Jeff & Jordan “Do America” LIVE CHAT June 28, 2012


Today CBS hosted a live chat with Big Brother Alumni Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd about their new show called Jeff & Jordan Do America. The show was filmed to document their road trip across America, as they drove from Chicago to their new home in Los Angeles, California! Check out a sneak peak of their new reality TV show Jeff & Jordan Do America!
When the live stream of the chat starts Jeff and Jordan introduce themselves and their new show. Jeff messes up and starts to introduce his new show as his old show Around the World. He laughs and says wups wrong show. They then start answering questions from their fans. Below are some of the questions they answered during the live chat.


  • Jeff and Jordan answer the question about how much they like living in California. Jordan says that she hates the traffic and noise but likes everything else. Jeff says that the drivers in California are the worst ever and that you will see a little of his road rage on the show.
  • How are they adjusting to living together and are they glad they filmed the trip? They say that they were already together all the time so it wasn’t a big adjustment. Jordan says that she is a clean freak and that Jeff isn’t as much. They said that they loved filming it together.
  • If you could pick a place to live outside of California where would you live? Jordan says South Carolina. Jeff makes fun of her how South Carolina is only 3 hours away from where she used to live. Jeff says he would love to live somewhere outside of the US.
  • A viewer asks if Jordan was a good nurse to Jeff after his surgery. Jeff says yes she was she took great care of him.
  • They are asked if they still are friends with Brenchel? Jordan says that she went with lunch with Rachel the other day. Jeff says yes we are still friends with both of them.
  • They are asked who is the better driver, Jeff or Jordan? Jordan says that she is, but Jeff says no she isn’t only when she is in the desert with nothing else around her.
  • Jordan how did your family take the news of you moving out to California? Jordan says that her family was really upset. Jeff says yeah; wait till you see the episode of her leaving.
  • What is the best experience you had during the trip? Jordan says seeing the Grand Canyon. Jeff says that was one of the tops of the trip and that when you see the show you will see a great experience there with them.
  • Are you going to be watching Big Brother 14 this season? They both say yes, we will be both be watching this season.
  • When do you think Jeff will pop the question and finally ask you to marry him? Jordan says soon. Jeff says that is the question that everyone asks them and that people are always in a hurry to ask what’s next. Jeff says that he just wants to enjoy their time together but that everyone always ask: When are you moving in together? When are you getting married? When are you going to have kids?
  • Are you surprised of all the fan base you still have and how protective they are of you? Jeff says yeah we are surprised about all the fans and that they appreciate all the support.
  • Would you consider joining Amazing Race All-stars or any other reality tv show like survivor? Jordan says that she would never do survivor. Jeff says that they would not be considered for amazing race all-stars but that he would love to do survivor.
  • What do you not like about the other person? Jeff says that Jordan is very particular about where things are placed. Jeff talks about a fight they had about Jordan moving things around in the kitchen when he is the one that does all the cooking.
  • What tips would you give new House Guests? Jordan says when you go in the house don’t be too strong …so that you don’t put a target on you back. Jeff says don’t talk much and stay out of everything. Don’t be all secretive so that you have something to talk about with everyone.
  • Why did you decide to move in together in California? Jordan says that she was tired of the long distance thing. Jeff says that they picked California so that they both had to give up something and because he had some opportunities there.
  • Do you ever put on a disguise when you go out so that you don’t get recognized? They both say no, never.
  • What was your favourite show that you did, Amazing Race, Big Brother or this new show? Jordan this show was great. Jeff says that Big Brother was great but that there is a lot of drama in the house.

Watch the video of Jeff & Jordan’s Live Chat:


Stay tuned for more information to be released about the new season of Big Brother 2012! Soon CBS will be releasing details about the Big Brother house, this seasons theme, twists and cast members. Take a look at the Big Brother 14 Schedule make sure you don’t miss any upcoming important dates.

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Prissy Lady Venom

That was nauseating!
Can’t that that d-bag and his dumb side kick


Hate Much !! Why are you even watching their segment…. Have nothing’ better to do? Your life must SUCK !! It’s like you’re Michele and the tattooed lady on BB, speaking again… I love how you made your point so clear ! Your parents must be so proud…. WOW !! Prissy and Lady and Venom go so well together. BOOOOOOORRING !!! * yawn *


I just hope this confirms they won’t be in Big Brother 14, I like them, but I don’t want them to taint their reputation anymore than Jeff did in 13.