Big Brother Canada Spoilers Last Stooge standing HOH and Eviction Results

Big Brother Canada April 25 2013 Live Eviction Episode

Big Brother Canada EVICTION Episode: April 25th, 2013 @ 10pm ET/PT

Talla Rejaei and Andrew Monaghan were nominated for eviction. Unlike almost ever other eviction this season I cannot say with 100% certainty who will be going home. As the feeds have been down for most of the day we have no idea what last ditch effort was employed by Andrew but from what I’ve seen these last couple days I am pretty confident that Andrew is gone. Dawg did record some last minute conversations that hinted Emmett may be changing his mind but that’s all we are going by. I wish we could keep both stooges but that’s not going to happen. Stooges had a chance to win the Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions but they just didn’t have it in them, someone has to go home every week. The Milkmance reign of terror continues with really nothing much standing in their way. They are outplaying everyone in the house in both manipulations and competitions. The only aspect where they are weak is entertainment value but with only 7 days left it doesn’t matter.

Every season of Big Brother there is a group of players that I enjoy watching on the feeds. It’s a combination of Game play, comic relief and just plain interesting conversations. This year it was the stooges. last night with the stooges

The one thing I’m hoping for from tonight’s episode is for them to tell us how the next week will play out. Will there be an eviction on Sundays show? Is the final HOH going to have 4 players. Are they just going to award Gary the money so he can buy a museum and be famous?

My predictions
Andrew goes home Talla wins the HOH

Social Media Rumors
Andrew was evicted by a vote of 2-0
HOH was not completed on the episode

Confirmed Eviction results

Jillian votes to evict = Andrew
Gary votes to evict = Andrew

Andrew voted out

Confirmed HOH results


*** Feeds go dark Sunday at Noon ***
Eviction Wednesday night episode to get down to final 3

Video of TONIGHT’s episode is uploading:

11:14pm Feeds back

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I agree, the milkmance deserves to win this thing. For me either one of them I don’t care who I’m now rooting for them.


It’s like Dan last year, once he made it to the end I wanted him to win the whole thing, to finish what he started, so to speak. Same as this BB, I wanted them gone for the longest time but I’ve reached a stage where ”if you can’t beat them join them”.

Blank XIII

For my tastes the only twists I ever enjoy are the ones that are in place from day 1…

America’s Player…
Item Hidden in House…
Secret Couple in the house…
Secret Siblings (from each other)…
Twin Switching… (by the way is it possible that Talla behaves so rediculously thick, because it is easier for her and her twin to pass as one person if they are both playing this role?)

But they don’t do that sort of thing anymore… NOW every twist is simply production interference.

Oh well… I’ll still watch…


I still like the twists like the Coup d’Etat and Diamond (Golden?) POV… things that everyone has an equal chance of winning and then using to their own advantage when the time comes. I agree that they’re just throwing twists out to have twists, instead of doing it the right way. I’m sad there was no Pandora’s Box!!


Talla and her twin are not identical twins.


Simon and Dawg, with every season of BB I realize how much I depend on OBB. Haven’t gone so far as to make it my home page but Google Chrome has you as my top site ATM.

Just sent my small contribution your way. Thanks for everything you do!

With BBCA winding down all I can say is…CANNOT WAIT FOR BBUS TO START!


Gary will win this game, production will ensure he does.


That is one more jury vote that Jillian will not have. She should have made Emmett break the tie.


Totally agree! She should have forced Emmett to put some blood on his hands. If this really is the vote tonight, she just handed Emmett another vote from the jury by not playing her own game.

Silly, silly girl.


This was her stupidest move yet. I was hoping for one choice, at least ONE that wasn’t Emmett approved… and I thought for SURE that she’d do it this time. She knew Andrew was going home either way so I REALLY HOPED that she’d have enough in her to give Andrew her vote and make Emmett do the eviction.

But as usual, Jill gets all of Emmett’s blood on her hands. She’s so incredibly… incredibly WEAK in spirit! D: I was willing to give her a begrudging “good job” if she won before this, but now it’s officially gone too far. Sure she can win comps–but that’s all! She can’t think for herself, she can’t act for herself, she’s insecure, needy…

Man oh man. I want Talla to win over Jillian now, and I never ever thought I’d say that because Talla does NOT deserve to win.


she’s in LOVE. she doesn’t care about winning otherwise she would have done it. emmett on the other hand, looks like he’ll drop her in a heartbeat if it guaranteed him the 100K. do you think they’ll last once they leave the house? a bb Canada wedding special?? lol


Andrew’s talk with Arissa showed he knows why Jillian voted that way. I’m pretty sure he’ll still vote for her if it’s J vs E in F2.


I get why people say it was a stupid move and I know I’m definitely the only one with this opinion but I can understand why Jillian did what she did. It looks stupid from a viewer standpoint but for her in the game if she had voted to evict Talla Emmett would still have voted Andrew off and you would have had 3 people pissed at her, Gary, Talla and Emmett. I’m sure she knew that. And right now Emmett seems bent on taking her to Final 2 as he confessed. If she had turned against him maybe she feared he would turn against her too, and maybe he would have. I say maybe coz I don’t know why she did what she did I am trying to understand it. I mean what would have been the point of going against the house, to gain respect?

Would this act really have changed the way they view her? For entertainment purposes yeah it would have been awesome but I’m just saying I get why she would vote according to the wishes of the house.


And another thing, this was Emmett’s HOH, Andrew left the game at Emmett’s HOH, not Jillian’s HOH so if there is blood on someone’s hands it’s Emmett’s. And it was 2 people voting to evict Andrew, not just Jillian. Jillian voting to keep Andrew would have been a useless ‘rebellion’, at the wrong time because Andrew was a goner anyways.


She wins the game heads uop versus Emmit if she’d just voted to save Andrew even though Emmit sends him packing. Actually it’s pretty pathetic a grown a$$ woman acts competely against her best interest because she is intimidated.


Andrew:( hope. He stays


Andrew got screwed by production.
In other news, Jill is HOH!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. Another week of someone fake fans claiming “boring,” but truth is, this is a spectacle that should be admired.
This has never happened anywhere and is amazing.
They truly are a POWER COUPLE and represent Canada as strong players. I’m from America, btw.
Jemmett is so strong even production OR Dan can’t stop them.

The Shield

Gary was leading HoH by 1 Based on photos they seen today.


‘The Shield’, you spelt it wrong, I believe it’s spelt ‘Shyeld’, lol.


“you spelt it wrong”
you spelled “spelled” wrong πŸ˜‰


I had to spell ‘spelled’ wrong, it’s in keeping with Alec and Peter’s spelling of ‘The Shyeld’.


Johnny, my BBCA partner-in-crime, as a fellow “grammar fanatic”, we have to accept 2013 reality. The 140 character max for Tweets, and things like instant messaging, has forever destroyed the English language! You and I are old f*arts, and we are way behind the times! πŸ™ The new skill is communicating your point in the fewest keystrokes – an art in its own right!

Meanwhile, you and I will continue to proofread each of our posts 500 times each, for spelling errors, while watching today’s world fly right past us! πŸ™‚


Jim, your wife and I will just have to agree on the fact that we both love you just as much! πŸ˜‰


Is tonigh’ts episode streaming online anywhere?

mrs b

it will start in 23 minutes that’s 11pm est.

mrs b

i meant 10 pm not 11 pm … sorry


Simon I agree, I have a feeling Gary is going to take Emmett out to. Why would he keep saying to Jillian you have a good chance at winning the Jury because they all respect you if he wasn’t thinking of taking her to the F2. I know if Gary evicted Emmett he would probably get Emmett’s vote in the Jury ’cause Emmett knows how huge that would be to get him out.


I’ve heard E/J say that the POV is the important comp this week, because the winner has the only vote to evict. True enough. But winning HOH still does provide the winner with one very important caveat – their *own* safety this week, and a final 3 guarantee. Emmett’s at his most vulnerable this week, since he can only play in the POV. if I were Jillian, I would still 100% try to win HOH herself. That way, she saves herself. First things first. Although she’s still fully committed to Emmett, Jillian should then trust Emmett, short-term, to worry about saving himself. He’s well equipped to do so. He’ll still have the POV comp, Jillian could also win the POV and save him, or Emmett could bank on some likely Gary/Talla alliance loyalty, as Emmett survival options. To me, that’s clearly the best chance for both E/J to survive this week. Get Jillian safe first; then worry about Emmett. If Jillian doesn’t win HOH, they’ve then gotta worry about *both* of them somehow surviving this chaotic week.

And just what if Dan’s “make a big move” words didn’t fall on deaf ears, after all, for either Gary or Talla? Let’s say either wins HOH, and shockingly put both E/J up? One’s definitely going home. (Although Emmett says he has invested much time in his social game of late, and he has, and Gary/Talla probably wouldn’t have the “cajones” to put E/J up. But it’s still possible.)

Therefore, all you “Milkmance Haters” out there. Yeah, they’re still the heavy favorites. But don’t be giving E/J the BBCA win just yet!


Host: I am glad you joined us today for “Why are you too stupid to win this game”

(Same intro music as BB Canada. Hopefully copyrights do not apply as they probably took it from “deal or no deal”)

Audience applauds.

Host: Hello BB Canada Fans!!!
Audience cheers. A heckler yells out “Boo to Production. Bring them out here. I want a piece of them. Boooo!!!”

Host: Now we don’t want any violence. This is a peaceful show and we are all friends

Host: I am Dr. Dick Boogiedan and I will be your host for this episode of “Why are you too stupid to win this game”

Audience cheers and applauds

Dr. Dick Boogiedan: This is how the game works: We will bring out your favourite, or not so favourite, BB Canada HouseGuest…

Heckler: Bring out Production!! Boooo!!

Dr. Dick Boogiedan: Production will not be appearing on our show. Pls don’t talk about production. They have nothing to do with the show

Audience gasps

Dr. Dick Boogiedan (continues): We will take questions from the audience and online. We will then allow the HouseGuest to answer those questions. Nothing will be off-limits. Tonight, our very own Jillian will be making her first appearance on our premiere show. Keep in mind, she’s just a girl. Welcome Jillian!

Jillian (walks across the stage as the audience chants her name): (she smiles ear to ear.) I. Want. You. To know. That I am soooo happy you all like me. I’m just a girl!

Dr. Dick Boogiedan: Jillian, are you nervous?
Jillian: No Dick. I love all the attention. And since Emmett told me to enjoy myself, I am really happy to be here.
Dr. Dick Boogiedan: Good. Then it’s time for our first question. It comes from “usedtobeaJillianfan” on our internet site. Jillian, obviously you have never watched BBUS, so what makes you think a showmance was a good idea? And didn’t the word SHOW at the beginning of MANCE kinda give away that it might not be real?

Jillian: good question “usedtobeaJillianfan”. No, I never thought about it like that. It’s very real. Emmett promised me a date on the first sunday after we get out of the house. And Suzette told me that the guys in the showmance ALWAYS take the girls to the end. And FYI i have watched BBUS.

Dr. Dick Boogiedan: Just not enough to realize that a showmance rarely works.

Audience laughs heartily

Dr. Dick Boogiedan: next question is from Rachel from BBUS. She is with us here in the audience. Rachel pls stand up.
Rachel: Hi Canada! Hi Jillian! I love love love your game. You go girl! … I just want to know, When is the wedding? Ha Ha Ha

Jillian: Well we have to go on our first date yet. And Emmett joked to me that there would be no date if I didn’t win the money if he was voted out and couldn’t win. Oh yeah and he’s a little mad at me for not washing his clothes before Thursdays Live Eviction. So I am going to have to work on that. (chuckles)

Dr. Dick Boogiedan: So far we are off to a good start. We will break for commercials and return with Jillian, BigBrother Canada HouseGuest and more of your questions.


Pretty creative stuff, Melanie. You made some good points made. You clearly put some good time and effort into it! Hope your favorite HG wins it all! πŸ™‚




“Dr. Dick Boogiedan”
LOL! A scary melt of 4 scary bb players! Fun read! πŸ™‚




Arisa looks really good tonight. They finally put her in something that really flatters her


I can guarantee you that Ghandoo Gary will win this HOH and then he will put up E/J. Then he or Talla will “magically” win the POV and vote out Emmett. F2 will be Talla and Gary with Gary being the ultimate winner (as I predicted 2 weeks ago). Production has ruined what could have been an amazing season.


Samboooooodee, was yours a “money back” guarantee?” (Just kidding, buddy!) πŸ™‚ Because the most unstoppable HOH show-mance juggernaut in BB history just keeps rolling on. Jillian has just made it *five* HOH’s in a row for the MIlkmance. I just can’t believe how “comp clutch” those two continue to be, no matter what the type of comp it is!


OMG – Talla really is delusional to the max. Watching the episode & that blow up with Andrew revealed who really is the snake – that little smirk at the end of it all told the tale. Too bad Em doesn’t listen to Jillian about her concerns on both Talla & Gary. She sees how easy she turned on her “stooge” & knows there’s no loyalty there.

But yeah, Talla totally believes she deserves to win this all & no way in hell should be on the stool, ever. ugh.


On tonight’s live eviction show, did anyone catch Talla’s diary room comment where she said something to the effect that Emmett wants to go to the final 2 with her because he recognizes that her game play has been equal or on the same level as his and so its only fair that she and Emmett go to the end. I almost fell off my chair at this casually delusional comment from her. My gosh this girl is a twit of the highest degree.




Loved : jury house segment, and meeting Talla’s and Gary’s families.

This is shaping up to be a really good episode


Watching Gary’s family piece & interesting when they mentioned his reaction to slop. The 1st time on slop was so over the top. This time, he chose it as a punishment & we’ve not heard a lot about it from him, have we? That’s the impact of being evicted, then spending 2 wks luxuriating in Jury house, enjoying good food, decompressing from the intensity of the house & also doing some “if I was back in the house I’d do this & that…” Gary didn’t know he’d be going back, of course but when he went back in, he was mentally prepared. He was much stronger physically, mentally, emotionally from the break, he knew he could survive slop if he had to do go on it again (sometimes the unknown makes it this scary animal, thus the over reaction the 1st time round) plus had the intel from his Jury days as well as the strategizing & what ifs with the other jury members, who all laid it on the table what everyone’s game was.

I believe that’s why this particular twist just doesn’t sit well with many of us – fine if Prod. decided they wanted this twist, just should have been handled differently. Jury members sequestered from each other or truly have chaperons that made sure no game talk & not have the twist happen so close to the end.



Sailor Moon rules


Gary got some peanut butter protein shake to add to his slop. The previous slop eaters didn’t get that. He himself said “it’s not bad!” when he first tried it.
Again, preferential treatment. I’m really trying to let my posts be objective and not pro-Emmett, but here, I really think it’s not fair.
Slop until the end of the game was supposed to be a substantial disadvantage in terms of condition and strength, but like this, it isn’t.


Maybe his eye needs protein ??

(I thought that slop contained protein. It does in the states)


Doesn’t Emmett know the chaperones? I seem to recall a conversation between Emmett and Gary, not long after Gary’s return….when Gary couldn’t talk about Jury…., regarding the chaperones.
(just curious)


LOL! Can’t resist posting yet again. Just watched the convo between Em & Talla & Talla fully bought into the truck load of bull that Em was selling! That seals the deal – she really is so delusional, really thinks she’s a gamer. Oh, Em doesn’t want to take Jillian cause she won 3 HOH’s & oh yeah, Talla thinks – Em wants to take me cause we’re on the same level game wise. Er, she’s won how many HOHs/Vetos?

Okay, going to leave it at that. Talla cannot go to F2, that would just solidify in her mind her entitlement to it all. It’s fine to float to F2 but be realistic as to why you got there. In her mind, it would be because she was such a fierce player, I mean, hey, she came in 2nd a couple of times in some of the games so that you makes her a real powerhouse! LOL!




Her twin sister and her remind me of the Kardashians (I can’t stand the Kardashians). Talla is apparently a “hustler”. (that’s what her twin said)


Have to say, am glad that Andrew at least got that $10G gift certificate – deserved that much at least for having to deal with Talla for so long!


Jillian is a useless woman who lets a man rule her life!!


useless comment. don’t let jealousy rule your life patti!


I actually almost shed a tear…. Wth are they keeping Talla for honestly. At least give him the respect to say he was leaving. She’s delusional to think she could even win. And she doesn’t deserve any 2nd place or money. She needs to he dropped asap. Period…

Absolute insanity. Great to take her for what game? No ones actually going to take her at all. Just keeping a vote and making nice for jury. I hope she finally gets her a** handed to her. Insane witch

This damn season is so predictable… Thankfully one more week of this crap.


Andrew kept it really kind and gentlemanly – he played a helluva game. I hope he gets Canada’s favourite.


Me too, Babybare. I think he easily beat Gary for the loudest “exit ovation” of the season. And they just kept clapping and clapping for him – Andrew seemed genuinely touched by how amped up they were. And they gave him a standing ovation at the end! I think Canada showed who they *really* loved the most so far tonight! Andrew! Very happy for him to feel the crowd love so strongly!


I’m glad you warmed up to Andrew, Jim! πŸ™‚
I’ll remember him how he was before Gary came back, and the stooge banter he and Talla had were really entertaining, at times even heartwarming. I was sad to see their ‘you’re a snake’ argument on the show, but I’ll just attribute this to yet another drunken misconduct that Talla will feel embarrassed of.
I hope Andrew wins favorite player too πŸ™‚


I’m having a hard time choosing between Peter and Andrew for that at this point. I really liked Peter since the first episode, but Andrew has grown on me and I really feel like he got gypped this season (minus winning that $10,000).


Everyone thinks they have a final 2 with Emmett. Now who’s spreading the mist Dan??! lol

Go Emmett


I’m definitely rooting for Jill to win. But what I wish happened tonight was that Jill voted for Andrew to stay, therefore staying loyal to him, and forcing Emmett to get some blood on his hands by having to send him out himself. I’m sure Andrew would still give Jill his vote in the final two, but it might’ve possibly gained her a little more respect with the jury. Maybe. Haha. Love Jemmett! But I want Jill to win!


I wonder if Arisa got answers to the “benefits” that the hgs got from Dan question from ALL the hgs. (And will they be available online)

If not, Jillian was the only one that answered and said “it opened her mind” LOL Just like Emmett was worried about


He got her back insinuating that they will only be friends after the show … lol


I’m happy they edited the show the way they did. It definitely made Andrew seem less like a cranky “old man” like he was all week lol
Interesting editing making Talla seem like the “crazy” person this week. I wonder where they’re going with that editing.
Definitely trying to make Emmett seem like he’s on the ball with his game and in the best light so I’m guessing BB thinks he’ll be winning it.

Bill from Halifax

Live feeds will be turned off for good SUNDAY at NOON, to make sure there are no leaks for the finale


Whale whale whale, eviction on Wednesday and live feeds off for good at noon on Sunday. Looks like Simon and Dawg will be getting some time off!


TalLa F-bombed on live tv.
Which us funny its pre-recorded abd didn’t bleep it out.


Probably trying to still imply that it’s “Live” for the people who don’t follow online/the feeds. lol


Jillian is a Stooge


LMFAO Gary’s outfit tonight was hilarious. You got to hand it to Gary he is very creative
OMG how many questions are they asking them for HoH why is it taking so long for the feed to come on .


I thought it was funny too. But the stockings showed that production helped him, yet again. Not a big deal for me, I just want to make sure you realize how dependent the HGs are of production’s good graces when they (or production) have a good idea.


IF they truly wanted the best “game players” left in the past few weeks, they should have voted out Talla weeks ago or at best, voted her out last week and keep Peter.


Sunday: find out who won HOH comp

Wednesday: Twist: surprise eviction

Sunday: Last episode of AfterDark and LiveFeeds turned off at Noon. They want to keep the finale a surprise.


Sunday: also another “live” eviction, that’s what Arissa said.


LOL Talla and the F-Bomb this is Canadian TV we are not as strict as the US when it comes to language.


FEEDS come back! I wonder why there aren’t even any social media spoilers…


jillian won hoh, talla just said to herself “i dont want to go back on the block, i wonder what she’s going to do”.


Talla just said to Jill: 4th hoh and i came in 2nd

So it looks like Jill is HOH


Jillian won HOH!!



nard dog

jill won head of household

Moses Shiferaw

Jillian won HOH Talla: “Jill you 4th hoh and ive been in 2nd place 3 times” Jill: “Yeah i know right”


Okay, there was enthusiastic love from the live audience to Andrew – just spontaneous, stand on their feet, smiles ear to ear, several times over. And yes, gracious despite his shock. Could see his true personality shine through.

I don’t think any of us can know what being in that house is like, not just the forced isolation (how many in this day & age can go a day without their computer, their smart phone, a magazine, a book, etc, let alone 2+ mths!) but also, forced co-habitation with people, some more of a challenge to be with than others. Plus being filmed 24/7 & manipulated/controlled by the Voice of Big Brother. They’re definitely living a psychological experiment actually.

It has to be hard to come back out into the real world again, wouldn’t you think? Easier for some than others, especially if they goggle on line for fan reaction to them… that could be very hard to deal with.

I know some expressed concern for Peter on his eviction night, his persona just leaked despair. He certainly looked chipper & upbeat when he got to Jury house didn’t he? Mind you, he does have the hair band keeping him company. Sadly, sounds like Topaz & Alex continue to be bed buddies.

Okay, think I’ve jumped around enough for 1 post. (Grin)


Sad he is gone.

Did you notice that when Jill cast her vote to evict that the audience groaned, kinda boo-ed? I think Jill heard that. I will go back and watch to see her reaction.

But the HGs can hear when the audience cheers inside the house, so she would have heard them cheer when Gary voted and then to hear them groan when she voted… I hope she can work out in her rented-out (to Emmett) head that is was for her refusing to go against and Emmett and let Emmett take the heat for once.


Jillian won HOH


JILLIAN FREAKING WON HOH?!? …I am not pleased. I don’t know how else to say it except “I am not pleased” because my inner turmoil of disappointment in the players and directions this game have taken is so abundant.

Another. Freaking. Milkmance. HOH.


we all just have to hope gary wins veto to vote emmett out

Shakira Stan

Please, don’t tell Jillian won the HOH!!


Feeds are back up…


Did anyone have a doubt Jillian would win? Now Gary has to win POV to get Emmett out


Looks like Gary needs to win POV and force Jillian to put Emmett up. Unless by some sort of MIRACLE she puts Emmett on the Block to begin with. Either way Gary you need the POV Dude.


LOL Jillian won again

Shakira Stan

Glitter needs to win that POV, it’s a matter of life and death!


The total and complete HOH domination of the Milkmance makes me so sick.

Never has an alliance, let alone a SHOWMANCE dominated a season like this. Even Dick and Dani didn’t win everything – they used other means to get by.

And the saddest part is SO many people just let them slide by.


Ever notice how Emmett’s argument to keep Pete last week was that he would rather play a strong team rather than a weak team when he is playing sports? (Indicating he wanted to keep Peter and get rid of Talla? What happened to that this week?