Big Brother 18 Week 8 Summary and Live Eviction Results


After the double eviction we finally saw a shift in who holds the power in the game and witnessed a whole wack of games get destroyed. As was planned Zakiyah went home, followed by Corey winning both the HOH and Veto. Corey put up Bridgette and Michelle and told everyone he wanted Bridgette out. Paulie rubber stamped this. Bridgette goes home followed by Victor winning the second HOH of the night.

Paulie blew a fuse after what happened the days leading up to and after Zakiyah leaving. It was clear on Thursday night that Corey/Nicole and Paulie are alone, the rest of the house wanting them out being sick of their sh1t for the past 5 weeks. Before nominations Nicole gets the Super safety Care package. This protects her from being nominated. the nomination ceremony goes down, Victor puts up Corey and Paulie.

Corey,Paulie and Nicole hope if they can win the Power of Veto someone from the other side has to go up and they can flip 1 vote, at this point they think they can flip Michelle and get Natalie nominated as the replacement. The thing is this is left for Paulie to pull off. Nicole and Corey essentially lock themselves in the Tokyo room while the rest of teh house parties in the London room.

Paul, Michelle and Natalie call Paulie out one more time before the Power of Veto Competition. They bring up his scheming and pitting them against each other, they bring up his douchie comments about Natalie and Bridgette, They highlight his comp wins and shady behavior. People brings sup how shitty he was about Zakiyah.. etc. Paulie does himself no favours and blows a fuse.. After the blow up JAmes lets COrey and Paulie know that one of them is going home regardless of who wins the POV.

Victor wins the Power of Veto ensuring both Paulie and Corey stay on the block. At this point Paulie knows he’s the target, he has a mental break, Tells everyone his psychiatrist told him he’s playing with fire being in the house.. Paul wants the other side to put paranoia in Corey and Nicole. Make them think they are all on the fence and leaning to keep Paulie. They encourage Paulie to campaign telling him he might have a chance. Paul wants to rattle them so much so they don’t win the next HOH.

Paulie tries to cut deals with everyone in the house. Before the POV Ceremony he’s trying to claim that he was always just loyal to the boys alliance. Tries to get Victor to use the veto on Corey so they can get out a girl. He uses things like his aunt having cancer, being a loyal person like Cody was etc etc.. Victor doesn’t budge and keeps the Veto unused..

After the POV Ceremony Paulie starts up another round of campaigning this time saying they can “weaponize” him to get James or Victor out and if he doesn’t pull it off he’ll just quit. At one point he told a group of people he wouldn’t put any of them up.. Victor later pointed out that leaves just the plant .. Paulei even asked them all to open their tickets up so he could know what his ticket was. (It’s ridiculous)

After the the Veto was played the week more or less became dull, they really didn’t pull off making Nicole and Corey paranoid. There was a couple times but ultimately James reassuring them every 5 minutes Corey is good didn’t help. It’s sad cause this would have been fun to watch. Paulie didn’t go all cut throat on Corey and while he did campaign it’s was ridiculous campaigning. Corey and Nicole are isolating themselves from the rest of the house, in her mind they are Jeff and Jordan. Her delusions are starting to become becoming more and more.

Last minute campaigning by Paulie hours before the live show.


Predictions for tonight

Paulie goes home by a vote of 5-0
Paulie has the round trip and wins HOH. Michelle wins the Co-HOH puts Corey up. Corey goes home. Nicole latches onto Victor for a late season showmance.

Actual results

In Paulie’s eviction speech he stays positive and at the end tells Michelle she missed out on one thing this summer … a showmance. He then goes to dip her and give her a kiss.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 18-38-58-912

Michelle votes to evict: Paulie
Nicole votes to evict: Paulie
James votes to evict: Paulie
Natalie votes to evict: Paulie
Paul votes to evict: Paulie

Evicted House Guest: Paulie by a 5-0 vote.

Paulie has a one way ticket and will not re-enter the house. That’s the end of round trip ticket twist … what a flop. Paulie says he was trying to play the sympathy card in the house and says crying doesn’t work as well for men as it does for women.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 18-43-28-413

Paul had the round trip ticket. He jumps up and says solved the riddle and got the round trip ticket!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 18-53-52-642

Tomorrow’s special Friday episode the county fair party with Ziggy Marley.

Julie Chen announced that there will be a jury buy back.

HOH Winner: ?

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Oh hell no!
Fuck you production

Now that I’ve cooled off, bye bye Corey. Nicole, you’re next bitch.

Teri B

So what did Production do?

Oh $hit

Jury buy back. Julie announced at end of show.


this is ridiculous now! a jury buyback? they announce this crap after production’s inside investment player Paulie got evicted tonight. the round trip ticket/secret room was a total failure. Paul got screwed. he was the first to solve the secret room puzzle, and actually had the round trip ticket. you’re trying to tell me production couldn’t find a way to have the round trip ticket still in play, instead of wasting more time trying to insert an evicted player from the jury house to the BB game again.


Someone so sour! It’s just a prediction hahahha




Paulie telling Julie that it was his ‘game play’ for his annoying behavior the past week. Paulie thinks Julie and America buy into his bully, tantrum, childish out lashes as mere game…LOL go sell it to a 2 year old Paulie !!

Baldwin's dirty mouth

Paulie basically admitted he’s a scumbag, to Julie, by saying everything he did and said was strategy. So, there’s no aunt dying of cancer. He’s disgusting. He doesn’t deserve to come back.


I am with you about what production should do to themselves I am sick to death of these buy backs. Paulie, hell they all had a shot to get back in with the ticket. Didn’t happen. So what now? Skeet shooting….soccer….won’t be something the women have an equal athletic ability for I’ll bet you. This is their way of letting Paulie back in. I hate when they have favorites that we don’t like and they ram them down our throats. If I am wrong about Paulie coming back in I promise I will post and apologize. But Bridgette is the only one I would like to see come back and even then, I don’t want a buy back at all. Poor old Frank is the only one who had no opportunity this season to buy back in. Not that I liked him but it does seem unfair.


Live Stream of tonight’s episode ==>>

Michelle's Extensions

Is there another link to use? This one is not working for me. ????


Link did not work on any of my devices. Damn football! Preseason at that. CBS needs to not put BB on a football night. Ok rant over. Thank you Dawg and Simon for all you do. If not for your spoilers I would have to stay up til 1:30 to find out what happened on BB tonight.

Teri B

LOVE your predictions! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!! Hoping and praying he doesn’t have the round trip ticket, but I feel he likely does, so fingers crossed.


Simon you’re funny.


I hope things are stirred up tonight. This week was too monotonous.

Captain Crunch

I hope Paulie gets boo’ed so he can see how much everyone really hates him but if he doesnt its because BB filled the seats with staff and security.


I think I heard a couple.


Hate to tell you your dream of him getting booed doesn’t happen!


I hope your prediction is correct. Except for the part with Nicole and Victor. OMG it sounds crazy


Thanks for live feed! Thank you thank you.. Can’t watch here cause of football! Tnx

Vic Nic

Victor didn’t ask Nicole directly. But he did say she had a great personality and would like to hangout after the show and that Natilie couldn’t carry a conversation that interested him. Vic said to Paul and Jozea she wifey material and pretty. Nicole got pissed at Corey for opening his big mouth to James who spreader around the house. Nicole started crying because sh didn’t want it get around. Victor and Nicole squashed the date rumo because she denied he asked her out. But Nicole lied and said he didn’t ask her out because he was being backdoored.

Teri B

What happened? Why is that first person freaking out?


The first commenter likely posted before the “actual” results were posted. Simon posted “predictions” for tonight’s episode, which included Paulie having the round-trip ticket. That person must think that production fixed the round-trip ticket for Paulie to reenter the game.

Michelle's Extensions

Is there a different link? I can’t view on the one posted


Noooooooooo Paulie has to go!

Hope I am wrong but.................

we have not seen the last of Paulie.


That look on James face when Paulie starts crying. Hahaha


I bet any amount of money Paulie is gonna have the round trip ticket!!




“Corey goes home. Nicole latches onto Victor for a late season showmance.”

HA! Simon and Dawg – I love the humor y’all bring to the updates!

Jake K.

Paulie goes home by a vote of 5-0
Paulie has the round trip and wins HOH. Michelle wins the Co-HOH puts Corey up. Corey goes home. Nicole latches onto Victor for a late season showmance

LOLLLLL Simon…this is why I have been coming to this site since it was named BB8spoilers


Someone needs a chill pill. It’s a game!

what's going on

CBS won’t come in. Started streaming online 15 mins in. What did i miss?


Paulie doesn’t have the ticket… I know it!!


Someone please give me a legitimate reason why Nicole is so hated on this site!


Because she has done nothing but whine all summer and clung to Coey 24/7 and not engaged with anyone. Waste of a cast member to just sit around.


James have done the exact same thing. NOTHING


Sooo correct on Nicole, She wines about everything, her voice is even winey!! I been routing for Nicole to be voted off scence week 1 when she so Raluctantly “didn’t want to be HOH” …. UGH, Just can’t stand Nicole! !!


Um, she doesn’t play the game, she just latches onto a guy and hangs out in bed all day, she doesn’t socialize with anyone and so much more but you said just one.


All she does is lie and whine… She wins nothing and is exactly the player she claims to hate.
Hope this helps

Misty Beethoven

– she whines incessantly
– she’s glommed on to the first guy who looked at her
– she’s extremely jealous
– she whines continuously
– she is a slob and doesn’t clean up after herself
– she is a mean, rude girl
– she hasn’t played the game AT ALL
– she whines
I think that about covers it. Anyone else want to chime in?

Reality Check

Nicole talks to no one except Corey, Paulie and the odd time to James

She has zero balls too. Everytime she answers a question that has a yes or no, she would exaggerate her answer. Nicole would always agree to the person’s question by saying “I agree” or “I think”

Nicole does not know that Hawaii is part of the USA

Nicole is still a fruit loop dingus until the end of time


And she whines

Big fan

All that your saying about Nicole goes double for Nat.

Reality Check

Nat destroys Paulie’s game. She ended his chance of winning $500,000. Nicole has done ZERO

Online Sensoring

Wow Misty, sounds like you are what we all know as a big bully that don’t know the difference between real life and a game….Learn to play nice!!

Misty Beethoven

Bite me. My summary was no better or worse than the others who also comment on Nicole’s lack of game. Go have a cookie.

Love Nicole

There’s no good reason…. Just haters that forget their watching a “GAME”…. It’s only a game people …. HA

About to upset people

About 10 minutes away from production rig.

Oh well. It was a great season. Thank you everyone




yes paulie is gone

About to upset people

Glad to be wrong






So much for the conspiracy theories. Hopefully his exit interview revealed to the rest of America who he is and is not awarded America’s Favorite Player


Hi HO the Witch is DEAD
Bye Paulie. Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you!
No return ticket!!

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB 18 HG's

Praise the BB Gods!!!! I’m having an extra glass of wine today!

Kathie from Canada

What an arrogant SOB right to the end. He obviously think he is the golden boy of the season! Can’t wait for the reality check heading his way! Not going to miss you fool!


FFS this isnt Big Brother, its Big kiss Booty. Eviction messages all about love and friendship. one week Paulie’s hell’s spawn, next week, he’s gods gift to man kind. Make up your minds.

Ian's Lament

Ummm cause Jury. Plus they didn’t show Natalie’s which she admitted was pretty viscious.

Powder Puff Cat

out with the Champagne!


Oh Paulie, you’re a giant douchecanoe and the edit you got on this show was more than you deserved. Peace out Boy Scout, you’re the worst.

A Girl Has No Name

Bye bye Bawlie!


Betting Nicole had the round trip ticket

One thing's for sure

Big Meech will certainly be glad she wore panties!


She was wearing shorts although her top and bra were not meant to go together.


Very impressed Paul aka BB 18 winner


What a relief!!!!!!! Thank goodness Paulie’s out!


Should have figured that it would be Paul who had the ticket

BB Fan

Congrats Paul on having the Round Trip Ticket.

Oh Paulie Those girls in the Jury House are waiting for you. Karma is a Bitch and you’re going to be their Bitch.


No HOH? Next big twist? Everyone who said that those expecting a juror back were idiots can SUCK IT!

sunny dee

then i hate to break the news to you: julie announced a jury back comp. the current 4 plus next evictee will compete to get back in the house. so it is pretty important i guess that these people are able to evict corey, that way if either of them win the come back, the other will not be in the house to work with.

that and hopefully bridgette soldiers thru and wins the comeback?


perhaps you should have held off calling everyone idiots until the end of the show. Your poorly timed comment certainly shows who is the idiot.


No I said that there would be a jury buyback, and I was called an idiot


My apologies. Thank you for clarifying. I commented that I felt certain we would be “blessed” with the second coming of Paulie and I was down-thumbed.


Simon & Dawg, what ticket number did Paul have?


I don’t remember


I think Paul’s ticket was #9.

Ticket Twist

I don’t think this twist was a flop. It did create tension during the evictions. There was a slightly less than half chance it would be used. We all knew that from the beginning.


I knew there would be a jury buy back.

Oh $hit

Julie just announced that one of the first 5 jurors are coming back. >:(


4 jurors and Frank.


The first 5 jurors. Frank is not a juror, the next evicted houseguest will have the chance NOT Frank. he’s home, he’s watching, he knows too much.

April in paris

Would love to see them when Pauline’s plays the tape in jury and the Meech kiss.


Simon, was it you who predicted that they would have a Juror renter the house?


It was everyone


So Paulie is coming back anyway… Should’ve just given him the damn round trip ticket. Such BS.