Power of Veto Today “They put us in suits we have to make an executive..”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’vonne, Paul, Zakiyah, Jozea

Sounds like the Power of Veto is today. Normally it’s on Saturday not sure if that’s how it’s going down this season or if this is just a week 1 anomaly.

Veto Players picked they are: DA’Vonne, Corey, Nicole, Jozea, Paulie, Paul

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 09-09-54-487

8:45am wake up Feeds turn on at 9am.
Most houseguests remain sleeping. BAckyard is locked. Victor is the only one up in the kitchen cooking. Nicole gets called into the Diary room, Victor “First person of the day” She’s not in there long and comes out. Tells Victor she asks for more time to put on Makeup.
Victor suggests she slaps her own face to get the blood rushing.

Nothing really going on…

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 09-35-10-500

9:35pm More houseguests are up now making breakfast talking about how funny last night was. Paulie helps Bridgette fix her pixel outfit.

The girls in the HOH are still sleeping (Nicole, Da’vonne, Zakiyah)

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 09-54-20-034

9:54am Kitchen, Frank, Paul, Bridgette.

Frank tells them he ate so many cookies last night it gave him “Nice case of the old Mud Butt today”
Paul – we have a lot of business to attend to today they put us in suits we have to make an executive … (Feeds cut) (Something about the POV today)

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 09-59-38-015

10:00am cam 3-4
Bridgette – hey there
Bridgette whispers asking if everything is ok, is Paulie safe.
Frank – we have the numbers anyways… no matter what happens
Bridgette – I haven’t talk to you lately
Frank – they were supposed to have a meeting

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 10-07-19-767

10:00am in the HOH Tiffany and Nicole are talking about getting ready. Tiffany asks her if “They” (Production) have told her what is going on today. Nicole thinks there will be a veto today. but they haven’t told her anything.

They agree if Glenn was left in the game he would have put up Frank and James.
Nicole – Paulie and Glenn were BFFs
Tiffany – really in that little amount of time
Nicole – Yes.. they hung out every minute
Tiffany – oh my

Nicole is excited about their “team” says they are all trustworthy. Da’Vonne joins them.
Nicole says the “Boys” act like the have no worries in the world.
They all start going on about their Fatal 5 alliance
Da’vonne says she slept on the couch last night it was comfortable. Zakiyah slept in the bed with Nicole.
Frank rolls in “Ahh man.. mamma Da has it smelling good in here”

Nicole – whats going on
Frank – mad shit
Da’Vonne – we just need to know whose getting picked (For POV)

They all agree Jozea is the one they don’t want to win the POV. Frank thinks Paulie is going to crush it.
Frank about Joeza – “He’s not good”

Frank and Da’Vonne agree Paul is athletic, “He’s going to fight for his life”
Da’Vonne is worried PAul will use the Veto on Joeza.
Frank is going to tell Paul if he uses the Veto on Joeza then Paul is going home.
Frank tells them PAul still thinks the plan is to get Paulie out, “I’ll make him understand.. he’ll go home.. i’ll explain it to him in a game sense”

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 10-22-36-647

10:18am CAm 3-4 Nicole, Frank and Tiffany HOH
Frank brings up walking in on Victor seeing them point at Corey’s microphone. Nicole asks if Victor still thinks he’s good with Fran. Feeds cut……
James walks in “I gotta poop”

Frank – I think it’s kinda weird he pointed at Corey’s microphone… They’re so paranoid right now they are constantly coming up with someone new.
(The newbies cannot figure out who won the new competition and nominated Paul)
Tiffany – is Vic really that unaware of the house dynamics
Frank – Of course they think they have it all wrapped up
Tiffany – it’s unbelievable how some people are so unaware.. They really think they are the kings of the house.
They chuckle at how clueless the newbies are.
DA’Vonne joins them says she hasn’t had a bowl movement since she’s been in here.
James – Damn that’s not healthy
Da’Vonne – I’m literally full of shit right now..
They talk around in circles paranoid that PAul will use the veto to save Joeza because he thinks the plan is to take out Corey.

10:25pm JAmes and Paulie Cam 1-2

They found something to play!

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 10-41-16-932

10:33pm Cam 1-2 Bronte and Paulie
Bronte squeaking and rubbing his abs with her foot.. Paulie sprawled out showing his abs.
They do mention how Paul needs to relax.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-24 10-42-46-179

10:42pm HOH Crew Frank, Tiffany, James and Da’Vonne
Laughing at the blindside the newbies are going to get hit with on next Thursday night.
Back to Jozea’s comment about the 4th of July.. and the feeds get cut. When we come back James saying it’s a good thing it wasn’t aired because he would have a lot of pissed off Americans.
They start talking about Bronte and Zakiyah liking Paulie. Natalie flirts with all the guys.

Da’Vonne thinks Bridgette, Bronte and Natalie have a strategy to each attach to a guy. She warns James about Bridgette. Tiffany think Da’Vonne is giving the girls too much credit.

They mention how much construction sounds are outside.
Tiffany leaves.. Frank says he likes Tiffany but she’s not like her sister at all.
James and Da’Vonne agree Tiffany is trying to play like her sister.
Frank mentions how Tiffany may be overplaying.
James – Vanessa did the same thing Tiffany does.. she stares at people
Da’Vonne says Tiffany is a lot more social than Vanessa.

James – I fee llike i’m playing with Vanessa
Da’Vonne – mmmmmhmmmm
JAmes – it’s like dejavu
Da’Vonne is having trouble trusting Tiffany “Every blue moon I think she’s playing Audrey’s game”
Da’Vonne says she catches Tiffany and Paulie talking “A LOT”
James and Frank thin Paulie is just flirting with all the girls.

Frank thinks Paulie has their back.
James asks them if they should win the Veto, Da’Vonne and Frank thin the best case scenario is for Nicole to win.
Frank tells them they can put Bridgette up “as a scapegoat” doesn’t matter who wins the POV there core group is safe.

(Apparently PAulie thinks Frank won the 3rd competition and it sounds like Frank did)
Da’vonne thinks Vic will come after her and Nicole. Frank thinks it’ll be two girls.
Da’Vonne says they have to win HOH, POV and the roadkill
Frank – all we need to win is the road kill (Road kill is the name for the new 3rd competition)
Frank – we have the votes no matter what.. that twist having these numbers early on helps us, we have two chances every week to put someone up you can’t ask for that, it’s great.
Frank – Jozea is going home.. the numbers are in our favour.. we’ll win HO this week we’ll clean sweep it
They all agree their social games are “Great” and they are all “Trustworthy” to their group.

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I’m thoroughly convinced that Natalie is Danica McKellar’s long lost sister.


Im convinced Jozea is Devon (BB16) brother. Makes sense, both their game play is awful.


I think you could be onto something they do look like they could be related.


If it couldn’t be worse, Joz insults all the military vets for 4th of July, thinking he’s just slamming James when he spent all night making sure he loses any viewer support too. Now that can’t cut to feeds soon enuf for damage control. Apparently he hasn’t watched the show, or did he think like Aryn, people would keep him in as a floater target. Nobodies playing the Victoria role but Natalie right?


Thank you!! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out who he reminded me of. They look a lot alike and agree their gameplay is (unfortunately) similar.


I’m pretty sure Frank admitted to winning the roadkill comp


I’d really love to see the vets rip through this house. So many of the newbies are way too cocky and just not thinking. As long as either Jozea or Paul is gone this week I’ll be happy.

BB Draft

I got Paulie, Tiffany, Zakiyah, and Da’Vonne. Not sure how good those picks are yet but at least they aren’t the targets as of now.


It would be cool for the Fatal 5 alliance to work, all those girls have to do is not be so paranoid all the time (*cough*Davonne*cough*)


No chance an Alliance with Momma Day in it survives.


Jozea and Paul are the most cocky, rude, and annoying people since Amanda. Cannot wait for them to be leaving the house the next couple of weeks


Unfortunately those two are usually the people that last the longest. In the game thinking it has something to do with if the really awful/annoying person is there then the target is always on them and not on me. Which sort of makes sense I guess, but by the time they finally wise up to getting them out it’s too late and either the numbers are no longer there or over the course of the game they have gained too much power and in some way are controlling the game. I hope they wise up sooner rather than later, b/c just on the two episodes so far I do not like Paul and would love to see him go first.


Luckily what seems to be the case is that unlike Amanda, Audrey, Frankie, etc. they aren’t socially aware of the house and aren’t making any deals or gaining likability with people to sway the house. I think they’re pretty screwed, they isolated themselves the moment they walked in the house and decided to be too bold in their mission. They have the strategy of Joey from BB16, the friendliness of Amanda/Aryn, and the physical competitiveness as someone decent but not threatening like Zachattack. Overall piss poor players. Other pains in the ass could weasel their way out like Vanessa, Devin or Audrey but they are screwed.


If Paul pulls a Marcelles and decides to use the Veto on his friend when he is on the block…. Goodbye Paul, that is the dumbest move in Big Brother History. That is like saying “I don’t want to be here, I didn’t choose safety for myself.” , I also looked at the numbers Paulie is safe. He will not be evicted even if Corey go’s up. Paul or Jozea will both be on the block and one of them will be evicted. There would have to be an incredibly stupid thing that Paulie would do that would have him switch to a target… colossally stupid. Paulie is safe and he is my vote for the win in the PoV.
I want to have Paulie evicted… it will make my life easier when responding the boards… because I would not have to worry about adding an “ie” at the end all of the time… LoL

Ratty Gren Beanie

Just call him Not-Cody.


I meant to say Paul evicted… see HG’s make my life easier and evict Paul… Mama Day knows what I am saying LoL

sunny dee

i have to say that if vets are going to come back to BB, at least most of these ones are OK. If Davonne can control herself, she could get farther. same with Nicole tho, she has to stop hiding and she has to stop whining or getting stressed out. She could have done well in her season if not for that, she should have learned something about herself for this one.

also, they are all 4 actual BB superfans, watching BBUS as well as other BBs, like canada. I prefer to see people in the house who are fans of the show, the ones who go far but have never seen it are insulting to the fans imo. that’s why i can’t really object to BBCAN brother winners, cuz Phil was a superfan of the show.


Well, there is no god, seeing as how that 2am meeting was cancelled so we didn’t get to see James pop up out of the trunk halfway through it, and that’s depressing. The only thing brightening my mood this morning is the thought of Paul going home.


Jozea puts the “mess” is Messiah… narcissistic douche


The ” Messiah ” comment was unbelievably stupid.


Pauline looks like Cody yes.
But I see BB ultimate champ Dan G.


I swear most of these newbies have never even seen the show…


Hi Simon
I just donated to your site. Could you please check to see if the transaction went through once or twice. Lol I had some issues (as usual) and think I submitted it twice. No worries if it did.
Thanks much


Sorry for the delay responding! Thanks a bunch for checking. I also want to apologize for not sending you the cookies I promised (last year) I will try again this year. It’s 118 here in Arizona (ugh) so will wait till end of the season.


Well, I’ve seen Paul fluff his beard a hundred times in the last 20 minutes so I’m really looking forward to him being sent home because I can’t with it.

Butters Mom

I missed it I guess, why are they talking about possibly putting Corey on the block? Is he not part of the alliance with Nicole now?


I usually don’t instantly dislike any of the players but this season I can’t say that. I would be ecstatic if there was a double eviction and Jozea and Paul both walk out the door.


I bet DaVonne’s plan backfires and Paulie goes home.


Way too early for the vets to be so cocky. Especially Da and Frank. They should know better.


I so love this season and it just started!! Hoping this is the year a girl alliance can pull it off. I seem to missing something I thought the Zenika?? was with Paul and the other nominated guy? Than I come on and she is on a girls alliance and is rubbing Paulie??? Wow, things change fast and other don’t ……. players playing way to hard, way too fast.

Unbattled Block

As it stands right now we have a 66.7 % chance an annoying idiot will go home

I like those chances


Isn’t Corey immune this week? Why does Paul think the plan is to take him out?


Jozea in his frickin underwear is too much. Sorry. If a girl was walking around in a g string they wouldn’t allow it. Either we get Michelle or Natalie in a g string or Jozea put some damn pants on.

Tiff for the win! 🙂


I though the same thing…This isn’t Survivor..put some dang clothes on!


Each season we are blessed with one ridiculous asshat who we love to hate, and this year we are double blessed with two. Paul was so damn annoying last night with his antics I had to stop watching. It was Frankie all over again. The other idiot better learn that the cameras will always catch you saying or doing something that will blow up in your face.

Johnny Depp

There’s absolutely nothing special about the returning vets!!! I wish people would be more open to the newbies even though they aren’t the brightest crayons in the box…immediately giving a vet Nicole power in week 1 and going around sharing plans to team up against them (FaiL)


Yea… I called it from Day1. Nissan is Devin OFF steroids!!


Yea… I called it from Day1.Jozea
is Devin OFF steroids!!


So do we know what the 4th of July comment was? I can’t handle the underwear. It’s disgusting.


They talk about Joeza’s “4th of July comment” and how disrespectful he was.
James says he told Joeza “A lot of American’s died for our freedom “ and JOeza said “Nobody told them to do that

Sooo that was the comment? I thought this meant what was said after the comment. Like the comment was said so James replied “with a lot of Americans…” but you’re saying the “nobody told them…” is it, nothing worse? (not that that’s not awful all by itself I just figured it’d be even worse)