Big Brother 18 Live feeds are up! Mystery Land – Punishments…

POV Holder: ? POV Competition June, 25
POV Used ? POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Original Nominations: Paulie and Jozea
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’vonne, Paul, Zakiyah, Jozea

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-23 22-02-44-208
10pm The live feeds get turned on – Cam 1 -2 Jozea and Da’Vonne are in the living room talking. Day tells Zakiyah that she’s glad they asked her about that before the live feeds came on. (No idea what she’s talking about.) Da’vonne says to herself watch your mouth Da’vonne, watch your mouth! Da’vonne heads into the bedroom. The cameras switch to the kitchen with the house guests chatting and cooking.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-23 22-07-58-949

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-23 22-08-01-640

10:01pm Cam 3-4 Frank, Tiffany and Paulie

Chit chat about movies… :(

Da’Vonne joins them they don’t think the feeds are on. They briefly bring up the casting process, Frank says their family and them cannot “write a book for 5 years”. Zakiyah joins them cuddles up to Paulie.

Da’vonne tells them a story about almost getting cast for Survivor but at the last minute they told her they were “Changing the theme” and she didn’t get in. It was the survivor they are filming right now.

Talk moves to food..
Frank says he’s got a “Peanut Butter Booty”

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-23 22-06-33-102

Paulie and Franks punishment must be having to wear something funny. (Mystery Land Punishments – Pixelated outfits for Paulie, Frank, Michelle, Bridgett) Look at what they are wearing in these two pics

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-23 22-13-50-987

10:25pm Cam 1 – 2
Paulie and Frank are talking in the bedroom. Frank says its so stupid for them .. why would they want to vote you out. Even if nominations stay the same .. its going to be an 8 – 3 vote. I told Bridgette she needed to get in Bronte’s ear. One thing that girls are … they’re expendable.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-23 22-24-20-021

10:21pm James, Da’vonne, Vanessa and Zakiyah

Michele joins them wearing the 8 bit underwear. They start talking about a house meeting that some of the newbies are having tonight at 2am. Sounds like it’s JOeza that has organized it and invited everyone but the returnees, Michele, Tiffany and PAulie. JAmes jokes that he’s going to hide during the meeting and jump out 1/2 way through.

They start talking about NAtalie and “the trio”. Natalie is “trying to run games”.
Da’vonne says NAtalie is trying to but it’s not working.
James says he’ll be the first one to through natalie “straight up” (Nominate her).

They talk about Joeza’s “4th of July comment” and how disrespectful he was.
James says he told Joeza “A lot of American’s died for our freedom “ and JOeza said “Nobody told them to do that”

Da’Vonne says she’s here for the jokes and the laughs “But Seriously” Jeza went too far.

They bring up the trio again.. It’s Bronte, Bridgette, and Natalie. They wonder who the ringleader is, no idea. They impersonate Bronte making fun of her.

James back to Joeza’s comments and how if it was aired Joeza is “Done”. Da’Vonne says any Career Joeza had planned after this is done.
Michelle – “Who says that”
Zakiyah – “He says a lot of ignorant things”
They are really upset about what he said about the 4th of July.

Paul joins them says he hasn’t eaten all day. Zakiyah leaves the talk moves to horror movies.

Franks joins them does a dance

They start talking about Joeza’s “Comment” Paul doesn’t know about it. Michele says Joeza’ doesn’t think the 4th of July should be a holiday. Joeza claims it’s indian land they took it. Michelle says it’s not about indians it’s about the British.

Paul hates it when people stomp on their flag.

Chit chat about sleeping..

10:56pm Paul and Michele left in the room talking about playing the guitar. Paul drops some names.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-23 22-33-06-796

10:40pm Cam 1-2
Da’vonne says I hope that wasn’t on the feeds. Zak asks did she say anything racial? Da’vonne is she shaking her head. Zak says because that was extremely ignorant. Corey and Jozea join them. Corey comments on how they (Da’vonne, Paul, Zakiyah, Jozea) got through being havenots quick. (They’re off being havenots later tonight.) Jozea says we need to be light as a feather tomorrow .. take two fiber pill and sh!t that sh!t out!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-23 22-45-31-380

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Hah, that was the first thing I saw when I pulled up the feeds. We’re off to the races, y’all!


Haha…no pun intended I’m sure:)


If so that means Paulie is staying this week haha


If there is a god, it will let James successfully hide in that damn trunk while there’s a 2am strategy meeting going on. I need this. We all need this.


There is a Big Brother God!


i love frank


Frank’s hand gestures are very suspect, a lot of the wrist going on….why is this guy back?!?!
Also Nicole reminds me that………………….Derek sucks!


I never liked Frank, Hopefully he’ll be gone soon
Hey watcher … Do I have a twin?


Okay Paul needs to tone his arrogant ego down a few notches, the day he walks out the door ill be cheering from the heavens


Can’t wait to see paulie rub cocoa butter on zakiyah poolside….
Natalie is hott


Jozea has to go, can’t stand him or Paul. He reminds me of Frankie


Jozea is the poor man’s version of Frankie.


Jozea is so ghetto and he looks so dirty….


How the hell did Paulie score Kia? Damn I hope that doesn’t last. Ha.

Michelle is growing on me. She also is sneaky sexy.

Days hair lol.

They all hate Natalie Bridgette and Brante. And Jez and BeardBoy. It’s basically the house against those five.

Tiff is chilling observing seeing who to align with and take this mofo over. Haha. I hope she pulls in Michelle Corey and Frank.

I’m over Natalie already. Decent bod but the face isnt there and she seems basic as…and not that bright.


Aye Paulie may actually be pulling Zakiyah onto his side in case he doesn’t win the Veto. If he is able to form some sort of bond with her, he’ll have the Vets, Corey, Zakiyah, Tiffany, and potentially Bridgette and Michelle since they are on the same team on his side.


Yeah you can already see Paulie is gonna be a good player (if he survives this week). Great social game like his brother and I don’t think there are any Derricks in the house this year.


Derek was coached up in the DR with inside information and always sounded like he read from a teleprompter……*there are no Dan’s*
P.S. Who let Tori Spelling in the house?!?!


Paul sucks.


I’m confused, so if anyone has an answer, i’m appreciative in advance.
This two am meeting. who is and who is not invited?
So far i’ve got conflicting reports. lol. Nicole Michelle James and Corey are not invited… but also was Frank, Zakiyah, Paulie and Davonne left off the invite list as well? If so why have a meeting where a voting majority can’t be acheived?


Lol, that would be about on par with the strategy seen so far from the new players.


I hope I heard correctly when Natalie, Bridgette and Bronte were referred to as the Powerpuff Girls. I sort of love that.
Also, the Bronte voice impersonations were on point.


Lol. I like that too. But production will squash it. I imagine its copywrited.:(


Sadly, you’re probably correct :/


I hate Paul and Jozea.


Is the homophobia going to be as bad on here as seasons past? The way people talked on here about Frankie sounded like Isis????


Whaaa! float away delicate snowflake


Lots of people hated Frankie for reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with his sexuality, same goes for Jozea.


Yes in times ahead it will spring forth… fact of life i think.

Gotta love Bronte chalkboard scratching voice.
Wish she would pump up the volume in DR.


The hate for Frankie had everything to do with his personality and nothing at all with his gender preferences.


Jozea will be getting a lot of hate but its not because hes gay “atleast thats not why i dont like him” he has disrespected the US and has dug his own hole.


Wow can Paul be the most unlikeable player ever?
Joeza is such a nasty vile bitch! This season is going to
get ugly fast if these terrible people remain in the house.
I actually want to see good game play this season & less


I haaaaaattteeeee Paul. Omg what an egotistical, obnoxious donkey. Stop running the damn house. Never come in with convictions and try to stick to a day one plan. Or even before all twists are revealed. U never kno who u will be friends with or other ppl of ur “alliance”. He’s so forceful and brainwashing of the vets vs. newbs pushing it on everyone. Rethink ur strategy and play for ur self and whoever u KNOW thinks like u. dumb Shii. I hope they send him packing next.

Also I cannot stand tiffany for the fact I see Vanessa whole heartedly when she speaks and moves. She seems a little bit likeable unlike her disgusting sister. But I cannot separate them at this time. Her voice and mannerisms and her face! It’s all Vanessa.

I even see in u wrote Vanessa in one of the sentences. I thought it was a new person then I remembered tiffany/vanessa


My biggest issue with Vanessa’s sister is the fact she seems to have been coached to play that angle in the DR. Talking about living up to Vanessa’s rep while wearing that stupid bandana…

I understand Vanessa stokes people emotions strongly one way or another but let the sister have her own personality. If you wanted another Vanessa, you should’ve just gotten Vanessa.


Does anyone think that Glenn may have pulled his flag out first? That was such a bad angle and subject to manipulation (thanks, production). Also, why did Corey not fight for the HOH? That was dumb.


He did pull his flag 1st, BUT :-) he had some balls rolling off, so that disqualified him from eviction.


Glenn had two or three coconuts fall out as he grabbed the flag and Corey did not, that was the deciding factor. The rule was you had to pull the flag with all the coconuts in their holes so Glenn was the clear loser

Ian's Lament

Nicole made classically stupid move. Tried to be too nice and Paulie will go home and she will have and even bigger target on her back while losing a possible ally. Put up loud mouth Paul next to Jozea and watch the group cannibalise itself. She just made it and easy week for newbies if Paulie goes.


Don’t believe it. The fact he is Cody’s brother will keep him there awhile. He will most likely win POV so bye bye Joszea, you racist, sexist, ignorant, buffoon! His lack not knowledge regarding the history of HIS country is befuddling! Stupid is as stupid does! As someone said above, he is the dime store version of that grotesque monster, Frankie Grande, the most disgusting, pig to ever play the game!


BTW, the civil war had nothing to do with American Indians or the British as one dumb girl in the house suggested. But rather it had everything to do with slavery! From 1776 on, until well into the 1960’s every sitting U.S. President had to deal with slavery as THE MAIN ISSUE of their campaign and presidency. WOW, stupidity is a disease for which no cure exists.


No it was from freedom from the British government/ Church of England which had the king at the head of both….separation of church and state…Independece from England is Infependence day. Civil came later and notice I’m not calling you names Duhyaya


No it was from freedom from the British government/ Church of England which had the king at the head of both….separation of church and state…Independece from England is Infependence day. Civil came later and notice I’m not calling you names Duhyaya


Send Joeza out the door then back to where ever he came from. I have no respect for people coming to new countrys who then go on to bad mouth that countys beliefs and culture and to do it on TV the guy is scum.
The fact that he doesnt even know what hes talking about shows that hes a idiot.


If Nicole intends to work with Paulie down the road as she said, she shouldn’t have put him up as a pawn. She should have put up someone who doesn’t have impact on her game in case he/she leaves.


I really like a couple of the early changes this season. I think they had to find a way to stop the rampant throwing of competitions that went from being a rare strategy to the primary play for lazy house guests trying to “fly under the radar. Check in, lose comps, and then hang with the bros…frat house social club. No one wanted blood on their hands, so no one tried. Next they need to deal with the HOH shaming, where you must honor the HOH wishes…says who? Vote who you want, and then keep your mouth shut or lie if you have to. I am encouraged they are trying to reduce the predictability of past seasons.


I used to come to this site because I loved the updates. They’re very detailed. BUT some of these comments are racist. I see it. Commenters (some) are rude, disgusting and ignorant. And I thought Simon and dawg were cool but for the past 5 years when I post a comment I always acknowledge them with a “hello” and good job and appreciation BUT never a response. Would say it’s been fun but I’m disgusted. Going to another site for updates. Peace!


We always try and respond to comments but its not always possible. Both Simon and I have full time jobs on top of putting in 8 – 10 hours a day 7 days a week into the site. We’re doing our best to monitor the live feeds and transcribe / upload screen shots, maintain the site and our social media accounts. I’m sorry if we didn’t get a chance to respond to your comment. Often if the live feeds are crazy we can’t break to respond to all the comments. We skim them and approve them when our time is limited. I wish we could do more .. I’m sorry its not enough.