Rachel Reilly gets drunk on the live feeds flashes the everyone, “I’M VEGAS”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:38pm Hammock Hayden and Brit, Talking about how B/R need to go one after another there reasoning is they leave too much chaos and drama. They think it’s bad enough what they they have to listen to constantly. Hayden wishes that brendon would of gone this week because Rachel would of broken down, “I would of paid money to see the drama if they weren’t in jury together”. Brit says that now if Brendon leaves next week and the following week they put Rachel up she won’t fight. Hayden: “they make me sick to my stomach” Brit says it makes her sick that B/R have soo much pull in this house. Brit mentions how shitty it would be if Brendon won HOH, “I say we all just get up and leave because i can’t stand to hear them as HOH again”. Hayden agrees says he’s never been around more annoying people before. Brit “Brendon is the most awkward person in the world”..”He’s the biggest douche bag in the world I hope America see that”. Hayden does to he’s worried that CBS is editing them to not be the douches they are. Brit says that the majority of her fanbase will be Brendon haters because she rips on him so much in the DR. Hayden “she’s not atractive at all..She’s the type of girl you avoid in the bar or you have to talk to her because you lost a bet”. Brit she said the other day “I snagged the hotest guy in the house he a Model physicist”. Brit brings up the first week in the house before Brendon and Rachel started “Sexing”. During this time Brendon had a conversation with Brit and Monet about how he’s looking for a good girl, a family girl that is kind to him and won’t hurt him. Brit: “And then he goes after gummy bear boobs”. I don’t think brendon has any game in here.. Brit points out that every time you talk to Brendon no matter what you are talking about he’ll tell you some long life sotry about that topic.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:50pm Kitchen ragan and Matt Ragan isn’t sure who B/R will go after he thinks it might be Lane and Hayden. Matt is thinking more Brit and LAne because they are looking like a pair. Ragan says he thinks that Rachel and Brendon have their own side alliances going on. Matt doesn’t think so he thinks that the no one in the house is close to Brendon except for Rachel. Ragan says that if Brendon wins HO he believes they will be safe. Matt isn’t convinced. They start joking about a eviction scenario that the consider the worst punishment they could inflict on a person. Brendon goes home next week and then during double eviction Rachel goes home with one unfortunate soul that has to hang out with them in the jury house for 6 days alone. Ragan tells America and CBS to give that person 10 grand. Ragan asks Lane why Rachel acted the way she did when he gave her the 5grand in the pov and took the ticket. Matt explains Rachel is assuming that they are going up if they don’t win HOH. Ragan doesn’t understand, “If she goes up she can still play POV” Matt:” Yes but she doesn’t want there to be a 7th player…Thats whats cool about your ticket because if your not drawn you use the ticket and we now have a 7th player on our side in the Veto contest”…”She doesn’t want it to use she wants it so we can’t use it”. Ragan gets up to get wine, “heres my feelings with rachel and I said this on press day to a number of people… feeds cut (FUCK).. feed come back. ragan: “I genuinely like Rachel but I think she needs time to mature” Matt agrees, “Ronnie is a perfect example of a person that is a major fan of big brother but it doesn’t mean he should play big brother…I’m a fan of the NHL but you don’t see me trying to play in it”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Lane walks in tells them how fucking insanely retarded drunk Rachel is and how she won’t shut up about Vegas and drinking 250 dollar drinks of tequila and having men buy her 1000 dollar bottles of wine… 10:58pm rachel comes in drunk as fuck. They all start laughing about the picture wall.. Rachel goes on and on about Vegas Vegas this Vegas that. She starts to lift her dress up showing all the guys her underwear. Brendon is getting very uncomfortable he keeps trying to keep the alcohol away from her.. Eventually he storms upstairs and she follows.

Big Brother 12 Spoile

11:00-midnight Brendon starts off telling her that it’s getting a little much all the Vegas talk and acting wild. Thats not the type of girl she is, he’s not moving to vegas he’s going to continue his career where he’s at. She tells him she’s VESGAS its part of her. eventually they kiss and make up.

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57 thoughts on “Rachel Reilly gets drunk on the live feeds flashes the everyone, “I’M VEGAS”

  1. WOW! This girl has some serious issues…drinking problem, exhibitionism, control issues, etc. I know everyone hates her, but I’m starting to feel sorry for her. Just think how shallow and hollow her life must be on an everyday basis back at home.

      1. I agree. She found the one man who would allow her to latch onto him and she sunk in her claws. She seems very immature and has definite self control issues. I really loved her in the beginning but I too am growing a bit tired of her antics. I do have to say though that she is playing the game and winning competitions. I think she may take down the “Stockade” on her own. lol….

    1. You are right. She does have a serious problem. I have an adult daughter that is an alcoholic and she simply can’t determine when enough alcohol is enough. She is so like Rachel when she is drunk…very out of control. It seems wrong that we cheer this kind of thing on. They really need to have a talk with Rachel and get her some help after this show and limit her alcohol intake. This exceeds the normal “game” and enters a very serious world of alcoholism in my opinion. Brendon has no idea what he is getting into.

  2. Hello everyone! Long time lurker here, first time post…I just couldn’t take anymore of tonight’s feeds without commenting…Rachel has managed to take a fairly cute dress, and turn it into something I would like to set on fire…While she’s still wearing it!!!!!!!! She looked like some kind of mad peacock in heat, flapping that dress around. I’d say she reminded me of some of the three year old girls I work with who play with their dresses like that, except most of the three yearl old girls I work with know better already! AAAAACCKKKK…I cannot take anymore BB if she doesn’t go soon!

    1. Welcome Shienara. Even though we don’t agree, welcome none the less. Jump into a thread whenever you want. The more the merrier.

    2. Shienera, you are too funny! I too have followed this site for years and never posted until a week ago when I just couldn’t take Rachel anymore either and had to vent! My wish is for her to be gone next week! Please oh please people!!

    3. Thanks everyone! I do enjoy this site very much, and there has been more than one occassion where I have found myself enjoying the comments from you folks more than the actual show! lol

            1. Oh great. Hey did you get some sleep, Simon? You have been pretty quick on the posting and getting comments on tonight. Usually you slow down about now. I hope this is a good sign that you got some rest.

            2. Simon, how do you manage to do all this??? How many people are there helping you?? Or is it all you? When do you sleep…work….eat…etc??

              1. All the work this year is done by Dawg and myself. We’ve been doing this since BB8, we both sleep very little just enough to stay lucid ;)

        1. Oh yeah…It was crazy!! And the looks she was giving Brendon when he was crying his crocodile tears about how unimportant she makes him feel compared to Vegas (hey, it’s VEGAS!!!!!) were Exorcist scary! I kept waiting for the head turn, and pea soup vomit to come spewing out! lol

    1. I don’t know. She is pretty worried about being alone in the house and if Rachel and Brendon go to the jury house that is two votes against her if she makes it to final two. But, she might just do it, too. She is pretty tired of them, so she claims.

    1. I have Showtime & the live feeds, the live feeds get cut way too much! I go to the CBS BB website and complain almost every night, under feedback, on the bottom of the screen. I complain that I pay to see what’s going on, it’s OK if it’s family talk, they don’t like personnel stuff getting out, but other than that they should not cut the feeds. Tonight so far is not too bad after 3:00 am EST. Only cut once so far in an hour and a half. that’s pretty good for them, but usually they are cutting the feeds far too often. That’s my opinion anyway.

  3. Why does everyone hate brendon and rachel? How is Brendon a douche? He seems like a genuinely nice guy who cares about rachel. At least Rachel is up front about things unlike brit/krist/hayden. What you see with her is exactly what you get. Is it really that bad? Imagine how she must be feeling with being targeted every week? It’s either she wins or she’s gone thats it. And i respect her for that. Anyway sorry if my opinon is different then everyone elses here…

    1. Lance, there are a lot of people on here that LOVE Rachel and Brendon. Try saying you like Kristen and WOW the knives will come out. There is a fair amount the love them and hate them.

    2. Oh sweet Lance….never say you are sorry here!! Your thoughts and opinions are yours and you’re welcome to them! I kinda liked them in the beginning for a minute……then there was all this crazy zit suckin face and a bunch of HHHHEEEEEYYYYYYYYY’s and I was over it! Unfortunately I dont really like anyone this season (not much different from my real life) HA!
      Im still bitter over the Annie debockle (sp?) I long for Annie and her uncomfortable weirdness!


  5. I said a couple of weeks ago that I’m not so sure that Brenden is prepared to deal with Rachel’s drinking, she obviously has somewhat of a drinking problem. Now I also believe that if she moves to LA to be with Brenden that this could be the end of their relationship. I think it’s going to be one of those relationships where as she will be bringing up that she left Vegas to be with him, and Maybe, if she’s not happy there, she will grow to hate him for leaving Vegas when she was young and could make the money. I don’t think that she will be happy living alone with him, starting over in LA.
    She likes manipulating men. That is obvious, she pouts to get to Brenden. She gives him the dirty look and makes him feel guilty. She says that he hurt her feelings. Well she’s drunk!
    I think if they make it together to the end will surprise me. I think he Loves her, She may love him but she loves proving to the Company that she works for that she can manipulate and control the men that come into the Club that she works and gets them to purchase expensive liquor because of her flirting and her looks. I don;’t think that she will be happy to settle down alone with Brenden in LA. She’s use to be the center of all the attraction during the night entertaining the men at her table. I don’t see her taking the back seat.
    They are already fighting too much. The more she brings out her real person, Brenden sees a person he’s not happy with. Even if he doesn’t want to admit that.

    1. Opposites attract!

      Brendan is the kind of person that Rachel would want to have, and I think Rachel is someone who Brendan never had, but always wished for. I don’t think it will last, but this could have a lasting effect on Brendan, because he really is in love with Rachel and will definitely get hurt by her.

    2. Brendon is the kind of person that hires her to go on trips and such. She’s treating him just like she would one of her “tricks”. She’s a pro at making men think she’s attracted to them so she gets big tips, gifts, and their repeat business. That’s the way the escort business works. I don’t see her leaving the big bucks she makes behind to be with Brendon and I don’t see Brendon putting up with her out of the house.

  6. I love Haydens quote…..”She’s the chick you avoid at the Bar”….That was what my hubby said episode 1………Yes, that made me happy that he said that…believe you me!

  7. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I feel sorry for Brenden! I really think he fell for Rachel and the more he sees the real Rachel he not likey so much. He’s already asked her to cut back on her drinking but every time she drinks she is progressivly worse. Flashing everyone and carrying on about Vegas is just embarrassing the crap outta him, as it should. She will never stop drinking for him. Get out while you can Brenden! Save yourself! “um baby, you just showed your tit to America!”,,,,,,,,,,”Whooooooooooooo I’m Vegas bitches!!!! Whoooooooooo!!”

  8. I think Brendon is just playing the emotional bond with Rachel for game’s sake and he’ll drop her like a hot potato as soon as he can. They’re in it together now whether they like it or not, but as soon as their game is done, it’s another matter.

    I agree that she’s a trashy trampy ho and the sooner she’s out of the house the happier I’ll be watching the show. I hope they get rid of Brendon first and then all gang up on her and treat her like the turd she is when she’s all alone.

  9. Kristen thinks she deserves to be there. WRONG! she turned her back on Andrew and now she has to pay for it. plus, even after all the times she put Rachel against ppl in the last HOH…Rachel kicked butt and put Kristen where she belongs. Bye Bye Crazy Eyes

  10. i am sorry but that was the funniest thing that has happened on BB all season, i was cracking up at like 2:30am so loud i was afraid i was going to wake my family, and i couldn’t stop….felt good after the stress of work and everything…come on where would this show be without them – NOT AS GOOD – we all need the crazy makes us feel that much more normal

  11. i am sorry but that was the funniest thing that has happened on BB all season – HILARIOUS – this is exactly why rachel and brendon make the show, we need the crazy to feel normal, you can’t write this stuff

  12. This is a perfect example why B/R will never work. Brenden may be a douche but he’s not the wild partier that Rachel is. He can’t handle her. He wants to stay where he is and she wants to stay where she is, so they’ll never be able to work things out unless Rachel gets so desperate that she comprises who she is to be with him (which I can see her doing). I give this relationship two months outside the house.

  13. Hey I read somewhere that she lost her job at Encore Beach Club…is that true? NOT that that’s a reason to act the way she did….just wondering!

  14. Remember Nick and Danielle….did not last very long outside of the house. Kristen and Hayden…using each other. Kathy…two faced floater.

  15. Rachel… Too many bad things and not many good things about this creature. I believe Big Brother should continue to let someone win HOH, put up nominations, play POV, change nominations… BUT have the twist of America vote someone home – ANYONE, even HOH. Seems like no matter who gets HOH, they get so cocky and when they don’t have that power any longer they mellow out. They show his or her true colors when in power. Rachel would be GONE for sure.

  16. Wretchel is so damn ugly …….why would anybody want to look at her ? She is pasty white
    with an ugly nose and lips……………..dyed ugly red hair and fake boobs ! She is so
    GROSS ! ! ! And that witch cackle laugh is horribly annoying ! BB needs to remove her
    from the show !

    1. From what she said a few days ago she really works for an escort service that checks her clients out for her. She makes big money keeping her clients company when out on the town and even on weekend trips and such.

  17. Her siphliss is kicking in. Brenden better get checked. I don’t think anyone wanted to see her that much of her last night. And her game is over unless Brendon wins Hoh. I hope he does just think how pissed off everyone will be. Shes the annoying coworker everyone talks shit about behind they’re back. I miss my retail days. That women needs to get some help. Shes chasing off everything good in her life. Big Brother needs to give her a AA pamplet and the bible.

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