Paul “The next HOH winner needs to get James out. He is a lot more of a threat than Nicole!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 20-42-04-988

8:45pm Cam 1-2 HOH room – Paulie, Nicole, Corey, Zakiyah are talking. Frank tells Paulie that on his season he was up on the block and stayed to an 8-1 vote. ..and I didn’t pack. Frank tells Paulie to not even pack. Paulie says I’m convinced I’m going to have votes against me from him (Victor) and Natalie. Frank says the only other person I think might be Bronte and Paul. Paulie says if I have four votes against me … I’ll be like Paul you’re dead to me, Vic you’re dead to me, Nat you’re dead to me, Bronte you’re dead to me. Paulie says they think only one person is against them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 20-51-17-018

8:50pm – 9:10pm Cam 3-4 In the Havenot Room – Victor, Paul and Jozea. Paul says the next HOH winner needs to get James out. He’s always locking eyes with me. Frank is not worried right now because eh knows James one. James is a lot more of a threat than Nicole is. Vic says Oh I know he is. Pual says that Nicole sasy I didn’t put you on the block because I like you more than the other guys. Victor says that’s why I don’t think she’s a threat right now. Pual says James is the brains behind it. James, Day, Bronte and Natalie join them. James asks having a meeting up in this b***H?! What’s going down?! Vic says if we have all these votes to get Paulie out then we’re good. If we have 5 and we have Frank then that’s six. James says ya’ll got my vote. Count me in the six. Bronte if Paulie comes to us and asks us to vote for him … they’re going to use it against us to tear us a part. Don’t be paranoid. Jozea says I honestly know that we as the union don’t have it (Roadkill Competition power) We run this house! Tiffany and Michelle join them. James and Victor leave. Jozea says I only had one agenda .. I only want one person out. I don’t have an agenda against anyone else.

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9:15pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom – Bronte, James, Natalie and Frank are in the bathroom talking. Victor and Paul join them. Paul tells Natalie and Bronte that as soon as they (Bronte and Natalie) left the room Tiffany and Michelle asked why did they leave the room. That was so shady! Paulie joins them. Paul asks Paulie any interesting sh*t going on up there? Pualie laughs and asks anything interesting happening down here?!

Safari room – James, Natalie and Bronte. Bronte says at the end of the day they’re going to crumble. James says we have to win HOH. Bronte says they’re so paranoid if they say there’s a meeting and you say you don’t want to go .. they get all paranoid why you don’t want to go! Hitler status! There’s nothing I can do to save Bridgette ..if they want her out. I can’t put my butt on the line.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 21-19-33-825

9:20pm – 9:30pm Cam 1-2 Paul and Paulie are talking in the bathroom. Paulie says silence is golden. Paul asks are you questioning me? Paulie says no. I’ve said it since the beginning PP.

9:35pm Cam 1-2 Havenot room – Tiffany tells Paulie that everyone is voting him (Jozea) out. I’ve talked to 9 people and they’re all voting him out. Paulie asks what is it Vic and Nat. Tiffany says yeah. Zakiyah says now you know which b***hes you can trust and which you can’t. Paulie says I just don’t want to be blindsided. Tiffany says you won’t. Zakiyah says he is going to try some real slick stuff when he (Jozea) leaves the house. He wants to be remembered. Tiffany says he’ll be remembered as the worst player in bb history. Paulie busts out of the havenot room and catches Natalie walking away and Paul sitting on the floor outside the room. Paulie goes back to the havenot room and tells Tiffany and Zak. Paulie says I can’t f**king stand Natalie’s f**king voice.

9:50pm Cam 3-4 In the Bathroom – Frank tells Paul that people don’t want to be seen on the wrong side of the majority on the first vote. If you vote out Paulie and he stays and wins HOH … who do you think he’s going to put up? The three people that voted against him. Frank tells Paul you’re good. You beast’d it out and won but even if you stayed up, I don’t think you would have gone home. Paul says I just want to cruise through and have fun. Frank says next tim you get a chance with Nicole. YOu kind of said this thing “What do you think about that B***H!” And I don’t think you meant it towards her but you don’t want other people thinking that. I think you were just saying it to the cameras but going forward I think its best to cover your bases. Paul says yeah I was going to talk to her. Frank says I jsut don’t think in the heat of the moment I don’t think people take losses as good brother.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 21-49-50-381

10pm In the bedroom – Tiffany tells Paulie that she wants to tell him something but just wanted to see where his head was at. (She’s about to tell him about being Vanessa’s sister but Frank and James join them.) Frank talks about how he doesn’t like how people are bully Bridgette and how he’s not going to let it happen.

10:20pm Cam 3-4 HOH room – Corey, Zakiyah and Victor are talking about girls that reply to guys that text them when they’re in a relationship.

Havenot room – Paul tells Paulie the one thing about me .. you don’t need to worry about me. Paulie says I don’t. I was just messing with you. Paulie says I’ve got your back so have my back come Thursday. Pual says I’ve got you. Paulie says now can you enjoy your veto win!? You win and you’re stressing out.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-24 22-25-15-372

10:35pm In the bedroom – Tiffany tells James that if Paulie comes back if he could leave so she can talk to him. She tells him that she’s going to tell Paulie about being Vanessa’s sister. He’ll know that you know but not all the newbies know and I’d like to keep it that way.

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Paul w/that bandana looks like a homeless person



Oh my god. JAMES CAN NOT BE NOMINATED NEXT EVICTION he will still have immunity, thanks to that moron Victor his TEAM in which James is a part of is immune from 2 NOMINATIONS… Glens does not count because he was not nominated nor truly evicted he came in last in a compilation that he lost, that is why he had to leave the Big Brother House. He was NOT evicted by the Houseguests.

That means James is still safe and so is that dumb a*% Victor. When the safety is you can not be nominated for 2 evictions… it means you can not be nominated. James is still safe. I hate to be a rules lawyer but Glen was never nominated.


Victor, Bronte and Natalie are also safe.


Julie said safe for the next two evictions….not votes. Everyone, including James and his teammates are not safe next week.


The chart here shows Paulie with POV, didn’t Paul win POV?


Dawg, you & Simon are amazing! catch feed transcripts whenever I can, but you’ve always had the best updates & board! Thanks for your hard work!. (and everyone is waiting for Paul to make a bye-bye for a couple reasons including there are too many Pauls, lol!)


Wow! All work and no play makes Dawg a dull puppy…but Thanks! Great job as always!


Hey Dawg, I’m baaaaaacccckkkk! Lol. So glad to be back. I love this site. I’m a little behind so I’m reading all of posts now. One thing I noticed is that so far they’ve all been written by you. Makes me wonder where Simon is? Is everything ok? I hope so. Btw, you’re doing an awesome job…… As always ????????


Why does it show that Paulie now has the POV? not Paul?


No problem thanks!


Love the pic chart, and thanks for keeping us posted on the alliances and the new twists, so much to keep track of, lol!


Paul thinks *James* is the brains of the vets’ operation.



I can’t figure out who is in charge of the vets operation, BUT IT SURE ISN’T JAMES!

sunny dee

he’s the type where it has got to be a male, even when the HOH is female vet. I guess Frank is part of his team? in which case, it then has to be James, just eliminates the newbies and the females, basically.

i don’t want to see nicole have to put up a female replacement, just because what always happens is first hoh’s don’t put up any guys, and by final 7 there are 5 big athletes and 2 female weaklings in the house.


Ok. Joz needs to Thursday. I can’t handle the “we run this shit” haha.

Dude is gonna cry Thursday. Ha!

Joz is bad but I actually want to take his little midget gross beard wanna be rokker ass and and just beat to death slowly.

I love Tiff but please stop the “100%” I cant take that all summer. Derrick said that season 16 three trillion times and I still think of his pig snout ass every time she says it. So yeah Tiff..stop it. Ha

sunny dee

also, she should realize, since she isn’t telling anyone she’s vanessa’s sister (i mean not telling anyone other than the 8 people she already secretly told), then she needs to stop putting stuff on her head. She looks more like vanessa when she is doing what vanessa always did, as in hats, bandannas, whatever else on top of her head. just wear the hair, loose, or tie it back, do something different than vanessa, she’s already got voice, speech mannerisms and facial features.


It doesn’t matter. These newbies are idiots about the game except for Michelle. They have to be recruits. I bet they don’t even know who Vanessa is. Otherwise they would’ve already caught on. She’s Vanessa’s twin with dark hair. Even her voice is the same.

To me, that shows these players didn’t even watch last season or they are just that dumb.


I swear it’s production trying to push the Vanessa 2.0. I found Vanessa grating and irritating last year with all her manic, paranoid ramblings. Vanessa’s sister seems more balanced than Vanessa and may actually have a better game than her.



positive vibes

I was wondering if Julie will say how the house voted when there is an eviction? I heard they were changing that, but not really sure.

Doran Martell

Yea these houseguest are so paranoid it would def freak them out. Should be fun to watch.


I am too through with Paul and his bullying ways. Also I’ve lost all respect for Jozea and his comments about the 4th of July shouldn’t be a holiday and when he also said no one asked the Americans to die for the country…I really wanted Caleb Reynolds to burst into the house and go beast mode on his ass!!! #ignorantfool


Did Bronte bring only one shirt to the BB house? I keep seeing that blue blouse over and over. It must be stinking with B.O., covered in dead skin flakes, saturated in breast fluid leakage, infested with demodex mites and have salt rings from her dried up sweat by now!


Very descriptive. Just wondering but do you only own one shirt?


just to see if I can


This is going to be a loooong week. All the comps are done, and the eviction isn’t for 6 days. These hamsters are not going to just sit still. I predict the lack of action will get the 8-pack to prematurely look ahead to who they want out next eviction, and they’ll be focused on creating sub-alliances, and trying to figure out who is the most trust-worthy of their group. Hey HG’s…stick with your solid plan…you haven’t even had the first vote yet!!!

This is the problem with having an eviction before the live feeds even start. The first HOH reign has always been a long 10 days, but I loved it when the feeds came on, because no one was on the block yet, and we got to see everyone still playing nice and getting to know each other. My favorite example of it was in season 12 when they played ‘big booty’ around the kitchen table, they were all buzzed from the alcohol that was amply provided, Brendan had no rhythm, they were all having fun with each other and it was a blast to watch. But most importantly, we got to get to know them and find out who we loved and hated, ie polarizing people like Rachel.

Bottom line…this week’s feeds are going to be an endless circle of the same convos. Their may be drama, personally, I can’t wait until Thursday.


Wow, nice callback. I remember watching that stupid Big Booty game on BBAD when it was on Showtime. It’s one of the things that got me into the show.

It was fascinating to watch the interaction between all these people who would like each other IRL but knew they would soon be at each others’ throats.


Ooooooooooooookay so I’m on the fence now. Do I want Paul – who is doing some amazing things with damage control right now…scared much? – evicted next or should we just start with the HG’s that believe in aliens?

aliens are real

science says that aliens are real, perhaps not the kind that anduct and probe but aliens do exist somewhere out there, however, the shine in Paul’s beard is not thats completely fake


Paulie is going to do what his brother couldn’t, which is win that $500,000


I can’t ever remember who is safe. I wish there was an “s” or “safe” on their face on the chart.


That’s great, now we can see why Bridgette is getting nommed, & why Frank’s sympathetic & trying to make sure she is isn’t bullied… she’s the only non-8-pack member left who isn’t safe or already nommed!


Victor isnt as fit as he thinks he is. He is kinda lumpy around the mid section and put a shirt on dude your nipples make everyone wanna barf for real. Dumb as dirt Victor. Haha. Sorry. This my place to vent about people. I know I’m annoying. Don’t read my posts.:-)


Paulie is an arrogant SOB. He does a lot of posturing. Blah

Mizz Thang

Why don’t these fools tell Vanessa’s sisyer to take her glasses off?? Are they stoopid?


The only thing more annoying than watching Vanessa for an entire summer *might* be watching Vanessa’s doppelganger spend the entire summer explaining why Vanessa should have won.


Dear god, this truth or dare game is bonkers as hell and Michelle is killing me! Daring frank to belch into James face? The girl is not messing around lol


They have Tiffany trying so hard to be Vanessa it’s almost sickening. The probably gave her that oversized hoodie and hat in the DR and told her she had to wear it. Her wearing the hat with her sun glasses on inside the house is too much. I can’t handle it anymore


Hiya, could someone explain to me why Bridgette is being “bullied”???? Thanks


Someone may be able to help me fill in the gaps, but from what I gathered on the feeds, Bridgette went up to the HOH room, and then Nicole came downstairs pissed, and so the newbs unaligned with the vets assumed she jumped ship and told Nicole about Jozea’s meeting which she wasn’t invited to. She might have, because she was up in the HOH room later talking to Zak, Nic, and Corey I believe spilling the beans. I think Bridgette realizes that since Paul is coming off the block that she will be the likely renom.

Bronte and Nat were upset. However, Paul ended up apologizing to Bridgette for if she felt bullied into voting with the newbs after his talk with Frank.

Doran Martell

It seems they don’t like Michelle much either. I do like her. Hope she makes it far. I’m not a big of Victor tho, he sounded so insecure when he, Corey, Zak and Bridgette were talking about dating and texting other people. It will be sweet to see him leave. But at least we get him for a few more weeks for entertainment tho, crazy as he is. He also thinks he’s really smooth.


Corey could have chosen a lap dance from Victor, but had the Latin stallion of the house spit in his mouth. This after a day of dropping multiple homophobic comments lol. I’m beginning to wonder more and more how deep in the closet he may be.

Frank schooled Paul so well tonight. I’m glad to see how much Frank has seemingly grown since his season. And I hope for his sake that most of that stuff sunk in for Paul. Jozea is a rapidly sinking ship (most would argue is already sunk), and if Paul wants to stay in the game he’s going to have to chill his attitude, and learn how to play nice with others.

I also feel bad for Paulie (but I don’t because he’s cocky), because even though he’s practically guaranteed to survive this round, he is completely clueless to the fact that he’s near the bottom of 8 Pack’s totem pole, and most of those people want him out right after Victor, Nat, and Bronte go. And did you all hear how many times Paulie was trying to act like he could have easily beat Paul and won this POV? Lol! This boy had know idea that Zakiyah and Tiff were laughing at him as soon as he stepped out the room.

Jozea did not disappoint with that hot mess of a meeting. He may just be the most deluded player in BB history next to Brian, Jeremy, Nick, etc. Guys who think they’re going to run the house, when they actually run themselves out the door.

Tiff telling everyone who her sister is may eventually come to bite her in the a**. I’m not sure if Frank knows or not, but he certainly didn’t include her in his ideal final 5.

Spin the bottle/truth or dare is a BB cliche, but kudos to Michelle for going for it, a lot of this cast is determined to be boring.


Yes Frank has known she’s Vanessa’s sister. All the vets have known along with Michelle and Zac. No one seems to really care about the sibling thing.


Who were his “ideal” final 5? Does it include all the vets? And if so who was the 5th..
(that will be the person he believe he has the most control over or he trusts the most IMO)


Except for Paulie and Tiffany, this has to be the dumbest group of newbies in the history of the show/ Maybe, it’s magnified, because of the Vet twist/. But, where does Grodner find these people? Most, if not all, have no clue how BB is played and or have, seemingly never even watched the show.


Zakiyah and Michelle aren’t doing too bad lol. In fact they’re probably doing the best of the newbs. Tiff is telling too many people about Van, and Paulie doesn’t realize he’s very low on the pecking order for 8 Pack after Victor, Natalie, and Bronte are gone.

But I’m pretty sure even in a regular season with all new players that casting and Grodner go out of their way to find at least half a cast, if not more, that barely have any chance of actually winning. Thus they seek recruits who don’t know the game.

Honestly I have no idea why the smarter newbs didn’t just band together to pit the vets against the other newbs and sit back. Players like Jozea might be terrible and deluded, but that just makes them easier to manipulate lol.


I get that you like Paulie and Tiff but if you actually listen to conversations those two are in the bottom of the pecking order and most likely be picked off if things continuously go “smoothly”. Zakiyah is actually in the best position right now as of the newbies, she is a part of the majority group, has a “newbie” status and sub alliances include her in the mix.


Great observation Carlos. The pecking order of the newbs aligned with the vets are Corey (for Frank and maybe Nicole), Zakiyah (For Nicole and Day), then Michelle, Tiff, and finally Paulie. And Paulie isn’t even an official member of 8 Pack from what I gather. He’s just “with” them.


Paul thinks James is the most dangerous one in the vets… Lol… I think the other 3 are way more into the game atm. And does he really trust Frank that much…. man he’s gonna be a goner soon I guess, and if it is really blind voting then theyre just gonna be sitting ducks then, which is a great thing


Paul you made your mistake of your life. James will send you packing next week.