Big Brother 18 Finale eve “that was a pure feeling of euphoria”

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 Nicole
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

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The houseguests woke up around 10am. Lotsa speech practicing, lotsa going over the season, lotsa sleeping

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-20 15-18-12-176

3:19pm Safari room Nicole and Paul chatting about the season. Nicole highlighting how screwed her side was after Zakiyah left and the house flipped.

Nicole about Corey winning the double eviction “God was watching over Corey at that point” (She must have free time on her hands)
At 3:20 Nicole leaves to use the bathroom they do not turn the Microphone off so we hear her pee.. (Sometime I think I deserve hazard pay for this… LOL)

When she comes back she’s telling Paul that Corey and James were really close.
Nicole – that’s like you best friend voting you out
Paul – really..
Nicole – I don’t have someone that close to me other than Corey..
Nicole – they were super close.. Texas..
Paul says he had no idea.
Nicole – he was never going to vote James out.. It would have been mine and your votes to vote James out.. I cannot believe James votes him out.. It makes me feel bad because I can’t imagine how america thinks because they couldn’t have been closer.
Paul is super surprised by this he had no idea.
Nicole called into the Diary room, they head into the bathroom so she can get ready.
She heads into the Diary room and we get a Diary room leak

Female voice (Production) “Hi darling..” (Darling??)
Nicole – Hey
Production – “This will be super quick”

Audio cut..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-20 15-32-04-190

3:30pm Safari room Nicole and Paul
Nicole _ James acted like him and I were as close as Corey..
Nicole – James has a soft spot for girls if you haven’t noticed..
Nicole – he said he worked a lot behind the scenes. (James)

Paul – what was your favorite moment in the house
Nicole says she has to think about that stuff asks him what is his.
Paul – I say winning the final 3 comp..
Nicole – the one you cried
Paul – that was a pure feeling of euphoria .. I was at a lost for words..

Paul – how long will this scale comp last 10 minutes..
Nicole – yeah…

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-20 16-07-44-933

4:04pm Kitchen Paul and Nicole
Talking about the order of people solving the riddle that led to the tunnel, Paul, Victor, Corey and Natalie.
Nicole says Corey wouldn’t tell her then Victor blurted it out
Paul says Victor was a idiot to do that. Goes on about how he bitched Victor out for it. Paul impersonates Victor “He’s confident in his win”
Paul – every time you mentioned his battle backs weren’t a win he would try and kill you..
Nicole going on about Corey not telling her the riddle answer says it put red flags up for her.

Nicole brings up a story about victor telling her in front of Corey that she stood him up for a coffee date.

Paul tells her that Victor had a crush on her.
Nicole – he was just a good guy… he didn’t think Corey liked me.

They talk about Tiffany not really being that big of a threat. Nicole says Tiffany wasn’t but for some reason Paulie thought she was. They agree when Paulie left it was time for him to go he lost touch of the game.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-20 16-42-38-686
4:42pm Cards

5:25pm – 6pm Nicole and Paul are chatting in the safari room. Nicole tells Paul about how the finale happens. Paul – I think it will be 5 – 4 vote. Nicole – no, I think it will be a 6 – 3 or 7 – 2. Paul – for you. Nicole – no. Paul – I think you give me way too much credit people liking me. I think you’re just peppering up the blow for me. You’re selling yourself short. Nicole – Natalie, Michelle and Da won’t vote for me. It doesn’t matter if I was sitting next to the Grinch. Paul – me. Nicole No, if I was sitting next to this tissue box, they would vote for it. And I know I don’t have Victor’s vote. You have that. I know I have Corey and maybe Paulie. Paul – you’ll have Paulie and Bridgette over me. Nicole its going to be 6 – 3 for you. Paul – Nope I am telling you, you’re going to win. Nicole talks about how in the beginning Victor was saying they should go out some time. It was really awkward because I liked Corey.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-20 20-41-08-845

6:20pm – 7:15pm Nicole is laying in bed practicing her final 2 speech. She keeps going over the same things and points she discussed the other day. If you want to know her speech – here’s what she plans on saying –
Nicole’s finale 2 speech.

7pm Paul and James are in the kitchen talking. James thinks no one will care about him because this is his second time. They’ll just push me aside. Paul disagrees.

7:20pm – 8:30pm Nicole, Paul and James are in the kitchen talking about past events of the season. Nicole heads back to bed and practices her speech again. Nicole turns off the light to go to sleep.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-20 21-29-05-622

9:23pm Paul and Nicole Safari room
Chatting about final 2
Nicole – I’m freaking out tonight.. I’m not goign to be able to sleep, I’m goign to vomit..
Paul – I want to take you
Nicole – I want to take you, I just want to make sure you’re not bull-assing me..
They mention James is doing nothing and it’s got them both worried.
Paul tells her straight up if she scum bags him he will be deeply hurt and would expect Nicole to be deeply hurt if he scumbags her.
Paul says their odds are better together than against James.
Nicole says she doesn’t know where her odds are better, “To be honest I want to win this game”

Nicole says she’s trying to find which one she has a fighting chance against Paul or James.
Nicole says she knows she’s goign to freeze up during her speech, “I’m freaking out i’m only going to get Corey’s vote”
Paul – you are jumping the gun.. you need to stop thinking about jury..

Paul mentions Da, Michelle, Zakiyah and Paulie are all toss ups
Nicole agrees
Paul says he’s got Victor, she’s got Corey. His maybe is Bridgette her maybe is James and Natalie.
Paul – if it’s him he’s tied to 3 people possibly 4..
Nicole – he’s tied to a lot of people
Paul – He’s tied to at least 3 I don’t know where Bridgette is..

Nicole says she’s still sticking to their plan she just needs some reassurance..

Nicole – If I was him I would be trying to fight for my game a little bit more.. why isn’t he trying to fight..
Nicole – I hate what it feels like to not know
Paul tells her no matter what
Nicole – what if I could get first with James and Second with you
Paul – I could say the same thing.. what if what if… my mind is made
Nicole – My mind is made.. I’m going to what if my entire life

Nicole – Cody could have brought Victoria and won 500 thousand dollars..
Nicole – I don’t think my Chances with him are better.. I know my chances are slim
Nicole says she would have taken Corey even if it meant getting second.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-20 22-31-07-503


11:00pm Paul and James playing cards

12:10am The final 3 house guests go to bed for the last time in the Big Brother house…

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-21 15-22-43-631
9:46:40am Feeds shutdown for the season…

PAul – remember Victor couldn’t poop his balloon during the carnival..

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Yet Another Hillary Lie

This finale is going to be great. Paul versus Nicole for all the marbles. Simon do you have a prediction?

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Thanks Simon. I think he is the favorite and is dangerous because he will give the best speech.


Can we go back to the snake picture of Nicole?

(Please note I’m requesting this because Nicole will end up taking James Final 2…stabbing Paul in back)


Just want to wish Nicole good luck tomorrow. I think she is a good strategic player and not a snake. Don’t be so hard on her.


Holy f@ck I can’t handle Nicole’s whining anymore. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I just want to scream. I’m watching her and Paul talking in the safari room and she makes me want to poke my eyes out. She hasn’t shut up for a second with her annoying whining. I don’t know how Paul can tolerate her behavior. Blows my mind how she thinks she’s so deserving of the win. She can’t even say two sentences without bringing Corey’s name into it If I was Corey I would run as far away from her as I could. She’s so needy and immature. Please for the love of god let Paul win the final comp and take James.


@bb1fan..Nicole is definitely a snake..Where is the strategy in giving handjobs and laying in bed with Corey..

to be honest, I wouldn’t care so much about her being deceptive, and going back on her word, because this is BigBrother..but her pretending to not do anything wrong is sickening…”I haven’t done anything”, “all the girls probably hate me” “I haven’t lied in this game”….
That’s what makes Nicole a snake..

I would respect her more if she owned her gameplay..


I saw hip action from Corey that looked like waaayyy more than a hand job…


Paul you gotta dump Nicole.
Taking James is the only way.
Paulie, Corey and the rest of the ho’s will vote for Nicole.
No shot taking the snake.


I can’t believe how naive Nicole is. I’m watching BBAD and she’s telling Paul points about the HGs that he can use, unwittingly of course, Also why is she confiding her strategies with him or telling him she practicing her answers for F2 questions? Paul is a master manipulator, Nicole knows this. It frustrated me.


I agree with the Nicole assessment. The only reason I am Ok with Michelle because she owned her stuff with Bridgette and Apologized at least on live feeds. She many times tried self correcting herself so she owned her stuff. She was ok with her comic and really has not trashed Paul. She did tell them what he said but she seemed more hurt than vindictive so I am ok with her now because I really thought she would be trashing Paul and she did not.

sweet young thing

Nicole is doing a great job at this game. i don’t get the personal attacks. back stabs? come on. that’s first tool in bb tool kit. it’s the screwdriver. tenacity is the hammer and she has that, too. she’s a good kid and i will be elated if she takes james. nothing bad on paul. he is an awesome player and he’s going to go on and have a fab life. he will get other reality shows. his business will flourish. he will be back on bb again. this is nicole’s shot. she’s not going to be on dwts. she deserves the win. and somewhat off-topic, james is authentic and kind and that’s why he keeps getting afp votes. Nicole 4tw.

James is pathetic and needs bath

I don’t think James will be getting AFP player or a spot on BB.s fans are fading fast, He”s a pathetic phony.

Big Guth Trump

Nicole and Corey are such religious Christian hypocrites. Praying for hours to win a goofy challenge. Yes your doting God was smiling down on poor sweet innocent besieged Corey to help him win in the double eviction. God wanted you two to get it on constantly under the covers. So what if there’s lots of genocide going on in the world. God didn’t have time to help out those folks because he was worried about Nicole and Corey. Disgusting self absorbed people.

Paul the atheist needs to win.


Paul if you ever read this take Michelle for a spin you know what they say bout the Crazy ones !!io


Yeah and Corey said he likes crazy chicks. No wonder Michelle was jealous of Nicole

Hello nicmom

Well then shes the only person jealous of Nicole. Nicole even thinks Victor really had a crush on her umm no hes just nice


I know but Paul is really laying it on thick with her – he is such an evil mastermind, I love it.


I think he just thought she was very innocent he really thinks Nicole was doing nothing with Corey and people were just mean to Nic(thanks for that thought production)penally I don’t care w3hat they did they are both adults. I just don’t like that Nic was throwing shade at the other girls when she is not that innocent.


Nicole is saying she is not taking Paul. So what’s new! Nicole have talked so much about production and what they want her to say and do etc.. Production wants Nicole and James F2.

sunny dee

as far as i know she has never said that, not even while talking to herself, and practising her speech, and so on. speech practise and talking to herself and paul as well went on for hours on After Dark.

i know she’s a snake, but until or unless she actually says it out loud, i’m going with what she has already told james, and what she and paul have been talking about, that she will pick paul. james already talked to ‘america’ about it, he already knows from nicole she’s not going to take him, he made a comment on it about how he wished paul would say it, because nicole has already told him that.


sunny dee… I am in agreement with you. The reason I maded the above remark is because this is what I read: 6:07pm Nicole sitting in Tokyo sounding like she is practicing evicting Paul. Says her heart and her head are tugging her in different directions. Her heart is saying Paul but her head is saying James. That even she would vote for Paul to win. She also mumbles to herself that she wants him (James) to be as unprepared as possible. 6:15pm Paul walks through Tokyo..Nicole to herself “He knows I’m not taking him..he’s not dumb”…”and I don’t think he’s taking me either” Nicole to herself again he knows I’m not taking him. He can’t be that dumb…He wouldn’t take me either so stop feeling bad about it. 6:15pm Nicole that’s why I gotta win.

Easy Choice

This is an easy one, they are both taking James lol the very fact that Paul continually states that James does not deserve to be in final two, or win any money, basically spells out that James does not have it in him to win this game. Therefore, who ever takes James wins 500k I think Paul over sold this one to Nicole a little. The strategy he opted to use against James making final 2 was an incorrect one, if you don’t want her to take him, telling her that he’s done nothing to deserve being there is not the right strategy. That’s proving to her that James will give Nicole the 500k. He should’ve went with the strategy of making James appear larger than life, he’s a veteran who won AFP, he has a strong social game with a lot of friends in Jury, a lot for the same people who Nicole has burned. If she wins part 3, Nicole wins 500k and James 50k, AFP is Victor, if Paul wins he abandons friendship for the first time in this game, dumps Nicole to prove to Jury he’s in it to win it, and with Nicole as his latest trophy kill he wins the 500k. You heard it here first. SkydiverMacGyver-out.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Hopefully Paul wins the final HoH so he can have his fate in his own hands. I still don’t think he will win against either Nicole or James, as much as I want him to. But at least he will get something. I would prefer a Nicole/Paul finale, because James deserves nothing! No AFP for him either! Let this be his last rodeo. Ride your horse into the sunset!

Not so sure

I don’t think they want a Nicole/James, they know James fans are dying off fast.
I actually find it quite crazy how people think ‘production’ controls everything. I do believe BB interferes more than they should such as trying to put ideas in heads, etc. However if’.production actually ‘controlled everything, after 18 years that would be out there.


Wasn’t it James who told Paulie and Nicole that he was backing Nat’s decision to get out Z? So if James makes f2, he may not have Paulie’s & Z’s vote?


Are they not allowed back upstairs? Why don’t they use the HOH bath??

Paul for the win but...

I want Paul 100%, however, he sure did tell a lot about himself over the days in the house. All the places he’s been, where he lives etc. and obviously it didn’t bother any1. But in BB 16, that one lady that Cody said had a forehead like a billboard during morph comp, was targeted as soon as she let the hg’s know the make of her car?? They immediately said she didn’t need the money and got her out. Well one of the reasons anyway.

Hal 9000

I wonder if Nicole still might take James though.


I don’t get it! Why the hell isn’t James telling Nicole that there’s NO way she’ll beat Paul when it comes to jury votes? Paul (as much as I dislike him) is articulate and intelligent. Dude could sell ice to eskimos. Her ONLY chance at winning the big bucks is to take James. He needs to speak up now!


I so agree with you! Paul can talk himself into or out of ANYTHING! especially throwing around “friendship”. I have seen him schmooz all season with his words and stories and laughter. I do not like Paul, never did from the beginning. But if he were with Nicole I might pick Paul because he was on the block so many times and survived. Nicole pick James if you get the chance. Corey would be telling her that again and again if he were there now. I love James but I would vote for Nicole over James just because of all her comp wins.

sunny dee

the jury isn’t voting based on finale night speeches, that’s the thing. and paul promises that she won’t get his or vic’s vote if she backstabs him, and we already know that james will get day and nat’s vote if he is in F2 whether nicole listens to the logic of it remains to be seen (thanks to who posted her actual comments i hadn’t seen, she is a mumbler, and flippy floppy you just never know who she is or isn’t talking about tho), because the case for taking paul is that he doesn’t have that many solid votes.

i would say that nicole would earn votes by taking paul as a show of strength not lose them. the main reason to take james would be that people don’t like him or his game, and we already know that people do like him so why would anyone in their right mind think him as F2 would be ok? many evictees are there also because of a james move, aren’t they? from the fact he gave nicole HOH, to the care package votes, to his own HOH,

the fact the jury members came back and said they all hate james, that is just more reason to not take him. everyone knows that ‘hating’ a F2 is due to what that f2 did to help get them out of the game, whether it was not backing their alliance, voting a certain way, putting them on the block, not using a veto, replacement noms, throwing comps when in an alliance, etc and all of THAT is game play that got them to the end. and all of THAT is why those same people would vote him as playing a good game because all those things helped get them out, and secured his place in f2.


Imo the only locked in vote James has is Natalie. I don’t think Da’vonne would vote for James just to vote for him. And speeches do mean a lot, they have to highlight what they actually did in the game. The jury has to have something to go by since there are a lot of things they don’t know and aren’t allowed to see while in jury. Also players make moves that the rest of the HG may not even know they made behind the scenes. You can definitely sway a vote with your speech


James should have fought more to be taken to F2. He just left it to chance and at the last minute made a weak stab and argument, if you can call it that, to take him to F2.

NICOLE is for sure taking James

No doubt. Every doubt she had talking to Paul about him taking her for sure to f2, is cuz she KNOWS she isn’t taking Paul. She thinks becuz she is going to screw him over, he is going to do the same to her. If some1 spoke to me with the doubt she spoke to Paul on this last episode, he has to know that she again not sticking with him. Win the final HOH and get her out Paul and don’t look back. sssssssss

nicole's diary room voice

No matter who wins, this f**king thing is finally over. This season is way too d*mn long. I want 19 to have less twists and production rigging. NO RETURNING PLAYERS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least Nicole will back in UBLY by this time next week.

Lying Hillary Accepting Bribes 24/7

At 3:20 Nicole leaves to use the bathroom they do not turn the Microphone off so we hear her pee.. (Sometime I think I deserve hazard pay for this… LOL)

Simon just be glad she wasn’t dropping a deuce.


Votes for Nic

Votes for Paul

I feel like if Nicole is in the Final 2 she wins regardless of who she is sitting next to unfortunately. Maybe I am not thinking about the votes accurately tho…

I think you are right

I believe you are correct on the votes Nic vs Paul
I believe Day will vote for Nic. Last time they visited the Jury house, she said “Damn, Nicole is playing”. I think Day wants a girl to win. Most of the girls are just bitter (Meech, Natalie for sure) Bridget may actually vote for Nicole after the Round Table.

Trump Drops Deuces Everytime He Speaks


Lying Hillary: The Truth Hurts Her Tongue

I’m hoping Victor wins AFP.

Dump on Hilldog

Good thing Hilldog is into that.


Is it true that these houseguests were just told from production about BB OTT, i’ve heard this on twitter. Was there a reason to tell them this now?

random question

Simon, do you have any relation to the LFC’s from Rob’s podcast? Are you all affiliated?

Susan V

What the heck was THAT conversation re Janes about! Planting a seed in Pauls head that Cory would vote James in a F2 Nicole? Our Boy is smarter than that Darling!


And so it begins…Nicole starts talking about how close Corey and James were, inferring Corey would want her to bring James, so he gets some money. Barf. Paul better win this damn thing, and maybe he should take James, just to piss her off. The whining on live tv would be epic.


If he killed the Snake he should win!!!


I thought James voted to evict Corey because James had a F2 deal with Nicole. Why didn’t Nicole tell Paul about that, huh?


Im confused about this F2, and it makes me question the whole thing that she will take Paul. They both know James isnt studying. If Nic takes him with the premise they split the money… That would be 550k to split. I could imagine that happening.

HOWEVER, if there was no real f2, and it is nic & Paul in the finale, wouldn’t James vote for Paul to win? He is the one that helped Nic the entire game, so did paulie, so did corey, in all essence, she only worked for 20% of the win, whereas Paul did 100%. I guess you could argue she had work horses? I dunno.

James was my ride or die, so I was hoping if he does get to vote, he votes for the lesser of 2 evils to win. Wishful thinking.


you give James too much credit. James stayed loyal to Nic and Corey even when it meant backstabbing Natalie repeatedly during her HOH. Nic and Corey and James’s true showmance, he will vote for Nicole hands down.

It's a secret

Deal was made BEFORE game started and they agreed to NEVER TALK ABOUT IT! James & Nicole secret

Life Lesson

What deal (final 2 )I don’t think there ever was a final 2 between Nicole and James. She may have said something to James about it, but I don’t think it was ever a done deal. James has always been my choice to win, but Paul would also be ok. I just don’t want the snake to win anything. She need to go out in 3rd place. (PLEASE)

Vote James and his crocs out

I respect everyone’s opinions, I simply can’t understand why anyone would want James to win. He never played the game, stalked a girl clearly not interested in him and plays stupid childish pranks that aren’t even funny. All that’s important to him is winning AFP, he never shuts up about it. I strongly believe BB will NEVER have him back. His fans are dropping like flies.


The reason he is my choice, and he was my choice from the begining, was because he doesnt smash people needlessly. He may have put no effort into the game, and that is annoying, and harder to root for him. I dont know why fans would drop him? He played aloofly. So what? He got caught up chasing a girl who doesnt show interest in him. Who fucking cares? The reasons why everyone dislikes him, are silly reasons. Although he seemed like has given zero fucks this year, he has taken his impending doom in stride. To me the game isnt how many comps you win, or how bad you manipulated, its about getting the farthest while keeping your integrity intact. They are human, and make mistakes, but Paul and Nic are the dirty ones. They are mean spirited, and really.
I personally dont know how people can root for Paul to win, what has Paul done? He never manipulated anyone BUT Vic. I dont understand how people dont see how Paul used Vic as a meat sheild. If it wasnt for Vic, Paul probably wouldnt even made it to Jury. IMO. He is crass, a sleaze ball, and an entitled brat, even more so than Nic. With how much airtime he has gotten, I think he was productions golden boy. I am sure his parents have connections. He isnt in that house for money, he is in it for fame and an ego boost. The same thing James gets shit on for. He is my last choice to win.

Hope James packed his crocs

James just has a personality like a slug, he isn’t entertaining, should never have been cast for the show and I seriously don’t think we’ll ever see him on TV again. Even Julie stated in an interview his time on the show was disappointing. His HUGE loss of fans is proof. He is forgettable.
Yes others schemed and backstabbed….IT’S A GAME!! There’s half a million dollars on the line!! They are playing a game. James forgot why he was there I think, is only concerned about AFP, which I’m delighted he won’t be getting.


It’s an issue of the lesser or three evils. I want Nic to win Final HOH and take James. Then she should be the one to win, b/c James def doesn’t deserve it. Nic at least had some game in her. Paul is too obnoxious and privileged and SELF-RIGHTEOUS for my taste. I want him to feel the burn of being cut at final 3.


Agreed. I would love for that to happen too. Nic or James, Paul gone 3rd… I am not with the masses on this one.


James and Nicole knew each other prior to the season beginning. Paulie knew James was going to be on the show. It’s entirely possible that James and Nicole knew they were going to be on the show together and concocted a deal to help themselves. If that’s the case, they wouldn’t need to and would really avoid talking about it in the house. This season makes it really easy to create conspiracy theories. Paulie is Cody’s brother and Nicole has said in the house she’s hung out with Cody and his family. Derrick has mentioned he talked with James and Paulie knew he was going to be in the house. Paulie knew Natalie at least by reputation. Corey knew Clay as they were both athletes at A&M, Clay tweeted about it. Could it be some serious shenanigans are going on in the casting process to favor certain people? Create a group willing to protect a certain player? There seems to be a lot of incest in the big brother/CBS casting pool.


They did know they were coming on the show together because James said as soon as he found out, he sent Nicole messages on social media. He said before they were casted for this season she wouldn’t answer him lol


Your comment about incest is right on. I think the production people are freaking lazy and often just take recommendations from former players. Remember Meg was besties with Andrea Boehlke from Survivor. It is like there is this closed CBS pool of possibles that they populate their various reality shows with. We went through this a few years back with the execrable Hantz family. Everybody is related or knows someone. Then they throw in a few wild cards.
The reason people say they like old school BB is because back then it was a new game and it took seasons for people to finally work out all the angles. At the beginning there were no online feeds or you had to have a subscription to Showtime for BBAD, but now most of the strategies have been played out sufficiently that a template of how to play successfully has evolved and is readily available to anyone with the patience to implement it. Maybe it is time to retire it. Derrick had it down to a science and figuratively smothered everybody else in his season, and it looks like at least 2 finalists this season have employed his strategy to a varying degree. I don’t see any way it will ever go back to what it used to be, but it still goes from 16-18 down to one so there is that.

I still firmly believe...

That it was Paulie, James & Nicoles preplan to all 3 get into some type of showmance with 3 other hg’s, so that they all would have 3 others on their sides in the end with 3 extra votes that they each could manipulate into voting for Paulie, James or Nicole for the big win. They were the only 3 in the house with showmances, other than Vic/Paul’s, however, V & Pauls showmance doesn’t count becuz they aren’t aligned with original 3 that know each other outside the house.
Paulie blew it on his end tho becuz of greed.
Nice try production, but too too transparent to fool any of us!


But they did and got called to the diary room.


Because she’s a ssssssnake


Everyone has a final 2 deal with everyone. And everyone will howl when it’s not honored. All in the game.


I thought BB was on Tues also. I don’t see it listed. Is it on tonight?

Benghazi: Hillary's Only Accomplishment

@ Anon

9:30 eastern time tomorrow.

Mister Obvious

Please Nicole,just stop talking. You’ve trashed James enough already.


The rest of what Prodiction said after the mic was turned off: “this will be quick, Darling. we’ve decided you should take James. I’ll squirt some quicki-tears in your eyes and then we’ll roll cameras while you share how diffict this decision is for you. Now be sure to act really conflicted, like you’re really in emotional pain. Like your heart hurts. OK? are you ready Honey Pie?”

I knew it!

I knew it! That is EXACTLY how it went down !




If that production person was anywhere near 50 years old, that’s just what they call every1. Dear, Sweetheart, hun… just sayin!


Nicole darling I am not particularly concerned with watching over Corey’s game. I am much too busy watching over the Middle East and Brangelina’s divorce.


Ha ha


Gosh darn it. If Brangelina can’t make it, what chance does a BB showmance have? Don’t give up on the dream, James!


Jenn Aniston must be so thrilled. Karma is a bitch!!!


James will be hoping he might get his jollies from jolie.


First the Kardashians are cancelled and now Brangelina are getting divorced looks like the world is coming to an end. What is next BB going to a pay per view show on the Internet????

Morgan LaFay

Kardashians cancelled? Since when? Thank you, Lord! Prayers answered if true.


You’re welcome my child.

Yas!!!!! Kardashians suck

That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day.

Dear God

Nicole must not have heard you God cause the feeds she just prayed for help winning the comp tomorrow, to make the right decision, and not to look like a fool. Them she crossed herself.
I’m thinking its a little too late for the fool part?


I can’t get a Word in edgewise through the whining and she didn’t get it when I sent the drone. I even tried a bullhorn…..


I think Production is trying to get Nicole to disassociate from James. Her talking how James was closer to Corey sounds scripted. I do believe that James and Nicole did have a final two deal and Production was a part of it.They knew that the public caught on to what they were doing and have decided to let go of James to do damage control. Corey once asked Nicole what she was talking about, and she said I’m just saying what Production wants me to say.


This is how Corey really feels about Nicole. No words need to be expressed its all on his face. Just watch the clip it’s pretty funny how he reacts lol iAugust 16, 2016 time 8:28pm camera 1 Nicole Is talking about something boring and then she brings up a dream just watch if you have live feeds.

sunny dee

an entire month passed since august 16, plus if he is talking to someone in the 5 guy pack, he isn’t going to let them think he is F2 with anyone other than the 5guy. but i do get what you are saying, plus i do remember him throwing her under the bus to agree she’d be clipped soon. he didn’t do any fancy talking to make sure that any of the other showmance girls were going to go first, i don’t even remember him saying that the non showmancers would be up first, nor did he say well remember, nicole is basically working with us, and a vote for us if we spin it right.

so as people got evicted, and there was less ‘noise’ from Paulie when he got evicted, corey probably didn’t have to play the part of boys club anymore, and could be more himself whatever that is. I do not have nicoles lust coloured glasses on, i do not think he is as great a human being or captain america the way she seems to think. but i already have a pretty poor opinion of college/pre pro athletes sense of entitlement and arrogance, and getting passes for bad if not criminal behaviour in order to keep them on the college teams, so the bar i set for him to surpass is pretty low.

and i’m not sure he surpassed it based on some of the things he said, but even then he didn’t really say as many creepy things as james when it comes to women met in bars.


Why does nicole constantly keep saying her and james arent close!? I don’t understand why she has to go as far as constantly saying negative things about him. I thought their families were close and the 2 of them were friends. This bashing makes her look really bad, even if its game play!


I feel that’s it’s all for show. Just like she’s spent the day today telling Paul how hard she was playing the game all season. She wants to make sure that Paul picks her if he wins – and votes for her if he loses – cause she plans to take James to final two.
She’s not telling James she’s taking him to final two cause she doesn’t want him to act cocky (and make Paul think there’s an alliance) and she doesn’t want James to be prepared.
Paul is so loyal and this is the ultimate betrayal. Nicole really is a snake. Game or not – pretty shi**y way to treat people.


Oh my goodness….you may be right about this. I hope Paul wins the HOH so Nicole doesn’t get that option.

I also think Production now realizes how much America likes Paul. He is not boring like the rest of them.


Nicole is all for herself. Loyalty is not in her heart. Shameful! I know this is a game But for her to think she is better than James… crazzzy. Nicole just started to p… why because most of the HG was voted out…so yes she can win a comp now. She was in bed with Corey most of the time.


The purpose of the game is to win..Everyone betrays someone at one point in this’s the nature of the game. Earlier in the game it may be considered betrayal but at this point in the game it’s each man/woman for themselves.


I was hoping the dream was about Nicole being delusional about getting married to Corey and him reacting with fear or disgust. Oh I could only hope. But instead I saw this huge goofy jolly green giant (aka baby Huey)so excited because Nicole had a dream about him. In her dream Nicole caves in to texting Corey after two months of ignoring each other post season. I don’t understand why he’s so excited about this when he says he wants nothing to do with her. Anyways Corey wasn’t even listening to her beforehand and as soon as he heard her utter the words of a dream about him she caught his attention so fast. Once she said she texted him hey cutie in the dream, Coreys face got very animated and more lively. His demeanor changed from his usual somber look to this very rare genuine glimpse of relief or happiness. From my perspective you can see how he really feels about Nicole. I’m either appalled or annoyed by them but it was very cute how Corey reacted. He was very sincere and I now see why people think he likes Nicole, maybe he’s the introverted type. Now that I’ve seen it for myself, I’m not trying to be humorous but Corey looks like he’s in love with Nicole. So now I’m guessing Nicole did something to hurt Corey between then and now. It’s enough for him to want to call things off. Possibly something to do with Victor. Don’t hate me for this comment. I don’t like them either but it did changed my opinion on about Corey using Nicole. I still hate Nicole!!!


The only thing Corey is in love with is the idea that him and Nicole might get to do The Amazing Race together….. if they’re perceived as America’s sweethearts.

Lying Hillary The Wicked Witch of the Left

None of these couples will be together after the show except for Paul and Victor.


I don’t think Vaul will last either lol. He said to Nicole he wasn’t going to be that good of friends with Vic since they live in different states.

Bleachbit Comes Back to Bite Lying Hillary

Nicole is going to have to be honest with the jury to have a chance to win this.

President hillary

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President trump

Hillary must have short circuited again


Corey makes scrapbooks for his girlfriends on their anniversaries. That is the funniest thing I’ve heard come out of Nicole’s mouth. Is she for real? Now I now why he was voted in high school most likely to be married at a young age.


I think Nicole has more balls than Corey. Corey’s haven’t dropped yet. She’s had him whipped all season.


That explains a lot. It all makes sense now they are two of kind. I want to rip my eyes and pull out every single hair out of its follicle. I’ve been scratching my head all season. what does he see in her. He can’t be really into her she’s the worst. List of reasons 1.Cross between T-Swift and a Rat 2.Voice 3. Cling 4.obsession with Corey 5. Whining 6.acts like a baby 7.brat 8.entitled 9.rude 10.woman hater the list can go on and on and on. Coreys a clingy mother fucker just like Nicole. Their poor kids.


Just on the feeds it looks like if Nicole wins part 3 she will take James b/c she said she’ll never win over Paul.

Dull Bike

Both Paul and Nicole think that they can beat James,so,whomever wins HOH3 will take James to final 2.


You are right.

Dependocrat Purge

So third place gets zero prize money? That sounds bogus to me. You would think they could cough up at least $25,000.


I really think Paul will pick Nicole for F2 (based on his speech practice) if he wins part 3 of the HOH. He must think that the Jury is bitter and that he has no chance against James. But I don’t think Nicole will pick Paul. Sssssnake to the end.


Is it possible that the James – Nicole f2 pre show, deal, if presumed real- was actually the plan ? And now Nicole is like kind of in a middle play here . Corey said take James, you could argue he’s better to take than Paul . But she’s seems to be taking Paul. The dude u make a pact with actually makes it with you to the end ?! Hilarious!

The Devil Wears Pantsuits

I think the jury is going to vote for the winner of the final HOH to win the game.


I would really love for Nicole to get a taste of her own medicine. I hope Paul wins the final HOH and takes James. I would love to see the look on Nicole’s face when she gets stabbed in the back from Paul. She seems to really be laying it on thick with how close James and Corey were/are. I didn’t see that.

Paul's speech...

I hope Paul ends his speech with a long ‘sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss’ after announcing he’s taking James


Nicole needs to be careful not to give Paul the argument she intends to make to jury. Ease up on boasting how great you did. At best it gives Paul an opportunity to work on counterattacks and at worst if she is convincing enough it may give Paul second thoughts about bringing her to final 2. Loose lips sink ships.

On the other hand saying stuff like Corey intends to vote for James not a bad idea. You can say Paul is too smart for that. But no reason not to go for it just in case. Paul certainly has sometimes with success, sometimes not. The only losing position is not to try like James….

….except I still think James wins if either Nicole or Paul backstabs the other. Meech + Natalie + the person backstabbed. Three votes in his pocket and only two more to go for Forrest Gump to cluelessly cross the finish line.


me too, James really does have the votes against either of them. I know things happen after the speeches and in the heat of the moment – but I am not certain that this jury will see that James really didn’t do anything. Without the benefit of the full objective picture we have, they will reason that he must have worked just as hard (but maybe in a different way) to get to F2 or F3 – and that social game counts heavily. Natalie and Meech were with James a lot of the game, they can make a case for how much he’s done and who knows what influence they are having over people down the middle like Day and Bridgette.


this how I see it going tomorrow pual will win part 3 hoh
take Nicole to the final 2 in win the game I just cant see
Nicole an james a final 2 at the beging yeah but now no
it will be sad to the fans if pual not a final 2 he play harder than any of them

Get it together Girl

I’m no fashionista but Nicole’s finale dress is so awful.


Me either. But what’s with the kitty cat dress and all the white big clog shoes? Lol


I haven’t seen it yet, but anything will beat the daisy dukes and high heels she wears for every other filmed bit.


Nicole, going over your speech for 3 days isn’t going to change the fact that you spent 75% of the game in bed with Corey. You’re nervous because you have not played the game, you floated and you’re worried about being called ouT by the jurors. Should have considered that from day one. I’ve never been a fan of Paul for obvious reasons but at least he played the game. The feeling you’re having about never winning against Paul are correct. Listen to it!


Omg can they stop. Talking shit


Enough practicing your finale speeches.

End Game … if you truly want to win … need to take James to F2.

If Paul takes Snacole ….he loses and Sssssssssshe wins.

Paul for the win. He earned it!!!! He played BB from day 1. Sssssnicorey laid in bed right up until two weeks ago.


OMG! Nicole!! The horse is dead! Stop beating it!

You are right….you can’t win against Paul.

Dear heavens……this girl is soooooooooooo needy for support. So insecure!

On the other hand, it makes it exciting because I have no idea what this nutcase is going to do if she wins HOH3 (unlikely). If Paul wins – boring finale. He wins by a landslide.

I like it when I don’t honestly know what’s going to happen. Nice change from the boring Derrick season.


The horse is not only dead but stinking and she (Nicole) won’t stop beating it. Corey Corey Corey I am so sick of her.


She is campaigning for final 2 if Paul wins the HoH. She is doing it by telling Paul why James can win and why she can’t. Because who in their right mind would bring the person who would beat them? Hell Nicole in an unguarded moment all but told Corey that she might even ditch him during the final 3 if she thought someone else would be easier!

If Paul takes it as her being broken and needy rather than cunning then what she is doing is working. Paul has to know she is up to something but given the speech he is practicing it seems to be working nonetheless.


I don’t get it! Why the hell isn’t James telling Nicole that there’s NO way she’ll beat Paul when it comes to jury votes? Paul (as much as I dislike him) is articulate and intelligent. Dude could sell ice to eskimos. Her ONLY chance at winning the big bucks is to take James. He needs to speak up now!

Katie Girl

Nicole looks at herself in every f-ing mirror in the house. She looks at herself in the mirror right before sitting down to evict someone every single week. One week, I think on double eviction night, the audience laughed at her both times she looked at herself right before sitting down to vote that night. And every time she looks at herself in the mirror, she raises her eye brows up real high. She is soooo annoying when she does this!!! Its just as annoying as her whiny a$$ DR voice. And what’s with that raggedy a$$ bun upside her head? I hope Paul wins the final hoh because I dont trust her to take him.


Victioria did the same thing. I think it has to do with body dysmorphia. Nicole has a really low self esteem and post traumatic stress after bb16. I remember Nicole telling Michelle that people sent her videos of Cody and Derrick body shamming her weight and making fun of her acne. In the beginning I remember some people saying Nicole hardly ate. I think she took it to heart when Frank said Nicole ate like a monster. She looks underweight and Corey tried making her her eat more and she would refuse to. Nicole was a lot more chill first time around and now she’s overly sensitive. She could take a joke and be able dish it back but now she’s takes everything so seriously, she lost her quirkiness and spunk. She was not herself at all this and more worried about what people think of he.


Don’t agree. She can dish it out, but she can’t take it. She’s no different about her weight than most young women; they eat like a birds, then pig out on pizza or ice cream. She is not at an unhealthy weight. However, if she was worried about what people would think of her, she should not have come back to BB and she definitely shouldn’t have been doing the horizontal mambo under the sheets. No pity from me – if ya can’t stand the heat, stay outta the kitchen.

Just saying

Nicole said she weighed 92lbs at the beginning of the season. A healthy bmi at 5’2 is 104 to 115lbs. That’s 12 pounds under weight at the minimum. She just said to Paul about 2 days ago that she wants to get back into her pre season photo shoot outfit to wear to the finale. Victor and Corey both got irritated about her constantly talking about dieting and losing more weight. Corey told her to eat what she wants and workout and be happy. He said he likes thicker girls not saying she should gain weight just for him but for health purposes. By the way the camera adds on 10lbs because I seen what she looks like post 16 finale and she had a perfect body in person. Season 16 was Nicole’s natural body weight. I know there are girls that are naturally really thin and its looks normal on them because that’s how there metabolism works but Nicole is not one of those people.


Nicole looked way better thicker. Michelle and Natalie both had body issues but at least they were healthy looking. They both looked perfect before and after. Nicole ate like a bird throughout the day and sometimes skipped meals. The only time she ate more was when she shared with Corey. Sometimes they snacked together and she’d only take a bite or two. He snapped at her once to eat more.

Lemon drops

Ah nicole, victor was right,
And he heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. Corey won’t be needing your services after BB is over.
He’ll cut all ties immediately or he’ll play it PC for a while. In the mean time
Hang it up already! It’s nauseating. Dude was a bore.


It doesn’t matter if Corey dumps her first or not. Nicole is awkward and hates confrontation and avoid him without giving him a chance to explain himself. Every time she was mad at him she got very guarded and didn’t open up to him. My predictions are Corey won’t say anything to her because she’ll hold a grudge for life. Nicole and Corey were intimate and for woman to separate emotions is almost always impossible and Nicole is the chaser in this relationship. She already said no to Texas for his bday because if she finds out about any lies or things he said she’ll never talk to him again because it will be awkward. Instead she’s going to Pauls Halloween party instead. I honestly don’t think they will even exchange numbers or follow each other on social media. I do believe he wants to be friends for life but Nicole will drop off the map completely and avoid him at all costs.


Oh God, Paul please win HOH tomorrow!


James will have Nat, Meech, Corey, Nicole
Paul will have Victor, Paulie, Davonne, Zakia
Deciding vote will be Bridget and I don’t see her for Paul
Nicole and Corey would NEVER vote for Paul
Nicole had a secret deal with James before they entered the house as evidenced by the two of them talking about paying each other off, and the bullhorn message. If Paul wins over Corey, Nicole will not get her bonus from James. I think the two of them should be disqualified because they talked about the money TWICE!


Just remember, even Christine DIDN’T vote for Cody after cuddling and never leaving his side the entire season, giving Derrick another vote. Cody said himself, he was SHOCKED at her doing so.

At that point, I do believe firmly, she knew her marriage may be done with if she had voted for Cody!!

Just never know who will flip a vote after the round table convos! Go PAUL

Paul still has Victor...

and Victor is in the jury house and can speak in Paul’s behalf. Da and Brig did not want Vic voted out and I am sure that he can persuade a few of them to vote Paul, especially since Corey followed right behind him into the jury. They will have to know the fight Paul had to play in the end against the 2 vets and this will be something for them to consider. In all I do believe a lot is forgiven once in the jury and for the most part vote by game play and not by pettiness . Go get em Paul xoxo


Nicole would never take Paul over James. If Paul wins she doesn’t get her payoff from James.


If Paul wins final HOH and takes James… James will only get Natalies vote. 8-1. Even Michelle wiill change her vote after hearing James’ speach!


I wonder what the heckler yelling in the backyard , saying that Nicole and James have a final 2! How in the heck that went over the houseguests heads? Natalie even questioned James about but of course he lied about it. She saw how he was always protective over snacole

James fans dropping like flies

James simply won’t shut up about thinking he’s getting AFP. It’s the finale and he’s STILL talking about probably winning it. Oh I hope BB zooms in on his face when Victor gets it.


Nicole beats Paul – takes James – James wins BB ! Don’t you just hate people like that ?! The ” go the other way, 1% chance people’. In reality prolly Guna be boring finale . Only fireworks would be if Nicole wins part 3 …. There’s a chance she make take James … Beside that we are staring at Paul pretty much winning outright, taking Nicole and winning buy 1-2 votes .. There is only so much math that can happen. The instant p 3 ends … The math diminishes again. Only a few outcomes, if this is Vegas .. Paul is the favorite..:. Nicole underdog ( decent chance ) and James is massive long shot …

Educated Guess

I think either Nicole or Paul is going to win. I wish this last comp wasn’t an educated guess competition! Ugh?!@!


I wouldn’t call it an educated guess. The point of this comp is to test your social game throughout the season. I guess it could come down to a guess if you didn’t know the person. But mainly you’re just supposed to know the houseguest enough to know how they will answer.


Good bye to everyone, especially Simon and Dawg. It was a good season and I’ll see you on BBOTT or next summer if you’re not going to involve yourself in OTT. Good thoughts to all.

Reality Check

Hopefully tonight will be a kraken of a night. Love being an armchair quarterback, cause nobody quite know what is happening tonight. Especially when Paul and Nicole had notice that James has done absolutely nothing to prepare for tonight’s show.

Considering last year when Vanessa was stuck to her room all day and night, not knowing her houseguests, effectively costing her the final HOH to Steve, the possibility exist for Nicole to do the exact same thing because she was in bed with Corey and was isolated from everybody.

Evictable Afterall

Both are dumb if they don’t take James. It’s a for sure win against that loser


Well I just heard the entire exchange between the two of them in the Safari room and I do believe now more than ever that Paul is just that stupid.
Yes I heard all his reasoning and that is coming from the mouth of a man who has never played this game or watched the show before.
Nicole literally wants to say, are you a dumbass we would both beat him hands down he’s done nothing! She really wants to say that but she stopped herself short of that.
Paul believes that Jury is going to vote for James because they LIKED him. BIG DEAL! maybe one or two might but I’m sorry he’s not getting 5 votes next to one of those two.
I believe now Paul is going to f*ck this up over some silly misplaced sense of doing the right thing. Over ideology. Dude, gimme a break. Take the easy win and stop talking just to hear yourself talk, it’s going to be your downfall in life. Mark my words, he is going to be the runner-up and it will crush BB fans the world over. I hope he gets killed in the court of public opinion afterward… how can you be this smart, get all the way down to the end by playing a great game and then fuck up an obvious choice?
Oh, I’d rather LOSE to you than beat him. Boy please. Go sit down with that dumb thinking.


No. Paul is just a better bullshitter than she is. Paul figured out that she probably ain’t taking him though! At least Paul tried. Wasnt gonna hurt him to try. I kind of believe Paul might still take her to final 2 though regardless? He is very convincing!


“from the mouth of a man who has never played this game or watched the show before.” I can’t tell you HOW MANY TIMES, even recently where I have heard him go on and on and on about details in the game and I have thought WAIT A MINUTE, DID YOU JUST HEAR WHAT HE SAID? He would not have know that detail if he had never watched the show before??!?!??! He told Nicole last night – I made a video too! (to get here), but he told others he was chosen and someone contacted him from out of no where. Many many times I have caught him knowing more about BB than he could have been told.


Can’t wait to see Nicole win tonight and piss off all you haters!!!


She’s absolutely going to win.


If it’s not rigged by production, I would say her chances at winning the final hoh are pretty slim. Aside from Corey, she didn’t socialize much and that’s the entire point of the final hoh. It’s a test of your social game which is a very important part of the game.


Key words…’Not Rigged’. Sure hope they don’t ask ‘Corey’ any questions. Why? If you remember…Corey and Nicole had it set up, as to how he would answer the question. IE: if I’m being funny…correct answer. If I’m serious…wrong answer. Now, surely production caught this. Then again, many things have gone down, to which some of the hgs. were oblivious to. ( Bullhorn? Why was that ignored by Paul, Victor? Wasn’t ignored by Natalie and she got shut down. ) With this being said, I think Nicole is pretty sure of winning this 3rd part. ( we can thank production for this. ) Paul hasn’t a snowball chance in hell, of winning the 3rd part.


I think, without passing comment on the season generally, this is the first time I really couldn’t give a monkey’s who wins tonight. I’m kind of disappointed.

In reading poster’s comments (considered, thoughtful, illiterate, funny, vacuous and stupid) and in personally trying to parse out who ‘deserves’ to win, I feel like I’m shaking three jars of poop. In the end, the Jury with all it’s flaws will save my brain any more aching – I’d like to get it finished.


I agree! I really don’t care who wins. I don’t think any of them really deserve the 500K, but out of 16 that’s the best 3. SAD!!!!!

hilLIARy likes tuna

I think James needs a miracle to win this.


James is going to get to final two then explain how he got every single person mildly aligned with him evicted on purpose! What a perfect plan. Your enemies still like you & your allies don’t know what hit them!


a full week with no BB and ive lost interest. kind of dumb to leave people hanging for a week.

Kat d

Nicole didn’t bug me as much as other peeps .. Til this last week . She talks over everyone, horrid listener . She also acts like she cured cancer with her game play . So overrated . James is just James . Odd he was even cast, he’s a nice man, but honestly, he sucks top to bottom at BB … Not sure who wins, but if you don’t favor Paul out of these 3 as the most deserving, then your choice is based on emotion or you just want a female winner .


I’m on the fence with Nicole. Sometimes she’s has this quirkiness, cute, funny characteristic to her that is likable and other times she’s annoying, whining, aloof and condescending. She did say when she has anxiety attacks she gets snappy. I know anxiety attacks make you on edgeand real quick tempered. I have noticed that a while ago you can well she’s having anxiety she starts looking away, Paul was talking about relationships and being with a girl that treats her parents well and Nicole was cutting him off. As he was talking she got up mid convo to get a pickle. She started looking the other way and looked paranoid. When she know she’s going to backstabs someone she avoids them because she can’t handle the pressure of lying or hurting someone’s feelings. You see it all over her face.

I still like James

If somehow Nicole or Paul actually do take the other to final 2 I think it will be very close in jury votes. Probably 5-4 either way. Paul deserves it more but I think the jury itself might favor Nicole.

Lurker 1216

James still has a couple pathways to possible victory. Paul would have to be incredibly stupid to take Nicole to the F2 — and Nicole is far too sssssssharp to not take James. If James ends up sitting in an F2 chair, then I would give him a 20% chance of winning.


If he can pull off some sort of Martin Luther King “I have a dream…” type thing is his only hope. I dont see that happening though.