“Honestly all I need is 1 shot, he hasn’t beat me in a competition I hadn’t let him win” Paulie about Vic

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: Paulie AND Corey
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 13-22-10-362

1:05pm London room James,Paulie, Paul and Natalie
Paulie – what’s up you blowj heads ..

Paulie – alright guys give it to me straight am I prepping to see Jury
Natalie – On my end.. I did speak to Corey.. I’m going to keep him.. I’ll be honest.
Paulie – no bad blood I thought I would ask you guys
Paulie – I assume James is going that way
Natalie – James and I don’t vote together

Paulie – can I ask why
Natalie – A lot of stuff Corey’s not coming after me
Paulie – I don’t think anyone is coming after you Nat nat
Natalie – I made up my mind on my own

Paulie to Paul – What about you BIG dog I’m not going to put you in a situation where you’re the only DEHA
Paul – that’s where it’s going to lie..
Paul asks Paulie if he wants a sympathy vote
Paulie says everyone would like to have a sympathy vote.
Paul – I have to go with the consensus on this one..
Paulie- Is that what the consensus is?
Paul- I think it might be
Paulie – is that where you’re at james \
Jaems – where we at
Paulie – if you think it’s better strategy to keep Corey here, thats fine. I thought I would talk to you
Paul – we don’t know where Michelle is going to vote
Paulie proposes they all go talk to Michelle.

Paulie – you three are the only hope I have for staying..
Paulie goes on about being the person to take out Victor and if he fails they can send him home. Paul tries to counter that it’s too risky because if Paulie doesn’t win that HOH they all went against Victor.
Paulie – I would make sure I kept the target on me
Natalie – If Victor is cool about it I’ll throw a sympathy vote.
Paulie saying why not they all give him a sympathy vote to trick Victor.
Paul doesn’t think Victor is going to buy that. Paulie thinks Victor wouldn’t have it figured out until after the veto. (ZOPMG)
Paulie – if he’s the only thing you guys are fearing why not take a shot at him.. He’s wide open next week.. I’ll take that shot.. I’ll be like I acted on my own I asked for Sympathy votes.. (LOL just stop)
Paulie says he’ll continue to go after Victor until he leaves the hose.
Paulie I asked for 5 sympathy votes 3 people gave them that’s how I cover..
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 13-18-59-867
James never says much during this conversation

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 13-21-13-861


PAul – not to be a deha I trusted you once dude and I do have my doubts, I’m not going to lie.. As far as gameplay goes.. It’s a move I’m not willing to make I did wholeheartedly trust you at one point and I don’t think I can say I trust you the same way
Natalie – ya
Paul – lets say none of this happened and you were in that boat I would have done it in a heartbeat.

Paul – I can’t risk boning myself.. I can’t put my neck out on a chance that this all goes perfectly .. if anything observing this game.. Nothing goes perfectly ever

Paulie -everything was going perfectly up to a certain point.. I Understand I broke you trust, I’m not in a position to have trust to offer.
Paulie – I’m in a position to have a deal to offer.. In a sense.. .. Put my family’s name on it.
Paulie – say look this is what i’m here to do i’m going to do it and after I do it I’m wide open for the taking. Even if I miss i’m still they’re sitting on the block.. ..
Paulie – even if Victor wins the second HOH there’s no way Victor is coming after you guys
Natalie – he could for not respecting his HOH
Paul – he could.
Natalie – I’m not on Vic’s good side I don’t want to stir anything with Vic..
PAulie – at this point with 8 you got to start thinking for yourself not just the HOH

Paulie – I’m willing to take out someone that everyone is afraid of.. He’s a competition beast.. And all that stuff

Paulie – I can literally upset the kid because I have nothing else to lose.. And keep him upset for whoever long it needs to be upset.
Paulie – Honestly all I need is 1 shot, he hasn’t beat me in a competition I hadn’t let him win
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 13-24-16-953
Natalie – I would be scared to keep you in the house .. you said you manipulated most of the house.. You said right out there.
Paulie – the game is manipulation.. At this point everyone knows what happens.. All I have to offer is the competition and go after it’s clear everyone is afraid of..
Paul leaves..
Natalie – I do trust what you are saying 100%, I just .. I dunno there’s too much
Paulie – i’m open to hear whats too much
Natalie – it’s personal to, you were running the house you said you manipulated half the house.. You had the perfect social game.. And I know you were saying things I’m a fake Jersey girl and jersey girls are liars.. That hurt
Natalie – I’m not a fake Jersey girl, I am peppy i’m this sort of way .. that hurt my feelings
Natalie says she’s always been nice about everyone in the house those are genuine thoughts coming from her head not her being conniving.. It’s half game and half personal .
Paulie says it was hard when he was in a room and had everyone calling him out.
Natalie says she found out all of them were saying these things about her she doesn’t care anymore about them. Right now it stings.
Natalie – too much has been said too much has been done on my end.. Your deal is enticing but I’m going to stand my ground on this one..

Natalie thinks Corey is going to go after Victor they don’t need Paulie to do it.
Paulie says Corey will not and Corey isn’t going to be able to win competitions.
Paulie – every comp I didn’t want to win I threw..
Natalie – He told me he’s been throwing comps he doesn’t want to win comps.
Natalie – he just won a HOH and a veto .. in a double eviction

Natalie – I knew he threw that carnival game.. The throwing one
Paulie- I have a proven track record I know I can win more.. I got two more comps left in me.. I will lay myself up.. Lay myself out like a dead fish
Paulie says he wants to help Natalie and james get to the point where they can win.
Natalie – my likelihood of winning this game is slim to none
Natalie – I’m listening to what you are saying and I believe what you are saying but it’s a tough decision

Paulie – I asked 5 people for sympathy votes 3 people gave them to me.. Look that’s how it happens…. I’ll make sure the heat stays on me”

Paulie ends with saying if they are onboard it’ll be easy to convince Paul.. feeds cut to fish

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 13-39-11-396

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 13-11-10-362
1:08pm on the other camera while Paulie campaigned chit chat…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 13-57-52-960

1:32pm James goes to the bathroom tells Victor and Corey.. “Boys campaigning hard”
Victor – yeah
Jame s- hell ya

2:08pm Feeds on Jeff… .

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 15-09-59-416

2:37pm Paulie and Paul
Apulie – I know I f**D up
Paul – I don’t think my vote is going to change..
Paulie – if you three come together and keep me I honour that shit and I take you .
Paulie – I want to tak one more shot to take a big competitor out and lay myself down.. In the honour of PP
Paulie – I want to make it and sway the Jury..
Paulie goes on about the two of them winning the HOH winning the POV taking Victor out PP style.
Paulie – PP don’t f***g miss when we take the shots.. And I’ll go and sway that f*****g jury.
Paulie – use my f***g skills.. I can can’t go back to running the house like i had..

Paulie – I had it all planned out from 8 to 5 than 3 you know I was with you till 3 we PP’d on people
Paul says his food is burning he’ll be back.. Paul leaves..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 15-14-49-993

Paulie looks at the camera
“America this is my last ditch effort.. People call me a master manipulator … I am a comp beast.. But I ain’t going down without a fight and uhh if I can pull this off your boy’s got something cooking.. “
“First step is to say three people second step is to … we’ll go from there”
“Love you mom and dad, Cody.. hitman nation I know you have my back, umm.. You’re boy was riding pretty smooth under the radar controlling the whole house manipulating the whole house did not expect my alliance to turn on me I thought the loyalty was there”
“I wanted to ride it down to 5 from there then there would be a clear shot for your boy… now I got a little bit of work to do If I can pull this off your boy is still trying to make it to the finals”
“Don’t think i’m rolling over and dying”
(so sneaky)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 15-17-19-492

2:43pm Nicole, Corey and Paulie
Corey and Nicole say they’ve been praying for Corey to get the Care package
Paulie – do not let them come between you guys and do not let them make you feel like shit because of me. They are going to try and break you guys mentally

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 15-20-05-721

2:51pm Kitchen Victor and Paul
Victor asks if Corey is campaigning at all..
Paul hasn’t heard of him doing anything, “He’s a DEHA”
Victor – that actually disappoints me
PAul – I know.. makes me want to just …
Victor – uhh ha
Paul – just as a f*** you, you overconfident piece of shit

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 15-33-09-443
2:56pm Victor, Paul and Nicole Kitchen
Vic – I didn’t think you wanted to be my friend
Nic – why did you think that
Vic – we had a little trio thing.. Come to find out you didn’t like that trio thing
Nic – ohh really
Vic – Someone said some stuff… I thought I was being friendly but I find out someone is saying i’m being malicious
Nic – Malicious
Vic – I thought.. I never asked you out on a date..
Nic – so clearly someone went to Vic to try and get him angry at me when he doesn’t get to play in HOh this week
Vic – never cared.. HOH never cared.. I’ve been evicted before not scared.
Vic – you don’t deny it so…
Nic – I never thought you were malicious but you can say or think whatever you like
Vic – Never thought I asked you on a date either
Nic – I thought you admitted that but I’m not going to get into it
Vic – I asked you straight up and you said I didn’t
Nic – who cares about it.. Whether it was a joke or for real
Vic – so when you told me I didn’t ask you that was just a play
Nic – did you ask me or not
Vic – I didn’t
Nic – ok so that’s what you think
Vic – so you’re saying I did
Nic – it doesn’t matter regardless i happened week 2 or three
Vic said that caused a lot of crap for him
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-18 15-32-03-032
Paulie comes in asks them what is going one. Nicole looks at him says people are telling Victor I said he was malicious during that whole date thing “way back when” they are using it as strategy.
Paulie – ohh .. I mean eh.. I don’t know
Vic – i was going to keep it in but she kept prying
Nic – I wanted to know why he was being different that’s all .

Victor tells her the source of the information seems pretty credible.
Nicole denies saying she thought Victor was malicious

Nicole – I know it won’t make a difference Victor but from my heart genuinely I know you weren’t being malicious
Vic – I never asked you out on a date
Nic – the whole date thing it all got blown outta proportion to begin with .. I told 1 person and that person told someone else
Nic – FINE FINE.. Victor didn’t ask me out on a date..
Vic – it’s too late for that .. now.. You’re right now it doesn’t matter but the fact I had to deal with it.. Is what made me mad
Nic – ohh my god..

Nic says all she was saying was that Victor said he liked her personality
Victor agrees that it got blown out of proportions ..
Nic – I took it as a compliment and it made me feel good so I told somebody but i never said date..
Vic – alright..

3:40pm Feeds back on jeff….

WEEK 4 – August 14th to August 19th

This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing 1 of the 2 nominees.

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Pinocchio Obama

For a guy who was not going to campaign Paulie sure is doing a lot of campaigning.


Go Natalie!!


Did victor actually ask Nichole out? I can’t seem to remember if he actually did or not.


He did. He is just trying to blow up her game but she is not an idiot as he is. In fact she managed to remain calm.


No he didn’t. he said something like, we can all hangout after the summer. Nic went and told the girls and Cory Vic asked her on a date. Nic confronted her and she first would not give in an say the truth. Nic finally admitted lying to everyone. Everyone turned on Nic when this happened. She is a liar and was caught

Tie vote

Simon and Dawg…can you help us out? Did Vic ask her out?


Look at Nicole being a snippy little b!tch


This guy was all over the place and a hypocrite.


Paulie is an arrogant bastard who can’t take the fact that he got got.


Zingbot’s catchphrase for Paul is best suited for Paulie. Shut the f*ck up!!

Paulie is not human

No, that’s not what happened. He let them get him, it’s all a part of his master plan…. Lol, j/k. He’s a tool.

Huckleberry Hillary

The Co-HOH is safe this week too. That is a huge advantage.


but is the co-hoh safe next week? cause if co-hoh isn’t safe next week then i want to change my votes from vic to natalie. i dont’ like big meech she’s overrated and nat willl go after nic and corey then next week vics win hoh and veto for his collection, he’s a beast and a hottie. i love him. i could totally see him as a novela superstar. check out his youtube puppet show – Hilarious


You can’t vote for Natalie. She got the first package.

More anonymous

CO-host is save next week and voting for Nat is not an option. She got the first package.


“but is the co-hoh safe next week?”


It can’t be Nat. She already got a Package!!!!


Natalie can’t receive another care package, she’s already received one.

Andy the Red Rat

I hate the way James is skating.


Not skating, just not showing his cards so to speak. Too early for that!

Reality Check

James is vague in everything he says. Meaning if I was playing poker with him, I have no idea he has a good hand or bad hand.

James was also vague on Nat Nat on whether he will throw the next HOH competition. The way he is acting so vague, he will throw the next HOH because nobody is coming after him.


What skills come into play in this part of the game? Skating skills. Who’s the best skater? Ice skater. Who’s got the longest skates on? Who’s the best at cutting corners, going around circles? Cause usually on skating you gotta be ice cold. You can’t lose your cool. You gotta be like ice. You gotta have friendships, you gotta cut off those friendships. You gotta keep stringing people along and BAM, throw em a nice slider! Mr. Freeze is in the house, even though it’s about 110 out here. Got my skates on.

Arya Stark Badass

Will one of the girls please step it up. i don’t like any of these guys left.


Well actually a girl is probably going to win because the guys will be too busy trying to evict each other like a group of dumbass LOL


GO HOME PAULIE!! (In my Tia and Tamera voice as to go home Roger)


Ha ha LOL But now it’s stuck in my head… “GO HOME ROGER”


He’s hustling hard right now but it’s gonna fall on deaf ears because of the way he treated people. The only way he’ll stay in is if Grodner decides he’ll get the RT and given the sympathy edit he got on Wednesday it looks like he will.

Another Hillary Lie

Do you think Julie will call out Paulie on his behaviour tonight.


Prolly not…

Floating around so throw me a life vest

I’m betting Julie will address the gender harassment.


NOW Paulie wants to campaign? On the last day? LMFAO I know he got the roundtrip now, he knows it too….

Another Hilary Lie

Simon that is a nice picture of what James does best……feeding his face.


I have never ever been so excited to see an Eviction in all of the years I have watched BB until now. Tonight will be epic!! Hopefully Bawlie will be sent packing without the RT. Can’t wait to see the Jury House !!


that scank Amanda was my favorite recent evictee ! She was an awful nasty low rent person

More anonymous

Blindside of barefoot Austin was pretty awesome.


Paulie – I’m in a position to have a deal to offer.. In a sense.. .. Put my family’s name on it.

Because his family has proven to be very trustworthy in the past. :/

Evil Dick

Just ask me … I’ll vouch for him!


Every time I read these updates, I want to slap Pisspants Paulie in the face. Whatever happened to ” no campaigning against Corey “? This guy is pathetic and I love how Natalie stands her ground. I know she can be annoying but she has really grown on me in the last 2 weeks.
Same with Paul. His obnoxiousness kind of makes me laugh now. Is he still threatening to cut/rip/yank/saw off his balls anymore?
I truly hope that tonight is the last we see of Paulie.


There are many thing to slap Paulie for, but him playing the game is not slap worthy, I d actually want to slap Nicole or Corey…what do they need to start playing? an electroshock? Coz the last time I checked Corey was on the block and they had no allies… it s a game for 500k …I swear if Corey even gets 50k I m gonna cry, coz he only chilled, fingered Nicole and stared into space…how is that 50k worthy?


Common Paulie beg like you mean it. We love watching you squirm.


Natalie stick to your plan girl……don’t let that conniving Paulie get to you with his fake sincerity!!!!!!!



TX rar

OMG please make him stop! Paulie gone, No RT, No jury buy-back.
Victor gets ACP4 co-hoh.
Those are my ‘predictions’


Who’s going home?

Honestly, the only thing that could spoil my week is having Paulie being the winner of the round trip ticket. Like… really? After this PERFECT week of BB, that’s the last thing I’d like to see happening. Especially after the fact that so many other better people left and never had a chance to come back… please don’t do that to us, life!


Sure Sparkie…………..you didn’t want to win the veto……………you let Vic win it…………..aren’t you just covered in ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry on top!!


They like to have two double evictions, so maybe if the RT ticket isn’t used tonight, the person who possesses it will get to bring back a juror…


Paulie is like a dog chasing his own tail. Pointless, nobody wants what you’re selling. Go sit down and shut up. He should go prepare for his next comp by locking himself in the bathroom stall. Clausipobia my ass. Boy bye!!!!!!

Liar Liar

When he hid under that bed and tried to kiss Natalie, he wasn’t very claustrophobic! That was a very tight spot and two people breathing the air LOL

Another Hilary Lie

Does anyone think there are any houseguests that are worthy to come back for a All Star season in the future? I can see James coming back as one of the internet trolls. Please no more Frank, Nicole or Da’Vonne.

More anonymous

Only one that come to mind in not a worthy player, but I really enjoyed the antics of Froot Loops throwing ZacAttack RancyPants.


I liked James in his first season, but he has made me so mad this season. James ruined practically every blindside by telling the person that they were getting evicted beforehand. He took all the shock value away. Plus, I was tired of his stupid pranks


Well at least he’s not going out without a fight. I never have respect for the one’s that give up. I also really hope that he doesn’t have the round trip. I want Natalie to win the next HOH (I know, unlikely) and put up Paul and Vic or Paul and Michelle. If she’s even gonna have a chance of winning she needs some comp wins under her belt.

sunny dee

i agree, no need to roll over and be dead. and he got out and about, and talked to others, participated in last nights puppetry fun. Nicole isn’t even on the block and she’s holed up in havenot room and barely speaks to anyone. plus i think they are told to campaign for the show, even if they said they weren’t going to.

not sure if paulie realizes that natalie doesn’t need or want vic out of the house, not yet anyway.

i think also people have to realize that the HGs not being evicted may see Paulie come back with a round trip. if he does, it is better to just stay calm and not say much just in case, seem open to the idea, then if he comes back he’ll gravitate that way. nat should find out if she can give him a sympathy vote, then if he comes back, that’s one good move for her.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Nat as HOH, if she is, it means that nicole dropped out and michelle dropped out, cuz i think the guys said they should throw an hoh to nat so she can win it. good time to win it, she’s not on anyone’s target list, she has two easy targets to put up, and she wouldn’t have to be a pawn nom if one of the two come down. she has no ties to nicorey, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to either one of them her doing this. it will be cuz they are pretty convinced her and james are on their ‘side’ against the trio vic, paul and michelle lol

then michelle can be co HOH, and there will finally be girl HOHs up there


Enough already Paulina!!! I can’t stand your acting anymore!

Shuddup already!

Listening to Paulie is more painful than…
Traveling across the country in a car with kids who ask every 5 minutes, “are we there yet?”
Being stuck on a long plane flight with a crying baby.
Being at a sold out movie with a kid kicking the back of your seat ans parents who don’t do anything to stop it.

More anonymous

Slim possibility, but yikes, who would Corey or Nicole bring back… Paulie! I do think it’s possible that whoever left does have it, they will benefit in some way for picking it.


I hope Paulie gets roasted tonight by Julie and the audience.


Paul is a backstabbing scum, and a liar. At least the rest of the HGs were honest to Paulie. And all the mental torture was instigated by Paul. He’s just sadistic and cruel. Natalie is an airhead who will go far like Victoria in season 16, bc she’s not a threat. Michelle is unbalanced and a floater. I am most disappointed in James. Admired him last season but not this yr. He’s such a sap about “nat nat”. She’s using him, will drop him outside the house and he doesn’t see it so he screws over Paulie and Corey for her. Sad. Once Paulie’s gone, I’m pulling for Victor (who’s ruthless but honest), Corey or Nicole. In truth, this season has no HGs worth rooting for. They were/are a sad, bad bunch.

Retired Teacher

Can’t WAIT to see (in future episodes, unfortunately!) how Da’, Bridgette & Zakiyah welcome prissy lil Paulie into their feministic jury house! Let the FUN times begin! Hopefully, Z has gotten a good dose of what’s ailed her from the other 2 wiser women & will see Paulie for the manipulative little weasel he is!


The best show I can imagine for Friday would be ALL ABOUT THE JURY HOUSE! The Feminist Jury House “welcoming” poor Paulie would be something to watch! We can only hope!


I’m not going to campaign against you bro (sniff sniff)!
But…I’m totally AM campaigning against you…
SHUT UP PAULIE! Nobody wants to hear it anymore!


The reason he is giving them as to why they should keep him. Is the reason they should give him as to why the need to evict him while they have the chance. He can win comps and if he takes out Vic, then what hes not going to take out Corey or Nic. So that leaves the rest of them that he will target. So they’re screwed if they keep him and they’re screwed if he has the round trip ticket. But atleast with the round trip ticket they got a 50/50 chance to make it to final 4.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

I hope Nicole is next! Then James, Corey, Michelle and Paul. Nat for the 500G!!!!!!

Morgan LaFay

Gotta hand it to him, the boy is dancing as hard as he can. But if I was in the house, I’d be at the point of STFU or I’ll rip your tongue out. Corey is either counting on Paulie going home or he (Corey) wants to extricate himself from both Nicole and Paulie. That 3 in the bed thing is weird. Then again, I’m not sure Corey realizes he’s on a reality game show.
I’d vote for Baldwin to get the $500k over Paulie.



For those of us pre empted tonight by football could you please post the link of where we can watch the show?


No! No Big Brother for you! They usually post a streaming link just before showtime.


Hey Simon or Dwag, this morning on the live feeds they were saying Paulie went MIA. Said he was called to DR at 3:33 am and as of a little after 8 am still wasn’t seen on the feeds. I noticed he was back when everyone woke up. Do you think anything was up with that?
You guys have done an even better job this year than in past years. So often the live feeds have been boring and saying the same thing over and over. I like being able to go to your site and get the info “condensed”. The HG this year are truely long winded.. Don’t know how you stay awake through some of the circular discussions they have.


Does anyone have east coast feeds for tonight’s show?


PAULIE … HONESTLY this week you already had two shots … a chance to with both the HoH and Veto … and whether you say it was intentional or not, you didn’t. Either it was very dumb game play on your part or bad luck but either way, you had your chances already and blew them. I personally have no pity for you and it appears the remaining house guests don’t either.


I do not get why they are so surprise Paulie is campaigning, everyone would. He said he was not going to campaign against Corey, not not campaign at all. Yes I want him out, so freaking bad, but why are they making such a big thing about him campaigning, makes zero sense.


PISSED – After reading Simon’s post this morning about how hilarious the puppet shows were last night I couldn’t wait to get home from work to watch BBAD on my dvr. BUT they keep cutting out of the roast Paul is doing to show Paulie & Corey staring at the wall & trying to talk to Natalie!!! Now commercials!!! They never cut to commercials when Nicole is whining & stealth whispering or Corey is staring with his spacey eyes or Paulie is in his rainman repeating himself but the funniest thing in the feeds all summer per Simon, they cut. UGH!! I did get to see Victor start the Baldwin thing though & the kid is good! Very funny…I just really wanted to see the whole roast!!!

TX rar

They are on YouTube. search on Victor puppet show or Paul puppet show and you should find them.


I can find Victor’s puppet show and it’s hilarious but I can’t find Paul’s. Links?


If you get the live feeds plug in 8/17 at 1025 pm and they start within 1-2 minutes of that times.


By all indications, it should be a highly entertaining episode of Big Brother this evening … no matter who is evicted


I see some complaining about James not saying a word during the discussion between Paulie and Natalie but people need to understand the less said in the BB house the better. James was right to just zip it as he is voting Paulie out like he told Vic outside the LBR during that discussion. James is not as stupid as so many make him out to be, he has been trying to play in the background by not winning comps and also by discussing BB strategy with as few people as possible.

Jersey Shore Rises

From one Jersey boy to another, bye Paulie, thanks for giving all us in Jersey a bad name…..


JERSEY SHORE RISES …. every state has their fair share of pin heads … no worries. As for me, I view everyone as individuals …. (unless we are talking political views and terrorists)


OK I complained too soon, the official roast took place in the living room behind the couch & I got to see it!! Hilarious! Thanks Dawg & Simon for your page & hard work. Thanks Simon for the head’s up about the hilarious feeds last night so I could catch it!!!


I was really getting sick of watching the girls cry and cry and cry now I have to see Paul going to cry all day long and I’m gonna really sick of him to please get rid of the crybabies thank you

Charlotte 89

The only thing that will ruin this perfect week is if this tool, Bawlie, has the RT pass.
Also, will someone please explain to this d-hay what a feminist is? Once again the perfect word to describe this fool is hypocrite!

More anonymous

If you didn’t catch last nights roast on the feeds using Corey’s eagle as a puppet, it’s pretty funny. Would be a good time filler until tonight’s episode airs. They should do a PG rated version for prime time. Think their roast in the living room started at 10:25, but they began messing around about an hour earlier in one of the bedrooms.

TX rar

They named the eagle puppet Baldwin and Paul’s inflatable duck floaty is Pablo. Lol


That pic of Nic is frightful – shes needs to take less time fawning over Corey and more time taking care of herself.

Reality Check

When Zach told Nicole that she was a fruit loop dingus, he was right. Her game this year is indeed fruit loop status. Add Corey and you got the dingus.

More anonymous

Paulie and James aren’t looking so great as well. Guess house stress is taking a toll on em. Natalie is going to develop deep horizontal lines on her forehead as she ages if she keeps furrowing her brow like that.


Her hair looks like hell because she doesn’t have Zakiyah there anymore to brush it out every night for her. That leotard has to smell a bit ripe by now, as well.

Shelli's Chompers

She looks like she swallowed a bee! Yikes!


I’m scared guys. Tonight is the last time for the RT ticket and there has to be one more double eviction but that means either someone has to come back or they have a rewind week. Honestly what was the point of the tickets if we never see the RT? I think it’s a waste if we don’t see it but I hate Paulie with a passion and don’t want him to have it tonight. Thoughts anyone?


Two people had a chance to return, one with the battle back and one with the ticket. I doubt they’ll do anything else to bring someone back although it’s possible they do a rewind.


About the “Co-HOH”, will they not be able to play for HOH next week as well? It would be unfair if CoHOH would still be able to play for HOH..


One point that didn’t get passed me but seems to be ignored by all the commentators here is this:
Nat crawls into a small cramped space under a bed with a guy that is not her “boyfriend” and some little flirting goes around. She doesn’t mention it until it seems to be in her best interest. Then makes it seem she is the victim. Gets the rest of the group to turn against Paulie. He was brought down a few notches and humiliated with the pie baking and flag waving. Who was the first person to throw herself into his arms and give him a hug? Hmmmmm She is playing the guys against each other.

Powder Puff Cat

Don’t think so though I wish she was.


I agree and she plans on doing the same thing to Nicole and Corey. She wants to break them up and say that Corey flirts with all the girls and doesn’t want to date after the show. Natalie wants to see Nicole hurt for the hair twirling comments. Corey did flirt with Natilie in the beginning but since he’s been with Nicole he’s stopped. I think that’s why Natilie can’t stand her. Victor dumped Natilie because he didn’t like her personality and she wasn’t really into him.he didn’t like how flirty she was with Corey. But she used him because Corey didn’t give her attention and she wanted to get him jealous.


Paul and Victor make the feeds entertaining. Corey is absolutely boring! Nicole is just plain annoying. She checks herself out in the mirror constantly and rearranges the rats nest on her head every two minutes. Not a good look. She and Corey have no value in the house. Paulie first, then Nicole, then Corey.

Min O'Pause

I would like BB to provide Ratcole with an “Opti-Grab ” so she’d quit shoving those Fearless Fly specs up her nose. Then her eyes would match Corey’s.