“Did their bachelor/ette party together and it was Gay.. it was a figure of speech dude”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’vonne, Paul, Zakiyah, Jozea

Veto Players picked they are: DA’Vonne, Corey, Nicole, Jozea, Paulie, Paul

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 11-47-32-899
11:42am HOH Nicole, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah
Da’Vonne says if she wins the VEto she’ll keep the nominations the same. They are happy Victor wasn’t picked.

Nicole leaves.. Da’Vonne starts complaining about getting picked for Veto she did not want to get picked. Zakiyah says he was praying to lord they would not get picked.
Da’Vonne says JAmes, Frank are nervous about Tiffany they think she’ll crumble under pressure.
Zakiyah is a bit leary of her, ‘Keep her in the loop she’ll be fine.. Pet her like a little kitty”
Corey rolls him starts high fiving them. Says she’s going to go “F****ing” hard in the Veto.
Corey says he rattled Joeza’s cage a bit after getting drawn for Veto.
Zakiyah – He’s nervous.. He ‘s nervous
Da’Vonne – He’s scared..
COrey – That was awesome an.. Awesome
Da’Vonne – best case scenario.. Best best best case.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 11-58-43-335

11:57am Victor, Paul and Jozea
Paul and Victor are telling him to be cool they’re OK.
Paul – If Corey wins he’s going to pull paulie off.. That’s the group
Joeza tells Paul Corey put Paulie up as the pawn
Paul – If one of us wins do we keep it how it is or pull one of ourselves off
Jozea explains you win the VEto use it on yourself
Paul – they’ll just put another one of us up
Jozea says they control the vote
Paul thinks Nicole would put up Bridgette.
Joeza isn’t worried about Bridgette if she was nominated she would be safe.
Victor comes in start complaining about how one of the girls and how she is always going on about her body.
Victor – Eat better workout more..
They all can’t wait until she’s gone but in a game sense important to keep in the game because she’s a “Superfan” (MAybe they are talking about Michelle)
JAmes comes in …

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 12-03-39-548
12:01pm HOH crew Chit chat Frank, Nicole, Corey, Da’Vonne and Tiffany
Frank going over possible competitions they could have for POV. Frank starts dropping more Competition knowledge..
Lots of discussion on how “Clueless” the other side is (The newbs)
They call them “Knuckleheads”.
Frank mentions how “They” (Paul, Jozea.. etc) weren’t close to Bridgette but now they are scrambling trying to pull her in.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 12-11-33-415

12:10pm Kitchen
Paul is going to try and convince Nicole to use the Veto on him, He thinks he can pull it off even though she doesn’t like him. He’s going remind her that Joeza is coming after her everyone knows that. HE plans to frame it as a good deal he will owe her if she saves him. He will pay her back. Nicole doesn’t control who goes up the Roadkill winner will, she will only gain with a move like that.
Paul doesn’t think Corey will use the Veto.

gay feat

12:35pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Jozea, Michelle, James, Corey
Chit chat.. Sugar daddy’s, bachelorette parties etc..
Corey tells them at the bar he works at during the bachelor party the girls would do shots off his body, “I let them do it it’s not my problem”
He adds that he would be pissed if his wife was doing that on her bachelorette party

Corey – my best friend from high school him and and his wife they did their bachelor party together and it was Gay
James – ah
Corey – For the Bachelor
Jozea – wait what… it was what
Corey – not gay i a bad way
Corey – Gay’s not a bad thing yo know that
Joeza – but it was Gay as what…. they were happy or they were all gay
Corey – they were happy .. it was just like… thank you for making me feel awkward.
Jozea – I wanted to clarify it up what was it the party was gay
Corey – it was a figure of speech dude
Joeza – I rarely hear people say the figure of speech the party was gay.
James – I’m getting out of this
Michelle – I gotta use the bathroom
Corey – I’m sorry

Jozea gets called into the Diary room.. Corey says it was a figure of speech where he comes from everyone says it, “You shouldn’t say those things people take offense to those words. Corey is upset, says he didn’t mean anything negative by saying Gay.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 12-35-45-134

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 12-50-18-726

12:48pm Frank and Corey Africa

Corey telling Frank one of his best friends is gay.. brings up calling a party “Gay” in the bathroom earlier and how he feels bad about it. Says Jozea got upset. “It’s a figure of speech dude.. people say retarded a lot it’s not good..

Corey – they already think i’m gay anyways
They laugh
Frank says Bronte is shady “She’s a cutie though.. in great shape.. she got on the wrong side.. ”
Frank says there s girl alliance on the other side but they’re girls don’t thin that way (Da’vonne).

Corey and Frank don’t care for Paul they think he’s over doing it. Frank wants them to target: Jozea, Victor, Bronte, and Paul
Corey – we gotta know what steps top take what moves to make
Frank mentions how Bronte has all this information that she’ll use to save herself.
Frank starts dropping more Competition knowledge..
Frank mentions if they can get Victor and Jozea on the block this week it would be perfect.
Frank – I almost want Jozea to go first not because he can play because he’s such a pain in the ass
Frank calls Victor a 2 Dimensional player, “he thinks Speed and Strength”

1:21pm Nicole and DA’Vonne

Da’Vonne says even in their 5 it should be them 2. Nicole agrees. Da’Vonne says the two of them should go Final 2. \
Nicole’s on board.
Zakiyah comes in. They congratulate Nicole in “Picking good veto people”
Da’Vonne says she’s not trying to be funny she doesn’t want to be anywhere near Victor. Zakiyah agree.
Da’Vonne says Corey is going to keep the nominations the same.
Da’Vonne hopes the newbies ‘nerves” gets to them and the break down during the competition.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 13-30-36-088

1:30pm James and Natalie
James says he’ll protect her from the creeps in the house.
Natalie – James I feel safe with you
they giggle

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 13-30-38-086

2:33pm Lots of nervous energy around…. waiting for the Power of Veto competition to start.
Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 14-47-37-003

2:43pm James and Nicole
James is suggesting that Nicole and “Vic” become best friends
Nicole agrees asys she’ll try hanging out with him more.
James says she should ‘Stroke his ego” says “You have Big Muscles and longer hair”
They laugh.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 14-47-20-000

2:45pm Kitchen Frank and Jozea
Frank telling him they have the numbers.
Frank counts the votes tells him he’s got the 6 he needs and they go into the next week with 8 people ion their side.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 15-00-56-685

3:02pm James tries out the phone

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 15-06-43-265

3:06pm sky ramp (or whatever they call it)
James tries to scare Da’Vonne and Nicole but Nicole catches him…
Nicole – I can sense people around that aren’t supposed to be around (HAHAHA)

Everyone just waiting around for the POV competition.

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Ugh Jozea needs to go. Can’t wait till him and Paul are gone.


Joz & Michelle convos crazy! Joz actually just said BB always cast’s OTT gays like Frankie not normal guys like him, lol! Then he plays astonished when Michelle tells him Frankie is a Grande… he apparently never saw the show or can’t keep his lies straight.



Mrs. Mac

Goodbye, Jozea. It’s been……….annoying.

Mrs. Mac

The sad thing is, Paul probably COULD talk Nicole into using the veto on him. She second guesses herself and ends up thinking the worst possible decisions make total sense.


Joz the Mess-uh-yeah to DR now what, for calling Production “hunger games” dictators changing everything to get the results they want. He knows Ariana Grande, you don’t say, then calls her a pedo dream. Can’t they muzzle him til the vote?


Did he really say that about Arianna?!


Confirmed in feed transcripts, says he met her & thinks she’s pedo dream, said Frankie is classic OTT casting but didn’t know they were related, Michelle convo, she said if Frankie were to get into the house, she’d self evict. He’d never heard of half the former players she mentioned so he couldn’t have watched tapes in sequester, can’t be a superfan, recruited somehow?


“James, i feel safe with you” – BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Words I never thought I’d hear in the BB house (In all seriousness, I like James and hope he does well this season. But he is a horndog!)

Joz hat!!!

It’s been real.. But we are outty!!


The guys sure suck this year don’t they? The chances of a female winning BB18 are through the roof!


If they don’t end up turning on each other first lol! We thought 15 would have a lady win too.

I’m still trying figure out the pecking order in Fatal 5 of who they’d be willing to let go. Nicole and Day are obviously at the top. Then I’m assuming it goes Zakiyah, Michelle, and then Tiff?


Agreed. Unless it’s James or Frank.


Ok so a party was gay and the 4th of July is a stupid holiday (or whatever crap Jo said about Americans and the 4th). Great. One stupid comment from both sides, let’s call it a wash and get on with life, HG’s.

Unbattled Block

That was an excellent POV Player draw !!

Unless your Jozea or Paul that is

Somehow, someway I would love to see Paul exposed and voted out. Jozea is MEGA-annoying also but he would be easy enough to pick off sooner than later.

But i would be happy with either of them gone.


I knew I wasn’t going to like Corey.

Why am I not surprised that all of these people are seconds away from turning on each other lol. 8 pack seems like it will crumble under the paranoia. Which is good. Big alliances make for a boring season.

Fatal 5 already has a pecking order with Day/Nicole at the top. The girls don’t trust Tiff.

James is playing the exact same game as last year trying to buddy up with the pretty girl.

Sounds like the veto players are: Nicole, Day, Paul, Paulie, Jozea, and Corey.


Why does Frank think he can get Victor on the block this week? Is he not paying attention?


In my opinion, putting Paulie up as a “pawn” was a huge mistake. It may turn out to be ok now that a 3rd person is on the block, but it was risky. You put people up as pawns when you know you have the numbers. The vets seemed to have sussed out there was an anti-vet vibe, so why would they think they had the numbers to keep Paulie safe? It is a target rich environment with lots of folks to go on the block that doesnt have to be someone you could work with in a season, at least at the start, that seems so anti-vet.

They are stuck in their old mode of pawn/target.

Maybe it will work out as it seems things have loosened up since the first/second show, but I dont really like the move at all…


I think putting up Paulie is a smart move, editing just made it seem that 8 pack is nonexistent at the point that nomination was made. If you think about it, if 8 pack was born before the nominations, he is the best candidate to put up since he was just number 9 to them and is a strong physical player. Removing the immune players and the members of the big alliance, Nicole only has Bridgette, Paul, Paulie and Jozea as her choices.


Maaaan… it was only a matter of time that boring Corey would start up with the gay crap. If he turns into a trainwreck because of this that will be the only entertaining thing about him.


He was literally trying to proclaim his “straightness” on the feeds last night because Jozea was joking with him, and Corey himself brought up a popular gay club in his “gayborhood.” I can’t with with another clueless jock so uncomfortable with their own sexuality. Clay was better than this. I’ll be glad when he’s gone.


Day is trying hard to portray Tiff in a negative way. She obviously knows she is a strong player and wants her gone. Fatal 5 is not strong and Tiff knows it.

Michelle and Tiff are tight. And Frank and Corey are tight. That to me is already a unstated alliance.

Final Four Baby!

Tiff for the win!

P.S. Joz was right to call out Corey on the gay comment but let’s not get overly excited or shun Corey. I don’t dislike Joz as much as I do Paul. I think Joz could be a person that you are like I hated him at start but now I like him come August. Stay tuned. Or maybe he goes home next week. Ha.


*thumbs up*

I’m a bit worried for Tifff because Frank told Corey earlier he wants the final 5 to be the two of them plus Nicole, Zakiyah, and Michelle which shocked me a bit. He must not see the resemblance between Michelle and Ian yet, which may come to bite him in the butt later.

So long as Tiff and Zakiyah go far, or hopefully to the end, I’ll be happy lol. I like that Zakiyah is on nobody’s radar, and is in multiple groups final 6+ scenarios.

I’m agree with you, about not shunning Corey, but like Jozea I’m calling BS when I see it. Jozea’s comments were inappropriate as well. I don’t think Corey is homophobic, but I do think he’s ignorant to the meaning he is inexplicably stating when he’s saying things are gay or retarded. The same way Jozea is ignorant about differentiating between the independence of our country from Britain, and the disgusting genocide of Native Americans that paved the way for it.


Sometimes I just want to scream like when Frank says ” if we could get Jozea and Victor on the block tat would be perfect.” You can’t put Victor on the block for this and the next eviction… like you can’t put up James and the rest of Team Unicorn on the blow…. they are safe for the first two weeks… not first two evictions first two weeks, That entire Team is a NO discussion option. It s not even with strategizing to get any of them out, they are safe. It is a waste of time they should just focus on the task at hand, getting out Paul and Joz… that is it.

Now if one of Paulie, Paul or Joz come off the block that really only leaves Michelle or Bridgette…. because Tiffany and Zak are teamed up with Nicoles side and it too early to risk them…. Da’Vonne and Frank are vets and that would go against the Vet alliance also it would be too tempting for the newbies to take out a vet.

Unfortunately, due to house dynamics it is safest to have Paulie stay up with Paul and Joz…. if they end up having to put up Bridgette or Michelle with Paul and Joz… tester one will kick in and they will see the girl as disposable and evict one of two girls none of them aren’t really that close to yet… Really hope the HoH does not make a replacement that the surviving two stand without needing an HoH replacement.


what is this roadkill thing and why are there three noms?