Nicole “HEY GUYSSSS.. I can’t believe you let me sssslither my way up to one of thesssse sssseats!”

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 Nicole
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 13-05-10-175
11am Big Brother wakes up the final 3 house guests. They wake up and head to the kitchen.

12:10pm Nicole heads into the safari room. Nicole talks to herself – It is day 96 and Wednesday is finale day. AND there is just so much to think about! Literally! Look at these battle wounds. I’ve fraught so hard to be here. I need to finish thing .. like just finish it! Its a HUGE difference between 50K and 500K. I want $500,000! I want first place. Okay … so to get first place I have to be able to talk well and tell people why I deserve to win this game. The questions I have to have completely figured out is: Why do you deserve to win 500K? What was your biggest game move? I don’t even know. Why do you deserve to win over Paul and James. I need to have my bases covered for floating and social game.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 13-11-51-379

So the gist of the material I can use is .. Day 1 I came in here and got called a snake. I lost 3 competitions the next day and I had to fight for my life in this game. Stranded on an island with 3 other people and one of us were going home. After I won that I had to convince 2 strangers that I did not know at all to let me have the first HOH. I had to put it into their heads that they had to give it to me. I made a ride or die alliance with Corey and we worked together every single week. He was working with the boys to ensure that we were safe. I maneuvered the block several times and even volunteered to go up on the block several times. They quickly regretted it and had to figure out how to get out of that scenario. I definitely feel like I aligned myself with the right people at the right times. And my social game I tried to stay on good terms with everyone and if I felt people started to pull away was because I felt I couldn’t stay loyal to you so I didn’t want to make any promises. I wasn’t easy. I didn’t want to lie. It just became really easy and safe to hang out with Corey because I knew I would never back stab him and I trusted him 100% in this game. I am an emotional person and I knew if I got too close to anyone else it would pull on my emotional heart strings. Never once did I make an emotional move. Simply strategic the whole entire game. Trust me there were times when I wanted to change my mind. When Michelle called me a snake on national television .. do you know how bad I wanted to vote her out? I bit my tongue because I new it was better to have her in this house. I’ve gotten called out more than anyone else this entire season.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 13-25-59-335

I would say my biggest move in this game would have to be .. Paulie had just gone home and Corey and I were completely alone 5 on 2. I needed to strategically convince Natalie who was HOH and Michelle was Co-HOH with her…. strategically convince them to put up two of their own alliance members. And it worked! They immediately regretted it and then I got attacked my Paul. I had to deflect that AGAIN! And rebuild all of the relationships in the house. And I still survived that week and so did Corey. After that I pulled out an HOH endurance comp and aligned with Paul and Victor the two biggest competitors in the game.

Do you think that Corey helped… Corey absolutely helped me in this game but I helped him too! He was very likable and personable.. everyone liked him. He was a smooth talker. I couldn’t say enough good things about him. But when it comes to strategy I would say that I was the brains. Planting seeds! I definitely planted seeds a lot. I 1000% know Corey helped me in this game and I helped him also. Someone else played emotionally and that’s why I’m here. James, that was not strategically not a good move for him to keep me in this house. He promised Natalie he would get out Corey. He played emotionally. Corey would have taken him to the final 2. I honestly didn’t want to take him to the final 2.

As far as my speech goes – HEY GUYSSSSSS… I can’t believe you let me ssssslither my way up to one of thessssssse ssssseats! But in all seriousness… Coming into this house I came into more than a difficult situation. I didn’t know if I was ready to come back. I came back and got called out day 1. I was the biggest target at that point for a couple weeks. Thank you to Jozea because that kicked me into game mode. I’m here to fight to be here. I picked a ride or die. I was very strategic with my moves. Convincing 2 people to put up 2 of their own alliance members was a pretty big move with Corey and I were the other option. James joins Nicole. She tells him she’s getting her speech ready for Thursday. James says he’s thinking about what to say to Julie. Nicole tells him she will probably ask you something about Natalie. James and Nicole talk about past events of the season. Paul joins them and they talk about past comps.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 13-42-53-443

12:50pm Safari room – Paul and Nicole talk alone. . Paul – just know strategically, mentally, emotionally you have my word that you’re my final 2. Nicole – you’re my final two too so it doesn’t matter. They hug. Paul – you know the anxiousness and paranoia .. I just had to get that out of my head. Nicole – James was saying he was trying to think of what to say to Julie if he goes out. He should know better than anyone when you go out you don’t talk to Julie … you just take a seat with the rest of the jury. He was trying to get me to say don’t worry we’re both taking you. But I didn’t. I told him she would just ask him something about Natalie. He is sh*tting himself.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 13-41-49-741

1pm – 2:45pm Safari room – James, Nicole and Paul are talking. They talk about America’s Favourite Player and other past events of the season. Nicole and Paul talk about nursing and doctors. Nicole heads to the kitchen to make lunch. They head out into the backyard. Nicole lays out to suntan. James is laying in the shade.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 16-35-47-097

3:05pm Paul is alone in the kitchen – He practices his final 2 speech. He sets the microwave for 2 minutes and starts.. “Okay so this one time in Berlin… just kidding. Guys, as a first time player of this game… no offense Nicole. I can honestly say that I worked my a$$ off to get to where I am. I know for a fact that when I walked through those doors and you saw me and I opened my mouth for the first time, you thought to yourself well there’s a wild and crazy one. Who’s probably going to get evicted first. That probably explains why I was put on the block 6 times but the reason why I escaped the block 6 times was because of my strategic maneuvers throughout the house. The two times that I seriously needed to save my a$$, I won the vetos and pulled myself off. The other times I used my social game and paired up with the right people at the right time to always make sure there was a bigger target in the house. Then we had a secret riddle and of course I was the last person notified about it but coincidentally the first person in the room. I had nothing to worry about because I was the one that picked the round trip ticket and at the time secured the eviction of one of the strongest players Frank the Tank and prevented 4 other people from returning back into this game.” (Paul still has a minute 10 left)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 16-37-23-399

“Other than the loyalty of my partner Victor and my social skills, I had zero help in this game. Not even a single care package from America. No offense America. After Victor was clipped I literally had to win my way to where I am right now. First I had to win the HOH to secure myself in the final 3, then I put up the strongest couple on the block and won the veto that split them apart and sent my biggest opponent Corey home. Then I won the fist part of the final HOH that secured me in the final part. Then I won the final part with got me sitting right here. Giving my 7 competition wins which is the most in house competition wins this season. And what I am proud of the most is that I stayed true to myself and not changing a single thing about myself. My cards were shown the whole time and I had nothing to hide. This girl to my left has been nothing but sweet to me the entire game because she was the only one that cried for my week one when I was put on the block. I told you guys I would break some rules but there was one rule I would never break and that’s rule number 1 … FRIENDSHIP!”
“BOOM 10 seconds left … that’s the winning speech! You like that! Your boy is taking the cake!”
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 16-46-51-104

3:30pm – 3:50pm Nicole, Paul and James are talking in the backyard. James – Natalie was the closest to winning a veto. Nicole – MacGyver? James – yeah. Nicole – if you had won that would you have used it on her? James – it crossed my mind. Paul – Damn. She probably would have convinced you. James – probably. I’m a morals and ethics guy. Nicole – what does that have to do with morals and ethics? James – because I felt like I was the one that got her up on the block. Nicole – you felt that way but it wasn’t necessarily the truth. She made you feel that way. James – well yeah. Nicole – had you voted out Victor I would have won that HOH and I would have put Natalie up and she would have gone home. James – yeah. Nicole – Michelle would have stayed over her. Natalie was in a bad position because she didn’t throw the black box comp. She should have thrown that, she was in a good spot. But if you’re going to tell me morals and ethics is going to tell you use the veto on someone else …that’s more of like. Paul – yeah I would never have used the veto on Vic. Nicole – I think I have great morals and ethics and I loved Corey to death but.. James – but if you felt like he was going home because of you… Nicole – he did go home because of me. He absolutely went home because of me. James – just like last season with Meg.. I won the veto but didn’t use it on her but at the time I knew I needed to advance my game by going up and hanging out with Vanessa and then but I didn’t.. that’s what cost me the game. I stuck it out with her .. the same thing with Natalie. Nicole – none of us threw our ride or die under the bus .. that wasn’t my question. It was just if you would have used the veto on her. James – maybe. Paul – I wouldn’t change anything.. because it all worked out perfectly. One little change could change everyone’s destiny. Natalie’s biggest downfall was her showing her cards. After she said she was just acting dumb she went back to acting dumb.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 16-50-08-936

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 16-21-03-745

4:30pm – 6:15pm They all head inside and chat in the kitchen. Paul – I wonder who will be the most bitter? Jozea? Nicole – no I don’t think so. Michelle is going to write mean blogs about all of us. Paul – oh yeah on readit and twitter. Nicole – AHHH.. I’m done talking about her. They all reminisce about past events of the season. Paul says he was oblivious to half the things Nicole was saying. The conversation turns to talking about cologne and how girls are attracted to a guys “natural musk”.

6:15pm – 6:35pm James is laying in the hammock thinking..

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 18-31-09-781

6:55pm James joins Nicole and Paul in the kitchen. They continue to talk about past house guests and events of the season. Paul – big sister was the worst team ever. Nicole – Tiffany was a mess. Paul – Not more than Jozea!

7:20pm – 8pmThey head out into the backyard. Nicole starts running laps around the backyard while James and Paul play a game of pool.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 19-47-56-931

In the bathroom – Paul – dude I can tell he wants to ask me so bad. Nicole – me too. Paul – I will probably tell him at some point. I don’t want you to think I’m doing anything. I want him to vote however he wants to vote. Nicole – me too. Paul – I trust you fully.

8pm Out in the backyard – James – one day and a wake up. Hurry up Wednesday! If I go out 3rd place I will know America what Vanessa felt like. It’s going to suck balls! Third place.. that’s a tear jerker for you. Paul could take Nicole and Nicole could take Paul.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-18 19-57-22-016

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It's actually "ride-n-die"

Seeing Nicole use the phrase “ride or die” over and over is so irritating.


I cant even listen anymore, my mute button is on point. Also how she “WON” 2 HOH’s LOL She was given both of them. I cannot stand her.

The Roach Coach

seeing Nicole is so irritating

Grammar Police Strikes Again

to be clear “ride or die” is far more often used than “ride n die” though they are both certainly acceptable.. seeing commenters post incorrect information about things they have no clue about over and over is so irritating

Whats Actually Irritating

Is having a poster identify him/herself as “Grammar Police”, and then proceeds to confirm the term “ride n die” as acceptable…

Whats Actually Irritating

is when someone is wrong but cant admit it. upon further research and yes google I now see the grammar police is correct and Im an idiot. I know clearly see what you’re saying. my original user name in this post infers that the term indeed is ride-n-die and im irritated nicole keeps saying ride-or-die. however as grammar police stated i was wrong. geez ok i admit i was wrong wrong wrong im sorry grammar police please accept my apologies.

Grammar Police Strikes Again

No no…im the wrong one…i am SOOO obsessed with trying to correct people that I have to copy and paste their username and respond to my own posts as other people!!!..

Someone get me Paulie’s psychiatrist!! maybe they can help me as I also have a misplaced, over inflated ego…
BTW…”know” and “now” have different meanings…you should probably proofread before you post as someone else…LMFAO


I can’t stand when people leave cabinets open, suck on their fingers when eating, and leave chairs untucked. That is such a pisser.


I’m sick of it too…. but the correct phrase actually IS “ride or die” and
NOT “ride-n-die”.

Try Again

omg your both idiots and yes grammar police IS correct they are BOTH acceptable its not that hard people its called google smh


It’s you’re



"Ride or Die" vs. "Ride And Die"

Lol…sad that we (me included) are entertaining this argument, but after careful and thorough scientific research (Google of appears that the corect term is “Ride OR die”…when I googled “ride and die” it re-directed to “Ride or die” definitions.

It’s all about the conjunctions “and” vs “or”..
“And” implies putting two or more actions together (e.g they laugh and cry).
“Or” implies a choice between two or more ( e.g chicken or steak)
In which case, “Ride Or Die” would sound more sensible than “Ride and Die”.

Nic Holier Than Thou

As annoying as Nicole has been, I believe her most irritating quality is her lack of accountability..Personally, I have no need to comment on her appearance or even her questionable character…but I do understand why the other posters have disdain for her behavior.

BigBrother isn’t some show based on one’s moral compass..plenty of players have lied, cheated, back stabbed etc…
The reason why Nicole is getting so many negative comments is because she tries to keep herself in this shroud of purity: “I haven’t done anything to anyone….I haven’t lied yo anyone..I’m not mean…I hung out with Corey and kept my distance from others because I didnt want to backstab anyone”..

Finale on Wednesday..Vic for AFP!


I agree with you 100%. I am not a fan of Nicole for a couple different reasons but the biggest reason is because she never takes responsible for anything. Her “I didn’t do anything wrong” attitude is sooooo annoying. And also when she said ” I maneuvered the block several times and even volunteered to go up on the block several times”, thats BS. I remember her volunteering once but they taking it back because she was scared and then Paul when up. I really hope that Paul wins the final HOH and takes James.


That was the way I remembered it as well. It was only once (really only 1/2 a once!) for 2 seconds. She took it back in a New York minute as they say. It is funny that she believes she played a masterful strategic game and had to become Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice league in order to rid the house of evil.

I agree with the above. My dislike for Nicole’s game is that she doesn’t own it. The whole “Why don’t they like me? I have never done anything to them.” She complains about people talking about her or others behind their backs when she does it just like they all do. It is after all part of the game to lie and deceive others and stab them in the back at some point. Sure some of the personal attacks get out of hand but she plays so innocent and pure.

Big Sister

Don’t forget to vote before the deadline tomorrow 20x for Victor!!


So by the looks of Nicoles speech she will take James

Still Love Auburn Football

Sounds like it. At this point, I would love for Paul to win and take James just to see her big eyes!!

SEC Rules

If I was her I wouldn’t want to go against Paul. He is too smooth of a talker.

Life Lesson

I don’t think any one thinks Nicole is smart. 🙂

Bama Still Rolling

Paul should win the whole thing. Losers should stay in the loser bracket, and James has lost all season.

Bama Fan

@ Auburn

Love the passion. That screen name after a 1-2 start is a kick ass fan. Good luck the rest of the way…..except against us.

sunny dee

you have to be reading a different speech than i am, or even talking to the camera speech lol

let’s face it, nicole needs james in jury as a vote for her, he simply is not going to vote for paul, and she should know that by now. if paul goes out after all the things he has been saying and doing, he and vic will not vote for her, period. it would not be in her best interest to stack the votes against her, when she could even if she was the one getting james out will get his vote as something they promised each other or for him to say he wants a vet to win.. he has no real relationship with paul, . i can also see nicole wanting paul to win final hoh, and choose her, and then she will be even more sure of james’s vote because now she won’t even have been the one to evict him.

she had a conversation with herself last night, made it clear, tho she is a flip flopper and could change her mind any time.

Hillary Lied Four People Died

That is a very good point about needing the vote from James. I had not thought of that.


There’a also a good point as to why Hillary isn’t responsible for four deaths if you’d do a bit of simple research outside of FAUX News.

Lying Hillary for Prison

She deleted all the research. Google Bleachbit. Baa.

Lying Hillary's IT Team Pleads the Fifth

Sunny do you think Paul would take Nicole if he wins part three?


Of course James is a vote for Nicole. He’s said more than once on the feeds that he’ll be getting some of the money if she wins. Production doesn’t really care that they are cheaters. Hopefully everyone in jury knows about this from Nat, along with the bullhorn about their pre-season alliance. AT LEAST ONE CHEATER IS GUARANTEED SOME OF THE PRIZE MONEY BECAUSE PRODUCTION KEPT THEM IN THE GAME AFTER ADMITTING ON THE FEEDS THAT THEY ARE CHEATING AND SPLITTING THE MONEY. WHAT BETTER WAY IS THERE TO ENSURE YOU GET JURY VOTES?


But if she takes James, Paul would vote for her too so she would get a vote either way


Really? Thats what you got from Nicole’s speech! Looks like she is taking Paul! Disapointed!


If nicole wins.. I’ll die

Paul ftw. I wish America could vote secretly throughout.


Even if she does, at least we’ll have a new season to look forward to. I have high hoes for OTT. No TV-only people to poison it.


Julie Chen gave an interview to about the last 5 HG’s. Julie said that she really wanted Victor to win and she is voting for him for AFP. Julie said she didn’t like Paul in the beginning because she felt like he was there for fame. She likes him now and wants him to win the game. Julie goes on to say that she is disappointed in Nicole and James. She says James is not playing the game at all and he gave away his HOH. James is on BB for “shi*s and giggles”(her words). She then says James is a very nice guy and that he loves doing pranks. The James that you see on tv is the real James. Julie doesn’t like the fact that Nicole turned out to be a snake and a backstabber (her words). She said Nicole wasn’t loyal to anyone but Corey and Corey just wants to be friends with Nicole after the show. Julie was questioned about the fight between Paulie and Day. Disappointed in both and Day should not have said something about him not being 6ft tall. Paule should have been a gentleman and walked away. But he made it worse because you are never supposed to bring someone’s child into an argument. Julie has asked CBS could they start keeping cameras in the Jury House at all times and they told her no. She is also campaigning to CBS for an All Star Season with Dr.Will, Boogie, Janelle, Rachel, Evel Dick, and more.

Liar, Liar, Pantsuits on Fire

That All Star season sounds great.


You’re kidding, right? That All Star season sounds like a Mongolian Clusterf*ck.


Let’s add in Brittany Martinez, Jen Johnson, and Brittney Haynes for some sex appeal as well. Dan Gheesling “goat” would be a great addition too.

sunny dee

i’d like to see a BB all stars or vets where all of the HGs end up being over 30. That’s about the only way to make it interesting.

Gray Muff

A huge thumbs down on the over 30.

Froot Loop Dingus

Thanks for posting Julie’s comments. It’s nice to hear some candid thoughts on her perspective of the houseguests.

Also that All Star season would be so amazing. As much as I would never want to see Derrick or Vanessa play again, I’d love to see them play with that group and be chewed up and spit out early in the game.

here;s hoping one of the All Stars is Victor.. and perhaps Brittney Haynes. I’d also like to see Caleb and/or Zach Rance.

Since the feeds are dull as drying paint… who would everyone cast on an all star season?


I need a year off just to forget this season!


Agree with most of this… I’d love to see an All-Star season where there is only 1 house guest returning per previous season or things like that (vets would count as their first season)… or 2 house guests per season but pick ones who had been on opposite sides.

I’m starting to really dislike the half n half years. I’d rather have all new people or all vets. The script is already written for the half n half. They go to an immediate “us vs them”. Oh, I’m totally over the relatives of previous house guests too.

But dear god, no matter what, PLEASE do not make me listen to another summer of Rachel! I will have to watch the show on mute until she’s voted out. I don’t care if she won one season.


Factually correct, but open to interpretation. She said she was disappointed in Nicole b/c she prefers her to be naive and innocent like she her first season. She didn’t criticize backstabbing as a form of game play. She clearly stated that she thinks Nicole and Paul would both be worthy winners. She obviously still likes and respects her. She also criticized the slut-shaming which people are lobbing at her. Now there’s a glaring omission.


First of all, I wasn’t intentionally trying to omit anything that’s why I posted the name of the website where I got the info from so people can read for themselves. 2nd of all, I posted what I remembered, and if I happen to get something wrong, then oh well. 3rd of all, i didn’t copy and paste the link because a lot of times Simon and Dawg don’t allow links.


Thank you Chessie for your post. I actually thought your post was spot on. Julie was not unprofessional. Every year she gives her true feelings the how the players are doing. It is her view. Thanks again for your efforts Chessie:) I tend to think some family members or friends are posting in defense of Nicole. Not being critical of that …just an opinion. Most of the postings on Nicole are factual.


Thank you for ststing the actual conversation.

I don’t have feeds so I come here for additional information.
The post by Chessie_k of what Julie supposedly said was hard to believe because it sounded very unprofessional.

It never ceases to amaze me how posters take the truth and twist it into what they can use to belittle a hg. I won’t believe anything Chessie_k post’s again.


Haha well I bet she will lose tons of sleep over that….


James told Natalie on Big Brother After Dark that Jukie Chen was His Aunt, so I don’t think they will allow him to win ! Lol

Tiny Trump Hands

LOL what a joke, If that was from a story on the internet, it sure didn’t come from Julie Chen. 1) She has a daily job and only pops into BB for an hour each week.She sure doesnt wathc the feeds, LOL and knwo whats going on inside the house- Neverc cared. 2.) Her husbnd runs CBS. If Julie wanted cameras in the jury, there’d be cameras in the Jury house. But why? it would be more money , bigger staff, for a limited if any return on investment. TV is about making money. 3.) Voting Vic AFP? Rules state that employees of CBS can’t vote.


Actually Julie had said many times over the years that she and her husband watch the feeds together. I doubt they watch every day, but they do watch. And Julie gives her opinion every year regarding gameplay and who she thinks will win etc. Last year she thought Vanessa would win and so on.

So actually, no it’s not a joke.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Nice headline Dawg.

Liar, Liar, Pantsuits on Fire


Is James working Nicole and Paul or has he just decided with the let someone else drag me to the finale strategy?


All James is doing is driving them both crazy. Nicole is talking to herself.


Love her ir Hate her, if Nicole can manage to say what she said word for word, she might win, but let’s not forget Paul, if he does take her he will out-talk her to the jury… Very interesting Final 2 with Nicole and Paul…


I Know! Then it will be one of the few times where there are actually two decent players, not in the same alliance in the final seats.

Liar, Liar, Pantsuits on Fire

I agree ILLMATIC especially the part about Paul. Will James even take the time to prepare a jury speech?


No. He will wing it – not my first rodeo, trusted my gut, protected Natalie, made y’all laugh with my pranks…blah, blah, blah. Vote for me. Blech.

What the....

I’m so confused about Nicole”s bizarre thought process. (Especially for a Vet) There seems to be no clear plan, like winners from past seasons. Example: Derrick owned up to using Victoria and had a clear strategy…etc. I think the final 3 are so shocked to be where they are…..Paul seems to be the only one who mentality transitioned to a final 3. Nicole is scrambling and James is……well, James.


I wish James would of gotten rid of Nicole instead of Cory. Cannot stand to hear her voice or listen to her claim she should win because she did so much more than any one else. I do not even want her to win second place. Please jury vote for Paul.


Vote Victor for America’s Favorite Houseguest!


My girl gonna win!

Benghazi: Hillary's Only Accomplishment

I like my boy’s chances.


I do not see how; even against James, I only count 4 votes in her favor: Corey, Da’Vonne (she will reward gameplay), Paulie and Zakiyah. James would have: Paul, Victor, Bridgette, Meech and Nat.
If it is Nicole vs. Paul, she loses Da’Vonne BUT gains James AND may gain Meech. It all depends on whether Meech’s hated for the c word is stronger than her hatred of Nicole.
Just hoping Paul wins Part 3 of the HOH and chooses to take James but based on his speech, he is taking Nicole.

racist trump stole 9/11 funds

aww scole ssss it is pretty funny she considers now 500 k a big money. why she didn’t think about the money during the entire game? being cocky to others girls in the house and wasting time getting into a showmance are a good indicator that scole doesnt need the 500K again she could have won but since everyone hates scole…. not a chance! Sweet victor to America favorite!

Hillary Lies Matter

I think Victor is going to win the AFP vote.

Racist Trump insulted veterans

Amen to that sister and hopefully not the rat james lol
I would be upset if james the rat gets something

Fact Check

I like that Paul is polishing up his speech. That can make all the difference.

Trump donated one million dollars of his own money to the Vets and his fund raiser earned another six million dollars for them.


I think both James and Nicole are trying to convince the “live feeders” that “they have game” and deserve to be in the finals. Unfortunately for them, we saw what they did this season, we know how production rigged the comps, and talked several HOH’s into playing a certain way. James and Nicole are not great BB players.


For the love of Les Moonves, can the phrase “ride or die” please be banned in any future episodes of BB?

If Nicole gets to the final 2, I hope there is a bitter jury. She’s the worst. And not deserving of the 500K.


Watching Livefeeds while they are in the back yard: Nicole zinged James so bad. Asked him what ethics and values has to do with using the veto on Natalie. James shut up after that. HAHA
Best conversation I’ve heard in a while.

Life Lesson

What was the conversation about,? Why was she so rude and nasty?


Funniest thing Nicole said all season


So rude and nasty??
She asked him a question. A question that anyone with a brain would ask after James stupid statement.
Oh you poor fragile flower, do you get offended if a cricket farts in the same room as you as well?


Surprisingly she’s actually been really rude to James since Corey left. Not sure if she’s mad about Corey or what? But it was Corey or her, she should be thankful.

Nicoke head

Nicole’s just bitter at James being in the game over Corey. She didn’t like hearing the truth about Corey leaving her ratchet ass. James compared her situation like his and Natalie’s. Nicole thinks she’s better than James and was insulted that he had the audacity to say Corey used her like Nat Nat. Sorry to break it to you Nicole but you are as delusional as James is. Corey boned you for Instagram followers. You might win the prize of $500,000 but you won’t be winning Corey’s heart. You ruthless bitch.


Lmao is this rhoadygirl by chance?

Nicoke Head

Nope lol

Big brother

I just watched a few big brother clips online because the feeds are so boring. I saw a clip of Corey snuggled next to Nicole and whisperd to her he’s secretly Jimmy Neutron lol Corey can be pretty witty sometimes when you least expect it, especially if he’s throwing shade at Nicole. I’ll admit the Clip of them was pretty adorable and very genuine on Corey’s part. I don’t get all the the hate they get as a couple but its understandable since he did say he doesn’t want a relationship afterwards. Some peeps may disagree with my opinion but from watching the live feeds they were always together. It wasn’t like Nicole was following him around it was the opposite. If Nicole would take off for a bit he would find her somewhere. Most of the time when they were on good terms Corey had this this huge goofy smile when she returned to him in the Tokyo room. He’s the one that outwardly showed affection or wanting to cuddle. When he was a have not every morning he would cuddle her. There cuddles and hugs were always so intense like it was their last. Corey said Victor caused a lot problems between them and it annoyed him how persistent he was with Nicole. Even if he wants to be friends doesn’t mean he used her. His words were a lot different than how he acted towards Nicole unlike Paulie. Corey did say he likes the chase and Nicole isn’t the chasing type because once she’s done with a relationship she’s done. He likes fighting for his relationships while Nicole drops off the map. I can see Nicole holding a grudge on Corey and not forgiving him for saying those things and she won’t want anything to do with him. I think he expects that


Who gives a rats ass.
Cannot believe you put that much thought and effort into that.


Who gives a rats ass.
Cannot believe you put that much thought and effort into that.
stunned ….


lol brilliant how you added “stunned” for that extra punch your comment needed to really drive it home


Save that nonsense for the bold and the beautiful or bachelor. I want to watch gameplay not cuddle sessions.

Googly eyes and Ubly lies

Enough with Corey using Nicole. Corey was more into Nicole For sure. . Corey asked her to visit him in Texas and she told him no. She wants to go to Pauls Halloween party instead of his bday party, He wanted to dress as a couple for Halloween and Nicole shut down his idea. But instead of agreeing On a costume together she asked victor instead if he would be her bam bam. Corey gave her the silent treatment after. The only time she starts calling him hot or tries boosting his ego with compliments is when she’s said something to hurt his feelings. She knows no matter what she does or says he’ll keep giving her chances. The guy is whipped and Nicole see’s Corey as eye candy and not something serious. Nicole has said straight to his face many times she would be crazy to take him to final two. Corey’s just so damn gullible to see right through her snake ass. Corey said during his after show interview with Jeff that he would choose Nicole over Paulie in final two because he couldn’t look her in the eyes and say good bye (vomit), he also said she’s the sweetest girl and whoever marries her is the luckiest guy ever (barf). Corey also admitted he was jealous of Victor flirting with Nicole and wanted Victor to back off and flirt with someone else.

Nicoke Head

Ignoring this long ass comment but your caption is life. GOOGLY EYES AND UBLY LIES!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Ratcole aka snake

It’s embarrassing to see a grown man cry because he couldn’t bare the thought of being apart from her. Buddy you only have a week apart from each other. That says a lot about where his head is at. I think Nicole is Natalie because she’s the flirt in the relationship. Corey is James because he keeps taking Nicole back after all the mean and shady shit she did with Victor. She used him as a shield just like Natalie did with James. Nicole possibly threw the last Hoh and veto. She couldn’t sacrifice her game for him so she let Paul do her dirty work without Any blood on her hands. I agree corey is whipped and lost his manhood for a controlling, self centered egotistical bitch. He teared up in her eviction speech to him. My question is Why?


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Daisy Duke

Whoever wins HOH #3 has won Big Brother … because s/he’ll take James and win by default.

Victor's Missing Facial Hair

I agree they both take James but I think James can win over Nichole. If Nichole wins 500K I will struggle to ever watch again.

Can't stand James or his crocs

Worst yet, if James wins I’d seriously be sick. He did nothing but stalk a girl who has no interest in him and beg viewers for AFP. He’s pathetic.

I hate Davonne

I agree with 99% of that comment…please shoot all returnees ESPECIALLY including ghetto as Davonne

Ratchet Davonne

Da’Vonne is one of the worst.


Da’vonne is hilarious in the jury house. I would rather her stay out of the big brother house though. She played her game the same way both times, learned absolutely nothing. No more chances please.

Life Lesson

Ok, I admit James hasn’t done very well this season at all. I can’t help the fact that I do feel sorry for him. I’m sure it may just be his look. He looks like a little kid. 🙁 Being a Grandma doesn’t help. LOL
I just know from my point of view, Nicole does NOT deserve to win, even the $50,000. She is so full of BS. I realize I have allowed this brat to get under my skin. If , and I say IF her and Paul are the final 2, I would vote for Paul to win!
Paul would deserve to win for no other reason then because ,,,,,,,Nicole is a SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you really looked at Corey’s comic with Nicole. It seems that Big Brother was making fun of Corey and Nicole. Someone else posted this I never realized it until I read it. Nicole is holding a big sausage that looks likes it’s between Corey’s legs while he shoots out ammunition. I really believe that they were trying to make fun out the Nicole and Corey situation.




Um Nicole, you did not win that HOH on your own…James threw it to you!!

Butters Mom

We will never know if James was done and just made a deal to drop with Nicole because he knew he was about to fall or not… but…. Nicole should use the fact that she manipulated James to drop and “give” her that HOH knowing he was ready to fall rather than just claiming to have won it. This has been her problem all season… not “owning or giving credit” where due. I think if the deal had not been made, Nicole would have won that comp though. James looked shaky.


The real question is why cast a ” James ” ? Love or hate the other HG they all had a role . I’m not being backhandedly sarcastic. I’m really asking… Mediocre pranks from last year.. Played same exact game this time, or worse . James stinks . This would be so cool if all 3 HG were cool and playing balls out … No matter who took who it could end 5-4 .. But good lord he just sits there. This kid is Guna go straight thru finale night and just assume he’s going f2 … He prolly won’t even ask … As a game lover in general, that fact X all the other suckiness if James, weakens our viewing experience. Someone at CBS likes him .


Nicole is a cross between Sandy from the movie Grease and Rat lol


Jesus. I’m sort of hoping that James catches on to how absolutely OVER him Nicole is and says something because it’s so obvious at this point he has to at least sense something weird there. Nicole’s immediate and semi-snotty reaction to that whole conversation where he’s saying he’s the moral and ethics guy (this could be a whole other convo in itself) and he thought about using the veto on Nat had he won, is amazing. Calm down Nicole, we get it, you’ve been fighting since day one and have huge dark bags under your eyes because of the lack of sleep and all the stress and work you’ve done in your fight to stay here and need everyone to not lump you into he category of floater with James. We get it, girl.


She has been very snotty with James lately and very condescending towards him.

Mister pickles

I’m so tired of people whining about poor little Jamesy. A couple years from now, when this perv finally goes to prison, these same people will say “I always thought he was kinda strange.” Open your eyes!

Misty Beethoven

I’m reading Nicole’s speech, and when in God’s name did she ever volunteer to go on the block? I must have been in a coma to have missed that. And she tried to get along with everyone and play a good social game? Again, I must have been in a coma, because she was not nice to everyone, even in the beginning.
I’ve said it before, that maybe under different circumstances I might like some of these people (never Paulie, ever), but the feeds don’t lie. If she wins, I will take comfort in the hope I never have to see her on BB again. Same with James.

Paulie's Ego

Da’Vonne may infact have some class less moments…but nothing is more classless than bringing up someone’s child in a silly argument..
Paulie has proven to be the real “ratchet” one this season


Man! Nicole is a real b**ch! She asks James a question & he answers it & she jumps down his throat like he insulted her. As far as I can see, she interpreted his comment to mean he has morals & ethics & she doesn’t. Well, guess what………..she doesn’t! I was always “meh” about Nicole but the last few days she really has shown her “true colors” & it ain’t pretty. Don’t want her anywhere near F2!

Butters Mom

Maybe you would rather Nicole call him out on his lack of morals and ethics for the things he has said about his personal life outside of the house instead of just being rude to him? Because James DOES lack morals and ethics… he can’t just claim to have them in certain instances inside the house… either he has those qualities or he doesnt… aaaaaannnnnd HE DOESNT! I think she is holding her tongue with James about the things he’s said to save herself from losing his vote and its hard for her to not call him out.


Yes he does. A lot more than someone who has sex on tv.

And Nicole hold her tongue??????????????? Bwaaaaahaaaaa!!!!!!

She is not a nice person.


James looks so defeated. Should have started playing the game, at least a few weeks ago. Is it Wednesday yet?!

Annoying Paulie

Paulie is so sexist, to the point I don’t understand why Z is with him. Davonne is entitled to her opinion. Also which 3 newbies from this season would you think would be considered for all stars? Have a great day

Backseat Driver

Might be fun to see Paul in the house with Dan (apples and oranges). Still like to see Frank come back!
As for Z……she’s one sad female. How anybody this beautiful would think so little of herself to hook up with Paulie.


I cant believe i just read all that!.
Someone enlighten me if they really know whats gonna happen and whose taken who! Everyone keeps saying that both are taking james. None of these speeches seem like James is in the running
And I’m actually surprised how mych crap nicole is talking about james!


Paul’s speech is stronger which is no surprise. Then again Nicole is someone who likes to think and throw ideas around out loud so she still might refine her arguments.

Nicole needs to be careful in defending her actions she is not attacking jury members. For example if Paul wins HoH there is no reason for her to tell James she never wanted to bring him to Final 2. None. In defending her reasons for wanting to evict people should should emphasize that she respected those players games which is why she chose them. With the Michelle eviction state straight out wanted to keep both Natalie and James as well as Victor and Paul happy in the likely case either won HOH so that Corey and herself would be safe for the next HoH. While she had concerns about Michelle going against her the move was purely strategic. And while Michelle was often emotional she as a superfan was a better player than people give her credit for who knew the mechanics of the comps better than anyone. While she could not win purely physical comps she and was a threat in any mental competition.

Or in other words don’t throw jurors under the bus in spinning your case or they might just start getting annoyed at your for throwing them under the bus earlier in the game. Like Paul makes sure other players know you like and respect them. A great example being Paul throwing a compliment out to Nicole. Something the jury will appreciate if Nicole goes too negative against the very jury judging her.,


Vote Victor for AFP!

Hope this Is the last BB rodeo for James

If Paul wins, James leaves with NOTHING and Vic gets AFP, I’ll be one happy viewer!!!

Just Me

Since when is $30,000 NOTHING?

Just here for the entertainment

Would any of the hg we all love to ditz because of bad behavior behaved as badly had Paulie not been in the equation?
As much as my personal dislike for Paulie is he did add some entertainment to this season.


Nicole is a freak. Victor told her many sexually perverted things like taking tons of dick pics and sending them to her. He told Nicole and Corey while laying next to them he was cumming in his pants. Victor also told Nicole he had wet dreams of her and her friend Mariah and he jizzed in his pants. Corey told her the things he’s said to him about Nicole were so inappropriate and not one of his friends would say that to his girlfriend. Nicole excuse was it was all good funny innocent flirting. Wtf is wrong with you Nicole that its okay to say inappropriate things. You took offense to a lot shit except Victor. I can see why Corey wants to dump you. All season you were scared of all females but not offended or scared by Vic’s creep obsession with you. It’s weird that the only time she got pissed at him was when he was giving her shit for not picking up after herself. If I were her I would have been offended by the dirty talk over being clean. As long as any semi attractive guy flirts with her that’s all that matters no matter how it comes. Nicole is a self absorbed attention addict.

BB18 almost over

I think Paul will win part 3.

He’s proven himself to be been very intuitive and observant. That’s why he’s been so good in manipulating people…he knows exactly what their thought process, weakness and their strength are. It’s almost as if he knows what their thinking. I’ve been shocked by some of his DR comments, it’s almost like he has a sixth sense about people. Part 3 of the HOH is all about understanding someone’s mindset / thinking process, and guessing what the evicted houseguest said.

He’s the winner of BB18. I knew it early on, as soon as I realized how good he is in reading people.

Unfortunately, James will get 50K.


I think if Nicole goes in with that speech I would laugh her right off the stage. Her first HOH was a joke, and the jury commented already on James throwing her the second, and they watched it happen on tape. Her saying she didn’t want to socialize because she didn’t want to lie? Again, they have all called her a liar, and commented on her spending all her time in bed with Corey. They will not believe a word coming from her lying mouth. Now is not the time to try and bullshit the jury. She hid behind Corey and Paulie till Paulie was evicted, and literally hid till till James gave her the HOH. This speech bites and the jury won’t buy it.

Nicole's true colors

It’s interesting to watch the TRUE Nicole on the live feeds lately. Whether she’s taking James to F2 or not, James doesn’t deserve to be treated like that.


I think that speech will lose her votes. As mentioned she isn’t take responsibility for anything!!!


Even though its scripted as hell and he hasnt even watched the show in years i cant wait to see the evil doctor will


If they do another season with “vets,” then I’d like to see a cast of the first evicted houseguests from each season.
They aren’t really “vets,” because most of them would have spent a week or less in the house. But, all of them would come in with a point to make, and I think it could potentially make for a great season.

About game

Nicole played better than James.
Paul played better than Nicole.
Simple as that.


James is FINALLY getting that he playing for 3rd place… Does he think he did anything substantial to have earned a spot in final 2? He floated up til this point, so unless Paul or Nicole drags him to final 2 for a guaranteed , James better be satisfied with 3rd place a shot at AFP.

The winner should be.......

The Praying Mantis!

The Roach Coach

cant believe sounds like Nicole is actually taking paul


Nicole talking to James saying she is taking Paul because she would lose to James.


You are disliked by most of the jury. Not sure you would even get Corey’s vote.

Hope Paul wins HOH3 & brings James to F2. Do NOT want to see Nicole there.


I don’t know why either of them would not want to take James. He will be the easiest to win against. I think Paul deserves to win and will probably beat both but why chance it? Taking James is a no brainer. Just like Nicole voted Michelle out for personal reasons.. this is personal as well. Plus didn’t they make a deal before the show?

Morgan LaFay

Watching BBAD and learned a few things: Nicole danced for 13 years, which explains why she’s so good on any slip-slide competition and has good legs. Also, she and James told Paul that Derrick and Cody will be there finale night (ugh), and that James’ emergency contact is Derrick’s dad. That last bit of info illustrates why this incestuous, for the lack of a better word, casting needs to stop. All these outside the house relationships contaminate the game.

Lying Hillary Accepting Bribes 24/7

That is pretty shady. I can’t believe that Production didn’t know about this relationship either.