OnlineBigBrother and the Kill Show Talk BIG BROTHER 18

Hey Onlinebiogbrother readers,

Every Saturday morning I record a Big Brother segment with Ken from the Kill Show. The show airs live on Saturday at 10:00pm . Or you can catch it a day later on soundcloud, I’ve added the embed code to this post. We cover everything that went on during the feeds, broadcast show and the OBB Comment section.

This year I would like to add a new segment where readers can asks us questions in the comments. Missed something on the feeds that needs clarity? Just include your question in the comments below and we’ll try to get to them during the show.

Hope you all enjoy it we have a blast recording it. :)

****** Warning Kraken may or may not have impacted my thought process on this one :) :) ******

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87 thoughts on “OnlineBigBrother and the Kill Show Talk BIG BROTHER 18

  1. Dawg and I are working out a schedule for BBOTT. We’re going to start off casual and see where it goes. IF the show is good and theres insterest we’ll inform out families they’ll lose us for another 10 weeks ;)

    1. Sssssimon,

      As an obsessive OBB reader I always scan your posts and the comments section to see if you guys are commenting or if you’ve included your opinions/reactions in the posts. (I like to know who you’re rooting for, etc.)

      I’d like to know if you guys try to keep your posts bias-free or if you put any thought into that.

      1. We try and stay as bias free as we can, for the most part I don’t care who wins i’m here for the laughs.. Pathetic gameplay is pathetic gameplay so we’re going to call it out.

  2. Simon, I am wondering if you guys think the topic of how BOTT coming on so soon after the end of BB18 (7 days) will affect the “afterglow” that the BB18 cast will experience with the fans. I got the impression that Nicole and James were kind of butt hurt last night when they heard about the new show. Do you think the majority of attention they get post show is from casuals or on-liners ? And if it comes from mostly on-line I have to believe they will split the baby.

    1. THat is a GREAT point!

      The first thing that came to my mind was the same thing. This is going to bite deep into their meet and greets. Nobody is going to be too concerned about BB18 when there’s a whole new season coming out. I’m sure the causal fans will still freak but the core fans will be too busy with BBOTT.

      I’ll pass this topic along for our Saturday show for us to discuss.

  3. Hi Simon. Great job, I enjoy listening to you on this show.
    I did put this comment on one of your other posts but I’m wondering your thoughts. A huge meet and greet has been planned for Paulie, tickets are $10-$60. I’m really shocked as I read he could be the most hated houseguest of all time. I cannot understand why whoever is planning this event would think anyone would want to meet Paulie. He was a bad sport, cried like a baby, insulted women, used Z, made a fool of himself fighting with D in the jury house I can see people wanting to punch him but not wanting his autograph. Where you follow everything to do with this show so closely, I was wondering what you think.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like the show.

      $60 bucks to meet Paulie/Cody and Derrick sounds like a nightmare to me. The only one I would care to meet would be Paulie but not for $60 bucks.. maybe free/$10 .. The other 2 I’m still trying to wash from my memory.

      1. Thanks Simon for the fast reply and your comments, really appreciated. It’s funny, I went back on Facebook and his page isn’t coming up now, only the fan (lol) page. Did they take it down? Anyway, I went back on the ( iplayamerica) event site, it doesn’t say anything about Cody and Derrick being at the meet and greet, only Paulie. I’m just shocked after everything he did and all the really bad publicity on him, anyone would organize such an event and on top of that charge $10-$60.

        1. Anonymous if you read my posts properly you would see I WOULD NOT PAY TO SEE PAULIE…..I don’t think ANYONE would, that’s why I’m questioning this. Why would a meet and greet be organized for the most hated houseguest on BB?

          1. Re-read the posts. You asked Simon about paying $10 – $60.00 to see Paulie, Cody/Derrek. Simon replied he might pay $10.00 to cover the bar. Anonymous made a comment about paying the $10.00 which I take was directed to Simon but your comment was response was posted before reply from Anonymous.

          2. Replying to “Pauli should go into hiding”: Please follow the message tail and you’ll se that I was replying to Simon, not to you.

      2. Simon – I LOVE your summaries on this website. It is THE BEST source for everything BIG BROTHER. I just wanted to first thank YOU and DAWG for that! – Secondly, forgive me if you answered this already but tell me why you do not like Derrick? It annoyed me that he was able to manipulate the house the entire season and I wish he did not win BUT he deserved to win over Corey that’s for sure. (I was rooting for Donnie). Is that why you are not a fan?

    2. From reading different posts and tweets, it’s my understanding that Paulie and Cody’s dad is organizing these meet and greets. Anything to make a few bucks! Geez… How desperate can they get? Then again, what do you expect from a family of self-absorbed losers whose douche sons are a DJ and a F-list actor.

  4. Hi Simon….it seems to me that with them only doing one recap program a week that it will be more difficult for us to keep up with what is going on. Has CBS reached out to you to ask you to do updates for this new version?

      1. I am still hoping they will open it up for us Canadians ..and unrestrict it…any clues that it may happen? I dont know how to do the chance VPN location shit and afraid that it will screw everything else up on my internet.

  5. Just listened to The Kill Show for the first time. Loved it. It was cool to hear a voice behind your name Simon. Now where can we see a pic of you and Dawg to get faces behind your names?

      1. Simon, I can walk 2 blocks from my house & see Canada across the St. Lawrence river. So, we share the same crummy weather & the fondness for Kraken! :-)

  6. hello simon.. i do not pay for live feeds.. i rely on obb for my fix and thank you and dawg for another great season! imo the weekly network shows are a huge part of what makes bb so great.. the cbs edits seem far more entertaining than the feeds.. i mean what is everybody supposed to complain about if production isnt rigging the comps and unfairly giving the hg’s good and/or bad edits? if i had to guess maybe 5% or 10% of bb viewers actually pay for the feeds? it seems bbott not airing on network tv is going to cut their audience by a significantly large percentage.. im wondering if cbs all access alone can really support this venture? and while i love obb and all your updates im just wondering if that and the commenters alone will be able to keep my interest? i guess we’ll find out :)

  7. Simon and Dawg…can you tell me your final predictions for the last of BB 18? Final hoh, who are they taking and who will win it? Also, I truly am a fan of the site every year but can you explain the Kraken season once more for the many who ask when it comes up?!?

  8. A couple of questions:

    1. Do you think BBOTT will be a one-off thing or will it become its own show, in its own right?
    (if it becomes its own show, scheduling it during he winter hiatus would be better for everyone, IMO)

    2. What made this season stand out for you and what made it suck?

  9. My question is: what exactly was said over the megaphone, and what impact did the info have on houseguests and the game. Seems to me Natalie got an awful edit as she felt suspicious and fatally betrayed by James having a preshow alliance with Nicole…however CBS made her out to be grumpy about something else in the episode before she left. Did Corey or Paul or Victor ever question James or Nicole about F2? Who in the jury heard the megaphone, and did any of them question the F2…and will that impact their vote for the winner??

  10. My question is…. When I look at the pics of the houseguests on the top of the page, did you guys know you were predicting what the final three results would look like?
    Just look at the pics –
    There’s Paul saying “YAS!”,
    Nicole saying “Ohhhh, but I *did* play hard!”, and
    James….well, James face says it all. “WTF? I thought my pranks were funny and that you guys would carry me to the end!”

  11. Dawg and Simon……….What happened to the last thread of comments? They have completely disappeared; the same thing happened just several days ago with another thread. Is there a logical reason why this occurred? You guys give so many BB fans the best info about the BB HGS and game in addition to the sense of humor both of you approach this crazy, fun, and daunting task. Question: If BB Production continues to cast the show with the same types of people we’ve seen over the last several seasons, how much longer do you think the program will be on the air? Thanks again for all you do.

  12. This is how Corey really feels about Nicole. No words need to be expressed its all on his face. Just watch the clip it’s pretty funny how he reacts lol iAugust 16, 2016 time 8:28pm camera 1 Nicole Is talking about something boring and then she brings up a dream just watch if you have live feeds.

    1. I was hoping the dream was about Nicole being delusional about getting married to Corey and him reacting with fear or disgust. Oh I could only hope. But instead I saw this huge goofy golly green giant (aka baby Huey)so excited because Nicole had a dream about him. In her dream Nicole caves in to texting Corey after two months of ignoring each other post season. I don’t understand why he’s so excited about this when he says he wants nothing to do with her. Anyways Corey wasn’t even listening to her beforehand and as soon as he heard her utter the words of a dream about him she caught his attention so fast. Once she said she texted him hey cutie in the dream, Coreys face got very animated and more lively. His demeanor changed from his usual somber look to this very rare genuine glimpse of relief or happiness. From my perspective you can see how he really feels about Nicole. I’m either appalled or annoyed by them but it was very cute how Corey reacted. He was very sincere and I now see why people think he likes Nicole, maybe he’s the introverted type. Now that I’ve seen it for myself, I’m not trying to be humorous but Corey looks like he’s in love with Nicole. So now I’m guessing Nicole did something to hurt Corey between then and now. It’s enough for him to want to call things off. Possibly something to do with Victor. Don’t hate me for this comment. I don’t like them either but it did changed my opinion on about Corey using Nicole. I still hate Nicole!!!!

  13. Thanks for making a “Meh” at best season more enjoyable guys. My fav moment was when you guys had the snake pic up on Nicole !!

    Question..Do you feel finally it’s time for BB Casting to cast a group of HouseGuests more representative to the population ? Get away from primarily people who play for showmances, after-show Meet n Greets etc and are more into the game and the strategy. Also do you feel the twists and two opportunities to come back after eviction and the third as a possibility with the round trip ticket helped or hurt what was already a pretty lame cast ?

  14. Since the Kill Show will air Saturday morning and finale is Wednesday night:
    1) Are any of the 3 showmances this year still together? If so, which?
    2) Is Paul really buying his mom a Bentley with the prize money?
    3) Is Nicole humiliated back in Ubly with her soft-porn sex videos on the internet?
    4) Has James commented on his 2 ridiculous seasons spent chasing women out of his league?
    Thanks, this site and you two have become the best part of BB.

  15. I think it would be a good idea if:
    BB19 has only past BB Winners in the cast.
    Bump the prize $$ to $1M with zero for second place.
    Low weekly stipends (maybe national avg weekly pay $893).
    No twists, no repeats of prior comps…only new ones.
    $ penalty on weekly stipend for group decisions on evictions (maybe 50%).
    Public added to jury & gets one vote at the end for the winner – no fan favorite.

    Question: What do you & Dawg think?

  16. Do they screen people for mental health issues before bringing them on the show?

    Why are there so many cast members who need to take meds during the show?

    Why would they schedule meet and greets with such lame and despicable people such as Paulie? His 5 minutes of fame are up and he BLEW it!

  17. Looking back I am pleased that Victor received the bribe however it would have been funny to offer Paul the bribe to shave his beard off. I wonder if he would have accepted the challenge?

    1. You might ask the faction of followers which post political user names whether they have any time for a life outside of their full-time trolling. And why does this place contain so many drumf followers?

      1. By any chance did you vote for Paulie for America’s Favorite Player of did you go with your bleeding heart and vote Jozea?

        1. Anoher?? I didn’t vote for Jozea because he sucked. Though I imagine drumfies aren’t voting for him because of his ethnicity and sexual preference.

          1. I’m looking forward to Paul versus Nicole tomorrow and I bet James is hoping for the winner to give him a free ride to the final.

  18. Very cool Simon! I had no idea we had access to hear your thoughts about the goings on of the bestestestest game show eva’ via audio. Great insight. Great stuff man!

    1. I like that Simon got top billing on the banner for the show too. It really is great to hear the voice that we have been reading for years.

  19. I get picking Paul for the win (though using the c-word is completely disqualifying for me), but why does everyone, including Julie Chen, think Nicole is a snake? Didn’t Paul do as much backstabbing with putting his own alliance members up? Didn’t Nicole have to scramble from the beginning? For so many people calling her out as a snake from Day 1, she’s done pretty well and maneuvered out of a lot of dangerous situations. I didn’t watch several weeks of the show in the middle, so maybe I just missed a lot.

  20. Frank you are the only respectful evicted cast member not trashing Nicole on social media or in interviews. He’s also the only one to not comment about her having sex with Corey. Jozae,Glen, Bronte, and Tiffany all trashed her about that. I would expect more from Glen since he’s a father and he’s over 50, but he said some horrific things about Nicole. It’s a game let it go already. Frank Eudy: I was shocked when I got out of the house to hear that she had a lot of people that turned her back on her. All I’ve heard from people since I’ve been out is that Nicole is whiny and she complains too much. She was in a showmance her first season and got different results. I don’t know what it is. Nicole is a nice kid, but she’s so timid. It’s hard for her to make decisions and even when the pressure isn’t on her she gets so stressed out. She reminded me a lot of playing with Britney Haynes my first season. Britney was always in a good spot it seemed like, but she was always so paranoid about going home

  21. Great job Simon! You and Dawg have the best site online. I said it before, I still can’t believe that you guys have never got a shout out from a cast in the Big Brother house. Maybe as followers to this site we can pass the word around, how great this site is. You guys are great, thanks for all your hard work.

  22. Thanks to everyone who listened to and enjoyed this segment! We LOVE doing the BB18 Breakdown with Simon on our show! We have so much fun with this…..ANY questions left on here will be answered this week on the LAST BB18 Breakdown of the season on THE KILL show! Simon you’re awesome my friend! You too Dawg…even if you dont wanna do the show! LOL…we love you guys and yes, this IS THE site to come for TRUE Big Brother fans yes! Keep it rocking! SHOUTOUT to you all!

  23. Do the jurors really have more than one key in that bag when it comes to voting on Finale night? Or do they tell Production who they want to vote for, and only have 1 key when they walk up to insert the key? In other words, can they change their mind at the last second?
    If they only have one key, when do they have to tell Production their vote? Before or after the F2 speeches? THANKS!

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