Cory “Izzy came to me and said I know I have your vote and it means the world to me.. AND I don’t feel that bad.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner: Jared
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used.
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:12pm Comic Bedroom – Izzy and Cirie.
Izzy – I am f**king nervous though. Cirie – I am nervous too. But the fact that Jag told us makes me feel better. He didn’t have to say anything. Izzy – I know but he had already come to me and told me that. Cirie – you think this thing with Cory and America is real? Izzy – he told Jared about it.. see what Jared interpreted it as. Cirie – I think Matt is too much of a stand up guy. I mean I have been rocking with him for a minute. Matt don’t want to work with Cameron. Izzy – I know. I hope you didn’t joke too much on your goodbye message. Cirie – no all love, no jokes at all. I ain’t joking at all right now. Izzy – me neither. Cirie – zero jokes. I just want to talk to Matt. If he was to do this he would lose Me, Jared, Blue.. he doesn’t want to work with America. Matt doesn’t want to work with Jag, Cam, Cory, America, Bowie. Izzy – and SKEEZY (Cory) doesn’t want to be with those people either. I shouldn’t have really said what I said to America. Cirie – I wasn’t really counting on her. Izzy – no me either.. It felt good. Cirie – she has to know that somebody she was talking to told us.. that she was pushing you up until last night. How did she find out that Meme had told us? Izzy – I have no idea. Like she just came to me like already assuming I knew. SHe is also Hypocrisy Hill. She was trying to fake cry in front of me too. She was trying to muster up a tear. Cirie – well I hope she acts made towards Meme. Izzy – I am not going home tomorrow. I am not going home tomorrow. Cirie – no, you can’t. I’ll die. No really, I’ll shrivel up and die. Izzy – stop, I am not going home.

8:04pm Games Room – Cameron and Matt.
Matt – I am on my F**King A-Game tomorrow. Cameron – good, win that motherf**ker! Matt – this move is going to happen but it would be perfect if one of us wins. And what is ever better is if one of us wins this week.. you’re back in to play and the rest of us too. Its nice when you can rely on numbers but also comp players.

8:15pm Bathroom – America and Felicia.
America – I did want to apologize for earlier. I did not mean to upset you or anyone. It was just prematurely I said something to Meme and I didn’t think it was going to get back to anyone. In no way am I saying that everything is set for everyone. It was worded wrong and it might have come off as everyone is set. Its not happening, you know?! So I do want to say I am sorry. Felicia – so you guys are still saying you haven’t made a decision? She laughs. I know you have. America – no, I mean I don’t have a group. You know?! I don’t have a group with anyone. It was just individual conversations. I was just getting the oh I don’t know and so I figured it wasn’t .. so nothing is set pretty much.. But I just worded it wrong. It was too early. I had this conversation with Meme in the morning today and there was still all of today and there was still a lot of conversations that you had since .. and there are more to be had tomorrow. Felicia – yeah. America – so it was stupid of me. Felicia – no, no worries. America – no, I didn’t want you to be upset and I am so sorry. Felicia – no, you’re fine.

8:50pm Havenot Room – America and Izzy.
Izzy – I just wanted to say that today I have been feeling all type of ways earlier and I just wanted to apologize. America – no you don’t have to. Izzy – No, please please please. No I am just feeling all of the things because I am on the block. I am nervous. I don’t want a f**ked up relationship with you. I like you. America – no don’t think I feel any type of resentment towards you or anything like that. I just feel bad, you know. Izzy – I just want to say I f**king for give you because I have made so many mistakes in this game. America – don’t worry about it. Izzy – that I was honest about accepting your .. and I feel like I’ve settled and I just want to say that I value our friendship. America – no I do too. Izzy – I have done this to everyone just getting a little heated and intense and I just wanted to say that its not my judgement on you or anything moving forward. America – Izzy you do not have to apologize. You didn’t do anything. Its totally understandable. I understand that you’re a little bit more on edge because of the situation. Izzy – I am hungry .. like I am so hungry. I was thinking to myself like what a f**king b***H .. I care so much if you vote for me and not because I want to stay but because I care about our relationship. And that was like f**king mean. America – no its okay, its okay. Don’t worry about it. Thank you for coming to me.

Storage Room – Cory and Cirie
Cirie – that makes it seem like that was about the game and it was more than just about the game because she made a mistake in the game. And you say now I am done with you, that’s some bullsh*t. Cory – no and I don’t know if it came across that way .. I try to be as gentle as I can but I am not the most emotionally intelligent person. What I tried to tell her and I don’t know if I got this across was that I really do care about you and I do like you. I just don’t know if I can do this in this game in this setting. And the reality is like… and this is a question I have for you is do you think I have have that level of connection with somebody and also have them basically working against me and my allies because the reason is I cannot separate the two right now. And do I still like her? Absolutely, but how can I… Cirie – but you don’t think a one time thing.. that she is always going to be working against you and your allies? Because if you think it was accidental because I have done things and said things in this game that I am like why the f**k did I do that. Cory – There have not been a lot of people in my ear saying you have to watch out for Cirie. And I have been vouching for you but I haven’t had to vouch for you that much. I should go talk to her and make peace because this is big brother and I care about her. Cirie – whatever mistakes she did, I feel like she genuinely likes you. And I feel like you genuinely like her. And for you to say no its over because you made a mistake is super harsh. That’s how I would feel if I was her. Cory – you’re right, you’re totally right. Cirie – you’re a human being that likes another human being and I would be able to not judge you and America. Cory – Izzy was adamant that you guys shouldn’t sleep in the same bed. BB blocks the feeds. Cory – the other thing about this is this didn’t really betray my trust. Cirie – you can still have your relationship with her. Again who’s trust did she betray? She really didn’t betray our trust.. she was trying to do the right thing. Cory – I am just nervous because I don’t know what else she said. I know she .. the optimistic view is that she has loose lips and is impulsive. Cirie – then you just watch what you say, its not like you kick her to the curb. Like that’s some stupid sh*t. Cory – no you’re right.

9:17pm – 9:35pm Havenot room – America and Cory.
Cory – basically what happened was I heard what happened with you and Meme and I went straight to the DR .. so I am just literally thinking for an hour basically. And my thought was very simple. I talked to Jag because I knew he was talking to Cameron and I asked him what he was thinking and if he is willing and comfortable enough to tell me he is going to vote out Izzy or wants to vote out Izzy.. we can do it. Because we talked to him last night and he wanted to keep Izzy even though we know he didn’t but he was telling me because he didn’t trust me. So I asked him and you were there and he said I am considering it and that was that. America – and this is after Cam.. like I am sure Cam made good points too. Cory – I think Cam made good points but Jag does not F**k with Cam. But here is the truth, I don’t give a sh*t about Cam in this spot. Cam didn’t make good points to me. Him saying Izzy is a bigger threat than Felicia means nothing to me. What means more to me is that I had a path to trusting Jag and Matt now because that was my concern. The second Jag said that and I said Path to Power and then he walked away and I was kicking myself because that was not even the part that matters.. the Seven Deadly Sins is what matters. So then I went down to the bathroom and dumped all that .. You know I don’t respect Jag as a player. But then he had a good idea, he was like you have to go talk to Matt first and then I’ll come in after and like.. America – I do not respect Jag as a player but you know he is a little bit. Cory – I don’t respect Jag as a player, I respect him as a person. And maybe he will prove me wrong as a player. So then I go talk to Matt up here and spill everything! He spills Path to Power to me .. and then Jag swoops in at the end and that helped a lot. I thought Matt was going to tell Jared but now he is not. One nice thing we have is that Cam is on board with the anti Jared sentiment. SO if Jared wins HOH, our pitch is he got to us. He convinced us. And I will tell him exactly what Cameron told me. And it is probably the truth. He will probably deny it. BUT F**K, I feel horrible. America – Izzy just apologized to me. Cory – Izzy came to me and said I know I have your vote and it means the world to me.. AND I don’t feel that bad. America – I don’t. Cory – I think you understand I want Jared out of this house immediately. I want Cirie out of this house immediately. Izzy not as much. America – I know but Izzy is the one on the block. Cory – do you believe me that I do not have a final two with Izzy? America – I do. I am so excited.

9:53pm Bathroom – Jag and Bowie.
Bowie – I think we just have to be careful to not overplay because that’s the mistake everyone makes. Like trying to cover tracks all each way. We will just have to think about how to approach it. Jag – we will think about it. I think yours will be fine because the only person you need to talk to is Cirie. And all you say is literally that. Like look keeping Izzy wasn’t.. Bowie – wasn’t good for my game. I decided to make a vote for me. Jag – that’s it. Literally just that. Because she can’t press you for more. Don’t even make it like oh you knew the votes were going that way. You did not know the votes were going this way. Bowie – I’ll just say I decided to make a vote for me. Jag – especially after last week. Bowie – yes, I love that. Jag – I just made a vote for myself and didn’t care what the house wanted.

10:20pm Havenot room – Cory and Cameron.
Cory – tomorrow I need it to be 6-3. Hopefully no one leaks this sh*t. The only ones I am worried about are a little bit of Meme and Matt if he gets pushed too far. Cam – I think Matt is okay. I think he feels like he is part of something good now. I think he is finally seeing what everyone is using him for especially Izzy and Cirie. Cory – The way I see it ..Matt and Jag I am trusting more and more everyday. I already trust you. I already trust Bowie. I already trust America. And if you get through this week all of a sudden you’re playing in an HOH and you’ve got a better shot to win it than anyone else. Cameron – that’s it. Cory – then all of a sudden, at least for you, you have a path forward because I know for you.. you’ve been like am I going to have to just win out from the final 11? Cam – basically I was thinking I am just going to rid this thing as long as I can and when I leave I leave .. I was just praying to make it to jury. Cory – and f**k you won two competitions you desperately needed to win to get there. Cam – three. Cory – what was the third one. Cam – I won the HOH, the veto and then the other HOH. I EAT pressure for breakfast. Line me up dude! I will hand them over if I fee comfortable enough. Cory – I am down for an Cameron HOH every other week. That is fine for me. Cam – I enjoy f**king peoples stuff up. I break people’s toys. Cory – its been fun to watch.. but now we actually have a bit of runway for the entire season. I think you have way more today than you had yesterday. Cam – oh f**k yeah. I just had to wait. I just had to let everyone realize on their own volition. Cory – all of that doesn’t matter if Jared wins HOH. Cam – if any of them.. Felicia, Cirie, Jared, Blue or Meme win. Cory – oh I am fine with Meme. Cam – I am not fine with Meme. Cory – lets be honest, that group or Me, Matt, America, Jag.. pretty solid.

10:50pm – 11pm The house guests are cooking in preparation for being off slop at midnight tonight. Cam brings down all the HOH basket items that he saved to share with everyone once they could eat again.

11pm Comic Bedroom – Izzy and Cirie.
Cirie – I just hope everything is still good with everybody. We’ll check in with them later. Izzy – no yeah, now is not the time. I am a little distracted. Cirie – I would be to. I just didn’t like the way the Jag and Felicia thing looked. And the way her eyes looked to see if we were both looking. And she probably told him that we said he is with Cameron and that is why he is probably feeling some type a way. But he’s got to know that she will say anything right now. I want you to check in on Matt. He is going to expect it from you since you’re on the block. Izzy – I know. Okay Okay I will be out in a second. I just want to calm down. Cirie – I think everything is good. We’ll check in. Cirie leaves. Izzy – pull it together. F**K! I might be going home.. I might be going home. F**K! Okay, I don’t know that for sure…

11:06pm The house guests celebrate being able to eat…

11:36pm Comic Bedroom – Izzy and Cory.
Cory – Matt is solid. I went and talked to him. I talked to him about moving forward. What our plan is. I want to work with him. We’re in a similar position. We both f**k with Jared. Izzy – yeah good. Did he say anything about Jag pressing him? Jag has been spending a lot of time with him. Cory – we had so many conversations about when Jag press us we just have to shut it down. Izzy – okay because I’ve been feeling really solid with him about this but seeing Jag get all close with Felicia tonight and seeing how much time he has been spending with Matt.. I just didn’t know. I’ve been having the jitters. Cory – I’ve been feeling more solid with Matt than I ever have. But we’re .. Matt’s good. Izzy – and Cory I am sorry person to person.. Cory – I forgive you. You’re good.

11:52pm Bedroom – Cory and Cirie.
Cory – my talk with Matt was great! We were just talking about moving forward. We’re both tight with Jared.. we’re both 100% solid and just like reassuring each other because we’re both nervous mostly just about each others votes but we should be locked in. I think Jag is starting to get the sense that this is probably not going to happen. Cirie – what’s not going to happen? Cory – Like he wants it to be the other way but I think he realizes that is not going to happen. Cirie – listen, I love Izzy but if something changes .. please let me know. We good? Cory – don’t even put that out there. Cirie – I am 1000% trusting you. Cory – we’re good.

12am The house guests scream and then dig in and eat ..

12:43am Living room – Cirie and Felicia.
Felicia – Cory is going to coast through this whole damn game. He said to me I just sit in a chair and wait for people to come talk to me. He just sends and receives information. That’s his game. That’s what you’re going to hear him say in his speech at the end if he sitting in the chair. I came to be the young kid in the house that everyone just thought was a dumb 21 year old. Cirie – and look at me now. Felicia – he didn’t align with nobody. He didn’t show his hand. He just received and sent information. I really think part of America’s MO is that she just really wants camera time and so the showmance sh*t gives her camera time. That’s why she keep splaying with both of them. Cirie – Damn.

12:50am Bedroom – Cirie and Cory.
Cirie – she (Felicia) said we would be stupid to let you and America keep coasting to the end .. not knowing that because America’s supposed to be aligned with us in the 6 remember? So stay aligned with them and then put their a$$es up. Cory – and ah .. hopefully she doesn’t get the chance. Cirie – I was like oh my god. Cory – that’s wild.

1am Bedroom – Jag and Felicia.
Felicia – so I know you guys are still wrestling with our decision or at least I think you are with you’re decision. I just really want you to consider letting me stay in the house. Jag – absolutely yeah. Felicia – this is just from conversations but Matt wants to shift but he wants you to shift. He doesn’t want to do it without you. And then Bowie Jane is waiting for the majority. And when I say I won’t put you up on the block that is a promise I give to you. Jag – I appreciate that. This last vote we were going to evict you and I convinced them to evict Red. I am just asking for your consideration. Jag – yeah definitely.

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un autre nom

Thurdsay Part 2
After lockdown:
Matt tries to beat the rush and tell Felicia she’s staying.
Felicia tells Jared.
Jared confronts Matt.
Jared’s alliances are being outed and panic Jared is yelling Jared.
Jared brings in Cory. Denies everything. Tries to paint Cory as the liar.
All of this is in front of Bowie.
Jag is hiding after hearing the yelling. He’s being pulled in
Cirie enters, and gets to see first hand.
Cory and Jared briefly give Cirie their basis for the arguments.
She’s trying to peace keep ‘who isn’t in a bunch of alliances?’
Bowie: me. Bowie believes (?) Legends absorbed Bbbitches? maybe?
Jared calls Cory middle, Cory says you’re in different alliances with everyone, how is that not middle.
The Jag lie is exposed. Jared says Cory just misheard. Wait, wasn’t Matt there? um. So both misunderstood?


I hope this doesn’t scare Matt and Jag from voting out Izzy. After Jared talk with Cory and Matt, I was screaming go ask Jag if he said that to Jared. Because Jared lies so much you can’t believe a word he says. SMH


Jared pointed directly at Matt and said Matt “misunderstood” that Jag told Jared about a vote flip. The deaf guy misunderstood.


He actually said “the deaf guy”? Jared said that about Matt?


No, he pointed at Matt and said Matt must have misunderstood. Those in the room and those watching on the feeds knew what he meant. Problem is, he told Cory too.


I knew Cory was making his move out of the middle soon, and boy I couldn’t be happier that it happened now. He recognized that there were 6 people willing to vote out Izzy but that were just too afraid to outright say it. He got each of them comfortable with talking about going against cirie (which no one has dared do yet for fear of becoming targeted like Cam), convinced them that their desire to vote out Izzy was beneficial, and rallied the troops to form an anti-Cirie/Jared coalition. He put the pieces together (to America’s credit she figured it out 2 weeks ago but didn’t go about spreading her idea in the right fashion), and brought Jag (a bad player with terrible reads), Matt (blinded by Reilly’s trust of Cirie), America (already on board), Bowie (FBJ), and Meme (?) into the light; thus, waking their asses up and getting them to play the game rather than go along with Cirie’s plan every week. Wall HOH comp is next, meaning America, Meme, Matt, and Cory are high likelihood winners, thereby increasing the chance this sticks long term.


You don’t even know what you are talking about. America gets the credit for doing most of the legwork for this, she just had to convince Cory that there was enough there, but this is America’s doing.


100% credit goes to America. It’s hilarious to watch cam and Cory talk about how they “connected the dots.” They would still be following Cirie blindly if not for America. It feels like she’s been trying to get this through their stupid heads for weeks now.


I doubt Meme goes after Jared or Cirie if she wins HOH b/c she’s more invested in Brown Sugar Babies 4-some than being at the bottom (6th) in the new alliance (they haven’t even confirmed she’s in it yet bc America “doesn’t trust her”).

Blue & Jared could also win the comp & bc they’ll be blindsided they’ll have extra motivation to win.

So I think it will come down to an all-out battle between the showmances with Meme & Jag also strong possibilities to win.

I’m hoping we get an argument on the wall with Jared spilling Cory’s secrets that he hasn’t told yet – like having a F2 with Izzy & him & F4 that even America didn’t know about. Those are NOT things he’s shared with Matt & Jag so that might change how they view Cory.

Of course, Cory will counter with all the BS messiness Jared did this past week. It would make for a killer wall comp if we get that verbal jousting during the comp.


Meme who? Lol


Don’t laugh but she’s in the best position in the house right now. Who is going to put her up?

If Jared/Cirie/Blue are in power they’ll target Cory/Jag/America (& maybe Matt) — I don’t see them targeting Cam either at least initially.

If Jag/Matt/Cory/America win they’ll target the three (Jared/Cirie/Blue) & if the one left off the block wins POV & pulls down another Matt/Jag will put up Cam, while Cory may do that or Bowie & America is the ONLY one who’ll put up Meme & only as a replacement pawn is my guess.

Based on the current convo with Jag & Meme playing along saying she only rocks with Felicia (not J/C/B) the fact she didn’t disclose Brown Sugar Babies or Bye Bye Bitches tells me she’s not fully uninvested with Cirie & co yet.

Plus she’s NEVER liked Cory/America & the feeling is mutual with America (who seems to want to be the only lady in her group).

The HOH will decide a ton moving forward & while Jared hasn’t actually won a competition w/o someone handing it to him so far, like Cam it won’t be surprising if anger fuels him to a win.

Besides as much as I’m not a fan of his, I kind of want to see how the hamsters flock like rats to the HOH to sell each other out if he wins.

I know a majority on here would prefer a steamroll of Jared, Cirie, and Blue out in succession but I’d rather see a back-and-forth battle. (although I selfishly want Jared out bc I think he’s Cirie’s greatest weakness but only if she pulls in Matt as a partner).

Tre Billis

Yes, but she would get no votes in the end.


this assumes jared doesn’t just fall off immediately, which past performances suggest he might.


You are so right. Both Jared’s HOH and POV wins were won by default. He won HOH because they kept picking the same person, in the end Izzy answered wrong so it was not even like he was the one who rang first and got the answer, we will never know if he would have known the answer either. POV Matt could have taken as he was the last one out but poor dumb dumb took the punishment. Don’t forget Jared can’t even spell Golden. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the first one off the wall followed by Mama as they did in the pressure cooker.

Stop ON

But don’t forget that it was CAM that put everything in gear, and put all the “I’s” and “T’s” for digestion for the blockheads to understand how they were being played.

Tre Billis

Although Cam thinking he could work with Jared causes some concern.


Original name spot , a blockhead is somebody such as Cam who was put up with Red by Jared but still trusted Jared this past monday. Cam was on full board to insanely put up jag and blue for a second time if jag didn’t tell him it is a waste of time to target each other. There is a reasThe fact Cam told Jared his full plans about putting up cirie shows he trusted Jared yet again and didn’t group jared and cirie together.

Tre Billis

That’s my concern. I really want to go all in on Cam, but every time I do he disappoints with his follow-up actions.


1000% understandable, Cameron sketches people out because his social and strategic game are all over the place. After having an original alliance together Cam was
All for targeting Jag for a second time even before the ceremony still considering back doorin Jag! There’s a reason why Jag cannot trust him. To call people a blockhead because they don’t trust Cameron is a complete oxymoron when Cameron was still wanting to work with Jared after he put red next to cam.

Tre Billis

So are they all onto Jared? Don’t see his name mentioned much.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I’m just so happy things in the house have seemed to be turning around. Cam got the ball rolling by putting up Izzy & Felicia, but his ego is just too much, he brags about dropping bombs, and how he is a bad ass ready for battle, if it was not for America, Cam would still think that Jared is on his side, which I never really understood, also America had to really had to make Cam understand that he has been the Target for a very long time. His so called alliance was laughing behind his back.

Cory, America, Jag, Matt, maybe Meme, they don’t really trust Cam. Cam comes across very rude, sarcastic, talks in riddles, and acts like he is the smartest guy in the house. Like jag said earlier this week in the D/R, Cam needs to learn how to make a deal to work with someone, you don’t make threats about putting someone on the block in a heartbeat, when you are asking them to work with you.

Corey, America, Jag and Matt don’t really want to work with Cam, they are not voting Izzy out to make Cam happy, they are voting out Izzy because they finally believed Cam, after Corey and America got together with Jag and Matt, and they made them understand Cam was telling the truth about them all being used by Cirie and her squad.

So Izzy should be voted out, but Cam is still not 100% safe, Jag and Matt still want Cam gone, they may delay it until they can get Cirie & Jared out, but Cam’s days are still numbered unless he is able to work on his game play skills, stop being so arrogant and sarcastic, and acting like he knows what is best for everyone, if not, he will not make it to the end.

un autre nom

After the Wednesday episode,
I greatly fear the edit we will see tomorrow.
Jared’s game errors go unrevealed
Unreliables doesn’t exist in edit
For Real For Real was removed from episode existence
Crossroads doesn’t exist
Brown Sugar Babes doesn’t exist.
So Cirie won’t be seen as disloyal to any alliance.
We’ve got Cam wanting his Family Plan alliance
We’ve got Cam laying out dynamics to each proposed member
We’ve got Izzy saying ditch your gf to Cory.

See how this edit could be REALLY FICTIONAL?


Isn’t reality TV always fictional?

un autre nom

i mean won’t match feeds in the slightest.


To my point. Without feeds, you’d never know. Like I said, nothing real about reality TV… any of it.


Speaking of Wednesday episode, what was with the alternate piggy costume Izzy was wearing in her DR sessions? I know they changed after rolling around in the mud (too funny) but it was into a clean version of the same outfit. The one she was wearing in the DR was satin and very different; we never saw Cam in that one – WTH?

BB Princess

I believe they have 2 outfits they are wearing. One for the “day” time and they have a “night time PJ” outfit that is different. I think she had the other one on. I noticed that as well.


America asked Cam why he wasn’t wearing the “pajama one” the other night, and he said it was too restrictive. He said he wore it the first night and woke up during the night thinking, “Who’s on top of me?!”

Queen B

“By a vote of 6 to 3, Izzy, you are evicted from the Big Brother House.”

Not Jasons Holly

I’m hoping they keep this a secret. Someone mentioned telling Felicia she has the votes to stay and even Meme said that’s a bad idea. Her reasoning was Felicia would start being happy and cooking and stuff which would make Izzy and Cirie suspicious of the vote flip.

Tre Billis

How do they all keep this from Jared? Everyone on this board talks like Jared is not there.

Queen B

Crap! Apparently Jag leaked. Matt and Jared are talking. Jared is going to go talk to everybody and “see where their heads are.” Too good to be true. 🙁


Jag has written his own epitath

Queen B

He certainly did. I was liking Matt and Jag as pals. They are hilarious together.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Of course Jag would fuck it up! ????? He’s truly the worst BB player ever!

Queen B

Matt was so mad. He finally saw that Jag is a liability. And I agree, I like Jag as a person, but terrible at the game.

Stop ON



Jared is but jag is giving him a run for his money.


I’m kind of impressed how well Jared is holding up against a much more clever and wellspoken Corey.

A Girl has no Name...but knows the Game

Don’t let the one million bros that come out of Jared’s mouth in a minute fool you. Cory drops the F bomb just as much. Besides that, Cory is a ‘well spoken” BABY! He’s very condescending and thinks he the smartest in the room when in all actually he hasn’t lived enough years on this planet to be so. Not in the BB house.
The way he tries to puff up to Jared (and I do mean try) he didn’t go there with Cam. Cam is older and more seasoned. But even he was completely played by Jared. America couldn’t use a big enough oil rig to drill it his head that he was being played by Jared. The cognitive dissonance was THICK LOL. So much so, that when he kinda sort of started to pick up what America was putting down the look of befuddlement on his face when she left was both hilarious and sad. Jared is playing the game. He makes mistakes just like everyone else who is playing the game


azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I really hope they do not let us down tonight, I can’t wait to see the look on Izzy’s face, when she’s evicted.

I also can’t wait to see the look on Cirie, Jared and Blue’s faces when Izzy is voted out 6 to 3, if Meme turns against Cirie’s squad.

Cirie had a lot of nerve telling Corey to make sure that he let’s her know if things change before the vote tonight, I would not tell Cirie anything, I want Felicia to find out Cirie, Jared and Blue voted her out.

I also hope Corey, America, Jag, Matt, Cam, Bowie, possibly Meme, they don’t welcome Felicia into their circle. Felicia has diarrhea of the mouth, she can’t shut up, she can win competitions, but she is always talking about who she’s going to put on the block.

I am hoping America wins HOH, I hope she hangs onto the Wall until everyone has dropped. I’m curious about what America will do if she is the HOH, I don’t want Jag or Matt to win HOH.

un autre nom

I’m still only 75 this flip happens.
Too many risk averse participants, and D/R calls followed by hg’s feeling bad about lying.
Jag is cowardly lion weak link.
Cory is spread sheet middle no chaos.
Matt is middlematt save Cirie.
America RIGHT after D/R regretted the lying.


I know I’m old… But I don’t recall the DR ever being so heavy-handed in a season. I’ve seen it be real close to this, but this is ridiculous.

un autre nom

Franzel’s win season.
Huge hissyfits by HOH’s that they were told by ‘mom and dad’ that they weren’t allowed to nominate Franzel.
Bbcan 6. Every time an HOH considered nomming Paras, they were called to d/r for a 1/2 to full hour… returned saying Paras is safe.
Bbcan 7. staffing cuts had nobody in storyline working Post veto Sat to Mon morning. Every weekend the house figured out Prettyboys and planned a counter attack. Every Monday before veto meeting there were D/R calls and everyone forgot the boys had an alliance.


Jared drops a piece of raw chicken and he says “it’s ok I will just wash it.” He was planning to run it under tap and put back in bowl! Jared doesn’t think about everyone that walks around especially in bathroom (back splash of urine and other bodily functions near the toilet) then walking to the kitchen. They wash their hands but not their feet/shoes! Thank goodness Cirie gave him stink eye and told him to throw it away. I would starve in that household with the farting, belching, sneezing, nose picking, coughing, hair flying in that kitchen. So gross.

Stop ON

“Jared drops a piece of raw chicken and he says “ ‘it’s ok I will just wash it’.”


get icky’s ass out of here!


This drop toothed lady needs to SHUT her damn mouth!! She going to mess up staying in the house!!

Game fan

I don’t feel like they can trust Felicia anyway. It’s better for Cory and Matt, to keep Izzy
and wait for the right person to be in power, to make the perfect blindside.
If they keep izzy, no one is alert.
Only Meme could be alert against her own core , which is good for them.


As all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a …….
All HG except 3 dreaming of Julie saying, “By a vote 6 to 3 FELICIA you are SAFE in the Big Brother House! Izzy you have been evicted” Then zoom in on Izzy’s face as she exits the house and sits in front of Julie trying to hold back tears wearing the ridiculous pig costume. Big Brother will have lured me in to this lunatic world once again.


OMG I am thrilled the vote to evict Izzy seems on still.

Barring some crazy Thursday pre-vote craziness buggy eyes will officially NOT make the jury lol.

It’s what she deserves.

un autre nom

Jag realllllly wants Meme in the group.
Cory’s already named duo with Meme.
America tried for weeks with Meme, now thinks Meme was ratting her out as a mole (Meme was) so doesn’t want her in the group.

Game fan

I knew voting out red would be so bad for cirie but it’s even worst than i thought.


America and Cory are so lame, messy and cringe. No idea why the sheeple like em’ but then again…bah bah bah! Those two need to go!


ok i’m not the only one. I do not like America and I don’t like Izzy but i actually think Felicia is more annoying then anyone so hopefully they vote her out tonight


This week has been exhausting. I know things are always changing but it really is by the minute and hour. I feel insane trying to keep up. ? I’m glad Cory is doing whatever he is doing but something doesn’t sit right with any of them for me at this point. As much as I can’t stand Izzy, she is kind of a guilty pleasure and I just wish her ass never got with Cirie so quickly, but regardless Izzy needs to go. Cams ‘f all these mfers’ bit is getting old. Ready for a new HOH. But at this point everything is so messy. I don’t know how anyone can trust anyone without something drastic happening, or an actual honest conversation. One take away from Cory and Americas conversation was that they were talking game. Not name calling or taking cheap shots at appearances. Just straight to it. More of that please.


Looking forward to the HOH tonight. It feels like the end of the season but it’s only really starting.

As ciries side gets decimated there’s going to be another fan vote or a battle back.

I’m also only 50% convinced jag and Matt won’t chicken out on america and Corey.

Game fan

Matt really wants it to be 5-4 so he can keep being safe with cirie & jared .
But it’s not in his character to also go against Jag and Bowie.
I think cirie would want to work with him regardless , she would need him

Tre Billis

I hope they do not go after Cam The talk for weeks is backdooring Cam. Cam can be a very useful asset…for one he broke it all open and two he wins challenges. If I were in the house I would want to align with him


Cirie should try to align with Cam. He wanted Izzy out of the house and she is going. Cirie spin that shit to your advantage. Cam is kinda but not really smart But you are!

Tre Billis

No. Cirie has already been proven to not be trustworthy to Cam. If Cam aligned with her he would be dumb. In addition, what good would Cirie do Cam? She never wins challenges.


That would most certainly blow


I REALLY hope Jag and Matt don’t chicken out. Can’t wait to see if Izzy spills the beans about Jared and Cirie if she gets voted out. Who do you want to win the endurance competition?


America for the HOH win!!

Here We Go

My biggest worry is that production interferes and destroys all this progress to get rid the evildoers. Jared is a turd and he and his Mom can go. Jared’s subservient slave can go too.


I am very disappointed in Big Brother bringing on a Mother and Son on the same season This gives all other players a disadvantage because they have a spy running to tell his Momma everything. Not fair, not fair at all. Am I the only one that feels this way?


everyone who loves this game feels that way. they’re going to give 750,000 to Jared or Cerie

Carlito's Way

I don’t think they will. I really think they saw the light and see that they were basically working their butts off to pave the way for Jared, Izzy and Cirie to sashay their way to the finale. But who knows with this bunch. It could be an epic BB move or an epic fail. Fingers crossed they don’t flip back!


So do you think the flip will stick?


I think so.


not really sure if the flip is the most important part here. it is true that Izzy is a better competitor… but the seriously unfortunate thing is Matt and Jag will go back into the Cerie/Jared cult, to be voted out very soon after they get rid of Cameron and Corey and America


The “feeling” that Cirie got was from Jared. Jag told him something last night to cover his hide. Now Matt and Cory don’t trust him.

See ya, Jag. Freaking waste of space in that house.


Please tell me the Izzy vote is still going through


It is but jag and Matt have all day to chicken out

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree, Jag and Matt really make me nervous. Matt seems to always need to inform Cirie about everything he knows, and Jag, what can I say, Jag’s game play, or lack there of, it has been very disappointing.

Izzys backfat

Tears stream down my face as I watch Izzy pack for what might be his last day in the Big brother house.


You seem like the kind of psychopath that has a shrine in a dark room and dedicates a LOT of time disliking one person. Pathetic username. Pathetic comments.

Izzys backfat

Is this Paige? Your boyfriend will be evicted tonight so put on your dirtiest dress & prepare a romantic mudbath for him when he waddles back to the lair you loser.


Hey man. I can be Paige or whoever you want me to be if it helps you justify this lame crap. Why are you so insecure? Did you get rejected by a fat girl with hairy armpits or what?? Why are you thinking about Paige and Izzy having a romantic mudbath? Is that part of your shrine??

Stop ON

That was probably Paige behind the screen name dreading her return home…


Exactly. Now that’s a joke I can appreciate.

senior citizen

I also have tears. Of HAPPINESS!

Stop ON

By the time you read this “PIGGY BE GONE”.


We can all agree Izzy needs to go. If Izzy used this secret as soon as she was on the block, she could have dropped Cirie and finally snapped out of it!!! But she’s really going to carry this till the end, for Cirie and Jared?? Especially Jared. He is on my last nerve. I wish I could have seen her play without them. Now she has to be eliminated wearing a pig costume being loyal to Cirie and Jared. I can’t stand her and wish she would’ve fought harder for this. You deserve to go! Too attached. Too emotional. You could’ve finally saved yourself but you did nothing. You could’ve had a good run without having your mouth attached to Ciries ass.


Blow this whole thing up Izzy. You have all day. I can’t stand you but damn SAY SOMETHING. No one cares about you and you’re letting them. Do something man. Stop acting tough and being weak at the same time. Protecting these people just to look like a fool over and over. Cirie does not care about you.

Izzy looks just like a Meg Griffin irl

Cirie is putting on the heavy, “I love you Isabel” script. Cirie knows she needs Izzy to feel she’s special. Keep Izzy’s lips sealed til jury house. Izzy is fan hurling out and killing her own game. Poor Paige


Exactly. I wish Izzy never started the game off this way. She may have sacked herself for different reasons ultimately, but this is sad.


Well, here we go. Cirie woke up with this “feeling” that she, Izzy, Jared and Blue are in trouble, and she doesn’t think it’s paranoia. (Hint: Because it’s from the DR.)


unfortunately I’m afraid so. and then DR. turned matt

Oh my

Damn!!! Matt it a Rat!! He told Jared about the flip and then they told Cory, Jag told Jared. Jag needs to win the Wall Comp and put Matt up. Matt uses his hearing as game play to get sympathy. He acts like a goof ball but he’s the biggest rat in that house.


I don’t think it was Matt.

DR made Cirie paranoid — the only thing that makes sense why she would specifically say she, Izzy, Jared, and Blue were in trouble, because her moles Matt and Cory were telling her that they were voting out Felicia.

I believe what happened is that Cirie told Jared to smoke out whether there was a plot to get rid of Izzy (would have happened during the wake-up call feeds down time). And he did what Jared does — sloppily pin HGs against other HGs to see if stories lined up.

I’m not sure anyone spilled. It’s the Fields family doing what the Fields family has done all game long.

Carlito's Way

You are right. This all blew up because Matt told Felicia she has his vote. Felicia (the MOUTH) told Jared. Jared (THE BIGGEST ASSHAT EVER) then lied and told Matt and Cory that Jag told him they were flipping. The rest is history. Jared the Bully Asshat screamed at Cory until the feeds went down. Who would want to work with someone that aggressive? No thanks. I hope he did not bully them into flipping back to keeping Izzy. ARGH!


Jared lied to Matt about Jag


WHY?!! Why would he do that. Now they will all flip back. But regardless of who goes, Cirie is down a number.


Wait – Matt told Jared and then blamed it on Jag to Cory???
GRRRRR – I was really hoping for some good live TV moments tonight. I knew it was wishful thinking with this flip flopping, spineless crew.


Jag told Jared

Carlito's Way

Jag blew it!! He told Jared!


turns out he didn’t. Jag was lying again

Another Dixie

I’m watching now at 1:20PM (Th) BB time and Jared is haning it out with Cory about the 7 deadly sins accusing him of lying & attacking him because he is a brother of a survivor. Someone in the last 24 hrs told him. Hmmm….. maybe squealing Matt? I really don’t trust him. Jag, Bowie, & Cirie are also there. This is because Matt decided it was time to tell Jared that Izzy was going home. Why can’t they keep their big mouths shut???????

Stop ON

” Why can’t they keep their big mouths shut??????”



I have never seen a bigger group of idiots in my life,they can’t even keep their sh#t under wraps for 24 hours.


Am I the only one who loves that players have finally woken up to what’s really going on but wishes Izzy could stay for a more even (and thus more entertaining) split?

Felicia’s Tooth

I can’t…. This is a very disturbing picture… it reminds me of the Shining….. only she’s scarier

Moaning Murtle

Well it has to be said: and just like that it has FINALLY happened. I never ever thought Cirie would win and I wondered why so many on this site did. We know and she admits she is not good at comps. Why would people believe production would go to these lengts to set her up for a win. Read the room she knows she’s done and she’s okay with it. Give props where they are rightly deserved her social gaming skill, (not personality) are very good. She could join others who have played this game and give a master class. But now that the vote will indeed flip and they are strong and happy about sending Izzy home and getting Cameron out. The group id solid , you can see and sense it. We can all finally say give America the check with Cory coming in second. THey are both smart to also be thinking about jury managment. I loathe to type his name, but what has been said here and on other sites about Jared, no more needs saying. I hope he gets the help he needs but first I hope he realizes why he needs it, Cameron too. Cameron ,like Jared doesn’t listen and like Jared he is arrogant, condescending and you can’t reason with him. But Cameron will get his wish and Izzy will go home. Now let’s have a double eviction ( unlikely, do the math) and get rid of Jared and Cameron during it! America, Cory are both comp beasts ( Bowie is to as long as it is not HOH). Cory and America have laid low too long. Cory will help America with her lack of impulse control) they will win, Jag will win AFav , Blue will wonder if she will get the fame she is there for and let’s hope Matt gets something his goodhearted, if occasionally flawed heart, deserves such as a call from Reilly! Season over and scene..

un autre nom

Cirie and Izzy have sussed out Izzy might be in trouble.
They don’t understand how Blue and Baby weren’t brought in.
Think it’s all due to Izzy going at America yesterday, but Jared’s thing with Cory might not have helped.
They alerted Baby.
Baby lied to Matt / Cory, said Jag told him they’re voting out Izzy.
Matt confirmed Jag is, but Matt and Cory aren’t.
Matt, Cory and America think Jag cowardly lioned them AGAIN after his paranoia spin last night.
Baby pretty much woke Jag to confront, or fill back story for his lie when feeds cut.
Oh, btw
Felicia thinks her brown sugar babes have shown their true colors not fighting for her.


This meeting right now…..

Moaning Murtle

PS – this season began rather lackluster . despite the annoying flip flopping there was no sign if intelligent strategy .I missed the insights of many of your returning favorite , who despite a poor begin, added levity to my watching BB, a guilty pleasure. Now that a real game is “on” it is glad to see an uptick in comments special shout outs to un autre nom, TTOTambaz, Daring Librarian. For me the season is over, While I have no doubt they will band together to boot Jared and Cameron asap, IMO they are not all that charming or funny interesting etc ( Corey is sometimes) for me to hang around for another 40 ish more days. I am glad America and Corey have the reins. Now along with Jag, Matt, and Blue they can lie, backstab, be mean, smile be noncommittal, have convoluted conversation while doing it and somehow it will be okay. Cirie will bide her time( once she knows her game is over and that should be today) she is cool with calling it a day and going home, if she has to leave to save jared she will and not look back. She already has had her moments and a win on another show those remaining have theirs to get. Felicia the same as she is savvy enough to know they are just keeping her cause she “cooks” Meme who?None of them like her as strongly as they do America, no jury pull for her.
Enjoy the remains of the season!


I hope Matt isn’t dumb enough to tell Jarod before the vote. Cirie and her minions will have to much time to flip it back.

Stop ON

” I hope Matt isn’t dumb enough to tell Jarod before the vote”


They are ch1cksh1t!!! If Izzy stays I stop watching. PERIOD! Jared, Izzy, Cirie, Felicia, Meme, Blue are the grossest! Jared bullying/yelling at Cory while Matt and Jag just sheep eye Jared is sick then Cirie watching her son act badly and doing nothing! Makes me sick!


I will stop watching as well if BB let’s Izzy stay because of this.


So who is hurt worse by what is happening right at this very moment


I am at work and can’t watch 🙁 Please tell me they are not planning on keeping Izzy now. This cast make my 6 year old seem mature


It is an argument confrontation with Jared, Cory, Matt, Bowie, Jag and Cirie


Jared is yelling at Corey calling him a liar basically in serious basically backing him up. Matt and Jag look confused like usual and will probably vote whichever way screaming Jared says or survivor icon says. Truly a ridiculous season


The viewers are the ones that are hurt the most. this is a ridiculous big brother

Carlito's Way

I would hope they could see that Jared is lying. At the very least they can’t want work with such a bully. Right? Ugh,

Nether Region Euphemism

Cory needs to repeatedly redirect the conversation back to the evidence of Jared’s lies. He needs to stop trying to defend himself about being in the middle.

Jared is too forceful for Cory to handle.


Jared is NOT forceful he is inbred Neanderthal whose brain is a bunch of rocks. Jared is using the tactic – if I talk louder than you and get in your face you will back down.
Jag, Cory using their brains are trying to get answers and every time they catch Jared’s lie Jared jumps up and yells. Matt Is spineless. Cirie letting her son act such the fool for coin.
Evict Izzy
Evict Jared
Evict Cirie
Evict Felicia
Evict Blue
Evict Meme

Nether Region Euphemism

I really dislike the guy, but that is one really ugly comment you just made about him.

Have you ever described anyone in terms akin to an inbred Neanderthal before? What did they look like? Similar to Jared?

Jared is a classic aggressive gas-lighter. He obviously has some emotional and mental problems; perhaps having been spoiled by his mom while also not getting honest validation and attention that he needed to develop a realistic self-image based on actual accomplishments, he developed narcissistic tendencies. Just a theory. Hard to say exactly what is at the core of his psychological function which drives his behaviors.

Stop ON

“Jared is NOT forceful he is inbred Neanderthal whose brain is a bunch of rocks. Jared is using the tactic – if I talk louder than you and get in your face you will back down”
LOL….but isn’t that the tactic of most of the JARED’s in this world ??


Damn. Wish I was watching feeds right now.


It is Sickening!! Jared is yelling/bullying/pointing/talking over Cory. Jared and Cirie KNOWS they got caught as liars. They are painting Cory as a liar. It is shameful. Tonight’s HOH will see the path of this game.

Carlito's Way

Jared is THE WORST! I thought Jag spilled the beans but it was Jared who lied to Matt and Cory and told them that Jag told him he was voting for Felicia. That did not happen and caused a huge eruption! Jared is just bullying and being SUPER AGGRESSIVE! And Cirie is acting like she is clueless. Will they let him bully them into doing what he wants? Please don’t flip back. We need Izzy out, then Jared, then Cirie, then Felicia. Then we finally have a game!


You are absolutely correct. and I’m really offended that the stunt cast can get away with this stuff. it’s really not fair


Jared got called out on a number of lies and Cory called Jared out on talking over people

Don't Shoot the Messenger

God I hope Cory wins HOH tonight!


I’m watching the feed. you really don’t want to watch it…. seriously Jared’s loud arguments are going to convince Matt and scare Jag into voting the way Siri and him want them to vote. it’s really sad all the work Cameron did is going to go for naught.


It is popping offffff I was glad they actually let us watch for so long on a Thursday ! Will be so interesting to see how this next week goes


The feeds are absolutely insane right now. I haven’t see this kind of confrontation in a LONG time! Cirie is playing her innocent self and Corey is calling Jared out and Jared is lying his a$$ off. Jared is saying red was the target and Corey keeps telling them he’s lying it was Jag! Now we got kittens so it’s probably done for the day…. Dang!!!!


The feeds are off. Cirie and Jared got caught in their LIE. Why are they letting Jared stay how he gets in Cory’s face was TERRIBLE showmanship!!! So many people yelling at their TVs streaming devices right now. The part that made me laugh was when Cirie said, “For the record I never told you Cory that no one could trust you!” I screamed at the tv “Yes that is true because you have your son doing it for you!” F*cking SNAKES!!!


The Jared Corey fight was so good I just hope it doesn’t end in Izzy staying

Stop ON

Who gave CORY a shot of testosterone???


I can’t wait to see tonight’s episode. I really hope that everyone actually sticks to the plan though and doesn’t chicken out and actually votes Izzy out. America and Cameron were the only two that wanted to play this game! Let’s play it please!!


Cam said he was going to blowup the house, mission accomplished!!!


So what do y’all think is happening tonight? I watched the last three hours of feeds and the arguments were still going. I just hope and pray they don’t get to Matt and Jag. I think the rest will stay firm. Corey needs to get to them and show them how it was all a big lie. My heart is pounding like I was in the room with them! Screaming at the tv. Tonight can’t come soon enough.
I just worry about the gullibles


I agree. Matt and Jag do not have a backbone and they might just flip back to keeping Izzy. Cory and America will be on an island alone. Maybe they can team up with Cam.


Jarad and Cirie drive me absolutely nuts

un autre nom

(gonna be real, I grew up in an environment where loudest gaslighter thought loud meant right. Parts of this argument made me have a couple head ticks, I’m going to attempt not to speculate with bias).
Cirie’s biggest game problem is she can’t have note comparison, especially with her dumbass junior in the game. She now knows Jared’s foolery has folded her house of cards. She’ll blame Cory as cause (dumb kid in love) not Jared (wrecking ball spoiled brat). Cirie will have to pivot HARD.
Cory and Jared? Comes down to likeability and who wins HOH. That’s the side they take.
Let’s remember, For Real was a 6+1. They met as a six last week in HOH for a few minutes. America seeing them leave HOH is what caused the no cuddle night where America spiraled to Jag. It was created to placate America, and because Izzy didn’t like Blue and Jag so 7DS wasn’t real to her. Cirie gave Izzy her ideal group and realized it also leashed America.
DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT ALLIANCE CHARTING. ALL PRE 9/12 ALLIANCES ARE EXPOSED…except Brown Sugar Babes that doesn’t exist in the edit.


I was right there with you with the head ticking. Brought back TERRIBLE memories. Yes I was triggered. I have been made fun of for showing when I get triggered. (A lot of crying and stuttering) I just don’t understand how can people be so cruel. I don’t make excuses I am cruel and talk out of a** but when I own to it doesn’t make it right. I hate when bad people win. Hate it. I am on Eastern Coast so show is on in a few minutes. Please show G*ds evict Izzy,Jared,Cirie,Blue,Meme
I halt at Felicia because she is a veteran but I would like her evicted too. PLEASE!

Stop ON

You don’t need a chart to figure out the “Brown Sugar Babes”


I need a replacement show if Izzy stays in the Big Brother House as much as I will miss Julie and seeing her outfits I just can’t watch with such a fixed show that has rocks for brain people!
Any suggestions?

Stop ON

It’s not only a show; it’s also a circus.

un autre nom

Standard Wall tonight, not the overhead grips from 21, or forward grips from 22.
Pics have leaked with a big Josh (bb19) head behind the wall.
Best shots? Jag, Cory, Blue, America, Meme.
Outside shots? Matt, Bowie.
Lower Odds: Cirie, Felicia, Jared.
Jared has already stated his feet will be an issue to excuse himself.


un autre nom

only way I’d see Jared winning is if whoever pushed Helen went at everyone through the windows.


Agree, vents a hand can fit through, wonder how cbs would handle a lawsuit from America the country for flat ass fraudulent claims lol ?


I just watched the blow up that happened before the feeds cut for the live show. Some thoughts..

Jared looked guilty and generally bad but he did better than I thought.
Cirie kept her cool but the bombs Corey dropped should do some big damage to her game.
Corey took a couple hits but IMO came out on top


Amazing they left Cam out of the whole rerun of how the flip started. He is the one who deserves the credit