Big Brother 18 Power Of Veto Results – “That was a f**king tough competition!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 18-38-03-498

4:10pm The Power of Veto competition started.
Veto Players: DA’Vonne, Corey, Nicole, Jozea, Paulie, Paul

Veto Winner: Paul

When the feeds return – Paul and DaVonne are talking in the storage room. DaVonne congratulates him on winning.

6:40pm In the HOH room – Frank is talking to Tiffany. Frank says I should put myself up. It would cause confusion but … I wouldn’t.. I would never put myself up. I’m going to have a talk with Michelle. Tiffany asks are you thinking of putting her up? Frank says no, I don’t think she could handle it. Tiffany says maybe says I totally don’t want to put you on the block but if you’re okay with it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 18-41-56-370

6:50pm – 7pm In the African room – Jozea and Michelle are talking. Michelle says she’s not like Christine (BB16). I’m prettier and I wouldn’t cheat on my husband. Just kidding I know she didn’t cheat. I liked her. Paul joins them and then heads to the bathroom where he, Nicole, DaVonne, Paulie and Corey – talk about the veto competition. Paul says that was a f**king tough competition! Paulie tells Paul he’s glad he (Paul) won it. Paul says thanks I’m glad at least one of us one it. It just sucks whoever takes my position. No one can put my name back in again right?! Corey says no you’re safe. Paul says it sucks when its anonymous. You just don’t know who you pissed off. Whatever it was I don’t care I got up, I got off. I don’t care.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 18-49-10-434

7pm Paulie tells Corey …watch how crazy I drive Jozea this week. I’m not going to be a dick about it … I’m just going to put shit in his head making him run around all crazy. Corey says wait until Thursday to do it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 19-04-15-292
Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 19-06-36-816

HOH room – DaVonne tells Zakiyah this is about to be hilarious because he thinks he is 100% safe. DaVonne says tells Jozea is down there talking to Michelle because he thinks she has the thing-thing. I know he is trying to get me put up. I think he feels this is the perfect time to get a vet out. Franks says that ain’t f**king happening. This is his time to go home. Tiffany says isn’t it funny that that side thinks she has it. Did she say she has it? DaVonne says I don’t think she’s denying it. Michelle joins them. They ask her if he thinks she has it? Michelle says no. They think James has it. Frank says it changes every time. Tiffany says you know what would be funny to get to be a 9-2 vote.

African Room – Victor, Paul and Jozea are talking. Victor says we just need 6 people and we’re good. Jozea says he thinks the next person going up on the block is Zakiyah or Day.

7:25pm In the storage room – Paul tells Nicole … I’m still stressing out. Nicole says well you’re not on the block now. Paul says but I still don’t know who hates me. Nicole says I don’t think anyone hates you. Paul says maybe if just not use it. …No f**king way! Maybe if I could find a way to save Paulie or Jozea. Nicole tells him one thing I learned about this game is if you have a chance to safe yourself you do it. Paul says I don’t think it was a personal thing. We’ve only know each other for a week, I couldn’t have pissed someone off. My be its a girl wanting to get out the mocho hunks. Nicole asks then why isn’t Frank up. Paul says if it was a strategy move .. getting the teams out. Then Day and Zakiyah are next.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 19-21-14-925

In the bedroom – Nicole, Michelle and Tiffany are talking. Nicole says I’m going to start trying to find out who Vic’s targets are. Tiffany asks would he tell you? Nicole says he told me that his number 1 boy Jozea was coming after me. Nicole says we have to promise that the target doesn’t shift. Paulie has to stay. If he’s (Jozea) going to come after me … he’s going to come after returnees. Frank joins them. Nicole tells him she just doesn’t want the target to shift. Frank says it won’t. No ones going to change their vote.

Frank heads to the storage room. Corey says that Paul yelled “What’s up B***H!” After he won the veto. I wanted to drop him right there. I know I can’t do anything in this house but outside of here… He was pretty much saying that to Nicole. Frank tells Corey to not let it get to him. Frank says its going to be a 7-4 vote and he’s (Jozea) going home. Don’t let that sh*t get to you. Corey says I want Paul out next. If he says one more word I’m about to beat the sh*t out of him. It just fires me up that you can’t do anything about it. Frank says we still need to get Vic out next.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 19-54-43-652

8pm – 8:20pm HOH room – Paulie tells Nicole and DaVonne that if he wins (HOH) he is going to try and get Vic and Natalie out. Nicole says I’m satisfied with how things happened. I’m just glad the veto is over. Corey joins them. Corey says he was about to beat the sh*t out of Paul when he was out there calling people b***hes and looking at you. I was about to shove that veto up his a$$. Nicole tells Paulie to just let it go. Paulie says I’ll let it go but if me or my team win … I’m going to sit him right next to his little princess Nat Nat. Corey says I think Paul is a pathological liar.. medically a pathological liar. James says he always says the story is too long for me to be making it up. Corey says none of this matters Jozea’s going home Thursday and then we’ll get Paul out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 20-19-13-131

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The coreys

So what’s the plan?

Why 3 on the block. Is that twist 3?

I just finished up the premiere eps so I’m a bit behind


And why is davone back? She was a trash player her season and most certainly not a fan fav. I mean she lasted 2 weeks.

Also maybe a little diversity in who they bring back. Frank is fine as his season was 5 years ago but the other 3 coming from the last two? Jeez


nicole plan backfired


Their original target was Jozea … so he should be going on Thursday
But this is BB … you never know till it’s done


let hope victor goes on the block!but really pov holder woul;d have power over hoh to name replacement screw over nicole plan to like mother DA or king of comp aka frank


Can’t be Victor, he won the two weeks of safety.


Victor has immunity this week though for winning the first comp, so Bronte James and Natalie are also immune. Corey and Tiff also get immunity for being on Nicole’s team. The only eligible renoms are Bridgette Day Michelle and Zakiyah this week. Considering Frank is in an eight person alliance with Day Michelle and Zakiyah, Bridgette is the only real option.


Newbies are gonna get dangerous with paranoia, esp after the blindside. They think Nicole loves Paul & Victor, she’s not a threat. They think James needs to go next bc he’s the “mastermind”, while he talks no game at all again this season. Jozea is having a 2 am meeting for everyone EXCEPT Tiff, meaning he’s found out her Vanessay connection & wants her put up, voted out at renom. If I were Tiff, I’d not talk about Van much, people will see her as threat, if she’s nommed all the time like Frank, she might get evicted. I see Newbies just nomming Vets James/Tiff every time they get a chance once they know how eviction votes went down.


Bigtime. Grenades all up in Nicole’s face.


why is paul also nominated !!???


I read that, but I’m still a little confused about something. Whoever wins the anonymous Roadkill comp. gets to anonymously nominate the third person to the block. So if the third nominee wins veto, as Paul has just done, who nominates his replacement, the HOH or the RK winner? If it’s the RK winner is that done anonymously before the veto ceremony or will the winner be revealed at that point and name his new nominee? Or have they not said that yet and it will be revealed on the next episode? Also, does the RK winner have to remain anonymous or is it like BB15 where you can choose to tell people if you want to and get their input on who should go up, or do they have to name their nominee when they are told they are the winner?


why is Paul also nominated??




Here we go a summer of Frankie 2.0 …right off the bat. Get yourself a Boy George hat and wear clothes the same size as you wore in the 5th grade and you are qualified to be on Big Brother. And I’m gay… and embarrassed lol


Well, I can deal with another week of beard fluffing and mustache tweaking and “guurrrrrlllll” and Pauls love of saying “don’t ever use that again” or “don’t ever do that again,” more than he needs to, so long as we’re saying goodbye to Jo. Can we just send all of the “pleaaaaaase Paul next week” vibes to that house as much as possible?


I think it lasted a week. They have been in the house a while. Premier episodes are taped..


I laughed so hard when Da said that the Havenot room looked like a circus, and then she realized the bearded lady was beside her (Paul)!!! That was the best line so far.


Bye Bye Paulie! Nicole is a complete idiot ……… stupid whiney B.

The only thing that could save Paulie is Da being nominated IMO. Would have to be a vet so Eudy better stop talking about going up as a replacement. I see the vote as save Joz thus you need a nom up beside Paulie tha switches votes on to them. As long as each HG’s vote is to evict you need a better target than Paulie from the remaining HG’s.


HEY HEY Goodbye Josea


For those who dont know, Paul was nominated via the new comp called Roadkill. Frank won it which allows him to anonymously nominate a third houseguest, so its pretty much the MVP twist retooled. If the Roadkill nom wins veto then the Roadkill winner pick their renom, Frank is probably going to pick Bridgette.
So Paul winning veto means Jozea is still on the block and poised to go home. They aren’t both safe now.




Thanks for reminding me why I stopped using this website to discuss BB with people.


Will the roadkill competition be the same every week or will they switch it up. If Paulie goes home, I hope that Nicole is out the door next. There was no reason to put an ally on the block when the house is full of people and most are your enemies. Putting up 2 of the “other” side increases your chances that one of them will get evicted. Nicole put up Paulie because she didn’t want to upset 2 people. Hope it bites her in the ass. Before this I was rooting for her, even though I didn’t like her or her gameplay her first season. Now I know why she is such a fruit loop dingus. She can’t play the game! Every day that she stays in the house is another day DUMB luck triumphs.

P.S. Hooray for BREXIT, good on you, chaps!

sunny dee

does this mean there will always be 3 on the block, cuz that is stupid

i don’t mind these teams and extra comps, i think bb US has been lacking in stuff to do, whereas bbCAN always had some kind of challenge to get pizza parties and so on. I have no idea why the have nots lasted 24 hours, it seems like a lame havenot idea if that is what is going on


I totally agree, no one will mind being a have not if it’ only for 24 hours. That is lame! Why even have it? It should last at least 3 to 5 days. Maybe primadonna with ebony black pubic hairs on her face complained, cried and ballyhooed and that’ why they cut it short.

trump sucks

They’ve been in the house for several days already. Just because it was just televised doesn’t mean it just happened.


The have-nots did last a week. You forget that the house guests go into the house a week before the premiere date. They spend the first week off cameras. You’re a have-not for a week not 24 hrs unless BB says otherwise


I forgot to take that into account, thanks for reminding me.


If it is indeed true that there will be a blind voting results this season, the newbies crew is doomed. They are counting Day and Zakiyah on their side, and Frank and James as swayable. They have no idea that there is a line already drawn on the sand and that the vets and some of the newbies are already grouping up. It will be so hilarious if the knuckleheads blames the powerpuffs once jozea leaves.


Fun with BB Math time.

So if Michelle go’s up… ho might that change votes. Now it is an all Newbie three nominees this week.
Here is how we might test Newbie strategy.

Jozea should be the evicted house guest but not by much.

Paulie: 0 votes to evict he is safe unless he makes a colossally dumb move (0 Votes to evict)

Jozea: James, Frank, Nicole, Da’Vonne, Corey (guaranteed) (5 votes to evict)

Michelle: Paul, Victor (guaranteed)

That leave: Tiff, Zak, Bronte and Bridgette… these are the people that actually are deciding the nominees fate. Now the weirdest thing that could possibly happen is this four women for some Bizarre reason vote to evict Michelle. That would have Michelle evicted. They may decide that they want the best team to take out the vets and Jozea and Paulie are stronger than Michelle. Weird things have happened on an early eviction, people have gone that make you go what????? Did that just happen????


Reading all these updates, and I’m like James please start playing the game will ya…. com’on man…. at least Nicole seems to playing better this time so far


James kind of has a two eviction break. He can do his social game doesn’t need to get blood on his hands… Nicole needed that HoH to keep the vets safe. Frank and Da’Vonne need to win the next one and James really needs to win the one after that to stay safe and keep the vets safe. Once the newbies get more and more broken up…. then they can create their individual teams. I will say it will either be Frank or Da’ Vonne that does the first hit against another vet.


His team is only safe for this week right? Cuz I think they count the Glenn eviction too… but I’m with you I do think Da or Frank will draw first blood if they newbies haven’t managed to do so

That other dude

James….. start playing this game please…….. he doesn’t seem to be playing any differently compared to last time….. lol; at least Nicole seems to be playing a bit better this time around


James seems more the class clown than anything right now. I’m not sure being the fun guy will be the connection he’ll need to have any pull with the others. The jokester is rarely heeded and James may scamper into obsolescence with a smile on his face.

He can’t wait until he has power to start making game related connections with people, that was his problem last time. In his HoH’s, the big group just ignored him because he only had Meg.


Someone mentioned that Glenn beat out Corey in the coconut competition. Actually he did pull out the flag first, but he couldn’t keep his balls in place. When he pulled out the flag, three of his nuts rolled away. Although Corey pulled the flag out last, he kept his nuts in check. The comp was not only who pulled the flag out, but also watching your balls and keeping them safe.

Min O'Pause

Which is why the jockstrap was invented ….by Harvey Ballbanger.


leave your political crap off this page

Min O'Pause

Jockstraps are political?! Just because Killary wears one?

Jimmy 64

Michelle not going up it will be Bridgette !!!


Well there goes a wasted HOH honestly at this point paulie will go home UNLESS these 3 things happens 1.jozea does something stupid(which is what I want to happen )
2. a weaker player goes up on the block
3. A vet goes up on the block


Jozea has been doing stupid things all week and most of the house hates him, so it’s pretty safe to say that as of now he’s the one who’ll be leaving.

Might be an unpopular opinion, but I think Nicole made a smart move/at least got lucky with putting Paulie up, because he’s not going, he’s not going to turn on the vets, and now she at least doesn’t have Paul or someone else’s blood directly on her hands.


It was luck so far. I really hope the rest of the evictions don’t keep half of the players safe from nominations because that will suck.

Sad panda

What there goes a wasted HOH honestly at this point paulie will go home UNLESS these three things happen
1. Jozea does something stupid (which Is what I want to happen)
2. A weaker player is on the block
3. A vet is put on the block
* I could be wrong*


Wait is it not a 9 person alliance?
I thought it’s The Vets/Z/Paulie/Cory/Tiffany/Michelle. Who’s not in the 8 person alliance?




Man, Frank must be loving this. He went from competing in a house with Dan, Boogie and Ian to competing with Jozea, Paul and Victor.

That’s like going from the NFL to playing flag football in the backyard with your sister.


Hey Simon, you’ve got POV on Paulie’s pic on the top picture board, it’s Paul that won the comp.


Thanks Dawg, I don’t see how you can keep up with all that. It doesn’t go unappreciated, this is the best BB “spoilers” site, bar none. Thanks again.

ScOh Pooh

Ah now I know why Paulie could grow his beard that quickly; and it really looks good on him; I so want to like Victor in this game, so help me out peeps. Cheers from Canada everyone

ScOh Pooh



I think what’s going to bother me most about some of these people is their bull crap talk about this one being fragile so they won’t put them on the block. Are you there to win or babysit? (as per frank) Michelle can’t handle being on the block? Why the frak is she on the show. This crap pisses me off more than anything and it happens every season.