Big Brother Alumni April Lewis on Lifetime “BUSTO” is Back

Big Brother Alumni April Lewis AKA BUSTO was on LIfetimes 7 Days Of Sex on Thursday, May 24th at 10PM ET/PT. You can watch the entire episode here . The premise of the show is you have 2 couples who are in a “rut” and are willing to try anything to get back the romance. They participate in having S$X for 7 days and do various activities that challenge them to try new things and get out of the monotony of everyday life. Busto’s husband (Matt) says she is too controlling and preoccupied with the days activities. Busto thinks they are polar opposites and after 7 years of being married are stuck in “Free Fall”. The camera’s follow the couples around for 7 days and on the 7th day the couples will decide to “Re Commit” or to “split”. I didn’t find the show very entertaining show. Big Brother 6 Episodes videos


In case you forget who April Lewis is here is a video Of Howie berating her on the live feeds during Big Brother 6

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Busto is kinda looking busted (I’ve seen better looking horses), if you have to go on a show like this it is time to call it quits your marriage is already over.


I’d do her


Haven’t seen April and Howie for years


She looks like she has had some work done. I had to look her up to see who the heck she was cuz I didn’t recognize her at all in the email.


At first I was thinking she was the April of April and Ollie…and ewwwwwwwwwwww…I don’t want to think about them anymore.


Is there a way to watch past live feeds? like a whole season?


Simon/Dawg I just want to thank yall in advance for your super hard work and endless hours on updating this site during big brother. I love this site and have stuck with you guys for quite some time.


Thank you! We love to hear that all the work is appreciated!


Did they re-commit or split? =P