Frank – I won’t be putting up a member of the 8 pack, “You can figure it out”

9:55pm Frank in the backyard talking to himself
Saying that he’s more relaxed this summer everyone calls him “the old man” because all he’s doing is sleep.
Frank – today is day 11… just barely over 10 percent done.
(Frank farts)
Frank – excuse me nanna.. .I know you don’t like me passing gas but it’s first thing in the morning.. I guess CBS won’t mind me covering up the Mic next time

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“I’m always 10 steps ahead, all the f***g time… That girl [Nicole] will never beat me”

2:44am Paulie, Jozea and Paul
(Hard to make sense of this conversation.. Jozea and Paul kinda rambling)
Jozea says they had the perfect time to call a meeting they had everyone in their alliance collected in the living room.
Paul says if there’s 1 or 2 people missing it’s easier to relay information.

Paulie says Tiffany doesn’t give up a lot of information “Very smart”

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Big Brother 18 Power Of Veto Results – “That was a f**king tough competition!”

In the HOH room – Frank is talking to Tiffany. Frank says I should put myself up. It would cause confusion but … I wouldn’t.. I would never put myself up. I’m going to have a talk with Michelle. Tiffany asks are you thinking of putting her up? Frank says no, I don’t think she could handle it. Tiffany says maybe says I totally don’t want to put you on the block but if you’re okay with it.

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“That road kill competition is a positive we don’t have to win every HOH” -Frank

3:21pm Tiffany and Frank
Frank whispering about fooling the newbies. Tiffany laughs “You’re loving this” frank says his season he never had a chance to play like this because he was on the block every week.

Frank tells her about his season. Says Janelle and Boogie had some bad blood.
Frank was annoyed his season that people didn’t know how to play the game because it allowed players like Britney to get their hooks into people. But this year it’s beneficial to them.

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Sneak Peek of Sunday’s Challenge RoadKill

The RoadKill challenge will be played utilizing the RV above. This week we suspect Frank won the challenge and Nominated Paul. This is how it works. After the HOH, Before the POV the roadkill competition will be played. The winner of that can secretly nominate one house guest. Since the competitions outcome has to be a secret they most likely be all timed challenges. If the nomination the roadkill winner had selected is saved from being on the block the Roadkill winner selects the re-nomination.

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“Did their bachelor/ette party together and it was Gay.. it was a figure of speech dude”

12:35pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Jozea, Michelle, James, Corey
Chit chat.. Sugar daddy’s, bachelorette parties etc..
Corey tells them at the bar he works at during the bachelor party the girls would do shots off his body, “I let them do it it’s not my problem”
He adds that he would be pissed if his wife was doing that on her bachelorette party

Corey – my best friend from high school him and and his wife they did their bachelor party together and it was Gay
James – ah

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Power of Veto Today “They put us in suits we have to make an executive..”

10:18am CAm 3-4 Nicole, Frank and Tiffany HOH
Frank brings up walking in on Victor seeing them point at Corey’s microphone. Nicole asks if Victor still thinks he’s good with Fran. Feeds cut……
James walks in “I gotta poop”

Frank – I think it’s kinda weird he pointed at Corey’s microphone… They’re so paranoid right now they are constantly coming up with someone new.
(The newbies cannot figure out who won the new competition and nominated Paul)
Tiffany – is Vic really that unaware of the house dynamics

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Nicole cries about not being invited to the meeting Jozea is having at 2am. “What did I ever do to him”

Cameras switch to Nicole and Zakiyah in the Africa room. Nicole is crying about Joeza calling a meeting at 2am that everybody but her and Michelle are invited. Nicole – “What did I ever do to him.” James joins them Nicole says she’s starting her menstrual cycle and she’s really tired, She brings up the meeting at 2am. James says he wasn’t invited but he’s going to hide in on it. James says Corey, me, you and Michelle aren’t invited.

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Big Brother 18 Part 1 Premiere Episode Results

Here we go! the first episode for Big Brother 18. It’s a two hour premiere so I’m expecting lots of our unanswered questions to be asked. Who are the returnees? What’s the main twist? is Frankie on the show do I need to shut the site down? If you are on the west coast and would like to watch the Show live you can do this with a live feed subscription and a VPN. Just make sure your VPN is set to New York and you’ll be Good to Go. I recommend Hidemyass as the VPN.

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