Nicole cries about not being invited to the meeting Jozea is having at 2am. “What did I ever do to him”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition June, 25
POV Used ? POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’vonne, Paul, Zakiyah, Jozea

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-23 22-56-56-685
10:57pm Cam 3-4

Cameras switch to Nicole and Zakiyah in the Africa room. Nicole is crying about Joeza calling a meeting at 2am that everybody but her and Michelle are invited. Nicole – “What did I ever do to him.” James joins them Nicole says she’s starting her menstrual cycle and she’s really tired, She brings up the meeting at 2am. James says he wasn’t invited but he’s going to hide in on it. James says Corey, me, you and Michelle aren’t invited. Zakiyah says she will tell Nicole everything that’s said in the meeting. They think Jozea’s meeting will be in the Africa room. Zakiyah leaves. Nicole thinks James will get an invite to the late night meeting. Nicole now saying she doesn’t want to go even if she is invited. James tells her they will get through this, “Tough times” Corey joins them and says Joeza was talking “DIRTY”. He didn’t know the live feeds were on. He says apparently they’ve been on since 10pm. Everyone probably thinks I’m gay now. Mom, Dad I swear I’m straight! Tiffany joins them and they all hug.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-23 23-05-41-079

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-23 23-22-31-719

11:40pm Cam 1-2 In the kitchen – Paul is talking about how right at 12am he’s going to start eating whether they announce it or not. (Announcing the havenots are off slop.) In the living room – Tiffany and Michelle are talking. Michelle says he (Jozea) is being friendly with me though. James joins them. He gives a shout out to Vanessa saying he knows he didn’t get to work with her but he’s hanging out with her sister. James then gives a shout out to Meg. Tiffany says to give a shout out to Jason Roy.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-23 23-43-42-209

In the bathroom – Da’Vonne and Nicole are shocked at how different everyone is acting once they knew the feeds cam on!

12am – 12:15am All the house guests are in the kitchen – The havenots are waiting to be allowed to eat food. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return the house guests are eating.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 00-10-47-891

12:25pm Cam 3-4 James asks Frank if he’s going to the meeting? Frank says he wasn’t invited. They know I go to bed early. I told them to take notes and tell me in the morning. Jamesa assk Da’Vonne if the meeting is still on? Cuz I don’t want to be hiding in that trunk forever. Da’vonne laughs and leaves. James asks Frank why is he calling a meeting at 2am? Frank says because he’s an idiot. Are you worried about it? James says no, we’ve got the 8 pack. Nicole joins them. James, Natalie and Bridgette start having a pillow fight.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 00-35-54-284

Living room – Victor, Jozea and Bronte are talking. Victor asks who do you think is more dangerous? Nicole or Michelle? I think we have a chance to put them both up and if one of them comes down … the other goes. Paul joins them. Paul says we just have to make sure you or me win that. I’m going to go beastmode. I’m going to prep like I’m going into a fight. Victor and Paul keep talking. Victor asks is he still going to take you off the block if he wins the veto? Paul says we need to talk to Frank. Victor says oh we’re good. He knows we have the numbers.

HOH room – Da’vonne and Tiffany are talking. James and Zakiyah join them. Tiffany asks Day to break down the ridiculousness. Jozea called himself the messiah and that he’s god.

Paul asks Day what she thinks about Frank? Is he still with us? Day says yes. Paul says that Paulie was trying to sway Paul. Paul leaves. Da’Vonne tells the camera that she wanted to laugh the whole time Pual was talking. This is the game I’ve chose to play this time. Pual has already done a ton of things that I would have cussed him out for. And then I’d be voted out. Nicole & Zakiyah joins Day. Nicole says today was hard having to pick a third nominee.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 01-13-49-790

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Well… what if you live in Sweden and you´re not allowed? US, CAN and AUS only. Discrimination. Will there be videos on this site later, like it was for BBCAN?


No youtube videos of the BBUS feeds 🙁

Biff Tannen

Got ’em through OBB. Again. #TeamPOWERSHIFT


Hey Simon and Dawg just wanted u to know got the feeds through OBB again this year. I appreciate all the time and energy it takes to maintain this site so I will always show my support and get my feeds through u guys every year 🙂


Thanks Rochelle! 🙂 🙂

pauls dyed eyebrows

am I the only one who thinks glen didn’t deserve to go home? Nobody respected him or listened to him, he woulda seen through a lot of the bs in the house. I hope they have some stupid “twist” to give him another chance to come back in


At least Glenn left with some cash, so i don’t feel too bad for him, honestly. I’m just mad that someone over 50 had to leave too soon.


Feels like the comp favored the tall, lightweight, & lanky folks… glenn’s crawling to the flag did him in, Corey could grab it while hanging onto the tree trunk. Their team did not communicate well, Tiff won’t be so quiet next time, hopefully they learned the hard way strategizing, not just staring at the other teams, is vital during comps. They discounted Glenn’s input & lost.


I think there were magnets in the coconuts and the board, the same engineering they had with the puzzle magnet pieces that won’t stick which saved John in that veto comp. So it’s not far out to think they can also switch on and off the magnets in this comp to manipulate results. With that said, I’m fine with Glenn leaving after finding out more about him.


Im glad hes gone he was unfit and boring.
Plus something about him gave me a bad feeling in my gut.


With Nicole being HOH, not the smartest move to not invite her to the 2 AM meeting, Jozea..


What??? You mean Jozea, “The Messiah” did something stupid?? Personally, I am totally shocked.


Joz is almost as bad as Frankie, constantly talking to the cams, “wifing up” Corey, telling everyone their “gone next”, telling Paul to give him the POV & stay up on the block, he must have been 3rd nominee. TG he’s first to go, and his gum flapping bullying has outed his plans & turned the newbie girls against them. Just call him Mess-uh-yeah, lol!


Jozea looks and talks like Frankie but plays like Devin.


well she already nominated him so I don’t see why it matters but he’s still an idiot for the whole messiah thing.


Puzzling to me that Nicole wonders WHAT she did to Josea!!! Ummm…how about you nominated him for Eviction? If they tried to have a strategy meeting why would they include Nicole or James…?

Shark Week

Bring back the shark for Natalie please. Let’s hope she stays in the house for a long long time.


She’s on the 8 Pack’s radar right now so she might not last too long.


“What did I do to him?” Um? You nominated him lol. I can’t take another season of Nicole’s whining. I mean come on! You’re HOH for Pete’s sake.

A 9 person alliance calling themselves the 8 Pack? I hope this blows up on them all quickly. What is it with people trying to make huge alliances week 1?

I’m surprised how off people’s radar Paul is. Seems like Victor, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette are in hot waters.


Nicole was crying/emotional because she just spoke to her family through the live feed cameras. Not because Josea didn’t invite her to the meeting. That topic just happened to be discussed while she was still visibly upset over giving her mom a shout out.


I’m pretty sure Nicole means what did she do for Jozea to dislike her in the first place… because he was the one coming after her from the beginning. It would have been dumb for Nicole not to go after him.

And Paul is nominated with Bronte and Natalie saying he should be evicted, so I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s under the radar…

Yeah, a big alliance probably won’t work, but it doesn’t seem like that is what’s happening, does it? Fatal 5 sounds like they’re making a Brigade-esque deal, which, if done properly, will probably be very effective.


Agree, gotta have big alliance to cross teams & keep vets alive, with siblings who are also targets. Fatal 5 plus Bronte & Natalie agreeing guys can’t bully or couple up their way through means there might be a girl winner this year.


Paulie, not Paul is nominated. I wish it was Paul.


Paul is the 3rd nominee, Mess-uh-yeah Joz asked him to stay on the block for him, and give him POV. Da has been playing double agent and Victor tells all, so everyone knows Paul is next target, even Bronte & Natalie are sick of their team’s bullying, aware there’s a newbie guy alliance.


People acting different once the feeds went live? I never would have guessed it.


They’ll forget the cameras are on soon enough.


And I very much look forward to the day that happens!


hey simon and dawg,
did i misunderstand a conversation on feeds a few minutes ago that sounded like michelle somehow got paul nominated along with paulie and jozea? did i just imagine that?

Holy snap crackle & pop

I just fell in love with Michelle <3


Thanks. glad to know i’m not making up storylines and conversations in my head in the first week. I still have that to look forward to a few weeks from now. 🙂


Usually I start liking the new peeps by this time but I find myself disliking a bunch so far, for example I thought I would like Bridget but she is already annoying the crap out of me. And don’t get me started on Paul, Bronte & Jozea….DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED!!!

Huge eye roll

100% agree


And those was my 2 pick along with TEAMJAMES , Bridgette and Paul 🙁

Molly shannon

Dont even get me started!

Huge eye roll

Ugh, just finished watching bb after dark and Paul is def going to ruin my bb summer if he stays long! Did you see his “alter” patty! He couldn’t even stick with it for 30 min after he figured out no one else was digging it….sooo lame! Such an attention hussie 🙁


Wonderful to be back on OBB! I agree with you seemed like the most unlikeable bunch that I can remember. Paul, Bronte & Jozea have already irritated the crap out of me. Can’t even stand to hear those 3 talk. As it is I like the returning HG better that I thought I would.


does everyone know Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister now? if so when did this happen and how?


Tiff & Michelle said everyone knows but 6, they call the “Stupid 6” gotta include Paul, Joz, Vitor, Bronte & Natalie who are clueless about alot of things… she really looks just like her, sounds like her, plays smart, so it’s only those who never watched not even in hotel rooms. Won’t be a secret much longer.


Anyone who doesn’t know obviously hadn’t watched last season. You’d have to be both blind and deaf to miss the glaring similarities.

Although Vanessa’s sister seems more likable based on what I’m reading, I don’t have the feeds and have only seen the producers side, I really hope the producers let her play her own game and stop pushing the Vanessa 2.0 agenda.


Thank you Anony-mouse and Hmm.. and I agree anyone who does not see it is stupid or blind and deaf. last night while watching the show I accidentally referred to Tiffany as Vanessa, when talking to my friend.

Thank you again


If we actually see the Fatal Five stay together and dominate, I will be a happy damn camper. I absolutely hate when the girls start to get picked off by other girls over catty BS and by guys who always think the girls are expendable. These ladies need to hold it down and I’m cautiously optimistic about their chances.


It seems like they have some really strong women this year that came to play. I am really excited to see how this plays out!


The Fatal 5 Allience is the best thing EVER!!! If these girls can pull this off, this may hands down turn into the most entertaining seasons in ages & will help erase the bad memories of the past few seasons. I AM PUMPED!!!


What does Bronte mean if she wins POV she will choose someone to nominate? Is that a new twist or something?

A Girl Has No Name

For me, the jury is still out on who I like and dislike with the exception of beard-boy. He MUST go and quickly! I think this season is gonna be a good one.

Hi Simon and Dawg! Thanks for having me back! ????

Crack Corn

The only thing worse than an all girl alliance failing is an all girl alliance succeeding.


Are you high? I would actually love to see an all girl alliance do well, i’m not always pro gender either way, but it would make it a good and interesting season if some strong woman can finally come together and one can finally win and dominate since we haven’t had one in awhile. Like the Survivor: Micronesia Fans vs Favs of Big Brother would be great.


I dont think it will happen the girls always turn on each other.


3 nominees? Smh.

BeardBoy is brutal to have to watch try to play up to the cameras. He is totally thinking to himself “I’m for sure Americas Favorite Player” haha. It’s bad he can’t stay long. It just can’t happen.

Victor, Paul, Jez, Bridgette, Brante and Natalie have zero shot at winning this game. Zero.

Tiff isnt 100% with that Fatal 5 being her main crew. She needs to work with Frank, Corey and Michelle as her real core.

Kia has her head way too far up Paulies ass to trust her. And we all know Day can’t be trusted fully. Paulie thinks he is smart and really isn’t. That is fatal problem.

Tiff, Michelle, Corey and Frank can run this house to final four if they team up as strong core and just play.

Hoping that core 4 figures out they are the ONLY cats this season that have a clue how to play this game.

James and Nicole are votes u use till u don’t need them anymore. Neither of them have chance to win. I know they have fans here but James and Nicole truly are horrible at this game.

Tiff it’s time. Time to build that core 4 that u can go to end with.

Tiff Michelle Coey and Frank let’s go!


Is this Vanessa making this comment?


Why’s Paul nominated ?

Just wondering cause I’m ECSTATIC


Because he is the worst.

Min O'Pause

Not sure what’s worse: watching Josea’s damn hat or watching my retirement account tank due to this UK/EU thing. Tough call…


It’s not the hat, it’s WHATS under it. A delusional, namby pamby, make-up applying little bit*h!
Your retirement accruement will recover.

Min O'Pause

It’s the hat too. I think he stole it from Molly Ringwald .

Brontes Voice

Let’s just hope that this yrs bb doesn’t end up disappoint fans like the last couple of seasons.

The newbies alliance has already fallen apart. In order for these ppl to survive they have to align themselves with a returnee..

Early prediction: Joze Paul and Bronte go out first!!


Last season wasn’t too bad. Most of the results were predictable but the time between the nominations and the vote got insane from time to time. Listening to the craziness only to end up with the same results anyway managed to entertain me even though I spent most of my time exasperated by the antics.

Season 16 is like the Star Wars Christmas special…

Death Knocking

I can’t wait for the all girl alliances to break apart and for dreams to be shattered.

Word Piece

Z says she’s not really into Paulie, but I see her sitting next to him trying not to slide off the seat.


Isnt Paulie gay? doesnt anyone know in the house?


They were all over each other last night too…rubbing legs, hands, touching knees.Might be a strategy they concocted before entering the house, but the chemistry was interesting.


These Newbies are so dumb aligning with Vets, knowing these twists will help them. While they dumb asses having gender battles, they are securing a Vet to win, so far at least. Hope we don’t get a bb13 rewind.


The producer: Weird “Al” Grodner is making up the twists to help the 4 inconsequential vets that don’t know how to play the game. She wants to justify her 4 pick which are the shi**iest ones she could have picked: well except for scag Skankie.


exactly, and it seems like the idiot fandom want the Vets to dominate the game, why?


Three people I dislike already:
1. Paul, thinks he’s all that! And he’s not.
2. Jozea, and his anti-American messiah complex.
3. Nicole, for nominating an ally and not knowing how to play the game. Also her nasal twandrives me up the wall, it makes Bronte’s squeaky voice sound like Mozart. Goodness, Nicole, have some nose surgery and have those nasal polyps removed. That’s what you should have done instead of having the lipo done to sculpt your body.

Min O'Pause

And that is why come January you’ll be changing your address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. BTW good sound bite today from Scotland.


These Newbies are so dumb aligning with Vets knowing these twists will help them. While they dumb asses having gender battles, they are securing a Vet to win, so far at least. Hope we don’t get a bb13 rewind. This is why i prefer All newbies or All vets, this mixed stuff sucks.


Last season 17 did not disappoint.

One of the best and most popular seasons ever. Season 16 sucked but oh well.

Every single season people have said oh god this season is so bad the show will be cancelled. One of longest running shows in history and still u bitch haha.

I think this group is brutally fake and playing up to cameras but that always happens and calms down as the summer rolls on and more game play takes place.

Lets get BeardBoy out and then see where we stand before freaking out on these fools. 😀


I thought BB17 was just simply an adequate season at best, which compared to 15 & 16, yes it is good.


I can already tell this is going to be a good day. I awoke to find the letters “NOM” on Paul’s pic, the man with long pubic hairs attached to his face.

Rule Of Thumb

Vote Brexit: Bridget/Bronte Exit.


I could’ve sworn James and Nicole were on the same season together. Then I realized no, that wasn’t Nicole it was Meg. The past 3 seasons starting with 15 have been a hot mess when it comes to casting and I’ve forgotten most of the players as they’ve been casted as carbon copies of previous players. Yikes, let’s hope BB18 can do better!


Damn! I missed out on knowing about third nominee. Sorry about earlier reply that Paul was not nominated. Going to have to remember to read before comment.


Paul needs to go ASAP followed by Jozea and then Bronte…these newbies are mostly all annoying….Paul you are not a good player get over yourself it’s always the ones that play too hard that go first. The only veteran I don’t like is DaVonne, I’m actually not sure why they brought her back shes not a fan favorite or good at everything mental or physical competitions ugh!!


Another one bites the dust. Hopefully it will be Josea. Nicole’s gotta go too. Her constant whining will grate on my nerves after a while.


So the way it stands there are three people, the third placed by a house guest who one a comp, that the PoV can used on… correct???? So does this mean if one goes off the other two stay on the block and there will be no replacement nominee by the HoH??? That would make strategies very different. So right now Lines will be drawn hard. I do not think anyone would save Joz at all… personally he has a motor mouth and I wouldn’t want him on my team… he has to win the PoV because the reality is I can not imagine at this point anybody being dump enough to save him. Paul, hmmmm I think he may???? possibly maybe have a person that would save him??? does he??? lets say he does. Paulie… Corey, Nicole, James, Frank…. would save him or throw it to him, he is more than likely in the best place. Now let me say, the show might save Joz and Paul… we will know that after the PoV because sometimes the comps are set up to benefit some players over others or give some a fighting chance.

I will say that most of these players are doing it all wrong… seems like the cast is heavy on the sexy/ cute and short on the brains. I will say that other than her breakdown Nicole did better with this HoH than I expected. The women should stick together because the guys are usually loyal to the guys and the girls always blow apart. Franchise already said that girls are expendable… Come on ladies wake up and make the men expendable.


Wow, what a twist – If that new competition allows the winner to nominate a third person each Week. It just means the HoH will have to think long and hard about his/her Original nominations. – Do you automatically do what’s best for your game play – your alliance game play – OR if you KNOW someone could win the competition and throw someone from your alliance up do you just go ahead and originally nominate them? So many possibilities now! This is going to get harder as the Week’s go on!
So far I am loving this Season – Praying the Messiah or Moses goes either is fine by me!

Min O'Pause

I wonder if Nicole would whine less if she wore a breathe right strip 24/7? Her nostrils are kinda narrow.