Talla says mouth like a sailor, brain like a turnip! One of the nicest things someone has said to me!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Jilian Next HOH: April ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Andrew
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 26 2013 930am
9:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Emmett and Jillian come down from the HOH room. Jillian comments Andrew isn’t here ..he usually has coffee ready for me every morning. Meanwhile Talla and Gary are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Gary goes to the main bedroom to put on his make up. Talla joins him. Emmett heads out to the hot tub and puts his feet in. Emmett then heads back inside and sits on the couch looking at the memory wall.

Big Brother Canada April 26 2013 10am

The Milkman getting ready to steal the Big Brother Canada $100,000 GRAND PRIZE!

Big Brother Canada April 26 2013 940am

Big Brother Canada April 26 2013 1006am

10am – 10:20am Emmett heads back out to the hot tub room to get into the hot tub. Jillian is up in the HOH room doing her make-up even though Gary wanted her to do it with him. Emmett heads back inside. Jillian comes down and says I missed you. Talla says I miss you too. Jillian says I was talking to Emmett. Talla continues talking to herself after Emmett & Jillian leave. She says I got in trouble yesterday for swearing. Talla says mouth like a sailor and a brain like a turnip! One of the nicest things someone has ever said to me.
Big Brother Canada April 26 2013 1029am

10:30am – 10:45am In the bathroom: Jillian tells Emmett that he is looking pretty today! Jillian heads up to the HOH room and reads her HOH letter. She jumps up and yells to the others that she figured it out, we have one week left. I read it in my letter, my mom said I only have one week left.

Big Brother Canada April 26 2013 1029amd
Big Brother Canada April 26 2013 1043amd

Big Brother Canada April 26 2013 1050amd

11:25am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.

1:30pm Still Hush Hush..
2:10pm Still Hush Hush..
2:50pm Still Hush Hush..
3:15pm Still Hush Hush..
4:25pm Still Hush Hush..
5pm Still Hush Hush..
5:30pm Still Hush Hush..
6:05pm Still Hush Hush..
7pm Still Hush Hush..
7:20pm Still Hush Hush..
8:14pm Still Hush Hush..

We suspect that this morning was Nominations and POV was in the afternoon/evening. Feeds should be on tonight, hopefully everyone isn’t sleeping.

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Big Jim

Only possible excitement left is if Gary wins POV and votes Emmett out. Otherwise, if any of the other 3 win they will vote Gary out and Emmett will steamroll to the win


Agreed. Here’s how the POV would go:

-Emmett wins POV, keeps Gary and Talla on the block. Votes to evict Gary or Talla (depending on if he sees Gary more as a threat, or if he’s just fed up dealing with Talla).
-Jillian wins POV, keeps Gary and Talla on the block. Pushes to evict Gary over Talla.
-Talla wins POV, Jillian somehow convinces her to either A) not use it on herself or B) use it on herself and then vote Gary out instead of Emmett.
-Gary wins POV, uses it to take himself off the block… and then I would HOPE that he’d vote Emmett out over Talla.


Sorry, but it is going like this: Jillian puts up Talla and Gary. Jillian or Emmett win the POV, the other two stay on the block. Then Emmett votes Talla out. Gary said if he wins the final HOH, he is taking Emmett. Jillian said if she wins the final HOH, she is taking Emmett. So, Emmett is in the final two, no matter what. And, I can almost tell you right now, Emmett will throw the final HOH because then he has no blood on his hands. Emmett thinks everyone in the jury house likes him and would vote for him. Which to tell you the truth, I think he is right. Not watching the show anymore, since they evicted Andrew, wanted him to win so bad.


“So, Emmett is in the final two, no matter what”

… unless they were… LYING!!! :-O


I am so tired of hearing that it would be sooooo exciting if gary wins and sends emmette out !! There is no excitement either way it just one player winning over another there isn’t enough people left for excitement. Was andrew getting evicted exciting not really (he got screwed by bb). Lets just call a spade a spade you don’t like emmette.
As for the pov the odds are in emmettes/jillians favour with andrew gone they have a greater chance of winning but if talla wins by some miracle she will keep emmette she already said she would while taking to herself she told herself she was going to backstab gary unless she lies to herself then chances are gary will leave. Then there is gary not sure last time we heard him talking to himself he said he wanted to take emmitte to final three and then get rid of him so it looks like he kept his word. Going into the veto emmette is looking good for final 3


Hallie, BB production did NOT screw up Andrew’s game… His alliance DID! If Andrew had a reliable alliance (like he thought he did) then the twist would not have meant a damn thing. Stop complaining and enjoy the show, or stop watching altogether like I did! Lol


I would be more than happy to say it openly: I don’t like Emmett. But while it would technically be “exciting” to see Emmett evicted (because it means someone finally did something unexpected in this dang game) I do NOT want to see him go because out of all the players left he is the most deserving to win. Credit where credit is due.

-Talla should not win due to… being Talla. She’s only still there because everyone knows she’d be amazingly easy to beat… yet Talla somehow thinks extremely highly of herself and doesn’t realize that no-one wants her to win because she truly doesn’t DESERVE to.
-Jillian could technically win. Maybe. But I personally don’t want her to because she hasn’t made any moves for herself–only for Emmett. Doing Emmett’s will and evicting his enemies like some sort of subservient lapdog… sure the girl can win a competition (and she’s done so quite impressively!) but her gameplay frankly sucks and I’m tired of hearing her say 150% while really meaning 24.8%.
-Gary… is a harder case. If he hadn’t already been evicted and then brought back perhaps I’d be rooting for him because he is a competent player and he has made a few pretty good moves. But as it stands right now I’m a bit ‘eh’ about Gary. If he wins I won’t mind, but if he loses I won’t mind either.


I agree, I hope that Gary wins POV, but I’m not sure if Gary will evict Emmitt if he does win because he seems to be completely loyal to him. If he does win POV and votes out Talla over Emmitt, Gary just deserves to lose ! :p


Emmett has been staring at the wall for the last 1/2 hour. Borrrrrrring. But then I notice the couch he is sitting on and it has Bronze tanner all over it you can see the brown tanner from Jillian on it. Can you say trashed.
Might be good that they turn the Live Feeds off on Sunday cause it is going to be boring. I sure hope they give them a party tonight or something and everyone gets trashed.




funny so many people want dawg to FAIL


Already did! 🙂


Simon 2 questions, 1.) BBUS is starting 2 weeks earlier this season I think I heard?

2.) I think someone told me that their Live Feeds are now going to be part of CBS. Will that still allow us Canadians to get the live feeds? Cause you can’t get streams normally if you are not living in the US. ( maybe from another source? )


Actually, I don’t live in the states and I wasn’t able to ever view the feeds even when they weren’t part of CBS.


I live in Asia, maybe that’s why. It gave me a message saying that I can’t watch the feeds from my geographical location. Maybe it’s a North America thing? It was unfortunate because I had to get a VPN with a US IP address because I already paid for the feeds.


Thanks Dawg !


Hope Talla wins it all to piss off E/J


Who will be the first to throw Emmett under the tractor ( aka bus ). Can’t wait to see that schemer sent packing…

Big Jim

Can’t see it unless Gary Wins. I would love to see Jillian get a clue win POV and evict Emmett but if they are dumb enough to leave him in he deserves to win playing the best game by far


jillian will not evict emmett, no matter what shes playing for 2nd place so why would she give talla or gary the 100 k? she might as well let emmett have the 100k especially if they are going to be together after the show


there is no way emmett will be doing jill after the show is over there are many fish in the sea that will be all over him


Jillian had to be told by mommy there is a week left? I have never seen a person so controlled by other people as much as she is……if not by Emmett then by her mommy? Have they not been saying for the past few days how many days are left? How did this person win do many hoh’s? Oh I forgot…… Production made sure she won


Your comment makes absolutely no sense… They have all been wondering if there is really only a week left – production doesn’t tell them they are just assuming based on the fact that they think the show is 70 days. Her mom confirmed what they were all thinking so she let everyone else know. Also if you look at the comps she won none of them were really thrown her way – both endurance she had to convince someone to drop and the other two were definitely toss ups at best if not directed for someone else. Sick of people hating on her for ridiculous reasons. Her only mistake hasn’t happened yet and that will be taking Emmett to final two.


Actually it does make sense. If you gave been following Emmett’s diary room he even says himself they are down to single digit days left. And on Wednesday he even commented there were 8 days left.


I’m not disagreeing with you on that – I’m just saying it was all speculation until they got the letter. Then they knew for sure because her mom would know from advertising.


Regarding the letters HOH’s get. I’m with Dan on this one. A bit surprised they are given these. Not so BB’ish.


I actually hope Gary doesn’t win the POV. Sorry to all the Gary fans out there but he had his chance, why should he get another?
We all know Canada didn’t vote him back in, production did. Arisa’s reaction to the revealing was way too fake.
I was sad to see Andrew get the boot last night, it really should’ve been Talla who’s done absolutely nothing. Social game? Please getting drunk and yelling at people bigger than you isn’t the best move socially in my books. (And as much as it was, not sure if it was the alcohol or if she’d actually have the guts to do it)
I hope E or J do win. Emmett’s game is more social as he hasn’t needed to win to many comps to get him where he is. And Jillian is a comp beast! She has the most HOH’s – (granted that means she lied, evicted people and got her hands dirty, plus jury won’t care how many HOH’s she’s won) She worked hard to get all of those (lying included, as you could tell she didn’t actually mean it as a lie when she made her deal with Topaz) Needless to say she earned a spot in the final 2.


I agree jemmette should win gary had his chance. Canada vote this late in the game totally unfair do to the remaing hgs do i think gary fairly beat the others yes cananda would have prefered gary to alec, aj or topez if tom was in the mix maybe. Talla pretty useless player and i don’t get how anyone would be cheering for a player who has done nothing in comps or social and only started to play these last few weeks. I do disagree that emmettes game is only social he has a better social game then jill but emmette may have won less hoh’s but he has won pov’s where jillian has won none. Emmette has won every pov he was allowed to play or that he was dq for while anyone can win the odds are in emmetts favour.


Well.. they gave Talla a fashion/mental HoH competition and Jillian won again. /facepalm

At least if the show really is over in a week that means there will be stuff happening everyday. Hope they show it on live feeds -If they really want people to pay for feeds next season, you’d think they’d let us watch everything


Who will be the first to throw Emmett under the tractor, aka bus… I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he is sent packing…


My guess none even dan was amazed that no one wants emmette out


I think before casting for bbcan they should have made sure they all understood the game and were all fans of big brother. Because I think most of them thought they were on a dating show





I just can’t with her. This season isn’t going fast enough



Was there a capture of the fight between Andrew and Talla from last nights episode or was a HUSH HUSH moment?


“Andrew said that Big Brother came in and dumped out a whole bottle of white wine and basically told them to go to bed.

lol. that’s really funny. Now who’s the babysitter? lol


People I wouldn’t mind winning and why:

Talla: Don’t want to see this little bitch win at all. No class, a jumper with no game, very transparent, and just generally a little snake. Used to be entertaining, but her stupid act lost it’s appeal a long time ago. Tired of her self-absorbed righteousness. She has done nothing to warrant a final two.

Gary: I wouldn’t be disappointed if he made it to final two. He has game and his entertaining. His larger than life personal and the fact that he is gay probably worked against him in the game. But has tried to make big moves ( got Tom out) and continues to play hard. Do think he is a bit of a man-baby and is also self-absorbed but doesn’t annoy me as much as Talla.

Jillian: She deserves to be in final two. I see why many are annoyed by her, but she is a beast in comps has also played the game. I think she would be more of a favourite if she simply owned her moves. No one likes a whiner, had she come across as more cut throat I’d probably like her more.

Emmett: My personal favourite. Love is scheming, has played the game flawlessly, and deserves to win.

Side notes: Alec still being a little bitch in the jury house, complaining about Jillian backstabbing is priceless. Could this douche be more of a hypocrite? You lost dumbass get over it. Complaining about backstabbing at this point shows his lack of respect for the game. Still crying and crying some more.

Peter: No game, also a whiner, can’t see beyond himself and what a great (NOT) game player he is. If building yourself up in the DR had some effect on the game he would still might be there, but it doesn’t, that was THE extent of Peters game.

Topaz: Smart girl, to bad she didn’t play the game. Also disappointed to see her still with Alec. She knows she was screwed by the wet paper towel buys and yet still crawling into Alecs bed, WOW. Is she a ho with no self respect? dunno, don’t care at this point.

AJ: No game, but I really liked him, great sense of humour, easy going and just a generally fun guy.

Andrew: He deserved the 10g’s just for putting up with Talla. Poor guy, but he also had no game. Liked him also, but can’t reward stupidity.


Andrews biggest mistake in the game was trusting jillian the moment he made the final 2 deal with jill and ex out emmette he was in trouble same reason emmette turned on the sheild there was no possibility fir him to go to final 2


To the people who keep saying the show is boring.

1. there are only 4 people left and those 4 are doing what they have been doing all season, E&J-milkmancing, Gary-putting on make-up, Talla-saying silly or dumb things, so yes boring
2. other than Jemmett, no one wants to reveal their plans or thoughts and even Jemmett keep some things from each other, therefore, nothing interesting is being said unless we see it in the DR
3. no one is making you watch
4. just be thankful the feeds will be blocked from Sunday or you might die of boredom

Thank you Simon and Dawg for all the updates posted here, along with screencaps and video links.


I hope Gary wins POV. That’s the only way he’ll make it to next week. The sad thing is… I’m not sure if he has it in him to evict Emmett if he does win. Make a power move, Gary! I know he wants to team up with Emmett but he’ll get a lot of respect for evicting the strongest player in the game.

Talla will do whatever Jillian tells her to do so her winning POV is a wash. If Jillian or Emmett win POV, Gary will most likely go home.


There is no doubt in my mind that if Gary wins PoV he will evict Emmett, he is a smart shrewd player and knows what it will take to win.


I hope so! Everyone got their underwear in a bunch over the returning house guest twist but I don’t care… Gary FTW! lol.


I loved seeing Talla and Gary’s family interviews on the episode last night, and I loved the interviews from the jury house… glad to see that Peter acknowledge that trusting Emmett over Topaz was a stupid game move, especially after Emmett proved over and over again that he did not have Peter’s back. Glad to see Topaz acknowledge that she should have taken more time to develop a relationship with Peter throughout the game, instead of relying on Alec to speak with Peter. It was also fun to see the shield make fun of itself. I’m really hoping that Gary or Talla win POV, to take Emmett out! He would definitely have my vote if he makes it to the end. However, I’m not sure who I would pick between Jillian, Gary and Talla…. it would depend on their jury speeches, I think…


boooring….lame bunch of finalist….i miss andrews humor and jokes….emmet is creepy introvert, talla is conceited who stares at herself the whole time with all her make up and dumb act and jillian has no personality and all she does is eat….now gary he is fun but a bit whiny


Kupac I agree with most of your comments. Earlier, I was voting for Andrew but after watching an After Dark episode in which Andrew whined and bitched about Gary coming back in the house and about how useless Talla is throughout the whole episode, I was completely turned off. Also the fact that he kept sucking up to “Jemmett”.

I like strong men, having worked in the Military/Para Military my whole life and I felt that Andrew being the oldest in the house he should have shown more maturity in accepting the twist in the game. Sure I understand him bitching a bit since he was the one who got Gary out but watching him do it on almost every After Dark episode after that, it really got to me. Damn, suck it up and move on, play your game instead of Jemmett’s! It’s a cut-throat world we live in.

Therefore, on his departure I say: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Halleluuuuuuuuuujah! I got my wish…….the “whiner” is out of the house. It was great to see him sweat so profusely! What a weakling he turned out to be! Good riddance Andrew!

As for Topaz, somebody forgot to remind her that it wasn’t a dating show. I thank God she is not my daughter for the “skanky” way she portrayed herself. She and Alec deserve each other!


… and she (topaz) called Talla a slut when Talla crawled into bed with Alec (after the scary movie??). She said “keep being a slut, Talla!”


Maybe BB could have the HGs paint something, then we could watch it dry on the live feeds! Would be far more interesting than what we are getting now 😉


OMG! your comment is soooo hilarious…I almost joke on my coffee.


At this point watching Gary put on make up is way more exciting then Jillian and Emmett’s hanky panky. barf!




lol @ squid brains

Yes they had better drop that. Otherwise Topaz gets to live on in BBCan. She said she will take credit for that term (that’s her word, she came up with it) in a DR. I don’t think she deserves to be a legend.

mrs b

I hope it is not too late to donate. I had so much with this site. Thanks for all the efforts. Please provide the link. Thanks


Much appreciated.. we accept donations through pay pal http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/donate/

mrs b

just completed the transfer… just a small amount but hope it helps. i’m saying goodbye, nothing there worth watching, it is so predictable. til next season of BBCan.

Nana Jo

I thought this was a very telling moment: Emmett floats the idea to Jillian, as they are wrapped up in each other in bed, that they should, perhaps, distance themselves a little so the others won’t see them as quite so close! And, the stupid girl actually does the walk of shame down the stairs to the communal bedroom! This is absurd. The other HGs won’t be fooled for even a second. It was simply a part of Emmett’s plan to distance HIMSELF from Jillian. It’s a not so subliminal message to her. The oddest thing, though, is she seems fine with coming second … if, indeed, she ends up in final two.

I am not an Emmett fan but I have to agree that his eyes have never been off the main prize. He is a true gamer. Nothing will get in his way, and that includes Jillian. I think when it’s all over they’ll hang out together for a while, rid themselves of all that pent up frustration by having some hot sex, and then it will gradually fade into the sunset … and not in a romantic way.

In many ways, Jillian actually enjoyed talking with Andrew more than she does Emmett. I’ve been married for 37 years (yes, I ‘m sure I’m probably BB’s oldest fan!), and I’ll just say this. Ultimately, the most important thing in a relationship is deep, abiding friendship …and the ability to laugh together! Emmett has an inate selfishness that will continually express itself. Any woman who ends up with him will have to consign herself to a life of being second. His wants and needs will always be first. He’s just that kind of guy.

Andrew handled himself last night with grace and class. I am very proud of him. I hope he has a lovely time in the jury house.

One quick aside, did Gary do Talla’s make-up so badly on purpose so that his own shone in comparison?! You could have skated on that foundation and those blusher slashes on her cheeks!

Thanks, Simon for your brilliant work keeping us in the know!


i take the title over you in oldest fan …. i will be 48 in a couple of months. it is i who have made my children fans .. they all know this time of year bb is the only conversation i want after each show

Nana Jo

Marie, compared to me, you’re just a baby, a great fan, though! I think you may have misread what I said. I have been married 37 years and am, in fact, almost 60! My 29 year old son is a huge BB fan, too.


Marie (giggle) for you to be older, Nana Jo would have had to marry when she was 11 years old.


” Emmett has an inate selfishness that will continually express itself. Any woman who ends up with him will have to consign herself to a life of being second. His wants and needs will always be first.”

Made me think of this little ditty (strums guitar):

Mama’s don’t let you babies grow up to be cowboys. They’ll never stay home and they’re always alone
Even with someone they love.

Cowboys ain’t easy to love and they’re harder to hold
And they’d rather give you a song than diamonds or gold
Lonestar belt buckles and old faded Levis

And each night begins a new day
And if you don’t understand him and he don’t die young
You’ll probably just ride away

Nana Jo

HaHa! Melanie, that was perfect! Just substitute farmboy for cowboy. I have to admit, though, that little ditty gives out a kind of sexy vibe. Good for a roll in the hay, so to speak.


It would be the best thing ever if Emmett would win POV then send Gary out, then that idiot Talla, then Emmett wins the game.


HaHa BB turned off the Live Feeds cause even they are bored! Someone fell asleep and forgot to turn the switch on again.


Will OBB be posting videos of live feeds for BBUS like it was done for BBCanada?


Can you still post an occasional screenshot and summary of what the feeds include, though? Not being able to include video footage certainly makes sense, but screenshots/summaries should be acceptable.


Ah! Good to know, thanks.


I wonder if Jillian will tell Emmett he should sleep down stairs now, cause, you know, we need to show that we are not that close. LOL, probably not, but would be very funny. 🙂


Jillian & Emmett=Final 2 showmance

Glitter fan

i can’t believe someone would call topaqz a skank or skanky what a low blow. i never saw at anytime watching the feeds topaz and alex make out like jillian and emmett and i wouldn’t even say jill was a skank…jillian has issues but i don’t think skank would be a word i would even come close to calling her and definitely not topaz. but see with you having to bring up the fact you were armed forces to show your the man you probably don’t think much of women anyway


Well how would you define someone who sleeps with a ‘douche’ – her words. That kind of makes her a douche – female form; skank.


Would love to see Gary and Talla on the block , Talla win the final POV takes herself down and Votes ot Emmett. Then botth Talla and Gary get to the final 2 nothing for E/J one word comes to mind KARMA.


Jillian a desperate old cougar, she will do anything Emmett tells her , even If It means that she loses the game and the money.


I”m not sure desperate is the correct word ! I think pathetic and needy is more appropriate , and toss in a dash of stupid!lol!


Can someone clarify this for me?
Did Arissa say “the feeds will be turned off on sunday at noon” or “don’t forget to look at the live feeds sunday at noon: that will be the only 5 minutes where they’ll be turned on!” (ps: all remaining HS will be having a nap during these 5 minutes!)
Seriously! enough with the hush hush screen! The HOH ceremony doesn’t even matter anyway!


She said the feeds get shut off at Noon on Sunday “Sharp”

seeing as the feeds have been off all day today I dunno what is going on.. Stick a fork in BBCAN it’s done

Gotta start work on getting the site ready for BBUS!!


Why are people calling Jillian and Topaz names for how they are ‘showmancing’ as well as belittle them for it yet both Emmett and Alec get hardly any blame. Is it worse for a woman to cuddle, kiss and maybe make out than a man? People have called the women skanks, wh**es, and other horrible names for doing the same thing the men were doing yet no one called the men any names at all. Double standards!

Unless the woman was by herself, doing whatever the viewer imagined she was doing, there was a man doing it with her so he needs some blame or acknowledgement for the ‘offense’ .

As far as I’m concerned, this season’s of BB Canada was no worse or no better as far as undercover shenanigans were concerned and there are plenty of warnings before the show begins and I presume the same goes for the live feeds. People that are offended by things like that shouldn’t be watching Big Brother, or other Reality Shows. The word Reality hints that what you may see is REAL and real people do sexual things.


“Why are people calling Jillian and Topaz names for how they are ‘showmancing’ ”

It’s all the stress. Sooo stressful at the final 4. Whew. We’re all gonna be cranky as bears before it’s all over 😉
Everyone will be “Andrew-fied” before the finale. =)


I can certainly agree with you about Jillian, and wouldn’t begrudge her one bit for her or Emmetts actions, they plainly have feelings for each other. And your right, this is a reality show, people are going to express their intimacy for each other, cameras or not.

I do take issue with Topazs behaviour though because it doesn’t feel legit. Which leads me to question if she is a “ho with no self-respect?”.
The girl got f*cked over big time by Alec and knows it. Knows she got played, has admitted he ruined her game and has basically called him a douche to his face. So why is she still crawling into his bed?
I put myself into her position and I think if someone played me like that and screwed me out of my chances for 100g’s I certainly wouldn’t be all that “friendly”.


I’m in US and can watch live feeds only on I-phone and I pad. Maybe it’ll work the
same way for Canadians watching bbus- good luck!!


Sounds like your hoping that it will be that way for us Canadians! Apparently free isn’t good enough for you, too bad, so sad. There are ways around that however, you just haven’t figured them out!


um..I think Rene was trying to be helpful.


Oops sry Rene :/ I took it the wrong way.
If you couldn’t tell I’d be a villain on BBC 😛


Something to pass the time: http://youtu.be/oL59fU_NRHc


This is really feeling like a bad joke. Arissa says on thursday that the feeds will be shut 2.5 days later. I take that as a “enjoy them while they last”. And now we lose the whole day of friday.
It’s the last impression that lasts. How could it benefit BB to leave us with this impression?


If the feeds come back tonight and everyone is sleeping that’s when I’ll be pissed.. right now I’m still at annoyed


C’mon, Simon! Leave the bleak meadows of ‘annoyed’ and join me on the ‘pissed’ side of the fence! It’s great here, so much fun! 🙂


Feeds are back!


If I am BBCA Production, I *must* make sure that Gary absolutely, positively, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, wins today’s POV comp. Why?

-If not, Gary will be evicted, and the BBCA Final Three will be Talla, Emmett and Jillian. Production both *cannot* and *will* not allow it to play out like that.. Because E/J could both beat Talla in the final, 3-part HOH with both of their arms and legs tied together, and blindfolded, at the same time! Can you say low ratings? Can you say “no suspense?” Therefore, BBCA Production will have *none* of it!!!!!!

-There are many, many BBCA fans that who, rightly or wrongly, badly want to see E/J finally “feel some heat” this season, and possibly even get sent home. A large majority of fans, who’ve already lost their favorites, want revenge. Badly! Most blame E/J for their faves’ exit. As the new HOH, Jillian is again safe. Production is *beyond* desperate, to finally throw all those E/J haters some “red meat.” Emmett is the only E/J danger option this week. Therefore, if Emmett is about to win the POV, someone from Production will tackle Emmett, 5 yards from the finish line, to ensure that Gary wins. Or somehow DQ Emmett again. Production simply *has* to find a way to advance Gary. There is just no other choice, for their last-week ratings. I predict an “identify the exact eyeliner shade” POV comp. Winner? Gary. An Emmett POV loss is a guaranteed triple-spike in the Slice final week ratings, for many reasons, and Slice knows it. And they will somehow make it happen. Trust me.

A Mom

To Nana Jo and Marie, I am 69 years 4 months, sorry girls I think I may hold the winning title for being the oldest here right now!

I was just looking at this morning’s 2:00 am – 5:00 am After Dark episode and Jillian was asking Emmett why he stated that they had a friendship……so he leaned over and kissed her and said that they do have a friendship. Then she started laughing and telling Talla that he just wants to go back and date all the girls and he snickered. This girl is so dumb, she refuses to hear what the guy is telling her. He’s just not into you Jillian! Now she’s cooking him pork chops. Erlier, Jillian was in the Diary Room and he was hungry. He said he couldn’t cook pork chops as they always dried up, hint, hint. Talla ignored him. Gary suggested putting olive oil, salt and pepper along with some thyme and grilling it. I knew he was waiting for his maid to come out the Diary Room and cook for him. Silly, silly, girl!

Earlier this week they were all out in the hot tub and Talla and Jillian were talking about the worth of an engagement ring that they expect from a man. Emmett, I’ve noticed, always gets a bit heated when the topic of money arises. Anyway, he blasted them both for always talking about the worth of things and Jillian looked very sheepish.

I also heard him state to all of them that he’s not ready to settle down yet as he’s got plans to do other things. Jillian was there also. If women would listen more to when men speak and take them at their word, they’d save themselves a lot of heartaches. She thinks she’ll be able to change his mind.

Another time around the hot tub, he told the guys (I think it was Dan and Andrew with him) that he had just broken up with a girlfriend before coming on the show. He stated that he was very close with her family.


You are bang on with your description of Emmett. Not to mention the fact that he talks down to women. he expects them to follow his every command and do as he wants. Sorry but i don’t like Jillian but she can do much better than Emmett. I like his game play but not him. Plus when the cheerleaders were in the house for the freeze comp. he was making comments and snickering about it afterwards. You can tell he hasn’t stopped playing the field yet.
But KUDOS to Emmett for using a showmance to help him win 100K.


Nana Jo, Marie and A Mom, you three should do a video together. And they should make every HS senior girl watch it, and then have a quiz on it. Such a shame – you have to force them to listen. Your words and your experiences would be the best lesson they’d learn in their 4 years. What do they say? Youth is wasted on the young! SO true…..

Hey, I’m a a guy. And not *all* of us are schmucks, who treat women like hired help, like Emmett does. But, sad to say, many guys do. But, as you know, the girls are at fault, too. They so often dismiss the obvious “guy warning signs.” Bites ’em in the butt later. But that would all be in your video! Just for the record, I think you three young ladies are amazing!!!!!! 🙂


Feeds are up and Gary is in the HOH!!!! Woooooohooooooo!!!


Confirmed: POV comp hasn’t happened yet!


Watching the Live feeds …. There is nothing more UN-ATTRACTIVE than a guy in a TUX chewing with his mouth wide open like Emmett is doing right now while up in the HoH with Gary. Guy grab some manners!


I’m pretty sure the live feeds came back on.


Lol sorry Nana, I have you beat by A tad, I am 60 and a half
And yes, as we age the half and quarter come back into play, like when I was 7 and a half lmao


Wow, you got me there A MOM, GRATS, you win ;>) hugsss


I hope Emmett or Jillian wins POV so Gary will be re-evicted. come on now, get rid Gary again.

A Mom

Thanks Klassy! Hugs back to you!

A Mom

Thank you JIm for your lovely remarks. Youth is wasted on the young indeed!