Nicole “I do not want to take James to final 2 because he does not even deserve 50K!”

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 Nicole
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 18-50-09-870

4:55pm Nicole – I can’t believe I am still here. Playing in the final HOH of the whole summer. I feel like I did play like a vet. Nicole – there were only 4 vets and 2 of them are still here. That’s pretty impressive. Nicole is using the cards to determine her jury votes. Nicole – I need to think very carefully about this stuff. Natalie will not vote for my no matter what .. so she’s a lost cause. Bridgette might vote for me because she told Paul she is rooting for him … if .. I think Bridgette will vote for me if I’m against.. James. I think I’ll have that vote. Paul joins her. She comments on how she only has half the deck. Paul – he (James) is sh*tting his pants. He told me I think we should just leave her (Nicole) alone. I think she is just trying to get into the zone. When he said I think we should just leave her alone.. I was thinking you motherf**ker. He is f**king nervous. Paul goes to get the other half of the deck.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 18-43-29-562

5:05pm Nicole goes back to talking to herself about jury votes. I do not want to take James to final 2 because he does not even deserve 50K. And if he beats me I am going to be livid! I don’t know what his edit is …if he is a mastermind .. because he is the furthest thing from a mastermind. He literally slept all summer, chased Natalie around, did moves for Natalie, didn’t do anything strategically to help his game. Just perceived as a weak player. Its not a Dan, Derrick game. I cannot give him that credit because I figured it out! No one figured out Dan or Derricks game. He back stabbed everybody. AND he begged everyone to vote him out. You cannot give someone 50K who begged for it. Paul would have to not vote bitter. He would have to vote for me and Vic would have to vote for me. I do deserve it more. That doesn’t mean they won’t vote bitter .. there are bitter juries all the time. Vic is closer to me. Paul comes back out and says he can’t find the cards. James said he is concerned for your mental health. Paul – I’m going to be concerned for his mental health in a few days. Nicole – this guy is not 32 years old! Nicole goes to get the other half of the card from James.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 18-08-03-128
5:10pm – 6:30pm James is cleaning the counter by brushing everything off on to the floor. Nicole joins him and say you don’t have to clean. We’ll help in a bit. But I would appreciate the other half of the deck. (James hide half of the deck of cards.) James says I’ll give you a hint .. BRRRRR! Nicole looks in the freezer. James – I’ll give you another hint .. small and BRRRR! Nicole looks in the fridge. Nicole looks in the fridge. James – Outside and BRRR! Nicole goes to look in the fridge outside.

Paul joins her and they play a card game. James joins them and they all play cards. After cards – Paul and James play a game of pool. James – I had a lot of heart ache in this house. A lot of L’s. Paul – L’s? James – a lot of losses. Paul – I thought Zakiyah was fine but not my type of girl. I thought Bronte was too but also not my type of girl. No one was my type in here.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 18-14-38-145

6:30pm – 7pm In the kitchen – Nicole is cleaning and doing the dishes. James and Paul join her and start helping. James says I did this part. Nicole – yeah you just took everything off and put it some where else. They all clean together.

7pm – 8:20pm They finish cleaning and then cook dinner. Big Brother gave them Jenga so they play it out in the backyard. Nicole goes to get the rules and comes back out. She tells them they were forgetting to put them back on top.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 20-16-40-555

8:30pm Nicole heads to bed. Paul and James play pool.

8:40pm James and Paul get into the hot tub. James tells Paul – do your best and knock this sh*t out. Paul – yeah.

9:30pm James is packing his bag and ironing his dress shirt. He then heads to bed. Paul has a shower and then heads out into the backyard to lay in the hammock.
10pm Nicole gets back up to shower. Paul goes to the diary room and finds a card. He heads back to the bathroom to tell Nicole. Nicole says she had wished it was a bottle of wine. Nicole asks if its cool? Paul says its just as cool as the last one. Paul goes to wake up James to read them the card.

10:05pm – 10:10pm Paul reads the card. “Hey house guests smile! You’re on big brother after dark. POP fans wanted you to have a little treat tonight! Enjoy decorating orwell night owl cookies. From Orwell’s Night Owl’s!”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 22-07-12-898

10:10pm – 10:35pm They head to the kitchen to make cookies. They make the cookies but had to add flour to them because big brother gave them the wrong cookie dough. They check on them in the oven and they’ve blown up so big they take up the whole pan.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 22-09-34-526

They decorate the cookies. Nicole goes to bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-17 22-33-30-964

11pm – 11:35pm James and Paul head out into the backyard to play pool. Nicole gets up again because she can’t sleep. She heads outside to get in the hot tub. She sits in the hot tub for a five minutes and then heads back inside to go back to bed.

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my therapist told me we often hate in others the very things we see in ourselves.. take a look in the mirror nicole


I thought you were going to tell “some” of the posters to look in the mirror.
You know like the saying about casting the first stone or judge not least ye be judged. That certainly applies to the HGS too.
Just saying what popped into my head when I started reading your post.

Just End It Already

why do they feel the need to drag out this borefest just do the comps and end it already its painful watching them have to wake these guys up to make cookies to try and keep america entertained


Is Nicole secretly a self proclaimed billionaire running for President?
Accusing her rival of doing exactly what she’s been doing all summer?

1 out of 3 Clinton Supporters is as Dumb as the Other 2

There sure is a lot of Nicole haters here. I think I may be the only one pulling for her on this entire site. Nothing against James and Paul but I want a woman to win and I think she is as deserving as the other two people left.

Yo bro

Paul is awesome I work at a Benz shop a 2005 Chrysler crossfire is like 18,000 so if he even bought it used 5 years ago like 35,000 bad a$$ roadster they only sold like 11000 in the US. I bet dude has a kick a$$ SUV to cause he told the guys he would drive to clubs and the crossfire only seats 2. His house fing rocks too. I heard he is still secretly dating Oana Gregory he just didn’t want to be a douche like Frankie and brag. He does have a different life than the other fools. Our boys got money,s hot a$$ girlfriend and he is better than he others. He is 23 and got money how bout you. So if he doesn’t want to really hang with them after stfw I want to be him!! He should win because he is a winner and these fools do as he says.

Blame James

Well the game is dying out..and most of the posters on here have gone to shit.
Im done with posting, and BBAD and will just watch finale
Simon and Dawg thanks for all the updates, you guys are great, and deserve a bigger tip jar

Hillary Dresses Like Kim Jung-un

Nicole is just saying what Paul wants to hear. She would take James to the final.

Vote Victor for AFP!


If Nicole happens to win and James ends up beating her, I would literally be dead from laughing so hard.


To Hillary Dresses…
Sometimes with the type of names that make me laugh I get confused whether to give a thumbs up for the name or a thumbs down for the comments.
Glad I wasn’t drinking my coffee when I read it. : )

Two Faces of Nicole

Good post.. Nicole absolutely is not owning or recognizing that she is everything she criticizes others for. Claims James has played s dirty game ,not staying true to his promises. She lied and turned on all alliances she was in. James slept all season. Nicole and Corey were in bed not playing the game until last few weeks. Claims to not want to be in a sexual relationship on tv all the while having sex with Corey (bet her family loves seeing that all over YouTube) I read that Hayden and Nicole were still working on their relationship when she went in the house and she had made promises to him. Trash talks Natalie for being flirtatious while she was encouraging Vic and flirting. Acting like she is sweet, sincere, innocent while trash talking James and others constantly. Extremely jealous of other girls. Just to name a few of her inconsistent behaviors. Nicole is not the sweet innocent girl she wants you to believe.


Nicole was not encouraging Victor. Victor was all over her and she didn’t want to upset him in that house. It was borderline harassment. Corey said it at least two times that Victor was inappropriate. What is Nicole suppose to do in the circumstance of the game. He was flinging her over his shoulder and waaayyy too much. He seems like a nice guy, though too cocky, but his actions were over the top. Don’t blame Nicole.


Ok so I know u posted this long agooooooo but do you remember where u read that nicole and hayden were still working on their relationship when she went in the house???? was it his friends? also what promises did she make to hayden i have always been curious at to why it did not work.


Nicole hater – I’d say the same thing to you hypocrite


Spot on. The irony of someone writing that post while having absolutely no self-awareness of how it might apply to themselves. If anything, maybe we can cut the HGs some slack in that the game brings out the worst in people, and paranoia along with cognitive distortions is par for the course. But sitting in the comfort of our homes trashing these people is more likely to be driven by some root insecurity of our own.

Hillary The Wicked Witch of the Left

Right on Winterfell. Ned Stark would be proud of you.


This is a site to discuss the HG game play which includes human behavior also. It is a social experiment with many personalities and interactions. A lot of the observations by posters actually are factual.

Holding My tongue

Can we talk about game not the personal lives of the houseguest. Yes Nicole played her game personally and laid around with Corey. Who gives a fuck if she’s a snake, liar, whore, female hater, complainer, hypocrite, cat lady, two faced, backstabber, in love or obsessed with Corey. Oh well if Corey dumps her or not. Give it a rest already. Nobody can be perfect all the time. Everyone in the house laid low. They are playing a game for $500,000 and it’s not real life. What Corey and Nicole did under the freakin sheets it’s their business and obviously they will deal with that after the show. I’m sure social media will be just as awful to them. Almost everyone’s morals went out the window once they enter the house. No one played a perfect game. Every person in that house has flaws and nobody is perfect. Let it go that your favorite went home. I got over it. Victor was my pick to win but he got 3 chances to stay and got eliminated. I wasn’t happy but I didn’t personally attach the ones responsible for it because the truth is Vic was a threat and money is on the line. You got to backstab people in order to win. I will say that the only person I really dislike is Michelle because I genuinely think how shes acted on the show is how she truly is as a person on the inside. But I still won’t bash her because I don’t know her and neither do any of us know these people. All the houseguest got sent home for a reason and it wasn’t in the best interest for us as viewers but it is what it is. Nicole equally deserves to be in the final three just as much as James, Paul or any other cast member.

Big Guth Trump

Does Nicole work out or train for the physical comps? I remember Corey saying something to Nicole about running, but she declined and then he said with a serious face “your true colours are showing” upon which she burst into tears. He chased her down to apologize, saying it was just a joke. She said it was the worst thing he could have said to her. But I’ve never seen or heard any mention of her, James or Paul exercising hard. Do any of you live feeders know the extent to which they train, if at all? I was surprised to see Nicole upright so long during the butter challenge. ;-0


Nicole says she works out by running at least 7miles on days she’s not working. Nicole is petite and her legs are naturally toned. She doesn’t lift weights like someone like Natalie who has toned physique. But I think Nicole is just one of those people that don’t need to workout but have a lot of strength without trying especially her legs.


I think Nicole threw all the physical endurance comps. Hayden is a personal trainer and Calebs wife Ashleyjayfitness gave her tips on exercising. How in the heck are her legs so nice and toned without exercising? It’s weird she hasn’t worked out all summer in the backyard like all the guys or Natalie and Bridgette did. She did really good in the double eviction veto and came in second place after Cory.

Big Guth Trump

Thanks for the replies! I’m amazed she did so well in the butter challenge without working out the past couple of months. That must’ve been a deliberate decision so she’d look weak and non-threatening to the others. But Corey probably was worried near the end that she’d be unable to keep him safe by winning an endurance HOH.


No problem


She is so messed up she believes her own bs unbelievably


the key to a perfect blt is perfect ratios and recognizing its 5 ingredients are all of equal importance.. the bread i prefer the highest quality sf sourdough lightly toasted let it cool.. the mayonnaise dont underestimate the importance of quality only use the highest grade mayo you can get your hands on spread generously on both slices.. the bacon use the absolute highest quality center cut bacon lightly sprinkle with brown sugar and finely ground black pepper fry till crispy and let rest place 3 pieces on each slice.. the lettuce i prefer romaine but any high quality organic lettuce fresh as possible and chilled so its extra crispy place a good of amount of lettuce evenly so you get a nice bit of texture in each bite.. the tomatoes i prefer organic heirlooms but again any organic high quality tomato chilled sliced thin and slightly underripe so their crisp as possible.. put it all together and enjoy the simplest yet most delicious sandwich out there my friends and family simply cannot get enough and its beyond a huge hit every single time enjoy!!!

The Devil Wears Pantsuits

Twenty more votes logged for Victor.


lol no idea why your posting this but must admit it sounds absolutely delicious the sugar and pepper bacon is how they serve it at grub in hollywood its top chef bettys cafe and they call it “crack bacon”


Please don’t encourage commenters like YesPlease.


You’re just a high quality guy! When it comes to a BLT by all means you have to have high quality! Because high quality, it’s the best!

BB18 Worst Season

Well the end of the game has brought out the weirdos on here…SMH..

At this point, the only redeeming point for this grossmance enriched..lack of strategic players..drama filled season is if Victor wins AFP.. and Paul makes it to final 2…

Looking forward to more jury clips, and their questions on finale night.

Hillary Clinton: No Cigar

I agree with more jury clips and Victor for AFP.

MEGA hypocrite..

Nicole is!!

She points 1 finger at James (whom I abhor as well) for playing the weak card AND not deserving to win, BUT all four other fingers are directed at her.

She admitted to Corey on live feeds she’s been playing all along.

Arrrrgh, she gets on my nerves, I avoid watching live feeds now becos of her.


Your thumb typically points down or forward. If it’s pointing back at you, that’s weird.

Paul needs next win

Wow, Nicole is quite the actress with Paul. Through her comments here those of you posting the last few days that she wouldn’t take Paul to finale were sure right. I’d love to see Paul win and vote Nicole out now to teach her a lesson but I don’t think James deserves a thing from this game and I’d love to see him leave with nothing. That’s where I’m torn. I don’t want to see Nicole or James in F2.

Hillary Lies Matter

T’m with you. team Paul for the win.


LOL What a slob
Was James this foul mouth and sloppy the 1st go round on bb??






Nicole just starting playing the game two weeks ago. She sure has been getting a big ego lately. She asks what James has done all season, for one thing James has been protecting her all season. She has become this snob with James likes he is beneath her lately. She has snapped at him, talks behind his back and also told Paul that she wants to make James sweat. James did nothing but protect her .

Hillary Lied Four People Died

I’m beginning to think that the winner of the final HOH is going to have a big advantage with the jury.

I just added 20 votes to the Victor total at CBS.

Corey's Handjob

OMG…Nicole i miss you!!!


I CAN’T STAND NICOLE, however, I think she is only saying that crap about James to throw Paul off!


I sure hope so! Im not liking how shes not letting james know the truth. Not to mention all this bad mouthing everytime he turns his back. I wish he knew. Its pretty sad!


wish it was wednesday already

Laws Are For Little People-Hillary Clinton

I wonder what strategy James will be trying to cook up the next four days?

Double D

Nicole…If you take Paul you lose. If you take James you have a 60-40 chance to win. Don’t make a $450,000 mistake.

Even Bill Doesn't Want Hillary

Bingo. Nicole needs to win and choose James.

If James goes to the final 2 Vic wins America’s Favorite.


The fact that we even have to worry that James might actually win AFP is an embarrassment to mankind and society as a whole.

Vic for AFP

The final two players can win AFP, there are no longer any restrictions. James hasn’t got a chance though, his fan base is dying fast.

Fact Check

Just look at the James poll numbers on this site and you can see you are wrong about the support for James. Just think what the average viewers think after watching the CBS coverage of James.

James not popular

James might have been popular at first, he’s fading fast. What this guy really is about has come out. I rarely read good things about him. He disgusts me.


What fan base? The only “fan” James has is his baby’s momma. She wants the deadbeat to pay for HIS daughter. And since he talks like he’s the father of the year, why does he live in a different time zone than her?


If Nicole and James are the final 2 on a season of big brother it will be a travesty. A slap in the face to every worthy player.

I mean is this really what the game has turned into? You lay in bed the entire game, chase around your showmance like a love sick high schooler, and make it to final two? Smh horrible if that’s the case. Not the big brother I grew up watching at all.


So James is still annoying people with pranks (hiding half the cards) even though he knows his only hope is for one of the others to drag him along to F2. If I were in the house, I would be so sick of his pranks by now. How many times did he put salt in somebody’s water? After a while it just isn’t funny.

Hillary Wipes the Server

He thinks it is going to win him America’s Favorite Houseguest votes.

Just Wow!

I really haven’t cared for Nicole this entire season. Ditsy and so whiny are common behaviors with her in both seasons, shomances both seasons…oh and how many comps has she won? I hope to hell she loses, her saying this about James when she was in bed with Corey the whole summer. She is a shameful player and I hope like hell she never comes on another BB season.

I Dont Get It

why do you waste so much time upvoting all your own posts its weird and makes you seem super insecure


So you think they “up voted” their own post 190 times? How is that even possible?


Okay, so once the final houseguest goes into jury there will be 10….so does this mean the earlier poster got it right that it will be between the three of them?

That would be totally unfair to Paul and Nicole, because you have to agree, they really did pull out all the stops (Nicole more so towards the end) to stay in the house. I honestly do not think James deserves any more money than he has received for this stint.

The guy is still delusional thinking he had any kind of relationship with Natalie other than Friendship

No Name

If there’s a tie (5 to 5) then the 2 finalized will compete against each other to make a fire.

The first to successfully make a fire that burns the twine wins.


I think Paul and victor would be great on the amazing race!

But wait...

James has said his game play was built on a social game, and he was doing his best to avoid winning whenever possible, and to do his best to get along. While we may have found it boring, it is a type style of playing the game. I want to see someone fight for the win, but if he can convince the jury that the reason he got to the end was because of the bonds he formed with the jury members on the way out, then maybe he is just as deserving as others. However, if next years Big Brother continues to have floaters, like James, Natalie, Nicole, and Corey, then I will not watch it. It just makes it too boring.

Two Faces of Nicole

Realistically neither Nicole or James deserve to be final 2. Nicole didn’t play any better than James. Her 2 HOH’s were given to her. She has only won recently. Her game was being played out under the covers with Corey all season. She followed Corey around just as much as James stuck to Natalie. James had her back. Nicole has taken advantage of James Loyality and now she drags him through the mud. Shame on her:(


Paulie, Z, Bridgette, Natalie, DA, Michele, Victor, Corey……….That’s 8….& whoever gets evicted makes 9.
Not sure where you get 10 from??


Big brother NEVER has an even numbered jury! That would make zero sense. Lol

Hillary's IT Team Pleads the Fifth

I think the year Chima was kicked out of the house they gave America her vote so there wouldn’t be a tie.


Funny……the sssssssssssssnake is trying to count! She needs cards to count. She’s getting quite obnoxious. She better take James because if she takes Paul….her dream of $500K is over.

Paul better take James. He won’t have the votes over Nicole.

I love this show! Can’t figure out who’s taking who!!!

Mr. Jenkins

You just contradicted yourself. You first argued that Nicole will lose to Paul if she takes him, yet the next sentence you say that She will beat Paul lol.

Also, its very common for the HG’s to use random objects to count eviction votes, jury votes, etc… It definitely helpful for the visual/more tactile learners.

Snake charming worksssssss

The snake charmer (Paul) has mesmerized Nicole into believing everything that Paul has been saying about James. Where just a few days ago she thought he was one of the nicest guys in the house.
She’s mostly repeating Paul’s derogatory statements that he’s been saying over and over again. Sort of like having the Stockholm syndrome.


are believing what the other is saying at this point. They will each take James in the end and James knows it. The pre season alliance Nic and James had is unspoken. They know they will take each other to the end and already know they are not to speak about in the house.
Paulie, Nicole & James are together preseason…plus each had the showmance adding 3 more votes…one would surly win. Crap season if not for Vic N Paul.


What kind of girl would be Paul’s type?
Nicole is pretty funny. She made me laugh when she said James has done nothing but sleep and chase Natalie around the house. Ummmm hellllloooooooo!?! Anyone in there ssssssssssss? Oh sssssssssss you’ve done exactly that though … Please try to remember that if in fact you do make it to final two …. It’s not going over well being you chased Borey around and slept (if ya wanna call it that) under the covers with your snake charmer. Sssssssssss it may make the jury laugh though.
Paul please win the final HOH it’s the only way you’ll make it to the final. Vic for AFP! Vote 20 times a day!


Paul would like hot girls with tattoos, especially one of his face & little Pablo.


Nicole says, “He literally slept all summer, chased Natalie around, did moves for Natalie, didn’t do anything strategically to help his game. Just perceived as a weak player”. Seriously Nicole? That is exactly what you did this summer with Corey! Delusional!


Can either of the winners…1st or 2nd place…also win AFP? I’ve only been watching for a few years but I don’t think it’s happened during that time. Anyone?


I was just talking about this to a friend the other day and she looked it up and according to what she found you can win both. For the record – I don’t think it was always like that and Nicole has made it sound like she thinks you can’t.


I believe how it works is 1rst or 2nd cannot win AFP, it will be the next person in line to receive it.


This is what we found:
” Originally, the prize was only limited to jury members in Big Brother All Stars, Big Brother 9, and Big Brother 10, where it was called the America’s Choice Jury Prize. Since Big Brother 11, all houseguests are eligible to win the prize and Fan Favorite Award was been changed to America’s Favorite Houseguest. The winner of the award receives $25,000. Viewers can currently vote for whom they wish to win via online.”

Hillary The Wicked Witch of the Left

That is good info but I’m voting Victor everyday for AFP.


I wish BB would add up all of the time Nicole spent laying in bed, the hammock, the bumper cars and on the couch with Corey! Better yet, tell her on the live finale and see her reaction!


I’m sure someone on Twitter has and will send it to her. People on there are ruthless.

Hillary's Broomstick

Tell me about it.

Adora Borealis

James hid the cards in the freezer? Nicole and Paul deserve a special award just for having to put up with the Gremlin’s “funny pranks” (otherwise known as “pathetic attention-getting devices”) all summer.


It’s a good thing I will never be on BB, because if I got stuck in the house with a jackhammer like James, I would be gritting my teeth and clenching my fists. Does he pull this crap with his roommate? Or do they have an endless supply of duct tape to tie him down? Guy just doesn’t know when to stop.


I think James believes the pranks are why America luved him first season he was on and is just repeating it. I luv’d Vic calling him out on it about the crackers in bed. What I don’t understand is why the hg’s never pay him back. This is a 30 plus year old too…so immature. But tyvm for your service James…LOL now go home and I mean SC

When's the last comp

When does the next hoh comp actually take place?
And how soon after is the final eviction down to f2?


It’s like a double, they have the final HoH, they go in for a couple of minutes and get right to speeches and then the vote. Then they do the jury Q&A. The final HoH doesn’t need a lot of time because they only have two choices.


So let’s see Nicole doesn’t want to take James final two because all he did was follow Nat and lay around in bed. Now what did Nicole do all summer follow Corey around and lay around in bed but wih more action going on in the bed so I guess she did more.

James sucks

If Nicole wins the final HOH and takes James I hope she doesn’t win. That would be the chicken shit way to win. Let James win, he will just go to bars pick up young girls and blow the his entire winnings. When he talks about his life that’s all he talks about bars and young girls. Talks about his daughter telling the whole world she was a mistake …. What a F ing douche bag!


It is so wrong the way he constantly has to point out that the little girl’s mother was “just a one-night stand”. I’m not sure he has ever mentioned the girl without saying that. That girl and everyone she knows is going to see this over and over and over in a few years when she is a teenager on the internet. Poor girl.


In James’ defense, she was someone else’s one-night stand too. Bayleigh has a half-brother.


So what? How old was she? 14?


STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP….talking about James little girls & boys mama. She allowed those 2 little ones to say hello on tv for support of her daddy, not to be labeled bs for her little ones to one day be taunted by others possibly in their future. Don’t turn something they can look back on and smile into something degrading. Seems to me, that this woman is taking very good care of those 2 children and doesn’t deserve what is being said. If James is so low as to ‘try’ and degrade the mother of his child, then shame on his sorry self. We all know James is delusional, so why be a part of the slandering he is feeding the world. Be above him and show this lady and her children the respect that James is failing to give. Shame on him for using national tv as a platform to brag and degrade himself and everyone else who should be dear to him.

Bad Dad

I know he TALKS about picking up young girls in Daisy Dukes, but we have all seen only 1 woman that he picked up. His infamous one night stand baby mama. She was neither young nor wearing Daisy Dukes. Just like he brags about what a great father he is, but he goes to jail for not paying support and doesn’t live in the same state as his daughter. James is full of SH!T.

Tonight on 2020

This has been a fun season . they’ve all said some funny things . I think the funniest thing Paul said was when he told Frank four years never cared . that was the night Tiffany blow up in the Safari room and Frank said he knows about this game he’s played it before …that has to be the funniest thing ever said in the house ..I think the funniest thing Nicole said was to Tiffany when she was trying to get back on track with Nicole and she was telling Nicole her plan about getting I believe Cory or her out Nicole said yeah you would never have the Votes …and I think the funniest thing James said was during the fight with Victor about the pranks and he was asking him if there fire ants and asked him what he did for fun . I think it was a fun season with lots of funny things said


For me, one of the funniest moments was production telling Paul, “There is absolutely no jumping into the pool.” when he was sitting in the HOH room. Paul then asked production if they were on drugs.

I never thought I would miss a BB HG, but I will miss Paul and Vic. Despite their flaws, they did make me laugh.


My favorite, and how Paul won me over, was his dance in the DR when Paulie was out. Loved it! A lot of the past houseguest use it on their Twitter as well. Too funny.


After this watching this season, I think that CBS should only do either only newbies or only vets for Big Brother Seasons. I think CBS gets too tempted to intervene in the game otherwise… Im hoping for a brand new cast for BB19, and then I’d love to see an All Stars 2 for BB20. Fingers crossed.

Lying Hillary Left Our Men To Die In Benghazi

That sounds good to me too.

Bush lied thousands died

enough said

Hillary Lied Four People Died

So what does James do for the next four days? My guess is beg America to vote him AFP.

Benghazi: Hillary's Only Accomplishment

It amazes me how the newbies started out saying we will vote off all the vets and here we have two of the three finalists being vets.

The Devil Wears Pantsuits

@ Bruiser,

I agree. No more mixed casts with vets and newbies and no more team stuff.


If the team comps were true team comps, then I’d be ok with the team concept. Imagine a scenario where having one fewer person was really a detriment to your chances at HoH. That would make it very difficult for one team to be safe for half the season, like Frank and Paulie’s. I’d also like a more significant penalty for losing. I’d love to make it much more of a sacrifice to throw or lose a comp. Imagine the last place folks can’t play in next comp or something. Folks like James would be less likely to be eager to throw them.

The Devil Wears Pantsuits

Very valid points but my main beef is with the fact that it made too many people safe each week.


Why are ppl saying if Nicole takes Paul she loses? And if Paul takes Nicole he loses? Lol so who wins.

Time Stand Still

I think the point of people saying that if Nicole takes Paul she loses, and if Paul takes Nicole he loses is because they would expect either of them to take James if they win. Since he has pretty much floated all through the season. Nicole has floated for the most part as well but she recently started making some moves (plus the fact that every one knew her as a sssssssnake will give the impression that she has been playing some sort of game by being sneaky to people to better her game).

Hence, if Nicole wins and Paul can convince her that she stands a chance against him (the person that has obviously made the best move of the three), the jury will credit his social game on top of everything else and give it to him. On the flip side, if Paul does win and Nicole is able to convince him to take her over James (knowing that she has played the second best game of the three), the jury might be impressed by how she was a able sssssssurvive to the end (despite a few people calling her out to be a sssssnake), and even go on to convince Paul to pick her over James after she recently screwed him and Victor on their final 4 deal. So the jury might vote her with the assumption that she was a sssssilent sssssstrategic player (which will suck).

So I am really hoping that Paul wins and takes James, or Nicole wins and takes Paul.

PS: this is my first post and english is not my first language. Please be kind 🙂

Morgan LaFay

Don’t apologize, your English is excellent. Actually, it’s better than most who were born here!


Okay, so currently there are 9 jurists, when one of the last goes to jury that will be 10….so I wonder if it is true what a previous poster said about it being a vote between the three of them. Unless of course, America is the final vote, and they will announce it in Sunday night. That would be best case scenario, because James does not deserve any more money.

James annoyed me his last season, and he annoyed me even more this season. He is so full of himself, I can’t understand how come he hasn’t burst yet. For James to say if it wasn’t for Hayden he would have been hitting on Nicole is so out there. Does he honestly believe that he would have had a chance with her? Sorry, but Nicole likes sexy men..James looks like a toddler with scruffy facial hair …sorry, not to be rude, but he does.

I hope it is between Paul and Nicole, I honestly think Paul should win, just because he was a social and comp beast except with some of the women. I did not like his use of the “c” word, personally I have never used it, never would, but I think it was a very agitated situation, Meech was a whining snivelling, mean competitor and I am sure I would have tried to avoid being in the same room with her.

I do feel bad for Nicole, if it is true Corey does not want a commitment outside of the house he should have told her so she didn’t continue to make a fool of herself. She will be embarrassed to no end, and that is just not fair….and don’t say it’s Big’s also playing with some ones emotions.

Count again...

There are currently 8 in the jury house and one more makes 9 total jury members…


hmmmmm…. 16 house guests break down this way

pre jury evicts = Glenn, Josea, Bronte, Tiffany, Frank 5 total
current jury = Da’vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette, Paulie, Michelle, Natalie, Victor (twice), Corey 8 total
final 3 = Paul, Nicole, James 3 total

Currently there are 8 jurists, one more evicted from final 3 will make total 9
Pablo got evicted/abducted, but not sent to the jury


What if Pablo is given a vote and backstabs Paul?


James is just a hick from Texas . Not sure how and why he’s on the show. I could of slept in for 90 days and been in final 3…. And I’m an idiot
He’s a good kid, sweet .. Just kind of all around sucks .

Lifes a Bitch Don't Elect One

Hopefully his bag of pranks is empty now.

E-Mile De'Crillo

He is from SC…not Texas!


And he’s not a kid, he’s just immature. That is a 32 year old “man”.

BB Curious

I think to myself, “why does BB have to keep making me feel a certain way?” but it comes out like, “whyyyyy does BB have to keep making me feel a certain waaaaayyyy?”

If this season doesn’t end sooooooon I won’t have any brain cells leffffffttttttttt!

Pablo Has More Game Than Paul

Too late.

BB Curious


racist trump the scammer

I don’t feel bad for scole sssss I mean she was given the chance to play the game again. But this time every single girl dislike her lol so it doesnt matter who she foes with she still would lose big time. Biggest player of the game victor and paul. Paul started as the villain to the most loved one. so this is my prediction

douche gay Paulie: scole ssssss
shagy corey( paulie’s secret lova) : scole sssss
zakiyah the one with no self esteem: scolesssss

Bridgette: Moses
Davonne: Moses
Michelle: Moses
Natalie: moses
James: Moses
Victor: moses
( the house will not side with scole cause pauile being a douche bag and disrespecting davonne)

Unless rat james flip his vote then maybe maybe…………………..

1 out of 3 Clinton Supporters is as Dumb as the Other 2

James can’t flip his vote if he isn’t in the jury. If James is in the final two Victor is a lock for AFP.

Victor for the 25K.

racist trump putin's puppet

actually if James is in the final 2 he would win, everyone hate scolessssss and douche pauile

Hillary Lies Matter

No one really knows how the jury will vote.

Anoher Liberal Loser

James would lose against Paul for sure.

scammer racist trump lies

James and nicole are like the rats no one wants to see at the end of the day yeah big rat like trump. Cheering for Paul to win and victor getting AFVP and Pauile showsn as a big D was priceless. Thanks CBS for exposing him.

Lying Hillary The Wicked Witch of the Left

Well the part about Paulie being a big D was true.

The Russian Reset Button More Hilldog Incompetence

Putin played Hillary worse than Big Meech punked Pablo.

CBS bring Vic back for All Stars please.


It would be hilarious if she takes Paul and Corey bots for Paul to win, bc he thinks she’s so stupid for taking Paul.


I think production wants a Nicole – Paul finale. They want to squash the whole James/Nicole pre-game alliance rumour, otherwise their will always be doubt about the credibility of a Nicole – James alliance.
If I was Nicole and knew there were several clips of her and Corey having sex on the internet, I wouldn’t even want to win. I would want a new identity and country to move to.


She’s been on BB before. It just shows what an idiot she really is if she thinks there wouldn’t be videos. Maybe Ubly can have a showing in their movie theater (if that small town even has one). Mom and Dad must be so proud. Can’t wait until Corey dumps her.


I am surprised by how many posters here feel Nicole floated through the summer in a showmance. In my opinion, Nicole was always in game mode and she frequently spoke about being strategic early on. Sure she was with Cody but I think they mutually used/helped each other get further. Whereas with James & Nat – he was so focused on getting her to like him & getting nominated again for AVP award while she used him big time to get further in the game. Nat tried to find a physical shield and James is only one who took the bait.

I feel Paul or Nicole are deserving of winning the game and Victor should get AVP.


AVP? And the only thing Nicole deserves is the shame and humiliation waiting for her after she gets out of the house. She is getting paid a lot of money this summer for getting laid before a national audience. What does that make her?

Nicole Pure Michigan

Oh, Me? What does that comment make you………The most perfect person on the planet?……….Or a judgmental bile-filled loser?


If my comment makes me a judgmental bile-filled loser, wouldn’t yours make you one too? HAHAHAHA
And Nicole WAS paid to do a job, namely entertain viewers. She chose to screw her way though it, knowing very well that cameras were running and video would be on the internet. Forever. Any children she ever has will be able to see Mommy getting laid on the internet. Wonderful.


Just noticed your screen name contains both “Nicole” and “Pure”. Now that’s funny!

Nicole Pure Michigan

Just so you know, “Pure Michigan” happens to be the state of Michigan Tourist Commission’s slogan to promote the Great Lake State as a destination for vacationing. To me it made interesting wordplay with Nicole’s name for the BB Online Spoilers. It has no reflection on what I do or don’t feel about Nicole as a HG on BB. As far as being judgmental……yes I was. People’s sexual behavior (whether I agree with it or not is inconsequential) is their own choice and responsibility. You were judging Nicole being intimate with Corey in a harshly cruel way without giving him any kind of disparaging comment; he was at least equally involved. Slut shaming seems pretty one-sided; women are the recipients nearly always; men are seldom judged for their sexual escapades. Both Corey and Nicole have put themselves in an untenable position which may have long term complications for both.

The Roach Coach

Paul vs Nicole pt3

Its too bad that when Julie asks to finish the sentence of what each Jury member said…Paul will be guessing and Nicole will be remembering from the actual in-cut clips that production shows her every time they call her into the D.R.

“Now remember Nicole, keep getting them right until Paul gets one wrong then you can play around a throw 1 maybe two to keep it interesting, and don’t forget the contact you signed before the show, YOU HAVE TO TAKE JAMES TO THE END, don’t worry about the votes once your against James, Da signed the same contract as you and James she’ll sway the votes for US…I mean YOU…. that’s why we have her in the jury house, so try not to stress, have we steered you wrong yet? Now we cant screw up this plan to show viewers that it’s finally time for a girl to win big brother and that girls can win too, so under no circumstances can you bring Paul, that could ruin everything we’ve worked so hard for, now watch this clip again of Bridgettes answer, if it helps just remember the answer for Bridgette is B like her name, if you want you can just memorize the order of the answers, B, B, B, A, B, A, A… please try to make it interesting for the viewers unless Paul keeps answering them correctly, we’ll call you back in the DR for more practice tomorrow morning, thanks Nicole, you’ve been a pleasure to work with all summer.”

Ok, so maybe that’s alittle far-fetched but is it crazy to think that the winner of part 3 wont already know the answers ahead of time? Not after some of the blatantly obvious circumstances I’ve seen where production was clearly involved.

and by the way…. why is James leading the AFP poll on this site? I could see the people who only watch the show voting for him, but anyone who uses this site is locked in either by watching the feeds or keeping up with them… James as AFP is an absolute joke, he didn’t play Derrick’s game, he didn’t even play HIS game, he sort of played Natalie’s game for her, but for the most part, he didn’t even play the game… he had better not win AFP, he did absolutely nothing besides chase around a girl who is out of his league…but whatever


I also believe that Production will help Nicole win the last comp. This was her game to win this year.

So anyway...

I look at it this way… these three made it to the end…none of the others did. Many of them didn’t win competitions, head of household, etc. it’s easy to sit back and criticize and talk bad about people. The jurors will decide who gets what and I’ll be fine with that.

Socialism: Trickle Up Poverty

Wow, a voice of reason.

So snyway...

This cookie baking session is hilarious. Paul says the funniest things. This will keep me laughing the rest of the night.

Franks fumes

Maybe if cbs and their minion Dr.Will keep their wishes to themselves Paul has a good chance against both nic and james…… if your voting for accomplishments not what cbs and the cat lady demo wants……..Paul easily played the best game and he knows how to verbalize it to the jury. If he gets there and the fix isn’t in……..he wins easily.


I think all three of them can make a case for the win and the winner of the final HOH should have the edge. I think where Paul has the advantage is that I think he may be able to make the best speech which might make all the difference.


Depends on how bitter the person left behind for final 2 is. In which case being brought along for the ride is better than being the winner (even if riskier since obviously there is no guarantee anyone brings you).

i.e. if Paul throws the last HOH to Nicole while telling James he didn’t and then feeds James on how much Nicole wronged James in not bringing James after Nicole selects Paul. Paul would be the only one with the guts (or if not selected hubris) to try such a risky strategy. Nicole won’t since she is far too paranoid. And how can James throw something he cannot win anyway?


Only a fool would throw this last HOH.

Liar, Liar, Pantsuits on Fire

If you were a jury member would you vote for someone who threw the last comp…..and almost every other one? Nothing against James but I couldn’t reward that.


“Nicole – He literally slept all summer, chased Natalie around, did moves for Natalie, didn’t do anything strategically to help his game. Just perceived as a weak player.”

Huh? Snd all Nicole did wad chase corey sleep in bed and come put when there’s some snaking to do… She cant talk she floated all season until it was time to win comps..

james is a loser

James sucks but the more i see him lose all the comps the more i dont like him. i used to like him alot but now hes just a useless loser and thats why nat isnt gonna give u even a nibble outside the house. keep dreaming loser


Did anybody else catch this? James poured salsa on his dinner tonight, it was dripping all down the side and he didn’t even wipe it off before putting back in the fridge? What a nasty slob, can’t stand him this season. Worst season in BB history!


friendship: funny
p!55ed: funny
never cared: funny
sh!77ing themselves: very overused and not funny


At around 5:30 Ssssssscole was in the hammock using the cards to figure out the votes, she was a lone. She said she will not take James to the final two because he does not deserve $50,000. Seems as though Paul’s brain washing is working, or Snake is extremely gullible.
CBS did not pick the brightest bulb in the package.
Seems she laid in bed all summer, sexing Corey. Gosh, I don’t want her to win.


Unless it is an extremely bitter jury Nicole wins against Paul. With James, it is 50/50


Why would Nicole win against Paul with a jury that was not bitter? She did not play a better game, so an unbiased jury would give it to Paul. I believe Paul has a better chance to win against Nicole than James.
How I see it breaking down:
Paul versus James
Paul – Vic, Paulie, Z maybe Bridgette if she is voting on game play
James – Nicole, Corey, Natalie, Michelle, Da

Paul versus Nicole:
Paul – Vic, Paulie, Z, Natalie, Michelle, Bridgette unless she is stuck on having female winner
Nicole – Corey, James if she is not the one who kicks him off, maybe Da

The real crap shoot for me is who wins if Nicole takes James, but I think she would be safer picking James than Paul.
Nicole versus James:
Nicole – Corey, Vic unless he is bitter that she chose James over Paul
James – Natalie, Michelle
The rest I really don’t know
Da – probably James
Paulie – Nicole? or would he tend to prefer a male victor over any female?
Z – whatever Paulie wants
Paul – Nicole if he is respecting (slightly) better game play, James if he is bitter she chose James
Bridgette – probably Nicole?


I don’t think that’s true. If it’s between Paul and Nicole the speeches will be everything. Paul hasn’t said any of his possible speech out loud but Nicole has. And she has a lot to work on. What she has so far won’t convince anyone. But I’m sure production will help her fix it.


You do not get it, she is not taking James, cause she knows he will beat her.Two weeks ago she was telling Corey if James or Natalie makee final 2 they will beat anyone, and that “James has played a super great game”, now all of a sudden she is saying James is worse than Victoria. She told Corey the night befoe he left that Paul deserved it more and she as taking him if she got to choose, and its only because she wants Corey to tell the jury that she is taking the person she thinks is a stronger player, but in reaity she is taking Paul because she thinks she can beat him, but doesn’t think she can beat James. Just look on this site for the night before Corey left, cause she already made her mind up she was taking Paul. Then look back for the night Corey won his last HOH, cause she told Corey that same night that James had played a great game and would beat anyone in the finals. She is trying to make viewers think she is not taking James because he sucks, but it is really becase she think he will win. Sadly I think the game is over, cause it wll be Paul and Nicole, and Nicole will win. Paul will not take James either. He spent half the season in a alliance with James but constantly said “we gotts clip James” every 5 minutes. Paul simply hated James for some reason. I think its because he swore that James was the one that caused Joeza and Victor to be evicted week two and week three, but in reality it was because Paul and Victor told everyone they were after Nicole and James. Paul is so dumb he cannot even figure out that when him and Victor told Nicole in week one that she was their and Joezas target tha it was a stupid move, and had nothing to do with James. They think that James coming to their house meeting got them targeted, not the fact that they told the reigning HOH she was their target. Paul is as dumb as they come.


Nicole changes with the wind. She has been talking out loud on the live feeds for the last several days and every time basically says she’s taking James because he’s done nothing this entire game and she thinks she can make a good case against him. She may have told Corey that, but I don’t think she plans on taking Paul. No reason for her to tell the “public” that if that’s not what she plans on doing. Typically over the years anytime a player has talked to the live feeds, it’s always the truth about their plan of gameplay. I dont see why she would lie about that when speaking out loud by herself. Makes no sense.


Nicoles convo with Corey night before his eviction….

BBOL post ….
11pm Corey asks between Paul and James who would you vote for? Nicole – Paul. I think sitting next to James is the equivalent to taking Victoria. What has he done? I don’t think they’ll (jurors) see it like that but if you can make them think that .. I mean what has be done. Victoria was even more loyal, you know. Paul is playing a very good game. Corey agrees. Nicole – I would vote for him. That’s why I wouldn’t take him. sssssssSSSsss ….

Key comment re Paul…”I would vote for him, that’s why I wouldn’t take him”

Over time in the BB house seems like Nic wavers and argues and 2nd guesses herself constantly. She would contradict herself within the same sentence. Corey often had a glazed expression on his face when she’d drone on and would have to have her clarify her position – just excruciating to listen too. But personally I don’t think she ends up changing her mind from her original position. Given the chance she will take James because she is afraid of Paul’s powers of persuasion with the jury and she feels she an argue against James.

That is why Paul has to win Part 3 and he knows it. He doesn’t think either will bring him to F2 — he is doing his thing trying to convince and misdirect them, but he has to win. There is no more room in his back for another dagger and he would be an a-hole to give them the chance to bounce a $50k or $500k check on him this time.


Humm I’m confused because I’ve heard her talking alone and she’s been very unkind in her remarks about James and saying he doesn’t deserve to be in F2 or deserve any of the money.


She saying he’s doesn’t deserve it but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t take him. Liz didn’t deserve F2 last year either. If you win you have to take someone you believe you can beat (unless you’re Cody), regardless if they deserve it or not.

she doesn’t believe he deserves the $50,000.00. But she does believe she can get more votes against him.


I dont either but never under estimate production even in jury. They already got to davonne to vote for the snake.


I’m hoping Paul makes F2. . . if for no other reason than to hear his speech to the jury. Love him or hate him, he can “talk his way out of a paper bag”. Should be one of the best speeches ever!

Hillary Accepting Bribes 24/7

I see Victor has taken a nice lead in our AFP poll. I hope the same thing is happening on the CBS poll.


Yes, please remember any votes for AFP here doesn’t help your favorite actually win. So be sure to vote at CBS, too.


And remember to get your votes in tomorrow morning before voting closes!
“Vote up to 20 times a day until Monday, Sept 19 at 9:59am PT”

Also consider giving Simon and Dawg a donation for giving us this site. They have kept us entertained, given us great pics, and provided a place to express our opinion – without demanding anything in return. Friendship!
(okay, I probably shouldn’t have said that, cause all the Paul haters are going to give me a thumbs down. But…. never cared. :))


I would love it if Paul outsmarted Production and told them that he was going to bring Nicole to final two. He was playing Nicole and Production all this time, because he caught on to them that this game has been manipulated for Nicole to be the winner. He wins final 2, shocks Nicole and Production goes against the grain and takes James. That would be the ultimate player the one who outsmarts Production. I really believe that Steve was supposed to take Vanessa last year and so was Liz but at the last minute went against them.


The last comp is usually finishing jury members’ sentences. Since Nicole didn’t really get to know anyone except Corey (and didn’t speak to the women at all), and Paul talked to everyone, this should be Paul’s to win. There’s hope.


First off I think that production encouraged James to do the Pranks because his fans love him for it before the Season even started. I am beginning to think that James was lead to believe that he is guaranteed Americas Favorite by the way he talks to the cameras… I do not recall him doing it last Season. So I think the AFP is rigged.

Paul VS Nicole:
There are certain votes that can’t be predicted: Paulie and Meech. Paulie said Nicole is his girl but he was also close to Paul… Big Meech, she dislikes both of them. I think her vote leans more on Nicole win. She could vote on Game and vote Paul.
Bridgette: Paul
Da’Vonne: Paul
Victor: Paul
Natalie: Paul (You would think Nicole, but before leaving she was very salty about Nicole and Corey.I think James lost all influence over her.)
Corey: Nicole
Zak: Nicole (This might change because Zak has been with Da’Vonne the longest.)
James: Nicole

Either One Can Win… It really comes down to Paulie and Meech.

Paul Vs James
Nicole: Paul
Corey: Paul
Victor: Paul
Da’Vone: Paul
Zak: Paul
Paulie: Paul
Bridgette: Paul
Meech: James (Could be Paul… if she goes by game and isn’t salty.)
Natalie James
Paul Wins

James Vs. Nicole
Victor: Nicole
Corey: Nicole
Paulie: Nicole
Paul: Nicole
Zak: Nicole
Bridgette: James
Natalie: James
Meech: James

Nicole Wins… In the Nicole Vs. Paul match Up…. It is mixed either one could or might win (They pissed off a lot of the same people and there is more balance to how the jury might vote.) I will say that Paul has an edge based on game because he did have to win PoV’s to stay and he did have a way better social game over Nicole and James (Nicole and James just had to stay in bed most of the game where as Paul had to hustle.) and with few exceptions he had to work the hardest to stay. I would also like to say James and Nicole had it way easier… personally based on Game alone I would for Paul over Nicole and James. Heck emotionally I would vote for Paul.

Lurker 1216

I think your analyses fail to take into account the p$ssed-off factor. For example, I’m not convinced that Paul would for Nicole to win $500K only 10 minutes after she booted him from the game. Similarly, I not convinced that Nicole would give Paul $500K only 10 minutes after being stabbed


Nicole haters crack me up. It proves to me just how prevelant sexism still is in this country. Did she lie and back stab? YUP! It’s Big Brother! However if she brings Paul to the end she’s a fool – she has a better shot against James! The girl played a decent game. She didn’t lie or back stab anymore than Paul and James. For crying out loud they ALLLLL made deals and went back on them. You guys are too funny!!


Lol no one cares about a big brother houseguest lying or backstabbing. What I care about is laying in bed and doing absolutely nothing but cuddling and whining for the entire summer. Her desperation for a man is pathetic. I don’t want showmances that focus on their summer fling. I want players.

That is why Nicole sucks.


Agree with Anonymous. Nicole ignoring most of the houseguests and especially female HGs all season while focusing solely on Corey, getting fingered under the covers night after night with the cameras rolling, talking about her morals kicking in, discussing his cuteness endlessly, whining, lying in bed for endless hours … it’s hard for a viewer to take.


Agree with Anonymous and Eponymous. Lack of respect for Nicole has nothing to do with sexism in my case, but with what these two said. I have some disrespect for Corey’s game for many of the same reasons, but at least he got out there and talked to people and made connections. Still happy his goat-burning a$$ is gone.


“I don’t want showmances that focus on their summer fling. I want players.”

So does this mean you don’t like James too?


I need to place a Amazon order but I can’t find the link through your site? Help please:)


Got it. Thanks placed my order:)


There are two people absolutely buggin’ in that house right now and neither of them are named James.

JameAnd HIs Crocs - GoHome

James told Natalie he hopes Amazing Race and Survivor call. LOL LOL Imagine that lazy childish man on those shows. I’m sure the producers of those shows aren’t interested.
Those shows look for popular reality stars, James popularity is dying off fast, the dislike for him seems to be growing every day.
“Hey…..don’t hold your breath waiting for that call James.” lol


I just don’t like James – at all. The only good thing I can think of when I have to look at him on the show is that he won’t be getting AFP!


Paul kept me entertained all season & Victor with the eagle talking @ James…..OMG laughed my a$$ off!!! HATED,HATED,HATED,HATED HIM CALLING MEECH A C**T!!!!!!! What the F**k!!!!!!! Don’t care that she’s a. hateful person!!!!.Disrespectful 2 any female is WRONG & he did it on national tv… How proud his mother must be..How would Mr.Paul feel if a man called his mother a c**T…He’d lose it!!!!!!


Just me thinking

I have to agree with you abt Paul being disrespectful to Michelle ( and the other girls also).. You might be interested in this part of a conversation with Nicole

Sat Sept 17 @ 2:32 am BBT
Paul talking to Nicole said:
 Paul says we’re good people and being good pays off in the end.
Paul says he can say he’s proud that he made it to that point without changing anything about himself. He didn’t have to hurt people’s feelings, he didn’t have to manipulate, none of that to get here. That’s what he’s proud of. Paul says you and I were hands down the smartest people in this game……
While I know that this is a GAME and they are probably great people outside the house–I definitely am NOT a fan of their game play– I think PAUL can be proud of how he played if he is willing to own his game and admit he did manipulate, he did lie and he did hurt people’s feeling and I hope he did change a lot abt himself because if the Paul inside the house is the same as the one outside– I wouldn’t want to know him — IMO
Victor however was the one who stuck to his guns and changed nothing–his parents should be very proud of him

just me thinking

So Yeah— the snake sncole is the pot calling the kettle black
( ie –the person you are talking to is calling you something that they themselves are ) BUT my question is Sncole actually just trying to give production something to talk abt on the show ( as she said just a couple of days ago when talking with Corey abt nominations) or is she really buying into Paul’s bull??? or is she just that wishy-washy???
Giving ‘production’ something for the show ( and therefore playing the feedsters also) MIGHT explain why we can’t get a handle on what she is actually thinking