James – I have experience under my belt there’s no secret one of you are going home

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 09-46-01-196

9:34am Kitchen They call out Paulie
Paul – Theres one person you trust in the guys alliance.. Is it me .. who is it?
Paulie – i’m sticking with the guys alliance
Paul – I’m offended man.. Who is it that you trust.. You said one person
Natalie asks him if he said it was hilarious to put her up
Paulie says he did along with everyone else in the house except for James.
Paulie – I manipulated everyone in the house except the guys I am working with
Paul says he had a distaste for JAmes because of things Paulie was saying and James had a distaste for Paul because of what Paulie was saying.
Paul – I had your back
Michele – I had your back until you screwed me over
Natalie – you manipulated us
Paul – why is my name getting tossed around once again..
Paulie says he trust the guys hasn’t “tossed” any names out
Michelle – you said you only trust 1 guy in the all guys alliance
Paulie says he got screwed over by 3 outta 5 people in his alliance
Paul doesn’t believe that PAulie has his back says PAulie was playing them all.
Paulie – I had you back every time you were on the block
Paul – you’re tossing my name out there
Michelle – you are trying to put people against each other.

Paulie to Michelle – you manipulated everyone to save yourself twice
James and Paul says Michele isn’t manipulating anyone she’s straight shooter
PAulie scoffs, “JAmes I know man you threw me under the bus.. I put together a team for us..”
James – I don’t want to hear anything about loyalty and respect when you sit there right before nominations talking about well James is a good possibility of being a backdoor option lets throw the girls up one of the girls come down .. you know James he made his bed let him lay in it..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 09-40-53-603
Paulie to Paul – so I’m the one that had that conversation you can say that with a straight face
Paul- Yup I can 100% say that
Paulie – you can say that with 100% straight face that i’m the one that tossed his name out there for a backdoor
Paul – YES YES. .right before noms ..
James – james was the backdoor options
Paul – I never tossed your name under the bus
Paulie – I never tossed your name except for
Michelle – Except for

Paul – I had your back and I fully trusted you and when I heard you using my name as a target
They start calling PAulie out getting them all against each other etc etc…

Paul – you never trusted me man.. So fu** me
Michelle – no not f*** you cause you’re not on the block

Michelle starts calling Paulie out for Backdooring victor. Paulie says the entire house wanted victor out, all the girls were saying he makes them feel uncomfortable.

James calls Paulie out for the boob comments says that’s got to stop
Natalie – you said I was as fake as my boobs.. STOP CALLING ME FAKE
Natalie – James isn’t blinded by my boobs
Michelle – you said James was using Natalie For america’s player
Paulie – he said that in the have nots
James – no i didn not.. I said last season I Stuck with my girl that’s why I won America’s player
PAulie – you guys backstabbed the f** outta me

They start calling him out for all the things he said about Natalie, Boobs, buts, flirting etc.
Michelle asks why he never offered to kiss her under the bed if he’s flirty with everybody.
Michelle now asking why he was throwing Paul’s name under the bus by telling everyone he’s squeezing up natalie’s thighs
Paulie says natalie is lying about things..
Michelle – Natalie wouldn’t lie about this
Paulie – you convince the guys in my alliance to turn on me
Michelle – LOL you convinced them
Paulie says no he wanted to set up the detonators like Cody and Derrick did ride or die to final 5,”loyalty loyalty loyalty, cody, Derrick.. Clip ..loyalty”

Michelle – you are not going to be Cody and Derrick.. Nobody in here is like Cody and Derrick.
Paulie – I thought from a loyalty perspective
Michelle – loyalty my ass
James – what was that 3 person alliance for with victor..
Victor – more than a week ago..

Michelle about the guys alliance Paulie is saying he was loyal to- “If this was your plan from the beginning why did you send Victor home”
James – seems like you were covering a lot of basses
Paul says Double eviction just went down and Paulie is saying they need to backdoor James
Paulie – I was emotional
Michelle – if you say loyalty one more time I will shoot myself in the head..
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 09-44-22-191
Paulie is accusing that Michelle of lying
Michelle is saying she’s never lied about anything Paulie has done.
Michele says Paulie was playing everyone and they all know that now.
Michelle – each and every person in this house has information that will support my hypothesis

James – how do we make final 3 with two sides of the house
James says Da’Vonne made final 2 with everybody and that’s why they targeted her
Paulie says his final 2’s were just within the people of the alliance Da’Vonnes final2’s were with people on the inside and outside.

Michelle -Are you ready to play veto or what
Paulie – I’m always ready to play veto.
Michelle- Awesome. I hope you have a clear head
Paulie says he’s been in bigger games than this her calling him out won’t rattle him
Michelle – sure like you were ready for the next two HOH’s
Paulie now claiming to have thrown the HOH that Victor won, “I didn’t want to win it I wanted to see cards played.. I was not trying to win any of the HOH’s “ (recently)
Paulie – I knew if it was Double it was the ball pit and nobody is faster than me on the house

Paulie bringing up Cody and Derrick again
Paul wonders why cody and Derrick are brought up so much on this season ..
Michelle – you made a bond with Zakiyah and you were about to clip her
Paulie says he stuck with the boys all along.. His bond with Zakiyah was personal

They tell Paulie Zakiyah was saying Paul and james were her targets and Paulie was gung ho to keep her so if he’s so gung ho for the boys why did he want to keep

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 10-52-22-256

10:24am Kitchen Paul, Victor and PAulie
Boy hug it out
Paul – Look brawj .. you’re a f***g blowj, a scam and a f***g rag, f*** this game I don’t give a sh1t

Paulie – If i’m still on the mother f***G block don’t be a$$hole and be going in different f***g rooms.. hang out with your boy.. I don’t want you guys pissed off at me..
Paul – I’m not pissed at you
Victor – we’re just talking about Game that’s game talk
Victor and paul are still into paulie hanging out after the show.
Paul explain they understand in the real world they don’t have HOH’s they don’t have to clip someone every week he understands the difference between the 2 worlds.
Paul – I am not mad.. We’re going to love we’re going to blowj
Paulie – the 5 of you were going to the end

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 10-49-19-670

10:32am Paulie, James, Corey Tokyo room
Paulie – I hold a lot of information about everybody.. I can get information about everybody
Paulie tells james if he’s not around to protect Corey and Nicole James has got to do it.
Paulie says if it’s James and Corey on the block on thursday send him “the f*** home”
Paulie – if he’s sitting up there please do not let this kid go home
James – alright you have my word
Paulie – if I’m up there and you want to send me home that’s fine..
James – I have experience under my belt there’s no secret one of you are going home.. It’s no secret I’m being straight up with y’all
James – whoever wins that veto… y’all have decisions to make, I can tell you he’ll put Michelle up the ouse is going to want to vote one of you out”
Paulie – the house is going to want to vote you out but this might not be something you want to do”
Paulie says he wants to flip the house back with the three of them, “To where we had it before all this sh1t hit the fans bro us 3 were sitting pretty.. “
Paulie says if Veto isn’t played everyone can vote him out.
Paulie – if it’s Natalie i’ll be asking you as a boy to keep the homie in the house for us .. (f**k off)
James – ya
Paulie – lets flip the house
Paulie – Vic is keeping the noms the same, Paulie isn’t using the veto.. And if Nicole wins she’s pulling Corey down.
Paulie – 2 votes are going the other way if you want to beast it out
Paulie – when the girls start ganging up the personal attacks start coming out.
James wants to know when the whole thing started with paul and Vic. Paulie is claiming it was their idea they came to him and he was just playing along, “I’m like ok”
James – you should have told me
Paulie – I was wary where the information would go
James- if you would have kept me more connected..

James says Paul told him that Corey was “Spit balling” putting James up
Corey – dude… honestly I swear on my mothers life I did not do that. (hmmm)
Corey – again bro you know where my loyalties stand I got HOH what did I do
Paulie and Corey claiming backdooring James was never an option

Paulie – Paul still won’t admit he grabs Natalie’s upper thighs bro
Paulie – I’ve never touched that f****g girl
Paulie mentions he understands when James sticks u for Natalie.
Paulie – I know you do that because you have Natalie’s back but at some point you have to have your boys back when people are coming at him for that sh1t (f u)
Paulie – I’ll tell you straight up bro I hope you and Natalie have something
Jame s- I hope so to man.. but.. if if not I mean
Paulie – I hope so, i’m not going to be the one telling you I told you so
James – people have this misconception like when I get off the show like I’m automatically expecting to have this full blown relationship.
Paulie – I’m not having that misconception
James- or marriage and kids …
Paulie says Paul and Michelle are the biggest liars in the house and they were involved in flipping James.

Paulie says he knew Paul was goign to turn on him and he knew that Victor would cross reference but he thought the three of them were bullshit proof

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 11-00-16-891
10:59am Paulie and Corey
Paulie says this season is filled with people what want to blow sh1t up
Corey – not very many loyal people
Corey – Damn man
Paulie – bro one of us is going to win this veto and a girl is going up we have to put our faith in James again.. Hope he pulls the knife out and if he doesn’t then we better hope one of us has the round trip ticket.
Corey – let do it bro
(Paulie is a douche but gotta love the fight in him. )

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Does Paulie sort of look like Biff from the Back to the future movies?

Helllo McFly


He reminds me of Barney Rubble!!


That is so funny!!! I knew he looked familiar.

Murphy's Law

Victor won POV!!!


Yeah Victor can’t stand Paulie


He reminds me of Barney Rubble!

Barney Rubble

Yeah he does.


Michelle – “if you say loyalty one more time I will shoot myself in the head”

lol…Michelle took the words right outta my mouth.

sunny dee

paulie last night to james, yeah, that 5 guy alliance i was always loyal to that, still am going forward, you and me and them three, yup right to the end, all the guys, loyalty, etc etc .

Natalie sitting right there going uh huh,

like really talking about how solid you will be going forward, with this guy sitting right beside that girl trying to get this guy to say, oh, yeah, 5 guys at the end all the way, yup, with that girl right in the same room, with them??

ok i know paulie thinks nat is dumb, but come on.

Another Hillary Lie

Do you think Paulie feels cheated that Victor did not give him any beads for his nomination?

Honestly bro!

My rule of thumb…if someone says honestly when they are telling you something…they are LYING!


That’s not 100% accurate though lol. I say honestly sometimes when I’m talking just out of habit, but I’m definitely not lying when I say it. But I have heard that too and now try to catch myself using that word even though I’m not even lying.


When people I work with or am close to say things like ‘to be honest’ I always point out to them that it has the opposite effect. Dude, honest people never say that… because it goes without saying. Honest people are always honest. Only liars highlight when they are being honest because it stands out as an exception.
Just like anyone who says trust me… If you are asking me to trust you then you are not trustworthy. Trustworthy people give what ever is required to protect the interests of those involved. Trust worthy people never leave it up to trust. You never have to trust a trustworthy person because they will put everything in writing and ensure all parties are proportionally protected and all risk is proportionally shared.


With all the final 5 guys alliance out in the open, what is Nicole thinking? Isn’t she wondering where she lies in all this? Certainly not in Corey’s bed anymore, lol.

Canadian Kev

The girl is thinking Corey is marriage material, that’s what she’s thinking.
First Hayden now Corey – she thinks she’s on the fucking dating game.

I”m glad Nat Nat has so much influence over James. I like James, but he gets swayed too easily by the bro’s bullshit.

But i don’t think Nat, and the prospect of a future with her, will let him flip. And that side is pretty fun to watch (James, Nat, Meech, Paul and Vic).

Corey is a bitch. Paulie is a douche, and Nicole is playing in the wrong game. I wouldn’t mind seeing them go home before the other five start with one another.


Paul tried asking her that last night and all i saw her do was smile dumbly! Maybe someone else knows if she finely did answer him.


Paul asked her about that last night. Nicole told him she knew about the alliance and was ok with going out when it was her turn. Don’t remember the time, but worth watching her trying to answer his questions, she was very weird.


It was weird wasn’t it? I thought I was imagining things.

Fruit Loop Dingus!!!!!!

She knows no better……….thats her game, align with her “showmances” ALL GUY group until they CLIP her, not knowing Corey wont stay with her outside the house as long as Hayden did!!!!!!! What a FRUIT LOOP DINGUS!!!!!!

BB18 Grossmances

*Nicole’s thoughts: “OMG Corey is way too hot for me..but i know we will be in a relationship forever after this….is my voice annoying anyone else?”

*Corey’s thoughts: “Wait, this doesnt look like the fraternity house of Penis Gamma Rho?…who is this mousy blonde following me everywhere?…am I on tv?…maybe i shouldnt ALWAYS look glazed over”

Zakiyah’s thoughts: “That was the best under the sheets… dont make a sound.. no condom used..grandma you are gonna see…sex session ever…Paulie must really be in love with me to bone me on national tv after talking badly about me….hope im pregnant!..are babies will be cute!”


Paul asked her about that last night. Nicole told him she knew about the alliance from Corey and was ok with going out when it was her turn. Paul was dumbfounded and kept prodding her as to why she would accept that, but her responses were vague. Almost acting like she was zoned out. Her only goal is to help Corey stay anyway she can. Poor girl truly believes she has a future with him.


It’s those little things that keeps me going all tinfoily. Is Nicole, who knows Cody, in there just to be Paulie’s “secret”. It’s the same thing I fear about James. When they turned on Frank she told Corey she’ll vote him out even if it wasn’t good for her game. I seriously think she’s got a deal outside of this game for something.


I’m thinking DEAL TOO. She’s getting a set amount for being vet, yet not concerned about the 500 k

Fruit Loop Dingus!!!!!!

Poor girl, she knows no better………her only game is to align with her “showmances” ALL GUY group until they CLIP her, not knowing Corey will not stay with her outside of the house as long as Hayden did……..FRUIT LOOP DINGUS!!!!!


Nicole came into the game(again) to attach herself to a man not win half a mil.


I think Nicole is just laying low about not caring about the 5 guys thing. She is probably figuring that in the end P/C are really planning to take her to F3 (just like Victoria)and she just doesn’t want to say that to anyone so she won’t become a target.


Simon & Dawg … Thank you so much for the excellent posts! You guys are the BOMB! I’ve been glued to this site for 4 days straight! I buy from Amazon every now & then and used the link from the site … Sure hope it helps! This is the BEST entertainment of the summer! I love everyone involved Simon, Dawg & the commenters!
Getting excited for the POV! Can’t wait to see the results!

PAULIE's Tears

Hahaha I love to see what ads pop up on here after the re-cap!

Vitamin supplements

I know, yesterday feminine products, today ads for Uglies and Froot Loops. Seems to be driven off the names we use for posting comments. I tried Vitamin here to see what I get. Hey, may be useful, can be commenting on OBB and researching products at the same, then just have to click to buy. Major convenience.


Best OBB day in forever!

Bridgette's Good Ankle

I do believe the sounds of the tables turning is the most glorious music!

It’s amazing how few weeks ago Michelle and Paul were on my “least favorite BB houseguests ever list”…. and although their personalities are questionable (at least for my taste)… if it wasn’t for their recent efforts, Paulie would have easily won $500,000 and for us viewers, this season would have been a complete waste!!

Thanks for shaking things up Michelle, Paul and Natalie.

Big Jim

It’s gold Jerry gold!!!


Since I know that we haven’t begun to hear the end of Paulie’s spiel-

“Loyalty, honor type thing. Five dudes type thing. Never planned on clipping one of my boys until all the girls were gone type thing. Always trustworthy type thing. Because, *ahem*, that’s how Derrick and Cody played type thing.”

-could someone please remind him that three guys might beg to differ since Zach, Frankie and Caleb all got clipped before Victoria.

sunny dee

plus “i didn’t know you felt some kind of way, if i’d known you felt a certain kind of way, and knowing i felt a certain kind of way, i was hoping we’d ride or die to get to feeling a certain kind of way, you know, together.”

said to anyone randomly

Corey and Paulie'a Uglies

Let’s Bump!!!!


these hgs spend way too much time discussing their strategy with the entire house its stupid and leaves no room for a hidden agenda to blindside people and catch them off guard.. what happened to the good old days when crafty bb players would lie cheat and steal their way to the end and the fans would love it not too mention the jury would respect and reward them for it with 500k


See feeds last night at 9:50 BB time cams 1/2. Bizarre.


That was meant as a reply to see nic’s reaction about the guy alliance.


I can’t even like the fight in Paulie because the sound of his voice….ugh….Jesus how does he even still HAVE a voice?
If I was Derrick I’d be calling BB and telling them to tell Paulie to shut the f*ck up with the name dropping. Paulie has zero clue about the damage he’s doing outside the house, he’s in for a world of hurt when he gets out.


I keep wondering why NJ girls aren’t angered over his comments.

North Jersey Girl

Oh we are, but since majority of people know he’s an a-hole, it’s no big deal. Just sad that he’s from our state.


It’s too bad he’s from the U.S or even the human race.


Well I’m not sure about all Jersey Girls on all social media etc., but Twitter was (still is, really) incredibly OVER him when this sh*t storm started and while I don’t follow Cody on Twitter, he’s getting a pretty good amount of disgust and shade from people wondering wtf his brothers deal is. Cody did an online interview early Thursday and was appearing to try to do damage control and really ended up seemingly blaming Paulie’s douchebag evolution on Paul being a bad influence, and whatever else would deflect the heat that he’s getting from the public. People on the Internet are fickle, things can blow over, but I don’t think this will go away for Paulie or his family easily. Especially since this doesn’t seem to be a heat of the moment type thing. The guy just won’t shut his mouth.


Natalie – you said I was as fake as my boobs.. STOP CALLING ME FAKE
Natalie – James isn’t blinded by my boobs

lol sorry nat but james is seriously doing his best stevie wonder staring down the barrel at those lovely gems 🙂


paulies little poor me crying act is so pathetic.. if he wins the veto watch how quick he flips the script and goes straight back into attack mode

Thinking out loud

The only negative I see about voting Victor as hoh is if Paul also wins hoh next week. Who will we have to win it the next week? Meech? Really think her or Nat could win it over Paulie if he does have the round trip ticket and is still in the game?
I may be splitting my votes for vic and meech


Why does Paulie think that every game is supposed to be played like Derrick and Cody? Everybody plays different and thinks different. Paulie’s a moron!! Just plain pathetic!!


OK I don’t have the feeds. I love reading this. Corey and Polly snuggle into bed. Hilarious keep it coming


PAULIE … you are no Caesar (Et tu Brute) just as Jozea was no messiah. What you both are is delusional.


Michelle – you are not going to be Cody and Derrick.. Nobody in here is like Cody and Derrick.
Paulie – I thought from a loyalty perspective
Michelle – loyalty my ass

Love it.


I just can’t believe Paulie thinks Bridgette is a piece of shit who needs to ask for forgiveness from God. She was spot on with what she said on her way out the door. He’s literally insane!

Zakiyas pad and chips so gross

Omg!! Is James flipping the vote?? Geez I hope not!!! Mich Paul or Vitor should win co hoh!! James pls think!!! If you side with them they’ll sen you home! At least give yourself a chance to play!!! Also if Paulie will have the return ticket I’m pretty sure it’s already planned!! Oh boy!!!


Did ,you even read the headline for this thread? James told Paulie and Corey straight up, one of you are going home….. Not sure where you think James is going to flip his vote, it’s not going to happen.


Please, James…do not fall for Paulie’s bullshit again! Just make sure Corey, Paulie, and Ratcole doesn’t win the POV, keep noms the same, vote out Paulie, and he doesn’t win the return ticket. Also, if there’s a jury member to return, let us hope it is not Paulie!


Definitely paulie a d cirey are gays lol too much snuggling together lol

judge judy

that picture of corey and paulie in bed,
I would guess the sex wasn’t that good


Not buying what Paulie is selling. It’s expired and / or dated.

OH Meech

Girl is fast with good comebacks. Unless someone here made it up, after Z’s eviction, Paulie was wishing for a punching bag, to which Meech replied something to the effect… You had one, we sent it home.


That was someone from here! Lol. But still A GREAT LINE


i must admit im kinda jealous of the bb fans that dont read any spoilers and have no clue the treat their in for come sunday night 🙂

Another Hillary Lie

It will be epic for them.

love this show

I love the pic of Paulie and Cory!!!!! The look on their faces is priceless!!!! The caption for Paulie would read ” Did I just have sex with a dude” Corys would read ” I wonder if he’ll call me tomorrow”


Doc asked me why I was smoking more when I was doing so good smoking less, I said it’s Simon and Dawg’s fought.
I got one of those What Ta? looks.
Sorry guys but I do love you.:)


Corey is going home! I can guarantee he is. It’s kind of odd that all the guys got picked for the veto. Making the odds very difficult for Corey to win. Nicole could possibly win but I doubt it. Big brother wants Paulie to stay. He brings drama to the show and without him we are left weird eye Corey. I think the Dr’s are Planting seeds to Natilie about the care package being symbolic of who they like and not to trust. Natilie said James got aviators because Corey wears them. Nicole got spray repellent to spray Nat Nat. That is so odd for her fans to send bug spray. Natilie was in the dr for so long and comes back thinking there is something more to the care packages. I have a feeling Paulie will win veto. Corey goes home and Paulie gets voted out next week and this week. Paulie has the Roadtrip ticket.

Deja Vu

It’s going to be like bb16 all over again. Hayden and Nicole being blindsided and put on the block. This time Corey is going home after Paulie pulls himself off the block. It’s going to happen I know it. Nicole is going to have a meltdown once again after losing her partner. History repeats it self once again.


We’re in the final stretch. Paulie goes then you have a couple of groups of 2-3 who will have to go at each other. It should be good. The girls may try to align once Paulie and Corey are out, or James, Natalie and Meech may take a shot at getting to the end. Victor and Paul want to take Meech to the end. Natalie and Meech may take a shot at the guys if they can win something. This stretch has tons of potential for fun and games.


Bug spray for Nic cuz of her screaming and whining about monster bugs in the back yard that she keeps getting attacked by. And James totally got the sunglasses so he could Stevie Wonder it cuz he’s blinded by boobs!


So who is everyone going to hate on once Paulie is gone? I feel like Paulie took over for Frank…and I think Paul will be the next to fill Paulie’s shoes. If everyone wasn’t so busy hating Paulie, you will start to remember the others aren’t so nice either. Didn’t Paul say something about punching Natalie before?


HATE …. is such a strong word. I just want to be entertained and could really care less who wins. What is happening now is what I tune in to watch rather than just watching showmances and little game play. With that said, some house guests reveal certain aspects of their personalities and character during the course of the game that they may have answer for once the game has ended. Paulie and a few others have certainly said and done a few things that cannot be easily passed off as “just playing a game.”


From the last thread…..Paul says of Paulie..He’s telling James to go after Paul, Michelle to go after James, and Paul to go after James. HE’s telling James and Victor to go after Michelle and still harping on Natalie’s boobs!

I was one of those that was aggravated by Paul’s play at the beginning but he has grown on me…and he is not a bad observer..perhaps he could spell you off if you should ever need a break S and D haha..

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

Ok, all of the envelopes are numbered, production knows who has which number. How do we know that, while they play POV, production is not in the house replacing the envelopes of Corey and Paulie to make sure that if they are booted this week they come right back. Sounds paranoid, but is it really that far out of a thought?


JULIE …. there a one way and round trip ticket in every envelope and you will be notified which to pull out of the envelope for each house guest.

( question …. will the remaining house guests be able to open their envelopes after the next eviction and envelope reveal or will they have to return them to production unopened? if they cannot open them to see, then I suspect each envelope has both a one way and round trip ticket inside )


I wouldn’t put it passed them! I was also thinking they could have rigged it by only putting one way tickets in the room until the person they wanted got in there and then they put the round trip one in…


Again zero reason to sneak into the house and replace an envelope. They could switch them in the DR at any time.

sunny dee

i think the fun of the round trip is that no one will have it, but there will be edge of the seat anticipation hoping hoping hoping, only to have the hopes dashed for evictee/ confirmed for HGs

it is more fun that way

i think they’ve done more than enough of the come back from eviction, with the battle back and this return trip lottery. i would like to see who actually has it tho.

vote michelle for coHOH team michelle 🙂


just after noon today Meech and Nic were talking about which ticket they had. Meech said #5 and Nicole said #12….BUT…The other night Corey and Nic were talking about Nic having ticket #9 and that DR told her that was the winning one. Probably DR was just messing with her but maybe she believes them and has swapped her ticket with Corey’s to keep him safe??? Would swapping be allowed?

Bolt Uprite

They just need that post-coital cigarette.


Why is Paulie still wearing that outfit & headband? Shower DB…you stink!!


He’s in distress. Hygiene is not his priority. Lol. Dirtbag.


I wish Zingbot could say to Nicole, “You look so cute in your costume, Nicole, still it probably would have looked better on Bridgette.”


Zingbot: Hey, nice outfit! Didn’t that belong to Bridgette?


Paul is winning this game. It’s a masterpiece.


Dang – can’t listen to it. It won’t play.


What there some feminine wipes in Americas care package that Nicole received?


I like Paul. He’s a goofy. He’s not serious about any of the over the top things he said. It was how he was able to put people at ease. Hgs thought he was funny and not in the least bit intimidating. Paulie on the other hand- you never know. He was spewing a whole bunch of venom. His face gets red and he wants to intimidate. He was proud of his, “Scorpio tongue.” Paul and Paulie are two different people.

Victors Underwear

good god its crowded in here.. damn victor that thing looks dangerous


Paulie’s main downfall has been arrogance and not responding correctly when caught. He beat his chest too much, throwing his wins in people’s faces and was very emotional and disrespectful when it was unnecessary. If he had been a little nicer and more humble, he could have squirmed his way out of this possibly.


Talking about James screwing them if they can convince Vic to put up Michelle…….Corey – I know.. want some wheat thins BRA. Pretty much sums up what he has brought to the table and why he is Paulie’s #1 to take to the end. He needs someone as dumb as his brother.


You can never underestimate the importance of fiber! Plus some of those wheat thins are great.

Corey wants Paulie's banana

I think wheat thins is code for sex.


I’m no huge Paulie fan but come on his comments don’t even come close to the meanest things that have been said in this house craziness…this years big brother have been all about everyone ganging up on the new “enemy” each week first it was Tiffany, then Frank, then Davonne and now there calling out Paulie it a bizarre season of hateful people!! This was nothing like last year was there even 2 fights last year!

Clueless Much?

Umm hello have you watched Paulies temper unfold on the live feeds? The way he verbally abused Z, all the misogynistic comments he has made towards Z Bridgette and Natalie? How he threatened physical violence and much much more.

Frank slapping Davonnes butt was totally taken out of context by her and Frank never acted like a tyrant like Paulie. It is sweet justice to see the most smug, rude, delusional person to ever play be put in his place. Bye Paulie

Skips mom

I hope Paulie showers and changes his clothes and washes his pee pee. I can’t help but notice he is scratching it a lot today.


I’m with Simon…..I admire Paulie for his fight. He was deflecting questions and accusations from that crowd like Wonder Woman deflecting bullets with her gold bracelets.
Even though everyone wants Paulie out, I want Corey to go. Paulie has no woman/showmance, no alliance and his game has been blown up. Removing Corey cripples both Paulie and Nicole; Nicole will scurry to Meech and Paulie is left out there all alone.
With the dynamics of the house about to shift again (watch out, James! The Sitting Ducks are coming!), it would be entertaining to see how the divide falls this time. Thinking James, Meech, Nat and Nicole vs Paulie, Paul and Victor.
So yeah, I want Paulie to win the Veto comp and see what happens next!

skeptical onlooker

Paulie says * I asked the boys permission to use the veto On Z..they said NO. Pfft.
I know BB is about lies and backstabbing…now add stupidity.
He has verbal diarrhea…and no question…loose lips sink ships. Derrick and Cody kept their final 2 a secret until the end. Not Paulie. He was too busy swaggering around and using his fave expression…* clip them* type thing.
Paulie’s biggest downfall? Telling the HOH to put up Z. That was to *show* the boys that they were his number 1.
Then..of course ( he NEVER intended Z to go home)..he back peddled so fast..to put up ANYONE and keep Z.
Red flags blowing HARD! Game undone. Of course..to Paulie..he thought he would look like the macho mastermind to Z..lulling the boys into thinking he was for them..it wasn’t a real showmance.
Err….Not so fast…ferret head. He now is hoist on his own petard. Wishful thinking is all he has left.He’s not even doing a good job fighting for his BB lie.
Really? He’s called out by Michelle about putting up James..and he comes up with * I was emotional*. Oh, Paulie…
The reason why Nic-CONE seems to be OK with a 5 guy alliance? That’s because she knew it was never going to happen. She knew it was her, Cory and paulie final 3. And thought she had a chance to win 2 out of 3..and take Cory. Or….that Cory would take her.
Paulie sobbing is just cringeworthy. It’s too opposite of the macho/clipthem/. Who is this guy?
Ineffectual..weak and a loser. Amongst other things.
The real Paulie doesn’t like women. The tampon display shows that. Pathetic. Real thing that.


A drought of incoming comments…Simon and Dawg may have passed out for a bit.


James is an ass!


With all of the attention being paid to Nat’s fake breasts,I found it very ironic when Z left the house to talk to Julie, her perfect round boobs were hoisted up front and center and they REALLY looked like she also has a boob job—but just kept quiet about it. (Why am I obsessing over other women’s breasts??!…Jeeez, this show gets me crazy and a little pathetic!). Anyway, just had to get that off my chest–haha, pun intended.


Simon, I am beginning to think that you really don’t care for Paulie much…. lol


Smh… all i know is Frank is having a great day. And wondering in the back of his mind, when will Paulie give up.


I have to admit that i thought we were in for another season of sheep but it looks like they just seem to know the right time to flip things. If Frank had stayed he might have made it all the way. They got him out at perfect time. Timing to turn on Paulie is perfect. Even if he stays he has no numbers and no minions. I am pleasantly surprised at the cast that is left. Finally, something interesting is happening.


oh Paulie. I had such high hopes for you at the beginning. I was rooting for you. But then you had to go and douche out. Him surviving this week would be unbelievable.