a$$ hates my underwear”
(Talla’s Rambling)


11:12pm HOH Talla Tall dancing around.. when she’s done she heads outside to talk to Jillian in the kitchen.
Talla: “No alcohol.. Oh my god I just farted”
Jillian: “We’re going to be friends forever”

Talla: “In the Diary Room I told the Milkman to milk a cow.. .I said Go cow a milk”

11:14pm Talla is dancing like she took a hit.. video is coming. (There will be 2 videos.. )


11:45pm Talla says she almost peed in the pool

Make a wave pool make a make a wave pool (watch this video if you missed wave pool)

12:25AM everyone sleeping



Wave Pool compilation Talla Talla in the pool… Make a wave pool make a make a wave pool

8am – 8:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. They start getting ready for nominations and then the live feeds are blocked.

9:20am Still showing the hush hush screen..

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Talla’s voice is so annoying. I have stopped watching the feeds for the last few weeks solely because of her annoying voice. I wish they had voted her out week 1 instead of Kat


Don’t worry,Samboooooodee, she will be gone next week. Emmett will make to the final two, without even winning the final HOH. And, he will win the money.


So true!!!

I still haaaaaate talla, she is simply retarded!


i wouldnt call talla retarded .. that only mean a person who is hindered , kept back .. she is down right “stupid” .. annoying .. and has an ego the size of a watermelon


Fair enough!


The voice and the screaming gets to me. She screams at everything.


Big brother after dark…..I mean The Jillian and Emmett show……is quite boring now with very little house guests. And why is it that Talla must get drunk every night? Does she not realize she has a pov to play in tomorrow? Dimwit……no one else is drunk. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t find it entertaining to watch a drunk every night


So they had some sort of luxury competition which involved drinking and Gary is eating something other than slop?


No need to pretend he’ll actually be a have-not for the rest of the season now that Andrew’s gone and he already used his POV lol
I read that he’s allowed back on food because of doctor’s orders after his eye injury but really, he had full glitter makeup on Thursday night, his eye is clearly fine.

Whatever, hopefully BB is a little less blatant with their favoritism next year.


From what I gathered, he was only allowed to eat the cheese while he was drinking. Not allowed to eat the crackers or anything else, and still on slop for the rest of the week.


I am glad Gary is standing up against Emmett. Emmett is telling him that it doesn’t matter who Jillian puts up. Sure the POV is most important but it is just as important who is up on the block. Cause what if it were Emmett and Talla on the block and Gary wins the SEE YA Emmett ! So Emmett is does matter Douche bag.
Emmett is talking down to everyone right now like he has already one. That really makes me dislike him even more now. I really do hope Gary wins POV and puts his a*s up on the block.


It really makes absolutely no difference who is nominated or not. Gary will have the vote to evict if he wins POV, no matter if he was on the block or not.
You should really try to understand the rules before calling someone who understands the rules a douchebag for it. Kinda embarrassing.


I do understand the rules. I have said in all my posts that POV is the most important thing but it still matters to the house guests who is on the block.. I have been watching BB since Seaspn 1 in the US so don’t come at me TROLLING to start trouble. I have never once dissed someone for their posts on here but I won’t let someone diss me. Think before you speak.


Don’t call me a Troller.
Please explain to me what the difference it makes who is nominated. I don’t see any. You do. What is it that I don’t see? Please don’t say stuff like “it matters to them” but something concise. Thanks in advance for teaching me something.


Seems like “name” called you an idiot for your post. I said it was kinda embarrassing. How come my post is offensive and makes you call me a troller and not his? I’m confused.
Don’t bother answering to this one, but PLEASE answer my question from above: in what scenario would it make a difference who is nominated and who not? Thanks!


You’re a child.


This is a discussion board. I accused you of having misjudged a situation, and furthermore of having made fun of Emmett for not understanding the rule that you, in fact, didn’t get.
What you wrote was “Sure the POV is most important but it is just as important who is up on the block. Cause what if it were Emmett and Talla on the block and Gary wins the SEE YA Emmett ! So Emmett is does matter Douche bag.”
Now, your answer was to say that “it still matters to the house guests who is on the block”.
All I’m asking is how it matters?
Since your contribution to this discussion has been “you’re a child”, my guess would be that you gave this some thought and realized you were wrong on this one. So I’d also say you see what I was talking about when I wrote that it was kinda embarrassing to call Emmett a douchebag for thinking that the nomination doesn’t matter, when actually, you were wrong. It’s like laughing at someone for saying that 2+2=4.

A simple “oh, my bad. I just gave it some thought and I see I was wrong” would have sufficed.

If I’m wrong and you do believe that what you wrote makes sense, then I’m asking you to explain how. Using more convincing and eloquent arguments than “you’re a troll” or “you’re a child”.

To quote a very smart person, “Think before you speak”.


Do’s: understand the game, be likeable, build connections with people – both game-related and non-game-related, be able to read people, understand the situation: when to win and not to win, be competitive, be focused, don’t share too much game information if it’s not necessary (aka ‘pull a Milkman’).
Dont’s: be impulsive, have fights, be in-your-face, be a sore loser, be a sore winner, lose control (aka ‘pull a Lala’), tell others you’re a big threat or a sure winner.


Her problem Johnny is as is often the case she makes little sense. you correctly point out POV is important at F4. But lets take her foolishness a step further as both gary and Talla have chimed in some. For some dilusional reason both seem to think they shouldn’t go up on ther block. Lets see jillian is HOH. She can’t put herself up nor would she. So that leaves 3 people for 2 seats. as Frank would say it’s time “to take a squat”! Emmit and Jillian are “milkmance”. Perhaps she missed that Johnny? Jillian isn’t putting Emmit up so it has to be Gary and lala. This isn’t rocket science. Gary complaining is idiotic. Lala saying she does want to go up idiotic. Who do they think takes thier place? Good old Emmit! That NOT going to happen!!!!


If it were Emmett and Talla on the block and Gary wins then its see yah Emmett. And if it were Gary and Talla on the block and Gary wins then its see yah Emmett, so therefor it doesn’t really matter you idiot.


Dammit, so over Jemmet, I’m tired of Cookie Monster and doe boy. Please let Talla win and vote those dumb asses out!


I agree that Jill is a lying snake with no back bone what’s so ever, but “let talla win something”…. If talla could win, she would of by now! She is clueless about this game… But she is so good at asking for more alcohol though!


i understand people dislike jllian on a personal level, but this is not a personality contest like bbuk. on the game level, emmett and jillian have obviously done the same amount of lying and backstabbing, made fake alliences, final 2 deals etc. their strategies are really not that different. still the same people who praise emmett for being a smart player crucify jillian for doing the same things he does. she is called a snake when in fact emmett is bullshitting the players he is about to screw over more to secure their jury votes.

dan gheesling commented on this :
Jill gets a bad rap for lying in the game. It’s the curse of women who lie in Big Brother, it’s a double standard when compared to the men. Lying is part of the game, but for some reason, everyone always puts more heat on girls who lie, as opposed to guys who lie. It’s always been like that, unfortunately.


OK, I’m bored, pretty normal for this time in Big Brother, so I’ll pose a question possibly worth of a discussion (or not, but don’t disappoint me OBBers).
What makes a great gamer? I mean if you say someone is good at the game . We’ve had people that made it to the end that were not considered great ie Jordan, and people that didn’t but are seen as pretty good even though they never won, ie Janelle. I mean on Survivor you had one woman win the game twice but she’s not considerd one of the best, then you had Boston Rob who won after THREE tries and is considered a legend at the game.

So what constitues a great gamer?


There is no ONE set strategy that makes you a good gamer. Everyone has their own opinion to who’s game they like the best. Personally I like someone who can be likeable and also have enough know how when to make big moves. Which for the most part Emmett has done. Maybe not at his own hands but he makes everyone think that his way is also good for them. But I just don’t like Emmett. His personality SUC*s.
Jury is a different story…….. Some Jury members will vote purely on Emotions while others will vote on strictly how they think the game should be played. Sometimes Jury have their minds made up when they go to the house sometimes they wait until they are allowed to question the Finalists.
Personally my favorite player ( I know some will hate this ) in BBUS was Dan. I loved how he played the game. He played by knowing when to lay low and also knowing when to win. He wasn’t scared to make a big move and he also knew how to play to the remaining people who went to Jury. Dan played without Emotion, the only thing he stayed true to was himself and the money. He constantly thought about who he could win against. He for the most part liked to turn people against one another and take the spotlight off himself. To this day I love his Game. He remained soft spoken ( Emmett for the most part ) and listened. But Emmett is a douche in manners as well as personality.
It all depends on what you think is good or how you would play the game. No one should be able to tell you what the right way or wrong way is. Every season is different.


I don’t like Emmett’s game but that is only because I don’t like Emmett. Never have. But for moments here and there and I can see he is playing a good game.

And seeing him in a Tux tonight, (if only he could pull of the swagger, he still walks like a milkman) is blinding me to my usual dislike of him (does that make sense?)

(If he could move the shoulders back and forth while holding them up when he walks, instead of semi-hunched over, then I would think he was very hot tonight. But he still walks like he is heading out to barn to milk the cows. Glad I didn’t have to watch him eat in that Tux) ;)

So part of me not being able to like his game method if because I dislike personal things about him. But that conflict doesn’t stop me from “thumbs up”-ing comments. I am actually bi-polar with the thumbs up/down.

Somebody pls muzzle Talla.She is way past annoying now and her drunken attempts at gaining attention are unbecoming.


oops, just posted this as an answer to the wrong post… anyway, here it is again… ;)

Do’s: understand the game, be likeable, build connections with people – both game-related and non-game-related, be able to read people, understand the situation: when to win and not to win, be competitive, be focused, don’t share too much game information if it’s not necessary (aka ‘pull a Milkman’).
Dont’s: be impulsive, have fights, be in-your-face, be a sore loser, be a sore winner, lose control (aka ‘pull a Lala’), tell others you’re a big threat or a sure winner.


The weird thing about BB is you don’t necessary need to be a great gamer to win, because luck is a factor. What separates the greats from the rest is charisma, the ability to influence, self-awareness, and a ruthless ability to separate the game from real life. I would add strategy and the ability to adapt on the fly as well.


I’d say it’s someone who positions themselves rather then letting themselves get positioned. Controlling rather than being controlled.

Jillian, for example, is amazing at winning competitions, but every move she makes OTHER than comp wins is orchestrated by Emmett. So while some may argue that she is a great gamer… can we really say that she is? I dislike her lack of social gameplay, but perhaps we should acknowledge that she certainly hasn’t needed it thus far (due to constant wins which keep her safe). Time will only tell if this continues to work out for her, or if one rogue Hoh competition will cause major problems beyond her control.

On the other hand, Talla wins nothing and doesn’t even MAKE game moves. She’s more than happy to do whatever she is told to do if it means she won’t be on the block that week (and has therefore only remained in the game this long solely for convenience to the other players). She does not control her own destiny at all, and therefore I would argue that she is a terrible player.

Some people play too hard, others play too little… the best player is one who knows when to really step on the gas pedal and when to hit the breaks. They read others well, react accordingly, and feed on their insecurities in order to gain trust and move forward. And it also helps if they can win a competition when they really need to.


I agree, I think being able to adapt constantly to changing circumstances is key. Using any temporary strategy for as long as necessary/useful to put yourself in the best possible spot in the house.


I think the greater the distance, the greater the player. Sometimes you don’t realize how great a player is until you, maybe, see another player try and play the same game. Or, see the greatness when compared to other players.

But I think the dynamics of the people playing the game can make a great player seem greater. Like Dan played and won BB10 (?). He was good enough to win, obviously. But when he played BB14, he was much greater.

But also to see the greatness, you have to take your own personal “feelings” out of it. Something I sometimes have trouble doing.

I would find it very hard to let you know what i think constitutes a great player without talking specifically about one person as I believe one trait is not the only thing that leads to greatness. It is the person themselves, what their strategy is, how they fit the people in the house into their strategy and how focused they are. If they don’t do that right then how can they be great. But if they manage that then they are pretty good. Then with distance and comparables, I can see just how talented that person really was.


Great question, Queen. To me, it’s *exactly* the opposite of what we enjoy as fans: Drama. Emotion. Conflict. Those who manufacture that are Production Gold, but almost always flame out, by mid-game. Because Big Personality = BIg Target = Short BB Stay. Boring almost always gets you further in the game. That’s why people *always* say that the end of BBs are boring. They’re right. Yes, there are fewer HGs. But there’s more to it. I strongly feel two types of folks get to the end most: 1) The more quiet, reserved, calculating types. Dan was the best listener in BB history. He kept everything close to the vest. Never a wasted word. In other words, BORING! Didn’t yell. Didn’t inflame. Didn’t argue. Asked a million questions of every HG, but honestly answered very few of theirs. Dan gave up *just* enough personal info to seem sincere. And Dan never “went big” until he had to, like with his funeral. Compare Dan to Emmett. Emmett is selfish, and he is not a good listener, in general. But he is with JIllian, because he *has* to be. E/J don’t always have to agree, but they must always be on the same page. Except for Jillian, Emmett prefers his BB HGs in small doses, to reduce his hated listening, without offending. His gameplay strategy, however, is right up there with Dan’s. The two clicked instantly. That’s why Dan left his bracelet with Emmett – he knows Emmett’s a “true gamer.”

2) Floaters. The other primary late-game, BB survivors. Being a floater refers only to the ability to not win comps, while trying to win – not personality. Talla’s brain is a constant “spin cycle of chaos”, but she is still a classic floater – no comp prowess. She can be “disposed of” at any time, if need be. But, with every passing late-game week, the favorites start working harder and harder, moving heaven and earth, to protect their floater, as their dream opponent in the final 2 and/or 3. Talla was the clear choice this year. Because Aneal and AJ were too smart. Kat/Danielle were way too feisty. Yes, Talla is annoying, but Suzette was even more annoying, and Suzette showed more fight in comps than Talla. As floaters go, most are, you guessed it – very boring! At least Talla gives us something to watch. Jenn City had one topic: her band. Kathy Hillis? She still smoked a lot, after surviving cancer. Talla is “Ms. Persian Entertainment”, compared to those two. Moral of story? Boring introverts and boring floaters usually survive to the end of BB. Equalling more end-of-game boredom. Don’t blame the HGs. Winning BB and being fun for us to watch on TV have nothing to do with each other. They want to win a lot of $. I say, “Go for it! I’ll still watch!”

Last thing? Luck. Emmett has played a nearly perfect BB game. Still, Suzette put Emmett up, way back in Week 1, with Tom. Tom wins POV, and Kat is the replacement. If Kat hadn’t tried to play 3 months of BB in 3 days, pissing off Suzette royally, Suzette could’ve easily made Emmett her eviction target. He got lucky. He only needs *one* more bit of luck. Tomorrow’s POV. Due to circumstances beyond Emmett’s control (outgoing HOH, only 4 HGs left), he’s as exposed as he’s been since Day 1. Emmett loses POV tomorrow? It’s likely all his good BBCA work this season will be for nothing, and he’ll end up 4th. Like him or not, he deserves better in BB. But will Emmett get lucky on Sat., when he badly needs it, for the first time since Week 1? 100K is depending on it.

Anything can happen, from the last 4 to the end. Last season, Ian was 100% out that door, except for Dan’s blindside of Shane, done in Dan’s best interests. Ian used that new life, to get himself to the final, and happened to be in that other seat, for the “anyone but Dan” jury vote. I was happen for Ian. But he was extremely lucky, two different times, at the very end. Luck. It’s huge. Queen, it’s why you mentioned some former Survivor winners, that aren’t considered “true gamers.” And also why many who are considered “true gamers” have still fallen short. Same deal with BB. The best player only ends up winning sometimes.

Hope I helped you kill some time, Queen. Always a pleasure! :)


I always love it when you share your “secret favorites.” (Tom and Topaz – wow – who knew? I always liked Topaz, too. Thought her overall game was underrated. And for me, as a guy, her being smokin’ hot is never a bad thing, either!) We all knew how much you loved your Stooges, though. I think what gave it away for me was when your prediction to win the upcoming HOH comp was Talla, for the 6th straight week! (perhaps a slight exaggeration on my part!) :)


Spot on, as always! :)


as i see it .. so far its 2 votes for emmit .. 3 votes for who ever …lol … andrew will not vote for emmit .. topaz said she will not vote for emmit , and i am sure AJ will follow Andrews lead … would love to see Emmit at the end with any of the other three and LOOSE …by one vote … sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet


I think your correct on the 5 jury votes. 3-2 versus Gary, Jillian but 4-1 Emmit versus Talla. Only AJ will give her a vote. Emmit needs Gary and Jillian in the jury to win and he cannot put Jillian there himself. And that’s the real rub. With her HOH he can only get out Lala or Gary this week. I personally don’t see Emmit getting more than a 4-3 win at best. Lala on the jury is a wildcard. Sir beside her win the money F2.


So if Talla and Gary go up, is there any chance of Emmett choosing Gary and giving Jillian the boot in the f3?


If it’s Gary, jillian and Emmit F3 and it’s a 3 part comp as in the BBusa I think Emmit is set F2 as both will take him and not each other.


Talla might take Emmett over Gary, but I can’t see Gary taking Emmett over Talla… he knows Emmett has a great chance to win and Talla has practically nil.


Wow what’s with the picking up Talla and grabbing her ass? Very awkard moment between Emmet and Talla. I think he’s trying a little too hard.


i might be wrong but i think he was just trying to pick her up but didnt realise it was her bum?? otherwise maybe hes getting bored of jill hahahah


Who is Dawg favorite player?


That’s a tough question.. I like funny stupid stuff to entertain me while I watch hours and hours of the feeds … so Talla and Andrew have been comedy gold. As far as game play though Emmett is my fave as he is running the house and controlling HOH’s that aren’t even his.


I get it, your lucky because I can’t even watch when she is drunk, dancing or acting out, I don’t have to anyway coz you are for me!

I love emmett, the guys have no blood on his hand, which is pretty amazing everybody he got out, love to watch his selfish “I’m going to tell you what to think” tantrums to jillian! LOL It’s brilliant! I’m not a fan of Dan, but even him was under the emmett spell!


Shoot me, she’s dancing again!


she looks like a monkey… or as someone once said “like she is having a seizure”


Talla ftw!!! woooooot! obvi!!!


LOL why is BB telling them not to ruin their dresses? Were they planning on returning them to get their money back after this is over or something?? Haha maybe they’re Chevrolet dresses. I’m assuming that those clothes are gifts for the house guests to keep so who cares if they get wet or torn after tonight… ::sigh:: this season of BB is one hot mess and I kind of love it lol.


Annette, since Chevy doesn’t make it, and the Brick doesn’t sell it, I guess BBCA had to pay retail for its formalwear! :)


Pretty sure if Emmett had DRs like Peter some of you guys who hate him would be going nuts over him.

Anyways…I’m still shocked none of the other houseguests have taken what Dan said to heart. Especially Jillian, didn’t she say her mind was “opened” during the live show? Jeez.


Just sayin’ in half in the bag right now and The Make it Wavepool clip is making me laugh hysterically.


Someone mentioned that Gary would take Emmitt … i disagree i think he will take jillian as she knows the jury hates her. he thought he was playing a good game by telling her they (jury) respects her for all her comp wins. this will not serve him wel , as she will take emmitt thinking that she has the jury votes. the only way i will stay interested is if someone other than e/j win pov tomorrow otherwise like the rest of the season it will be predictable, jillian will save talla if she wins because she thinks talla will take her to the f2 and emmitt may save gary. i hope gary makes the big move and votes out emmitt if the opportunity arises. he will have to win the final hoh because jillian won’t take him to f2 if gary votes emmitt out. it’s a fact that neither j or e will vote to evict each other. i wouldn’t hold my breath thinking othewise.


so apparently Emmett got really upset with Talla at the end of the night right before bed, he even went up to Jillian and vented about it, does anyone have that video? i missed it.


Was that about Talla sleeping with Jillian? When Talla went to bed in the Have Room, Emmett marched upstairs and woke Jill to to tell her Talla was supposed be sleeping with Jill in the HOH, and she went to bed in the Have Room. (so he could keep up the appearance that him and Jill had “holes” in their relationship) Jill said she would go down and get Talla if he wanted her to. He was mad. He said nevermind, it would just be weird now!


All those Talla comments i couldn’t agree more she is a horrible representative for Canada. Hopefully Emmett wins, i know Gary has a good chance but they need to look at the fact Emmett played the whole season he didn’t get voted out have a 3 week holiday then get voted back in.


horrible representative for canada? come on, it’s just a game show. talla is just representing herself for better or worse lol.


Whats up with all this hate against Emmet on this site? this dude has clearly played the best game of those remaining and deserves to win.

“BBalias” what a pathetic guy. You got bullied at school or something?


I hope Talla’s been acting, starts winning the rest of the competitions, and wins by telling the Jury that her strategy of acting dumb, put her in a situation where she didn’t need to win competitions or scheme.


why was Talla thrown in the pool yet again?? lol