Cory “Izzy came to me and said I know I have your vote and it means the world to me.. AND I don’t feel that bad.”

8:50pm Havenot Room – America and Izzy.
Izzy – I just wanted to say that today I have been feeling all type of ways earlier and I just wanted to apologize. America – no you don’t have to. Izzy – No, please please please. No I am just feeling all of the things because I am on the block. I am nervous. I don’t want a f**ked up relationship with you. I like you. America – no don’t think I feel any type of resentment towards you or anything like that. I just feel bad, you know. Izzy – I just want to say I f**king for give you because I have made so many mistakes in this game. America – don’t worry about it. Izzy – that I was honest about accepting your .. and I feel like I’ve settled and I just want to say that I value our friendship. America – no I do too. Izzy – I have done this to everyone just getting a little heated and intense and I just wanted to say that its not my judgement on you or anything moving forward. America – Izzy you do not have to apologize. You didn’t do anything. Its totally understandable.

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“I’m having a good week. Sorry I broke my promises this is big brother”

10:13 am Tina and Tera
Tera “if Jed’s side wins next week they will go after Kyle and Ro, “If our side wins next week they go after Jed and whoever that’s where we need to sit”
Tera – honestly I don’t care about the pecking order of any of it. If some way we can skate by without Latoya or Keifer going home and neither of us I don’t care what they do.
Tina – If Ty goes up it’ll be Ty and Kiefer on the block. which means they will want to vote Kiefer out
Tera – not the oddballs. For the oddballs that is a massive target to get out. I just don’t know if she will actually do it to be honest. I think she will put up Beth

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Big Brother Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz IMPACT Wrestling Superstar

Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz holds a special honor in the Big Brother World by being part of more Big Brother seasons than anyone else. His total is 5, A house guest for Big Brother 10 and 11 with guest appearances during the Pandora box twists on Big Brother 12, 13 and 14 (should have been #powershifted into Big Brother Canada). It’s pretty safe to say he’s going to be on Big Brother 15 he’s the BB franchise crossover star.

It’s also been suggested that Jessie is one of the more successful of the Big Brother Alumni. His big gig is being a Pro wrestler for SPIKE TV’s Impact Wrestling and has recently landed a bonafide acting roll starring in the new drama TAINTED DREAMS. Jessie has been nailing some pretty big deals.

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Jeff & Jordan “Do America” LIVE CHAT June 28, 2012

Today CBS hosted a live chat with Big Brother Alumni Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd about their new show called Jeff & Jordan Do America. The show was filmed to document their road trip across America, as they drove from Chicago to their new home in Los Angeles, California! Check out a sneak peak of their new reality TV show Jeff & Jordan Do America!
When the live stream of the chat starts Jeff and Jordan introduce themselves and their new show. Jeff messes up and starts to introduce his new show as his old show Around the World. He laughs and says wups wrong show. They then start answering questions from their fans. Below are some of the questions they answered during the live chat.

When the live stream of the chat starts Jeff and Jordan introduce themselves and their new show. Jeff messes up and starts to introduce his new show as his old show Around the World. He laughs and says wups wrong show. They then start answering questions from their fans. Below are some of the questions they answered during the live chat.

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Jeff and Jordan Do America This Summer

We finally find out the Show on CBSi that Big Brother Alumni Jeff and Jordan have been working on. It’s called Jeff and Jordan do America. No word on what it’s about, I’m thinking trips around America eating 72 oz steaks. The show premieres July 18th on more details will follow.

There is a Facebook chat with the couple on Friday. They will be answering questions regarding the show and providing us with a “sneak Peak”. *Link has yet to be posted

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Big Brother Alumni Jen Johnson TV Appearances

Jen Johnson lasted until day 55 on Big Brother 8. During the Show Jen won a head of household competition after which she nominated Eval Dick and Joe Barber. Joe went home and Dick won the season. Jen was one of the more interesting houseguests during that season and will be remembered for her frequent (Ice tea incident) clashes with Eval Dick, crying about her memory wall picture and Looking killer in the unitard.

Jen has made a lot of TV appearances since her time in the BB house. With her help I’ve we’ve been able to compile a list of some of these. There is a collection of Jen Johnson pictures on our Google+ Page.

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Jeff Schroeder And Jordan Lloyd Found A Place to Live in Santa Monica

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd packed up and moved across the country to live in Santa Monica, California. They both left their home towns to start a new life together in California where they are pursuing their passions. After a while of searching for a place to live, they have finally found a place that meets their needs in Santa Monica. As you can see from the photo and the comment that Jeff posted on Twitter, they still need to find furniture to fill their new place. There is nothing wrong with using beach chairs in the dining room; after all they can be easily brought with you when you want to head to the beach. We are happy to see that they managed to find a place that they like, as it sounded like they were having a tough time as they had to resort to asking for help on twitter.

Jeff and Jordan are both working on a NEW show with CBS interactive (CBSi), which they told us about back in the beginning of May. We are all really excited about their new show and can’t wait to find out more details as to what exactly it will be all about.

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Big Brother Duo Brenchel at OK!’s Sexy Singles party

Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly From Big Brother 12 and 13 attended OK!’s Sexy Singles party at The Roxbury in L.A. on June 7. Reality Television personalities were out in full-force June 7th for OK!’s Sexy Singles party at The Roxbury in L.A. sponsored by Rusk hair care, Voli vodka, Eos beauty and the Oxygen network. Rachel recently released a new website called Adventures4pets where she travels around the US with her dog checking out pet friendly vacation spots.

Other reality Television personalties that attended the event were Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars, Ali Fedotowsky from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Charlie O’Connell from The Bachelor, Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye for the straight guy, Christopher Massey, Natalie Getz, Eva Marcille, The Hills’ Stephanie Pratt, Jamie Hilfiger, Entourage’s Rex Lee, Sammy Younai and “GG” Gharachedaghi from The Shahs of Sunset.

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Big Brother Alumni April Lewis on Lifetime “BUSTO” is Back

Big Brother Alumni April Lewis AKA BUSTO was on LIfetimes 7 Days Of Sex on Thursday, May 24th at 10PM ET/PT. The premise of the show is you have 2 couples who are in a “rut” and are willing to try anything to get back the romance. They participate in having S$X for 7 days and do various activities that challenge them to try new things and get out of the monotony of everyday life. Busto’s husband (Matt) says she is too controlling and preoccupied with the days activities. Busto thinks they are polar opposites and after 7 years of being married are stuck in “Free Fall”. The camera’s follow the couples around for 7 days and on the 7th day the couples will decide to “Re Commit” or to “split”. I didn’t find the show very entertaining show. Big Brother 6 Episodes videos

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Big Brother Alumni Hearts Of Reality 2012 benefiting Give Kids The World

OnlineBigBrother is putting forth $50 dollars and donating it Evel Dicks Page we are challenging all other Big Brother Blogs to do the same and Support a great cause.. Come on people lets support something important and make a difference.

Big Brother Fans here is a great way to support a great cause and show the reality TV fan world how great of a bunch we are.

A Weekend full of TV’s hottest Reality Stars in Celebration, Florida. Starts Thursday July 26th and Sunday July 29th. Each reality star has a donation page where they are trying to collect a thousands dollars to the Give Kids The World charity.

There is plenty of Big Brother Alumni so find your favourite out of the lot and donate.

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Jeff and Jordan allegedly eat 72 OZ Steak each at the Big Texan Steak Ranch – May 8th

Big Texan Steak Ranch off Interstate 40 Amarillo, Texas has a simple contest. Eat a 72oz steak and bam your meal is free. Check out the rules here. For every person who completes this challenge they’re name is recorded in the Big Texan Hall of Fame. You can clearly see at the end of the document and the screencapture provided that someone Named Jordan Lloyd from Waxhaw, NC with the note Big Brother 11 & 13 in Texas, ate a 72oz steak in 56 minutes and 24 seconds thus completely the Big Texan challenge and eating for free! Above Jordan’s Name is Jeff’s (with a misspelled last name) from Chicago, IL with the Note “Do America” Texas Style!.

Jeff and Jordan not only ate the monster steak within the 1 hour time limit but Jordan is also the first female to finish one in 2012!! Congratz Jordan.

So is this real or is someone at the Big Texan trying to impersonate Jeff and Jordan? I find it pretty hard to believe that Jordan was able to eat a 72oz steak they are freaking MASSIVE! What we do know from Jeff’s tweets is during the time steaks were reportedly eaten Jeff and Jordan were travelling from North Caolina to Los Angleas to live together. The day after the steak feast Jeff tweeted that Jordan and him had run into a couple bumps (72oz bumps) but they are still pressing on to “Cali”

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