Frank – I won’t be putting up a member of the 8 pack, “You can figure it out”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

Big Brother 18 Alliance page

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 10-04-40-195

9:55pm Frank in the backyard talking to himself
Saying that he’s more relaxed this summer everyone calls him “the old man” because all he’s doing is sleep.
Frank – today is day 11… just barely over 10 percent done.
(Frank farts)
Frank – excuse me nanna.. .I know you don’t like me passing gas but it’s first thing in the morning.. I guess CBS won’t mind me covering up the Mic next time
Frank – feels great outside today

Frank – I want my girlfriend Ashley to know I didn’t choose to be naked.. I’m very restricted behind these pixels.
Frank identifies that he’s been playing hard these last couple days. He didn’t want to have to play that way.
Frank thinks it was too early to start the alliances he has “the 8 pack” Aka “the firing squad”, ” I like the firing squad better” Frank explains he had to form something quick because he was hearing his name getting thrown around and the returnees were in a dangerous spot.

Frank wishes Paulie was in the room when they formed the 8 pack, “Wrong place wrong time unfortunately he’s not in that group..” Frank likes Paulie adds that at least Paulie is in “his” team. Frank wanted the team name to be “Personal pan pizza” but they weren’t allowed to go with that for reasons he doesn’t understand so they called there team Category 4.

Frank – Now Paul’s is the 3rd person nominated..
Frank – “I put him up.. you’ll find out Sunday”
Frank says he won’t be putting up a member of the 8 pack, “You can figure it out” (Bridgette must be going up)
They want Jozea out because he’s a mouthpiece, after Jozea goes Victor has to go. Frank explains Victor is “Rahh RAhh”
Frank doesn’t care that Paul won the POV he just didn’t want to see Jozea win it.
Frank going on about his “Dad bode”

Frank jokes that the outfit is so tight in the crotch his “testicles have ascended” and he’s going to be talking with a high pitch voice.
Frank – I wish other people would start to wake up at least one… so I can sneak into the bathroom so people on the live feeds don’t know exactly what I am doing.

Frank – what else can I talk about.. I do have a tight little squad.. the 4 returning houseguests.. the 8 pack.. I’m just trying to scoop up Corey as much as possible.. get him nice and close… same thing with Zakiyah.

Frank – James has a crush on Nicole.. he’s a little girl crazy, he’s got a crush on a lot of girls.. He did tell me specifically she was wife material so I’m going to keep an eye on that

Frank – as much as I like Jams and Da.. they both have kids i’m a little nervous going to final 2 with them

Frank feels good about Tiffany, he’s heard people are worried that her sister coming into the game.

Frank mentions how Da’Vonne was going around trying to make final 2 deals with the vets.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 10-01-33-859

10:27am backyard FRANK

Frank continues to talk, random shoutout etc.. . “All the women in this house are really good fine ladies all their parents should be happy”

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 10-30-04-209

Frank finally gets a friend.

10:46am Still in the backyard Frank saying his plan is to sleep a lot to kill the time.
Frank says Nicole’s HOH album is awful he can’t listen to it (Justine beiber). He Quotes Danny Glover from, Lethal Weapon, “I’m too old for this shit”
Frank says there’s 4 or 5 sides to the house.. brings up the alliance “Death Row” (Victor, Jozea, Paul, ?, ?)
Frank – some of the girls in the house are feeling bullied and it’s not nice.. the people in death row are bullying them.. Jozea and Victor.
Frank – they were putting pressure on Bronte and Natalie.. they were pushing Bridgette yesterday.
Paulie joins him

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 10-52-47-229

10:51am Backyard Frank and PAulie
Talking about how the girls feel really uncomfortable with their punishment outfits. Frank says the worst part of the costumes is they are ill fitting
Paulie brings up his conversation with Paul and Jozea last night, “He [Jozea] has no idea”
Frank – they have absolutely no idea.. they’re idiots”
Paulie brings up Jozea trying to get everyone to vote Paulie out then when Paulie confronted him he backtracked.
Paulie about jozea “he’s such a f***g idiot”
Frank – don’t talk game to him for teh rest of the week
Paulie agrees
Frank says Jozea thinks he’s voting Paulie out.
Paulie mentions Jozea has no f***g idea about what votes he has, “He talks and talks and talks.. the man said Me, Da’Vonne and Z understand each other because of our upbringing..
Paulie adds that Jozea is saying to him, Zakiyah, himself and Da’Vonne are the only minorities in the house so he can count on their votes.
Paulie – He thinks he has Michelle, Bridgette, Zakiyah
Paulie will be shocked if he goes home this week.
Frank – nobody wants that dude in the house.. it’s a small group he thinks it’s a big group it’s a smakll group.

Frank thinks the group is Victor, Jozea, Natalie, Paul amd Bronte are a group but Bronte/Natalie are seasy to peel off.

Paulie brings up Jozea saying he’s 10 steps of everyone in the house.
Frank – he doesn’t know the game… he thinks you vote to keep people.. I swear all he did was watch a you tube compilations of Franke Grande clips
Paulie – all he talks about is Frankie.
Frank – he’s straight up like a Devon right now
Sounds like Paulie wants to start a Derrick/Cody relationship with Frank. Frank says that is how him an Mike were in Season 15.
Frank pushes Paulie to continue playing cool.

Paulie calls Victor a “paper tiger” for competitions
Frank isn’t worried about Victor winning a lot of competitions.
Paulie says Paul got lucky with the POV. “Corey and I were f***g cruising”

Frank laughs that Paul was complaining about “beast it out” during the POV and how he can’t keep that pace up “all season”
Frank says Jozea is going to freak out this week. Right now it’s 7-4 for him to go. As the week goes that will go down to 9-2.
Adds the Bronte and Natalie are “Close to Flipping”

Frank – Bronte.. I think she’s kinda cleaver
Paulie thinks Bronte watches a lot and has information because she “Pops around”

11:26pm the rest of the house get woken up feeds go to fish.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 11-33-50-536

11:33am BAckyard
Houseguests up.. lingering around

Nicole gets her hand stuck in the backyard folding chairs. She screams for help James runs out to save her.
Da’Vonne – he came running honey
JAmes – I’ll follow you into the dark. I got you

Da’Vonne – there’s no way in the name of Jesus I am working out in this weather
James – it’s pool time

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 11-35-29-534


Paul tells Jozea he called Nicole Cock-eyed
Paul – you said there’s something going on with that face
Jozea – you think that made it to the live feeders
Paul – 100%

11:48am Zakiyah and Da’Vonne getting ready for some time in the sun

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 11-51-33-261

11:52am BAckyard is getting some use today. Everyone planning some pool time.
Bridgette – I’m not going to last long in this pool.. You’re wearing me out
JAmes – Thats what I like to hear

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 12-15-38-950

12:16pm Cam 1-2 JAmes and Nicole
Nicole telling James about the meeting with Bridgette. Sounds like something was taken in the wrong way and it’s causing Nicole stress. Paulie walks through. She tells him she feels like the whole house is against her. PAulie laughs.

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im going say power puff or anti vets will go up!

Big Brother is life

Frank finally gets to play the game and I am enjoying this side of Frank. In BB14 he had to win a comp every week to stay safe if it was HoH or Veto and if he didn’t he was a final nom. Frank is going far in my mind but he he needs to go farther than the vets and solidify something between Corey and Paulie. Cause the female vets along with the females of 8 Pack already got their fatal 5.


Women never stick together long. They will be plotting against each other in under two weeks. As soon as a guy pays attention to one. I would like to see James and Tiffany team up. She is smart and he sticks with his decisions. She calls the play and he follows through. Might be a great team.


This does look different Day say her and Nicole will be friends for life after this while alone and Tiffany if she anything like Vanessa will stick with them as well.

I don’t know enough about Michelle or Zakiyah but they look pretty solid and 5 is a decent number at this point.

As long as Nicole goes far I’m fine.


Frank vs Day will eventually happen and I’m excited for it. Hopefully no twist would mess it up like the Mitch-Tim rivalry in BBCAN.


People are worried Tiffs sister is comimg in the house. Bahahaha!

Omg. No one can let Nessa go and just think of Tiff as Tiff. Yes I know she looks like her and her voice sounds similar. That’s not her fault. Get over it.

She only carried on a convo about Nessa to Paulie because they share the sibling as former player thing. Not like she is going around talking about how her sis should of won last season to everyone.

Day is in everyones ear with negative crap about Tiff. Smh. So funny.

James tells Natalie “I’ll protect you from the creepy guys” says creepiest dude in house. Ha.

Joz and Vic together have half a brain cell. Paul is a douche bag but I think actually is getting a clue. He sees what is going to happen Thursday. I still can’t stand Paul but let’s see if he is a game player now. Give him a chance. If he does what I think he might he could get some cred for strong game play. Hope for him yet? Prolly not:-) But let’s wait and see.


They need to get jozea out


Yo you guys should contact that bird for an exclusive interview.


Jozea what a butthole

April in Paris

I’m a little late getting here this year so thanks Dawg and Simon for helping me catch-up. Love James frank and Corey so far. Love the roadkill idea and SO glad there’s no battle of the block, where did they get the idea true fans would be sad it was gone this year?

Josh Rasmussen

I like Frank a lot better than BB14. His ego got the better of him last time. I think he’s calming down a bit. Let
s just hope that he is not too sneaky

Big Jim

He was under Mike’s influencem so you can’t blame him


Say all you want about disliking Mama Day – But from what I have seen so far she has learned from her past mistakes so far. She got herself in to trouble by yelling at people and fighting that isn’t happening YET. It might not either. She has set herself up pretty good this Week. She hasn’t caused any drama in the house to bring any spotlight on to her from the newbies. All the Newbs are mostly looking at either James or Nicole. Frank loves Mama Day so does Nicole so MD has cover there. Even Paul seems to have dropped his vengeance towards her this week. And if Jozea goes he will want to keep MD around a little longer for support. As long as she keeps doing what she has been, she could go far in this game.
My weak link of the returnees is James – He never shows his true cards, out of anyone. I can see him betraying a returnee at any point in the game with out thinking of the consequences. He never was a smart player and I still don’t think he is. He’s good for a laugh BUT he is just never around to talk game or show any interest. IMHO

Frank's farts

I agree about MamaD, plus she even making an effort to “play” the live feeders. Turning to the camera and saying how much she loves Nicole. yeah, right 😉 If she can’t win BB, she’s going to try forAmerica’s favorite


I keep forgetting these people are even on teams until I see the favorite team poll at the end of posts here.

Big Jim

Frank for the win (I hope)

BB Fan

My favorites are Nicole, Tiffany, Frank & Corey (from interviews I didn’t think I would like Corey). My 2nd tier of favs are James, Paulie, Michelle, Zakiyah & Bridgett. The only ones I don’t like are Josea, Paul, DaVonne & Victor. I haven’t decided on Bronte or Natalie. They may be okay but fell in with wrong people.


i think its going to be a good season…i wish nicole would have learned how to play before coming back tho..


Nicole is playing a great game! She lead her team in winning the SOS competition, let them pick her to be HOH all while acting like she didn’t really want it. Then nominated 2 strong guys from the two teams she had to choose from. She kept her target(Josea) to herself. He will still be on the block come thurs. The majority of the house wants him out. She never had to reveal her target. She has spoken to paulie and he’s genuinely not holding a grudge against her. She’s cute and has a good personality is not vulgar, nice to everyone. But not two faced. So, I’m not sure what you mean when you say Nicole should have learned how to play big brother. She’s doing just fine. Not to mention she has a great group of players that she’s with.
And no this is not her mom! Just a fan from Texas!! Nicole for the win!