ZINGBOT Power of Veto Comp Results! “I won’t campaign against Corey”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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POV Players: James, Paul. Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Victor
POV Host: Natalie is the host

Power of Veto Winner: Victor

  • James won $5,000
  • Paul has to run around the house hitting checkpoints all week long
  • Corey has to wear a Unitard – “patriot-tard”
  • Paulie has make pies when a noise sounds for the rest of the season
  • Nicole got a vacation


The Veto came down to Victor and James. James says that Victor told James to go for the 5G’s and he would take the veto. (Another comp win for Victor to get to his 10 comp win goal)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-13 16-50-40-719
4:40pm When the feeds return – They’re all wearing Zingbot hats that say “Zingbot for President”. (I can’t wait to hear how bad Zing bot roasted them all.)

In the bedroom – Paulie says if he takes him down and puts someone else up I know he still has the votes to get me out. At the end of the day the votes are going where they’re going. I’m going home, I don’t want him up next to me. I want to at least have something to fight for and campaign. James and Paul hug him and Paulie leaves.

Paul tells James and Natalie that he has no sympathy from this point on. Let’s not forget the 28 hours ago when we were getting shit on (by Paulie). James says we’re voting him (Paulie) out. He is going. Natalie says he is gone!
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-13 16-52-56-985

Paulie comes up to the HOH room and tells Vic congrats on winning the veto. He says he won’t campaign against Corey and would prefer if he used it to take him off the block. I would like to try and fight for my life. The same way how you at least had two people to campaign against. I don’t want to campaign against Corey. If you don’t want to do that its competely up to you. I won’t campaign against any guy. If you do take him down there are options you would put up where I would still go home. Vic says I hear you. Paulie says I appreciate it. They hug and Paulie leaves the room.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-13 16-49-50-908

4:55pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..

5:15pm The feeds are still blocked..

5:30pm CBS is such a tease.. the feeds are still blocked.

5:35pm The feeds return – Vic, Paul, Corey, Nat, Nicole and James are in the kitchen. Paul asks so you when you read it, it said we have to wear it all week? Nicole says yes. Paul tells Corey you better be a shower and not a grower bro! Corey says a grower. Nicole comments how Zingbot called someone ugly and it wasn’t even an insult. Paul says I’m sorry but I got told to SHUT THE F**K UP! Nicole says I can’t believe he swore. Vic says his ZING was said in Spanish “You are a douche bag”. Corey says his was You can’t sweep her off her feet because Hayden did! Paul says his full zing was “You have a lot of catch phrases – Your boy, friendship, pissed. Well I have a catch phrase you can all get behind. SHUT THE F**K UP!” Nicole says it was so funny that he swore.

Havenot room – Michelle is talking to the camera about how Paulie is going home. I feel bad about blowing up his game and all of that crap, but it’s a game. She talks about how exciting it was to have Zingbot come into the house. Paul joins her for a minute. She tells him she was talking to the live feeders. He tells her to tell them to hook a boy up! Michelle says yeah give us a care package. Paul leaves. Michelle says na I don’t deserve one.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-13 17-37-45-648
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5:55pm – 6:05pm In the bedroom – Natalie tells James that she is proud of him today. Last season you gave up everything, so I’m glad you got the 5k. Nat says hosting was fun. I just need more practice at it. When I don’t take my medicine my memory is even worse. Nat says that she’s so glad she’s had James because he’s kept her level headed. James tells Nat I’ve always had your back. Nat says I’ve had yours too. James says I know. Paul joins them and jokes they should use the veto on Paulie. James says Paulie was so pissed when he went out there and it was a crap shoot. Paul says he was studying the memory wall before and I asked him what he was doing… he said just staring at the wall. He thought it was going to be face morph one. Paul says that Paulie over shot and got zero. Nat says I’m happy Nicole got the vacation. James says shout out to Natalie’s parents .. I hope you don’t hate me. (James’s zing was something about whether Nat’s parents would like him.)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-13 17-54-33-356

6:10pm – 6:20pm Nicole says I did not expect him to take the power of veto from you. I wanted you to take it because I knew James wouldn’t take it from you. I didn’t want Paulie to win because then I knew you would be going home. Corey says I need two more votes. Nicole says you have me, Nat and Michelle 100%. Corey says I don’t know what to say in my speech. I want it to be good. Nicole says Paulie is going to put up a big fight to stay. Corey goes to talk to Paulie. Corey says sorry about all that. Paulie says it was close but the odds were against us. I asked him to take you down. I’ll f**king beg him if I have to. I asked him to give me the same chance to campaign against someone because I said I wouldn’t campaign against you. I think they’ll still vote me out. Nicole joins them. Corey says hopefully if you do go you have the round trip ticket. They talk about how if he doesn’t have it there might be a jury buy back and how he could win it against Da and Z. Paulie says if I do go .. I just know they’re going to trash the f**k out of me. James is the one that crushes me the most. Natalie isn’t a good person. Corey says I’m going to try and give a good speech and back you up. Paulie says thats only if we’re sitting next to each other man. I don’t want to go out saying something nasty but I feel like Nat will slam me the way she did to Vic. Nicole says I don’t think she will, she had repercussions when Vic came back and you might come back. James says he is standing by her. She will forget about him the moment she is out of this house.

6:30pm The house is quiet with most of the house guests sleeping. Nicole says she can’t wait to talk about Corey’s unitard in the diary room.

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198 thoughts on “ZINGBOT Power of Veto Comp Results! “I won’t campaign against Corey”

      1. Hey Paulie! Cody and Derrick called. They said stop mentioning their name, bro. You’re an embarrassment!! ZING!!!

      2. After this weeks eviction EVERYONE needs to make victor target number one or they might as well just write the boy the check for 500k.. well done victor BEAST MODE

        1. Was never a fan of Vic but wb kinda cool if an evicted hg actually came back & won…. especially after evicting the hoh that evicted him…just stayin’

          1. In BBcan Gary was voted out and came back and ended up in final two. He had the votes to win
            but one of the jury members who was on his side didn’t understand the rules or was an idiot cast her
            vote for the other person thinking they would be evicted.
            It was classic. The girl who cast the wrong vote ran around trying to tell everyone that she fucked up
            and could sh please change her vote.
            Nope Sorry. She cost Gary 250 g’s and trips and cars and ermine furs and glitter bombs.
            It was epic, funny and a perfect ending.
            Unfortunately the gal who won instead, is now proving herself to be a whiny complainer on
            The Amazing Race Canada.
            I liked her and Gary didn’t deserve to win but the ending should be a part of all BB history.

        2. God paulie is just gonna be a little bitch right to the end.. Please stop acting like you have so much honor your willing to give up 500k to protect your loyalty to corey.. If you dont want to campaign against corey than your a beyond a complete fool so just shut the hell up and take your medicine like a man

          1. *Paulie’s thoughts: Damn it looks like I won’t be able to share my banana with my Ride or Die, Corey, anymore…type a thing… I need to do the loyal and honorable thing…i should make several final two deals with people!!… a final two with Victor…a final two with Paul..a final two with Nicole…type a thing..thats what Cody and Derrick would do…type a thing..yea, thats playing with honor….type a thing..

            1. *Paul’s thoughts: “So your boy is super excited that Vic won the fu@king veto! That D-hay Paulie is going home Thursday and your boy couldn’t be fu@king happier..F-word…f-word….f-word….yea… friendship!!”

          2. He wants Corey off the block to gain Corey’s vote + Nicole. If Corey stays on the block he gets 0 votes. Paulie thinks he can flip a couple of players.

        3. It certainly appears that Paulie is on his way to speak to Julie Thursday (wouldnt be surprised if he returns courtesy of ticket).

          I would actually support Victor as BB18 winner, he battled back, he returned with a better social game, beasting competitions, and unlike Paulie, he isn’t preaching honor and loyalty (sheer hypocrisy of Paulie)..

          Lets see how this week plays out

          1. Best case scenario:
            Paulie has a one way ticket.
            They do the jury buy back comp.
            Bridgette wins.
            With bridgette returning suddenly the entire group dinamic will be changed. Group of girls could become the target. If girls win they. Could start taking out the guys. I think bridgette returning would be the most entertaining. Theres so many ways it could play out. If paulie returns hes just gonna get the boot again. Even if he wins hoh. He will still have a cohoh person with him and he wont get his target out. And theyll cut him the next week.
            Z coming back would be useless. Theyd just use her as a vote and she will last a week or two.
            Day might add some interesting turns to the game plan. But. Eh. No one will trust her and she will get cut.

            Im a little disappointed at this point. Its been fun and crazy this last week. But now its almost back to predictable.
            Bridge returning. That will make it so that there are too many friendly people. Their group is too big and will have to turn on each other way sooner.

            Thats just my thoughts.

      3. *Nicole’s thoughts: “OMG Corey is way too hot for me..but i know we will be in a relationship forever after this….is my voice annoying anyone else?”

        *Corey’s thoughts: “Wait, this doesnt look like the fraternity house of Penis Gamma Rho?…who is this mousy blonde following me everywhere?…am I on tv?…maybe i shouldnt ALWAYS look glazed over”

        Zakiyah’s thoughts: “Paulie is coming to jury!..yay!…that was the best under the sheets… dont make a sound.. no condom used..grandma you are gonna see…sex session ever…Paulie must really be in love with me to bone me on national tv after talking badly about me….hope im pregnant!..are babies will be cute!”

    1. when julie opens paulies round trip ticket on thursday OBB is gonna blow the hell up.. get ready simon and dawg :)

      1. Let’s hope so.

        I don’t get the people here who buy into these people, buy into BB as some morality contest. I want fireworks. I want betrayal, drama, suspense, unpredictability, and Paulie walking back in would deliver that in spades. Don’t be fooled by his current act. A return and HOH win would resurrect Napauleon like he never left.

        But without him we’re left with the same predictable boredom everybody was complaining about just days ago.

        1. yea thats all true.. sorta.. but honestly the fact you respond that way to the most hated villian of the season getting “clipped” says more about you just being a glass half full type of person not to mention your weak attempt to troll a bb spoiler site i mean cmon man its a tv show and paulies a complete douche so stop trying to drop your science on us like were too stupid to realize your genius point of view smh

          1. I don’t get your comment…on any level…

            The biggest villain? Lighten up Francis. He’s playing a game and acted like an a**hole. That you’re this wrapped up in it is just plain scary. He’s a dumb 20-something without the requisite life experience to be a mature adult. If that’s a villain, then so are 70% of 20-somethings.

            I fail to see how giving voice to a minority here, the types who don’t respond to pro wrestling like it’s real, nor care who ends up clearing $250K (which ain’t life changing) makes me act like I’m smarter than anybody….other than those like you who get angry that I’m not hissing and booing the villain and cheering the heroes…you know, the meanest girl in the house when she felt safe, the loudmouthed tool who bashes everybody behind their back, the biggest coward, the girl that wants to be famous by showmancing since she figured out being an NFL cheerleader is just minimum wage, and a dumb guy who does as he’s told.

            If you haven’t figured it out yet, everybody in that house is flawed.

            1. lol wow your lengthy retort and second weak attempt to drop science on us pretty much says it all.. not to mention you not “understanding the comment on any level” err its not that complicated francis perhaps your “special” so i wont insult you further that would just be politically incorrect and downright mean :)

            2. Well, there may have been a touch of condescension in your post. At the least, quite a number of presumptive premises for why people are happy to see Paulie go. We know these people are flawed. Who isn’t? The house will expose the worst of any person’s character. But some people are more distasteful than others. People enjoy seeing a cocky entitled spoiled brat get his commuppance, perhaps for the first time ever in his entire life. Some of us enjoy that more than any drama that Paulie might belabor if he stays in the house. As for 70% of young people being like him, I think it’s sad that people think that of our young generation. He’s more than old enough to have a decent head on his shoulders. And his behaviors and mentality are not accounted for by immaturity. It almost sounds like one of those ‘boys will be boys’ type of excuses that people make for young people lilke him. White privileged boys, that is. if that’s the pool you’re drawing from.

        2. Every time a big player in the house gets punted the same line comes out about how boring it will be after they are gone… and every time there is more good drama and entertainment even after they are gone. With the loons still in that house and the showdowns yet to come there is plenty of entertainment after Paulie.

          Paul is cracked. This guy is in your face obnoxious and unlikable but at the same time flies under the radar and people accept him… its nuts… and it works.

      2. haha yeah you are on point my friend and everyone knows its coming.. the fans simply cannot deal with this harsh truth hence all the down votes :(

    1. I don’t think it matters. I think Paulie has the round trip ticket and he’s using that as his last lifeline because like he says, he knows he’s going no matter what.

    2. no wait
      paulie has an ‘idea’.

      he thinks vic should take corey OFF the block, and put someone else up there (as in, stay with me here, ensuring paulie has 2 votes, instead of none, amiright?) and let him campaign


      uh, except vic didn’t think that was such a great thing when it actually happened to him, so i’m thinking no?

      thinking he will have the roundtrip, or they’ll tease the anticipation, or the whole day after eviction special friday episode is going to be all about that.

      nice of vic to tell james yeah, take the 5K, let me win that veto, he’s all about that comp win total. i don’t think anyone will see him relax until he gets to 10, good luck paul (or whoever) who gets that 5 k bribe care package to get vic to accept it to not win one haha

    3. I just read somewhere else that paulies punishment is making pies (????)
      If thats for real that is frickin hilarious.
      Shoulda kept miss bridge around to help.

      1. He won’t do it. Unlike Britanny who was pretty sure she was going home, she was a trooper and finished her 2400 goals in 24 hours. Just in case she survived…

    4. Paulie: “Brah, you know I threw that veto comp to you, so your win don’t count. I’m all about loyalty, that’s my thing, Brah. Like Derrick & Cody. Ride or Die.”

    1. Really, it is, it’s a last dish effort ( and only ) to make nice with everyone, gain sympathy and possible votes later just in case he does have the return. Cause then at least 1/2 the people would be his puppet again to gain redemption themselves. Especially the one (victor) who can’t playHOH. Then, Victor, this powerful player would have to bow down. Production has made this game a game of sea saw, when it used to be simply one by one they fall of the cliff, permanently…..Different game, different logic

    2. It’s his manipulation to buy time. If, say, Nat or Michelle get put up, he has time to try to make deals and in his delusional mind, stay in the house. He’s desperate. Too bad, so sad.

      1. Paulie gains 2 Votes if Corey goes off the block. If Corey is on the block he has 0 votes. Nicole will vote for Corey. He wants Corey off the block to gain his and Nicole’s votes. I think he will try to flip Michelle/Paul and/or Victor.

      1. Say Paulie returns to the house with jury buy back or the ticket and vic is given co-hoh. If Nicole/Paulie/corey win the other hoh okay fine. But if they also win veto meech prob goes home.

        The next week we really only have Paul to beat Paulie out for hoh. And they have one less vote.

        Maybe meech would be best for this week’s cp?

  1. Loved watching Nat dancing in the LBR room after the Veto Comp celebrating that Paulie from Jersey is going home… I’m from Jersey and Paulie has given all us Guys a bad name, don’t let the door hit you in the arse Paulie.

    1. If the round trip ticket isn’t used, will they have a jury battle back? Do you think it’s set for someone to come back one way or another?

      1. Yes. Otherwise BB will be short a player on finale night and only have two instead of the usual three. Hence the special show on Friday night.

        1. That jury buy back should be left to the fans to decide by votes. I’d like us to have some say on a returning player. Wouldn’t be the first time. Wasn’t that crazy pink haired James guy sent back to the house by America?

        2. I just realized they didn’t mention the extra Friday episode till this week. Last time it was advertised weeks in advance if I remember right. Say they aren’t really cheating but obviously know which number had the RT. Maybe the Friday episode is for a buy back because the RT not anticipated to be used so that they have the 3 at the end. Just a thought.

  2. I’m afraid to get too excited – Paulie probably has RT ticket & then those 3 are still together & one wins HOH, then V/P/J in trouble & rest of season is a dud…can’t watch if P/C/N end up F3, especially after all this excitement #majorletdown

    1. Co-Hoh is next week, Victor, Michelle, Paul…one of them goes home. They just don’t have the numbers. They are in a similar spot as James. Even if he wins he doesn’t have the votes to control who goes.

  3. Thank you, Victor!! This is like getting just what you want for Christmas???? I can’t wait to see the faces of the jury when he arrives. Payback, as they say, is a bitch!!

  4. See you in jury Paulie. Why do I feel the “random” round trip ticket xoming into play though in the last week it’s in play…

    1. I brought this up in the previous update:
      During today’s noon conversion between Nic and Meech were taking about the Round Trip Tickets. Meech said she had #5 and Nic said she had #12. BUT….the other night when Nic and Corey were talking about the tickets Nic said she had #9. So has there been some ticket swapping going on? Anyone else remember this?

  5. BYE PAULIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will stop watching the season if Paulie has the roundtrip ticket.

    1. Even if he returns, he or Corey will go right back out unless he or Nicole wins HoH and the other wins the veto. If that doesn’t happen who ever isn’t protected is gone.

      1. I remember them having a vacuum last year only because I remember the girls in the house praising one of the guys for doing a good job of vacuuming. Honestly I think they’re just being really lazy. And gross.

  6. Come on Paulie don’t be sad:( Don’t cry …be a brave little soldier! You can do it Strength and Honor. Turn that frown upside down:)

  7. Victor deserves to win. He’s the best player since Dan. I can’t believe I just said that because I hated Vic in the beginning. But then again this game isn’t about likes.

    1. Don’t forget that Paul got in his ear. Paul made Vic (comp beast) do all his dirty work. They both deserve F2.

      1. Team effort…
        *Natalie & Bridgette outed Paulies games to the one’s that matter to start the ball rolling
        **Michelle called out Paulie game on live tv and in the house – shattered Paulie – still shattered
        ***James played the care package to put Paulie on notice
        ****Paul was the brains behind the move Victor wanted to put up 2 girls/he wanted a boy squad.
        *****Victor took the risk of getting the blood on his hands by making the move they wanted – This happens to be the best move in the game so far and makes him the comp beast!

  8. I’ve been checking this site all day for the POV results. When I saw that there was an update my heart started beating faster as I slowly scrolled down to reveal Victor as the victor!

    1. Me too!!! I was in a Nordstroms dressing room, checked my phone and squealed like a little girl !!!! Lol so happy for Victor and Paul:)

    2. LOL that’s funny! I was at Outback Steakhouse with my husband when I read the post and we were giddy as little school girls, too.

  9. To paraphrase Davonne, I feel like this is a meal i’ve been preparing for a long time, i’ve been gathering the ingredients, stirring the pot, tasting till it’s perfect, now the table is set so let’s eat. Only obstacle in my feast is that RT ticket. But even if he has it we may not need to worry that much. As long as he doesn’t win HOH next week’s care package will go to MEECH or Victor and they’ll put him right back up and as long as he doesn’t win POV there will be no RT ticket to save him.

  10. In the Jury house are three strong intelligent women who happen to dislike and distrust Paulie. I wish we could have cameras in there to see how they treat him. I imagine they will be far kinder to him than he ever was to them, they are ladies and he is no gentleman. Even so, at least he and his ego are leaving the house.

  11. He will probably come right back in Fri special show if not with the round trip ticket. sorry to spoil it for you, I think when he had his melt down and crying DR called him in the room to tell him he gets to try Fri to get back in, so that’s why he is all big man trying to tell them to not send Cory out like he is doing some big man to man thing. He knows he’ll be against all girls to return so he’s sure it’ll be him to come back. maybe since he has been screwed in the head it will be a mental comp and he’ll lose. can only dream.

    1. Exactly. I’m not celebrating until Friday night. Need to See Paulie evicted without the one-way, Corey/Nicole NOT HOH, and one of the girls beating Paulie on Friday to come back in. Would be hilarious if it was Z.

      1. What I think will happen is Paulie has the return ticket, so he is right back in the game.
        Jury battleback on Friday will be fixed for Z to win.
        Also, the ACP comes on Friday which should go to Meech or Vic. Depending on who wins what, we could see Zaulie on the block together.

  12. Paulie needs to get booed upon exiting the house. I hope jersey girls give him a well-deserved ass whipping back home.

    1. I agree however he appears mentally unstable to me. I think booing him is the last thing he needs. He shouldn’t even go out to talk with Julie. He should go straight to a therapist.

    1. Zingbot: Hey Paaauuullllieee, you must have been really surprised this week to find yourself on the blockkkkkkk.
      But the real surprise will be here in about 9 months! ZZZinnnnggg!

  13. So paulie never campaigned for zakia but paulie is willing to give his world and money to save corey? Gay gay crazy lgay love lol

  14. Anyone surprised that it seems Vic gave up the $5K to take the VETO from James? I would have thought Vic would want the money as he knows James would not use the VETO. Just makes me wonder if Vic is trusting James right now as it seems Paul does and Vic does not.

  15. “James says that Victor told James to go for the 5G’s and he would take the veto”

    Wow.. Victor just went from being the dumbest player to ever step foot in the bb house to the hero of season 18 and 500k richer.. Was this guy playing possum? Well deserved Victor

  16. Cody on Twitter…..

    Paulie has the round trip no doubt #notworried #neverworried #keephating ????

    Is the game rigged?

    1. I hope and pray he doesn’t have the roundtrip ticket but I feel like he is gonna get it. Production will do something about it. Sad to say!!!

    2. And I would be surprised if Cody DIDN’T start pushing all his fans to vote for Paulie as Co-Host starting Sunday just in case he has the Round Trip.

  17. As much as I despise him, once he leaves the others are going to get picked off. First Corey then James. For excitement purposes, part of me wants Paulie to come back in with the ticket just for the shear entertainment factor. This show hasn’t been this exciting in YEARS!!!

  18. Paulie doing his best to manipulate Victor into using the veto on Corey so he can have a fighting chance… Dude, at least when I put you up you had 2 people to campaign against. What you are doing isn’t as fair… okay so you gave me the chance to save myself by playing in the veto comp something I made sure you would not have but Corey is my boy and I refuse to campaign against him so take him down so I have another chance to save myself by campaigning against someone else…. it’s only fair that I should at least have someone to campaign against.

    Wow, talk about wrapping bu!!***t up in silk… Even Victor won’t fall for that fake bro loyalty

  19. Sweet! Victor won POV!!!!

    Goodbye Paulie!!!! I was rooting for you the first week but you totally dissapointed me with your attitude. You showed your true self on national tv.

    Let’s all pray that he doesn’t have the round trip ticket. I hate to say this but I feel like production will do something about it. If this happens, this is my last BB to watch!!!!

  20. I hate to say this but Paulie has the return ticket. It’s the last week and there’s no way that CBS would let this “twist” flunk. They will make sure he gets it, one way or another.

  21. I’m happy paulie is leaving but……. what bout that round trip ticket tho I’m still going to believe it’s either corey & nicole because of that incident on the feeds where corey and nicole were in the room alone & corey walked of the DR smiling and a couple of minutes later nicole walked out of the DR smiling and then it cut to fish . I also don’t think production isn’t going out of their way to save paulie after all the things he’s done and it’s kinda risky too anyways .

    1. Anything is better than the two idiots they are giving us to vote for. I am sure our government is as rigged as big brother.

  22. Bye Paulie!

    Worst case scenario: he has RT ticket, he goes back, next week is co-HOH which probably Mich gets. They still have the numbers to get one of them out. Its all good!

    1. beauty of it is that he wants michelle out so darn bad, and she’ll be the coHOH and he’ll be fuming.

      seriously, this guy is Bruno BBCAN all over again. The women folk are too dumb or too ‘undeserving’ to be allowed to stay in the game, AND they are wily schemers who make the guys do dumb things.

  23. Pauline should be going home. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has the RT ticket. CBS loves to keep the drama going so they’ll probably give it to him! I can’t believe the way he has acted. He’ll try to say he only acted this way to win but we all know this is the true Pauline. Did anyone see Z’s interview? She still thinks Pauline had her back & wasn’t playing her!

    1. I saw her on the After Show with Jeff. She is delusional and trying to downplay her feelings for Paulie. She made me choke when she said the only reason she got evicted is because James flipped on her. How about your boyfriend didn’t pull you down?
      Then she made me laugh saying she came close in comps. Da’ came closer than Z.

  24. And YOU GUYS are voting for MICHELLE cohoh-WHY?!!!
    Dang you people!
    Victor has earned it!

    And zingbot? Well, he’s turned in to a big WUSS. Go back and read some zings he did 5-6 years ago! PRICELESS
    Now, of course, they can’t be too offensive, say anything that might sound a little off of the cupcake culture

    1. vic will be safe regardless. they’ve got the votes, and nicole or corey will be the other nominee even if one of nicory wins HOH. and that is including if paulie gets back in the house, just one of them will be on the block and only one of them can be HOH, so they have a pretty good shot at it.

      just hoping he doesn’t come back in, i think there has already been a ton of dramatics sufficient for some good shows. not sure why they are having all these friday shows, i doubt if it will be a comeback because if paulie did have roundtrip, he wouldn’t be playing in a comeback, and if he doesn’t there are only 3 people there in jury, pretty lame comeback idea really. and they can’t guarantee that he isn’t fully evicted so it seems like a wasted extra episode idea.

      maybe it’s a baby shower for Jeff and Jordan

    2. I’m voting meech because worst case scenario:
      Paulie comes back via buy back or ticket and somehow corey/Nicole win hoh. They then win veto and if vic is the co-hoh we will only have Paul to fight Paulie. We really need to have Paul and vic against him.

  25. Now I have to root for Paul or Victor to win BB18, that sucks. But I would rather one of them then any of the other three. This is one of THE worst seasons.

  26. Simon & Dawg?

    can you Clip this IP or something, like xxx out some of the words they are choosing for handles so they can’t use them?


  27. feeds are down! Lol that’s bcz production is doing one of two things: 1) they’re in the house switching Paulie’s ticket; or 2) they’re setting up the house with a reset button.

    This is heavily reminiscent of what they did when Frankie was in danger two seasons ago.

  28. Even if Paulie has the round trip ticket… he’s still going to be the target….. Bye Paulie! Good riddance!! ….

  29. Woohoo, James won 5k so now he can take his daughter and her 1/2 brother…. his daughter’s mother’s son by another guy to Disneyland…

  30. jeez i hate paul and james. victor is a monster. he has my respect. he is a good all around player. i don’t know if he scared the women at times or what but he was voted out and came back and has dominated.

    those other two are judases to me. paul is the scum of the earth hugging paulie and acting all bro with him. james is just a midget bitch going with the flow to avoid the inevitable. that’s right, jimmy, you have no chance against paul or victor so f you.

    once paulie is gone it seems like smooth sailing for paul. most of them will regret it in the end. you mark my words.

  31. Can Paulie talk his way out of this? I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has the return ticket. Hope they don’t flip back, please get this loser out!

  32. one more thing. i like Vic. he never rubbed me the wrong way like paul has. in my other post i said vic is a monster/beast whatever. he came back and against the odds he has kicked butt and won over a lot of people. that brings me to my real point. i can’t stand these stupid twists that bring people back. it’s unfair. if paulie gets the round trip ticket i will feel the same way. they have bastardized the game imo.

  33. I would pay $5,000 for Paulie to shut the f$!# up!!!!!!!! Then he needs to take a shower and change his freakin clothes. Even if he has RT, there is no way he will win over jury.

  34. ***NO WORRIES***

    Let’s say Paulie has the return ticket, so what?! He burnt all his bridges and doesn’t have the numbers. He’s a dead man walking.

  35. So hard to choose if this happens. I like Vic a lot. He’s goofy and that silly laugh. But I’ve always liked him and hated how Paul did him when he came back. And he does have a lot of comp wins. He’s a beast. But. Paul has had to walk him through every other part of this game. Vic would still be trusting Paulie like he said in his DR. So does Vic win based solely on being a beast in comps and being more likable in my opinion. Paul was toast. He completely adjusted to his positions. Handled himself like a pro when he was on the block. Kept quiet. Played the social and strategic parts of the game very well. I just don’t know. I prefer Vic just because i do like him. And he is a competition beast. Has the smarts and the athleticism. It’s funny how the 2 bring different strengths that make them together great in this game

  36. I really think Vic has a huge heart and wanted James to get the 5k for the trip with the kids. He does also seem to want to have a lot of comp wins but i believe it was more about James taking the kids on their trip

  37. So heres my thoughts: I think their having fri show cuz safety girl has RT so they know thurs eviction it wont be used and so its either jury buy back or reset of this week with same hoh comp and veto comp are re-played like they did codys season where the veto comp i believe caleb or frankie went out on that balance beam ball thing. (Seed comp) except sounds like this veto comp was corn hole one.

  38. Why is it that half the house is always on Adderall?

    Nat I knew was half nuts when she said early in the season she was cyber bullied at 23 yrs old. I’m sorry if you like Nat but this chick loves to play the victim.

    I am sick of her. I totally see why Victor early on told her “I want no type of relationship ever with you”

  39. I amazes me how quickly people have forgotten how much they disliked Paul and Victor, even Michelle and Nat, what was it a couple of weeks ago. The chat on this site was full of hateful words for them.

    But now because Paulie is doing what MOST people do in the game, fighting to win. All the trash is being is spewed on him. Yes his mouth is out of control and the stuff he has said to Nat is not cool, but the rest is game play. Who has not lied, stabbed someone in the back, used someone for a vote. So much anger and hatred for someone who got caught up in a game, let power go to his head…in a game.

    I hate to think we live in a world where things like this can make people so cruel and unforgiving. It is just a game, he played it wrong, he played it too hard, but he does not deserve most of the trash that is being said about him or for that matter his family who has no say in how he is behaving.

  40. hey dawg say I got to ask you a question
    I just came across something that said cody said his brother have the round trip ticket back in the house if he get evected is that true in how will he know do an do you think it be fair to us fans that want him out in

    1. No one knows who has the round trip ticket. And to be honest I doubt Paulie has it either. If the person evicted this Thursday doesn’t have it they expire. If Paulie did have it the live feeds and the internet would explode.

  41. “You have a lot of catch phrases – Your boy, friendship, pissed. Well I have a catch phrase you can all get behind. SHUT THE F**K UP!”

    Wow… Wednesday better hurry F*..

    As for the possibility of Paulie having the roundtrip ticket. Last 5 seasons had some sort of wrench to save certain HGs that brought the Drama Ratings….

  42. Natalie made the comment that “when I don’t take my medicine my memory is even worse”. Does anyone know what that is about? I don’t recall Natalie ever mentioning that she takes any neurological related drugs. It seems that the BB producers (and those of other reality shows) are big on casting people who take ADHD drugs like Adderall and those to treat anxiety such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, and Xanax. They do this because they believe people with these conditions are more likely to provide “good TV” due their perceived higher level of potential volatility. It is morally questionable to me that they place such people in these high stress conditions.

    1. Corporate sponsorship? Product placement?
      or the house guests found a way to deal with being locked up for months in the same house and all the game stress…

  43. we know paulie and corey dont have round trip ticket because BB knows also..
    it is last week for round trip

  44. Theories of feeds being blocked ? I’ve never been able to do live feeds so not up on when they are down and reasons for it. If they reset this game now because they know Paulie doesn’t have the RT ticket…. I will be convinced they rig this game. I know they get involved to a degree but i really don’t want to believe they rig it like that

  45. I like this care package twist.. i hope it started from week 1, and that no repeat rule is kind of unfair… it would be better if it was you can get it once every 4 evictions or something.

  46. As much as i dislike Paulie i still would rather see Corey go, just for entertainment value, plus Corey is someone who could be seen as not a threat to win if he stays..

    I wonder how they will make the next episode, i want to see all the drama that went on…

  47. Even if Paulie has RT, he will have to face the crowd first. He deserves to be booed louder than Christine was in his brother’s season. You know the season that Paulie is insanely obsessed with talking about.

  48. PLease someone explain to me what were Meech, Natalie’s and Bridgette’s role in voting Z out and going against Paulie… i tought it was Nat the one who actually made the decision but in the episode it looked like it was Bridg.

  49. OK I’ve pled my case on voting for Victor coHOH. Poll shows it’s going to go to Michelle.! Can’t understand WHY, she only cries, whines, trashes, harasses, and lies….a female Paulie. BUT! I do not want Paulie or Corey to win by default because of an anti-Paulie split vote.
    So, are we SURE about Michelle? I don’t want to start voting Victor 60 times a day if it’s gonna split.
    Up for Victor?
    Down for Michelle?

    1. I posted the same question yesterday – Paulie could win by default if the votes are split between Vik/Meech – hope you get better results. I see many requests for Victor. Wonder if the votes come down to gender – men want Vic, ladies want Michelle. I only mention this as I saw several anti-feminism type posts the last few days.

  50. Sat 7:07 PM BBT Nicole asks if Paulie has the round trip ticket. Paulie says “hm?” She then says “can you imagine if you have the RT ticket?”

  51. Corey and Paulie are saying that Natalie is not a good person and Michelle weaseled her way into things. According to them everyone is stupid, disloyal, a liar, a scum, blah blah blah…And now there is talk of Paulie possibly self evicting. He says he can’t be locked in the jury house for the sake of being locked in. In other words, he can’t vote for anyone else to win HIS money. But everyone else was supposed to be fine being locked in the jury house to award Paulie the check.
    This is exactly why I can’t root for nor feel sympathy for people like Paulie. He is the only one allowed to play. He is the only one who is supposed to win. Everyone else is the supporting cast. That’s how Frank played in season 14 which is one of the reasons I couldn’t stand him. But guess what, Frank left season 18 with class. As did every other person who has left the house this season. Victor left like a champ-no complaints and no hard feelings.
    Also, the guilt trip Paulie tried to use after POV…seriously dude. Paulie doesn’t want to campaign against Corey. He wants a fair shot to campaign against someone who is not Corey, but Victor was on the block against two of his friends so, once again, Paulie is lacking in the logic department. Also, Victor gave Paulie a chance to play in POV, Paulie used the backdoor on Victor. I think things are more than even at this point.
    BTW Paulie, keep discounting those three comps Victor had to win to get back in the house, I think he has more than proven himself to be a competitor at this point.

  52. As for the Zings, Corey got one about how he can’t sweep Nicole off her feet because Hayden already did. James’ was about his height. Paul’s was about how he has a bunch of catchphrases (“Your boy,” “Friendship,” “Pissed”), but Zingbot has one more for him: Shut the eff up!

  53. Paul is by far the best player this year. He went from being dead to controlling quite a bit. I love James but he is far from a mastermind. Nicole is boy crazy, Corey is simple, Michelle is comically bad, Paulie did what so many have done before him including frank…. Can’t turn off the alpha male. Victor is really coming back strong. But still Paul pulled the strings on this one.

  54. Simon or dawg or anyone lol

    Do you really think Friday’s episode will be a jury buyback? Doesn’t Julie usually tell the viewers ahead of time if it’s something huge like that

  55. I think Paulie does not want to stay in jury due to the lack of CAMERA TIME. To strut around the house like a Peacock he is always checking for a camera. I am calling BS on him being claustrophobic – he would feel it in the BB house being penned up – at the jury house they can go outside have fun, do what they want when they want.

  56. Kind of surprising, how quick the house has turned on Paulie, I’m just a little confused as to how they’re all jumping on him about the same things they’re doing. Call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s disrespectful to tell a girl she’s as fake as her fake boobs. Only in America can you do something to yourself, and then stand in an off limits zone claiming exemption from others criticizing you and your decisions. Reality check…anyone one earth can criticize anything anyone does, and it’s not offensive, degrading, upsetting, those are all emotions and responses that the person on the receiving end can choose to exude. However, they could also not care, or ignore him, or own it, or flat out disagree with him. It doesn’t matter, his opinion is exactly that. HIS opinion, HE owns the right to its use and content, not you. I’m all for hating on Paulie, lol but he’s not wrong for expressing his opinion about her and his choice of words. If they don’t like it, great, use YOUR opinion to express that, however they can’t say that would he said is off limits. He could automatically say that about your opinion. That’s what’s great about America, were entitled to our own thoughts and voice, and while not exempt from the repercussions of those, you’re not entitled to tell someone they can’t have a thought, voice, or opinion of YOU. And its disappointing seeing how little these HGs understand that.

  57. So Paulie is sayin he probably would not stay in jury if he gets voted out. He’s banking on RT ticket to stay in the game… otherwise he’ll leave the game

    I cant believe this guy, he’s so arrogant and entitled, all the previous evicted hgs could go through it but not him.
    If before he was actually in his brothers shadow now he’s proven not to be worth to even be in it… what a loser!

  58. Paulie is just so loyal. He wants Corey down because he loves his bro. Lol

    He just knows if Corey comes down he has 2 votes and only needs to get one person to flip. Up next to Corey he has no votes.
    I still say it’s not all that bad an idea to vote Corey out this week. That would blow up Nicole’s game and everybody is already onto Paulie.
    Even if Paulie wins HOH Nicole can’t win the co-HOH care package and I Paulie is HOH and wins it should go to the next highest vote getter. So Nicole’s on the block and out.

    The Paulie can’t play in the next HOH. It would be kind of sadistic to watch him sink further into madness over the next 2 weeks.
    If there is a jury buyback Bridgette deserves to come back. She really did take a bullet for the house.

  59. Anyone else seeing on the feeds Paulie threatening not to stay in jury house if he doesn’t have rt or jury buy back? Feeds keep cutting out. Maybe production will boot him before veto. Seems like such poor sportsmanship should be against the rules. What a spoiled, entitled brat he is.

  60. Paulie is talking about his claustrophobia and psychiatric issues and I’m not sure how to feel. I think it could be one of three things.
    1-He is being a sore losing, big baby, pity party throwing little shit. I give that a 70% chance of being what’s happening.
    2-He is trying to do a Dan type thing funeral like kind of thing. I give that a 25% chance of being the truth. If it is, then Paulie gets a B+ for effort but an F- for execution. He’s not smooth enough to pull of Dan’s funeral.
    3-He legitimately does have mental health problems. I mean, I guess narcissism could be classified as a mental health problem. Right now I am not too big on believing anything that comes out of Paulie’s mouth so I’m only giving this a 5% chance of being true. I wouldn’t want to completely discount it because if it is true I might genuinely feel bad for him. However, he lied on his BB application/screening process and said he had never seen a psychiatrist. Mental illness and temporary insanity are not the same thing. Unless he can prove temporary insanity in a court of law I think he should not only lose his stipend but also be sued for taking away a spot from someone who, not only would not have lied their way into the house, but also wouldn’t be threatening to walk out of the jury house.

    1. I thought of a #4:
      By threatening to walk out of the jury house is giving production an spoken ultimatum either you come up with a fix (i.e. reset) for me or I walk.

  61. PAULIE …. grow up already. It is a game you wanted to play as did 15 other house guests. No one is entitled to win it, it must be earned and you failed to do it. You may be voted out this week but at least you still have a chance with the round trip ticket and if not, maybe a jury buy back. Your behavior is a bit extreme and only makes everyone in the house more apt to not vote for you to win the $500k should that scenario occur.

  62. Palsy is not so subtly letting production know that if his ticket isn’t a roundtripper that will put him back in the house he is going to walk away from Jury. This guy is a mess, he can’t get out of his own way. He says his psychiatrist told him not to come on BB because he has ‘clinical claustrophobia’, as if being sequestered in a huge luxurious home with all the amenities you could want is stifling. I hope he never goes to jail. He’s afraid of being shunned by the other evictees, but Zika would be ready to mount up and the others would treat him fine if he’d just drop that ridiculous attitude and self pity and own up to all the mischief he was up to.

  63. Paulie and his narsasistic attitude of he was breed for this game cracks and acts like a lil baby cuz hes getting evicted! Give me a break with this bs abt your gonna leave jury if u dnt have rt or buy back…. what a douchebag!!! Oh ur ok if u stay in the game but ohhh noooo i cant handle being in jury house cuz i cant handle small spaces… This guy is such a joke and disgrace to pull this bs… He is such a baby and needs to go and hope his punk a** is sent to jury with no way back…

  64. Maybe Fridays episode will be a special edition for America on what a d bag Paulie really was to everybody . they have yet to show him as he truly has acted inside the house . They should have made the non prizes in the veto , clean the filthy kitchen , bathroom well the whole damn house in some forms or another . uni tards are dumb , making pies , really BB stupid !

  65. I really hate that Nicole thinks that her pleas to feeders is the reason she got a care package.
    The America’s Sweetheart thing played out a long time ago.

  66. I have been a fan of BB since season 1. What I have see with the players left are Paul with all his fake friendship the moment someone tells him honestly or not that who ever his bro of the day is that they are not loyal to him he turns on them. I think he has hung on to Victor because when he turns against someone Victor just happened to be in power. Victor he wanted attention from the ladies and is arrogant. Mean speech to Meech and Nat. Uncalled for. Natalie lazy and whinny. James can I just follow people. Corey duh. Nicole I just don’t want to be put up. Meech I loved Frank can I cry now. Paulie trying to have his brothers charm. Not living up to it. I can’t honestly say I am rooting for any of these people. Disappointed in this season.

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