“I’m always 10 steps ahead, all the f***g time… That girl [Nicole] will never beat me”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

Big Brother 18 Alliance page

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 02-11-29-328

12:06am Cam 1-4 Truth or dare continues in the Kitchen

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 02-15-58-979

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 02-17-24-974

12:51am Frank and Corey
Moment before Corey was talking to Natalie and James about his truth or dare question from Natalie. Corey is upset by one of the questions, Natalie asked him something about 2 different sexual partners in a 24 hours period. His answer was he has had two with 24 hours. Thinks it looks bad.
Frank tells him he can flip Natalie, Paul and Bronte. Frank says he was “fu***ng” with Natalie in the bathroom, and he told her next week Thursday morning he’ll tell her who to vote for.
Frank – I really think I can flip them right there and then.. We don’t need to but I can.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 02-59-48-469

1:00am Frank, Da’Vonne and Michelle
Frank telling them he can flip Bronte, Natalie and James, “But we don’t need to”
Da’Vonne leaves..

Michelle doesn’t trust Bronte thinks she’s two faced and has a mean streak, “Did you hear her on truth and dare? She was being rude” Frank can see the mean streak, doesn’t think she’s two faced, “She’s not mean she’s a nice sweet girl she’s reserved.. .she was embarrassed, I actually think she is a nice girl she got caught up in the wrong group”. She will be targeting Victor. Frank agrees. Frank says “The Boys” Like Corey want to get Paul out before Victor but Frank wants to get Joeza out this week and Victor next out. Frank says it will be 7-4 for Jozea to leave. Da’Vonne joins them. Frank goes on about the other newbies getting blindsided by this. Michelle points out Victor thinks all the votes are going to keep Jozea.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 02-27-13-783

1:07am HOH Nicole and Da’Vonne
Sounds like Nicole said during Truth or dare that she liked or is attracted to Corey
Nicole tells Da that Corey is super cute. Da’Vonne teaes here says she liked him and wants to “kiss him” Nicole blames it on the alcohol they were given.

Nicole – I’m done with Big Brother Boys
Da – That’s a Big brother MAN honey.. That’s a MAN
Nicole – PLease save me.. Will you make things not awkward.. He’s told me I’m cute but I’ve never reciprocated
Da’Vonne says Corey has manners, “He’s a sweet guy, He’s tall..”

Nicole – I’ve never told a boy he’s cute to his face… I think he’s cute but I’m not into it.. I’m here to win
Da’Vonne – that’s fine.. But the way he watched you going up the stairs,,, Man he’s been waiting for you for something.
Nicole – God he’s now going to try and get me out of the house…
Da’Vonne – no..
Nicole says Victor picks on Corey
Da’Vonne says Zakiyah is sleeping with Frank.
Nicole is surprised there isn’t much room in the bed. Da’Vonne is surprised to.
Nicole leaves to get pizza, Da’Vonne talks to the camera says she thinks her and Nicole are going to be friends for life… DA’Vonne loves Nicole, Sober Nicole and Drunk Nicole she likes them both. Nicole comes back up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 02-07-06-333

2:11am Jozea waiting for the meeting to start..

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 02-45-28-283

2:44am 3:45am Paulie, Jozea and Paul
(Hard to make sense of this conversation.. Jozea and Paul kinda rambling)
Jozea says they had the perfect time to call a meeting they had everyone in their alliance collected in the living room.
Paul says if there’s 1 or 2 people missing it’s easier to relay information.

Paulie says Tiffany doesn’t give up a lot of information “Very smart”
Paulie asks them why they feel so comfortable with Da’Vonne.
Joeza says him and Da have the same events in their background, “Upbringing” Joeza trusts her, “We connect.. I Vibe with her.. I trust her she trust me that’s what it is”
Paulie asks him what he went through. Jozea doesn’t want to get into it, rambles on. Paul rambles about the nature of the game, eye contact, etc..
Paul gets called out by Big Brother to move the microphone lower indicated they can’t get clear audio from him.

Paul goes on about being in every situation already, he knows what’s it’s like to be on slop, He wasn’t confident going into this game, he thought he was going to lose the POV, Last night he couldn’t sleep.
“This whole game is a f***g gamble”
“Hindsight is 20/20”
“They (Production) want us to get ahead of ourselves”

Paul – lets talk about something uncomfortable..
Paul asks Paulie where would the the votes go if it stays Paulie and Joeza on the block
Paulie – I don’t know man.. I feel .. against me
Paul – why.. is it because you haven’t connected with them.
Paul says he won’t vote again Joeza or Paulie, Neither will Vic.

Jozea – there’s 500 hundred thousand dollars on the line.
Paul – it’s a gamble it’s a game
Paul – it’s going to get to the point where people are going to hurt people’s feelings

Paulie says he has no idea who the renomination will be. Paul thinks it’s going to be a girl from Paulie’s team or it’s another strong guy like Frank.

Jozea – I’m always 10 steps ahead all the f***g time… That girl will never beat me

Paul – the advice Frank and James gave me.. Stay calm stay cool.. they always told me f***g take it easy
Paul – they’ve been on the show before they must know something
Paulie – mmmmhmmmm

Joeza says the roadkill winner has as much power as Nicole. “Whoever the roadkill bitch is.. just as much”

It’s 3:46am the meeting of minds continues..

Paul – No matter what a strong guy will go home
Joeza – that what they’ve wanted
Paul – we’re already outnumbered
Jozea – Glenn’s gone
Pau l- these girls aren’t f***g stupid
Paulie says if they go down 2 guys they’re finished.

Paul – you boys just gotta keep your cool
Paulie says he keeps his cool. Goes over the votes says if they have the 5 votes Joeza says they have as long as one of those 5 don’t go up they will be fine.

Paulie – it’s a done deal
Paul – we’re fine

Jozea – my brain is hurting i’m stressed

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 03-55-46-037

4:02am Paul leaves Paulie and Jozea.

Paulie goes over their numbers Bronte, Zakiyah, Paul, Victor are on board with them.
Paulie – You got Da and I mean Da likes me to.. They’re Frank and JAmes..
Paulie – that almost puts 7 guaranteed votes against that other person (Whoever the roadkill renom is)

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-25 04-05-55-751

They decide to go to bed.. All houseguests sleeping.

8:01am All feeds on sleeping houseguests.

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Jozea & Paul are the biggest jokes and most unlikable players I have seen on BB in ages. They make Frankie look like Ghandi!!!


Totally agree…these two are really hard to watch. They are both a piece of work. Jozea a little worse but Paul right on his heels.

EZ does it

A couple of real morans!!!! Tutti and Frutti!!!


Dill and Doe Brothers!!!!!

Layla Kai

I know bc at least Frankie knew the game. Fn Paul thought eviction is Sunday and said why would they let this marinate all week smh

Layla Kai

I know at least Frankie knew the game. Paul thinks eviction is Sunday and said why would they let this marinate all week smh


Can Nicole be the first vet to go home please? She sucks.


Lol at Michelle thinking Bronte is mean. Michelle is always trying to go savage on people.

Corey is blaming Nat for an answer he himself gave during truth or dare? Unbelievable.

Looks like Paul might end up in a good spot if the 8 Pack keeps putting off targeting him. If he takes Frank’s advice and lays low long enough he may end up being around for when 8 Pack turns on each other.

Jozea Jozea Jozea. You’ll hopefully look back on this experience and realize that things are not always going to go your way nor are things always as they seem.

Ironically Paulie is still oblivious to the fact that he’s currently being strung along by 8 Pack himself.

Doran Martell

So why do people not like Michelle? I kinda like her. For me Jozea and Paul are playing too hard and too fast. Paulie is just dropping on my board so fast. Complaining about Natalie’s voice and just being a saggy douche, but maybe that’s just me. He seems a lot like his brother, no brains and no backbone. Good news for him is it looks like he’ll have some time to redeem himself. I’m just not up to speed on all the grudges and rivalries yet. But I see a rift between the newbs, I just don’t understand it yet. But there will be blood tho, I hope.


Oh I don’t not like Michelle, but I was just poking out her for insinuating other girls were mean when she’s often bitchy. I think some of the newbs don’t like her because they see her as a flip flipper.

Paulie reminds me a lot of Cody. His “great” social game is mainly him just trying to be nice to others, but like Cody he talks a lot of s**t about girls. And he had the nerve to call Jozea out for calling them bit**es. I will give him credit for making up lies about Jozea, but if he’s this nervous maybe he suspects he’s on the outs.

But you’re right. Most of these players who started out playing poorly have time to grow and redeem themselves. Look at Caleb. Most of us could t stand him and his fixation on Amber, but by the end we we’re like he’s alright now.


Dawg, who is James voting out on thursday? and who do you think will be evicted?


Wow, Jozea seems a bit narcissistic


Hi! Does anyone know if the feeds play on a kindle fire 10?


Frank, Tiffany, Michelle. Let’s get u to final three.

This season is going to be hard to stick with. It’s deeper than just bad boring game play and a cast of stiffs like Season 16.

Ok I need to stop. I feel like a buzz kill to the people enjoying it. And yeah take it for what it is and just enjoy it.

It’s bad though. Ha.

Pinocchio Obama

I have a feeling that things are going to turn ugly in the house very early this season.


10 steps ahead? This guy is delusional. Man I hope he is voted out can’t wait for him to realize Nicole just whooped his sorry @ss.


Zakiyah looks like Dwight Howard. Especially when she does that broad silly grin. She can probably dunk a basketball too, with those legs.

Frito Pie

I was like, shut your mouth, fool. But, now I see it. That’s funny. Weird, though, because now I think DH is pretty.

Doran Martell

Well Paulie looks like Scooby Doo to me. I think I’m going crazy.

I am a strong black woman.

As well as this week has gone for Team Good People. I’m ready for the power to shift to see how loyal some of these alliances are.

The two black girls have a natural alliance. They’ve formed an alliance with the two nerdy white girls (who also have a natural alliance) and the freaky white girl. All natural enemies of the white cheerleader and white student council girls who formed team Powerpuff. Those two alliances have clash potential.

Vets have to stick together for awhile. They’re kind of the glue and anti-catalyst that might prevent things from exploding.


Is it necessary to refer to the white girls as “nerdy” and “freaky”? Why not use their names?


I think they are both as bad as Frankie. Josea with his arrogant ” I am too smart for them” attitude and Paul’s belief that he knows how to play this game. Both too narcissistic to think about the human factors. Sure hope plan comes to fruition and Josea watches the rest of the season from home!


Are Nicole and Hayden no longer together?


I thought they were still together. Hope so. Anybody know?


They had a twitter release a few months back saying they broke off


Nicole referred to herself as single in the first episode.


No, Nicole and Hayden are not together anymore. She said she was coming in the house single. I’ve read something on their Instagram saying they are still going to be friends, but they are no longer together as a couple. 🙁


I didn’t know they were a couple. Wasn’t Hayden on Survivor with his girlfriend or fiance? Don’t remember how long ago but it wasn’t Nicole.




Different Hayden. Hayden Voss is who Nicole dated, Hayden Moss was a former winner of BB and contestant on Survivor.


Nicole was dating Hayden Voss from her BB season. Not Hayden Moss who is a previous BB winner and past Survivor player.


Thanks KimmyD and TXbbFan.

Eric wenb

People may not like the big sister team as much, but they sure do bring the drama.Makes for good after dark and live feeds j/s!!!???


More recruits who don’t know the rules of the game & never watched. Jozea is a makeup artist with a stage name, Paul is a rocker with a clothing store, they’re on BB for fame, not with any idea how to win, they came out fighting everyone, kiss of death.Very generous of Frank & Nicole to give them lessons on rules & social game, cuz they’d not the type to return loyalty.


Yeah… Guess who their targets are, Nicole & Frank. No winning them over without proving they’re the strongest players.


I don’t think Paul is horrible I don’t like him by any means and I will not root for him but I just think he’s a big talker very annoying. But I hate jozea anyone who compares themselves to God is dispicable. I cannot wait to see him go home


I’ll join in on the “I can’t stand Paul and Jozea” club.
There is something about Jozea that gives off a very uneasy/nervous vibe.

BUT, I will say I completely stand by and loved the comment Jozea came at Corey with over the “gay” comment.


dawg simon where the alliance guide there son many of them! vets,8pack.fatal5,3 amigos,brocole,power puff girls, so far


I use an iPad and watch the feeds. You just have the get the CBS app and pay a small monthly fee for All Access. Good Luck!


I’m trying to piece together the big picture of what seems to be happening this week since I’ve been away from my computer quite a bit. Thanks for the updates Simon and Dawg.
If I’m way off on something I hope someone will correct me or tell me where I’m going off track.
Easiest way seems to be to look at the vets first.
There’s the 8pack with fringe Paulie. the 8 pack is the fatal 5 alliance plus Corey Frank and James. Meanwhile, Frank is setting up a safety net with his four man team, while also setting up a subnet where he takes on the Boogie role with Paulie, Corey and Brigette taking on the acolyte role he had in his previous season (with Brigette as the expendable pawn).
On the newbie side Victor Paul and Jozea have taken on the alpha figure role believing they have control of all of the newbies. Natalie and Bronte and Brigette (?) have formed a subset alliance in the newbie camp. Natalie and Bronte have surmised the existence of a large alliance containing the vets and a few newbies. They’ve got 6 or 7 of them in mind. they aren’t wrong. Zakiyah has presumably left the friendship pact with Paul and Jozea.
Nobody knows which player holds the roadkill power, but they’ve assumed it was Michelle and /or Nicole. The guys seem to think it is a girl, which is inevitably going to start a gender based mistrust by week two. Signs are already showing of the gender divide in Paul and Victor saying they’re targeting the strong men (meaning themselves), and Bronte saying the men are bullies and she’ll never vote for a boy to win.
The all newbie alliance has already fractured, and everyone seems to be aware that it is fractured, given that Paul and Jozea are only coming up with five votes in their head and counting on Frank or James to be their sixth.
The safety that James Victor Bronte and Natalie have is good for the first two evictions, but was given before Glenn was evicted, so presumably those four are no longer safe after Thursday.
Pre power of veto it looks like Jozea is in deeper hot water than he knows, and trying to shift the target to the as yet unknown third nominee. The newbie alphas are hoping it’s a girl because they are paranoid of the girls having an 8-6 advantage going into week two.
I think that’s the gist of what has been happening in the last few days…
I do question how the 3 on the block vote will work this season. It could technically save the intended target if he has a couple allies locked in, because it is possible that a large number would try to keep the pawn safe (Paulie in this case) while the small group is trying to save the target, leaving the roadkill as exactly that. Is the object of the three person block to break the pawn habit that has been relied upon so much in the past few years?


Ahhh look at Da making strong connections! Thats Derrick gameplay right there! She just needs to Vanessa her way out of the situation when Jozea goes home!

sunny dee

hi, simon/dawg

is there a way to put letters in the photos of the HGs showing which team they are on? J for James, F for frank, etc? other than the 4 vets, plus a couple of others, i am having a hard time keeping straight who is on who’s team, and then figuring out who is still safe immune or just safe for this week for renaming, or all that. i know corey is with nicole, cuz i remember thinking she was an idiot to not pick Paulie at the time. far greater chance to have a former HG sybling on your team vet than some random Clay clone


Each row is a team, for example: Frank, Bridgette, Michelle, Paulie = category4

Also they teams/alliances are here: http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/big-brother-compendium/big-brother-seasons/big-brother-18-alliances/


Yall are always prisoners of the moment, constantly claiming someone is the most unlikable person ever. Yall do this every season. Anyway Jozea is super entertaining and I hope he stays so we don’t have to watch nicole or other boring ppl all summer.