“you’ll feel like a A-list celebrity for about… a couple hours”

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 ?
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 20-10-30-410

8:09pm James and his friend

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 20-37-58-122

8:30pm James and Paul London room
James can’t figure out how to spell Joeza. He’s been hunting around the house looking for something with his name on it. Paul tells him it’s JOse (knowing it’s Joeza)
James- she know she has to win against you..
James- she made clear.. I’m not taking paul I would never take paul .. But this was before corey so she’s feeling the same way about you
Paul – I wouldn’t expect her to take me..
James- she knows she has to win
Paul – Okay good..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 21-41-43-950

9:07pm Speculation about part 2 of the final HOH. Nicole thinks it’ll be tomorrow but then 2 minutes later says it could be tonight when it’s cool
Nicole – gets hot outside
James – get’s out in those streets..
Paul is going to pass out.
Nicole says he’ll get called into the Diary room right before
Paul – because I’ll probably announce it
Nicole – ya
Nicole – I’m shocked I thought it wouldn’t be till 2pm
Paul – it’s a big setup..
Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 21-44-50-825

9:41pm final 3 in the tokyo room talking about the season.
James goes on about Natalie always thinking he had an alliance with Nicole. Adds that Natalie was pissed about the guys alliance earlier in the season.
Nicole bring sup Michelle making up “the advancemen” alliance and blamed it on Tiffany.
Paul – so technically Tiffany was innocent..
Nicole – ya
Paul – that’s f*** up and we made her out as this crazy f**
Nicole says Tiffany did say some crazy stuff
James- Paulie (They are talking about Paulie) did not want Tiffany in this house.. He was threatened by her because the way her sister played.. He saw similarities in her game play he said we need to clip her now.
Paul – I bet Paulie is the most upset in jury house
James- I think Natalie.. Not more than Paulie

James says he was the one that mainly betrayed Paulie. James says he heard Paulie was throwing his name out there, “we were allied together I shouldn’t hear my name.. “
Paul says the fact his name was very close to Paulie screwed him because people would tell stories but mix the names up. And Paulie was running around throwing names left and right “Names lost in translations… Emphasis on the E mother f*** we’re two people”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 22-06-17-041

10:03pm Bathroom James and Paul
James talks about what it’s like when you leave the game
JAme s- you go straight from Big brother to civilization real fast..
James- you’ll feel like a A-list celebrity for about… a couple hours..
Paul – you rub icy hot on your balls i’ll give you 500 dollars
James – for real
PAul – you got to really rub it on

Paul says he’s excited to meet other BB houseguests “Share stories.. share experiences and shit ”

James- you know what I was excited for when I left BB whenever I say a Check marked with my name ..
Paul – Vacation.. that happened right when you got off
Jame s- months and months..
Paul – I wouldn’t mind that but I need your help with that one
James- I got you man

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 22-15-04-985

10:17pm Paul and James cards.. Nicole sleeping

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-16 22-33-41-047

Paul – f*** I’m going commando..
James- no way

They start talking about porno’s. James says that’s that must be the craziest thing working in the porn industry..
Paul tells a story about a girl he knew in Community college that was “Fine” and was doing porn movies.

10:50pm All feeds on a sleeping Nicole…

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My Two Cents

I REALLY hope that at come point James and Nicole end up having a conversation about what Paulie is telling each of them about the other.

oh yeah why

sorry just saying that seems an odd thing to REALLY care about

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Lets just worry about winning AFP for Victor.


I know right?!? How dare Paul try to play the game.
Go lay down in bed Paul!!! That’s what we all cheer for!!


A lot can happen in five days


You are confusing PAUL with PAULIE. Did you even bother reading this post before making a ridiculous comment??


Why? James never played the game, he’s on summer vacation stalking a girl. All he cares about its AFP, which he’ll never get again.
Paul is doing what he is there for, playing the game!!!!

Franks fumes

But Paulie is busy creeping out everybody in jury……


Nicole wouldn’t. Both Nicole & Paul are lying to each other as well as James. Both of them know the next competition they are in is crucial


I can’t figure it out. Why would James be so loyal to Paul? First of all, James got rid of Paulie because Bridgette planted some bull in Natalie’s ear that Paulie wanted James out, so she could get rid of Paulie. And Paul wanted Paulie, who saved him over and over again, out. But is James really on Paul side in F3? If so, he’s really disappointing since he and Nicole are friends inside and out of the house.

Guy From Canada

Yeah, from Jury house……


Why? Nicole already knows Paul told James he would take him.

Another Hillary Lie

The decision on who you bring with you to the final is going to be huge this year. I would want to be the person who won the final HOH comp. I think that looks good to the jurors.


And I hope that conversation is immediately after Paul wins the game!


From the jury house??


I think BBAD said they were just finishing up a comp before it switched to live feeds after about an hour.
Does anyone know what it was for?


They had the second comp – starting around 11:30 or so? Nicole won. I’m sure Simon or Dawg will update soon – they’re always on top of everything!


His name’s Paul. Emphasis on the E.

just wundering

So did they have HOH part 2? Can’t tell from the boys’ convos…

My Two Cents

Dang. One too many Crown and Cokes tonight! What I *meant* to say was: I REALLY hope that at SOME point James and Nicole end up having a conversation about what PAUL is telling each of them about the other.


Do we know why bbad was showing CBS episodes for an hour tonight? As far as I can tell, there was no part 2 competition.


the key to a really delicious “crispy” fry is to double fry them.. the first round is to quickly blanch the fries cooking them about 3/4 of the way.. you then need to let them rest.. the second round is where you get the nice crispy exterior while leaving the inside nice and fluffy.. salt them immediately so the salt really “sticks” to the fry.. personally i also like finely ground black pepper and salt combined.. or for a special treat add finely chopped garlic and/or good high quality parmesan for a real michelin star experience!!!

Glad he's gone

Watching tonight’s Memory episode just reinforced how much I dislike Paulie. He truly comes across as a really ugly person.


Who won? Also what’s up with after dark thought it was live? When they got sushi Paul said it was 10:30 on Wednesday but it was Thursday and it said live up top then tonight after it showed an old episode and they went live then came back from a commercial and its back to an episode is it because they are in bed? I should of got live access I know but can anyone tell me what’s going on please?!


They didn’t get sushi on Wednesday bc that was the day of the live eviction (Corey evicted). They got sushi on Thursday night, so if Paul said “Wednesday” he must have misspoken bc it was most certainly around 10:30 on Thursday pst.
As for BBAD, it is almost always live – except for last Monday when they had a pretaped show (that was the day Vic evicted even though we didn’t see it on TV until Tuesday). Last night, the show was live but at some point the HGs went to bed. At around 11pm, the HGs were woken up for the second HOH comp. That is why BBAD suddenly switched to showing an old episode. Neither the first nor second parts of the final HOH comps were shown on the feeds – we got mostly boring Jeff interviews.
HOH Part 1 – Paul won
HOH Part 2 – Nicole won
For what it’s worth, I have the feeds and they are great for providing access to all conversations and subtle interactions as they are happening -which can’t all be conveyed in a recap or on a blog site. However, I don’t blame someone one bit for not wanting to have to pay a monthly fee for them – or not wanting that kind of distraction all day long. You shouldn’t have to buy the feeds to have access to this information.


What’s going on with after dark? Does anyone know who won part 2?


Nicole. The feeds came back around 1:45 am.


I couldnt believe nobody evicted that horrible looking beard.


What is going on with after dark? Who won part 2?

all they do is sleep

What’s going on with after dark? Who won part 2? Should’ve gotten live access!


I think all 3 are deserving of winning.
James: His big moves are taking out Frank. Was instrumental in getting Paulie out, and got Victor out for the 2nd time, but didn’t anticipate him coming back. Kept him and Natalie safe until final 6. Kept the target off himself and social game is on point.
Paul: Survived the block 6 times, worked his way from the bottom to the top. Biggest move was getting Davonne out and Corey by winning the important HOH and Veto to get to final 3.
Nicole: Only getting nominated once towards the end at final 4. Biggest move was winning HOH and Veto and turned on Paul and Victor to vote Victor out.

I feel Paul has played a bit better game, but I am rooting for James more, but don’t mind any of the 3 winning.

Lying Hillary Left Our Men To Die In Benghazi

All valid points. I think the vote will be close this year.

Ratchet Davonne

Vic should be in the final three.


James is disgusting, doesn’t deserve to be on the show. All he cares about is AFP which he isn’t getting.


Day was never Paul’s target; Paulie wanted her out and Paulie was the ringleader in getting Day out even though Paul was the HOH

Reality Check

Paul, do you know James will do anything for money? Rubbing icy hots on James’ privates? Just give him the money.

Unlike other seasons, this final three is quite intrigue because nobody seems to know who is taking which person to final 2.

Jimmy 64

If we find out that James threw another competition then everybody
vote for Victor for America ‘s favorite player . Because James you don’t
deserve it.

Vote vic !

Should be voting for victor anyways because James is a complete classless sleazebag who hasn’t done anything this season!

not a fan of anyone

I seem to remember that in Nicoles 1st season she was just as mean and nasty about all the ladies as she was this season. She only started to treat Victoria decent when all her allies were gone. Nicole and Christen trashed all the females in the house until they had a falling out. She is just as bad this year.


All the girls trash talked each other. Natalie and Michelle still hate in Nicole. The guys did the same this season.


Big brother better be doing better than this on their next casting.


I agree. BB please stop casting millionaires, famous people, police profilers, really? Give the average person a chance from all demographics that need the prize.. And stop with the youth parade, the most entertaining seasons have been with people in the 20s through 50’s.


I sure hope big brother does better on their next casting.


Hey simon and dawg, have they been cutting out feeds on personal stories, I have noticed this season they been Changing cameras when people start personal stories more than ever on bbad


Paul better win this game. The other 2 had their chances before and really did nothing this season to deserve 500K.

Paul & Victor fought tooth and nail to get this far.

Paul for 500K and Victor for America’s Favourite.

Marvin Gaye

We are fools and have been had by CBS once again!!! It’s so obvious that it will be a Nicole n James Final two….. PAUL HAS PUT UP A BIG FIGHT THOUGH I MUST SAY!!! Your only Hope is to win the final HOH ( part3 ) Paul! Stop all the scheming.,,

Facts of Life

If Paul doesn’t win part three and takes who ever, James or Nicole, he’s going out of the game 3rd place I fear.


OMG this crap wont end.
Worst big brother season ever.
A house full of frankies would be better than this.


If you hate Big brother then your options don’t really matter. What did you do this summer? Sit behind your computer and say nasty things about people?


Well I didnt watch Big brother thats for sure.
I check here to see whos evicted every now and then thats it big brother US has fallen so far I doubt i’ll even check here.
The show annoys the hell out of me now.


I hate james face.

Paul's Beard

Paul should win! James & Nicole are floating so hard they’re middle names are life vest.

BB fan for life

Anxiously waiting for final HOH comp, James will be in final 2. Paul and Nicole will both take him if they win. I’m hoping for Paul to win the whole thing! I wanted to see Corey enter the jury house last night. Next year there needs to be some interesting ppl in the house. I want a crossover from BB to survivor and James needs to be one of them! VICTOR for AFP!!!!

Only can wish

It seems like it’s taking forever for BB to be over. No one can get mad at each other because they each have promise to take the other to Final 2. We just have to see how it’s played out. I hope Paul doesn’t get robbed and not get in the Final 2. He does have a big problem with his mouth, but that doesn’t have anything to do with his game play. There isn’t a certain way BB should be played, but how can anyone respect James game play. He threw comps and consider himself a proud floater.and he’s a vet. If Nicole doesn’t take Paul just because she doesn’t like him is lame.

Paulie's gone already :)

Do you mean Paul?

Arrgh Paul!!

Paul taught James the wrong spelling for names. There is no doubt he is bringing Nicole to Final 2 :'(

Go James

Win in for Natalie and she will marry you!


Has any past player achieved celebrity status above and beyond the Big Brother and reality TV communities?


Dr. Will. He not only is a successful doctor, he was been on a few shows removing tattoos, etc. I forgot his name, but one of the hunks that won was a regular of RH of Miami. He’s some real estate mover and shaker there.


Nicole won 2nd HOH comp.


Paul or Paulie? (Just teasing)

“Paul says the fact his name was very close to Paulie screwed him because people would tell stories but mix the names up. And Paulie was running around throwing names left and right “Names lost in translations… Emphasis on the E mother f*** we’re two people”



Lying Hillary Diving in the Polls & on her Face

I just put in 20 more votes for Victor to be America’s Favorite Player.

Nicole for the win

I can’t figure out her play yet but I would be surprised if she takes Paul though. She played the best game and could easily beat either guys (especially with the angry feminist jury)

Anthony Shares His Weiner

Isn’t it spelled Jozea?


Paulie isn’t there.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Paul – “you rub icy hot on your balls i’ll give you 500 dollars.”

If Paul wins I can see him blowing through the money pretty quickly.

Lying Hillary Diving in the Polls & on her Face

I wonder if part two is going to be the face morph comp?

Anoher Liberal Loser

Victor is almost leading the AFP poll on this site. it is a dead heat. Go Victor.


Does anyone know when the live feeds go down for the season?

Froot Loop Dingus

This exchange sums James up completely:

Paul – you rub icy hot on your balls i’ll give you 500 dollars
James – for real

He’s a creepy weirdo that will do or say anything to get people’s attention and a fame/money whore. A weasel and pretty much a stalker perv…That is unless you watch the CBS edit that’s trying to push him as AFP. Then he’s a fun loving love struck hero who got wronged by the cheerleader. Ugh!

It’s ridiculous. I’d much rather see Nicole win than that clown…

Although I’m definitely pulling for Paul to win and Vic as AFP. Voting every day!


Nicole plz don’t be stupid . Take James to the end.