Big Brother Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz IMPACT Wrestling Superstar


Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz holds a special honor in the Big Brother World by being part of the Big Brother Game 5 times by being part of more Big Brother seasons than anyone else (Janelle has Jessie Beat.. Thanks BO :) ). A house guest for Big Brother 10 and 11 with guest appearances during the Pandora box twists on Big Brother 12, 13 and 14 (should have been #powershifted into Big Brother Canada). It’s pretty safe to say he’s going to be on Big Brother 15 he’s the BB franchise crossover star.

It’s also been suggested that Jessie is one of the more successful of the Big Brother Alumni. His big gig is being a Pro wrestler for SPIKE TV’s Impact Wrestling and has recently landed a bonafide acting roll starring in the new drama TAINTED DREAMS. Jessie has been nailing some pretty big deals. has a article that talks about Jessie’s road to success and how he became a IMPACT Wrestling Superstar on Spike TV in just over 6 months since his debut. Jessie mentions “I owe Everything” to Big Brother’s Rich Meehan and Allison Grodner. There is also some details about Jessie’s upcoming drama.

leading man in a drama entitled “Tainted Dreams,” in which he will be starring alongside several famous stars from various daytime soap operas (such as “All My Children,” “One Life To Live” and “Guiding Light”), reality stars from the ‘Real Housewives’ and ‘Mob Wives’ franchises and even the aforementioned Varon, aka Tara.

Want to know more about what Jessie has going on? Check out his website here or hit him up on Twitter .

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40 thoughts on “Big Brother Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz IMPACT Wrestling Superstar

  1. Janelle has made more appearances than Jessie. Season 6 & 7 & 14 as a houseguest, Season 8 as a POV host, Season 10 as special guest in a Food Competition, Season 11 as part of a roundtable with Julie Chen. That’s one more than Jessie’s record.

        1. Sorry this is taking so long captain.. I’ll get it up in a bit, currently super swamped with other Site tasks.. OMG BB15 starts in a month!

          1. I know, I will send you Big Brother 15 stats. I will also post up the big brother hall of fame class of 2013.

  2. Hey fellow BB fans: If you care to answer this question: Which season (US) is your favourite/best all time season? Which do you recommend watching (in order of favourite or not). I am now hooked on this stuff and wanted to know if I should ‘skip’ watching any particular seasons or not, or watch certain ones first or whatever input you may have. Thanks a lot ladies and gentlemen. Peace to all of you.

      1. Thanks – just curious though – didn’t you like season 11? I just finished watching all of it and thought it had some pretty expolosive personalities and great head-to-head competitions.

          1. Should I watch the very first season in your opinion – is it worth my time (do you think?). Thanks again. By the way, I am just starting season 14 and Mike Boogie is on it (of course you know this if your screen name is any indication). Do you particularly like him or is it just Chilltown you liked? None of my business but I’m curious – I absolutely find Dr. Will fascinating and a pure genius at this game.

            1. You can watch season one, but it’s a totally different game, seasons 2-14 is Big Brother to me. Boogie is my favorite houseguest of all-time lol, but I will admit Dr. Will was “Batman” and Boogie was “Robin”. Some people like to take credit away from Boogie and say only Dr. Will is responsible for Chilltown’s success, but in season 7 Boogie really went around cleaning up Will’s mess if people started to question Chilltown’s motives. He also won the Comps. for Chilltown at key times, and if they needed it the Coup d’état. When Boogie had the Coup d’état power, Chicken George was about to go after Chilltown, and it was Boogie that talked him out of it. Boogie, also had the best team of Season 14 out of the 3 coaches. Just my opinion, but I have a feeling we will see Will, Boogie, Janelle, Dan, and Evil Dick back in the BB game down the road. I think Dan’s play last year lit a fuse under Dr. Will’s competitive nature.

              1. That’s a pretty fair analysis of Boogie’s role when he played on Season 7 (which I just completed). I never thought of it that way so you gave me new insight into Mike’s ‘gifts’ that I formerly missed somehow. I asked on previous thread (on BBCAN) about the name “Chilltown”. I don’t remember once ever hearing Dr. Will using that word EVER. I’m not saying he didn’t have an ‘allegiance’ to it, but was it more or less a ‘Boogie’ thing. What I’m asking is Chilltown was in Season 2 (I understand) but I can’t remember once hearing Will say it (only other players or Mike Boogie). Please enlighten if you wish and illuminate if you can. I much appreciate this, by the way. :) peace.

                1. You are correct, the whole persona and bravado of the name and of the group was Mike Boogie. Will saw his first alliance as just with Mike Boogie, and laid in the shadows dropping Boogie strategy and being the puppet master. Will and Boogie had two sub-alliances “The Legion of Doom”, that alliance was killed off as soon as they got rid of James. Then they went to “Operation Double Date” with Erika and Janelle. I think Will mentions the sub-alliances, but only sees himself of partnering with Boogie. It seems after the show both of them squeezed fame out the Chilltown name. I’m also a big fan of Evil Dick. I hope this season is an all newbie cast. If they do an All-Stars 2 I only want them to bring back the consensus best players amongst the fans.

                    1. Okay – so you’ve really pinned it down quite precisely for me (much thanks). I .couldn’t really figure the whole thing out by myself. I like all three you named both Will, Dick (Evil/Evel), and I’m now in the process of watching Season 14 so I’m still trying to figure out what Boogie’s ‘mysitque’ is (or gameplay if you will).
                      Don’t get me wrong; I don’t dislike him at all but I am wondering where this mysterious power he has (that I myself don’t see) – especially when it comes to the ladies. I am a girl and don’t get the bravado he gives off as a ladies man (just a personal opinion but) he’s not that cute so I must be missing something he has that other people see and I don’t? I still can’t figure this one out. It might be that I’ve been looking too closely at that part of his persona (physical appearance) and not paying attention to his physicality. Is he a comp beast?
                      Much like you, I’d love to see new players too and getting back to some hard core drama (by that I don’t mean fighting), but people with the nutsack to do things in the house and not be so scared of it.
                      THE best moment for me in Season 11 was when Jeff won the Coup d’Etat and put Jessie and Natalie’s asses in those two chairs and everything from that point forward in that season was so engaging I could not stop watching and even re-watched it.
                      My other two favourites so far, out of the ones I have watched are Season 2 and 8.
                      This stuff is like crack now that I started watching – hope BBCAN gives us a good stash of it next season if they come back.
                      Thanks, once again for your time it’s greatly appreciated.

  3. Hey Simon and Dawg i appreciate everything you guys do!! You didnt get enough credit for your survivor page it was a great season plus if you need the spoiler cast for Blood vs. Water Season 27 i may have it soon. I cannot wait for this BB Season. In other news though how would i be able to email one of you two as I have a question I would like to keep between us!!

    Keep it up BOSSES!!!!

  4. Jessie might be good on the pro wrestling circuit, but he sucked at playing Big Brother, was terrible at the game. I never found him entertaining either.

  5. Anyone who wants to jump in on this discussion – please feel free. The question I’m asking: Favourite Big Birother Seasons and ones that are worth ‘skipping’. Thanks everyone. Peace :)

    1. I liked the feeds for BB8 and BB12 the most
      The first half of BB11 feeds were solid the rest was meh
      For the most part BB14 had solid feeds
      BB13 was horrible
      BB10 wasn’t my cup of tea
      BB9 was pretty entertaining at times
      BB 7 was OK

      1. Hey Simon
        Finding live feeds for any past seasons is like finding the the coup d’état at this point for me. I have been searching online and they just more or less put up small clips (at most 5 min. usually) of a fight between two people or dramatic moments that stayed in people’s memories.
        Appreciate you keeping this site up while there’s no Big Brother being aired.
        I also notices something kind of weird – I watched Season 11 and after seeing Casey in the banana suit I realized that was your twitter picture (I believe).
        Season 14 is the only live feed available in its intirety (that I can find). There is a guy by the name QUIRKYDUDE on youtube that has every single season uploaded (for anyone looking.)

        Much thanks :) Preesh.

        1. Actually, there are enough live feed clips on youtube to get the jist of what happened for both season 8 and 14. Thanks, Simon.

        2. A couple years ago realnetworks went on the war path getting rid of all live feed video on youtube, daily motion, clipser etc etc. They threatened all the blogs to remove the content or be barred from the affiliates network (Of course every single blog complied since feeds sales is what drives most Big Brother Blogs). The result of their policy is all those feed clips are now lost to the community. Real networks solution was for us to buy a live feed subscription and use their Flashback feature… which was fine but it only let us go back 1 season. Now that Realnetworks is done with Big Brother streaming I have no idea what CBS will do with the past seasons. Would be freaking awesome if they released the entire series live feed recordings to subscribers BIG incentive for the fans to pony up the cash.

          As for the episodes, we had posted them all at one point. One youtube video per episode it was awesome and took us months to prepare. LAst year CBS got our youtube accounts removed. Same thing has been happening to quirkydude for years he’s just been nice enough to repost onto a new account every time they are removed. It’s weird because there is no way to watch the episodes otherwise I don’t think they are all available to buy.

          We still have no idea what the new CBS feeds will be like but I really hope it’s a positive experience.

          HAHA Casey banana suit is my on the simon twitter account

          1. Thanks so much for all your info. I thought it might actually be you (incognito) but what are the odds….right? I would have liked to see him stay in the house.

  6. Hi Simon
    Are you Canadian or do you run the site out of the U.S.?
    Curiosity gets the better of me.

  7. Regarding my question yesterday (which you understandably did not post), I apologize if it seemed intrusive. It really freaked me out to see that stuff and after asking a friend, they explained it’s tons of spam you guys have to deal with on your site. Sorry to hear that. Look forward to your upcoming BB15 coverage and appreciate all your hard work. Peace.

    1. Yeah we get a ton of spam comments which we try and filter out, unfortunately on a rare occasion one might slip through. We also can’t wait for BB15 to start and can’t believe the première is now less than a month away!!

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