Big Brother 18 Final HOH Part 2 Results

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 Nicole
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-17 06-22-06-192

Part 2 was in the middle of the night and Nicole won

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 08-10-42-348

1:50am The feeds return from being blocked for the HOH part 2 comp – James tells Paul – I’m sorry dude! Paul – its okay. I would have walked out side and thrown up. James – all that salt water… I was just peeing out of my a$$. Nicole leaves the room says to herself .. that was the easiest comp I’ve ever played to be honest with you. James says to Paul – I got smoked like a cigarette! They head back to the kitchen. Nicole says she knew the answers like that. James says he knew the house guests but couldn’t get the pictures. Nicole – Vic would have been good at that too. Paul – He’s not that good under pressure. Nicole – yeah he did horrible at BB comics. Paul – you gave it your all and you secured your spot. James – I’m not going to lie that Nicole waxed my a$$. I’m a little butt hurt that Nicole waxed my a$$ is 19 – 18 minutes and smoked me like a cigarette. Paul – you lost to one of the best mental players in the game. It’s not like you lost to Jozea. You lost to mental beast. Nicole – thank you for the compliment Paul.
Big-Brother-18 2016-09-17 06-40-39-779

2am – James gets called to the diary room. When he leaves – Nicole and Paul celebrate. Paul picks Nicole up and hugs her. Nicole – you’re going to hurt my ribs. I think he legitimately tried on that one. I wanted to legitimately beat him. He tried on that one. That was harder than the BB comics and he got 35 minutes on the BB comics. Paul – he tried. Nicole – he has to be real nice now. He can’t be cocky. Paul – I kept saying to myself up there “Nicole win this comp, Nicole win this comp!” I am so proud of you. I knew you were going to win this comp. Paul – oh my god Nicole we won! And we both won tit for tat. I am so happy you won. I am going to vomit. Nicole and Paul look at the camera and say “Final 2 baby!” Paul – he’s never going to let us be alone. I am tell you right now … there is nothing he can say to me to convince me. I am taking you to final 2 if I win. Nicole – if he asks me, I am literally telling him I’m not taking him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 08-24-01-563

2:04am Nicole and Paul
Paul it was in his best interest to at least win one comp. Nicole – he’s done nothing. Nicole says James did not throw that competition, “He thinks he’s the best playa”
Paul – dude I got in his head so much this week.. I convinced him Tiffany has 1 F in his name and Da’Vonne has 2 V’s.. what world does someone have 2 V’s in their name. Nicole – Final 2 baby!
Paul – final 2 baby!
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 08-29-19-884
2:05am – 2:45am Paul – he was pissed when you won. Nicole – he was so nervous. Paul – I didn’t want any risk of him winning. Now you and I have won. One of us has won 500k and the other has won 50K. Paul – in my speech to him going to be a straight… In this show I was on the block 6 times and of all those 6 times I only had 2 votes evict. And out of those two votes you were one. In that same week saved me and broke the tie breaker. Guess what you wouldn’t be in the final 3 if it wasn’t for me. But if it had been up to you I would have been voted out three weeks ago and you wouldn’t have been here. So Nicole thanks for saving my life! BOOOOOOMMMM B***H GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE!!!!!
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 08-36-26-188

Paul – I might vomit, I’m so happy. Nicole – thank you big brother that was the most refreshing comp and I nailed it. Paul – the only votes we can count on are Corey and Victor. All other votes, I have no idea. Nicole – Paulie and Z, I have no idea. Paul – my speech to you will be very nice! I’m hooking you up with a compliment .. like you might cry. Nicole – thank you. Paul – how do we act with homie now? Nicole – just act normal. I’m not talking any game with him. I’m not even going to worry about his vote. Paul – he can do whatever he wants .. I am not doing it. Who will he vote for? Nicole – probably the one that doesn’t vote for him. Paul – I don’t even care .. he can be a baby. Paul – I’m taking you. Why else would I coach you. To be the best you have to beat the best. Did you hear him .. he said now you two can battle it out. That’s right you can just sit back because you’re not making it to the final 2. Paul – no one knows we were working together. Nicole – no one. Paul – you and I both had a huge target on our backs the whole season.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 08-47-57-438

3am James comes back from the diary room. Nicole heads to the bathroom and then goes to the diary room. Paul and James talk. James – how do you think you would have done in that comp. Paul – I don’t know. That was a huge f**king set up. James – man dude! I’m sorry. I really did try. Paul – Its okay. James – dude! Paul – that looked like a very hard comp. 7 minutes… that’s insane! James – that’s what I’m saying ..She’s a… James explains the comp to Paul. I got all my answers right .. its just the pictures f**ked me up. I couldn’t get them in frame. The fourth time through the maze, I got it correct. Paul – damn! That looked like a f**king hard comp. Paul – just a few days and a wake up.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 08-57-47-216

3:30am – 3:50am James – damn she smoked that comp! 7 f**King minutes! She literally .. damn! Paul – how the f**k. basically an average of 2 minutes on each comp. James – she literally didn’t f**k up once. She beasted it! At least you won one of them too. Paul – yeah. Got to start studying for Wednesday. I don’t know if you can even study for it .. can you. James – just think about what the house guest would say. Like their personalities and what they would say. Nicole comes back from the diary room.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-17 06-26-46-408

4:14am – 5am Nicole and Paul Safari Room
Paul – what up America! Nicole – who do you think will win?! He’s like Einstein over here. I get lucky once in a while. Paul – he was asking if we made the right move keeping you. I was like oh now its a “we”. Nicole – he (James) is crapping himself.

Nicole wants James to stress “he did try.”
Paul – I’m so happy, I’m so happy you won. You deserved it.
Nic – that was a great comp to end my season on I KILLED IT!
Paul and my win I redeemed myself. Feels like 20lbs of pressure move off me.

Paul says unfortunately they lost their BFF but they made tit this far.
Nicole – we were the brains of the operation and they were the brawn..
Paul says James calls himself the mastermind.. he was the weasel..
Paul about James – “the way he talks about himself.. irks me”
Nic – I know

Nicole says James told her he’s happy with 4th because he’ll get Amercia’s Favorite player
Nic – somebody gets it that doesn’t expect it..
Nicole hopes it’s Corey or Victor

Nicole – I am definitely proud of you. I wonder what his (James) sessions (Diary room sessions) are like? Like if he is innocent. Paul – no cocky! cocky! Nicole – he is just sneaky. Why does he think it was going to be spelling house guests names!?

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-17 07-34-18-452

5am The final 3 house guests are now in bed trying to sleep. Nicole is still wide awake eating in bed.

7:34am Zzzzzzzzz

9:15am They’re all still sleeping.

11:07pm everyone in bed Paul and James are asking each other random questions…
Big-Brother-18 2016-09-17 11-17-05-390

11:18am lights on everyone sleeping

11:37am Paul rolls to his side..

1:37pm James and Nicole up. James showering.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-17 14-35-58-977


Big-Brother-18 2016-09-17 15-41-04-684

3:26pm James and Paul
Talking about Meet and greets.
Going in depth about what towns they want to do it.

James talking about going to witchika where 17 year sold would go with their parents.
James says he got a call from the bar about Parents…
Feeds cut…

When we’re back James is telling about Parents “rushing” then Beofre they even hit the bar says there was about 100 of them…
Feed cut again.
When we’re back James is still talking about the fans … Says he was at an event where Meg, Jeff, Jackie, clay and Cowboy were at it. James has trouble remember the season Cowboy was from.

James – the bar made so much money from us that night..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-17 16-16-49-337

4:16pm Backyard Nicole, James and Paul
Paul is talking about a real human skeleton he bought at a estate sale. paul says it freaks him out it’s a skeleton from a male 20 to 25 year olds.
James asks whats the difference between a male and female skeleton

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-17 16-20-04-014

4:34pm James and Paul backyard
James is talking about all the “Friends” that come out of the “woodwork” after Big Brother.
Paul says the same thing happened to him after his clothing company launched he had some friends come to him for “free shit”
Paul – 2 days and a wake up tomorrow my friend
James – i’m excited i’m ready to get back to life.

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Yet Another Hillary Lie

This final is going to be great. Victor for AFP!


And James for nothing!

Liar, Liar, Pantsuits on Fire

This is going to be a slow couple of days now.

Big Guth Trump

Sure James sucks but N/P are just as bad. Pot meet kettle.
I’m voting James for AFP because I’m not going to make gloating N/P happy.

Hillary Lied Four People Died

Victor is getting my votes. I hope he can beat out James.


That will show them!!
Lamest excuse yet

Vic for AFP

I can’t think of one reason James should even have been cast for this show. He deserves to leave with NOTHING.


You do understand you can vote for any house guest. You do not have to make a choice between Paul, Nicole, or James. I seriously even doubt Paul is in the running as he’s the type you either love or hate, similar to Nicole but she has a built in fan base as does James. Natalie had potential to win it before her edit the last couple of weeks.

Big Guth Trump

So many people here, and Nicole and Paul, want Victor to get AFP. Because it would make N/P happy to have Vic as AFP, I will instead vote for James. I don’t want to waste my vote on my favorite, Bridget. And this is not a charity show, so the reason to vote for Vic because “he and his family need the money” doesn’t do it for me. James would probably disagree. Maybe CBS should have a season of homeless people on BB in that case.


It should be really fun. But all summer you, and others, ruin your comments trying to make a political statement with your names. Troll, or you think your changing votes here. Either way, it sucks.


Maybe theyre just expressing themselves? I doubt they think theyre going to change a vote with a screen name. lol Anyway, you can always do what I do and just ignore the screen name, and only read the comment.

Anonymous 2

I agree with you 100%. This site is not the time or place. It’s just childish name calling and does nothing to enhance their cause. I wish they would just grow up and use this site for its intended purpose.


meanwhile back in the kitchen.. the key to a really delicious β€œcrispy” fry is to double fry them.. the first round is to quickly blanch the fry cooking it approx 3/4 of the way.. you then need to let them rest.. the second round is where you get a nice crispy exterior while leaving the inside nice and fluffy.. salt them immediately so the salt really β€œsticks” to the fry.. personally i like lawrys or finely ground black pepper and salt combined.. for a special treat add finely chopped garlic and/or good high quality parmesan for a real michelin star experience!!!

Awwww c'mon

Gotta admit the “Liar Liar Pantsuit on Fire” was clever…..and hilarious.

Vic for AFP

OH grow up. This is a fun site run by a couple great guys. I love the crazy names, it’s half the fun. If you don’t like it, don’t read them or go to a different site.


Agreed. I was happy to donate. Thank you, Simon and Dawg, for another great summer… See you for OTT..


I’ve figured out that Victor’s crazy laugh sounds like a grandpa. There was this character actor, Walter Brennan, in movies and on an old tv show called, “The Real McCoys.” His laugh sounds just like the ol’ guy who played Grampa.

Nicole the Baby Faced Assassin

Nicole wins and will evict Paul.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I think the winner of part three will win the $500,000.

Vote Vic for America’s favorite.


Nicole is shook when she has to play Paul. I don’t see it happening.


We all don’t know squat on who I is voting for who. Some may vote the way we think but nothing is cast in stone

Double D

Are you kidding. Brig and Mich are anti Nicole.No matter who she is next to. And if James is next to Nicole, she won’t get Nats vote. That said, Nicole will be nuts to take Paul.


If she did then and only then she would deserve to win. Paul is the bigger threat.


Paul vs Nicole now…

Big Chief Rain in the Pants

It doesn’t seem like many people believe this but I think Nicole is going to beat Paul in part three and bounce Paul allowing her to win the money.

Nicole the New Janelle

Nicole will win with votes from:



Not if Paul wins and takes James to F2. Nicole isn’t in F2 yet.

Hillary Lied Four People Died

Nicole has done well for herself this season but I’m not sure that she has reached Janelle status yet. Janelle was awesome in the comps.


Not sure if she’s reached janelles status? That’s a huge no! Janelle won 4 hoh and 5 vetos in one season. And would never lay in bed all season with a showmance.


I’m sure… she’s not even close to the being the player Janelle was.

Guy From Canada

Nope Janelle would just have a shower with Dr a Will ????


Janel would not lay in the bed all summer with a showmance….? Did you watch all stars? Haha. I love Janie, but she was not at the top of her game in all stars until it was already too late.


Janelle was good at comps but so is Nicole. Janelle went all out from the get go. Nicole’s strategy was to lay low at first, then win when needed, except for the last HOH. I think Nicole is a smart player.


She’s won two comps by herself (In other words two not handed to her). One of which she’s already played before. She’s OK at comps. I wouldn’t even go so far as to say “good”. She is in no way shape or form as good as janelle. Never will be no matter how many seasons she comes back on.

Competitors like janelle are few and far between. Especially female competitors.


There is no way Nicole is taking Paul if she wins the final competition. Hopefully Paul knows that taking James is his best move as well. If Paul wins and takes Nicole then more than likely he loses. Vets will vote for vets, Paulie and his tag-a-long Z would also vote for Nicole. Natalie will follow James and vote for Nicole. That’s all she needs. She may even get all the votes with the exception of Victor since Bridgette and even Michelle might vote for Nicole since they really wanted a girl to win. Hopefully if Paul wins he won’t make a stupid move like Cody and take the stronger player. For what it’s worth Steve realized last season that taking Vanessa would be risky but taking Liz, another floater, would more than likely guarantee the win. I believe Paul is smarter than that but production has been pushing all season to have Nicole/James in the F2 so it wouldn’t be a shocker if they convinced Paul to take Nicole. If that happens and it’s Nicole and James in the F2 than everything anyone has been saying about this season being rigged by the network is correct. If that happens maybe fans should start rooting for who they think production wants to win next season rather than who they think is playing the best game.

IF Paul wanna wins..

Taking James is the way to go.

I’m now afraid production is gonna steer Nicole to winning the final HOH.

They are CAPABLE of it, and we’ve seen it happen time n time again, over n over, eg Rachel, Mike Boogie, Steve etc etc.

They can easily pre-feed answers to Nicole, if it’s the bloody stoooopid balance beam, which I feel is the utmost rigged competition ever.

Just saying.


Real Talk. After seeing season 13
1. Rachel’s HOH win, where she clearly was gonna get answer wrong d Julie took too much time asking her if that was her final answer, looking s though shew as being told in her ear to change answer.

2. Shelly who wanted Rachel out had the house voting her out that after her DR came out and flipped the house(the week brendon came back 1 week).

3. After Jeff botched the “Clown Shoe” comp he was going to win had he not knocked a shoe out the bin. That balance ball comp only 2 HGs was good at Jeff and Porshe, Jeff being the better of the 2. After Jeff list that POV it was guaranteed that 3 vets would’ve left the house in 2 weeks, SUPRISE Pandora’s Box that allowed Duo Twist to come back for 1 week(convenient for Rachel and Jordan)… I don’t take Rachel’s BB win away from her, but she got breaks in her seson that could rival Victor.

Production needs to stay outta the game and let the “social experiment” known as Big Brother, play out naturally.

sunny dee

final hoh is never physical. it is always 7 questions, what did the houseguest say, there is really no way to study for it i don’t think.

Paul has a HUGE advantage because he didn’t hide under the covers all season, he was always up and about plus aligned with many people (who usually screwed him over, but nevertheless, he was spending time with and talking to them. Nicole? )

even so he and nicole have a pretty even chance of going to tie breaker, where nicole will freak out about ‘math’ and Paul will get a closer answer (I assume based on their other encounter).

the only way to ensure a decent F2 is if paul wins the next HOH and you can bet he will not just hand it to nicole expecting her to take him. and if nicole is smarter, she’ll take paul, because paul is right, james does have more votes than she does, and paul probably does not. however, i don’t know if she is capable of making the smart move.


Paul vs Nicole: 4-5
Paul……Paulie, Z, Vic, Michele (maybe cause she doesn’t like Nicole)
Nicole….Da, Bridgette, James, Natalie, Corey, Michele (maybe because of the “c” comment)
Nicole wins.

Paul vs James: 3-6
Same as above. Except James has Michele’s vote.
James wins.

Paul can’t win against either of these 2.
James FTW & AFP!


Paul vs Nicole:
Paul: Vic, Nat
Nicole: Da, Paulie, Z, Corey,
?????? Meech, Bridget, James

Paul vs James:
Paul: Vic, Da,
James. Meech, Nat, Cory, Bridget, Nic, Paulie, Z.
James wins.


Oh and…..
Nicole vs James
Nicole: Z, Corey, Da,
James: Nat, Meech, Paul, Vic, Paulie
?????: Bridgett
James probably wins.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

James must really feel like a third wheel now.

sunny dee

i can’t see natalie voting for nicole. just because james does something doesn’t mean she will. she doesn’t owe nicole anything, she may want to redeem herself to paul for putting them up and not honouring their working alliance.

Just because bridgette says she wanted a girl to win doesn’t mean if the F2 is M/F that she will automatically pick the Female. she wanted two in F2, to go all the way to the end as a team.

Let’s face it, paul had the social game. in spite of being abrasive, he is one of the few who can say he has been in an alliance or working with almost every single person who was in the house (or had them believing he was working with them (remember Frank?) while nicole laid under the covers hoping no one would remember she was still in the house, only coming up now and then to slither in a sly comment into someone’s ear.

being on the block, and being the main target more than once but then winning the comps needed to take himself off the block? He has achieved a lot.

i don’t think Day will vote vets for vets, she might have voted for James, but it doesn’t mean her vote is based on her being a vet so she votes for a vet. She’s a BB fan, she isn’t going to let someone float or slither to the end, she’s going to reward actions. michelle also a fan, she will reward actions.


No way. If Paul is in F2, it’s his win. Even Julie Chen, during her Hollywood Reporter interview yesterday, said no matter which way she breaks it down, she sees Paul winning. She went on to say that against Nicole, he’d win by one or maybe 2 and against James— a landslide.

The night before that interview is when Dr. Will had the round table with the jurors. I’m pretty sure she got feedback as to where the jurors mindset was at from him personally.

I don’t think these people are as bitter as most assume they are. They’re bitter and then they’re over it. I could even see Michelle vote for Paul over either of them– she is a fan of past winners who actually played the game.

I see Paul winning if he’s there.

Froot Loop Dingus

James v. Paul final 2 I say James gets Nat and Meech only.
Paul gets Vic, Paulie, Nicole, Corey, Z, Da & probably Bridgette. Even if a couple of those do vote for James, at best he gets 4 votes. Except for Nicole, James was involved in all of the others being evicted. I say involved because it was never his idea, He was just convinced by someone else to “make a big move”, (except for Victor)

Nicole v. Paul is tougher to predict, and most likely closer vote. A lot depends on if the women (as they are not “girls and boys”) want a woman to win despite not personally liking Nicole.

Based simply on game play (social, comp wins, getting out of trouble and off the block), Paul wins in a landslide.
Nicole “flew under the radar” (putting it mildly) most of the season, but did win a lot towards the end. Did some strategic backstabbing.

James won 1 hoh (by making a deal he broke), got his fauxmance’s best friend evicted, Allegedly threw every other comp he was in (translated to James just sucks at every comp). Blurted out information at the wrong time on many occasions, stalked Natalie all season, played the same dumb pranks, and followed his “gut.”

The fact that he’s Les Moonves’ favorite player may be an indicator of why casting sucks so much. James was a waste of space on his first season… so to be brought back for a second season is mind-numbing.


I think the Jury is quite bitter. Did you see Davonne eruption in the Jury against Paulie. There’s alot of pent up hostility. By the way, Production should make Davonne apologize for that nasty outburst. It was a terrible way to act. She should know better and it was not called for. Paulie would vote Nicole, Bridgette, never.

Life Lesson

Sorry, Paulie was at fault. He started it and Davonne stood her ground. I taped it and re-watched it to make sure. Paulie crossed the line when he brought up her daughter. He is lucky she didn’t plant one on him. I would have…(yes, I would go to jail for battery, but that trash would need stiches and need a dentist. πŸ™‚ I absolutely can not stand bullies or those that think they are entitled to what they want………….
Not trying to argue or fight with anyone, just my opinion. πŸ™‚

Ratchet Davonne

They both were at fault. Hopefully Big Brother does not bring either one back ever again.


It was an uncomfortable thing to watch. I’m not defending Da, BUT as a mom, I totally understand her reaction when he brought up her daughter. I fully believe that if any other man (likely exception of Corey) been sitting there, Paulie would have been put in his place, rightfully so. Especially Victor.


When he actually ‘loses’ a confrontation ‘Nat & Da”…he begins to nonchalantly slowly applauding himself and then gets more and more aggressive as he pounds his claps together as if he won a battle. With Nat, idiotass Corey followed suit, cuz that is what he is, a follower.
P & C could win ‘biggest losers’
Can’t wait for Nicole to see what a great guy she’s been falling in love with.

Froot Loop Dingus

I’ll start out by saying I can’t stand Paulie.. he’s an obnoxious douche.

What I really don’t like is when a woman gets in a man’s face like Da’Vonne did. It’s really playing dirty and a double standard. If a man did that to a woman people would be horrified. I give Paulie credit in that situation for remaining (relatively) calm and just putting his hands up.

The part we forget about equal rights, is when women like to play the woman card. They think its okay to get physical or challenge a man, and if he takes the bait, they play the victim. I’m not advocating anyone get into a physical altercation, but in this instance Da was baiting him. He was in a lose-lose situation.

And to be honest, she’s a horrible role model for her daughter or any girls or women.

Just here for the entertainment

The only thing this jury is bitter about is spending their last few weeks of vacation time in the jury house with Paulie.


Even though Paul is smart. I really don’t want him to win. He’s bullied the HG’s all summer, is so foul mouthed he can’t say a sentence without cursing every single time. He’s so obnoxious and he doesn’t need the money from what background he’s given us He’s harsh and mean and has lied to everyone in this game. He never would have taken Victor to F2 cuz he knows Victor would have beaten him.

Lying Hillary Left Our Men To Die In Benghazi

I did not want Nicole to win. Come on Paul.

Diabolical Paul

It appears that Paul definitely wanted Nicole to win this comp because he did sabotage James’s chance to win it.
The question is why.

My thoughts are either:
1. He’s going to take James’s and he wanted to show the jury that James’s loosing isn’t a strategy. Its because he really can’t win any comps.

2. He helped Nicole because he knew James was going to loose anyway. It makes Paul look good to Nicole.
Paul’s playing on her emotions and bounding with her by convincing her that James is a weasel and doesn’t deserve even 2nd place.
Then if it works she’ll take him to f2 if she wins the last comp.

Big Guth Trump

I’d lean to #2, but he may really believe James could beat him

Flip Floppers

He thinks Jame sucks and doesn’t deserve to be in final 2 and also that James has more jury votes.


But remember, Nicole asked Corey before he left who she should take to F2. Corey told her to take James. And Nicole, even though she’s afraid of Paul, is a thinker and plays out every scenario in her head. And what does that say that Paul instills fear in all the girls in the house. I really don’t want him to win.

Big Guth Trump

I think Nicole and Paul are both playing each other. Nicole is afraid of losing to Paul because of his big fat motormouth. He could potentially sway a vote his way just because of his mouth. Lots of people are gullible to loud sales jobs.

Wrong site. This is for BB18 comments

Please stop.

Hillary for Prison

At least we know we are going to get extended jury house time in Wednesdays episode.

President hillary

Only jury we need is the one that said no indictment for hiliary.


Dream On hilLIARy.

Benghazi: Hillary's Only Accomplishment

That jury house fight was the best footage of the season.


Do they have presidents in prison?

Nicole will win part three of the HOH.

This site is to have fun!

What are you the site administrator? The guys that run this site obviously don’t mind or they would have said something and we would have complied. Holy cow., this is a fun website. I’m betting you liked ‘The Friendship’ alliance in BB 6 when Maggie won. lol

Hillary: The Truth Hurts Her Tongue

Probably has a Nerd Herd tattoo.


Paul and Nicole in finale 2! Hopefully! Paul needs this final win!


Paul already beat her in the last comp that will be similar to the final hoh. Nicole will be doubting herself for sure. I think Paul has the advantage here.

Well unless of course production lets Nicole and Corey cheat like they planned to.

If nicole and paul...

make f2…paul needs to tell Nicole everything bout corey to make her not think of the game but think how much she was played all summer.

Diabolical Paul

Isn’t the last comp a series of questions to determine how well you know the other HGs? It’s to show how good your social game was.
I think Nicole will loose because Paul’s social game was better.


It’s been what did this house guest say or what would this house guest say. There’s room for shenanigans either way.

I'm not so sure

It will depend on which houseguests they use for the comp? They each know some people better than others.


Julie asks, Did big meech say “nom nom potato chips”, or “I sure could use a nap”?
Nicole gets the question right, since both answers are recorded.


PAUL …. DO NOT LOSE the next competition or you will be the last member of the jury.


What happened to our favorite repetitive poster, “In That Order”? Hey Mr Know It All, you KEPT posting the exact same post on every single recap. James was gonna win final HOH, and bring Nicole to F2. Well looks like it’s NOT happening In That Order. lol

Joe Kerr

He went with “his gut” on it.


He went back to studying for his SATs.


I knew james was going to lose this one. But was hoping he’d win lol. So Paul would have a little bit of an easier ride to F2. Now Paul needs to win the final HOH. Nicole isn’t dumb enough to take him. I’m pretty sure they all have F2 deals with eachother at this point.

Ratchet Davonne

Paul needs to get James to help him study for part three.


You can’t study for the final
Hoh. That’s why you have to get to know all the houseguest over the course of the season so you can do well in the final if you make it.

There’s so many layers to the game. It’s kind of crazy if you think about it. You have to know everything in the house, the days of who did what, who said what, and know enough about each player to know what their answer may be. That was Vanessa’s downfall last season. She didn’t take the time to get to know everyone. I.e. Johnny Mac. And lost because of it.

Andy the Red Rat

That is why you study.


Study what exactly? Its too late to study now. You had to be doing that all season.

Andy the Red Rat

In your own words this is what you study:

“You have to know everything in the house, the days of who did what, who said what, and know enough about each player to know what their answer may be.”


Except the final hoh is normally A or B, which way you think each houseguest would answer each question asked by production. But maybe they’ll change it up this year. If not, there’s no way to study for that is what I’m saying. You just had to get to know each houseguest throughout the season. Or get a lucky answer, I guess.

Hurry up

How is Paulie above dawg in the poll? ????


Cody and family I’m sure lol


F*ck Paulie


I just finished watching Friday’s show myself and WOW, that was just awful on Paulie’s part – particularly the Natalie clips. I don’t get the feeds so didn’t know as much of the “Paulie story”. I have always liked Natalie and in this instance, think she reacted as best she could have. That was terrible seeing the HGs just watching that conversation and NOBODY steps in to either check Paulie or support Natalie – James just sat there, letting his closest friend in the house get spoken to like that?!. (This could have been editing I guess, but didn’t appear so). I’ve never been a big James fan, but he has fallen to the bottom in my opinion. Had I been Natalie, I would have been done with James after that.


Vic for AFP! Just used all my votes from my different email accounts πŸ™‚ he’s going to need all the help he can get with all of the casual viewers (james) fans watching.


I really wish I could vote for Bridgette too just so shes in the top 3. But I cant risk not voting for Vic unfortunately. I know it will be a close one between us and the casual viewers voting James. I think I’m going to have to take the time to make another account just so I can give him 40 votes a day. Need to get a leg up on the cat ladies. lol


Oh jeez, enough with the cat lady bs. I have 3 cats, 3 Weimereiners, and a ferret, and I’m voting for Vic. It’s the hedgehog camp that’s voting for James.


It’s a joke. Relax.


So was their’s.


I’m voting for Bronte


I liked Bronte too.


All of the final 3 have been annoying in different ways. Paul is obnoxious but can talk his way out of situations. Nicole whined her way through the season and was protected by her meathead shield Corey. James betrayed people, threw comps and played annoying stupid pranks. As irritating as Paul was, he seemed more involved in the game, so he would be my choice to win.

Lying Hillary Left Our Troops To Die In Benghazi

Yes. Vic is now leading our AFP poll. Go Vic!


Yes! Finally


The CBS one is the one that matters though. Make sure to vote at! The one here is just a straw vote of feedsters and update checkers.


Paul and Nicole are both genius snakes and will pick James for F2. They both know it and are bullshitting each other. Basically the winner of the last comp is the winner of BB18.


I’m not so sure anymore – some comments have swayed me to think that taking James may not be in Paul’s or Nicole’s best interest. It *should* be if the jury rewards Paul’s work ethic and degree of challenge in getting to F2, but James is more liked by the jury. More liked than BOTH Nicole and Paul. If Paul does end up taking James, I hope Dr. Will helps sway the jury in pointing out the strengths of Paul’s game. I just hope Paul gets to F2 as he’s the most articulate of the 3 (even with his potty mouth) and will be able to lay out his strengths on his own. Nicole and James, notsomuch.


James is so sure he is going to win America’s Favorite Houseguest


And unfortunately, he might. I know a *lot* of people that only watch the show and think that James is hilarious, sweet and kind. He’s still their favorite.
CBS gives him a “good guy” edit. They don’t show the things that he has said to the other guys – last year and this. Well, they couldn’t -it’s not appropriate for TV. πŸ™‚


It’s NOT all about the editing. James hasn’t said 1/100th of the vile, disgusting and mean-spirited things that Paul has said about other HG. Some people just get off on constantly running others down, and I think Paul falls into the category.

I'm not so sure

James *has* said vile and disgusting things – last year and this year. You are obviously not a live feeder.


Exactly. I’ve watched all seasons and BBAD the last 4. Not a cat in sight. I’m voting James AFP just like last year. He isn’t half the braggart that your Paul/Paulie or Vic are. He’s a regular guy on his own, he isn’t surrounded by family, he isn’t rich.


I hope CBS redeams itself AND LET IT PLAYOUT FAIRLY. I believe most viewers want to see a FAIR GAME PLAY! We all have our favorites but if it’s fair, we won’t be AS UPSET! Thank you CBS


I agree, but I think it’s too late for that. Comps were already rigged…like Corey going straight for that pole. The course of the game has already been affected by Production rigging it.

sunny dee

i hope the new online version will finally put remarks like this to bed, when you can see a comp from beginning to end without editing or tweaking it to make someone look more incompetent, while another look super competent. editing is designed or chosen to make someone look better (or worse) than they are, so we all get to be surprised. in the comic book one we are to assume that james spent 5 minutes gazing at Natalies comic cover, and that is why he lost. when in fact it was probably less than 10 seconds
in the macguyver one Corey is the hero of the story, just like macguyver, and edited to look like he knew what to do the minute he stepped into the room. but recaps show that he did look around, testing things, looking down, looking at the items, first had to figure out what he needed to do, he didn’t go directly for the pipes in the comp, but it was edited to make it look like it took him 10 seconds to scan the room, see all the props and get to work. if that was really true, it wouldn’t have take so long to get thru that locked door, it was almost 4 minutes, if he knew exactly what to do ahead of time, it would have taken less than 2 minutes, maybe even one minute.

Quit Lying

No, it showed the seconds ticking as Corey walked right in and went directly for the pool. Nice try though. I guess you believe Corey is a genius and we are all idiots.


This jury will no doubt be one where the majority of the jury members will vote based on emotion rather than game play. Do not think this bodes well for Paul should he make the final 2. Hope his ability to debate serves him well should he get the opportunity to plead his case.

Lying Hillary Left Our Troops To Die In Benghazi

You really know you are at the end of the season when you see the small kitchen table. Victor for AFP!

Hillary Lied Four People Died

That little table really does look out of place in the kitchen.

Scammer trump beat women

Lol would be so hillarous if nicole wins and evict moses lol be aware of the sssssssss cole lol
Vicyors for afvp

Lying Hillary Diving in the Polls & on her Face

I think both Paul and Nicole will take James to the final if they win.


I think it is nice that Scammer Trump, and Lying Hillary can post their Big Brother Comments and views without judging each other! If they can do it, & get along, then what does it matter to other posters? Lol


Paul you MUST win the next one! And then if you take James you may just win this!


Go Jamesy! I love you!


At this point even Nat Nat would be rooting for Paul after the bullhorn about James and Nicole having a pre- season alliance. Except for two things: 1. She hopes they honor the against-the-rules agreement for all 4 of them to get some of the $ if anybody from the two “showmances” win and 2. She is hoping to seem sweet and get on another “reality” show.
I hope everyone in the jury house knows about the bullhorn by now from Nat or Vic or Corey.


I think the way James talks it sounds like he has been guaranteed AFP…… or he is confident in his likability. I never understood him getting it the last time around. He really never was my favorite, as a matter of fact I thought his personality was perry creeper, the pranks were obnoxious and he isn’t funny. I voted for Johnny Mac not James (mostly because the personalities James first Season were just odious except Johnny Mac and Steve.)

This Season I am really hoping that Victor gets AFP, just to see James face. I hope Paul wins the Season.


From your keyboard to the BB fates – exactly my sentiments on all counts.


I think James knows he’s getting a good edit because of his and Natalie getting the care packages first and second. Add that to the way his DRs were portrayed, he understands by what they have him repeat, rehearse, and rehash. They do this with all house guests as in normal conversations they wouldn’t be nearly that articulate with no pauses or breaks. They talk and then the producer people tell him to go back over certain points for a more polished edit.


But,..but..but..all Johnny Mac did was sleep the entire season. He threw comps. He hated the other HG and didn’t even want to be there. Other than that he was just peachy.

Nicole the Baby Faced Assassin

Congrats on winning part 2 Nicole. Now win part three and bounce that troll Paul.


PLEASE DO NOT let Nicole win!!!! Paul you have to win the final HOH.

Britney Haynes: Hottest Big Brother Player Ever

Since there won’t be anything to talk about for a few days I was wondering who you think is the hottest Big Brother woman ever. I know Simon is voting Natalie but who is your vote for? Janelle, Porsche, Danielle, Kara, Jordan, or any of the hundred other choices.

Britney Haynes: Hottest Big Brother Player Ever

A very worthy choice Simon.

Jimmy 64

I know she came off like a bitch but Allison bb4 & bb7 she was
pretty hot.

Now now

U know u wanted Audrey πŸ™‚


Lisa BB3

Anthony Shares His Weiner

Kara Monaco Playboy Playmate has to be a contender and she is online. Carlos Danger all in.

Lying Crooked Hillary Likes Huma

Now that was funny.

April in Paris ... Loves Paul

Paul has been my fave since week one (love the beard) but what a final week if Meech was still there instead of boring James- yes boring. And Natalie had a rude awakening how fun jury would be and there are big blow ups. Ha on her! Meech is now having more yelling going on in jury than than Paul ever did to her.


If you looked up the definition of ‘tryhard’ in the dictionary you’d find a picture of Paul with his stupid beard and saying ‘friendship’

April in Paris ... Loves Paul

Yes JohnnyMac was my favorite too! I was shocked he didn’t win am fave playa.


But Johnny Mac spent the entire season in bed sleeping, and he didn’t even have a showmance. He volunteered to throw comps, he stated in DR that he hated everybody in the house. He didn’t even wake up until a couple of weeks left in the game when Vanessa found him sleeping under a rock and decided she could use him as a number. He must be a genius because he talks and laughs like Rainman. Some fan favorite.



Voted for James

20 times for AFP just because people keep telling me to vote for Vic. Vote for your personal favorites people! Don’t be sheep and listen to all these comments.


I just put in 40 for Vic. Maybe I’ll make it 60 just to defy your defiance. Lol

I'm not so sure

So, you voted for James out of defiance for people excited about who they’re voting for… but you’re telling everyone else to vote their favorite?
Everyone here IS voting for their favorite. YOU are the one voting for the wrong reasons πŸ™‚

Vic for AFP

The only good thing I can think of about James, is knowing with the HUGE loss of fans, he’ll never be back on BB!!!!!! LOL
He’s such a loser in so many ways.

Loves the Beach....

Since Nicole wants Corey or Vic for AFP….. I’m voting for James

I'm not so sure

You should consider voting for your FAVORITE player? If James is your fav, then have at it!


Im surprised at all the love james gets on this website, there usually hasnt been a consensus opinion on here like frankie but god hes been pitiful


A consensus on love for James here?! I think there has been a large and vocal group who have disliked or hated James almost from the get go. He’s one of those that viewers have a whole host of feelings towards.


if nicole or paul wins best for them to take james they will get first place if they take each other paul gets second place i think nicole gets first no matter what but it is possible she could get second with paul if they take james automatic 1st place do the math

Reality Check

A lot of people say that James has a great social game. Except he does not talk strategy. Talk anything else, James will talk.

His gut (which has been wrong all season) is trying him to lay low and let the two (Nicole and Paul) fight it out in order to take him to final 2. James did it with Big Meech, no talk and no strategy with the houseguest for a week and see how that turn out. While Paul and Nicole are busy talking to each other, where is James?

Seeing how you did not defend Nat when she was at the mercy of Paulie, is a sign that you really do not like confrontation and pretty much have no confidence in yourself.


Floating is a strategy.It’s all in how you float. He has tried to be non-controversial and avoided being a target. Victoria was on the block 9 times! She was only used as a vote. James got out Frank, helped get out Paulie, and got Victor out once as a deciding vote. He handed Nicole and HOH to keep blood off himself where Meech was concerned.

James has said it was hard dodging the radar. He goofed up a couple times. Why can’t his don’t win HOH or POV be a strategy. Now he looks totally weak to the end and a good choice to take.

Life Lesson

Ok, if production is orchestrating the show, then it is NOT A REALITY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I It is just a regular boring show…………….
Nicole has kept saying how she loves James……………..I tell ya one thing, if she loves him, then I would hate to see how she would trash someone she didn’t love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Exactly. A lot of people commenting about Paul talking about James. But Nicole is just as bad. I think it’s even worse with Nicole just because she’s actually been closer to James whereas Paul and James haven’t been close at all this season.

I know it’s just stradegy for the most part but it’s funny how Nicole fans ignore the things she’s been saying and only commenting about what Paul says.

Fake Nicole

Nicole wants to appear sweet, kind, innocent but she isn’t. Her true colors have been apparent throughout the show. All the while claiming to be squeaky clean when she’s having sex with Corey, flirty with Vic. Making sure the HG think she hasn’t even gone to “first base” with Correeey. She owns nothing. Claiming James plays dirty because he betrayed Brigette yet she has betrayed every alliance. Her words mean nothing in this game. Snake is a perfect description. I wouldn’t mind any of her game play if she would at some point own it and be honest. Her “I’ve done nothing bad to anyone…” attitude is sickening. Acting like a teenager with a crush on a boy..please She’s delusional and annoying. She believes nobody will see what a fake phony person she is.

I'm not so sure

Nicole said the other night that now that Natalie is gone and she sees how James *really* acts, she has realized that he’s not the nice guy she thought he was. She was complaining about him using a lot of foul language (including the c*nt word), and mentioning the rude and disgusting stories he tells about women (and underage women.)
I think that she only saw the “tv” version of him in the past, and the persona he puts out at all the reality show reunions where they have met – and has had her eyes (and mind) opened.


I think Paul has the ability to read people and has probed everyone’s psyche and knows how HG’s think and talk, cause he knows their personality, weekenesses, what they care about. He will kill the final questions comp because of this. Nicole will be so busy second guessing herself and moaning and frowning, scratching her neck. Watch Paul with his eyes closed concentrating on cadence, phrasing. Just like Vanessa – you have to be engaged in the house, not self absorbed in scheming and pushing people around like Vanessa…or hiding behind others and moaning and pleading to be left alone like Nicole. They isolated themselves to avoid blood, but really didnt want to. Play the social game. Paul played all phases of the game well, and should win.

Production Plays Fair

It should be close. I hear part three is Corey trivia questions.

Tiny Trump Hands

Paul doesn’t read people. He uses the same strategy on everyone. He simply lies about another HG nonstop and never stops talking. Nicole’s strategy is isolating herself with any boy that pays attention to her, thus giving her game away to that guy.


Anyone else notice that the posters with political screen names are all rooting for Paul – the egotisical, obnoxious, self-important, top 1%, lying, snide, cursing, backstabbing, vile housepet? Oh, now I understand your screen name!


Pelican Tastes Like Chicken

Sorry about your boy Jozea.

Lying Hillary Left Our Men To Die In Benghazi

I’m rooting for Paul because he was loyal to Victor.

Life Lesson

Paul, is only loyal to Vic as long as it benefits himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul the SNAKE, makes Nicole the Snake look halfway good.
Will be so happy when this season is finished. It has been such a disappointment….At least to myself. Have a good one and enjoy the rest of this nightmare…………


This is the dumbest comment I have read on this board all season!!! Why do you care what people use as their screen names??? They are being funny… is funny…. Nothing more!!!!


Right? Some people on here need to get a sense of humor. Always so rigid. Don’t be sticks in the mud and take everything so seriously! This is just a comment section on a Big Brother blog, not life or death. Jeez.


I know! It reminds me of when I read about Paul and James talking about evicting Corey (when Corey was sad) and Paul said, We’re not killing the guy, and James replied, it’s not like when he leaves the house he gets shot by a firing squad! Lmao
Exactly…’s a game, no one is dying! It is Fricken Big Brother! πŸ™‚

Yeah, calm down

its not life or death! It’s a joke about a pushing the story that another person purposely let some other people totally die somewhere where there’s a whole lot of terrible stuff happening and then lied about it. Can’t we all just take it down a notch and laugh when we see people use screen names like that?!?

Life Lesson

None of us should be totally serious this is a TV show…give your opinion and enjoy. Are we all going to agree on everything that is said? I sure hope not! Are we all going to agree on who should or should not win? Nope…. so enjoy and try to be kind to each other. This isn’t the BB house. LOL πŸ™‚

This site is for BB18 comments

1) People want to get away from politics and discuss BB
2) Trolls need to grow up.

Big Chief Rain in the Pants

Put your diaper on and head to a Safe Place if you can’t handle a screen name.

Vic for AFP

What a baby you are. I love the crazy names, it’s fun reading them. Might might not be original, but there’s some great ones on here!! This is a fun website, if you don’t like it, go away. You must be a James fan. lol


You need to relax. It’s called humor. Take your blood pressure meds and calm down. Breath….


Somebody woke up cranky. Take a nap honey and you’ll feel lots better when you wake up. It’s nothing to get so angry about. Nite nite:)


HaHaHa…ok you made me laugh! Thanks! Gonna go for a nap now………

Katie Girl

Ne-ver Cared!!! I actually saw Paul as loyal and loving. He cried when his parents came on the screen, he cried when he won the final 4 hoh. He had love for an inflatable pelican for GOD’s sake. If Big Meech had been different to him, he probably would have dated her. When she threw that apple at him so hard, he laughed and said, its ok. I wouldve been…. Pissed! Had other houseguest been loyal to him, he would have returned the favor…Friendship!

Ratchet Davonne

He will cry when he loses the game too.


Sorry to all the “James” fans out there who probably still believe his game play is genius? He is dead in the water now! No chance at winning even though he’s almost assured second!! Lol


Just like Victor


Why are you always so salty about poor Victor? He’s cute and sweet. I mean you can like James without hating Victor. Lol.


Nicole is so gonna take James to the F2. These newbie are gonna look real stupid if 2 Vets are in the finals. 12 Newbies against 4 Vets and a Vet could possibly win


If James or Nicole comes in 2nd place, they would have literally not won anything but $5k. Their stipend is $45k and 2nd place is $50k. Hopefully Paul will win. His best bet is to take James, Nicole will take James


I believe in N/J conversations (Nicole and James talk about BB money a lot) they revealed that vets get double the stipend than new hgs, so from what you say they already are both getting equal to 2nd place money. I think I heard them say a new hg that wins 1st or 2nd does not get the stipend in addition to prize money, but vets do … I could have misheard that. This was a Nicole/James convo — I think part of the same convo that they talked about sharing prize money. Personally, I don’t care if an HG “needs” the money like Vic or James, or is already well off like maybe a Dr Will or a Paul … to me that isn’t part of the game play. There are a lot of ways to play the game and folks should be judged on just that — how did the hg play the game of Big Brother. BUT, these folks will be judged by 9 people with 9 different agendas and some folks might hold against them personal wealth, the number of time an hg says f**k or the c-word, are they are a returning vet, or if they are just plain bitter for any number of reasons. The final hurdle for these 3 is who gets to evict 1 of the 3 – and why they evict usually comes down to being able to read the jury. Nicole made no attempt to get to know half of the jury, James has done a lot better and Paul has been observing people from day one. I guess Nicole and Corey actually came up with a good test…’who would I vote for if I was on jury’, they both said Paul– so they both would take James to F2. I’m for Paul and Vic for AFP — other favs dropped off along the way.

I'm not so sure

Nicole said that the vets get to keep their stipend *and* any amount they win at the end. So it’s definitely $50,000.00 more.
And James said his manager (Paulie’s Dad) had gotten him a much bigger stipend than the amount that Nicole shared.
Not that I know if that’s true. It’s just things they’ve said during the season.


Really?!? I thought they got the 50G AND the stipend. That sucks.

I'm not so sure

The newbies lose their stipend if they win. The vets get to keep the stipend and the winnings. Frank told Bridgette to use that “secret” (at the time) to her advantage over the vets.

Reality Check

How is this fair? So if Nicole or James finish runner up, they get the stipend and the prize money? Nicole gets $95,000, James gets $100,000 ($5,000 from the zingbot comp) while Paul only gets $50,000????? That is awful.

Now I hope Vic gets AFP to make at least respectable money.

I'm not so sure

Well, no – cause Paul is gonna get $500,000.00 πŸ™‚
(just my opinion folks!)

Pinocchio Obama

Thanks to you and Dawg we all have enjoyed the entire season.


Thank you Simon for all your hard work and sleepless nights so we can enjoy OBB. You are the absolute best. Everyone please donate and show your appreciation. Love you!!!


Thank you Lizzie! We really appreciate your support! Its been a long season of sleepless nights but its nice to see the end is near. I hope you’ll be checking our updates for the fall edition πŸ™‚


SOOOOO excited to hear you guys are going to be covering OTT!!! I gotta give you more money!
Vic for AFP and Paul for the win. Sitting Ducks will be Sitting Pretty.


Thank you too Dawg:) I wasn’t going to watch the new Fall BB but rethinking that decision. If OBB is all in…it makes it easier to stay involved. Thanks again for all you do. It’s been a fun escape… XO


Seriously cannot wait for finale night, it’s gonna be a good one. I love how much of a tossup it is


Enough with James bashing by Nicole and Paul. It’s over the top and just mean and nasty. I don’t think James deserves to win but come on. Oh Nicole you try to be so sweet and such a sincere nice person but the snake in you is very real.


Since they are talking about the hottest women of Big Brother. I think the hottest man was Kaysar. Marcellas was too funny when he was describing Kaysar he said he kind of stank today he smelled like a combination musk and cologne man I just wanted to whiff it all in, man that smell was better than banana cupcakes!


If Paul wins final HOH. I hope he looks at Nicole and says “mama didn’t raise no bitch” and then takes James non deserving @ss to final 2. That wud be HILARIOUS!!

Victor for AFP

Not as funny as spelling would as wud.


Wud is shorthand for “would”. People use all kinds of abbreviated spellings nowadays?


Even more hilarious if he adds, on live TV: “Corey will probably dump you faster than I did”


Nicole did nothing dislike her so much she won that last one but I really hope Paul doesn’t take her she would be whining and crying like her normal way. Girl my granddaughter acts more grown-up than you and she’s 4

Over and done

I stopped watching as so many others. Nicole ruined it for me this year.. Come on girl you are the vet you know the cameras are on you, you showed everyone plus your family how sexually active you can be.
Will split my votes between Vic and Bridgette because I would like it to be between those two and hopefully the others get it that we didn’t really care for them.

So thankful the Voice is starting along with some new fall shows that I won’t be watching the final show.
You guys did a great job on this site.

Big Guth Trump

Who cares about sexually active Nicole? What about Bridget who was all over Frank? I wish Bridget was there instead of Nicole. At least she had strong game moves and stood up for other women, unlike Nicole.


Take James to F2. It’s a no-brainer. Β―\_(?)_/Β―

Tiny Trump Hands

Why is Nicole dead-set on giving her game away for a little attention from a boy, first Corey now Paulie.


I’m voting Vic for AFP but I hate having someone else that I want to get AFP in F3. I’m afraid Paul is gonna lose this next HOH & Nic will pick James – I will hate it if Paul leaves with nothing. Not that he needs the money, just that I think he should get recognition. I definitely don’t want 2 vets in F2!!! I’m hoping if it’s Paul in F2, jury will vote for non-vet to win whether they like Paul or not. But I’m afraid Paulie is in on the deal with Nicole & James and he’ll vote for one of them along with Z of course. Oh well, nothing we can do about, just my 2-cents πŸ™‚

Tiny Trump Hands

Paul is such a mean-spirited person. I’ve watched him all season get such joy from telling stories about people suffering, and his over-the-top hate for Natalie is just weird (bitter much? the only guy she didn’t have a crush on…) James is no All Star, but he doesn’t drag everyone’s name through the mud, or lie about someone to make himself look good. So James will probably come in 3rd and the fakest person in the house will likely win.