Paulie “My psychiatrist said I was basically playing with fire [coming in here]”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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7:10pm – 7:20pm Nicole and Corey head into the safari room. Nicole comments on Corey’s unitard is a “patriot-tard” Nicole says she wants to us the trip to go to hawaii. Corey asks what are you trying to take me on a honeymoon? What about Miami? Nicole gets mad that he wants to go somewhere to party and she wants to go some where to relax. She gets mad but calms down and they continue to talk about the vacation. They question whether Hawaii is part of the USA. (Really?!) With Nicole’s vacation its good for anywhere in the USA. Corey says I have a bad feeling I might go. Nicole says I don’t think Natalie or James would vote you out. Corey says everyone says don’t get in a showmance but I don’t think its hurt us. Corey says I want to go right after Vic. Nicole says don’t say that to anyone else until after Thursday. Nicole tells America please give Corey a care package! Nicole says he is threatened by you and me but not my James and Natalie. Corey says I know. Paulie joins them. Paulie says you think about life a lot in here .. I think about my family a lot and about my ex .. just the way it ended. (Big Brother blocks the feeds.) (They broke up because of all the attention after Cody was on his season.)

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7:30pm – 8pm Paulie says I know people’s character .. deep down I know Vic, Paul and James have good character. Do I believe those two girls (Nat and Michellet) have good character .. no. paulie says he’s had “dark times” in his life. Whether it was struggling to start my first business .. or wondering where the rent cheque was coming from because I was struggling to start my first business .. or breakups with an ex. I asked my psychiatrist if it would be good to come in here and he said I was basically playing with fire. So I basically lied about everything to get in here. I told everyone I’ve never gone to a psychiatrist because I knew I wouldn’t get on. Big Brother switches the feeds. When the feeds switch back – Paulie and Paul are talking. Paulie says for some reason they are believing her over me. I put my trust in the double eviction. They I went up … on top of all the ganging up. I am shocked that James was in on it. If there was a knife that hurt the deepest was his. Vic I am not mad at. If Z was still here coming after one of you guys I would tell her to holster it. I apologized in here to her (Nat) and then she came at me again. Paulie says I love this game and I love Vic .. that’s why I went to Vic and asked him to give me a chance to stay in here. I would rather people lie to me that I’m staying and I go out like that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-13 20-10-06-855

8:10pm – 8:35pm Paulie says the whole ganging up on me .. it wears on you. Paul says I know man, I can see it. You can’t see James without him hanging off Natalie.. so I can’t see him. Paulie tells Paulie he needs to just go sleep for a good 12 hours. Paulie says I just keep trying to close my eyes and get into that deep sleep but I can’t. Paul tells Paulie to ask for a sleeping pill or something. Paulie says They can but the thing is I panic when I take things like that because my body tries to fight it… Big Brother blocks the feeds. Paulie says I just hope Vic gives me the chance to campaign against someone else because I will not campaign against you (Corey). Corey says we got boned! Corey asks Paulie if he wants to crush some beers tonight? Paulie says I think its best to stay away from alcohol .. its kind of a depressant and I shouldn’t in this state.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-13 20-34-42-845

8:40pm Big Brother calls Corey to the diary room. (Its time for his Patriot-tard) Paul tells Paulie if you ever need to vent, I’m right here. Paulie says I just need my homies. This f**king sucks .. I want to tell you guys about everything but I’m tired of being ganged up on and everyone cross referencing everything. I’m not oging to throw you under the bus letting people know we were together. I wouldn’t let anyone know the three of us were together. Paul says likewise bro. I can honestly say I didn’t toss you under the bus to anyone. Paulie says I was close to Corey since the beginning. Paul says I know that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-13 21-34-07-773

9:35pm – 9:50pm Corey comes out of the diary room wearing his “Patriot-tart” costume. Hey everyone come check out my Patriot-tard! God bless America! He says he has to wear the eagle and sign on his hands at all times. If he is in the shower he has to keep one on and hold it outside the shower. Nicole asks are you kidding me?! James says that bird is everything! Nicole asks if his costume is on backwards.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-13 21-36-28-862

9:55pm Vic says so we’re happy! Mission accomplished. Vic hugs James and Nat. Oh man plan is in full swing. James says I don’t understand why he took the veto from Corey. Vic says he could have taken the vacation and no one would have taken it from him. He said he didn’t want to campaign against him. Nat says you didn’t have to backdoor either of them. You gave them a chance. Big Brother calls Paul to the diary room. (Its time for his costume) Paulie says I think she had feelings for me but at the end of the day I think she could have protected me more. She literally sat there in silence. She could have said I was a good guy. I feel like a damn fool because what happened before I came in there crushed the f**k out of me. And then this happened. The wiser part of me said lets see what happens outside of here.

10:15pm In the London bedroom – Natalie says I am gunning hard for the HOH. I don’t want to be put up as a pawn any more… if people are going to put me up, I want them to put me up for a reason. I’m ready to make big moves. 100 P’s. I’m tired of playing someone else’s game. I want to do something. I need to win a comp guys. James says you’ll win one. Nat congratulates Vic on his win.

They talk about how Paulie got a punishment too in the veto. He has to make a pie whenever a noise goes off for the rest of the summer. Paulie says he has to make pies for the rest of the summer. I’ll do one or something but then I’ll take a penalty vote.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-13 22-09-51-793

10:20pm Kitchen – Michelle, Natalie and Paulie talk about taking flights. Paulie says he flies a lot and its starting to get to him. Michelle tells him to ask his doctor for a xanax. Paulie says whenever he takes stuff like that it has an inverse reaction to it. Michelle tells him to take it with alcohol. Its not recommended but it works. When I went to Europe I did it and it helped.

10:40pm Natalie, James, Corey, Meech and Victor are talking in the kitchen. They talk about Paul’s security costume and what it might be like. Natalie says she thinks he’ll have to pat them down. He’ll get real inappropriate with the guys. James says I’m going to pack all sorts of things like knives.

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201 thoughts on “Paulie “My psychiatrist said I was basically playing with fire [coming in here]”

  1. Hello friends does anyone know why they are doing an episode Friday? Like everyone thinks it is a jury buy back =l if Paulie or zakiyah come back I will literally cry

    1. Vote Vic to get the next care package. He deserves to be safe and a reward for winning the veto this week. If Paulie comes back, ugh…

      1. I’m voting meech in case Paulie gets jury buy back or the ticket.

        If they don’t get him out with meech we will have vic and Paul to gun against him for hoh. Gives higher odds he will go to jury again. Vic for the last cp, because he does deserve one

    2. wow i really thought victor was just some dumb jock with no clue what the hell he was doing in there but he has proved himself this week and deserves praises for showing the house how to play to win unlike james who plays scared all the time.. the jury will reward victor with a big fat check and deservedly so unless the rest of house gets him out of there

      1. he’s a BB fan. knows the game, knows the comps.

        he should have been quieter about what kinds of comps he did with battle back tho, maybe let people still think he is jocky, not good at puzzles and stuff. i think he’ll do well in the morphing one, i could be wrong.

        i can’t quite figure out what nicole is talking about. she wanted corey to take the veto because she thinks james wouldn’t have taken it from him? seriously, ? of course james would have. not sure how it played out tho, got the impression that paulie might have taken it from corey, or corey took it first from paulie, who knows.

        1. Vic said he’s only watched one season. I think that’s why he was so clueless in the beginning of the game. But props to him for figuring it out pretty well at this point. And Natalie too has barely watched, props to her too.

      2. Props to Victor for following through on Paul’s plan and not Paulie’s. Lets be fair here and accept the fact that Victor was all set to nominate the girls and stick with Paulie. His mind was changed thanks to Paul. Victor won HOH but he is not the player who is responsible for getting Paulie and Corey on the block… that credit goes to Paul.

        1. hmm point taken.. but who knows perhaps victor was just playing possum and actually had no intention of blindly following paulies lead? hard to say really i mean this “new victor” came out of nowhere.. either way the jurys not exactly a brilliant group of scholars and likely wont be giving paul credit unless he CLEARLY spells it out for them and makes sure they know it was his idea.. of course thats if paul makes to the end that is :)

        2. 1. Credit to Victor for winning the comp and pulling the trigger.
          2. Credit to Paul for convincing Vic the time is NOW and there’s no going back to Paulie.
          3. Credit to Nat, Meech, & Bridge for blowing Paulie’s shit outta the water the last few days and getting this whole thing started.
          4. And you can even credit James for sticking by the girls on eviction night and ousting Z.

          It has been a joint effort by almost the whole house to bring this arrogant tyrant down….. and the tyrant doesn’t seem to be handling it too well. Dude obviously put far too much pressure on himself to restore the Calafiore name.

        3. It was a combined conspiracy – Nat, Mich, James and Paul. Yes, Paul convinced Vic. Where Vic gets credit is in standing up to Paulie, taking the blame, keeping everyone out of it. He had the best reason too–payback for his eviction. Vic stood up to him really well in the kitchen and didn’t do any rookie mistakes of saying anything he shouldn’t! I was amazed.

          I’m also amazed how their plan to rattle Paulie was so effective in getting him to show how much of an *ss he is so they were sure to do it.

      3. Of course it does wonders for your confidence and position in the game when you are HOH for two weeks in a row, punctuated only by Corey’s half hour HOH from the DE. You can really get things done.

    3. They better not have a buy back. If Paulie did lie about mental health he should be gone; after what he said that would put people in danger and even if he is just lying for the cameras the houseguest don’t know that and would feel more threaten now (meech and Natalie in particular). Paulie gotta go no games production. I don’t get the feeds anymore last year I did but was getting annoyed about things I saw so I stopped watching. I choose this site because when had the feed last year this blog/forum was the most honest and accurate. Thank you Dawg and Simon. Just wanted to put that out there.

      1. I cant believe how people jump on things they know nothing of. You assume he is not mentally fit to be in the house and that he will be a danger. There are more questions than have you ever seen a psychiatrist to prove that. He is definitely not a danger. He is more stable than some of the other houseguests. You spew out verbal diarria. Some of the houseguests actually believe the crap that comes out of their mouth. I really hope Paulie had the 2 Way Ticket! and Corey gets the Care Package. He made a mistake – he blew up and got angry. Are you telling me none of you have ever gone off the handle and said things you regret later. Heck you have gone off just on this chat.

        1. haha whoa man take it easy who are you even talking to?
          oh and btw without question paulie is a completely unstable mental case :)

        2. Exactly right. Everyone here is an almighty saint. Give me a break people, he got into a shouting match and said some nasty things. big deal. Now if he actually suffers from mental illness, I wonder how many of you will change your tune? Or will you demonize him regardless because of his bravado that makes you uncomfortable.

          1. oh jimmy just relax take the dip out your lip put down the tall boy and for gods sakes change that dirty wife beater.. why you would even attempt to defend a childish self centered arrogant pos like paulie boggles the mind.. go back to watching duck dynasty and leave the bb commentary to the pros :)

          2. The whole point of these social media boards for a reality show is to watch the show and make observations and comments. For the players, it is all part of the game (or should be). You cant take any of it as a personal attack or if you do this medium might not be for you. It’s a game.

        3. No No No! It has nothing to do with mental health but everything to do with his game play that was too hard, too fast, and how it all caught up with him.

          1. Yea sorry eek.. it was me who made th post.
            I got some computer problems and it actually put your name in rather than leave a reply to..

      2. I don’t understand why would the HGs would be in danger if Paulie has mental issues? I suffer from anxiety and I’m sorry mental health issues are not always related to violence.
        Paulie is a manipulating violent misogynistic guy. His problems are not his mental health. It’s poor education towards women and fellow human beings.

        1. With the weird way he is acting now and all the angry things he said against the girls(calling on his brother, friends, cousins, sister to get them) after Z left I would definitely not want to be in the jury house with him especially if I was Bridgette. He still rants about Bridgette every time her name is mentioned.

        2. His douchey-ness definitely has nothing to do with mental health issues he may or may not have. He’s just not a nice person. And if he does have some kind of mental illness, it shouldn’t keep him or anyone else from playing the game. So I hope BB isn’t automatically screening people out for answering yes to that question.

      3. I thought the same thing that MF is crazy as all outdoors! They need to send him packing like right now. He talks like he has lost it and he really hates and disrespects women. I would have to sleep in a locked room with some type of weapon under my pillow with him in the house.

    4. It’s a Special Episode to deal with the aftermath of Paulie’s eviction. He’s not only going down in flames, but he’ll be going OUT in flames too. The SORE LOSER is just going total cray-cray! Mental issues, anger issues, complete instability! He just can’t stop with his misogynistic attitude…believes everything the boys say, nothing the girls say; everything is a girl’s fault. Let him walk out of jury, who cares? He’s a coward and afraid to face MaxZ and Bridge. The minute he gets back into the REAL world is when his behavior is really going to hurt him!!

    5. Im really looking forward to big meech and paulie clashes on the sunday and wednesday episodes and the crew of 5 calling out paulie which will be the wednesday episode

      i like pauls plan – sounds like he wants a final 3 with vic and meech, and would probably take her final 2

      meech calling out paulie in her veto speech as running the house and a comp threat, getting so many on her side and convincing them especially james to risk their own games to keep her and then going head to head with paulie in the mind games has clearly rattled him, and deep down he respects she got the better of him and blew up his game…he cant believe james, vic and paul turned on paulie and corey to side with meech and nat

      its awesome meech called out paulie and nicole in her speech and they still kept her

      if there is a buy back i hope its da, and i hope meech gets co hoh so she can put up nicole or corey

      1. I think meech could potentially beat them in a mental comp. and she knows the game better than all of them. I was surprised that paul didn’t want to take Nat instead. No offense to Natalie, but I think meech is more of a threat in F2 or F3.

  2. As for the Zings, Corey got one about how he can’t sweep Nicole off her feet because Hayden already did. James’ was about his height. Paul’s was about how he has a bunch of catchphrases (“Your boy,” “Friendship,” “Pissed”), but Zingbot has one more for him: Shut the eff up!

    1. Those zings actually really suck..the only decent one is Pauls & it’s b/c it’s true and it’s what EVERYONE is thinking.

      1. Zingbot:
        Hey Paaaaulllieee. You must be real surprised to find yourself up on the block this week considering you were in a showmance and running this house up til now. But Paaaulllieeeee, the real surprise will be here in about 9 months. ZZZIINNNGGGGG!

    2. Zingbot should of Slapped Paulie across the face and said “Snap out of it ya big cry baby!” Grow up and stop the sulking

    1. i think paulie is completely imploding at the mere thought of heading to the jury house and having to spend a week alone with zakiyah.. the guy is clearly unstable and shes gonna be like oh my god baby im in love with you im so happy now we can “bone” for a straight week with no interruptions whatsoever dont worry you dont need a condom i hope i get pregnant lets just lay in bed staring into each others eyes not a worry in the world no fear no distractions i mean who even cares about the money as long as we have each other.. lol can you imagine the tailspin thats gonna send poor broken paulie into

    1. Paulie is starting to be real creepy now. this guy is on some Norman Bates of BB on the live feeds. I don’t even think the HG’s should fear him trying to flip the house, they should fear that he may just flip out on himself. he may go straight to the looney house than the jury house if he gets evicted Thursday.

      1. agreed the guy seems seriously unstable and hes spiraling down the rabbit hole quickly.. classic sociopathic behavior lies constantly whether hes in control or completely out of control and always only thinks about himself

        1. I think all signs point to Narcissistic personality disorder. As much as his behavior pisses me off, I feel quite badly for him. I think he’s really going to struggle hardcore when this is over.

        2. EVERYTHING YOU ALL just said about Paulie…. You sound the same exact way.
          Make your appointments to get checked out.

      2. Paulie crossed the creepy threshold with that bathroom panty liner work of art. Seriously stalkerish. The lack of rational thought in terms of how that will look to feeders, is on a psychotic level.

        1. By the way…what was he trying to spell out anyway. I couldn’t figure it out and if was posted somewhere I missed it. Thanks.

          1. There was a sticker on the door that said “Tampons are not toys,” and Paulie spelled out “Neither are pad(s),” but BB told him to stop before he could finish. I don’t know who’s responsible for the sticker.

      1. I agree Min. Also from what I’ve seen (on Twitter, so take it w a grain of salt) his gf broke up with him because he cheeted multiple times. Maybe that wouldn’t have happened if Cody hadn’t got “famous’, maybe it would’ve. Or maybe he’s just a giant dick.

        1. Forgive me Fuzzy but it is 2:15 a.m. my location and the usual tropical breezes are not blowing tonight so my mind is playing tricks. Heck, I just finished dipping 4 crackers in a dish of cream cheese and proceeded to use as me mouse. Can you clarify your statement about Paulie. We know he likes to set goats on fire but was he actually getting his bit on the side from cheetahs and the ex was offended or was he actually cheating?

  3. So anyone must follow the game’s rules but Paulie. Sayin he probably would not stay in jury if he gets voted out. He’s banking on RT ticket to stay in the game or a jury buyback… otherwise he’ll leave the game

    I cant believe this guy, he’s so arrogant and entitled. To think initially he was my favorite… what a disappointment!

    1. up until he started showing his rabid hatred for women and actually started spewing it out to the actual women in the house, i was right with you, i figured he deserved the win, because he was doing the winning things. Then he completely showed his real self behind the facade of civility.

      sure it was kind of ‘bromancing’ cringe worthy but not unexpected a guy would say bros before you know the code, and he was not so overtly rude about it. and the other guys would say yeah, chest bump, bros. then he was escalating, and guys (except corey) were starting to go, well hold on there, a little bit. and instead of bro code chest bumping, sometimes i got the impression James would say, yeah, lets go, simply because he was wary of setting the guy OFF.

      anyway, kind of think that if there is a conspiracy by production to switch his envelopes to make sure he HAD a return trip, that his recent behaviour and admission of lying on the app;lication might be enough for them to say, uh, well, maybe not, hey, how about that Vic, right, comp beast there. cameras focus on vics salsa dancing and squeaky clean HOH room, :)

      and walk out of the jury house? yeah, maybe, it wouldn’t be the first time someone left before tho usually pulled out by production. america can be the other vote, canada does it all the time, not the end of the world

    1. He is literally saying he lied on BB applications about his psych history … is he trying to get kicked off the show ? I can’t believe they haven’t already given him the hook. I would not want to be locked in a house with this kid. Where is his support system? This is sad on a personal basis. No wonder he is not self aware …. or is this BB smoke and mirrors.

    2. He should be sent home just for saying that. He just admitted to lying about his mental stability to get on the show. That coupled with his recent behaviour..if he did something crazy & someone got if they would even take that chance knowing what he said was out there for everyone to hear. I hought he would be given the round trip but now I don’t think so at all. Yes, I know he picked a card but I don’t think for a second that production have a hand in who gets it.

      1. I wanted to believe that Production couldn’t manipulate the cards. But then the feed showed Paulie reaching into a drawer where his ticket was, shook it and then put it back. So if Production wants to change the cards, they just lockdown in Back yard, or HOH Room, and come in and switch the cards!

    3. Come on … Paulie is nothing more than a martyr!!! He wasn’t diagnosed with a terminal illness! It’s not the end of the world! He lost a damn game. Get over it and get off the pity pot ya big tittle baby! He clearly has been pampered and coddled his whole life. Next he will be sucking his thumb in the fetal position

      1. maybe we get to see him as the ghost of Audrey with the sunglasses , blanket wandering around aimlessly and mumbling softly , pp , friendship , Z , cody and derrick cody and derrick clip clip clip

  4. Paulie is saying he will leave jury house if he doesn’t have rt and there is not jury buy back. The feeds keep cutting out. I would think that would be against the rules to make a threat like that and maybe he will get kicked out before eviction. What a spoiled, entitled brat he is. You signed a contract, PLAY THE GAME

    1. It is a privilege for the houseguests to play big brother. I would assume millions and millions of people try to apply to the show. Now you got Paulie, sulking and is ready for anti depressants. If I got a few days left in the house, I would try to enjoy and live the experience.

      I hate to admit it but at least Big Meech is playing the game and is enjoying it.

  5. I had just posted on the previous thread about his lying about no psychiatric care on his forms. I honestly think he would rather forfeit everything and go home empty handed than go to Jury. If he lied on his forms, that could nullify his contract. I’d laugh hysterically if he left and then it’s revealed he had the RT
    Clinical claustrophobia my ass.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, there’s a contractual agreement that would be void if he lied, so why should he even be ELIGIBLE to receive the Jury Buy Back, the Return Ticket, or the $500K? How is that fair to the other house guests who have played the game by the rules, or the people he gladly helped send out the door? What about their crushed dreams and their feelings? I find it suspect that he’s got a medical reason to not go to the jury house unless “Spineless” falls under mental health issues. All this talk about honor, loyalty, athletes, and level headed strategy, is a load of crap. He’s making a bigger fool out of himself by the minute.

  6. Good grief are you kidding me he lied to get on Big Brither about his mental stability to get on the show? Why is he not kicked off the show???

    1. Well, having seen a psychiatrist wouldn’t have immediately disqualified him from being selected for the cast. It would have just resulted in further questioning of him to determine his mental stability. It doesn’t appear that he is “faking” his delusional behavior right now. It could also explain why his personal grooming has changed. This is becoming disturbing to see. He needs help.

      1. I honestly don’t think Paulie has a psychiatric disorder (except for maybe narcissism). Honestly he just comes across a sore loser trying to play the pity card.

    2. Or maybe Paulie is pretending to be unstable for strategy…to one up Dans funeral….hahaaaaa just kidding but he is one disturbed spoiled child.

  7. There you have it…………Paulie’s confirmed he has mental issues. Not that we didn’t already pick up on that but it’s confirmed. And the Dr was right…playing with fire. Lied to get on the show. Why am I not surprised???

    Voting for Michele for ACP. She will keep her 4 safe & put up Nicory.

    Think those 5….Vic, paul, michele, nat & james….really shook up the game & deserve to be in final five.

    1. He said he’s had “dark” points in his life. I’m thinking something crazy happened to him. Then he says he struggled to pay his rent, been there, done that, so have the majority of people at some point in their lives. I wouldn’t consider that “dark” it’s a part of life especially when you’re younger.

      And his gf turned down his proposal because he cheated on her several times? I mean what did he expect? Again, that’s not dark lol. That’s common sense.

  8. How can you tell production had a talk with Paulie about how he’s being perceived? All the sudden he just has to tell his sob stories to the world..which btw are absolutely ridiculous. All this is plus saying he will leave the jury house b/c he’s claustrophobic (really?? Your locked in a house right now u douche) and all this I won’t campaign bullshit..pull Corey down..screw you Paulie! He’s trying to manipulate Nicole & Corey now to take the bullet for him. Not going to work..although with dumb & dumber you never know

  9. So Paulie is claustrophobic, can’t sleep alone, not as successful at business as he claimed, and lied to get on the show. His kissing daddy should have kept him from doing the show. We basically saw him have a breakdown. Now he exhibits dissociative behavior with his not being to recognize his own behavior as causative to this situation in which he finds himself. He looks to blame others. BB needs to get a shrink in there to make sure he doesn’t go even further off the deep end. This is not a well individual.

    1. I’m not buyin what he’s selling. I think it’s all an act to get attention. He thrives on being the center of attention. Now that he didn’t get his way he’s seeking sympathy. As for being locked in the BB house verses a Mansion with a ginormous yard open rooms your own bathroom and gym…give me a break. All an act.

  10. pulie should go home in let davon bridget an zachery jury back to see who come back
    its time for him to go to rest his mind form the game

  11. You can’t make this sh!te up – this has to be the best headliner on OBB

    Paulie: “I asked my psychiatrist if it would be good to come in here and he said I was basically playing with fire. So I basically lied about everything to get in here”.

    He does not want to go to the jury, suffers from extreme claustrophobia. I think he would suffer the lack of Camera time. He continues to discount his overplay, it is everyone else’s fault, they should be playing his game, they should holster in his girl.

    1. No claustrophobia when he was sleeping with Z and having sex in the bumper cars. This is a narcissist that isn’t getting his way so is trying to deflect.

  12. Of all the Paulie personalities that we’ve been exposed to over the last few days, I gotta say, “Introspective Paulie” might be my new favorite.

  13. I honestly believe for Paulie’s mental stability he needs to leave. His problems apparently go much deeper than any of us can even imagine, and by lying about his mental stability an for his own well being Grodner an BB need to send him home..

  14. Um yup paulie your shrink said no. Shocker!! Sounds like a smart psychiatrist. Paulie should give Z his business card as she obviously thinks she has no self worth.

  15. I can’t tell if Paulie thinks talking about a shrink makes him seem like an underdog, because he thinks underdogs catch a break. But it’s either another lie or he’s just stupid. And it shows just how desperate he is, that he’d rather leave under the guise of a psychiatric condition than go to jury and finish the game out. He’s a loser.

  16. Can’t wait till everyone does the same thing to vic too funny how the floaters and never winners finally will band together! Please Natalie shut up, no one cares about your feelings u r only here because no one thinks u can win anything not James!

  17. Paulie being on the block this week is like an endurance comp unto itself. Paul & co. deserve medals for this shit.

    He’s afraid of Jury house because it’s full of all that scary feminism type thing. And complaining about being treated unfairly?? Did he forget that he wanted to “emotionally break” Tiffany just a couple of weeks ago? Gtfo

    1. , he wanted to do it to michelle before some comp, can’t remember which, and then by some lucky accident she ‘blew up’ his game, and he couldn’t do that. i think he said it about someone else as well, prior to veto or hoh. Poor sport that guy.

      it would be cool if michelle and vic were f2, both fans of the show and making it to the end despite being on the outs with many others.

  18. Just one word from a Jersey guy to a Jersey sexist boy, BYE…. Thanks for making the entire state of Jersey look bad….

  19. If he is lying about having mental issues than he really is sick in the head! Mental illness is nothing to joke about ever. If lying he is sick sick sick, an if BB told him to lie then CBS an Grodner are just as sick!!!!!

    1. I believe he lied about lying. How messed up is that? Not saying he isn’t a screwball, but I can tell you he wouldn’t have lasted this long in a confined space, no matter how big it is, if he has major claustrophobic issues. Because no matter how large the house and yard are, he can’t leave. He should have never come.

      1. He wasn’t claustrophobic until he got such a swelled head and ego. Now there’s no room for anything else in that house.

        1. Didn’t Jeff Sch. say something similar to someone during the Big Brother jury his season? I remember he was cutting people to the quick, very witty and appropriate.

          I doubt very seriously that Paulie has been formally diagnosed with any particular phobia or any other personality disorder, even if he is seeing a psychiatrist/psychologist. There is a way people with serious medical conditions talk about their condition, and it ain’t THAT. It is not something you pull out “strategically”!!

          On the other hand, lying IS strategy. He could be lying about lying, or maybe he is being truthful about having lied, but not being truthful about what he lied about. There are all kinds of possibilities. Maybe he was seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist, revealed it on his application, and BB totally vetted him before hand and so no reason to pull him from the game. Or… Maybe he wasn’t seeing a DR., he didn’t say he was on his app, and BB has been able to verify that somehow, … again totally vetted and not getting pulled.

          Even those watching the feeds don’t know everything. Without perfect information, I’ll just abide by knowing I don’t like Paulie and hope they vote him out. I’m watching the game, not running the game.

          Thank you Min O’pause for your comment.

  20. Explains a lot why Paulie flew off the rails. CBS seems really loosey goosey when it comes to screening and mental health of HGs picked to play.

    Paulie blew up his game with very little help from Nat and Meech and he’s fixated on James? That’s unbalanced and very skewed reality. Paulie still doesn’t seem to get that his game is done and he’s exposed.

    Hope his ticket is a one way. He needs to relax , get some meds and counselling.

    never cared … friendship …. will now forever follow him

  21. Paulie has laughed – both behind their backs and right to the faces – of the others when they were stressed out because they were about to be evicted. So quick to turn the knife and to make fun of them. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it Paulie?!

    1. I am not a psychiatrist and I don’t play one on t.v. either. But all you people focusing on the fact Paulie has seen a psychiatrist and lied about it to BB now want to turn him into Ted Bundy or serial liar Hillary Clinton. Leave the medical & emotional analysis to the experts. I want to see Pauline evicted like most people. Maybe he wants to hook up with Corey after the show and he is learning how to deal with it.
      Trump 2016 because he is just short of being corrupt as Hillary!

  22. It’s interesting to see how players like Meech, Vic and Paul went from being hated to cheered on.

    But at the same time, it’s important to realize, they had to go with the majority to stay alive.

    For example; Paul was on the outs. As soon as Jozea and Vic got evicted, he was completely alone. But, he did what he could and rose to the top. Best way to do accomplish that was to team up with Paulie. Although it portrayed him as a douchebag, he was able to use the time to mend relationships and improve his overall position in the game.

    He’s come a long way.

    So as Vic. Except besides winning competitions, there’s not much else he’s good at. He doesn’t understand strategy, and is easily pursued. That being said, he does seem like a genuinely nice guy.

  23. Anyone know what ZING was said to Natalie and James….?

    Once again thx Dawg and Simon, best BB Capsules in the world…

    1. Thanks Bohratom! They didn’t really confirm what Nat and James zings were. James was something about whether Natalie’s parents would like him.

  24. Paulie says the whole ganging up on me .. it wears on you

    I think Paulie was encouraging others not talk toTiffany make her last days difficult in the house. He sure had a lot of things to say to Frank to his face and around his back. He has put all their names out for possible nominations with the exception of Corey (may have missed him on that one) and he claims he is the big Bro Code guy his word is truth.

  25. dawg big brother should send pulie home not to jury he said he lie on the froum he should go home to get help
    this game is not for him nomore nomatter if you going for him or not he should go home not jury in my opinoin

    1. I don’t believe anything Paulie says .. he said he’s going through some dark times in his life and when he said what those were he stated when trying to start a business and breaking up with an ex. That’s considered a dark time in your life?! That’s nothing compared to what some people go through in their lives.

      1. I thought the same when he said that! Dark times by starting a business, breaking with an ex… I was like “keep going, now give us some real serious dark stuff…” spoiled brat!

        By the way, HUGE thanks to you and Simon, this site is the best BB site out there, u guys really are amazing in keeping us updated, specially us Canadians with no live feeds access!

        1. Thank you for saying that. We’re glad you love our site. :)
          With an Amex prepaid card and a VPN you can watch the feeds too … that’s how simon and I do it.

  26. That whole “my ex and I broke up because she couldn’t handle the fame that my family got from Cody being on BB” sounds like a load of crap to me.

      1. on twitter the woman in question said it wasn’t the fame, it was the actual five infidelities that went along with his famewhoring that caused the breakup. A little different than his version of events… but with Paulie when isn’t it a different version.

  27. Don’t want to be in the Jury house?
    …shouldn’t have lied about your mental stability and you wouldn’t have that dilemma

  28. SORRY NOT SORRY – Paulie made his bed now he has to lie in it !!!!
    He has been tongue whipping everyone in the house that he wants out every week and to numerous people. Now that the shoe is on the other foot HE CAN’T HANDLE IT. Plain and simple. He may have had it hard in real life, but you can’t tell me that James or Da that have children to support don’t have it just as hard. PAULINE lives at home BOO F*ckin HOO. Grow some balls PAULINA. Every one in this world has a sad story at some time in their life.
    He lied about getting on the show ? Yet another reason you can’t trust a single thing that comes out of his mouth.
    You can’t play the sympathy card while continuing to throw the girls names like Nat and MEECH or even your Boy James under the bus. Saying stuff, Like “I squashed stuffed with them”, but then the next sentence ” well please take Corey down” – Well who would replace Corey, Dick for brains ?? He really is a Moron, or it is because of lack of sleep?! At any rate I do believe Michelle did what she said she was going to do – She blew Paulina to pieces in one night and Humpty Dumpty Had a great fall !!!! – THE END

    1. Does Paulie-Anna not realize everyone in the house can go home and read and watch what he said and did. Curious how he will spin his stories. The devil made me do it? Lol

  29. I guess I’m glad to hear at least he’s getting some help in the outside world. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, and unfortunately over the last couple of days we’ve seen what happens when a patient doesn’t take the advice of their physician. I hope for him that he gets well in the future. The fallout from his disastrous implosion will be very difficult for him when he leaves the house. I don’t like the things Paulie’s been saying or the way he’s been acting, but at least it seems like he’s been taking proactive measures to deal with these issues prior to coming into the house. Shame he didn’t take his shrink’s advice…

  30. Paulie: ” I asked my psychiatrist if it would be good to come in here and he said I was basically playing with fire. So I basically lied about everything to get in here”

    Wow…this statement really provides a lot of insight into Paulie..He wasn’t deemed mentally stable enough to participate in Big Brother, but through deception, he managed to slither his way into the game. His ego wouldn’t allow him to reveal this information until the moment he felt defeated..He also stated that he would not stay in jury if there was no chance of returning to the game…

    Normally, lying, making false promises, and changing the rules to suit your ego are usually antics we see in Big Brother. However Paulie keeps preaching about honor and loyalty.. quite a contradiction.

    They should just let him go home, but as many negative comments as he’s made about women in his hometown, I don’t think the State of New Jersey is going to be too welcoming.

  31. I really hope Paulie does not have “round trip ticket”…. If he does, I hope they put him right back up and out of the house…..

    I’m voting for Michelle to get America Care Package….. I’m hoping James wins HOH

  32. Maybe Paulie would have done better if it was the same cast as his brother’s. I thought that was the worst season ever. Thank god for nat and paul otherwise. Paulie’s real plan was to get rid of Vic than have Cory and Paul believe he was their ride or die. Going with whoever won. His first target with the guys was James. Just watched bb after dark and he is saying some stupid shit. Loyal, Derrick, Cody. Really???

  33. I remember Elissa saying she was not going to the jury house as well. She insisted on being put up in a hotel because she did not want to be around others in the jury house.

  34. Is this another ploy to get sympathy get Vic to take Corey down (so he can get 2 votes – otherwise he has 0) ? Is he trying to deal with the possible SHAME of loosing the show? Michelle blew up his game, Natalie called him out. Very hard to lose when you brag you were coached by the best. Maybe he wants to break rules, divulge private contract information to get kicked off to save face. He could spin that he did not loose he was kicked off for production reasons.

  35. Omg I can’t believe the stuff Paulie is saying …no i feel really bad for being happy that he’s leaving and that he’s getting called on his crap butt I don’t want anybody to really lose their mind ..I mean it’s just a game …like hearing Michelle go on about her looks and how horrible she is …that’s just not fun like it’s not entertaining OMG …..

  36. So, Paulie doesn’t like the whole ganging up aspect? He loved it when it was Tiffany. He enjoyed it when it was Frank, despite what he says now. Every time someone else was isolated and he could get information from them or use them to help set up the next target, he was quite happy.
    He’s basically playing the victim for edit: hoping the show will not show his behavior in episodes (which thus far they really haven’t, he’s been getting a very golden edit) and make him look pitiable.
    He wasn’t sympathetic when it was anyone else crying, he relished in it. He loved nothing more than kicking others when they were down (behind their backs).
    If it’s strategy to look weak so that they ditch Corey without him actually campaigning against Corey, he’s still a douche. But it’s a game move.
    If it’s real he’s admitted to lying on his application, so toss him out.
    Imo, reality has hit him that he isn’t in control and won’t be viewed as the greatest player of all time, so his ego is bruised. He’s aware that the statements made in the double eviction episode will need some on air clarification and he’s in damage control mode about his image being shown without a golden edit with his mask statements and now his psychiatric health. More crap.

    1. Big Brother has a therapist that can be called into the diary room for assessment and consultation. If this were anything more than more b.s., that would be happening.
      A claustrophobe would not choose to hide under a mattress for a prolonged period during a game of hide and seek. That wouldn’t happen.

    2. No, we just don’t believe everything we hear. We’re not gullible.
      This IS a game about lying and strategy is it not?

  37. Paulie is LYING! He’s making up that stuff about the psychiatrist & acting all mentally unstable now. Why? Because he already said he didn’t want to go to jury house. He thinks it looks better to be “dismissed by CBS” than evicted by the others. He’s still trying to control it. He can’t stand to lose or fail. Now he’s trying to play CBS. Don’t you people know anything about narcissism? He’s making all that shit up to be the victim.

    1. Totally agree. With a narcissist of his caliber I’m sure he’s thinking it would be “beneath him” to go to jury with all the “little people”. I’m loving watching him get knocked down a few notches. I’m sure his family must be so proud….not. And throwing Derrick and Cody’s name/game out all the time, clearly coached but his ego is bigger than Derrick AND Cody’s combined. Douche doesn’t quite cover it for me. Soooooo glad to see him go and praying he doesn’t come back.

    2. Some traits of a narcissist for sure. He was impressive at first, handling himself and playing a stellar game. He got on the power train and couldn’t get off. He shouldn’t have won so often.

      That he had a speech ready for Meech and he wasn’t even HOH was beyond me! Like he thought the others were preschoolers and he had to tell them what to do and say? He was so programmed in his head that when his plan failed, he exploded.

      He has totally done everything he says he is not and says he doesn’t agree with. Like don’t ruin his reputation but then blurts out he boned Z 5-6 times. Whose ruining whose reputation there?

      He thinks he should have respect for being Cody’s brother and knowing Derrick, but he needs to know that some see connections like that as a threat. In his case, a disadvantage even. I think he wanted to outdo his bro and actually take home the full money and I thought he was on his way to doing that until a couple weeks ago when he got too bossy.

      That he’s still on the feminist rant not wanting to be in jury with Bridg is odd. There is some anti-woman thing in his brain he’d better get to the bottom of.

  38. Holy sheepshit. Dawg you just simply cannot be serious.
    Nicole and Corey wondering if Hawaii is part of the US.
    I just raced to the bottom to comment on this. Please tell
    me you were joking.

      1. Honestly, bro. Hawaii’s only been a state honestly for like 60 years…honestly. So honestly, dude, I can honestly see the confusion.

  39. First as someone from Jersey I am so glad that Paulie is going home as he just gave the entire state a bad name….

    Ironic that I just loved how Nicole wanted Hawaii for the romantic trip and Corey wanted Miami to Party. Sums up their relationship nicely

  40. Chris, I’m with you 100000%. I called it a long time ago. Paulie has a narcissistic personality type. They have a grandiose image of themselves, they can’t take critisism, they try to control everything, and they are sore losers when things don’t go their way. NARCISSISM at its best.

    1. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

  41. Once Paulie admitted his mental state they should have called him to the DR and dismiss him from the BB house and jury. He just basically evicted himself. Just because he havent physical hurt anyone, he lied on his application, so its void. Unless he’s lying about it for sympathy votes. He did say he would do anything for this game. Are we actually seeing him have a mental breakdown on TV? I bet if he have the RT, his demeanor will change. Paulie is as fake as Natalie’s boobs.

  42. Here is the worst case scenario. Paulie has the RT and gets back in. He wins the HOH and nominates one person. Meech/Victor get their care package and nominate Corey. Nicole wins the POV and removes Corey. Meech/Victor have no choice but to nominate one of their own. Paulie and Corey then run the table on all the remaining HOH’s & POV’s. It is a long shot, but it is possible. Let’s not get too happy too soon.

  43. Paulie is ridiculous. He’s also a terrible actor. Really? This is what he comes up with. He’s throwing sh!t on the wall to see what sticks. PITIFUL and LAUGHABLE. He’s such a hypocrite.
    I wonder what he’s going to come up with next. He has an incurable disease? A brain tumor? He was dropped on his head as a baby?

  44. OMFG!!!! First Paulie is acting like he’s Cody and Derrick 2.0, now he’s saying he lied about seeing a psychiatrist and lying on his application, so now he is playing Dan Gheesling’s game of woe is me, I’m dead, plan my funeral…GTFO!!! No one is gonna believe your lies and manipulation so because Paul WILL remind everyone what a manipulative, woman hating, narcissist, entitled POS he really is!!!! And now he’s acting like a whining baby that doesn’t want to go to jury because of the feminist, strong black woman, and the lovelorn will be all over him like white on rice? You know what? Take your ass home and I hope Cody and Derrick bitch slap you for making them look bad!!!!

  45. So I was thinking that this Thursday is the last time the tickets can be used. Imagine right after the veto ceremony and the nominees are locked, Big Meech pulls out her ticket and opens it and pulls out the round trip…looks at Paulie and makes a pouty face and shrugs. Self eviction or assault?

  46. Paulie is a narcissist. Explains the attraction between Paulie and Z. She is empathetic towards him, forgives him everything, puts him on a pedestal, low self esteem, vulnerable, easily controlled “programmed”. These traits attract a narcissist. She is exactly his type…she has her own issues but I don’t have the time.

  47. Goooo Meeech. Kick Paulie in the balls when he is down. We will vote you winner of BB18! Nah, just kidding, but I am not sure about which part.

  48. I’m far from being Paulie’s fan, but we all have some form a mental issues in order to deal with today’s society. Taking selfies is not normal, (narcissistic), sharing personal information and photos while calling someone a friend on a social media sight, whom we have never met is not normal. Believing a sex tape/porn star is to be idolized and a role model is not normal (kim Kardashian).We all display some form of a sociopath tendency or OCD. Suffering from depression after a death in a family/war vets post traumatic stress is a mental issue. Just because someone seeked medical help for mental concerns doesn’t make them crazy. If Paulie starts talking to a imaginary friend or hiding bodies in the fridge than we have a problem. Don’t judge him on his psych, if anything he was smart and strong enough to seek help. I know I have mental issues, i’m watching big brother!!!!!

    1. I seem to remember a few posts ago Paulie sitting in a room (by himself) talking out loud to (imaginary friend?) himself. It was definitely NOT to the live feeders… he was blank staring it directly in front of him… Do we worry now? Hmmmmmm

  49. They let Paulie in the house and they had no idea he was seeing a psychiatrist and for what…..That must make the other house guests feel comfortable. That explains that weird ass meltdown in the Hoh……..I thought he could possibly try to hurt one of the girls…….of course he wouldn’t have the sack to fight a male!

  50. i doubt he has any sort of “disorder”.. who hasnt become depressed when their relationships ended.. who wouldnt become depressed when a business is failing.. these are simply real world problems.. his family has money so he goes to a shrink.. most people of limited means would not see a shrink for those sorts of things.. shrinks are counterproductive in some cases as they force you to talk about stuff.. then you talk and stress.. talk and stress… in some cases depression becomes a self fulfilling prophecy… he’s down because his game got blown up and he cant figure out a way to save it… because there is no way to save it… the sooner he comes to that realization this depression will melt away… then everyone will accuse him of being manic depressive.. lets hope for the sake of his life outside the house that he comes to terms and goes out with a little dignity.

  51. “It’s best I don’t have any beers” good then douche don’t have any and more for us! Waa Waa I saw someone and talked to some one. You know, even more reason to get rid of your ass! Fucking cry baby.

  52. honestly. Vic and Nat would be cute together. They really have good hearts and have bubbly personalities. Wish that would have worked. Love Nat and always did like Vic. Just frustrated me at first with him not getting the game at all. Loved how Vic told Nat when she tried to ask him to let her win just one HOH. And he said. No. You go out there and win it. You can. You don’t want anyone handing you something. It’s not the same. That whole convo I just loved.

  53. When in doubt, tell a good story and win their hearts. If they don’t believe the story, lie. Lessons in debate club. All of a sudden he has a sob story.

  54. When he gets to Jury, he can’t even LIE! They arrive with a DVD of their eviction show and I can’t wait for Day, Z and Bridge to see Paulie’s blowup and breakdown!!

  55. Paul’s suit is cute. i like this punishment, and he’s taking it like a champ, as is Corey.

    Paulie however, making pies says he’ll do one, then he won’t do any more (curious about how long it takes to make a pie, why that’s a punishment, silly task). and take the penalty votes? yet he also begs vic to use the veto so he can campaign hard? with a couple of penalty votes canceling out corey/nicole? risky. not to mention

    funny how upset michelle was after her speeches, and how much it changed things for everyone, and her. before she was going to be out before Zingbot, now she has a shot of being included in a F3 with the boys lol

  56. Paulie is the most distasteful person to play this game since Aaryn Gries. His conduct and treatment of other houseguests, especially the female ones, has been appalling. But I would appreciate it if people could not jump to conclusions about mental illness which should not be automatically linked to violence. First of all, I don’t believe a word that comes out of Paulie’s mouth anymore and anything he says now should be viewed as desperate attempts to gain sympathy, throw blame on others or keep up the ridiculous grandstanding because he has nothing else in his repertoire. Most of his behaviour is indicative of weak or non-existent character. I wouldn’t insult people who struggle with mental illness by likening them to this spoiled, selfish turd.

    1. He does seem to have ‘anger management’ issues. It was like he was learning a new way of dealing with stuff int he beginning, but then defaulted to old ways. I’m appalled at statements where he says his sisters would beat the girls up (really? He believe’s physical violence amongst femaies is okay?), references to what he’d do to dudes, wishes there was a punching bag in there…numerous references to physical aggression IMO. To much of the world that is not normal. It’s like gang violence. He’s also verbally abusive. I’d be afraid to be married to him.

  57. Does anyone recall the reaction of Cody’s father when Cody lost the 1/2 mil? I do not know what type of person he is but wonder if all their lives Cody and Paulie have been told 2nd place is for losers. Just wondering………………….

    1. I think that has a lot to do with Paulies reaction to everything in this last week. Not necessarily his dad, because I don’t know his dad to say, but just the fact that Cody made it to final 2. He feels like he has to live up to that expectation.

      That’s exactly what paulie kept saying about Tiffany. That she was going to try to live up to Van. But considering how Tiffany took her eviction compared to paulie, I would say paulie was projecting with regards to Tiffany. Her attitude was I hope my sister is still proud of me and paulie is going into full meltdown mode because he didn’t get as far as his brother.

  58. I miss the days of pp talk I can’t stand listening to these conversations of misinformation. Paul fucked Paulie end of conversation not nicole not Natalie not Victor not Michelle not James . Fucking floaters band together then they think they did something . Not mad just know who u r !

  59. Paulie couldn’t have done anything different except make sure Paul was his number 1, I think he was but he didn’t tell him that. Paul always knew Vic was an option so he took used that relationship to his advantage

  60. I think Nicole finally woke the hell up and realized Corey & Paulie weren’t actually with her. Now she’s thinking she’s best to get rid of Paulie so she can be Corey’s #1. I would have dropped them both the second I heard about this all guys alliance and the fact that there was a plan to put her up..she’s probably thinking ommmmmggggg I’m sooooooo stuuuupiiidd

  61. So claustrophobia will keep Paulie from the jury house but it wasn’t a big deal when hiding in a confined space with Natalie? Cool beans, yo.

  62. I hope Palsy doesn’t take a xanax with alcohol for his flight home to Jersey or we might be reading another story about a guy taking off all his clothes shortly after takeoff and shitting on the beverage cart.

  63. There is nothing wrong with the kid beside he’s leaving on Thursday for the jury and want oh poor poor me votes this kid is thinking of Dan
    He’s still playing the game out the door don’t believe his crazy shit …

  64. Just to clarify Simon and Dawg, in case you didn’t know but you probably already do, Paulie’s girlfriend/fiance broke up with bc he cheated on her repeatedly. His ex’s friends (who Paulie talked trash about in the house – and who happen to be Natalie’s friends/former cheerleaders) went on twitter rants exposing all of this. If you google Paulie, there’s plenty of information out there. Have no clue why he is attributing anything to the 15-seconds of moderate fame his BROTHER (and not he) received.

  65. Paulie “My psychiatrist said I was basically playing with fire [coming in here]”

    Does BiG BROTHER Even check the mental state of the house guests they bring on the show? First Amanda, Then Vanessa and now Paulie Come on Big Brother do some fact checking before Inviting members of the loony bin to play.

  66. I don’t know if Paulie is using the wrong term, but psychiatrists are medical doctors who prescribe medication. Psychologists provide counseling and recommend a client for medication, and the client goes to the psychiatrist who just asks some basic questions to prescribe the right medication. They don’t do the counseling that psychologists do. So he’s either saying “pyschiatrist” when he really means “psychologist,” or he’s on psychiatric medication and isn’t taking it. If he lied about having any kind of mental health issues so that he would be picked for the show, he would have to had also lied about not being on medication. He would not be visiting a psychiatrist unless he was on medication. Or he could be a douche who’s lying about his psychological state for sympathy, but I don’t like to think that. If he’s doing that, he’s even a bigger douche than we all thought, throwing the whole mentally ill population under the bus.

  67. maybe we’ll get to see paulie as the ghost of Audrey with the sunglasses , blanket wandering around aimlessly and mumbling softly , pp , friendship , Z , cody and derrick cody and derrick clip clip clip

  68. I think there’s a pretty good chance that Paulie meant to say “psychologist” but said “psychiatrist” by mistake. Many people don’t get the difference but if he is seeing a psychiatrist then he by definition has some sort of mental illness. This doesn’t make him crazy or dangerous, it just means he needs medication. If he lied about it to production he wouldn’t have been able to get those meds for use inside the house. He probably just goes to a psychologist for counseling.

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