Big Brother Luxury Competitions

Luxury competitions have been a Big Brother tradition since the very beginning in Season 1. The luxury competitions are challenges that allow house guests the opportunity to win prizes. The challenges are usually games that involve skill. Some of the past luxury competition in previous seasons have been advanced movie screenings, access to newspaper clippings, and margarita parties. Earlier in the season there were luxury competitions, however, later seasons there were less luxury competitions. CBS producers used the luxury competitions less when they began offering prizes the Power of Veto and Head of House (HOH) competitions.

Season 1

  • The house guests were told that in order to win ticket to the Emmy Awards they needed to search the big brother house for the tickets. Curtis was the won the tickets when he found them hanging on the wall in the red room.

Season 2

Week 1

    • Luxury Competition 1: This competition was called “The Dirty Dozen” where there was an inflatable pool in the backyard that was filled with mud and 24 keys with the house guests names. Of the 24 keys, 12 of them have house guests names on them. Mike was the first to start and had to find 12 of the keys with his name on them. When one of the other house guests names is found, the other house guest can help search. Once all 12 keys are found, the house guests need to go back to their starting point. The house guests had 6 minutes to find all the keys and if they succeeded they would win a hot tub. They were successful and won the hot tub.

  • Luxury Competition 2: This competition was called “Bird’s Eye View” where the HOH is quarantined in the house, while the other house guests had 5 minutes to choose the gourmet food they would like to eat. They then had to spell it out using their bodies. The HOH then had to read what they were spelling and get it correct in order to be able to win that meal.

Week 2

  • This luxury competition was called “Ride the Bull” where the male house guests competed against the female house guests on a mechanical bull. The males (Bunky, Will, and Hardy) against the females (Nicole, Autumn, and Shannon), where they had to ride the bull for 30 seconds to move onto round 2. For round 2, the speed was increased where the house guests had to try to stay on the bull for 30 seconds to win.

Week 3

  • This luxury competition was called “Cross Dressing” where the house guests were divided into two groups. Team 1 was Mike, Will, Monica, and Krista. Team 2 was Kent, Bunky, Nicole, and Shannon. One team had one member wearing red and the other had one team member wearing blue. The 2 teams then stood on opposite sides of a clothes line. The red team had to pass their clothes across the clothes line to the blue team. The team to get dressed in the opposite teams colour would win. Kent, Bunky, Nicole and Shannon won laundry services.

Week 4

  • This luxury competition was called “Spinning Discs” where the house guests had to choose a CD that they would like to listen to. The house guests were given ten blank CD’s where the one to toss the most CD’s into a floating bowl would win their chosen CD including a stereo. With 5 CD’s tossed into the bowl, Monica won.

Week 5

  • The house guests were tasked with dressing a dummy in his or her likeness. Once the dummies were dresses they were hidden throughout the house and the house guests split up into teams of men versus women. The house guests were then blindfolded and had to enter the house from the backyard to find 3 dummies. The first team to find 3 dummies and bring them back to the backyard to safety wins the luxury of their choice, for up to one hundred dollars.

Week 6

  • This luxury competition was called “All The News That Fits” where the house guests were split into 3 teams of two. They were then asked a series of questions about the outside world. The team that correctly answered the most questions would win 3 minutes in the Diary Room with the opportunity to read magazines, newspapers, and a news cast on the TV. Bunky and Will answered the most questions right and won.

Week 7

  • This luxury competition was called “BlockBuster” where the first house guest to remove a movie ticket from a block of ice and put it in a ticket bin would win a special screening of the movie “American Pie 2”. Bunky won and chose to bring Monica with him to the HOH room to watch the movie.

Week 8

  • This luxury competition was called “The Great Escape” where the house guests had to make a doll look like them. They were given string, balloons, and helium tanks to tie to a basket holding their doll. The winner of this competition had to fly their basket over the big brother fence line to win a helicopter tour of Los Angeles. Bunky and Will won this competition.

Week 9

  • Luxury Competition 1: This competition was called “Fire and Ice” where the backyard was covered in snow and littered with blocks with enough letters to spell Survivor and Big Brother. The house guests and guests from survivors had their wrists tied together and had to spell out their show name in a tower of blocks, once competed the house guests had to untie themselves and jump one at a time into the pool to find their keys. They then had to hang their keys on torches the first team to hang all four keys would win $15,000. The survivors won the competition.
  • Luxury Competition 2: This competition was called “Crack the Code” where the house guests were paired up with a Survivor and had to unscramble a message on the living room TV. The first team to crack the code that revealed a location in the house and find a computer mouse from that location would win the opportunity to use the internet to look for fan sites put up in their honour. Hardy and Sue won.

Season 3
Week 1

  • This luxury competition was called “Luau Luxury” where the house guests were tested on how well they knew their environment. The producers had removed items from the house and the house guest were put into teams to identify missing items. Amy, Lisa, Tonya, Eric, Marcellas and Gerry won the competition.

Week 6

  • In this competition the house guest’s races to find CD’s hidden in the house that would help them decipher a clue. Once they had all the clues the house guests went out into the backyard to claim their prize. They won a concert from singer Sheryl Crow.

Week 10

  • Luxury competition 1: For this competition the 4 final house guests were tasked with finding phones hidden throughout the house, in addition to $1,000 (for a loved one) that was hidden in the house. The house guests were then called into the diary room and tempted with more appealing prizes in addition to the phone call and $1,000 for a loved one. The prizes were $5,000 all the way up to $15,000 but if one of the house guests accepts all the other house guests would get nothing. Danielle stopped at $5,000, Amy stopped at $10,000, Jason stopped at $15,000. Amy therefore won the $5,000 and a phone call.
  • Luxury competition 2: This competition was called “Surfs Up” where the four remaining house guests took turns riding a surf board. The two house guests to last the longest on the surf board (Jason & Amy) won an ocean cruise trip outside of the house.

Season 4

  • Week 1: “Shiny Hiney”, Winner:
  • Week 3: “The Spin-O-Matic“, Winner: Allison
  • Week 5: Foam Party, Winner: All the house guests
  • Week 7: “Fashion Fire Pit”, Winner: All the house guests
  • Week 9: “Escape From the Big Brother House”, Winner: Allison & Jun

Season 5
Week 7

  • Winner Diane: $1000 Gift Certificate

Season 6
Week 4

  • This luxury competition was called “Big Brother Movie Marquee” where the winners: Sarah, Jennifer, Rachel won a movie night to watch a screening of “Four Brothers”.

Season 7
Week 4

  • In this competition the house guests competed where the winners: James, Diane, Will, Janelle and Danielle won a screening of the movie “Talledaga Nights”. Mike had an injured foot and was not able to compete, however, he was allowed to watch the movie with them.

Season 8
Week 8

  • During this luxury competition the house guests split up into two groups: males & females. The women (Amber, Jameka, Jessica, and Daniele) won a two minute shopping spree.

Season 9
Week 6

  • The house guests competed to win a movie screening of the film “21”, Chelsia, Sharon, Joshua and Sheila won the competition.

Week 10

  • The house guests competed again to win a VIP movie screening of the film “What happens in Vegas” in Hollywood, including a shopping spree and a chance to meet the cast after the screening. Sharon and Ryan won the competition.

Season 10

  • No luxury competitions.

Season 11
Week 2

  • Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling hosted the luxury competition called “Who knows the Ugly Truth?” where they answered questions about the opposite gender. The winners were Chima and Casey; they won a movie screening of “The Ugly Truth”.

Week 4

  • Actor Jeremy Piven, where the house guests were divided up into teams of four to compete to win a movie screening of “The Goods” and to be Haves for the week. Russell won $10,000, and joined Jordan, Natalie and Jessie for the movie screening.

Season 12
Week 4

  • This competition was for a chance to win an advanced screening of the movie “The Other Guys”.

Week 9

  • The final four competed in this luxury hide and seek competition where they were given 90 seconds to hide a coin with their name on it in the house. Britney successfully hid her coin the best and won $10,000.

Season 13
Week 3

  • In this luxury competition the house guests had to guess the identity of a celebrity from clues to win an advanced screening of the new tv show “Same Name”. Jordan successfully guessed David Hasselhoff from only seeing two clues. Jordan was able to choose three guests, she picked Kalia, Shelly and Jeff to join her in the screening of the tv show with David Hasselhoff.

David Hasselhoff Appearance on Big Brother Season 13 for show SameName

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