“I would rather have 10 dudes pissed off at me than 1 women pissed off at me”

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 Nicole
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

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Around 10am houseguests wake up and begin gettign ready for their day. For the most part they slept and practiced their speeches.. I’m not transcribing 6 hours of speech prep.. you can get the idea of what they plan on saying here.. https://www.onlinebigbrother.com/all-i-had-in-this-game-was-my-lyltyof-my-partner-victor/

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-19 15-18-08-590

11:00am Backyard enjoying the backyard…
Talking about the inconsistencies with Natalie’s stories
Nicole – she told me she dances on tables and makes out with a lot of people when she drinks..
Nicole was originally worried that Natalie would have tried to make out with Corey in the Jury. “This was early”
Paul – a few times she said blackout drunk..
Nicole – she says she kisses a lot..
Paul says Natalie might just be a rowdy drunk
Nicole says that is why Natalie wouldn’t drink on the show because if she did and ended up kissing someone she’s stuck with them in the house the next day
James says Natalie was in a showmance with him and that would have made it extra awkward.
Paul – we’re not on the The Bachelorette

Paul – if you are a girl and you don’t mind banging dudes…
Paul jokes that they would win the game..
James suggests that Natalie is bi polar he was goign to mention is to her.
Paul – you would have gotten your nuts ripped off hommie ..
James thinks that Natalie maybe had a twin..
they laugh..
James- I would rather have 10 dudes pissed off at me than 1 women pissed off at me..

Nicole talks about how Victor was when Jozea when in the house she didn’t like him. Paul says Victor’s social game when Jozea was around was trash.
Nicole says her and Victor had a secret thing early in the season
Paul – he didn’t like me in the beginning..
Nic – he got mad about some stuff.. He always gave me information and I never gave him any.. I just kept my mouth shut..
Nicole- Vic told me straight up he’s going after COrey
James- and me.. He’s going to clip me after Corey.. He told Paulie ..
Paul – Stupid..
Nic – Paulie was like OK Vic’s gotta go..
Paul – don’t say you’re clipping someone’s teammate..
Nic – he was so confident..
THey agree Victor changed when he came back. Paul says he was acting like himself not a “Cocky fit douchebag”
Nic – I was happy when he came back.. Between him and Bronte those were the best 2 options

Paul – are you still close to Frankie
Nicole says she’s got his cell phone number.
Paul wants to meet Frankie, “Does he live in New York still”
Nic – he lives NY his sister lives here
Paul – his sister use to live by me..
Nicole says Frankie, Derrick and Cody are all super close “You’ll get to meet him.. Frankie is a very unique person”
Paul says he’s a fan of Frankie doesn’t understand why nobody likes him
Nicole cant understand either.
Paul brings up when he mentioned to the house he liked Frankie everyone looked at him “Like YOU like Frankie?”
Paul – Michelle shit on me, Corey shit on me
Nic – Corey loves Ariana
Paul says Michelle told him all the fans hate Frankie.
Nicole – I’m not getting into it..

Nicole to James “You said right now Caleb is on Survivor:
James – yup
Nic – so it’s already filmed and he’s back home
Jame s- yup
Paul – wait so he’s been on it twice now
JAme s- yup
Talking about going Amazing race and survivor with Victor or Corey
Paul – Victor is the easiest person to get a rise out of
Paul – that’s one person I knew I could under their skin is Victor
Nicole – I tried not to ..
Paul – he liked you you just had to be nice to him
Nic – he would get mad at me about stuff… I had to try sometimes I’m just mad..
Paul – I feel bad for Victor’s future kids.. He is not going to be a cool dad..
Nicole says Victor will be super strict
Paul – my kids are going to be disciplined as f***k .. my kids best believe we are going to talk a lot..

James- I want to get on survivor man
Paul – you have a good shot wouldn’t be hard for you to get on
James – I’m a really good swimmer dude..
Paul – you’re tough you would be better at surviving.. I don’t have many survival skills..
James – I would make a bow.. I would go huntin
Paul says he doesn’t have it in him to kill an animal. “Useless I would die.. But something like Amazing race I would do well.. “
James says 2 people on Amazing race were on his season, “Jackie and Jeff”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-19 15-17-38-520
1:09pm Nicole practicing her final 2 speech, Paul practicing his

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-19 15-31-23-738
3:19pm Practicing her speech again…

“I knew it was going to be a difficult road”
“Can’t believe i’m sitting here final 2 dream come true”
“I’ve been watching this show since I’ve been 8 years old”
“When I got a callback this season my heart couldn’t have been happier”
“I knew I would have a target on my back i didn’t know it was goign to be so big”
“Day 1 called a snake, Day 2 trapped on a island fighting for my life, potentially going home after 28 hours of being in this house.. ”
“Also I had to convince 2 strangers that I should be the first HOH, I wanted them to hand it to me without me being too eager.. ”
“I didn’t want the first HOH but I had to protect the returners.”
“Day 3 I had to nominate people.. I didn’t know anybody.. To keep blood off my hands I had to convince someone to volunteer to go up as the pawn.. I made that happen.. ”
“Day 1 2 and 3… pretty quick start had to play strategicallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”
“Welcome into the Big Brother house as brutally as I could have been.. it was blessing in disguise”
“This season I was going to play Big Brother and not have Big Brother play me”
“Things went according to plan until day 58, I made a rid n’die alliance day 1 and we made it to day 92 together.. that’w something I’m very proud of”
“Day 58 my game started to crumble a tiny bit I realized I wasn’t in the loop for once and the person I wanted to go home wasn’t happening.. Zakiyah was leaving and that made me upset”
“after Paulie left I realized that my strategy of talking wasn’t goign to work I needed to win competitions”
“it was 5 vs 2 I need to figure out how to get us out of this terrible situation”
Nicole says her strongest move in the game was convincing Natalie to put 2 of her own Allies up on the block. (JAmes GUT had alot to do with this)
Nicole says she had a couple hours to convince Michelle the Co-HOH that week to put up one of her allies..
“I got called out the most… I had to get myself outta a lot of situations I didn’t even know why I was in.. I had to fight tooth and nail to get here”
“Didn’t take naps was never not stressed” (ZOMG)
“James started a fight the day Vcitor went home.. ”
“JAmes started a fight with Paul for no reason his objective was to make me not trust Paul.. ”
“James slipped up and said if it was up to Natalie Corey would have been leaving” (The week Victor and Corey were on the block)
“Who were the next 2 evicted.. Michelle and Natalie.. ”

4:00pm Nicole sleeping, Paul sleeping, James sleeping.

4:24pm house guests get a commercial for the Fall version of Big Brother..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-19 16-26-09-209
They are given supplies in the storage room so they can leave behind a message..

JAmes is asking Big Brother if he can be on the new season.. (LOL)

5pm – 6:20pm The final 3 write messages on the board. Paul obviously writes his “Friendship Tips”. Nicole writes her “Daily Reminders”. James writes “Captain Camos pointers”. Paul – 1 don’t be a snitch, 2 don’t be a b***h. James writes if a fight doesn’t involve you, walk away. Paul – don’t be a baby … aka Big Meech.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-19 19-06-19-382

6:35pm – 7:15pm James and Paul head outside to play pool. Nicole takes a nap.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-19 19-12-00-271

7:30pm – 8pm James and Paul end their pool game. James gets into the hot tub. Paul gets Nicole to pluck his eyebrows. James joins them. They talk about how they only have 48 hours left. They wonder if the fall season will be shorter. Paul thinks it will be half the house guests and half the time.

James and Nicole draw more pictures on the board.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-19 20-28-06-741

8:20pm James alone in the safari room
James- what’s up live feeders…
James – well America… look slike your boy botched it up.. I’m pretty sure Nicole and Paul will take each other to final 2
James- my downfall this summer is I didn’t get any blood on my hands, They are going to use that to take each other to final 2 I think.
JAmes- and ujmm… so if that’s the case.. Bailey and brenda I’m really sorry I failed you guys again
James – it really sucks.. I should have won those 2 comps I should have won that first comp
James- should have done a lot of things different.
James regrets keeping Nicole thinks taking Corey would have been his better play because Corey and him could make it to the end together.

James – I tried my best I got to final 3 it just wasn’t in the cards this season I geuss. Got a day left.. After today someone will get crowned and it’ll probably be Paul or Nicole. I just don’t know where my vote is going to go.
James – Paul promised me a final 2 .. Nicole I’ve always been loyal to her pretty much the entire game..
Jam es- I have no blood on my hands and I feel that a lot of JUry members would vote for me..
James – should have called more people out, Shoulda got more blood on my hands.. Played a clean game this season up until the end.. I got sloppy..
James says a lot of the game is luck and Strategy and his luck finally ran out, “Final 3 it’s HUGE”
James thanks friends and family for their support.
James- really bummed I might have came in third place.. i was really close.
James wishes Paul would just be straight up to him Like Nicole is.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-19 21-03-24-432

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-19 22-26-04-872

10:26pm James and Paul sleeping Nicole eating popcorn .

7am They’re all still sleeping..
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Yet Another Hillary Lie


Is James head even in the game any more?

Krabby Patty

the key to perfect crabcakes is using the absolute highest quality ingredients you can get your hands on.. in a medium bowl whisk together 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 2 scallions thinly sliced, 1 large egg lightly beaten, 1 tbsp dijon mustard, 2 tsps fresh lemon juice, 2 tsps old bay seasoning, 1 jalapeno seeded and finely chopped.. add 1 pound maryland blue lump crab meat picked over, fold to blend.. Stir in 3/4 cup panko, 1 tbsp thinly sliced chives, kosher salt and black pepper.. divide into portions form cakes and refrigerate for 1 hour.. remove and coat cakes in panko.. heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat.. fry until golden brown and crisp 3-4 minutes per side.. serve with lemon wedges.. your family and friends are going to be absolutely blown away these cakes are beyond amazing enjoy!!!


I’d love to get it Kraken with Nat Nat

James' gut

My gut tells me the lotto numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and powerball 7.


Krabby Patty, you need a lot of attention constantly, don’t you? Enough already.


Update Tuesday.. Paul and Nicole still talking sh!t about people Michelle, James ,Bridgette, Frank. Paul talking about what a good influence he was on Victor (really). Same boosting of one another’s ego and how much Michelle sucks (get over it gees) Nicole saying again and again what a great guy Corey is. Paul and Nicole says he could have won the game. Then I just could watch anymore.


IMO James came in only trying/ waiting for AFP, Which he did for at least 90% of the season.Did a little work to protect his Pre-Game or $10K deal. Then at the end when he thought he might be taken to the end, He just sat back & waited for it.

Pablo Has More Game Than Paul

At least Paul and Nicole are trying to win. James is just chilling.


I think he is chillin because he knows both Paul and Nicole are going to take him to F2.

BB Curious

This is my first season watching/reading the feeds and comments. Much more interesting this way. Also much more annoying, frustrating, even infuriating at times. It will be a relief when it’s over. But then what will I doooooo? I am going to miss these obnoxious people! And the houseguests toooooo! 😉


So true. Every summer it takes me about a week after it’s over to forget about big brother. Lol. It’s weird how invested you can get in a stupid tv show. But I guess you kind of become attached to the houseguest, live feeders, Simon, dawg, and the commenters here.

But now we have the online version to check out I guess. 🙂


Instead of Doing Actual Work Im Here

Not this year. This is the first time im actually done with the season before it is over and have been waiting for it to be over for a few weeks now. I think CBS is messing with a winning formula by bringing back the vets and extending the season too long. Over-saturation has made this season dreadful.


Then you watch other countries’ seasons, i.e. UK or Canada. Or, you could be extra productive and get an extra part time job.


So sick of the trash talking of Nicole and Paul as soon as James leaves the room. Worst final 3 ever! I really hope Nicole gets cut next and if Paul were smart he’d dump her. Especially after last night, idiot Nicole said her and Corey plan on voting Paul if he’s in final with James. That’s 3 votes guarantee. Paul will put FRIENDSHIP before the game and it could be a 450,000 mistake. Just end this season already, so over it!

If BB is on next season it needs to improve. Change the comps up so nobody knows what could be next. Either do all vets or no vets. Production needs to stay out of the game, give America more involvement.


Nicole asked Corey before he left who should she take to F2. He said James, definitely. The other night Nicole told Paul the pest that if she’s not in F2 she would be upset and not vote for Paul, neither would Corey, since he’s still loyal to James.

Paul for the win

Its not the worst f3 ever. Jordan natalie and kevin was the worst. Rachel porsche and adam were pretty bad. The brigade was boring but effective. The final 2 in season 6 was horrible. I mean its been worse


Don’t forget Season 15 with the rat, the racist, and the pedophile.


You forgot liz vanessa booger eater steve, derrick cody veronica, and spencer gina marie and the snake


So sick of the trash talking of Nicole and Paul as soon as James leaves the room. I AGREE. It makes me sick and to think less of Nicole. Paul I never liked from the beginning. Paul has been around the world many times. In years gone by they have sometimes evaluated people by “who needs the money more?”
I have “voted” expressed places online that cbs needs to make this show like The Voice where America gets a vote every live eviction. House guests should know we get a vote and be told after we vote along with the other players, then eviction happens.
How can Nicole not realize that Paul never got a care package? That was America speaking something!

Botox Pelosi

I see Jozea won last place in our AFP poll. Well deserved. So much for the Messiah.


Corey’s Mom and sister middle name is Anne. Nicole’s middle name is Anne. Corey and his mom nickname is Coco. Nicole’s nickname is Coco. Nicole’s birth name before her parents changed it was Alexis. Corey’s ex girlfriends name is Alexis. Nicole’s dad didn’t want her to be called sexy Lexi. Guess what they called Corey’s ex Sexy Lexi. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence but it sounds like fate brought them together even if they are just best friends, Corey has said to Nicole it was fate that brought them together and it was love at first sight. They have been ride or die since day 1 and haven’t turned their backs on each other unlike other duos this season. Corey told Nicole everything and Nicole did as well without discussing their side alliances they both got each other’s back regardless. All the other alliances backed stabbed each like Paul wanted Vic out after his return. Paulie wasn’t loyal to Zakiyah and had her put on the block. Then Paulie on the block next to Corey was a hot mess. Jatalie were both throwing the other under the bus. Nicole and Corey only got stronger each week and it’s pretty impressive how far they got from playing their from bed and as a showmance. They didn’t have to try and people came to them. What one lacked the other was stronger. When Nicole got attached Corey did damage control for Nicole. Nicole was mentally and strategically stronger and Corey was physically and socially stronger. Corey eviction was really mature and he did no campaigning and expected to go. After show Interviews he said he would choose Nicole in finale two over Paulie. They were a strong couple and they both deserve more credit than they’ve received all season.


Great post!


Its always funny to me how one person can see things so differently than another. I don’t think they are a stronge couple at all. Nicole picked what she thought was the cutest guy in the house and latched onto him, Corey stuck with Nicole because they both had a shitty game for about 3/4 of the game and Nicole was a good bed partner to Corey. If that guy alliance really wanted Nicole gone she would have been gone and Corey wouldn’t have cared I’m pretty sure at one point he even said that. I remember him even saying he wouldn’t care if any of the other guys did stuff with Nicole and he also said he doesn’t want a relationship after the show. Corey lives in a phat house and works at a bar, Nicole broke up with Hayden because she wanted to get married and have kids and he wasn’t ready, does that sound like a stronge couple? Coreys gonna have girls all over him when he gets out. I read on Nicole and Haydens website that she promised him she wouldnt get in another showmance and that she begged him not to fall in love with another girl while she was in the house. Hayden has now deleted his twitter and instagram because of her behaviour i feel so bad for him The friggin nerve of Nicole talking shit about Natalie saying she dances on tables and kisses a lot of guys. Natalie never ONCE acted inappropriately with James and Nicole spent the whole season under the sheets banging Corey. I think James and Natalie could have been a stronger couple if James had her back more and if everyone had minded their dam business when it came to them. Everyone was constantly shitting on their relationship and filling James head with crap. I don’t remember Natalie ever once shit talking James. The way he is talking about her now and not defending her to Paul and Natalie is disgusting. Is he that stupid to think she isn’t gonna see all that? SML


I get where you are coming from but during that time Nicole was being called a snake and liar. Everyone was coming to him about Nicole having a final two with Frank and not being trustworthy. Nicole didn’t admit to the fatal 5 when he already knew about it and she still wouldn’t own up to it. Corey said to the feedsters by himself while excutatives were an alliance that he wanted Nicole and Paulie in a final three with him. Corey knows when Nicole’s lying because she wears all her emotions on her face. The hot tub conversation was caused by Vic kissing Nicole on the forehead and Corey thought he kissed her on the lips. Right before the Vic kiss he was being so affectionate to her and wanted to hangout. Then Victor said to Nicole that he could kiss her under the umbrella and nobody would know Corey overheard the conversation and became very standoffish and snappy. After the hot tub conversation he went to Nicole and asked if she did something shady and said she’d been acting guilty of something. Besides that Corey said he loves when he’s in a realtionship where all the guys want his girl and they can’t have her. He has said he’s not the jealous type. He never blames a guy and always blames the girl for cheating. It’s like a test to see if his chick is loyal with other guys to see if they do something or act on a guy coming on to them. That’s why he didn’t like Natalie was trying to play him and Vic. Nicole instigates the flirting and doesn’t push them away and engages in on the flirting. So that’s why he wants to breakup with her he doesn’t trust Nicole and thinks she’s likes too much attention. Nicole lost his trust inside the house and has said she changed and showed her true colors. Why else would she react to Corey calling her out for showing her true colors because she knows deep down its the truth,


Corey has ADD and while on slop he was taking meds and it made him a different person. His mom said on Facebook that her son is in love with Nicole and gets grumpy when he hasn’t ate. But from my own experience with ADD I get bored really quickly and lose attention real quick. I can be interested in someone and then quickly get bored of them. Thats why I think he likes Nicole because she’s not the one chasing. Paulie James Victor and Paul all have flirted with Nicole and she’s wifey material. Nicole talks about how much adores Corey but in my opinion she never acted like she did like Corey. I think it keeps things interesting for Corey that’s she’s independent and can drop him easily because she’ll find someone easily to marry her. He has said he likes fighting and pissing her off because it keeps him on his toes. He’s the type that keeps taking woman back because according to him he’s a sucker. His ex girlfriend cheated on Him a lot and he kept giving her chances(Nicole). Right before entering the house he was seeing his ex on and off. One day they were hanging out and she was still accepting bumble requests. He saw the next day on her phone that a request had expired within 24 hours of hanging out and they broke up again.


All this Corey & Nicole talk is beginning to sound like bad YA fanfiction. It really doesn’t matter which one of them likes the other more or who pushed who’s buttons first or who is testing who because either way that’s not how healthy relationships work. If it’s like that inside the house then it won’t be any better outside the house. It’s odd that this is even up for debate at all considering Corey saying numerous times he came in the house single and he’ll leave single.

This season has been an absolute master class on what low self esteem and non communication can do to relationships. They all really seem to be in need of a break from having any relationship in order to grow and figure out their own sh*t. They should’ve also realized this was BB, not a dating show.


Natalie was not into James. She used him, he being a vet and have played before, and since Victor, Corey and Paulie, who she tried to attach herself too wouldn’t bite, she was left with James. Have you read she said in her bio for the show? She said she’s going to act all innocent and cute and then attack. She is not the sweet little innocent. You could even tell in her dialogue’s with James. She wanted Corey and Paulie out because they didn’t want her. So many other examples. I felt sorry for James. He was played, just like Paul, Nicole and Paulie said.


I don’t feel sorry for him. I think he is fake with this sweet good ole boy shtick he tries to portray.


I agree. not going to vote thumbs out cause everytime I give a thumbs up for Nicole the thumbs down gets bumped up double.

The Roach Coach

Nicole’s mom with some last minute damage control apparently


Do you think Corey will be jealous his girlfriend Pauli is back with Zakiyah.


That post made me lol, oh, lol, oh lol. Thnx!

Corey's Mom...

Is that you???????


She’s a returnee, her voice is kind of whiny, her strategy isn’t very exciting, and her ride or die she picked was also boring. I think these are the reasons she’s not getting enough love from the audience as you suggest. She does have great hair however 🙂


Thanks for clearing all that up.


i can’t believe i read all of that.

this ain't my first rodeo

do you believe the moon landing was fake?


That is interesting, but have you heard Corey on the live feeds? Unfortunately, he has basically said he wants to date other girls when they get out of the house.

Roll Tide

Are you kin to Snake or Corey?

Corey's bleached butthole

I spent a lot of time with nicole’s face


I agree with NiCoco. Nicole and Corey complimented each other beautifully. She, smart and strategic, he physically strong and friendly. And they are good people. I hope Nicole wins this game. Paul doesn’t need the money, he is rich. I hope Nicole takes James to F2 and has just been snowing Paul that she’s choosing him. I hope CBS realizes that if Paul won you would have a nasty, obnoxious, constantly cursing wild child on every interview.

You go Glen CoCo

Thank you! I just hate seeing people tear Nicorey apart. I watched the live feeds consistently and Corey treated her really good. I personally think he treated her better than she did to him. Nicole did a lot of nagging and said a lot of disrespectful things to him like comparing him to Paulie and Victor. He cooked for her while he was on slop and even gave her morning cuddles. When did Nicole ever make Corey something for him to eat. Nicole wasn’t appreciative of Corey. She put him down for not being intelligent or physically strong. Watching the feeds Corey was hot and cold with his feelings with Nic and at the end of the season he was over the game and possible their relationship. Nicole pushed him away a lot so he withdrew from her emotionally but then come back stronger once he knew she cared about him. It was like this all season back and forth. His feeling were very genuine in the beginning and I started seeing him become anxious or tense after Victors return. He knew Victor had feelings for her and she never really gave Corey a clear answer if she liked Vic in the beginning. So in his mind he thinks Nicole liked Victor. Nicole’s actions appeared to me she was more interested in Victor than Corey. Corey is so hot, he’s the best thing ever, that felt very forced and not genuine. If you notice it was like she was trying to appease him because she knows he gets sad, jealous or she did something hurtful, Unlike Corey his actions were really different than his words. Everyday he cuddled Nicole. He’s the one pulling in for hugs and kisses on the cheek. He told her she’s so unique and he could watch her all day. I think Vicole did a lot damage to their relationship that I don’t know if it’s repairable. He wants to see how she is outside of the show. This show brings out the worst in people and you do things out of character that you normally wouldn’t do. Hopefully Nicole isn’t as flirty as she was on the show because Corey won’t tolerate the bs. He told her he’s going to stalk the shit out of her social media to see if she’s talking to other guys.

It's me

Early in the season Corey said to Paulie(?) He doesn’t like short women, he wants to give his kids a chance in life


He also said he didn’t like cuddling or PDA. That’s all kid wanted from her was some love and affection. Nicole left Corey and he was willing stay up with her and she went to sleep. The next he got mad at her and said his feelings were she left him and all wanted to do was cuddle with her. Corey told her he would stay up 24hours a day 7 days a week for her.he freakin cooks for her. He likes when they workout together but she never wants to. He’s so affection with her and calling Nicole cutie and squeezes her with hugs and gives her tons of kisses on her neck and face. Nicole is the one that doesn’t like PDA and says it makes her uncomfortable. Nicole is not that type of girl that lets out feelings or being comfortable with lovey Dovey stuff. Nicole was picking her face and Corey told her to stop and he said she had a beautiful face and she was ruining it by picking it. Her reaction to his compliment was very strange. She said yeah right and got standoffish. Corey asked her why she doesn’t like compliments? Nicole doesn’t feel comfortable or gets awkward hearing good things about herself because she doesn’t believe it and I think it comes down to a low self esteem. She doesn’t fish for compliments from Corey and he knows not to say those types of things to her because she’ll snap at him to stop,


Corey was born on a Tuesday- and Tuesday’s are Nicole’s favorite day! Nicole likes to lay in a bed and give handjobs to a guy she just met- COREY likes handjobs! I think it is an astonishing coincidence! The ROMANCE of it all!


what is the point of this post?? Anne has got to be one of the most common names in the country if not the world – and Coco is a pretty common nickname too. From my own inconsequential life, I happen to have two friends who call their kids Coco (they both named their kids Collette too, is that fate?). My daughter’s middle name is Alexis (NO WAY!!) and of course my husband objected bc of all the lascivious connotations (which I patently disregard bc I don’t like to make a habit of – ahem – connecting things that really have no connection). Corey’s ex is actually named Alexia anyway. And where I think this theory holds the least water is that Corey himself doesn’t seem to think they are fated. He has said repeatedly he doesn’t want a girlfriend, doesn’t want Nicole as a girlfriend, has talked about other girls he is looking forward to getting back to at home, and has suggested linking up with Nicole was partly due to his strategy of aligning with a vet – he couldn’t get away from Julie fast enough when questioned stating “they will always be friends.” What more proof does one need than what comes from he horse’s mouth? I am not sure what show you were watching but I watched BB18 and this is how it was.


Paul used the bathroom without washing his hands again and then stuck his hands into the chips and all over the kitchen. So nasty!

Min O'Pause

Nothing like c.diff or e. coli to add zip to your chip…..

True colors....

At this stage of the game I don’t see how bashing the other house guests is beneficial. It makes them look so bad. I really wish they’d stop and be a little more humbled by their position in the final 3 instead, its so ugly. Especially the vets.

Pablo Got Punked

To be fair I don’t hear James doing a lot of the bad mouthing.


He can’t..he needs one of them to take him to F2


Julie sez (in Hollywood Report interview) that both she & Les (Moonves—CBS exec & her hubby) were VERY disappointed in casting the season, that they USED to be big James fans, but not anymore, & a bunch of other stuff. Pretty informative article, especially when you realize CBS pretty much hand picked this cast and even THEY agree it’s a bust. Oooops!


Didn’t they say this last year, too, at least him? So you have “control” over this project and you keep the same “scouters” around? Wake-up!!!!!!!!!!!

UMM no

Casting had a potential to be good but Production decided to be heavy-handed and wanted characters. Crazy fan Michelle, Femme fatale Natalie, Poor James being used , Mastermind Paul, SWEEt innocent Nic who was a virgin except Hayden ,Prince Corey(little throw up in my mouth), They tried to make Vic look like he’s e dude that stills your girl (Corey’s interview with Jeff confirms that) I think Michelle and Natalie got the worst of that proud that Michelle did not get upset about her comic but her trying to play evil Dick wasn’t her. Natalie, I believe did want to stay with James and was trying to say lets be friends but casting wanted that shomance. They tried to make Vic look bad and if you watch just TV you may think at but us live feeders know Vic is the BOMB

It Is all strategy

Paul and Nicole each have to convince the other how much they do not like James in an EFFORT to have them each take each other…
I’m not saying it isn’t nice but get over it. If one of them said a positive word about James the other would think they were considering taking him, EVEN THOUGH, they are BOTH gonna take James.
This is a psychological game, if you can’t separate the game from reality don’t watch.

True colors....

Read the full post that BBS posted. Nicole and Pauls houseguest bashing isnt game play at this point. Not when it involves discussing petty stories like who kisses guys when theyre drunk (just an example of the post above so unwad those panties). Hence…..not nesessary for their current game play. Also, I think they’ve beat the crap out of the James thing. I think we got it…..


It’s strategy!!!!! ar least it is for Nicole and Paul. For James, bad-mouthing would be game-suicide as he is completely reliant upon the other’s taking him

Life Lesson

From the time it became the final 3, it has been Paul and Nicole trashing James every time he leaves the room.
So, I totally agree with what u posted.


During the conversation between the 3 HG about Natalie and showmances Paul said “we’re not on the Bachelorette” and Nicole is right there made me laugh so hard …
Go Paul! You’ve GOT to win the final HOH! Fry Chef for the win!

True colors....

At this stage of the game I don’t see how bashing the other house guests is beneficial. It makes them look so bad. I really wish they’d stop and be a little more humbled by their position in the final 3 instead, its so ugly. Especially the vets. Nicole makes women look so bad.

Tiny Trump Hands

LOL, Is Nic really going to say in her speech that she talked Nat and Meech into putting up Paul and Victor. I can just imagine the eye roll she’s going to get from Nat and Meech after that statement. I’m pretty sure Nat and Meech don’t give credit to Nic for any moves they made. Congrats Paul, you’ve got this in the bag.

Lady Mormont

She casually mentioned in the bathroom to Nat, Mich, and James, that Paul was coming after James, which was not Paul who said it, it was Paulie, and Paul happened to be in the same room when Paulie said it….yadayadayada


Haha! I hope she says that and they do a close up of meechs face. Priceless.

Just saying

I wonder if Paulie knows about the backlash he’s going to get post season. His behavior didn’t change after his eviction and now we know why he didn’t want to go to Jury for three weeks. They came at him strong the moment he walked in. The Day fight was ridiculous and they were both at fault. Those girls in the jury are cutthroat. Especially Michelle omg that girl has no flitter. Zakiyah why would you take him back girl he’s not cute and he used you. Paulie I think was in a similar situation as Nicole with a fresh breakup and this type of show is made for people who are strong mentally. Hes very insecure and tried being tough and it actually backfired because he made himself look like an ass especially towards women.

Franks fumes

Paulie met Z‘s criteria perfectly………he’s fugly and mentally abusive…..win win for Z.


Paulie looked like a mental patient when he cut his hair like Pauls LOLLLLLLLLLLLL… that dude has some crazy eyes when things aren’t going his way. If he ever got on survivor, that would surely be some entertainment. First day him trying to control how to put up a camp in that ‘heat’…I’d watch that, oh and bring Z too LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


He can’t use the stress of his breakup as an excuse for his behavior. Who you saw is who he is, pure and simple.


So Pail is taking Nicole? Is he really staying true to that if he wins?

sunny dee

as far as i know, paul has never once gone back on his word. he is not telling james he’ll take james he is only telling nicole he will take nicole. paul has a code of honour, basically, which has both gotten him this far and gotten him on the block so often because none of the other people around him have had codes of honour.

however, no one else is left in the game, and nicole is the type of person who needs to cling to someone, so in this case it isn’t that paul is talking her into something she does not want to do, he is just actually better at getting her to actually make decisions without constantly secondguessing and/or flipping on them. corey is far to easy going, to a certain extent, he’d be told something and say ok yep, and she’d flip it around and back 29 times and he’d flip along with her. not seeing after dark, just the edited version, but she strung him along for hours and hours discussing who to give the 5K to, and there were literally only 3 probably 2 people to even consider giving it to.

Reality Check

James, please go home and take that zingbot hat with you. The fans on this site do not want to see you on big brother: over the top or any show ever again. Your 15 minutes of fame is FINISH.

You are on the show in two seasons for 177 days. Two seasons of doing the exact same thing. Chasing girls who has no interest in you. Think Nat will hang out with you when you finish in third place and no $500,000 cheque?

Wish they bought back Johnny Mac or Zach, those two plus Paul and Victor would made BB18 a successful year.


Who the H*ll elected you the spokesperson for the fans on this website????????????????

You have never, do not now or ever will speak for me!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeesh. Take it down a notch.


Lol, I really don’t understand how James can have 30% of the vote. Really does boggle my mind. I get how everyone can have their own opinion, but cmon……a child support dodging, dirty sick little f*cker (listen to some of his personal sex stories, very disturbing), childish, immature (stupid amateur, non-original pranks that my 5 year old wouldn’t find funny), pervert. He try’s to hit on anything that walks, when clearly no woman wants anything to do with him, except for hardcore BB groupies maybe. He’s such a douchebag. Normally I’m used to watching douchebags on the show, but it just flabbergasses me how he has fans. I mean, I guess 30% of people look like Walmart people too, so maybe it does make sense


Easy there, now Anon. Step away from the dark shadows of question marks and exclamation points and walk towards the light. The beautiful light of Kraken!


Reality check, you better get your own reality check and not speak for us fans. I hope James ends up on survivor or amazing race. You can have your opinion, but don’t speak for the rest of us.


Johhny Mac?? God forbid. I used to mute my TV volume for all his DR sessions. He was so annoying.


Hey before you speak for everyone, DONT!

Fender strat

When is the final hoh?

Lying Hillary's IT Team Pleads the Fifth


Wednesday is the finale.

True colors....

I hope Nicole isn’t a representative for our female millennial generation….women will wipe each other out.


Nicole is so full of shit!! nobody told her anything, half the house couldn’t stand her and the other half didn’t care about her, hope she goes home or where ever she goes, I don’t believe Corey will carry on with her, he’s another idiot!! My Momma didn’t raise no Bitch No she raised an Idiot! Hope Paul takes the money!


LIKE if you agree with Paul that Michelle is a C U N ext T useday bwahaha


I think your mom is calling you to your bath.


I’m assuming that James is present when they are talking about Natalie being a wild party girl who gets blackout drunk and becomes an easy girl who kisses and then regrets, I know he is dependent at this point on getting one of them to take him to F2 but REALLY? Nat is bipolar?!! He has never stood up for Nat with the trash talk and I guess he never will. And WHO the f@ck is Nicole to question anyone’s morals or standards? The starring lady of “Nights With Goat Burner” soft porn, Her inability to see that she is just a hypocritical, self delusional and absolutely self absorbed liar is why no one likes her. Her speech sucks so hard it doesn’t matter who she sits next to in F2 she will lose. She absolutely did not convince Michelle to put up two of her allies. Production got to Nat and she convinced Meech to put up Paul. Meech wanted Nic on the block. I hope Nic doesn’t make to F2 but if she does I hope she loses to Paul or James.


lol “Nights With Goat Burner.” Thank you for that 😉

sunny dee

I agree, and i can bet that when nat and michelle hear how she is taking credit for their HOH noms, in spite of not even talking to them at all, just hiding under the covers with corey, that will be enough for them to solidly choose paul over her, when going in they will have been on the fence is my guess.

yes, nat did come out of a DR and say ‘production wants us to work with nicorey’, now maybe she put words into their mouths based on the questions asked, overthought it, and made an assumption, versus them literally telling her to work with them. she’s the type who wants to please or do for the camera, and if they said ‘well so you want to work with paul/vic, but why wouldn’t you want to work with nicorey, aren’t they close to james?” and she would literally run with that simple question and decide they are telling her to do that.

Remember how she would interpret things that went on in the house and gnaw away at them, like how paul ‘knew’ how to make fries, and blow it right up without thinking maybe he just figured it out, it isn’t like it’s rocket science, cut potatoes, insert into hot oil, duh

michelle will flip her lid when she hears nicole claiming she ran that HOH nom, michelle was mad that because nat was going to nominate paul she couldn’t still just nominate nicole, because of how the veto might be won and played.


I heard Nicole say night be4 last that all she and Corey did was kiss a lot. That it was the most tongue she’s ever had, and that they DID NOT have intercourse!!! What makes peeps think it was more than kissing each other and cuddling.

You missed a lot!

Yup. They clearly had sex ! Feeds hard to lie!


She deserves all the hate she’s going to get. But she’s mentally unstable and her whole life she’s been spoiled and privileged. Nicole better watch her back because the chick will literally stab her in the back if she had the chance too. She’s becomes obsessed with the person she hates and the scary thing is she lives in the same state. You know you are insane when you get jealous over not beIng included in toilet papering houses. She hated Nicole because she crushed on Corey. She flirted with him a lot and Corey flirted back without Nicole noticing. Michelle hated Bridget because she liked Frank at the beginning and bullied her relentlessly.


It’s unclear who you are talking about

Saturday nite Killshow...

Hi Simon,
September 17, 2016 at 11:24 am
I’m going to be doing the kill show today the last one of the year if anyone has a question for me leave it in the comments with “Question for Simon” somewhere in the text.

Have not seen this posted yet. Would love to listen to it. Can you make this happen?

Saturday nite Killshow

Thanks Simon!
James should add ‘Try to stumble your way thru the game as long as you can” to his BBOTT tip list!

Enjoyed your chat with Ken. Well done u
Agree…Paul ftw

Chessie_K says:
September 18, 2016 at 2:28 pm
Julie Chen gave an interview to TheHollywoodReporter.com about the last 5 HG’s. Julie said that she really wanted Victor to win and she is voting for him for AFP. Julie said she didn’t like Paul in the beginning because she felt like he was there for fame. She likes him now and wants him to win the game. Julie goes on to say that she is disappointed in Nicole and James. She says James is not playing the game at all and he gave away his HOH. James is on BB for “shi*s and giggles”(her words). She then says James is a very nice guy and that he loves doing pranks. The James that you see on tv is the real James. Julie doesn’t like the fact that Nicole turned out to be a snake and a backstabber (her words). She said Nicole wasn’t loyal to anyone but Corey and Corey just wants to be friends with Nicole after the show. Julie was questioned about the fight between Paulie and Day. Disappointed in both and Day should not have said something about him not being 6ft tall. Paule should have been a gentleman and walked away. But he made it worse because you are never supposed to bring someone’s child into an argument. Julie has asked CBS could they start keeping cameras in the Jury House at all times and they told her no. She is also campaigning to CBS for an All Star Season with Dr.Will, Boogie, Janelle, Rachel, Evel Dick, and more.


YAY – thanks Simon for letting Ken know how much the Kill Show is appreciated. This last edition was great,
always funny, uncensored and opinionated. Good stuff.

Min O'Pause

If Nicole doesn’t win then maybe she can do meet and greets with her close friend Mr Social Media Mogul. And there’s always handwashing Miss Pop Superstar’s undies.


Wow alot of haters on here.


You say haters, I say extremely frustrated viewers/posters. This season went on too long, the vets should not have been brought back or at least not these 4, production interference and influence was obvious, and very little original in comps. The houseguests should not know when the wall or slip and slide or comic comps are coming. I love Big Brother, but this season was hard to stomach at times. And we all come to this community here to laugh, bust chops, rage, or share recipes, and I will miss it all, especially Simon and Dawg, after this week.

BB Curious

Well said, Archangel!

The Truth Hurts

Paul seems like nice, funny guy with a foul mouth. At least until he gets upset at which time he becomes a woman hating bully with a foul mouth. He takes pride in being himself, so l assume he is exactly the jerk he seems to be.


All these people in the house are jerks. Paul is no exception.


I believe that Nicole has a issue with her weight. She is constantly looking at her stomach and her chin and saying she is so fat. Her neck and shoulder bones are so skinny looking. Her parents should really look into her issue’s about her weight. She threw perfectly good pizza out last night because she didn’t want anymore, well did you think to wrap it up for someone else to have.


James: It wasn’t really a showmance. And maybe keep in mind your daughter might be watching. Just sayin’. Nicole: It may not go over well with the jury if you tell them you “literally” had to fight for your life from day 1, considering none of them ever nominated you, and you weren’t on the block but in fact were in bed. You might want to revise that speech. Houseguests: do have any other metaphors besides “[he/she] sh*t on me”?

Justin beaver

When I look at Meech’s picture ,I see Cat Whiskers on her face. Time for this to end.

James sucks

I don’t know where to begin to say how much I hate James. Hearing him always saying he thinks he is winning Americas Favorite Player turned my stomach, as he the last person who should win anything. Such a loser who didn’t come on to WIN! He doesn’t even stand up for Natalie in any situation. God I hate this loser! Now he is asking big brother if he can come back next season and he wants to go on survivor. WHAT THE F !! If cbs puts that piece of crap on any more shows I will not watch. And I love big brother, survivor , and amazing race ….. PLEASE don’t do it CBS! Listen to your fans.

Suck James

I hope your hatred of James causes that giant purple vein in your forehead to explode. I hope it explodes again when he is taken to Final 2. And then I am praying that somehow James wins just so your entire head explodes. The very fact that he is buried so deeply in your lizard brain like a tick is the only redeeming consequence of your worthless post.


Whoo Hoo!

PERFECT RESPONSE! You said everything I was thinking when I read that vile comment.

Good for you!

Just My 2 Cents

How is this the “perfect response’? The guy did NOTHING this season except tell us how much we love him and tat he is America’s favorite. I don’t have as much bile for him as the previous poster, but James added nothing to this season. I watch every season but never get emotionally vested in the outcome because this show is a total work.


‘James Sucks’ is right. James should never have been cast on this show or any other. I laughed out loud when I read he wanted to go on Survivor or Amazing Race. He is boring, lazy, and is pathetic begging for viewers to vote him AFP.
I seriously don’t have any worries of him being cast on the other shows as I’m sure after this one CBS is seeing how people don’t like this guy anymore. I think he was chosen AFP out of pity last year and his five minutes of fame have well passed.


James is a delusional guy with a bad gut lol. He followed his ‘gut’ in every situation this season, except when it told him that he was being used for Nat’s benefit. Any negative gut feelings he had about Nat, he quickly followed up with excuses for those gut feelings to be wrong. BB needs to have an after show update on showmances and how long they actually lasted after leaving the house.

If James gets in f2, I can see Nat using him a little bit longer. After all, didn’t he say early on, that he was sending her some or all of the 5 g’s he won????? smh

This Is His Last Rodeo

They are simply tolerating James and his annoying, delusional, ignorant, cliched comments at this point. You can tell they both have zero respect for him or his game.

My gut says that while this may not have been his first rodeo, it will be his last. Texas code says the showmances for the Crocs wearing Captain Camo end here.

Suck James

They are both scared shitless of James. They sneer because they know their game isn’t any better than his, they realize that they both need to take him to Final 2 and even then he could still pull it out depending how the jury feels..


Eh, I don’t think Paul’s all thaat scared of much, to be honest. He’d like to win, of course, but if he doesn’t, he goes back to a pretty nice life.
Nicole is wound so tight right now, the sound of a pot clattering would have her on the ceiling. She is tweaked big time, and I have a theory why: Nicole strayed from the BB script, and I believe she was planning on taking Paul to F2. Production must have made some very strong suggestions that she stick to the plan. She doesn’t have to, but if she doesn’t play nice, her CBS days are over.
It’s just a theory.


I’m sorry but you can compare Nicole and James’ games, they were both similar. Latch onto a showmance and do nothing all season. But Paul has played a good game. He’s had to work a lot harder with a lot less than both Nicole and James.


James is the best person. I think the world of him. Hope everything works out for him & Bailey.


Yes. He admits his mistakes in the game & apologized to his daughter & her mother for failing them again. I like him better than any of the others.

Not falling for it

Fan, Anonymous, and Lurker are buying what James is selling. He’s just trying to get sympathy. He’s a manipulator and panderer.

Lurker 1216

Thanks, Fan —- James has a good heart:

James is pathetic

I don’t hate James or anyone for that matter. However James should never have been cast for this show. He never played the game, stalked a girl who clearly has no interest in him and played pathetic third Grade pranks in a lame attempt to get AFP.
I think he got AFP only out of pity last year, his fan base is dying fast. We will never see James on TV again, his five minutes of fame is gone.


James helped that nasty little troll and thinks she’s a master mind omg she’s nasty ugly person inside and outside Paul please take James I want to see that look on her face she sleep with Corey and used him like Hayden she has one brain cell and is called her vajj

Nicole Pure Michigan

Wow! Why are you so nasty and bitter in your comments about Nicole? The remarks are beyond repulsive and cruel. What could she have done that made you react so strongly? Not liking her gameplay, behavior in the BB house, appearance etc. are understandable because we’re all entitled to our own opinion. However, your deeply personal words seem like they’re meant to hurt and defile the core of this human being whom, in all likelihood, you don’t even know personally. Sure, BB fans range from the casual to the completely addicted and that’s part of what makes the whole “BB Experience” so entertaining and fun……being able to read and hear what other BB fans have to say. (Thanks so much Dawg and Simon for all your efforts in making this a great place for BB fans! You guys rock!) But is it really necessary to rip someone to shreds just for fun? I hope not. Here’s to the BB Jury for having the ability to select the member of the Final 3 who’s most worthy.


James, two things.
One – Just ask Paul. Ask him if he’s taking you or Nicole as I’m not sure he’s just come out and tell you and really, you’ve sat back enough all season. Ask him, get it over with.
Two – Do not give Nicole your damn vote. And while you’re up giving your vote and have a chance to say why you’re voting the way you are, please feel free to say something like “my vote is going to the person that didn’t pull an about face and start acting as though they were better than me and everyone else in the house in the last week. It isn’t going to the pot to my kettle.”
Or something like that? I dunno, I’m just feeling really petty lately. Probably time for bed. Christ this is the longest season.


Paulie and Z r never going to be together he already got what he wanted from her
His parents don’t seem to thrilled about him dating a black girl lol its not happening especially with all the hate he is getting
Z was a bitch to bridgette especially on her birthday and looked pathetic going back to paulie who didn’t even save her when he won the veto lol
Z did come here for a boy


I think he’s going to stay with her in spite of public opinion and then dump her so he doesn’t look like more of an ass than he already is. Same thing with Natalie she’ll stay with James because of the public opinion and prove she didn’t use him.


Sadly Z is one of the most pathetic houseguest to come on this show. She literally could not care less about the game. She is 1000% focused only on Paulie.

It’s crazy because she’s a very pretty girl. Way too pretty for Paulie. I just don’t get it. Something happened to her somewhere along the line of her short life to make her one of the most insecure women I have ever seen.


I think Paul has a crush on Nicole too. 9/4/16 time 4:08pm cam 2. Both Paul and Victor agree if Corey doesn’t marry her one of them will.


I feel like – if he had a crush on anyone – it was Bridgette. He has mentioned *many* times how cute she was, and he loved her personality. He has also said that he likes really sweet girls, that don’t have tattoos.
Beneath his a**hole personality (he’s 23 ya’ll – just a kid trying to be cool) is a really sweet guy. Corey went on and on about how he (Paul) pretends to be an a**hole but that he’s actually a really nice sweet guy with a heart of gold. Others have said it too.
Ready for the thumbs down – but I’m just telling you what the housepets have said 🙂


Yeah, he had such a crush on Bridgette that he said above that he was afraid of her, and in the days and hours leading up to Frank’s eviction he bragged how he was mentally tearing her down, and once Frank was gone kept pushing for her eviction.


Sammi is talking attraction, and you’re talking game.
Paul just said that he was afraid of Bridgette in the game – when she linked up with Frank. He and Nicole were saying that the two of them brought up the worst in each other.
He can be attracted to someone (and he was as he’s stated numerous times) and play against them in the game. Two completely different things.


I feel like – if he had a crush on anyone – it was Bridgette. He has mentioned *many* times how cute she was, and he loved her personality. He has also said that he likes really sweet girls (that don’t have tattoos!)
Beneath his a**hole personality (he’s 23 ya’ll – just a kid trying to be cool) is a really sweet and loyal guy.
Corey went on and on about how he (Paul) pretends to be an a**hole but that he’s actually a really nice sweet guy with a heart of gold. Others have said it too.
Ready for the thumbs down – but I’m just sharing what the housepets have said 🙂


Sorry for the double post! My browser crashed and I thought it hadn’t posted. ::le sigh::

I Wonder

I wonder how sweet Corey would think Paul is if he knew Paul told Nat and James that Corey said Natalie s..cked d..ck to get where she is, which was a lie!


Corey and Paulie DID say that about Natalie.

Stop Wondering

Paul was telling the truth.


Paul has said Nicole is his favorite little baby chick is Nicole and Bridgette comes in second. He told Nicole he loves her and if any guy does anything to her he’ll beat the crap out of him(Corey) watch this clip August 4th 1:45pm camera 4. See Paul’s body language change when Nicole enters the back yard. They all seem excited to see her including Corey. When Paul asks Nicole to sit by him, Corey’s head moves Side to side meaning he’s angry after that Switch to camera 3 Corey grab his neck a lot in this conversation because he’s threatened by Paul and Victor. lol Paul tries cutting off Corey when he’s talking.

Marvin Gaye

Thumbs up if you think Nicole beats Both Jay and Paul in Final 2?

Vs Paul she has James, Corey, Paulie, Zakiya and Da’s vote

Vs James she has Paulie, Z, Corey, Da, Bridgette, Vic and Paul’s vote

Paulie should go into hiding

Tickets are being sold for a chance to meet Paulie. LOL LOL LOL LOL
OMG……………like who would PAY to see him? I can’t see anyone going if it was free with free food and drinks all night. What are these people thinking? WOW.


Are you serious? I just threw up a little in my mouth. Who would pay to see this guy? That being said, I wouldn’t pay to see any BB player.

Paulie should go into hiding

Yes I’m serious and shocked. Go on his Facebook page, there is a BIG announcement there. lol I only went on his page to see if ANYONE was posting a comment, his time in the house was so pathetic. To who ever is organizing this, “OMG what are you thinking?””
Gee, I read a story online where Paulie is the most hated houseguest ever!!!! the only person Paulie should be meeting with is a psychiatrist.


I just went to his FB page and didn’t get past all the posts at the top – people saying how much they love Paulie. (and over 20,000 hashtags for “We love Paulie Calafiore”?)
Girls throwing themselves at him. I’ll never understand why that always happens, no matter how awful the person is.

Misty Beethoven

For the same reason women send love letters to incarcerated serial killers.


So there’s 20,000 zakiyahs in the world? That’s a scary thought.

Paulie should go into hiding

I just went on his Facebook page again and I’m not seeing any of that….in fact very few comments. Maybe when he first signed up and people found out who his brother people clicked to follow his page. I’m seeing no fanfare there at all.


Now that all that’s left is the waiting I have changed my pick for this season’s winner. I wanted Paul but now I hope James wins. He hasn’t played well and he had one of the worst (but not THE worst) showmaces and his stupid pranks began to stink worse than old fish on day 30 BUT Nic and Paul’s non stop delusional, arrogant, mean spirited. two faced, patting themselves on the back taking credit for things they did not do cr@ppola sh*t talk has me really disliking them. The term grace under pressure is definitely lost on them. I no longer care about game play and would like to see the least sh*tty person win. Plus I would like to see either Paul or Nic do one final backstab of the other and pick James for F2.


I agree that I would like to see one final back stab too! But, I don’t think James should win because he’s the “least shitty” person. He was and is sooooooooooo boring. He didn’t do anything this entire game. I think Paul and Nic are only shitting on him because they want to go to F2 and know that he hasn’t really burned any bridges. Except for Bridgette. He will automatically have Meech and Nats vote against either of them. Then probably whoever leaves 3rd… he will get their vote too. Where Paul and Nic know for sure they each have 1 vote. I don’t get all the complaining about shyt talking. It’s the end of the show lol and there really isn’t anything else for them to talk about…. you can always just wait until finale night to watch if you don’t like it at all. 🙂 Not like any hard core strategic conversations are going to happen.

Just here for the entertainment

Paul & Nic might have something nice to say about James if he would just get off his lazy ass and do some kind of campaigning to them to be taken to the end.

Yes, they know he’s basically a nice guy but lacks intelligent verbal manipulating skills…..but geez say something!

Beg, cry give them something to make them at least consider taking you..

The sit around and mope technique is making them think you don’t care so why should they.


I would agree that Paul should just be straight up with James…. not like he can do anything. He’s not playing in the final HOH. But… James wanted to blindside people all season… so I really don’t feel that bad for him. He even wanted to blindside Paul and Vic at one point. The only reason I think Paul should be straight up with him is because he may be able to get his vote…… Especially if Nicole wins the final HOH and does take Paul… that might seem like a back stab to James.


I’m not sure about that — many enjoy a good blindside — but wasn’t it James that tipped off several people ahead of time they were getting evicted kind of spoiling the actual live moment? And these were folks getting evicted on someone else’s HOH so was it even his place to tip them off? I could be wrong, but the only person James felt ok blindsiding was Victor, and that was because he was afraid of him. As a spectator I really felt most of James pranks were lame, annoying and messy and his little prank sidekick Nat just made it more lame and repetitive. If James is sitting on the edge of his seat this week well it is what it is – Big Brother.

Pablo from jury



Listening to Nicole and Paul talking about Corey’s flawless game, really?!?Corey was blank space until his final 2 weeks. And Nicole really thinks she played the entire game. This girl is seriously delusional. She has been playing the game the last few weeks, but for over 2 months she didn’t do SHIT!


Hopefully Nichole wins final hoh & takes James to the end. I honestly don’t think Nichole can beat Paul, he was a target, pawn & knew when to jump ship (teams) – plus he is a good talker. James on the other hand, not such a great talker, he wouldn’t be prepared in his speech, he really didn’t play a good game.

Life Lesson

Total BS: Talking about the inconsistencies with Natalie’s stories
Nicole – she told me she dances on tables and makes out with a lot of people when she drinks.. I’m pretty sure this isn’t true. Sounds like Nicole might be a little green. LOL


Of course she is jealous of Nat! She doesn’t connect with other girls because she is the type that needs all the males’ attention. She was always playing with all the guys’ hair, and it was so obvious how much she loved it when Victor fawned all over her. And when both Paul and Vic were going on about what a sweetheart she was, it was so sickening because she was just eating it up! She was jealous of Natalie because Nat would also flirt with all of the guys and get their attention, especially Corey’s. When Z got mad at her for flirting with Paulie she couldn’t understand why but that was how she always reacted when she thought Nat was flirting with Corey. Which BTW, in response to her excuse to Z, I have never seen a sister run her fingers through a brother’s hair like she claims she does all the time.

I am so over Production casting such insecure women on this show!


Does anyone know if they still think today is the last day? Will the fact that they still have ONE MORE day affect them in any way – especially Nicole?

Wonder why BB has kept them in the dark?