Paul “I worked my f**king a$$ off and put myself there. I don’t need to drag him there!”

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 ?
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

5pm – 5:40pm James and Paul are playing cards and chess. James makes a sandwich. He says the turkey meat label says sell by Sept 11th. James isn’t sure if he should eat it. Nicole tells him to smell it. Do whatever you want. James smells it and says he isn’t sure. Nicole smells it and says its rotten.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-15 19-00-58-823

5:45pm – 6pm Nicole and Paul head into the bathroom and talk. Paul tells James that the reason why Nicole has been sleeping all day is because she’s sad. She’s checked out. Nicole that means he better try and win if he thinks I’m checked out. Has he been studying? Paul – no. He said he thinks the comp is going to be with house guests names. He was asking me how to spell Da’Vonne. He asked if there were two v’s. There aren’t there are two n’s but I didn’t tell him that. Paul – he’s snake-y and it pisses me off. It is in his best game more to not win. Isn’t that crazy. If we were oblivious, it would be his best game move. But we’re not oblivious. Nicole – I told him there is no way I would take you to the final two…. you’re rude. Paul – you have to sell it. He is banking on me and he’s banking on you. He said I feel bad that I’m not bringing anything to the table. I told him I don’t care, if I have to beat Nicole again then that’s fine. It’s better for me. James comes out of the diary room screaming GET READY FOR THE SECOND PART OF THE HOH COMPETITION!! Nicole – you’re not funny. Paul – Nicole just sh*t her pants. Nicole heads back to bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-15 19-07-47-355

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6:10pm 6:50pm Paul and James are in the living room talking about how the finale goes down. They head to the London room. Paul asks if the jury members have their minds made up already. James says Paul – do people change their minds? James – the people that are your ride or dies won’t but the people that are question marks are the ones you just don’t know. Paul leaves. James tells America the game doesn’t stop when you make it to final 3. I have to make sure I’m good with Nicole and Paul. I can’t let one of them go. If I lose the only hope I’ve got is if one of those two people take me. Its all a social game. I’ve only won one comp this season and I didn’t even need to win that one. The only reason I won it, is because Paulie was on to me about not pulling my weight. If I make it to final 2, I did not have to win any comps. To show America if your social game is on point you don’t have to win any comps. I think I have the jury votes. I think the jury will definitely vote for me. I know I’ll have Nat, Michelle, Bridgette, Da, Corey… that’s my 5 jury votes. Those are my five votes I would win over Paul. I’m so close. James takes a nap.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-15 19-21-07-761

6:40pm – 7:35pm Nicole is crying in bed. She heads to the safari room and says I need to start studying stuff. I’m going to just study and cry. Its hard just not having Corey in here. He deserved to be here rather than someone who doesn’t care. James is just driving me nuts. He’s too cocky. He’s done nothing and he’s probably going to final 2. Paul joins Nicole. Nicole – he’s too cocky. He’s going to throw the comp. Nicole – so what I win it because he throws it!? Paul – so what .. then one of us is winning 500K and the other is winning 50K. Paul – tells Nicole to pull herself together. Win this comp. If he won I don’t know which one of us he would blow up. I’m trying to keep him busy for you (So that James doesn’t have time to study and Nicole does.) He will win if he is there (in the final 2). He is so cocky and comfortable. It pisses me off. I worked my f**king a$$ off and put myself there. I don’t need to drag him there! He doesn’t f**king deserve it. He keeps telling me to not worry about the jury .. because he doesn’t want me to think. F**k you! Paul helps Nicole study the number of things in the house. Paul – we’re going to make him (James) think he is in the middle. In his DR’s he is probably sh*tting on both of us. If he thinks I am he must be high! Nicole – I would rather lose to the best. If I lost to him, I would NEVEEEERRRR forgive myself.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-15 19-24-21-555

7:45pm – 7:55pm Nicole – I don’t even know if I’m getting credit for the things I’ve done. I have been playing strategically since day one. I convinced Corey to give me that HOH. Michelle and everyone literally thinks I’ve floated. Paul – don’t even think about that.. just focus on winning that HOH. Its good that Natalie is gone because he is showing his real self. He’s said the c-word. He was talking about wanting to be hooked up with Corey’s sister. I was like you must not like Natalie much if you’ve already moved on. Paul – Nicole we are 1 competition away from winning and you have the upper hand. Nicole – its feels like we (Corey & her) broke up. Paul – he’ll be waiting for you.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-15 19-44-38-980

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 20-22-40-321

8:24pm Speculation about the next HOH competition. You can hear production pounding away outside.
Paul – itโ€™s going to be big…
They joke if two of them are napping the third person better nap or their schedules will be messed up and theyโ€™ll spend all the time alone.

8:27pm BAthroom Nicole and James
Nicoe about COrey – I like him a lot more than I thought I did..
She says she goes through spurts where she wants to cry.
(ohh man will she be sad)
Paul comes back..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 20-45-52-849


Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 21-12-01-020

9:11pm James says Corey leaving has gotta hurt Nicole because Natalie leaving hurt him it took him a couple days to get out of it.

9:32pm Nicole studying in the bed Paul and James talking about Natalie’s game.

At 9:38pm Nicole wanders into the have nots courting things.. She says itโ€™s disgusting someone left their water bottle.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 21-32-08-630
9:47pm Bathroom James and Paul
Paul points out that James has a lot of hair. James says his hair grows fast and thick some months he gets it cut twice.
James- I sh1t like a poodle too..
Paul – what
James- I sh1t like a dog

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 21-51-17-549
9:50pm Lights off.. Nicole just fell asleep
James and paul are getting ready to sleep.. Chit chatting.. James is talking about dreams.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 22-51-01-070

10:22pm POP TV gave them some sushi to make

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 22-51-20-582

10:52pm Paul drinking champagne talking to the memory wall. James rolls through says he’s goign to bed tells Paul to “Put away the yearbook”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 22-56-08-282
11:00pm Paul leaves the memory wall ‘See you on the flip side night owls”
On his way to bed Paul whispers to Nicole that James is freaking out, ‘He’s really scared”
Paul – dude we’re almost there.. if you win we win the game.. no more worrying for the rest of the week
Nicole – I think he’s studying though..
Paul – no he’s not..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 22-59-30-026

11:01pm James and Paul London room
Jame s- it’s going to suck coming in third
James says he’s worried about the competition, “I really want to win so I can;.. bring something”
James wants them both to have won a HOH part going into the final 2.

Paul – I wouldn’t worry if I was you man..
James- you’re going to win if it comes down to you and Nicole (in part 3 of the HOH)
Paul is saying even making it to the end without winning is impressive.
James- depends on the jury
Paul – either argument is valid.. like you said man you can’t control it
Jame hopes it’s a harness competition
they agree Nicole is very capable she did great in the BB comic.
James – she smoked it.. she smoked it like a blunt dude

12am – 3:35am All the house guests are sleeping
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-16 03-34-29-931

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11:07pm everyone in bed Paul and James are asking each other random questions…

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Go James

He is a bloody genius. Nuff said.


wow hard to decide whats more boring at this point the game or these comments i have lost all desire im done see yall next season


Can Nicole get any more pathetic. Listening to her just makes me want to scream. Thank god the season is almost over so I don’t have to listen to her any more. How pathetically sad is she that she can’t even go a minute without Corey. She’s crying and saying she feels like they broke up? That’s hilarious. Im embarrassed for her. She seriously needs to get herself together and grow up and stop acting like a teenager in love. Also I think it’s disgusting how Paul and Nicole are shit talking James now. The game is almost over, there’s no need for it at this point in the game. Even though I want Paul to win his shit talking behind people’s back drives me nuts. VIC FOR AFP!!!

nicole's diary room voice



BBMom, you can’t stand Nicole voice, but you’re rooting for Paul. It’s been the damn Paul show, he’s a petulant, rich kid who, when he didn’t get his way, crapped on every single person in the house. What he called Michelle was reprehensible and he’s lied to everyone. Nicole may not have a terrific voice, but she felt bad when Corey left, understandably so, and just graduated nursing school. She needs the money. Paul lives in an extremely affluent neighborhood, has a clothing line and really was on it for the exposure. Give Nicole a break.

Liar, Liar, Pantsuits on Fire

It may be boring now but things are about to change with the next two stages of the HOH.

I voted Victor for AFP but I don’t think it looks good unless James makes the final two. People seem to vote for the vets and if James and Nicole are one and three on the poll here where there are hate posts all day long I have to think America is going to give the vote to James. Yuck.


Be sure to vote every day between now and the 19th. 20 votes per person, per day (per account).


Liar, Liar I am with you 100% voting for Victor! James is a pathetic disappointment this season and his antics are stale. I know people have different reasons for their AFP vote. I just hope people aren’t basing votes on James’ last season when he was actually endearing.


@itsover I agree enough talking about Nat and Meech; you have beaten them and they played no dirty than any of the other houseguest !!


Blame production for this mess. How does Paul know that people on the feeds were upset that he called Michelle a C@@t. They probably told Paul to zip his mouth which is actually smart. IF production would stop interfering maybe they would all be a little more cordial.


At spinning cowardice, laziness, and losing into an heroic narrative? Absolutely….but it’s likely blowing what should be a no-brainer for Nicole, which is taking him to the end, and a horrible misread of how he’d fare versus Paul, who has no incentive to take him over the publicly hated by jury Nicole.

Against either, I think James only gets 2-3 votes. He won’t get Paulie (Corey and Z will follow), won’t get Vic or Bridgette, who both think he’s a slimy coward and have said so to others….and for Nicole, it’s likely her only shot to win if she’s counting votes, yet she’s so put off by his ego and BS, she’d rather lose than risk him winning…

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I hope Victor is as popular at the CBS poll as he is on this site. You know Victor would really appreciate winning the $25,000.


I am certain Vic would love to win the 25K but I think he would be well and truly chuffed to know that BB fans/viewers liked him enough to name him AFP.

Anoher Liberal Loser

I’m with you Taylor. I’m voting Victor everyday.


Nichole will beat either in the final. She has Corey, paulie, Z and all the girls will respect her more than Paul. Da has already said that she’s leaning toward Nichole and if she can change…so can the rest.

nicole's diary room voice

Hey Dawg, James said he SHED’S like a dog not SH*T’s like a dog!!!! OMG got a good f**king laugh out of that.!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

Lying hilLIARy Left Our Men to Die in Benghazi


Do you think Paulie will drop Z again now that his true love Corey has made it to the jury house?

Lying Hillary The Pillar of Corruption

What do you all think about Natalie saying she would of used the veto on James? Thumbs up if she wouldn’t of used the veto on James and thumbs down if she would of used the veto on James instead of herself.


Would HAVE, not would OF. Learn English.

Lying Hillary Wipes the Server

Sorry Hilldog.

Anonymous Third Grade Teacher



This is the contracted version of would have.

sunny dee

i think she is sincere, i just don’t think it would have been the best move. Nat is far more capable of doing well than james is, and if you think of all these f6 as pairs, it would have been better for her ‘pair’ for her to stay and james to go


Now that’s funny! ๐Ÿ™‚

Deplorable Me

I have been voting 20 times every day for Victor for Americas Favorite Player!!!! Let’s make big brother great again!

Anonymous says The results are in Americas Favorite Player Is JAMES and a big picture of James is on the site . I just checked again


do you get a nickel every time somebody checks or something what is your point


That is from last year. The voting for AFP for this year just started. James’ picture is different. The one that you see is last years pic.


That picture was last years win!!

Cheryl Caliver

I think that is last years


I think if you are typing in your search vote.. that pulls up from last year so it’s confusing.

Delusional James

You need to learn how to use the internet.


He was evicted 3 times goodjob


Hey Deplorable! Me too! Voting for VICTOR-Y 20 times a day on ALL the email addresses I have and ALL of the emails of my friends, parents etc. I hope it works because he’s the ONLY one that should get it!
I hope Paul is screwing with both NicHole (LOL’ing on her sad pathetic view of a relationship she DOES NOT have with Borey, if she’s crying like this now, wait until he drops her like a hot batch of FRENH FRIES as soon as they finish the show) and James … Paul absolutely needs to win BB18 he’s the only one out of the three that’s actually played Big Brother!
Simon and Dawg…. Gonna miss you guys! I feel like I’m losing a couple of brothers ๐Ÿ™ thanks again for the great spoiler website and for making me laugh several times a day!! Donate donate donate to these guys!! Use their links!!

Basket Case

I am not one of those racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic people. I do not care the race, gender or sexual preferences the hgs have. I am voting VIC for AFP cause he has a killer bod, a killer smile, a great personality and he really did crush in the comps. If I was 40 years younger I would try to jump his bones at the finale.

Misty Beethoven

The line to jump Vic’s bones starts on the right, goes down the hall, then to the left in another corridor, out the door, through the parking lot…at the risk of sounding like a dirty old lady, which I am, he’s HOT. Best of all, he’s nice – you can tell a great deal about a guy by how they treat their mother.

Basket Case

I have a feeling we are in the same age group and like you, I am a dirty old lady. HEH HEH HEH. Perhaps all the VIC fans who are female and over 55 would like to arrange a meet and greet with him!!!! I know exactly how I would greet him!!!!!! Whoops, have to adjust the pacemaker now.

Tiny Trump Hands

Nicole’s fatal flaw is that she believes anything a boy tells her. Nat could see right through Paul’s BS. Corey is going to crap on himself if he sees her bring Paul to F2, they both said that they’d vote for Paul to win.

On the other hand

I don’t think she believes him.

Go Paul

F*ck Nicole and…….
F*ck James

Hide the chips

You leave Nicole alone … she “worked her f-ing ass off” to float to the finals!
You think it was easy to “strategically” sleep all day?


I’m sure the “cuddling” was hard.


Right now we don’t know what Paul and Nicole are thinking. Nicole is always paranoid and second guessing her best move. I would laugh so hard if Nicole won final HOH and took James. So much for Paul’s hard play. Booted at the end. I can only hope. I know it’s not popular here, but I’ll never root for the crude privileged guy for the win, be it in a game or in IRL.


Amen. I would never root for Paul.

Hillary Lied Four People Died

If you are counting on James to setup and win something you had better have a backup plan.

Out to Lunch

Is James even trying to win???


James throws every comp he doesn’t win. On the two wall comps, he said he felt he was in trouble and needed safety for him and Natalie. Truth is James can’t compete so he talks likes he doesn’t try to maintain an extremely low bar of success.

Sounds good but

Well I thought Nicole and James might have a secret split everything deal before game started. I hope Paul and Nicole are for real. James goodbye


Nicole just mentioned that one can’t hangout with one person the entire game and make it to the final 3. At least she realizes she isn’t deserving of the final 3.


I have to give Paul credit for one thing………he is a great con artist! He’s got Nicole believing that he will take her to F2! He knows his best bet is James. Bringing Nicole would be the infamous “Cody” move.

Paul could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. If he’s in F2 (likely)…..his pitch to the jury will be epic.

I c all

Epic would probably be accurate. Paul has shown he is not afraid to trash anyone and , even with a 7 second delay I would be surprised if cbs didn’t tell him to tone down the fbombs. I can guaranrtee whoever he takes will be shocked when he takes the gloves off and the shit talking starts lol.He’s not really that great in the scheme of things.


Nah, they’re both trash talking Janes to each other in the hope that the other one will bring them instead of James to the F2. Nicole and James agreed to look out for each other from before the game even started. Paul knows his best bet is to bring James to F2 because James has done even less than Nicole. And Paul’s worried most of the women will prefer Nicole over him so a woman can finally win.


I actually want James to win the second but he says or is going to say he’s throwing it a Paul vs James would be best case cause Paul win that one and he better take James to final 2 ….. Cause I’ll be so PISSED if he doesn’t take James or doesn’t win part 3 it’ll remind me of bb16 final 2 or bb17 final 3 where Vanessa got third I don’t want that to happen at all GO PAUL and VIC FOR AFP

AnyoneBUTJames for AFP

The only thing James deserves is third place, going home with nothing.

Double D

If I remember correctly,last year, part 2 they had to climb a wall and put tiles in a certain order.

AS for final 2, Paul has the creditals to win. But James has 4 sure votes…Nat, Brig, Mich, Momma D. And if Paul sends Nicole packing, James gets Nicoles vote and wins.

If Paul takes Nicole, he’ll get the anti Nicole votes (Brig, Mich, Nat) and win for certain.

Oh Jamesy ;)

James is chillin’ and the other two are stressin’ …hahaha!


james has no business “chillin” with 50k on the line dont underestimate the difference between 2nd and 3rd place thats more cash than lots of people make in a year

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Paul won’t be stressing if James wins part two.

You Betcha

Who wants to bet that Corey and Vic have both f$@#ed Natalie already??


I betcha lol you know those guys are horny as hell too… maybe not both, but I bet Victor has or will. He’s gonna put the throw down that lol


They’re not boning Nat Nat in jury….but if you could, you would!
Natalie looks good….


Until she opens her mouth… ugh that voice!

Min O'Pause

Do ya think she does a cheer after doing “it?”
If it was good: “Gimme an S gimme a T gimme a U and a D! What’s it spell? ”
Or……if it’s bad:
“2-4-6-8! I’d rather go and master$@!% !”


Victor can’t stand Natalie I think he’ll probably go for Bridget. Corey’s not going to jury. He’ll be sequestered for a week in a hotel. But if Corey could he’ll probably sleep with Natalie, Bridget and Michelle. Paulie and Corey are bffs and Corey knows how much he adores Nicole. Did you hear Paulie evicton speech about Nicole? Shoot Paulie told Nicole he loved her more than Cody did. He got Zakiyah nominated over Nicole. So Corey won’t be doing anything while in jury maybe outside of the house.

Another Anonymous

Victor didn’t wait for a week in a hotel room. They sent him right in.


Yeah he’s in fifth place they go to the jury house and Forth goes to sequester because the jury round table has to be suprised when the talk to dr. Will. I think it happens a day before finale.


Couldn’t stand Paul all season. He is a shit talker. A very good manipulator… almost borderline sociopathic. I’ve dealt with his kind before. Can’t trust or be comfortable around anyone like that…if a person like that talks about everyone to you what do you think they say about you to everyone else? Sickening


Well said!!


Well then big brother is not the show for you lol. That’s exactly what this show is about.

Who can sh*t talk the most and get people to actually believe them? Who can manipulate better than the rest? That’s the name of the game!


That may be what big brother is to you, but you certainly dont speak for all of us. Big brother is a group of people trying to get to the prize, while people watch their every movement. Unfortunately some fans think mind f*cking is the best way to win. These people get praised because they are able to manipulate so well, its scary… most of these types go down as legends…

I get lying is apart of the game, but people like Paul seem to enjoy slandering people, and this personality is probably not far off from how he acts in normal life… I dont care about swearing, but when you are talking malicious about someone else, there is no freaking need. You can get your point across without threatening to punch someone or telling them they are being rude without calling them a c*nt.

While I only read Simon and Dawgs updates and not watch, every time I read Nic and Paul have a conversation, I just get a nasty vibe… Not the same vibe as a conversation with one of them with James. I, for one, respect the people that are able to get to the end without completely cutting people up. To me, I think character is more important than comps, lying, and manipulation. If you can somewhat keep your integrety in tact, then I root for them.
I also understand, everyone is human… Everyone will make nasty mistakes… James is definitely the lesser of 3 evils.


Sorry but that’s the very definition of big brother. Every single houseguest that’s ever won this game has lied, back stabbed at least one person, and manipulated. Every single one.


“I get lying is apart of the game,” Reading comprehension is not your strong suit.
Lying is a huge part of the game, so os backstabbing… I am not talking about that; I am talking about being a total douche canoe behind peoples backs with absolutely no reason, getting personal, and calling people c*nts is definitely the only way to play big brother.
Ian, Rachel, Derrick, Hayden, Jordan, Steve….They were not mean people… sure they did some things, but they werent mean. Not like paul is.


I might agree with you if I had read your entire comment, I didn’t. My point is what Paul is doing is stradegy. He’s simply trying to mindscrew Nicole into not taking James if she were to win.

True, he’s getting a bit panicky about it. And going a bit overboard, but it’s still stradegy.


To anonymous who said every single person whose won has back-stabbed. Jordon, the sweetest girl ever to play BB, never did and she won. There are others who played a wholesome game, not like Paul the destroyer. He’s scary. Does BB want him to represent them as the winner?


Thank You! Now THAT Was Well Said!

Another Anonymous

There’s James’ famous gut again. He’s sure that he has Corey’s vote. Corey already told Nicole that he would vote for Paul.


Not to mention that James just voted Corey out. Nicole said that Corey was really surprised and hurt by that.


His “surprise” was surprising.

Nicole and Corey knew James and Paul wanted Corey out, and that James would be voting him out. Why else would Paul have offered Nicole a F2 deal the night before the eviction?

They’re playing it up to the cameras.


How does she know that corey is hurt by james voting him o u t. She is probably hurt more than coreeeeey is.


I’m so glad Paul is still there. The last of the newbies. I can’t believe two vets made it til the end.


So agree! If for no other reason – I hope Paul wins. The other two have had their chance. But what I’m really hoping for is Victor for AFP! He is a comp beast, genuine & loyal – plus he would truly appreciate it!


Too funny! Nicole saying that James does not deserve to get this far and it irritates her that he thinks this is a dating show. Hello pot meet kettle!


Nicole may have hooked Corey in the house, BUT she played the game as well. James has just laid around with Nat, not doing anything. The only comp he won was the one Bridgette GAVE to him after he promised not to put her and Frank up ( she stepped down giving it to him). So when you look at it, he has not won any comps, done any game playing, so there is a huge difference between him and Nicole.


lol There is a small difference between the two comp wise. Nicole can probably win in mental comps and James well…. he can’t. As for the HOH James won…. That comp was between Day, Bridge and James. Frank said Bridge was looking a little weak which is why he wanted to make deals… so she didn’t have to try to stand there any longer. Both Day and Bridge gave him the win, but who knows what would’ve happened if they refused to throw it. Just like both of Nicoles HOH’s were given to her. The only comp I won’t say she got from someone was the comic book veto. Because who knows who really had the fastest time. The fold or stay veto Paul would have won if he were actually trying.


The one and only comp that Nicole won on her own (bb comics) was a comp that she had played before in season 16…..not that impressed.

Reality Check

James’ cockiness about being in the final 2 is really annoying. The reason why Big Brother is losing a lot of viewers is because of people like James. Winning one comp which was donated when Bridget made a deal with him, now here is Mr Hot Shot thinking he has the jury votes to win the game. Big Brother should reward the winner who deserves the most, not the biggest floater in the game.

Big Brother should bounce the check to James, because it is not his first rodeo and yall better believe it.


James is living rent-free inside Nicole and Paul’s heads. Obviously yours too. If he pulls this off I will relish all the heads exploding in apoplectic rage. This is hysterical. You are welcome to go on Big Brother and play the way you want to see houseguests play, but you will wind up out early because the jury house is full of those, and the pre-jury even more littered with the corpses of players who felt they had to ‘do something’.


HAHA! Best comment of the week! Soooooooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!


stop trying to be all fancy with your “I will relish all the heads exploding in apoplectic rage” yeah we get it your a regular road scholar.. i cant stand when people act like “hey whatever if you make it to the end you deserve to win” were not stupid yeah if you win you get the money but to say you deserve it is just ridiculous to the real bb fans on this site.. you should have to “do something” to win 500k its a far more satisfying result if you dont get that your just not a true fan.. besides james isnt “pulling off” anything by laying around the house not trying sucking at every single comp and just by pure luck making it to the end.. if thats all it takes to win this game they might as well pull the plug and end the borefest that this season has become smh


Um..Rhodes Scholar. I agree with Yikes regarding the comment posted by Anonymous. It presents another side to the equation.


Even a 6th grader knows it is “Rhodes Scholar”. Looks like your head exploded prematurely. Must be a case of apoplectic rage. You are stupid because what you “true fans” always suggest is the proper way to play the game rarely wins the game. All the big shooters are out once again and what is left is the people that have been laying low or hiding behind meat shields all game. Why don’t you go on the show and demonstrate how it is done?


Damn it! All those years of driving a truck and I thought I was a road scholar! Oh well back to the drawing board.

Grammar Police Strike Again

haha i agree with you yeahsure well said. i hate when commenters try to use fancy grammar and find it funny noone really attacked your post just your grammar cause your post makes sense james doesnt deserve to win jack and all the people giving you a hard time know its true but for some reason feel the need to support james not strategy strategy

Rudolf Hess, Original Grammar Nazi.

It always strikes me funny when, at this stage of life, someone posts something nearly unintelligible, like something a chimp would bang out on a typewriter and then complain about people who use that “fancy grammar”. It is called language and it is there for everyone to use. Cryptic messages don’t advance your argument at all.


Here are your jack boots.


Relish! Relish! Hey I like relish on my hotdog or hamburger. I prefer the sweet relish and not the dill myself.



Nobody DESERVES to win

More than anyone else… that is purely opinion. The only opinion that matters is the jury’s opinion. Therefore only the winner deserves to win. Simple.


Who are all these viewers that you say are leaving? Big Brother consistently wins its time slots and it has just been renewed for 2 more years. CBS is even launching an online version. There are websites and live feeds devoted to the game. I would bet its popularity has never been higher. If you miss the Donatos, Russell the Love Muscle, Nakomis and Cowboy, Screaming Jerry, et al, then good riddance. It was often like Jerry Springer. Some people like Jerry Springer.


James vs. Paul (James wins 5:4)

James’ votes: Nat, Meech, Nicole (will be pissed at Paul for picking James for F2), Da’vonne, Bridgette
Paul’s votes: Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey, Victor

Nicole vs. James (Nicole wins 6-3)
Nicole’s votes: Corey, Victor, Paulie, Zakiyah, Paul, Da’vonne
James’ votes: Nat, Meech, Bridgette

Paul vs. Nicole (Nicole wins 5-4)
Paul’s votes: Victor, Natalie, Bridgette, Meech
Nicole’s votes: Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, James, Da’vonne

Paul played a great game but he might be screwed. Nicole has the best chance of winning if she can make it to F2.

sunny dee

i think he is all caught up in the comp spirit of the game, but i don’t think he’s that worried about the difference between first and 2nd place at the end. I could totally see him F2 with vic and want vic to win the top prize.

I just don’t think money motivates him at this stage. whatever $$ he normally has is sufficient for living, eating out, and traveling extensively. 50k or 500k, i don’t see it life changing for him.

i would not be surprised if he was the one picking at the end that he didn’t just send nicole out and say, oh well, you burned me and vic not once but twice, so i promised him to get nicorey out and out you go.


His family is wealthy. He is more about the hubris…not the dollars.


Don’t forget the influence of Dr Will.


Nat told Jeff Schroeder she would vote for Nicole at the end (if not James)

It's funny

How anything anti Nicole gets tons of like and pro Nicole gets tons of dislikes.


Well yeah, because Nicole sucks.

Min O'Pause

I still say she sounds like Bobcat Goldthwaite the way her voice screeches up an octave when she begins to talk.


I think Paul will cut James and keep Nicole. He is banking on all the girls dislike for Nicole will give him the win. Why would he help Nicole study if he was cutting her.


If Paul takes Nicole to F2, he will lose. CBS pays Dr Will to influence the jury. Even James admitted that last year Dr. Will changed jurors’ minds. And CBS will want a woman to finally beat a man in F2. If Paul takes James, Paul will likely win.

Hillary for Prison

I think you are right Emmy.


I think Paul will cut James and keep Nicole. He is banking on the all the girl’s in the jury and their dislike of Nicole to give him the win. He might be right. Paul has to be thinking James has Nat, probably Da, Michelle, Cory, Nicole. Personally, I think Nicole can beat him too. If Nicole wins final HOH, she is going to win.


Ya know, Paul and Nicole are the most two faced this season. All of today’s conversation has solidified my choice as James to win. I like that he doesn’t talk crap about people. He could, but he chooses not to.

I just don’t think you have to be mean and nasty to win this game, and I hope James proves my point and takes this win.

I absolutely believe he will have everyone but Paulie if he’s in F2 with Nic, and everyone but Vic if he’s up against Paul.

The truth is, both Paul and Nicole would choose James as their F2, regardless of what they say to each other. They both believe they could beat James.

James’ gameplay isn’t conventional, but he’s been clear about his strategy to not win comps all season. He’s not stupid, he’s a planner.

I could be completely wrong, but can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

AnyoneBUTJames for AFP

James is lazy, boring and disgusting. He has lost a ton of fans, I can’t see BB ever bringing him back.


They’re too two faced? I think some people are confusing big brother with bachelor, amazing race or something. Being two faced IS A PART OF BIG BROTHER!


James gave up on winning comps because he can’t. He’s done everything in his power to tell everyone he’s going to go with the house. When they flipped on Paulie and voted Zakiyah out, James was wetting himself until everyone else in the house came to him and he knew the only people wanting to keep her were Paulie, Nicole, and Corey. James is a game coward and only sticks with his decision when everyone else tells him it’s ok. If I didn’t think James and Nicole had something set up from before the season, I might feel different. James has protected Nicole too often, especially early in the game while rarely talking with her for me to see it any other way.


James is lame. Nicole and Paul are excited go pop after dark


I’ve been thinking surely Paul is just covering his bases to get both of them to take him. Surely he isn’t going to take Nicole given the opportunity. But there he is. Helping her study. So. maybe he is banking on the fact that very few people liked her. Called her a snake. And even if they have had time to get past some of that. He knows how good he is at talking. Manipulating. And he knows she is not. He will have plenty of ammunition and will completely blow her away with his speech and answers. He can get them right back on track with hating her. Corey being there may cause a problem but Paul gets the last word. I just really really want to see Paul win the last part and say. Final 2 ???? Huh ??? I have no clue what you’re talking about. Go join Corey

My Two Cents

I’d rather be watching what’s going on in the jury house this week.


Agree with one exception, if I am not mistaken Max-Z was again wearing her knit top or dress or whatever the hell that thing was while butterfly boy was cooking. (side note I personally would not let him touch any food I was going to be eating) I thought that poor girl came to her senses about him and it was sad to hear them say she is back with him. Both of the times they have shown jury clips she was looking shall we say cheap? Was the first time just a bra or was that a bikini top? And now this time in that now famous mesh thing that Da and/or production had to tell her to go put some clothes on.

I guess Pauline’s parents are going to have another go at CBS for the poor editing their sweet baby boy got? They complained about his edit before his eviction and the whole Natalie crap (I do put some of that on her as we later saw she loves to play the victim) but they can never edit enough to make that azzhole look good. I am so glad he has had to sit in jury with all of those women. Mr. tough guy (to women) and when Da said that to him did he say something about how he called out James or something? I didn’t quite catch it with all of the yelling over each other. Give James a step stool and he will kick your punk as* I bet most of the girls could kick his as* as well. Daddy will give him some tongue and a participation trophy when he gets home.

My Two Cents

Yeah, I shamelessly rewound and watched the fight scene several times. Paulie looked a little panicked when Da’Vonne stood up and came at him. I think she could probably take him.


Not a fan of Paul. I remember very clearly that the first time Vic was evicted Paul quietly let Vic get voted out after initially trying to help him. Paul makes himself out to be this great loyal friend to Vic, but he always put himself first. Their are other players this season and others who put their friends first. Paul is an opportunist who paints himself as a complete saint. I’m not saying he is a liar and he has every right to put himself first, but do not go around telling everyone that you are so saintly and have never betrayed a friend. When Vic came back twice Paul was quick to ally himself with Vic because it suited his game to. I hate self righteous people like Paul and he continues to yell how wonderful he is. I hope he does not win.


Putting your friends first gets them rewarded and you evicted. There can be only one winner and most go into the house looking to win for themselves and their family … to throw your family under the bus by putting other players you just met in the game ahead of your own family’s needs is the disgrace. Sure, people do become “friends” of a sort during the game but players like Paul have not lost sight of the big picture … who he is really playing for and it is not his new “friends” in the house. As far as Paul pretending to be a saint …. what good would it do him to pretend to by anything less …. Nicole has done more pretending to be a saint than anyone and her fake “I feel so bad” bs is more hard to take than “Your Boy” thinking he is wonderful. Paul has had a much more difficult path to travel to get where he is and he used everyone he could to get there … manipulation and winning comps when he had to. I may not like everything about Paul but I respect his game more so than either the game Nicole and James have played. I also found Paul to be the most entertaining with Vic a close second …. they did not do things intentionally to check off items on a list to win AFP like James has all season … Paul and Vic were just being themselves to enjoy their time in the house and a lot of it was quite entertaining.


Bam! Spot on, They should all only be looking out for #1. If you make a life long friend great but that is not what they came for and is not the name of the game.


Paul tried to warn Victor more than once. Victor was SO adamant that Paulie wouldn’t do that to him no matter what Paul said. What more could Paul do? He also gave him his only vote. I think Paul did as much as he possibly could without blowing his own game up.

He’s not spending his entire summer in a stress filled box to throw his game out the window for Victor or anyone else. There’s only so much he can do for another player, and he did all that he could.


Pretty crazy that Paul was the main one targeting the Vets week 1 and come the final week he is in the final 3 with 2 vets.


What is more sad. James who is a complete waste who barely tries and just skates. Or that James may just be right about him beating either Nicole or Paul. Especially since if either of them breaks their final 2 deal they probably guarantee one will vote against the other. With James not being quite so bitter since he probably feels he has AFP in the bag. And he just might.

Given Paul actually is trying to distract James like he said (not that James needs much distracting) I think he may actually bring Nicole. Probably based on the math that James has 2 sure votes in Nat and Meech. If Nicole holds it against him (and she has stated she will) that is 3. And she may bring Corey along with her for 4. While Nicole only has 1 sure vote. Corey. Paul will assume Meech and Nat would be in his corner against Nicole. And that they might still have influence on James once he is sent back to jury. Then add in every other house guest who has left claiming Nicole is a rat. That may be a bad bet but given the information Paul has available to him an understandable one to make.

I m sick of Nicole and Paul

If anyone ever asks me ..why James for AFP? Coz i m just sick of the rest… One more time I m gonna hear how Paul thinks James doesnt deserve it…like man u were born into a is not fair , but it doesnt seem like its not fair to you…you ve never seen the show and couldn t even bother to waste a day of your time on watching a full season while some ppl study for years the game theory and dont even get casted…soo self entitled is drives me up the wall.


I agree, why are Nicole and Paul always talking crap on James. He has more class than both of them. Paul is a thug and Nicole a sssssnake.

Me Too

1,000 Thumbs Up!

Paul: egotistical, entitled, backstabbed Vic on his first eviction, calls women “c**ts”, just wants to get mama a Bentley, lives at home with mom – who wouldn’t, it’s a mansion! then acts like he need the win for his “toy” business, maniacal cursing fool, he is everything that’s wrong with the world! And NO, that’s not how BB has to be played! Just an everyday con artist.

Compare to James………….humble, raised in an orphanage, lost his adoptive mother to cancer, served in the military, took responsibility for his daughter & even her half-brother, never bullied or cursed out others in the game. He represents all of us who are struggling in the world & trying to do our best.

If I’m given the choice to give someone $500K. then I want it to go to someone who not only needs it, could actually use it.

James for the win and AFP! (yes, since BB11, F2 are eligible to win AFP)


You know you can vote for any of the house guests. From Glenn to Frank to Paulie. Unless you like James more than any of the other 15 house guests, I’d pick someone I’d like to see again for whatever reason.


Paul is doing too much right now…. Like dude chill out you are playing way too hard for someone who has won the first part of the HOH…. He keeps saying James is freaky out when it’s really him that’s freaking out…… Deep down inside he knows neither one will take him to final 2… That’s why he is running around in circles try to convince Ratcole n James he has their back…. He is actually giving them ammo not to take him to Final 2….. Nicole has said many times that Paul is a good talker and he could convince a Jury easily


Paul is playing the game just right……he’s not freaking out…..he’s just feeding Nicole that. He’s trying to keep Nicole and James separated and each one thinking the other is freaking out (Nicole sad and checked out because of Corey gone and James “freaking” out cuz he doesn’t think he’ll win HOH, etc) Paul doesn’t want Nicole and James exchanging convos they’ve had with Paul.

Nicole Pure Michigan

Hey Marvin! (Love your music by the way.) Your observations about Paul and the Final 3 situation are really on point. He is truly trying too hard and is freaking out, but it’s highly unlikely that he would agree with that assessment because that’s the way Paul rolls. It appears Nicole is quite affected by Corey’s absence and has even admitted she misses and cares for him more than she thought she did or would so that’s having an impact on her ability to focus on the game and what Paul and James are telling her. On BBAD, she’s shown “studying” while she’s crying. Concentrating isn’t her forte right now. James has never been known for his ability to focus on anything…..except for Natalie. It hasn’t hurt him very much up to this point; it’s just made him look unintelligent during most of the game. Anyway, there’s still no definitive winner just waiting to be crowned yet, in my opinion.


Its been several seasons since i had someone in the final 3 i was actually rooting for.
17- steve liz vanessa
16 – pigface cody veronica
15 – gina marie spencer andy the rat



nicole will bring James cuz corey told her to before he left, remember, she does not think for herself!


Nicole also told Corey that she needed to take James because they are both vets. She didn’t want being a vet to be used against her.


Just a few days ago Nicole couldn’t stop giving James compliments. Oh James you have a heart of gold, you and Corey are best guys I know. She even snapped at him. when he asked her how she was doing about Corey. She snapped at him, I only knew him for a few months, James was shocked the way she answered him back. I hope this gives him a clue that she does not have his back, and he fights for the the second part of the comp and wins.

Same Mistake

James is playing dead and Paul is hogging all the Nicole face time. The exact same mistake James made that basically forced the creation of the “Final 4” alliance. Paul might actually brainwash Nicole that she has a better chance against him than James (she doesn’t and it’s not even close!). Get your butt out of bed and get in the game James!!!

for your info says

sick of all the james bashing on here. yes he has layed low. but he has played his own game he has not gone around bad mouthing others and lying to get where he is at. james for the win!!!!!

Pablo from jury

Paul what are you doing ???? TAKE JAMES NOT NICOLE or Pablo would be very sad ๐Ÿ™


James(Clarence Darby-Law Abiding Citizen) says “you can’t fight fate”!
Darby dies!!!, mutilated
So it is written
so it shall be done


He/ she that wins the scales of justice, wins the game . Since James is a pair of clownshoes, it will end P vs N on the scale . Same as last year, winner brings the feeble James ( Liz of last year) and wins prolly right around same count as last year 5-4 or 6-3 type deal . Could be wrong, I hate when people write ” mark this down ” . This equation seems most likely


All these comments make my heart hurt. Especially the ones about my soul-mate Jamesy.

Hillary Pleads the Fifth

Maybe we will see you and James on Boot Camp Reality Stars some day.


If you’re having heart problems, you should go the DR and see the medics.

James' baby's mom

Hey! I thought I’M Jamesy’s soul mate!


I guess it all comes down to personal opinions. What is laying low in the big brother game ? And what is just not playing the game? Paul laid low at times. Paul stayed off the radar at times. He played the good soldier and saved his game more than once. While doing so. He never stopped playing. Nicole and James laying low was laying in bed. Doing nothing. Not checking in. Just letting things happen around them. Paul always knew where everyone was and how he needed to place himself and where. And when he had to adjust his position he did. Laying in bed and focusing on your showmance and letting things happen around you and simply doing what the majority is doing isn’t the type of game I would want to award $500,000 to Even if they do start playing at the end. I would hope Dr Will wouldn’t want to reward that either.


At this point I really don’t care who wins this thing. By the time the final comp is played Paul will have Nicole worked up so badly, she won’t remember her own name. Paul has both James and Nicole mystified at this point, because they don’t work the way he does. He takes no prisoners. He is ruthless, conniving and an out and out liar. He knows how to turn people, he has done it his whole life. There is game play and there is plain”off the wall”nasty. Paul is that way. They have never met anyone like him in their lives. This season I have gone from thinking Paul was funny and smart, to absolute disgust of him and his lying (usually for no reason at all, other than he could). His bashing of James the last few days shows the extent of his nastiness, again, for no other reason than he can. Look in the mirror you little man. You are no prize yourself. I personally think after all the years I have watched this show, I have more disgust for him than I had even for Austin, and believe me, that is saying something.


I agree with you and I’m having in internal conflict as to who I want to win. Paul is an offensive, conniving, manipulative, smartass liar. And unfortunately, that’s considered great gameplay in the world of Big Brother. Do we punish him for doing and saying nasty and offensive stuff or do we root for him for a great gameplay. It’s a tough one. If he ends up losing, I hope he’ll learn a lesson and grow up and get his act together.

Hillary Pleads the Fifth

I think I am pulling for the winner of the final HOH. Whomever wins in crunch time deserves it.


Victor claims he didn’t like Nicole in an interview. He did say Corey is going to break heart (?) he wants to make sure it gets back to Nicole what Corey said. Victor likea Nicole anytime she was in the room he was all over her and he did anything to try and impress her. He threw out a lot of questions to Corey to see where his head was at with Nicole. Like if you could describe Nicole in one word or what are her characteristics. Surprising Corey answered pretty well for daydreaming most of the time. Victor tried so hard to make Corey look like he was weak and incompetent in front of Nicole. His body language changed entirely around her and he would take up space around her. He kissed her forehead a lot. His hugs were intense. He said a lot things to push Corey away from Nicole. Victor is in love with Nicole. They both said it on the couches in a serious tone I love you girl and Nicole said it back. He said to Jozae and Paul that he thought she was pretty and marriage material. Victor had a lot of serious talks with Nicole about dating and asked to hangout with her outside the show. He said if Corey doesn’t marry her he would. Victor is trying to protect his heart. If Corey doesn’t persue her in the end Victor is going to sweep her off her feet. He called her beautiful right in front of Corey. Corey was pissed and said to himself you motherfucker. If Victor didn’t care about Nicole he would not be asking Paul if Corey and Nicole are going to be dating post season. Paul was like never cared. It’s funny how Paul said he’s going home and skipping the after party to be with his girlfriend. The last few weeks the boys have been talking about how many chicks they are going to get. Corey was freakin crying like a big baby in his Goodbye message to Nicole. If he didn’t care about her he would not so emotional and let her know why he was crying. Nicole speech to Corey on eviction made him tear up too. The boys are all talk in my opinion. Except Victor has no string attached except if Nicole is single at the finale lol

Do you all agree?

I’m going on a rant……..Did he really cry over Nicole? Of all the girls. Mama didn’t raise no bitch is an over statement. This guy has acted like a tool and portrayed himself to be a tough dude and as a ladies man but he’s a p***y. He’s the least bit of a ladies man, he stood loyal/faithful to Nicole and never flirted with any girls besides her. Corey already knows Nicole wants to be wifed up and have his babies asap. Nicole is cringeworthy to look at and her voice too. Uhhh Her personality is even worse. What happened to him being single and hooking up with all theses girls after the finale? Corey is a little bitch. Crying for a girl he claims to have no emotional attachment to. What a hypocrite for downplaying his feelings for Nicole. I don’t like her but I cried saying goodbye wtf. Unbelievable I would have more respect for him if held true to his word by breaking Nicole’s heart. Now I really want Nicole to dump this loser. You are playing a game for $500,000 and he hasn’t done anything beside “Nicole” Lol. Girls want men not boys that are weak minded. They don’t want a wuss that cries. He walked out without trying to jeopardize Nicole’s game. Another reason to hate him. I don’t care if I sound sexist but its the truth. He never stood up for Nicole in fights and he let Vic flirt with her. Corey is the definition of a jackass and coward.


Vote Nicole AFP- America’s Fingered Princess! I want her to get some cash and get her nosed fixed again- terrible job!

Nose job

I met in her in person and she’s a lot prettier up close and her nose doesn’t like it does on tv. I don’t think she’s had a nose job. She lost too much weight and all you focus on is her nose. ON tv Season 16 her nostrils were big but she had more weight on, so it wasn’t as noticeable. This season the camera makes it look like it protrudes out like a pig but in person it’s not as bad. If she was hideous to look at the guys would not give her the time of day. Lol Natalie the most innocent and nicest girl in world was making fun of Nicole’s nose and thought she looked like Miss Pigg. Obviously Natalie is the prettiest girl this season but her personality turned off all the guys. Except James lmfao.


(still want paul to win because he PLAYED big brother since day one. he knew nothing about the game and quickly adapted.)
i don’t like the style of play james or nicole has committed to. I’m a true bb fan… but if i were a juror, I’d be disgusted with the “only floating” or “only rat-like” hg and I’d award the one with that won comps, fought to survive and had a decent to good social game … that is a winner to me. but hey, that’s just me. AND TO EACH HIS/HER OWN.

but yes, his constant bashing of james is a little much. and as much as i hate to say this, the context or language he uses to bash him (i don’t care about f bombs) says a lot about the kind of person that he is. i don’t care if he’s privileged. imo, that fact doesn’t trump his game play and it doesn’t make him less deserving of the 500k. it’s just at this point in the game, why go to it at that level? it saddens me.

james… the things he has lived through in his life. wow. we pick people apart and are so quick to criticize and berate their every breath, word and move. but my goodness this man has bee through a lot… and he continues to be a decent person in the way that he treats people.


People keep on saying Paul is the only one of the three that played the game but that’s not true Nicole and James also played they just used a different strategy than his they had other people make moves for them which is smarter cause they have less blood on their hand when it comes to the jury which is what u want people learn the game

South City California wants Paul for the Win

I just read Julie Chen’s interview she did today and I was happily surprised at what she said! She has been voting for Victor 20 votes a day for AFP and feels he deserves it hands down and been a great player! Julie also said how disappointed in James she is and how horrible of a game he played this whole season. Julies said her thoughts about Nicole is she is a snake and also disappointed how she played the game, Chenbot knows what’s up! Luv it!


I have to agree that James has been through a lot in his lifetime. Add to that the fact that he has a child while not being married or living with the mother of that child. He does his best by her, regardless of the fact she has another child in the house as well. He treats that other child well, and his only complaint was that he doesn’t get one on one time with his daughter because he feels obligated to take the other one as well. I think he has a good heart, and agree he doesn’t belittle other people the way Paul and now Nicole are doing to him. I certainly don’t think this should give him a free pass to final 2, by any stretch of the imagination. I do however feel, that having gone through all he has in his short lifetime, this young man deserves a break. I always root for the underdog, and find myself rooting for James to get something out of this whole show.

Anoher Liberal Loser

Very well written delta231.


Paul making gagging noises and hand gestures after James leaves the room to show his discuss for James is so cruel. I was starting to like him and was rooting for him. I forgot about the Paul who wanted to punch people in the face and wanted to bully Bridgette when Frank left. When Paul is in power he becomes a very mean and cruel person. Hope he falls off his high horse.


Paul is more likely going to win the final HoH and pick Nicole. So Nicole has a vote from Corey, James, Paulie, Zakiyah, Natalie and possibly Dayvonne. Michelle is a hell no because she hates Nicole with a passion. Victor will vote for his bestie and Bridgette is a toss up. I can picture Michelle going ham on Nicole at the jury round table and Corey laughing. Corey likes Michelle even after she shit on Nicole.


Natalie was very upset with Nicole/Corey and siding with Paul/Vic when she left. She’s going to be a vote for Paul. In jury the other night, Davonne was clearly proud of Nicole for having stepped up her game play. I think she’s voting Nicole. Not sure about Paulie. I think he takes the game seriously in terms of weighing who played the best game. Z will probably vote with him. Bridgette might end up favoring the female. I’d say Nic is the favorite to win, but it mostly depends on Paulie/Z.

Hard to watch....

I just can’t root for a guy like Paul. The way he talks about James irritates me. Someone tell me what did James do to deserve it. I hope Paul comes in second.

James' baby's mom

Does anyone know when Houseguests first started using the term “ride or die”? Is it just a Big Brother thing or is it a real term? In this house it’s way overused.


I’m not super impressed by any of them but I do think Nicole has played a very strategic game and I hope she wins. I can’t pull for Paul because of his mouth but I do hope he gets second. And as for James, I think it’s clear he is a great person but this is BB and the fact that he knew there would be a Days comp and didn’t even try to study. All season.. That’s just mad disrespect to the game IMO. If you can’t be bothered to try then you don’t deserve to be rewarded.


Are the feeds on fish today??