Nicole to Paul – “once I win this I’m telling him I’m not taking him”

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 ?
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 15-20-46-626

1:46pm Paul and Nicole Kitchen
Paul says James no shit about the dates. Paul bring sup James saying that Da’Vonne’s name has two V’s

Paul adds that James is spelling Glenn with 1 n
Paul – he has no idea about Joeza.. He even said If I get Jozea wrong I’m blaming you

Paul goes on about James shitting his pants right now.

Paul – he’s kissing my a$$ he’s like Bro you gotta win that final one.. Which means he’s not even assuming he’ll be there.

Paul says James told him he doesn’t want to sit next to Nicole in the final 2.
Paul – you are going to win.. You are going to win..

Paul says he’s been distracting James these past days so he can’t study.
They start speculating what the second part will be like. Paul seems convinced it’s a puzzle with departure dates.

Paul says when they get to final 2 he’s going to cry
Nicole – me too
Paul – he doesn’t want to win..
Nicole – he secretly wants to win though.. He’s going to try
Paul – he’s going to lose

Paul says on finale night he’s going to carry her they will pull their keys out and run out to the stage.
Nicole – ok
Paul – cause we’re right on top of each other.. I’ll be like Nicole grab your key ..

Paul says James is trying to guilt trip him “He’s saying being third place is going to suck balls and D1ck”
Paul – he’s putting it in my head even if you win he’s still going up .. he’s banking on you winning..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 15-39-07-169

Nicole – once I win this I’m telling him I’m not taking him
Paul adds that James is trying to secure his vote in the event that Nicole wins the final HIO hand take shim. Paul thinks James is banking on that happening.
Nicole says Paul can still pretend he’s taking him but she’s not.
Nicole – he’s asking me why I went poop.. Saying I have nervous poops
Paul – he’s nervous man.
Nic – he thinks I’m taking him 1000% doesn’t he.. Now he’s starting to second guess it.
Paul says James thinks he’s going to beat them in final 2, “Which he would”
Nicole agrees.
Paul – he can’t hold it in because he’s so excited he’s lilie holy shit i’m going to win this game as long as they pull me along
Paul says James has Michelle, Nat, Da’vonne or Bridgette locked in Jury. Paul explains if James is against him he can count on Da’vonne vote if he’s up against Nicole he’s got Bridgette’s vote.
Paul – he needs 1 vote.. Who’s that 1 vote
Nic – could be a lot.. Z could even switch..
Paul – he knows Natalie and Michelle will not vote for me over him.. He knows Da;’Vonne isn’t voting for me.. And if I pull him up you hate me..

Paul – i’m convinced he doesn’t want to win it because he knows in the end he will lose that HOH comp..
Paul – if you win he’s going to be up my a$$
Paul – go in … level headed.. All you have to say I’m winning.. Don’t panic
Nicole brings up the coconut comp and how she kept her cool during it
Paul reassure here even if she losses this next HOH he will beat james and take her.
Nicole – I feel like it’s not till tomorrow though
Paul says the competition is today.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 15-49-19-878

They start whispering about James acting sketchy and lurking around trying to spy.
Paul – he wants to see if I come talk to you
Nic – but I can see his silhouette
Paul – he’s freaking out even more.. He needed to win that Veto..
Nic – that endurance.. (I think Paul is meaning part 1 of the final HOH)
Paul – he was telling me the night before he was going to be up there for 10 hours..
Paul says there is no way James threw that competition.
Paul – I beasted that out.. I did not trust him
Paul – I don’t trust anything this fools says I know if I get there I’m getting there myself.

They talk about how excited they are for the money. Nicole says even the stipend is a lot says her first season she got 15 thousand. Feeds cut..

Paul – if you win he will be giving you a ear full he will be giving me a ear full.. but he’s got be very careful because we’ll talk
Nicole- he has no idea
Paul – literally no idea .. he’s paranoid about it but he doesn’t think anything is there, you got to keep selling it.

Paul – what I like about this situation is he thinks he’s so smart and has it figured out and he’s so confident and so cocky..
Nicole – there’s only 1 derrick you can’t play Derrick’s game..
Nicole points to the Diary room (Where James is) “He’s not Derrick.. he is”
Paul – he gets under your skin
Nicole says in the DR and to America it might look like James is playing Derrick’s game, “I played with Derrick and I know how I felt about Derrick and this is a completely different feeling.. he’s not good he’s not sneaky”
Nicole – he’s thrown every single comp
Paul – he even told me he would coach Natalie and tell her to never win a comp which is smart because Natalie would have made it far..
They agree the EGG one he tried to win
Nicole – he threw the ice luge..
Nicole – he’s pretending to throw..
Nicole wonders if James just sucks at competitions
Paul – he’s not the brightest bulb.. he’s not
Paul says James has just gotten lucky and he’s playing it off like it’s his strategy
Nicole – it’s pissing me off.. every comp I didn’t win you want me to say I threw it too
Paul – that is what he’s doing..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 15-15-44-306

3:15pm Nicole studying the boys making food

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 15-55-08-265

3:55pm Nicole studying Boys making food

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 16-42-37-868

4:50pm Sleeping and Card castles.. Maybe some solitaire.. shits getting real .

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-16 18-51-18-229
5:10pm Nicole is alone talking to the live feeders in the kitchen. Nicole – If you’re going to be on Big Brother, work out your arms. If a comp has to do with legs, I’m good. Arms, no! All of the comps other than the comp with the butter have to do with arms. Nicole then goes and studies the Departures wall. James joins her. James – now that I got to know you, you’re like a sister to me. Before coming in here I thought you were my type of girl. Ever since I saw you on that tractor. I was like man if they put Nicole on a season with me … I would be like sorry Hayden! Nicole – this season is INSANE! The crap that I went through. James – last season went by so fast. This season you had to work! I saw Johnny Mac sleep half the season and I though maybe I should sleep half the season. Nicole –

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-16 18-58-27-790

6:15pm – 7:05pm In the kitchen – Paul, James and Nicole are chatting about random things. James is talking about when he worked in a prison for 3 years. It’s the only job where your customer service doesn’t need to be good and you still get paid. They talk about the finale, their families, etc.

7:15pm – 8pm The final 3 playing cards. James wins a round and says “EAT MY A$$!” James wants to play for starburst. Paul asks why?! James say its better to play for something otherwise what’t the point. What else are we going to do… lets play for bragging rights. Just like what’s the point of “just the tip!” .. whats the point.. I would rather not at all. James goes to the diary room to request monopoly. Paul – why is he so happy? Did you boost his confidence. Nicole shakes her head no. James returns. Paul says he’s going to go to bed. This sh*t is dragging out. The conversation turns to talking about the HOH part 2 competition. Nicole says we didn’t have the face morph comp this season. Paul – maybe its the next one. Nicole – we’re going to be harnessed to something.

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Lurker 1216

Paul’s BS attacks on James may convince Nicole to act stupidly, but he is too slimy to get my support.




the key to a really delicious “crispy” fry is to double fry them.. the first round is to quickly blanch the fries cooking them about 3/4 of the way.. you then need to let them rest.. the second round is where you get the nice crispy exterior while leaving the inside nice and fluffy.. salt them immediately so the salt really “sticks” to the fry.. personally i also like finely ground black pepper and salt combined.. or for a special treat add finely chopped garlic and/or good high quality parmesan for a real michelin star experience!!!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Paul is really going hard with the head games.

Pablo Got Punked

If I was Nicole I would remind the boys that she controls two jury votes that she will use against either guy if they don’t take her to the final.

About to upset people

Problem with that is then James can claim to control his vote, Natalie’s vote, Meech’s vote, and Bridgette’s.

Probably not true and I don’t know that the final jury member doesn’t talk to other jury members as their elimination is on final live show.

Britney Haynes: Hottest Big Brother Player Ever

I can see James saying he controls Natalie’s vote but I doubt it.


James has the same argument, but saying doesn’t fit with his “strategy”.

Paul/James Final 2

Yeah, How did controlling the votes work for Vanessa last year?? Hmm??


That makes no sense. If they DO bring her and she controls their votes, then they would vote for her. Paul still wouldn’t get their votes.


Nicole told Paul exactly that I think it was on Thursday’s BBAD. Paul was hammering Nicole over the votes. And she said, “Well, if I’m not in F2 Corey would vote for James and I would be mad at you so you wouldn’t get my vote.” Paul backed away a bit and you could see his concern. He’s so into everyone face and continues to constantly try to intimidate especially Nicole and James.. That was great strategy on Nicole’s part and finally shut big mouthed Paul up, though just for a moment..


Done with the sh*t talking from Paul and Nicole. Everything they are saying they are also guilty of. Funny thing is if for some reason James win they will be kissing his a*s. Ready for it to be over!!!!!!!


Come on Paul, who’s REALLY shi&ing in his pants???


His is why Paul won’t win. Poor jury management. He is turning into Paul of week one. Too cocky

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Paul needs to just chill out until after part two of the HOH comp.


Paul needs to not let his hatred of james get in the way of getting that money. I hopened he doesn’t trust nicole to take him to F2.


Again, I don’t get these two morons…unless that is, they are both lying through their teeth to each other. Why on earth would you NOT take that worthless goat James to the end?? It’s an easy win!! He’s done nothing!! If Paul takes Nicole, he loses and if Nicole takes James, you’re looking at a 6-3 vote for her to win. Paul stomps James in a f2, most likely 7-2.

Guy From Canada

If it’s Paul vs James who are the two votes for James? Nic and Paulie?


Natalie, Meech, Bridget. Davonne, would all vote james for sure. I dont think you can take james to the end.
He hasnt done anything, but has absolutly no blood. (except vic he wouldnt get his vote anyway) I really dont think james deserves any money and i think he wins if he goes final 2.

Life lessons

I am sick of Paul and Nichole trashing James, behind his back and then kissing his butt to his face. I can’t stand anyone who has to act like those two are. Do they actually think they deserve to win? After this show is all done, you all know that James will see this and he will be hurt by what those two have said! I just hope and pray that neither of them wins. It would serve them right.


I don’t know which Paul is more afraid of, losing or James getting to F2. What I do know is that it is bringing out the Paul most of us would rather not see.


No more Friendship…

ABC Lady

Why would Nicole want to take Paul?????? She has to know he will win, She stands a better chance going to final with James. She will be handing over a half a mil to a rich kid if she takes Paul. Doesn’t she remember he said he lives beside Jamie Foxx well you gotta have a lot of money to live in that neighborhood, sure he lives with his parents but he has a lot of his own money too.


I so agree with you, ABC Lady. Paul is rich. Why would you want someone who is rich to win BB? Nicole just got her nursing degree, very altruistic I might add, and James, well James is a staff recruiter.

Guy From Canada

So is Paul just playing the Dan (bb14) end game with both house guests successfully or can they both see through his bs. What’s your take Dawg &/or Simon?


I want to remind everyone how hard Simon and Dawg work here to entertain us all season, and give us a place to voice our opinions. Please consider donating to thank them!


Aw, I’m sorry someone gave this a thumbs down. That’s so wrong.
I love you guys – thanks for all of your hard work and sleepless Kraken nights!


Some people would thumbs down their entombed grandmother.


It was Ramsey Bolton.


Frey pie for all.


Thanks for reminding me. Just send another small tip in.

Hillary Tap Dances

Shelby? Paul has to win


It’s Shelby… Paul and Nic both acting over the top ugly. It’s hard to stomach. Ready for it to be over. Hopefully smack mouth Paul wins. Not much of a choice

Just here for the entertainment

Nicole is knocking Jame’s game play just as much as Paul only in a Nicole good girl sort of way.
James is asking Nicole about her bowl movements now? What’s up with that?

Loyal fan

Victor needs to win afp. He had to struggle the most to survive in the game. His family really needs the money. So please vote for him to win.

Big Guth Trump

Sorry this is not UNICEF, Victor doesn’t look like he’s starving to death–it’s Big Brother.


Victor did get 5K from Corey. James won 5K in a comp.

Hillary Tap Dances

Shelby did you want Nicole to win this…

Hillary Accepting Bribes 24/7

When is part 2 of the HOH?

Hillary Accepting Bribes 24/7

Thanks Simon.


Wish we could see inside the jury house. This house is too boring and Paul keeps repeating himself. Paul, stop already! Horrible final three, vote Victor AFP!

Britney Haynes: Hottest Big Brother Player Ever

I think these are the three best players of the season. Victor was great at comps but the fact that he got voted out three times tells you how weak his social game was.


Diane bb5 was hotter


The fact Victor got voted out 3 times has nothing to do with social game. It’s because he is the whole package, comp beast, friend to all HG’s, and very likable. They fear him because of that. Very smart on their part to vote him out each time…..he’s THAT good. he’s fought his way back in twice! Victor for AFP!!


He was still voted out 3 times !!! i think deserves AFP and i would love to see him back again, But he wasn’t the best player. These 3 were


Agree with the first part. But I don’t want anyone to return. Fresh faces please in the new season!

Comp Beast says

I think Victor should be brought back for an All-Star game or a Global Game of Big Brother!

Turd in a Punch Bowl

If his social game really was good people would of had his back.

Hillary for Prison

Tonights CBS episode blows. Their love fest with James sucks.

Vic for AFP

I can.t stand James. Clips tonight just made him look all the more sleazy.


None of them have a future hosting, they suck at it. I liked that Pablo was included as a houseguest though.


Totally agree!
Can’t believe I sat through that.
– A wasted hour of my life that I’ll never get back …


Nicole needs to be careful here. Paul is trying to egg her on. It’s one thing if she thinks Paul might be easier for her beat than James due to votes she feels James might have locked in. It’s another to tip her hand to James.

Given she stands a good chance (given how well she’s done in the last few comps) she will lose to Paul in the third part of the HOH she should not tell James she would not bring him. He’s still a jury vote. And unless she is forced to tip her hand she should let James think she always had his back.

Big Guth Trump

Yeah Paul is coming on way too strong here. He reeks of desperation. I’m sure Nicole isn’t buying his act.

James Croc Clip tonight


Roll Tide

Paul is driving me crazy. I thought James and Nicole were really good friends, he protected her all season.
If Paul talks her into not taking James, she is a very wishy washy person, very gullible.
But I do not like her this year at all.


Since when is James her “friend”? He is an acquaintance who she will interact with very little outside of the context of this game. She has no moral obligation to gift him $500,000. No reason to hurt her chances at getting $500,000. If we were talking about Corey I could see the point since they do having feelings for each other (whether or not they translate outside of the house). James is someone she was friendly with and worked with. And someone she may have (or may not) chatted with about the game before the game started. He is not a “who cares… it’s only $500,000” friend.


I agree! Im getting tired of paul repeating himself. Not sure why Nicole is continuously bad mouthing James either! I thought that when she agreed with Corey that she’d want James with her in the end she meant it!
I’m not very happy with Nicole’s actions (if this is real). AND James needs to just play the game and hopefully he can regain everyones good opinion of him!! And this Friday episode sucks!


I remember a few weeks ago James said on the feeds that he had sent Nicole a few things on social media but she never would respond to him until they found out they were coming on this season. Idk why but I thought that was kind of rude. Lol


Just when you think you’re not gonna see Paulie’s douchey face again until finale night, boom, there he is. I’m so over his face. Hope not to see any footage of him next season either.

Vic for AFP

Anonymous, so sorry, I thought you had typed Paul there……..I reacted too fast and hit thumbs down. I take that back…HUGE thumbs up for this comment!!!! I’m just still distraught from having to watch more boring clips on James tonight on BB.

Life Lesson

Paulie sure isn’t a Cody,,,,,,,,,,,,

Big Guth Trump

Totally agree about Puaulie. How did only he end up with cameo interviews the other day? Why wasn’t Da’Vonne allowed to express her opinion? In his fight with her, his carotid artery was bulging. Scary guy. His family must be so proud…


Wish the people in the jury house could watch what the 3 of them are doing in the house . I think a lot of them would change their minds on who should win . Go James !!!!!! My the produces should concerned that next year .

James go home

James has lost the majority of his fans. It’s his ‘last rodeo’ on TV so enjoy. lol


Wish Paul would stop with the slamming James constantly. Enough already…I know if I was Nicole it would turn me against Paul if that is all he talks about.

I almost expect Nicole and James to take each other anyway. First there were the rumors of a pregame deal, then there was the deal James and Nicole talked about a few weeks ago during AD that BB called them out on and most recently just before Corey left James reminded her not to forgot their deal. So I definitely think there is some type of deal.


I think that’s why Paul is saying all this stuff and acting like this. He’s freaking out because of the bullhorn incident. He suspects Nicole and James had a f2 all along and knows he’s screwed if he doesn’t win. He just needs to calm down. Unfortunately the only thing he can do is win then he won’t have to worry about it.


Wish the people in the jury house could watch what is going on in the house . a lot of them would change their minds about who would win . maybe the producers should consider this for next season . go James !!!

Daisy Rose

It’s sad and pathetic that Paul and Nicole need to pump themselves up by doing nothing but shit talk James nonstop.


OMG I don’t know which special episode on Friday was worse the ziggy Marley or the clip show (the James show since they keep giving him these edits ) thumbs up for Ziggy Marley or thumbs down for the clip show

Katie Girl

Victor AFP!!! Why are you people voting for James? Why would you want a floater to win AFP? Dont yall know anything about the game of BB? Come on! Vote for Victor!

Bolt Uprite

Maybe you can explain why anyone would want to reward a houseguest that was evicted THREE TIMES? That tells me that that isn’t how to play the game. CBS already rewarded him by giving him the opportunity to come back twice. He got a $5000 bribe. Big screen TV and home theater accoutrements. And then the guy complains about being a victim, even more than Natalie did. At least Natalie didn’t have hairy pecs.


IMO, AFP is a player that is likable. Not his fault there were 2 buybacks and he is great at comps. So why not him.

The Vets (Nicole and James) got their chance last season. So they have the experience and learned from their mistakes. Also, they had the advantage of knowing each other going into the game.

If Nicole was not a Vet, she would have been gone long ago. She played a horrible game – just hung out with Corey all season.

James did nothing but follow Natalie around all season. He thinks his pranks will earn him $25,000.

So that is why I want VICTOR = AFP


Voting for James for AFP because he is the kindest person overall. AFP doesn’t need to be about their game play but what type of personality they have & how they treat others. I would vote Victor as second nicest person.

Quack Quack

I’d say this is James last rodeo on BB. His fan base is shrinking fast than a wool sweater in the dryer.

Stepped on a Duck

Fact check. James is leading the AFP poll.

Bolt Uprite

For a guy who supposedly doesn’t have a chance of winning, James is really causing Paul and Nicole to frazzle. And for all those who claim James just slept the whole season, we now have his inspiration, everybody’s little darling from last year, Johnny Mac, the goofy mad dentist who everybody just swears is a genius. And I give credit to James for not flogging his daughter all over the place trying to get sympathy votes, something even Derrick did.

Lying Hillary Diving in the Polls & on her Face

Good points especially about James not using his daughter as a prop for the cash.


im rooting for either scole sssss or moses. Both have played a good clean game. Sorty but geisga rat has played an awful game and he doent deserve to win. But im thinking scole ssssssss might try to back stab moses. I still believe she has no chance of winning sknce manority of the girls see scole as a snske ssssssssss .


Of the three left Paul is the best choice for the win. The winner of part three of the HOH will probably win it all.


I dont know if this is out there, because I only get updates here and no live feeds… But nic didnt seem to broken up about Coreys eviction. When she watched him grey out, there was a kick in her step. I am not sure if the feeders saw that or not. Maybe she had a lot of time to wrap her head around Corey going home? But even so, if my SO got booted 4th, I wouldnt be able to fake a smile, let alone a fist pump for f3.


True. I think it’s because she really is a snake. And she knows how to play games. She is probably a big fish in the little pond of Ubly. She knows how to make ‘boys’ like her (want her) and she knows how to get rid of her competition…the other ‘girls’ in Ubly and the other ‘girls’ in the small pond of the big brother house. She’s a snake and she’s focused on getting what she wants. (She might have even confused Corey about his natural attractions.) Don’t yell at me! I’m just thinking out loud.


I won’t yell at you…LOL Did give me a giggle!!


She knew she couldn’t win next to him and he told her he would never talk to her if she took someone else to F2. She did cry some but I’m sure she is relieved that he is out and she has his jury vote.

Nicole the Baby Faced Assassin

She won’t be crying when she wins the 500K Wednesday.


Idk why anyone is surprised that Paul is talking so much crap about James. He talks about everyone , buuuuut i would still want him to win over Nicole and James.

And if he wins part 3 and takes James he loses. James will have the showmances votes (nat, nicorey, Paulie, zak, plus Michelle) if ppl really believe that James and nic have a pre game alliance then Nicole will vote for him.

Paul might also lose against Nicole but in my opinion he has a better chance against her final 2.


Do James and Nicole not see what Paul is doing? He’s playing mind games and weakening them like he did all season. And these people should know as he never hid it week by week. By getting Nicole to win 2 HOH means he goes head to head with her in HOH 3 and he knows he can beat her. He wants to control who goes final 2, not hope someone will pick him. He knows neither will pick him.


Stop nichole did nothing but wine I dislike her take me Paul James is the bad mean one shut up she’s no victim. She’s a broken record whine cry pick me I miss Corey Paul stop talking too you have a nasty mouth


I can’t wait for survivor to start!

not a fan of anyone

I have never made a comment before on any sight before, but I have to say that as much as I dislike james and his game. He does have a good social game most of the jury likes him. Nicole for being a super fan seems to forget that the 2nd HOH is putting the HOH in order with a lot of physical activity with it. The 3rd one is how well you know the jury members. The questions are “blank said this or this” so the 3rd comp is anyone win as long as you got to know the other jury members, that means the last comp has a lot to do with their social game.


Which is why I can’t see Nicole doing well unless it’s just dumb luck. She really didn’t socialize with anyone other than Corey. At least not enough to be able to answer questions about them.

Nicole the Baby Faced Assassin

Well that comic comp that Nicole won is very similar to the comp you just described for part two so don’t count Nicole out.

James is a combat veteran

Why do people say James did nothing ? He made two of the biggest and bravest moves that others were too scared to make…he was instrumental in evicting Paulie and Frank.


Taking out Frank at that point in the game was not a good move, nor was it a smart move for James. Frank was everyone’s target, so it’s best to leave him in the game & take out someone who is targeting you. As for James being instrumental in taking out Paulie, he had to be worked on for 2 days to come to that decision. Natalie tried to sway him for hours, then had to bring in Bridgette & Big Meech before James was convinced to vote out Paulie and nullify the votes he did.

Yeah I hate Paul

HE always neeeds to find a person t talk shit about, he can t live without it…We al probbaly know ppl like that in real life who just need to be center of attention and cannot keep some names out of thier mouths…It s pathethic in my eyes and his gamplay is is just as ugly. Thats y why he wont hve the jury votes…at this potin hell…I think he d lose against both of them coz whover he takes he s locking the other person to not vote for him to win…

Love Nicole

Love Nicole and Corey hope they make outside of the house and really really want Nicole wins it all Paul doesn’t need the money.