Big Brother 18 Part 1 Premiere Episode Results

Here we go! the first episode for Big Brother 18. It’s a two hour premiere so I’m expecting lots of our unanswered questions to be asked. Who are the returnees? What’s the main twist? is Frankie on the show do I need to shut the site down?

If you are on the west coast and would like to watch the Show live you can do this with a live feed subscription and a VPN. Just make sure your VPN is set to New York and you’ll be Good to Go. I recommend Hidemyass as the VPN.

I’ll continue updating this post as the show goes on.

Julie says – Someone goes home before the game has even begun (like Jodie)
Julie about the returnees: “4 Stowaways tucked away inside the house”

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-22 17-14-13-421

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-22 17-16-10-425

Houseguests order of entry
First 4 = Natalie, Victor, Michelle, and Paul
Second 4 = Bronte, Zakiyah, Paulie, Glenn
Third 4 = Corey, Tiffany, Bridgette and Jozea
Tiffany is trying to hide she’s related to Vanessa.
Michelle already sees the resemblances between Tiffany and Vanessa.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-22 17-29-58-140

Julie says there’s 3 twists coming into the game tonight.
twist 1 is 4 stowaways are in the house and will be competing for the 500K prize just like the rest of them.
The four Stowaways are.
Nicole from Big Brother 15
James from Big Brother 17
Da’vonne From Big Brother 17
Frank from Big Brother 14

It’s obvious a lot of the newbies and returnees are teaming up against each other.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-22 17-32-34-451

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-22 17-33-54-454

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-22 17-34-10-453

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-22 17-36-02-516

Paulie tells them all his brother is Cody from Season 15. Da’vonne recognizes Tiffany as Vanessa’s sister right away, Vanessa stays quiet.

Julie tells them about the second twists

Twist 2 They are playing the game in teams of 4, they all play a part in choosing their teams.
Eviction takes place before “this two night event is over”

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-22 17-52-22-330

First Competition of the year is played. Competition is called “Ride the Rocket”
1st team to fall are have nots
2nd team gets mystery punishment
3rd to fall get 10K to split up
Last team to fall are safe for the next “2 evictions”

The returnees are split up into the 4 teams. Each former houseguests picks one team mate that person then pics the next member for the team. This continues until all the houseguests are selected. The team picks must alternate Sex.
Frank –> Michelle –> Paulie –> Bridgette
Da’vonne –> Paul –> Zakiyah –> Jozea
James –> Natalie –> Victor –> Bronte
Nicole –> Corey –> Tiffany –> Glenn (Glenn is last picked)

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-22 17-54-29-330

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-22 18-00-01-950

James is excited because Natalie’s butt is in his face.

Order of houseguests falling off
1 = Tiffany, 2 = Glenn, 3 = Nicole, 4 = Michelle, 5 = Bridgette, 6 = Frank, 7 = Da’Vonne, 8 = Zakiyah, 9 = Paul, 10 = Joeza
*** Joeza, Paul, Da’vonne, Zakiya are have nots
11 = James, 12 = Natalie, 13 = Bronte, 14 = Paulie
*** Paulie , Frank, Bridgette Michelle are in “Mystery land” unknown punishment
15 = Corey is second to last falling leaving Victor the winner.

*** Victor, James, Natalie, and Bronte are safe for the next 2 evictions
*** Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, Glenn – Split $10k
Michelle confronts Tiffany about her resembles to Vanessa. Tiffany comes clean and Michelle promises to keep it a secret.

Next the 3 teams that lost the last round “Ride the Rocket” will play in a series of competitions as teams. The losing team competes against themselves, loser of that is evicted from the house.

First Competition is called “Hit the Road”
Paulie, Frank, Bridgette and Michelle are the first team to complete the competition task they are safe for the week.

Second competition
They have to build a sandcastle. First team to complete the castle wins. This leaves the losing teammembers in danger of eviction.

Joeza, Paul, Da’vonne, Zakiya win the competition and are safe.

Tomorrow we will find out Who is evicted (out of Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, Glenn ), Who becomes the Head of Household and which two houseguests end up nominated. On Sunday a new competition is revealed “Shakes up the Big Brother House giving 1 player unprecedented power to change the game”

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-22 18-56-20-911

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The only returnee that I am enjoying seeing is James. I had forgotten about Frank as part of Big Brother

Pinocchio Obama

I hope all the vets get the boot first. Stay strong newbies.

Carbon Steel

I was fully committed to hating the return players (except for James, who is solid feed amusement) until I met team Big Sister. Now I have no hatred left for anyone else.


I cannot with Da’vonne. Everyone is aggressive, nothing is ever her fault. Just like last season


I’m actually glad to see James. I ripped on him a bit last year, but he’s a fun guy and a great competitor. Frank… well, he seems much older somehow. I don’t know how much gas he has in that tank. Nicole, eh, she’s nice, but that’s all she has because she’s no threat of any kind in any kind of competition. Da said she was going to hold her tongue, yet by the end of the show she was her pissed off self again. They should not have brought her back because she’s a bomb waiting to explode and it will happen sooner or later.


team category4 looks the most solid…good pick from frank taking michelle, and then michelle taking paulie…i can see those 3 developing good bonds, michelle will chat to those 2 guys for hours about seasons 14(frank) and 16(cody)…frank can bro down with paulie, and their ‘female ian’ can be michelle, who has intelligence, and game knowledge and saavy…michelle will be quite a decent social player…michelle has done well as all 3 of her team mates should be loyal and level headed, and a decent comp team physically and mentally…michelle also potentially gaining some trust with tiffany with her being vanessas sister was interesting…tiffany tried to ‘vanessa’ michelle with saying she thought michelle could be nicoles sister, but michelle handled that very well, and getting tiffany to reveal her secret with little fuss and playing it off as not a big deal so that vanessa wouldnt view her as too smart or a direct early threat to her safety…so i think michelle has positioned herself well

i dont like the idea of the first hoh being firstly chosen by houseguests and secondly only 3 being eligible and thirdly coming from the worst performed team from the first week…so thursday will see the worst place in the next comp out of Nicole, Glenn, Tiffany, Cory get evicted without a vote needed with the remaining 3 choosing which of their team of 3 is hoh…then there will be 8 eligible for nomination(as Nicoles team will likely be, and James team for sure are, safe) out of Joeza, Paul, Da’vonne, Zakiya, Bridgette, Paulie, Frank, Michelle with 12 voters

i predict Glenn is last in the comp and is evicted, Nicole is hoh and noms Paul and Joeza…Paul as the target when its discovered he is the most vocal about wanting veterans out


If the house guests are choosing then Nicole will not be HoH. I don’t see the newbies giving her that much power.


if glenn is the first evicted, and if hoh is decided between nicole, tiffany and cory, i could see cory being ok with nicole as hoh due to their early bond, it would be a 2 to 1 decision if its decided by the 3 simply doing a vote amongst themselves, there would be no blood for tiffany…then cory a comp threat would be eligible for the following hoh for their team


Enough with the helium-voiced girls – so annoying. Why does every black chick have to be mama _____ – mama j, mama day, mama whatever?
I already can’t take 70% of these stereotypes.


I just said the same thing about stereotypes! Holy Chima!


All other are prototype Meg/Nicole squeaky formula, Cody/Surfer Duh-ude formula, or sterotype minority. Then Tiffany who’s self proclaimed bi-sexual mensa gamer who plans to do it with both guys & girls to get ahead. Could the players be any more scripted. Actors who know if they wanna work again they better not try to play producers like season 16&17.

sunny dee

to be cast they have to be a type, in order to be type cast literally. I think Dan wrote a book about how to get on BB, basically whatever it was, you have to play up that stereotype. black woman who is a mom has to be a loud brash finger waver, possibly overly Christian so she can also be aloud praying type. When there are two black women, one of them will be the debutante beauty pageant southern lady.

Smart but unathletic guy has to wear glasses and a bow tie, and if he doesn’t need or have either, he probably won’t make it past the video audtions or walkin casting calls. tall athletic looking guy can’t just be athletic looking,he has to have had some experience in actually playing sports, possibly professional, but at least college level. i mean they are all ‘types’ and interchangeable.

Now we literally have a Nicole type, which is being cast on new seasons. to the extent this season we have two Nicoles. of course there is already the older out of shape guy, and beard guy.

I don’t think this stereo casting was so obvious on BBCAN until this year, when we met new Emmett

Carbon Steel

Can they just nuke team Big Sister and erase them from my television, please.


What do you get when a black woman with a chip on her shoulder, a flamboyant gay guy, an old overweight father and a bunch of muscled up millennias enter a house? Big Brother!


I really liked Jozea based on his interview, but what I saw last night was another Frankie: flamboyant and annoying.


Hey simon, Hey dawg!!!! Once again thank you in advance because I know y’all stay on point with the updates! I’m happy to see James back and I liked frank so it’s good to see his smelly self back lol mama Day already on it realizing Vanessa’s sister and if her game is like her sisters. WHOA! Cody’s bro look just like him lol dead giveaway. I’m soooo excited. Let the games begin!


Davonne, James…..snore.

Frank, kind of bland.

Nicole was cute the first time. The novelty isn’t there anymore.

Out of all the dynamic people from the past, this is it? Really? Rather get to know 4 new people than these four. I guess it’s hard getting people to leave jobs and family, so my guess is that these people were way down the list. But blah.


I think they are saving those players for an all star season in the future

Carbon Steel

I don’t even remember Da’Vonne because I didn’t watch that season until they got rid of that mangirl thing.


Davonne is falling apart on day one! Someone send in a drone with Xanax

Min O'Pause

I’m already hoping Josea is the first to go the obnoxious little snot. And I hate his hat.


I’m with you on that, like two peas in a pod.




OMG Da has GOT to go!!! I can’t stand her over-dramatic sobbing during every damn DR! Get a grip woman…

Min O'Pause

MAMA DA- Instead of prayin’ to Jesus to save your ass on a reality show, how about asking Him to take out these radical Islamic terrorists who kill innocent people in a nightclub and cut the heads off of children and torture gay people?! Dumbass.


Praying to god to kill people will just prove to him how lost you are.

Min O'Pause

I didn’t say kill them I said take them out. He could swoop them up to their 72 virgins or whatever. But if they threaten me or mine they better pray to God he gets there first instead of me and my friends….Smith and Wesson.
Sure glad it’s not you watching my 6.


BeardBoy Paul needs to go! Haha.

Tiff for the win! Lmmfao. Nessa’s sis is a bad ass. Haha.

Stay tuned. More later????

Jake K.

I literally already can’t stand Davonnes team with her, Jozea, Zakiyah, and ESPECIALLY PAUL. Zakiyah is the only decent person on that team. Otherwise they can go.

Min O'Pause

I think she looks like Angela Bassett. And Bronte looks like Tori Spelling. And Frank just looks goooood!

Carbon Steel

Zakiyah was my favorite from the interviews, but seeing who she’s with now, she’s dead to me.


Common at least give Zakiyah a chance! ????


Da’Von chose her team & she can’t stand them.


Yeah, Zakiyah is OK so far and she’s damn pretty, but everyone else on that team… barf.


Vanessa’s sister, Tiffany, made a big mistake. She missed her window of opportunity to reveal her secret. She will be found out and it will only hurt her game.
As far as Paul, the beard man, he is coming on too strong and that could go against him, contrary to the way he said he would play, lay low at first.


Tiff actually told Michelle she is Nessa’s sister. I don’t imagine she tries or is able to keep it a secret from the others long. Michelle will tell someone and Day already knows as well. Tiff I’m sure came in prepared for everyone to know at some point. I don’t see it as a huge deal. Other than that some here on this site will never like Tiff because of it. lol.


I don’t think any of the others are smart enough to figure it out. Except James or Nicole. But if they’re smart they’ll keep it to themselves and use it to their advantage.


Nicole? James? Smart?

I think you’ve been watching the wrong show.

In her previous season Nicole displayed the strategic thought of a turnip.

And while I thought James was a nice enough guy, he certainly is not going to be confused with a deep thinker. He spent a lot of time with Vanessa and STILL can’t see the uncanny resemblance Tiffany has to Vanessa!


Glad to see you on the best Big Brother site(thanks Simon & Dawg) on the internet making the comments section great again.


100% agree


Why did they bring back those 4? If they had to bring someone then at least bring other more interesting people. Plus I am already hating the “twists”…..playing as a team is lame.

Here’s Twist#3 Julie won’t read out the votes……


Having James back made my day! He was the sole entertainment last year so I don’t know why you think he is boring. But that Mama Da/Bearded terd ball relationship might be fun to watch for a couple weeks. Both are such Type A personalities that they will destroy each other instead of working as a team to survive for a few weeks.


I’m fine with James, but I would not have brought the other 3. I actually don’t see what they bring to the show. Frank might have, but he looks like he aged 20 years.

Min O'Pause

Someone pass the cotton balls.
My ears are bleedin’ already.


Anyone in particular or any one of the 3 nasal whiners? This could qualify for justifiable homicide by week 4.


Is it because of Bronte’s voice?

Min O'Pause

Oh yeah!


whoever cast her should be trapped in a padded room and forced to listen to that voice until they go insane

Ohio Smile

Davonne, really!? They couldn’t find anyone else? 18 seasons of Big Brother and they pick these four to come back. I hope this isn’t a sign of what is to come this summer.


The team names are more awkward than Tiffany Vs Michelle

Min O'Pause

Team unicorn? How about team unitard?


Team Cavalry would have been a better name


They couldn’t even pronounce it, kept saying calvary, ie. cross, and called it a group of horses. Unicorn was perfect Cheerleader Actress chose whose other idea was Baywatch… where do they get these people? Shooting for the tweener, 13 & younger demographic.


But weren’t they saying Calvary? Lol


this is the best they came up with..seriously…that allison whatever her name lady HAS to go, or else BIg Brother has to go, i’m almost drowsy


Diary room snippets seem more fake than Trump reading from a Teleprompter!


Crazy scripted actor types delivering rehearsed lines & “characters” like Steve last year Bronte, snappy makeup artist & others playing a “OTT roles”. Tiffany surprisingly unoriginal, spends more time looking at other teams than communicating & problem solving with her own. One overweight 50-year old vs. all the twenty something beach bodies & Da’Vonne attitudinal crying about having to work with others, prime targets. Poor James looks like he’s aged a bunch not working in prisons but staff recruiting glad he’s got immunity 2 weeks cuz vets won’t be around long.


Fake is in the eye of the beholder. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” said Frankie Grande

Min O'Pause

I think I just peed myself!

Pinocchio Obama

I’m not sure what sucks more. The team names or Bronte’s voice.


Trust me, it’s Bronte’s voice

Pinocchio Obama

That voice is too bad because she seems like a nice girl.


Victor wil be the competition beast?


James riding the rocket lost his concentration being behind Natalie, all the blood rushed to his head, that was his downfall.


Which head are we talking about????


I like the cast. The returnees could have been better but could have been a lot worse. Imagine if that jackass that was the brother of the young pop singer had returned. Good lord, we dodged a bullet on that one…


“RJ”, I agree, not having Frankie return makes up for the poor choice of returning HGs. Thank God Skankie didn’t return!!!

Min O'Pause

Is it true that Little Lord Frankie Fauntleroy built one of his wonderful dance schools near a tribe of cannibals and has not been seen since? Or was i dreaming?


Skankie was on the BB edition of “Price is Right”. He was one of the first one’s picked and never made it past the initial phase. I was so happy not to see him on the floor competing for other prizes. His strategy was cutthroat, making his guess $1 above the highest estimate, it didn’t work for him. He got limited exposure, but every time the camera panned in his direction, he put on his “gay” pose. Brief, but nauseating. Hope the cannibals ate him alive after that. Well maybe not alive, he might’ve liked that. Hope they roasted him, skewering with a spit over fire and then ate him.


I was hoping for Johnny Mac


I don’t like this teams crap but don’t think it lasts too long. Tiff, Corey, Nat are my 3 that are the only ones I don’t want to stab in the face. Ha.

BeardBoy please go home. And Day turn down the drama a notch. I remember now why I didn’t like her. No worries. She a early exit again I predict.


So the 1st major storyline is Paul versus Davonne considering their personalities are so similar

Big Sister

At least Frankie is not here, but they stole my name!!

Min O'Pause

Would ya just look at that paint drying. So entertaining!


I thoroughly enjoyed the start to the season! Thank the BB gods the returning players aren’t coaches, and there is no BOTB.


I don’t get why they’d return people from the last two seasons; at least We forgot about Frank for a min so it’s kinda like meeting the new houseguests … And the team thing is lame, not a fan.

Guy From Canada

The team thing is lamish but there is good parts.

One, not all the vets will be cleaned off each week. Two it can’t last all season, I’d bet until jury. Three it’s a different element of the game and can showcase more comp beast and less floating making a better end game play leaving stronger players. Four wih the comp heavy start, I’d bet nominations could be something wih the two who preform the worst in the team during the last completion being noms without hoh (a new element that could showcase people’s social game) which is a complete opposite of past seasons with the back door. Fan favourites may get to fight for their lives with more chances. Don’t write it off get, give it a chance…..but in week 3 if it has gone lame I o u and apology ????


Oh. Ooops. Frank I also don’t want to stab in the face. Ha. So yeah Tiff, Nat, Frank and Corey are my final four so far.

Nicole…grrrr. I dnt know if I can take the nasal whiney voice and the fake “I am so scared” stuff again. Corey needs to distance himself from her. She could ruin his whole game.


I agree! I love Nichole and she’s great as a person (single now?!) I’ve seen several recent pics of her and Hayden Voss together and they look strong as a couple. She must be referring to her being single in the game. Simon, I think she was season 16, not 15; she was in Derrick/Cody season, right?
Anyway, between her and Bronti’s voices….. nails on chalkboard for me. I heard Bronti’s in interviews and thought that will be tough for others to handle. However, seeing her ( Bronti) in action and in DR, I think she’ll go far.
The returnees all seem afraid, except for my boy Frank. He just doesn’t seem to care as much as he used to. I think he’ll get into it more and become more competitive as it goes on and he needs to win comps to survive.


Tiffany and Frank, as my final two


I respect everyone’s choices for their final two. Seeing Tiffany win “Sequester, 2.0” and how she achieved it, was impressive.


Tiffany won Sequester this past May. It is a big brother- like, online game, created by Audry Middleton, this past season’s participant. Sequester is an amazing online game. Many thanks, to you Audrey, for bringing this to bb fans ! I hope Everyone Checks it out!


Tiffany was impressive in Sequestor 2.0 , she won that online big brother-like game, created by Audrey Middleton and others ; Frank and Boogie ruled season 14. Boogie taught Frank a lot when they played together.


Corey needs to RUN as quickly and as far as possible away from Nicole. She is without a doubt the most inept player in the history of the game.

Lawon had one brief shining moment of ineptitude (I believe he is still waiting for his special “power”) but in the span of two weeks Nicole was evicted TWICE and had her closest ally also evicted. There’s no one CLOSE to this level of clusterf#ery.

She is a whinny dullard who originally was interested in playing the mean girl with one of the most loathed players in Big Brother history.

And she’s already leading her “team” down the primrose path to loserville. Naturally’ she mocked the ONLY person on her team who understood how to put the puzzle together.

Anyone who is interested in winning the game needs to listen carefully to what this nincompoop has to say and then DO EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.

Unblocked Battle

Could you imagine Bronte and Paul staying at your house for a week ? I hope they are both early exits.

Kinda hoping Nicole and Corey survive. It would be hilarious if Vanessa’s sis gets booted but unless the next comp is a hot dog eating contest, Glenn is toast

Doran Martell

I was pissed when that team beat Nicole’s team. Damn them. The only person on Days team/group I like is the girl from Carolina. And we’ll see about her. That dude with the beard is a d*ck tho.


Love your name, Doran! Sorry about GOT doing that to him! :'(
I like Zakiyay , from NC, too. I hope she goes far, with Tiffany and Frank!


Paul with the beard seems like a more-accomplished Jace, from last season, to me. Wanting to make noise, be noticed (and filmed), and further himself. However, he is already the founder of a cool clothing line, and is in a metal band; has been a model, for others, and now for his own clothing line. Why is this important to him? I honestly think it’s something he just wants to f**fing do. I don’t think he cares if he wins or not. But I think he’ll be fierce in trying to get out the returning players and may cause some damage there. I don’t think he’ll win, but I think he’ll do some damage on his way out.

Doran Martell

Haha thank you! Fortunately he still lives on in the books tho. Yea I’m from Greenville area. As for the HG I usually try to wait and see bc it’s always the people I think I’m gonna like that I end up saying oh no on and the ones I don’t like right away that are always my favorites. But yea that guy def reminds me of jace for sure. And jace was just terrible. I haven’t learned all the names just yet but for the dudes (besides james and frank) I like the baseball coach. And for the ladies I like the pretty girl with the nose ring who was speaking to Vanessa’s sister (the one who figrd out who she was) but man I’m not really crazy about the dog grooming fella. I really need to learn the names. He just seems kind of easily irritated, but then again they DO make the best tv so..


So glad to know he lives on there! I’ve been just a show-watcher, so far, and I do check in on Reddit. From the book-readers, I surmised that Doran Martell was a great character, and that this storyline and ending for him was something that was not worthy of him, as depicted on the show. So sad that they felt that this needed for him to be cut. I’m looking forward to reading the books!
On to bb, Tiffany or Frank to win, and hoping their teams will get strong to get them there!


Sorry, I shouldn’t make judgements on Paul. He’s accomplished a lot in his young life. He should be proud of himself.


Dude with the beard is already accomplished, in music, modeling, and clothing-store owner. What’s he doing here? He looks like he lives life full-tilt. But he’s giving the full-on Jace repeat, being loud and obnoxious, from last season. Let’s just watch him streak on camara and be gone, as Jace was. Don’t see him going far.
He has watched BB growing up, but of course, won’t commit to knowing it or being that it really interested him. His main goal seems to be getting DaVonne out. I hope that she gets you first.

Arya Stark Badass

I would like to see Frank meet Ramsey’s dogs. He needs to go soon.

Jimmy 64

Da’vonne’s big mouth is going to get her kick out early again.
Same with Paul his mouth is even bigger.


Da’Vonne is already doing a bad job again… comes right back in and argues with people again….don’t like working with people???…Girl, you have a problem….


Who did she argue with? She layed out all her emotions in the diary room like she planned. She didn’t argue, or confront anyone.. I don’t know why people are acting like she’s playing some awful game.

Worst thing that happened for her was picking Paul (keep in mind none of the vets knew the rookies names) and Paul happened to be the leader of the 3 person alliance targeting the vets + his personality clashes with hers and likely everyone else. She didn’t do anything wrong outside of that.. most of this Da’vonne hate is nonsense.




I don’t know if you’re new on this site…..but no matter what she does they hate her here. Everyone else in the house can be strong, opinionated, and loud players except for her. I guarantee you no one else will get as much hate as she does on this site. Wonder why…….nah I don’t….we all know why.


That’s not really true. Frankie and Vanessa have been the most hated on this site. Days dislike doesn’t even come close.

And I don’t think she’s a good player, has zero to do with skin color. She’s been in the house for like 3 hours and already balling her eyes out ???? I think even Vanessa could’ve lasted longer without sobbing. Smh


So you’re angry because she is crying???? LOL Wow that sure makes a lot of sense. Do you also hate Vanessa’s sister cause she was crying too?

Unbattled Block

But there is no hate for Zakiyah, in fact she has a lot of thumbs up comments. Making this into a race issue is wrong. Da’Vonne played poorly in Season 17. To be picked as a player to come back even after that performance coupled with her being kinda whiny and dramatic is driving many of these comments. To her credit she also recognized Vanessa’s sister and unlike last year with the twins, is reserving using the info until she needs to. That shows game improvement to be fair. But her over-reacting on virtually everything that happens will be her downfall. That plus her team is kinda lame except for Zakiyah


Not yet because she hasn’t said much so far. As soon as she sneezes, people will be on here declaring their hate for her. Also, I never made anything into a race issue. I was here faithfully last season too and the hate was REAL for Day. She hadn’t done much of anything and people couldn’t stand her here. When they finally got a real reason to hate her, all hell broke loose on this site. And they wouldn’t stop insulting and talking about her until the end of the show. You’re right about Vanessa and Frankie getting the most hate. I never said Day got the MOST hate. Vanessa and Frankie were annoying as hell. A lot of people all over the internet couldn’t stand them. I’m talking about this site in particular.


Have you heard of production?
I figure DA was told to pick who she chose. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if all 4 teams were chosen by production. If you think it’s blind luck that all 3 anti returnees with an alliance ended up on the same team good for you. ROFL
As for episode 1 I was pretty pleased. No HOH and the team idea seems pretty good for week 1. Much better than any 2 people as noms and no real reason to evict anyone. Tonight 1 goes by losing 2 more comps. Then the remaining 3 compete for HOH. If Glen goes all is well. Don’t want Tiff gone this early for sure.

The whole team thing screams Survivor don’t you think? hehehe


Well, not going to lie Simon – when I saw that last chest open and Frank pop out I was so disappointed when it wasn’t Zack. Anyways could have been a worse 4 returnees, I suppose. I am a fan of Mama Day at least. Hope she lasts longer this time.
Paul is already on my nerves and Paulie is trying to be too much like his brother it is really creepy watching him. It makes me want to puke in my mouth and spit at Paul when he yells at Mama Day.
I really like Corey from what I saw tonight. – early favorite.


Well, I have to say I’m underwhelmed with the returning players. As several of the newbies said they already had their season, even James who I like. He and Da’Vonne were just there. I will refer to Cody’s brother and Vanessa’s sister as just that this entire season, I’m not seeing a reason to learn their names.

Zakiyah, Michelle and Bridgette don’t irritate me too much although I don’t remember much of them from the show. Squeakers and squealer girl are already riding my nerves. Corey seems tolerable so far as does Jozea. Victor seems more into finding a hookup and being the token showmance than anything else.

Glenn is screwed.


I think the team bit is designed to limit the effectiveness of a single alliance taking over. We’ll see how it pans out. The diary room crap is too rehearsed and forced. You can tell who’s looking to make being famous their job.

I have hope that the team thing helps keep the power base shaky so we don’t end up with a single group running the show and everyone else trying to get in the clique.


Nicole got her body sculpted, probably liposuction. Frank cut his hair and looks a lot better. James is still short and has a dirty mind. Davonne will be fun to watch, being on the same team with Paul, fireworks!


I’d like to add that, although the fireworks between Davonne and Paul will be entertaining, I don’t like either of them and won’t shed a tear if they are early outs.


When did Tiff say she would “do it” with both men and women to get ahead? If she said she is somewhat bi sexual and thinks that could help her in the game that doesn’t mean she is going to “do it” with everyone. Ha. I also don’t know where you got that she is a “gamer”.

I see the Nessa haters are still alive and bitter. Ha.


Press replay on your DVR. She was quoted as saying she was going to “kiss” both boys and girls to get farther, her sister said/sobbed often last year her lesbianism prevented her from “coupling up” to get farther like the twins, austin, steve, etc. Also, she called herself a “gamer” whatever that means but she referred to herself as calculating and high IQ comparing herself to her sister, and not wanting to make same soctal mistakes. She must also worry about her sisters reputation in that she’s chosen not to be honest about it. I know their are masses of fans who didn’t like HG’s hooking up to get farther like the Kinky Twins Triangles, Cody/Christine/Nicole. But if you like her “kissing” multiples to very ahead, have at it.

uknowjack and jack just left u too

Why do you still hate Vanessa? You really need to get out more cuz she is obviously still in your head. Now u are going to do your same boring hater game of spinning and making up lies about Tiffany. Yes it’s your “life” “have at it” but you really should stop letting Vanessa still own your head space.

Doran Martell

Vanessa?? Is that you?


she’s writing n crying, I believe it’s her


Team unicorn? Team big sister and the rest? was the name team glory hole already taken cus those choices in names just suck.
The ones I thought I might like I don’t like so much so far. The ones i thought i’d be ambivalent about made better first impressions. The ones i knew i’d want to line up to leave can still line up to leave, but will probably make it to jury.
When the returning four made an appearance my first thought: How long before James says something lascivious about a woman’s body? How long before Davonne cries in d/r about her baby? How long before Nicole has the defeatist i’m on the bottom fighting for my life speech? Not long apparently.
I’m actually happy there’s a new season to watch. lol. I’m happy there’s no battle of the block. I’d prefer if they’d hotseat someone into a clutch eviction hoh position instead of playing weakest link with no votes in the first two episodes, but I’ll take it. 🙂

Doran Martell

It was so good seeing James again. He looked so tranquil when his head was right next to that girls but. Ah I’ve missed him. Frank has changed a lot, I guess it’s good to see Nicole too, but damn I didn’t miss Day at all.


Frank – I was never a fan of his. He certainly looks better this time around. Will give him a pass for now and wait for more.
Michelle – OK might be a contender
Paulie – Hot! Hoping for some goodness.
Bridgette – who?
Da’vonne – Why, oh why? I don’t know why CBS likes her so much. Not my cup of tea. I’d rather just see her go.
Paul – Obnoxious, has to go!
Zakiyah – Neutral for now
James – He’s fun but whatever
Natalie – Okay
Victor – Those dark eyes, that huge male ego… Hmm
Bronte – Ugh
Nicole – It’s nice to see her. What? She’s single? What happened to whatshisname?
Corey – I’m in. Baseball is my game.
Tiffany – She’s a dark horse but I already like her MUCH more than Van.
Glenn – You know, this poor guy doesn’t stand a chance against these little ones. I’m still rooting for him. Us old folks have to stick together.
Jozea – Um, no. Has to go!


I don’t understand why all of the gimmicks and twists are in play. Just let them play the game.

Parboiled Egg

I suppose twists are how producers justify their paychecks.


I would get one or two twists every few seasons to spice it up, but this is a bit ridiculous.

Pinocchio Obama


Could you please introduce Frank to Drogon? Dracarys!


I actually like Frank the most of the returnees, lol.


Oh, I remember Frank. Frank is best known for being saved by BB three times and shanked by Dan twice. Or was it the other way around? Anyway, without Boogie helping him cheat his way to comp wins, he might not be long for this game.


Never liked Frank before; A lot of this had to do with his age and being influienced by ‘Boogie’!! He looks and seems more grown up now. I’ll give him a chance!

Parboiled Egg



Overall I thought it was really entertaining. Like the past few seasons they pushed the ‘showmance’ thing too much and a lot of the diary room stuff felt over-the-top, but I like all of the returning HGs and I think they put a relatively interesting crop of people in the house. The 2 hours certainly went by fast.


I don’t know about ya’ll but is anyone else as pumped as I am who watch the live feeds to know that Natalie is safe for at least 2 weeks so we can see her in a bikini. Can I get an Amen!

Parboiled Egg

Oh, yes. Lots of bouncing around the backyard and frolicking in general, please.


Tiffany looks the best in a bikini

Natalie's Boobs

We’ll be here all summer!

Amanda's Dog Woofie

Zakiyah. Brldgette; Woof.


The Vets don’t stand a chance this season


Not sure yet Chessie. There is a reason why they call them veterans…


They are veterans because they got booted from their respective seasons. Da’vonne started with a chip on her shoulder when she was going room to room and Shellie/Clay sent that guy to see why she’s going into other people’s rooms. Instead of saying she’s preparing for comps she decided to get extremely defensive and make herself look even shadier. That’s why she got booted quick. She’s more than just a stereotype, she’s a caricature of the sassy black woman. Florence (The Jefferson’s) was sassy and sarcastic but at the same time she was funny and likable. Da’vonne has the thorns but just isn’t likable.

James waited too long to do anything for his game and more concerned about goofing off because he wants to be a personality more than a player.

Nicole was too late and more interested in the pedicab guy.

They have a numerical disadvantage and the new players should gang up and target them as soon as possible just because they are easy targets to agree on removing.


What I am going to love is if frank gets to the end nobody will give him the prize money no matter how well he plays because of the reason he gave to be a bitter jury member last time. sorry but you’ve had your turn. Its our time now.


Ugh! You guys are so typical and annoying with all the hate towards Team Sister. I can understand the dislike for DaVonne and Paul because they are so extra aggressive but Zakyiah and Josea are not that bad. I even hear people make outdated stereotypes based on Davonne being a black woman. People are individuals and we shouldn’t group people together based on a actress on BB following a script.


The problem is Davonne and Paul are incredibly vocal, Zakyiah barely talks, and Josea is more or less meh. Easy team to hate. As for the stereotypes, the blame for that is Davonne. She’s the most stereotypical person I’ve ever seen.

Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

I hear you, calling mama DA, mama DA is stereotypical. Plus if she heard you say that, the gurl would go all ghetto on you and hit you upside your head with her obongo phone


Your team sucks.


Da’vonne is ridiculous – nothing to do with race.


She’s a caricature of the sassy black woman. She’s emphasized the attitude but forgot the humor and likability. She and Paul just comes across as abrasive.


She was saying she would get people on twitter after she got kicked out last time shes violent.
Im suprised they let her back. But it could be some action I guess.

Min O'Pause

So if the game is scripted then are you saying that it’s predetermined what will happen?


Well, here we go again…don’t these personalities know it is far better to fade back into the landscape and take a lay of the land before they start masterminding a game-plan? Glad to see James, but Frank was dull the first time, Da’Vonne needs to chill, and squeeky voiced girls need to keep quiet!


I hope Nicole can stay!! I like all three teams(Nicole, James and Frank’s) so far. The only one I don’t like is Da’vonne Team… She is so loud and her team members are so mean lo