Paul – I had nothing in this game other than the loyalty of my partner Victor

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 Nicole
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

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8:11pm Safari room
Nicole practicing her finale speech…
Nic – this is a dream come true sitting here in the final 2 chair… I’ve been watching this show since I’ve been 8.. I’m a super fannnnnnn .. I just need a second to take this in,..
Nic – holy cow..
Nic – when I go that call back literally my heart stopped i couldn’t have been happier
Nic – I knew coming back would be difficult, Mainly because I knew I would be coming on with a target on my back
Nic – Sure enough day 1 called a snake.. Lost 3 competitions.. Day 2 had to fight for my life to stay in this house.
Nic – ONE, has to convince 2 strangers to let me be HOH and control the house the first week so I could save the vets
Nic – and OHHH boy… and that was just the start you know what though i do try to look at the positives of every situation.. Called a snake day one a target of several of you..

Nic – I decided to use that to my advantage .. first off it woke me up, Nicole you are here to play Biog BROther..
Nic – right then I started to strategicallyyyyyyyyy establish relationships, I had a ride or die since day 1 I agree to any alliance I was proposed at that point because what are you supposed to say .. I sit there and take in information and don’t give any back.
Nic – I do give some back but the information I do give back is very STRATEGICCCcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc its very … you know… propel me forward, every week..

Nic – My agenda was to make sure every move I make was strategic and I made sure not only was I safe that week but also for the weeks to come
Nic – If anyone spit on mine and Corey’s name they were … you know the next to go
Nic – the first week that something didn’t go was double eviction night, I didn’t plan on Zakiyah Leaving.. But…
Nic – i’ve been called out more than anyone this season.. I’ve had to deflect my name .. I was the target to 7 of 9 of you .. I was on your radar, someone you were gunning after.
Nic – once I heard someone was coming after me I literally made it happen for them to go

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8:15pm Paul practicing his final 2 speech
Paul – the reason why I escaped the block 6 times.. I strategically maneuvered throughout the house the 2 times that I seriously needed to to save my ass I won the vetos and pulled myself off the block the other times I used my social skills .. the other times I used my social skills and I paired up with the right people.. At the right time and always make sure they’re was a bigger target in the hose…
Paul – Bigger target in the house .. Always making sure they’re was a bigger target in the house but always getting backstabbed anyways.
Paul – Always making sure they’re as a bigger target i the house but always getting BAckstabbed..
Paul – I had nothing in this game other than the loyalty of my partner victor.
Paul – All I had in this game is the loyalty of my partner Victor and my social skills.. No care Package .. Sorry America..

PAul – they’re 1 rule i’ll never break that’s friendship.. There was this 1 time in Berlin.. Just kidding….
Paul – I was put on the block 6 times, but the reason I escaped the block 6 times is because of my strategic maneuvers in the house. The 2 times I seriously needed to save my ass I won the vetos and pulled myself off the rest I used my social skills to team up with the right people at the right time and always make sure there was a bigger target in the house but unfortunately I got stabbed in the back OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
Paul – Then we had a secret riddle.. Of course I was the last person notified.. But coincidentally I was the first person in that room and we had nothing to worry about because I was the one with the round trip ticket.

Paul says he’s got the most “IN house competition wins this season”
Paul says when he was on the block week 1 Nicole was the only person that cried for him and he’ll never forget that.
Paul – I told you guys i’ll break some rules but theres one rule I won’t break… friendship
Paul – as a first time player of this game.. No offense Nicole.. I can say I worked my ass off to where I am right now..
Paul – you all thought well… theres the loud and crazy one..

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8:32pm James and Nicole
Nicole – Clearly i’m not dumb you and Paul you teamed up, I worked with you this entire game in this weird way but we’re final 3… Not once you try to throw me a lifeline Corey and I threw you several lifelines this entire game.. You were content with me being completely by myself content with me being alone .
Nic – Ummm you know like they’re was not.. There was nothing
James- you might not have seen up front stuff… Natalie and Michelle will tell you I was working with you on the back end.. Like secretly
Nicole – no i’m talking about right now .. like when it’s me you and Paul in this house I can tell the way you guys were acting.
Nicole accuses him of having a Final 2 with Paul

James says he thought he was going to win the endurance competition but he lost it.
James – everyone had an equal chance to win that
Nicole – I thought you threw it
James – NO definitely not
Nicole – the way you feel after me.. Do you understand from my point.. It looked sketchy ,. I didn’t even have a chance to look up and you were already on the ground

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-18 21-40-18-318
James – yeah
Nicole – it was a OK Nicole fell so I can fall sort of thing
Nicole – why would you throw it..
James- there was no way I would throw that..
James says he wanted to talk to Nicole one last time didn’t want it to go down like Michelle.
Nicole – I don’t know what I’m doing.. I’m going nuts… how clean your game is that’s the one thing I’m thinking.. My name has been drugged down through the mud

James- if you’re looking for votes..
Nicole – i Don’t have any votes..
James says Paulie and Zakiyah won’t vote for him… says Natalie and Michelle will vote for him but COrey won’t … obviously
Nicole says Da and Bridgette will vote for James
Nicole – “Honestly… the way you have been treating me.. I know you would have taken paul”
James- I wanted two vets to go I thought it would be pretty cool..
James – our game play is very similar
Nicole – I got the most call outs, If you only knew what I had to do in this game..
James – right
Nicole – … people are mad at me because I had to burn a lot of bridges.. You know what I mean.. Natalie and MIchelle they’re biter

Nicole – Da… Da…. Biter..
James points out those 3 votes will be lost to PAul
Nicole says paul called Michelle a very bad word she might not vote for him

Nicole doesn’t think she has a girls vote especially against James..
Nicole – 1 2 3 yeah 5 votes… (For James)
James – well ya.. That’s if they do….
James- what do you think VIctor would do
Nicole – I don’t know
James – he would vote for paul
Nicole – well ya
James says she’ll be off 1 vote with paul
Nicole isn’t sure she doesn’t know who Michelle and Da’Vonne will vote for.

James- like I said… I Know Michelle has been at you for awhile
Nic – if she doesn’t vote for me that’s biter, it’s a biter vote… I’m not going to lose to a bitter jury.. I’m not OK with it
Nicole tells him if she’s sitting next to him there’s 2 biter votes for him in this game.
Jame s- right
Nicole – If i’m sitting next to Paul natalie and Michelle vote.. Will vote for Paul but there is slight chance they will not.

Nicole tells him MIchelle and Natalie are two Coreys for James
Nic – I don’t know she says she’s a girl girl and she votes for girls , we’ll find out if she’s lying or not

They talk about how gross the milk Corey left for MIchelle was. Saying that Michael would kick it over every morning and leave it in the carpets. The entire room stunk because of it..

James- at least it’s 9 o’clock…
Nicole – good.. Go to bed soon…

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9:02pm Hammock James and Nicole
James – whatever decision you make.. You Know whatever you decide you deiced

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-18 21-36-16-923
Paul comes out with BEERS!

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-18 21-53-55-507
10:02pm Hammock Paul, Nicole and James
Paul says when Him and Victor were first put up Victor was all pissed and said “I’m not going to ubly” (Nicole’s home town) Paul laughed says it was temporary..
Paul stresses that Vcitor knows when he walks out the door it’s all over.
Nicole says she’s voted Victor out 3 times.

Nicole says her and Hayden broke up February 8
James says he could tell by her Instagram that they broke up
Nicole says if she was with Hayden she has no idea who she would have teamed up with says there would obviously be no “Showmance” .. “I would have been crushing on Coreyyyyyy”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-18 21-53-57-943

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-18 22-04-30-350

10:15pm Hammock Nicole and Paul
Nicole says James told her he would take her.
Nicole says James knows he wins the game if he gets to final 3 and He’s crapping his pants.
Paul tells her he’s taking her to final 2 not because he thinks he can beat her he’s taking her because she deserves it more than James

Paul – All he’s done is mock me and all he’s done is make it hard for me in this game..
Nicole mentions James telling her he secretly had her back
Paul – secretly

Nicole – to be the best you have to beat the best.. Paul’s the best..
Nicole says she’s not going to lie she thinks she has a chance against Paul
Nicole – you called Michelle the C word .. I have a chance for her vote
Nicole – if I lost to him (James) and I lost I would never forgive myself If I lost to you I would have been like ….. I would have voted for him . .
Paul says he’s being as transparent as he’s ever been he genuinely likes her

Nicole – I have 1 Corey Paul has 1 Corey you (JAmes) has 2
Paul – He’s got 3
Nicole thinks that Michele and Natalie are doing some damage in the Jury house.
Nicole says James told her he would beat her Final 2.

10:30pm Nicole and Paul
Nicole – I don’t think he’s (JAmes) worthy of making it to final 2 I am FUMED he made it further than Victor and Corey… they fought their hearts out
Paul – I cried because Victor left and you cried because Corey left..
Paul – I love Victor as much as a dude could love another dude.. (Solid)

James comes out after making a pizza…

10:50pm Big Brother calls Paul out for not washing his hands after taking a piss.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-18 23-07-09-816

11:08pm Eating the pizza…

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-18 23-29-40-473

12am James, Paul and Nicole are talking in bed. James says this girl told her to grab ice cubes and put them in her vag and then do it. Paul – did you do it? James – yeah. Paul – how did it feel? James – cold as sh*t! I was popping those things in left and right like skittles. Paul – damn dude. Never thought of that one. Paul – Nicole what was the weirdest thing you’ve done? Nicole – nothing. Believe it or not don’t do anything weird. Paul – I believe it. Nicole – Corey’s probably given me the most tongue I’ve ever gotten. Paul – you’re talking about tongue and we’re talking about ice cubes in v@ginas. Nicole – Paul thinks I’m boring. I don’t do crazy sh*t until that one girl asked me to choke her and I was like alright. Nicole – Corey told me something funny about you.. You tell them its going to be 20 seconds. Paul – I like that he thought that was funny. I do say that. I under sell myself a lot.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-19 00-11-58-065

12:10am The final 3 are now sleeping…

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