Nomination Ceremony Results! “You’ve got a chance to play in the veto.”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 18-20-49-205

Victor Nominated: Paulie & Corey

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6:20pm When the live feeds return – Victor points out that the havenots are done at midnight. Michelle says I might pass out before. James says he hasn’t eaten all day. In the bathroom – Vic tells Paulie its just strategy. Paulie says got you homie, we’re all good. Vic says when you put me up I was cool about it so I’m hoping you would be too. You’ve got a chance to play in the veto. Its not a backdoor. Paulie says I get it I put you up. Did I expect you to go home, no. I was on the outside of an eight person alliance, yes. Early on in the game when people threaten you when you’re on the outside of an alliance. Vic says I just want a hand shake. Paulie shakes his hand. Vic says respect it. If you win the veto and come off you can come after me fair game. Paulie says I won’t because I’m about fair game. Vic says do what you have to do to get off. Paulie says I will do what I’ve gotta do. They head to the kitchen.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 18-18-39-297
London bedroom – Natalie and Michelle are talking. Michelle was laughing during the nomination ceremony. Natalie says they laughed at you when you were crying. Nat tells her to be the bigger person and apologize. Michelle asks what Paulie mad? Nat says she doesn’t think so. I’m just glad Paul followed through with the plan. We have to go hard for the veto. Michelle says we have to get Paulie out to make sure Vic is safe next week. Nat says We have to have Victor’s back. Nicole joins them. Nicole says thank you America for giving me safety otherwise I would have been up. I know so much information that I want to tell them but I won’t. I hate that the most loyal people are up on the block right now. Michelle says I disagree. To me they weren’t and to Z. Michelle says I don’t think Corey is the target. I know I’m not voting him out. Nicole asks and now what, all the guys are going to fight all week? Michelle says its good for us.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 18-27-37-063

6:30pm In the kitchen – Paulie asks Corey are you good homie?! Corey says yeah. Paulie asks who did say I wanted to backdoor you? Vic says it was a meeting way back with Da. Vic says at the end of the day I didn’t even get a chance to play in the veto and you two both get to play in the veto. Paulie says all five of us I though things were a certain way. Vic says I thought so too until I found out it wasn’t. Nicole says Corey could have backdoored anybody yesterday and he didn’t. Corey asks what did I do to you brother? Vic says I think you two are closer than anyone and I’m just trying to split you guys up. Paulie asks why not Natalie? Vic says because you guys are stronger. Vic says when you didn’t want to put up Nicole its like you want her to stay. Paulie asks why didn’t you put her up. Vic says because she’s super safe. Paulie tells Paul we brought you in with us. Paul asks why am I getting tossed into this. Vic says maybe I got the strategy wrong with putting you up. Paulie says I think we’re all just as close. I proved my loyalty with the boys by not pulling Z down. Z was programmed to not go after anybody.

Victor says logically it didnt make sense for Michelle to go home. Z was a better competitor. Vic says I couldn’t vote after I made my nominations. I didn’t make sense for me to push my opinion when I couldn’t play in the HOH next week. Paulie says if you’re scared to voice you opinion… Vic says I’m not scared. It was my strategy. Vic asks oustide of this four were you in any other alliance? Paulie says no. Go get Nicole and ask her. Vic asks did I do this to you when you put me up? Paulie says no. Vic says then don’t get made at me. Vic says at the end of it I really like you guys as people. Paul says only one person is going to win this game so lets just swallow that pill. Vic says this boils down to I went up and I went home. Paulie asks if I do go out are you guys then going after him? Vic says I don’t know. Paulie says I wasn’t asking you. James says my vote is going to the person that makes the most hostility. Paulie says I see that was directed at me. James says if I had been put up I would be fine. I’ll go to the jury house and watch netflix. Vic tells Corey I really do want to go to Dallas. Corey says its all good. Nicole comes to grab Corey and they talk in the safari room. Nicole says I know you’re not the target. I went off on Meech for laughing. Corey says I know I’m not the target but I could still go home. If I win the veto I’ll take you down. We just need to win the veto. Paulie is in there freaking out on Michelle which is making him a bigger target. I blame James for all of this. Corey says I do too. Nicole says I need to talk to James and make amends with him. Nicole sasy Meech and Paulie are going at it! Nicole says I don’t think you’re going anywhere though.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 18-57-02-389
In the kitchen – Vic says everything changes in this house all the time. That’s why it was better to align with you guys and now we’ll make it to the final four. Vic tells James I think its time for you to get your next HOH. Nat asks what about me? Vic says anybody.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 19-51-08-478

Corey says if James is up against me, I think I would go home. He would have Natalie and Michelle. Corey says its dangerous for me to throw Paulie under the bus. Nicole says its dangerous for you to throw him under the bus until you’re for sure stayin up there. Nicole says if I do try and go work with anyone in the house it will be like the joke. Like what happened with Frank. Imaging if he has the round trip ticket. In the back of my mind that’s what gives me a little bit of hope. The thing is they better not pitch that he is a big target (to keep in the house). I don’t want Paulie to win the veto. I need to rope in James and Nat. Nicole says its not a dumb move to get out Paulie. Corey says worst case scenario is Paulie wins and pulls himself off. I would feel better if I am up there next to him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 19-03-10-144

8:15pm – 8:40pm Paulie and Paul are talking in the london bedroom. Paulie says we did what we needed to do to surivive. The loyalty is what cracked in the group. Oh course the girls are going to be pissed, I manipulated the sh*t out of them. Vic joins them. Paulie says Real talk if you do get to pick havenots please don’t pick me. Paul says if corey was picked he would literally die. Vic says I would feel like a sh*tty person if I picked you guys. Paulie says I did put you in harms way. The one flaw in my game was the loyalty of what I thought it was. The girls had a right to be pissed at me because I manipulated the information out of them. Paulie tells Vic if I win the veto and I come off… we’re square. Paulie asks if I do get myself off will the replacement be a girl? And will they go home? Vic says the replacement will be Michelle and I don’t know if she would go home. If your goal is to get one of us gone .. we trusted each other on loyalty. Vic says I went home on a 9-1 vote not even the first person that left went out like that. I had to win 3 times to get back into this house. I didn’t get a chance to play you do. Paulie says you’re not the first person I am going to go after. If we’re up there, one of us has to go home. I will never campaign against him. If I pull myself off I am not coming after you. Vic leaves. Paulie and Paul agree that was a pretty good conversation. Paulie says I just hope if one of us come down he does put up Michelle. Paulie tells Paul I will never throw you under the bus or backstab you. When it turned into a game strategy we PP’d on people. I can honestly say if I do pull myself off I will not go after him (Vic) .. what James did pulls more weight.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 20-09-00-596

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Omg Victor – love this!!!!! FINALLY!


AMEN!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! for the first time this season, a real big move nominations on the block. let the throwing each other under the bus…. Paulie is gonna have a mental breakdown.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Sitting hear listening to Vic school Ratcole on how to play BB. Ratcole “I just go with the flow” Vic ” F8 you can’t keep going with the flow”. She’s a disgrace being a vet and playing like this. She’s dumb as hell


I agree. He is going to have a mental breakdown very soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if he physically attacks someone and gets removed from the game. He is a hypocritical, disgusting human being.


Paulie wasn’t playing a smart game. We was able to control the nominees and votes, but he wouldn’t support his alliance’s needs or suggestions (scratch their backs). Paulie was focused on getting the girls out (stupid move) because they talked game. However, the guys are talking game and winning all the comps, making the guys the biggest threat for his game. The girls could talk but couldn’t back it up in, except Bridget. Paulie you and Z should share pads cuz you’re a bigger pvssy than all the girls.

Friendship...Never Cared

I love how Victor told him at least he’s giving him the opportunity to play for veto and he should respect that and shut up. Paulie keeps being bitter and later starts crying like a wee baby. Omg I’m dying. There is NO WAY the producers can give this an edit without Paulie coming out of it looking stupid.


I wonder if BB CANADA still has the diaper set they put Jon in .. I am sure it would look even better on cry baby Paulie .. omg this guy is one major piece of work .. can I also bring up when Paulie said his brothers season was the best because of Cody .. personally I think it was because of MR THOMPSON .. sorry brain freeze on his first name .. I loved him and his humour ..


Donnie Thompson


Hope they are laughing at Paulie just like they laughed at Michelle for crying!


Victor is my hero!!!


Same here I think Victor should the next care package. That way Nicole or Corey can be on the block.

Cory's hairy gay anus

He already is having a mental breakdown.

TX rar

Victor needs the co-hoh to protect him next week based on who goes home, porential RT, and POv. He cant compete so he needs the safety!


Victor can not play in next weeks HOH, however America can award him the care package giving him co-HoH and safety! I am voting Victor!


I just hope something crazy doesn’t happen like last week. I could see everybody voting for Michelle then god forbid something happens and she goes home and Paulie or Corey win by default! That’s my luck. Lol. Just like this week. There’s no way Nicole got more votes than Bridgette. It’s a shame BB doesn’t outright tell them and you’re the runner up. LMAO:) That would be great. Bc her winning this is going to inflame her ego:(

***On another note, Simon Dawg, I was reading the comments section of one of your recent posts(maybe from yesterday) and I remember somebody asking if you(Simon) heard the conversation between Nicole and Corey where he supposedly came out of the DR and told her not worry bc she was gonna be safe this week. They(DR) told him this. So she wanted to go ask about it. Do you remember this? I believe Simon even responded saying he’d need a time stamp to verify it. Just curious about that, bc it seems like it could’ve happened. If so, that’s BS. Why are they telling Corey that Nicole is safe. You’d think they’d be telling her. THEY SHOULDN’T BE TELLING ANYBODY!

Dont Count Your Chickens

YES!!! now please bb gods dont let paulie win veto or be holding that damn round trip ticket!


Meech is as fake as half of you who are now pulling for her now. Gtfoh half of yall just jump on whatever band wagon is moving each week. Yall have the mob mentality where you wait to see what comments get thumbs up then u right a similiar comment bc the thumbs up make ya feel special and important in an otherwise meaningless existence.


Calm down dude, no one really care about the likes. I personally never liked Paulie and never liked James. I didn’t mind Victor, found Corey stupid (for giving the HOH to Nicole), hated Frank, hated Bridgette’s voice, hated Da’vonne voice, and never minded nor cared about Paul, Zakiyah or Michelle. I thought Natalie was good looking, but didn’t think she would go this far.

In the last weeks, I have enjoyed watching Bridgette, Frank, Victor and Natalie. I don’t care about Michelle, as long as she is loyal to Victor and Natalie. Yes Michelle was a bully, but so was Zakiyah and Nicole. And at the end of the day she explained to Bridgette the reason for it was due to hear feeling for Frank.

So do we all love Michelle? NO, we all just content with her for the time being.


Don’t waste the vote on Meech.
Vote for Victor.


Winners fear losing and losers fear winners.
Must be why the majority of yall and the rest of the hg are hating on Paulie and corey so much.

Cody is embarrassed :)

Too many people have not liked Paulie, from the beginning, for you to say they are band wagon hoppers.

Narcissist Paulie

Nat has apologized to Paulie because she hurt his feelings. He still hasn’t apologized to her, even after she told him he hurt her feelings. All he said was he’s sorry for being part of the joke that everyone else was involved in, about her ft’s. He’s a douche.

You're as bad as Nat n Meech n Paul n Janes

That’s not true. He apologized over and over and she lied to him in the safari room the entire time. She then went back and lied to James about it all, STILL trying to make Paulie look bad.
Paulie, Cory, and Natalie are the ONLY decent ones in the house.

And Nat…. If you’d stop putting your boobs in their face, maybe they wouldn’t ask if they’re real or fake. You wanted them to notice your boobs, shut up.
PAULIE DOESNT TELL AMERICA 5 TIMES A DAY, SEE AMERICA HOW NASTY NATALIE IS. All your “see America how Paulie is… ” Only makes us like him more and you less. Keep playing your game girl, showing your true colors…You, Meech, James, Paul and it looks like Victor may be joining, we’ll see.

donut licking ho

Put down the pipe and get yourself into a program.

Keeping it Real

Not cool! It’s okay to disagree with someone, but seriously, the insults are entirely uncalled for!

Keeping it Real

Clearly you’re not watching the feeds, just reading the updates.

Paulie doesn’t need Nat, or anyone, to make him look bad. He does a fine job of that all by himself. Although most of the males are huge egomaniacs, now that Frank is gone, he is the most cocksure of all the houseguests. Actually, all of those guys, with the exception of James, have displayed misogynistic qualities. For Paulie to claim all of that was him “wearing a mask” and not his “true personality” is a total joke.

Paulie blew up his own game, but it took the females to point out the problem, to bring it to the house’s attention. What they did was unveil a con artist. And they (Bridge, Nat, Meech) did a fabulous job! None of it was lies. It was all FACT.

I’m so proud of what they did, especially Nat and Bridge! Michelle has been petulant and vindictive, but now that Nat called her on it, Meech is owning it and rectifying things with Paulie.

Powder Puff Girl

Gotta give the love to Paul for getting Victor to put up Paulie/Corey! and for Natalie, Bridgette, Michelle for sticking their necks out putting the spotlight on Paulie. Kudos to Victor!

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB18 HG's


Paulie is crying! I want to lick his tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill probably turn into a fairy!

meech is a big cry baby boo woo hooooo

Why didn’t you lick big meech’s tears?????? Hmmmmm??? Oh yeah, that’s right? Because you are petty and would’ve turned into a toad!!
And I HIGHLY doubt that, even Paulie’s tears can’t save your sorry aass from turning you into a “fairy!”! Pfftttt.

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB18 HG's

I am already a fabulous fairy and proud of it = ) #LGBTPRIDE#shutupCody

Keeping it Real

Awesome comebac! ;-D


@Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB18 HG’s I want to give you a hundred thumbs up 🙂 hugs


AHAHAHHAHAH AWSOME MAN!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Shameful behavior!

Apologize for your filthy mouth before I wash it out with soap! Disgusting!

*gives the granny glare


Okay, just to clarify…

That there message above is a reply to “meech is a big cry baby boo woo hooooo”

I don’t want anyone thinking I don’t respect ALL people! Especially rainbow fairies! But honestly, I can’t respect hateful, ugly hearted people. So, yeah! Can’t respect “meech is a big cry baby boo woo hooooo” and still lookin’ for my mouth soap!


I think vic just proved himself. I will be voting for him for the HOH cp and for michelle for the last cp. I think meech will do more with the 5k cp than Paul because Paul could potentially win every competition…


Meech could use the 5k for kleenex and makeup

sunny dee

they don’t keep the 5k, they have to use it to bribe someone to do something. so if you want her to have it, you have to vote someone else to get that care package and use it on her, then have her accept the bribe.

i vote her for co HOH, keeps her safe for the week as well. pretty sure vic can win his way to the end if necessary.


Not really, chances are Corey or Nicole might win the next HOH Competition (due to the fact that Corey has won 2 HOH competitions and Nicole winning several last season) and would most likely put up Victor or James. Therefore, It is beneficial for VIctor to get the care package.

Furthermore, not really sure what Michelle would do with it (Co-HOH). At the moment she is currently listening to Natalie, and next week she might listen to Nicole or instead listens to the advice from James and Natalie in evicting Victor, due to him winning numerous competitions.



Tears on my pillow

It’s funny how everybody is all upset at Paulie and others for spewing venom and they become hated. Now there is a power shift and the others are spewing the venom…will you come to hate them too?


Yea I understand you, but the reason people was hating on Paulie because he was being a huge Bully. Suppressing people thoughts, treating Zak like a fucking brainless less than human, he micromanaged the game just too much. Everybody in the house is guilty of putting up with his shit because they weren’t his target up until last week.
Nobody likes a bully that pisses in the pool 🙂


I couldn’t agree more….he even planned on making a speech at VIC’S nomination ceremony….what an egomaniac!!!

Paulie's Wonderful Tears


Another Anonymous

Hi Cody.

Joe Kerr

One word for ya…..

Karma. That’s why we are enjoying this.


Sometimes venom is deserved.

Only can wish

Paulie is getting a dose of how it really feels to be on the block w/o being a pawn. He’s reaping what he sowed…GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY!!!
Michelle was ugly towards Bridgette, she got hers through Victor(didn’t agree with how he did it). She did apologize to Bridgette.
Natalie and Victor talked and squashed their disagreement.
Michelle apologized to Natalie too.
Paulie has yet to apologize to anyone for any of his actions. He’s being vengeful to Natalie and Michelle for thinking for themselves and not playing his game.

Keeping it Real

Paulie did actually serve up some apologies with hugs and congratulations to Nat and Meech. But then he sort of lost it and headed to the DR. I hope his apologies were genuine, but I have doubts.


Paulie is still deflecting and not owning any of his disloyalty, He actually turned on James first but is still putting everything back onto James. I think he just has too much pride to every make a genuine apology.

You're as bad as Nat n Meech n Paul n Janes

James turned on Paulie 1st, several times.


Victor was that crazy dummy who got his oblivious ass kicked out week two. Then he beat Jozea in a physical comp, Bronte in a memory comp, and Tiffany in a puzzle comp. Then he won two HOHs since returning. Then he just made the biggest move this season yet. Then he just verbally bitch slapped Paulie and Corey. Victor done come up!!!!


Go Victor!! I like him. He is calm n a straight shooter

An Apple A Day

Exactly! And Paulie has been so condescending about how Victor’s Battle Back comps don’t count. According to WHO? The BB gods that made Paulie BB18 King? He has no problem getting in the face of girls half his size, throwing down personal insults and cussing like a sailor. I’ve never heard a grown person drop f-bombs every other word, like pick up a Thesaurus and learn another word! Natalie and Bridget took it like champs, and he’s such a baby. An over grown, spoiled, bullying F-Bomb dropping BABY. #americanevercared


That’s why we HAVE to vote for him on coHOH. Bribe means nothing. CoHOH will set the final four.

Canadian Kev

7:10, Paulie is crying!! Telling Corey he loves him, and might use the veto on him.

I’m not even kidding.

Oh, and good on Vic for standing his ground; asking paulie (when Paulie got in his face) if he (Vic) acted that way when he was backdoored?

It’s been a fun night!


Is Paulie literally crying? Tears? Please say yes!!!!

TX rar

Tears streaming down his face. Not sure if it is an act or not. ????????????


Yes. And all i could think of while watching tears streaming down his face was how much he constantly made fun of Tiffany for crying.

I really wanted to take a pic of his face with tears streaming down to send to her lol. It’s kind of funny how much he constantly spoke about emotional players and he’s been nothing but emotional every since things haven’t been going his way.

Fuzzy Num Num

Poor Not-Cody. His whole game is upside down. Thank you Simon and Dawg. I haven’t been able to watch the last few days. And y’all have kept me from withdrawal.

Kathie from Canada

Looks like Paulie is going to lay a huge guilt trip on Victor and try to manipulate him back to Paulie. Corey is left to fend for himself.


YES VICTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope Paulie doesn’t win POV & doesn’t have the round trip ticket.

Would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to see him evicted. Bridgette would cheer when he shows up at the Jury House. Hope we get to see that!


EVERYONE …. get the popcorn popping, sit back and enjoy the meltdown


I think this is only gonna get better… imagine if Paulie loses the veto comp?


Did Paulie really say this?!?! Wow.

” Z was programmed to not go after anybody.”


Apparently he’s with the CIA now.

Keeping it Real

I’ve always thought he behaved like cult leader Jim Jones!
Some drank Paulie’s koolaid. Some spit it out. And some dunked it over his head like the water bucket challenge!


Disgusting pig

Paulie lost already :)

Stingray, he has said it more than once. One of the many reasons to not respect him or his game.

Pauline is out

Yippee! As long a shel not win the veto. Doesn’t matter he’s weak anyway!! Love love it! And Nicole she think America lives her to stay.. Hello it’s strategy.. Go lie down under the cover with Corinne!! Lol! Bye Felicia!


look its a game but corey you should off made a big move on double lastnight send bridget home was a dumb move
if you whould send home james victor or pual or pulie I could respect that but bridget a girl on a bad nee I was like wow


Yes! now hopefully someone besides Nicole/Paulie/Corey will win veto and send Paulie home. also have to hope he doesn’t have the round trip ticket or this week would have been a wasted effort

No Name

As long as Paulie doesn’t win it, he’s going home.

If Corey wins it he’s pulling himself down
If Nicole wins it she’ll pull Corey

Either of those happen and Pauline is still going out the door.

Arya Stark Badass

Until they open up his round trip ticket.


Doesn’t matter, his hold on the house is broken. He’ll have to beast every Pov and HoH to avoid going home.


YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I have newfound respect for Victor and Paul. And my disgust and loathing of Paulie, Corey & Nicole grows. Pisspants Paulie cannot handle that HE…the king of all Big Brother….the heir apparent to the boring reign of Derrick…..the poor man’s Tony Soprano…..has been nominated. Oh please oh please oh please let Michelle or Natalie win the POV. I would love one of those “lowly women” to seal that mo-fo’s fate.

And Nicole actually said that the “two most loyal people” are on the block? Yes….PissPants was really loyal to Zakiyah….talking about “boning” her, emotional abusing her, backstabbing the entire time and then trash talking her after she left? Yeah….real loyal.


They are such losers! I wish Nicole would shut up. She didn’t have much to say before.


Either paulie is a very good actor or sorry out of respect they need to go to fish.


Sorry, if you mean out of respect they should go to fish because Paulie is turning on the waterworks I can’t agree. Natalie, Michelle, Bridgette, all of the ladies on the show have been highlighted when they cry… so no. He is like a child that bursts into tears when he finally realizes he can’t make the adults (and I use the term loosely) yield to his tantrums. Good grief.


Paulie, oh Paulie. He’s such a jackass.


Like other have said NO doubt Super Safety was going to Bridge first and Nicole was second. Once again it seems this Care Package is just a waste as Vic already said he was putting up Paulie/Corie before the package arrived. Next week the Care Package is HUGE as the team that receives it will be able to make 1 HOH nomination. If for example the Nicole-Pauley/Corie team of 2 win HOH and of course America will vote for Miche, Paul or Vic to receive it as America just hates Paulie and Nicole and anyone affiliated with them. It’s impossible for Nicole-Pauley/Corey team of 2 to not lose another member and be down to just 1 player because the team of 5 will have the votes supporting the Care Package of 1 HOH nomination.

To summarize, even if Nicole-Corey/Paulie team of 2 win the next HOH it will not matter as long as the America Care Package goes to Miche,Paul or Vic which I fully believe it will especially having the support of James and Nat fans…

Should be a crazy week.


That’s not true! I’ve been thinking about it!
Let’s say Paulie and Nicole are still in the house. And then Nicole wins HOH. She will nominate James or something. And care package winner names Paulie. If he wins veto, then neither Nicole or Paulie will be evicted!
So if Nicole or Paulie win hoh! The other side should nominate a member of their team, in an attempt to backdoor Paulie! Because there will be 7 left so they could try a backdoor still. Then if they win the veto they can backdoor Paulie by vetoing the care package HOH nomination!


Did you even read what I wrote “it will not matter as long as the America Care Package goes to Miche,Paul or Vic”. I never said they are safe if Paulie wins the Care Package which I believe will never happen as the vast majority of America cannot stand the guy.


I dont think you fully understood the above comment, but if I understood it correctly, unfortunately its 100 percent correct. Let me try to clarify; first off jo, we all know that Paulie will never get ACP. That is a given (unless TPTB intervene somehow). Say Corey is the one evicted this week and Nicole wins HOH following his eviction, then Paul wins ACP co-HOH. She noms james, he noms Paulie. IF Paulie or Nicole were to win Veto and pull Paulie off, both him and Nicole would be safe for the week and the co-HOH perk would have failed as one of their would have to be the replacement nom. Capisce?


You are correct and I was mistaken. Thanks for pointing that out…


One of the 2 left b/w P/C/N win HOH and also win the veto


The downfall is if Corey/Paulie win the HOH comp and we send the cp HOH to say Victor. So vic puts up Nicole but in the pov comp if Corey/Paulie win he will take down Nicole and probably meech will go home. (Which isn’t bad but isn’t the plan)

Pre-Op James

The Care Package could come into use for Nicole if someone uses the veto so it is not worthless.


She won’t go home but she’s not the target this week. Even if she wins veto and takes Corey down Paulie goes because it’ll be 3-2 vote. No mater who is the replacement nominee unless James, Natalie, Paul, or Michelle flip to save him and I seriously doubt at this point they’ll save Paulie. Which is why I say throw James up in that event because he’s the most likely to flip.

Pauline is out

Yipee!! As long as he’ll not win the veto.. But doesn’t matter he’s weak!!! Wa wa wa… Nicole thinks America loves her haha it’s strategy!!! Just go lie down under the cover with Corrine!! Lol! Bye Felicia!

Yo Momma

Hey Nicole nice outfit… lol dork.


Very mature


AMAZING nominations! But Vic is sounding very weak by justifying his nominations… he’s almost apologizing for putting them up. I knew he was a weak minded player. I just hope that Paulie won’t get in his head and have him flip again.


sorry I have to disagree. Victor was amazing. He said to himself, this is going to go on and on, i’m tired of this so he did what he could to end it. he wasn’t apologizing and he wasn’t weak minded at all. He stood his ground, asked questions which he already knew the answers to and had both Paulie and Corey like about almost in unison(we had no other alliance). In essence he said i’m done and ended it, they only way he was going to get Paulie to shut up was to say omg I’m sorry I made a mistake, whatever he needed to say to move along. I wasn’t a Victor fan but he did a great job here.


I think Victor did a really good job. I think he was trying not to get Paulie any more heated than he was. He was trying to diffuse the situation but Paulie just can’t let shit go. It’s done, over. Leave it go. Put on your big girl panties and move on!


I hate Michelle

Misty Beethoven

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMFG!!! WHAT A BABY!! Why did you do this, why didn’t you put Natalie up, why didn’t you put Nicole up…why why why?! Little Prince Stompyfoot is upset. Too f*cking bad. I give major kudos to Victor for being calm and collected while delivering this blow to Paulie. I’m probably rambling, but I’m so damn happy he’s the one shitting bricks now. Couldn’t happen to a better person. And now Nicole wants to talk to the girls? Take a walk, whiner – you’re possibly next.

Big Sister

There is a God in heaven!! Cannot wait to see the looks on their faces. Paulie is unhinged and crying. Payback is a bitch!!????Couldn’t happen to a more deserving punk!!


The Puerto Rican Sensation is officially my favorite houseguest this summer. He put them up, held his ground AND fixed them tacos!!!


And he’s now dancing to salsa music.

Nurse Ratshit AKA Nicole

Paul no one takes you serious( especially with thing float around your waist) You’re like a giant tatted up rich spoiled brat 5 year old who constantly needs attention because you never got any all your life.

Troll Finder


Douchebag Finder



Paul has to wear the rubber duck as a result of a comp punishment.


The actual reasons are more disturbing


I’m just glad they didn’t bring me back this season.


Yes!!!!!!!!!….. Victor did it… Nominates Paulie for eviction!!!!…. yes!!!

Flared Hemerroids

Victor for America’s Care package!! Give him HOH powers in back to back weeks!


I know it’s mean, but I really wish Michelle and Natalie would keep getting under Paulie’s skin. He treated them so badly and now he’s crying like a baby. I F’ING LOVE IT.


It would be great to watch yes, but then again it’s good to see that Natalie isn’t stooping down to Paulie’s level by being a bitch despite him being awful to her. She even told Michelle to apologize to Paulie when she just laughed during the noms. Proud of Nat for continuing to be the bigger person here even though i wish they would rub in Paulie’s face for entertainment purposes.

You're as bad as Nat n Meech n Paul n Janes

I don’t know what tv you’re watching but… You’re watching the wrong tv. She’s stooped so low she can almost get a check for being short….
and keeps stopping and keeps stopping. Her, Meech, Paul, and James are gonna need knee replacements when they get out.
How does America twist it to the way they want if?


He didn’t treat michelle badly calm down, she got but hurt cuz they didn’t vote the same like robots, she didnt play her social game well enough to not be on the block the next week and somehow that’s Paulie fault

Just Me

NNNNNNNNN-SAAAAAANNNEEEEE! BUT wait! !!! Why do they keep asking Vic questions as if they will talk him into a re-do or something. It’s DONE!!!!@ One of you jerks are leaving! Period! BoooooYAY!!!!!!

Carol Topalian

Cry me a frickin’ river, Paulie. So over your ego and potty mouth, not to mention treating Zakiyah like a cross between a programmable robot and a blow-up doll. I will smile as I watch you burn and disappear, “broh”


If one of you vote Paulie or Corey for the co-HOH, you have officially ruined this season

skeptical onlooker

Well….no surprise. Paulie on a rant..lying through his teeth. HIS loyalty? Oh wait…yesterday he was planning Paul/Vic on the block…one of them down..James. You betcha….Meh.
Now..Paulie sobbing. Being a martyr….telling Corey he’ll save him rom going home:) I mean..really. Talk about a drama queen. He puts Vanessa/Tiffany to shame.
And then…THEN..he says * you don’t kick a dog when it’s down. Not in my Book*
Excuse me? How was he with Tiffany and Frank? He’s Lord Muck. Paulie is pathological…boy..he can dish it..but certainly can’t take it.
It will be a few days of hell for the HG’S….but absolutely fabulous or us. (wink)
SO happy I got the live feeds. As a complete egoist…Paulie will go from sucking being being a victim. Sigh.
What he doesn’t he is done. To a turn. Even if in f inal 2..he’ll never get the 500 grand.
The only other laugh of the day. Z says in her interview that she’s just like Rachel Reilly. OH.
Those 2..her and Paulie are perfect together, Mind Mates.
And..Michelle. Still bitchy and feisty. Paulie going off on her…BIG TIME. She giggles..and says * But, YOU’RE on the block*.
Yes, Maam…He is. Loving it!!!

Only can wish

I don’t have Live Feeds. I can’t believe Paulie said don’t kick a dog while it’s down. How he did Tiffany, Frank, Day, Z, Bridgette and when Michelle was on the block., acting like he was the King of the World. I’m reading also that he’s crying. He’s trying to get pity from the guys. He could learn something from Victor, call Man up to the Challenge. I wonder do Paulie know how to humble himself?

Katie Girl

Go Victor, you got nads!!!

Zakiyas pad and chips

So who are we gonna vote for the co HOH? Vic, Paul or James? Do you want Michelle??? So shel piss Nicole and out her up on the block? I don’t know I’m excited!! What do you guys think???

Katie Girl

Yes…Meech for Co-HOH. Put Nicole’s bit¢h a$$ up!!! Let her go to Jury while Corey stays in the house with Nat Nat. Lol.

TX rar

Victor for co-hoh. He will be vunerable next week bc he cant compete. Reward him for his bog move and keeping cool with all that HG convos. WooHoo!!!

Paulie keeps blamimg James even now. Hey Paulie, you are the one that did this by the way you treated the women and acting like ashat. Own it, you cry baby. This is YOUR fault, Paulie!!


I think meech will do more with the 5k cp than anyone else so I am voting Victor for HOH cp and her the week after. They basically want the same people to get out this week anyways.
Hopefully meech or Paul win the HOH comp and they have complete control of who goes up.

Paulie lost already :)

I think I am going to vote Vic co HOH, he deserves a reward for having the balls to make that move. Also I think if Paulie has the rt and comes back in it is not unlikely he could win the HOH and I think he would for sure put up Victor. On the other hand he is just as likely to put up Michelle….have to think about it. We have until Sunday to ponder


Can’t vote James

i’d vote for Michelle b/c she hasn’t gotten HOH and probably won’t. Plus it will piss off Nicole to think that people like Michelle. there is a problem next week though b/c if Corey/Paulie & Nicole aren’t on the block together there is a chance they will both be safe. So it’s kind of tricky.


Shoutout to Bridgette for sacrificing her BB life to save this season.


A moment of silence…especially Bronte!

Skips mom

No kidding. Bridgette will get my vote for Americas favorite player for sure.


Ladies and gentlemen, your moment of zen…

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Wow, he really is crying! I thought people were speaking figuratively.

Froot Loop Dingus

That’s frigging priceless! Where’s that scorpio tongue that he was talking about yesterday. I guess that’s what happens when you realize not only that you won’t win BB 18, but that America hates you, you didn’t last as long as Cody, MEECH really did blow up your game, and best case Z went home with a little Raffe Calafiore in the oven, or worst case she left you with some kind of STD that will last longer than your 15 minutes of fame!


Just hoping whoever gets evicted has the round trip! It’s going to be great for tv. Fingers crossed on that!
I love how Paul is trying to detach himself from the situation. Like he always do after doing dirt.
Nicole trying to warm up to the girls is strategy but won’t work.
Pissy pool paulie mistake was not going back to the original script of getting Paul out the house after Victor won the battle back. He should have known Paul was using him out of need when Vic was gone.
Would hate to be Corey and Paulie right now… Even if one of em win HOH next week they have too many targets that are all almost equally powerful.


paulie and corey on the block is tasty indeed but i still cant stand meech 🙂


Paul and Vic. Make sure you get one out this week and take out that skank Nicole next week. This goes through and Vic is the front runner for the 500g. Paul needs to also own up to his involvement and not leave Vic hanging. Be like the ladies and tell it like it is. Don’t pu$$y out now Paul.


Can Nicole use her Veto to take Cory off the block?


Sure sure if she can win the veto she can take him down in which case Meech volunteered to go up. But she can’t give her safety to Corey if that’s what you meant to ask.

sunny dee

here’s hoping the names get picked for veto, and corey picks michelle, and paulie picks natalie, then vic gets HG choice and picks paul, and nicole is sitting there useless. ideal scenario is michelle (yah, as ‘they’ say she only accidentally won OTEV, against Frank, and bridgette, both more athletic than her but she must have just got lucky, no skills). and natalie (2nd on the hanging and twirling around HOH comp, but yes, paulie/corey/nicole, she is pretty useless and not really a competition threat even tho she tends to beat a lot of you even if she doesn’t win (i think she got the ball in the box, too something very few managed).

BB Expat

Is Michelle leading in the ACP poll because she’ll be on the block next week otherwise and that’s too predictable? If that’s not it, why are people voting for her?


Whats going on in Nicole head:
oooooooo this waaaass the wrooonnng weeeeeeeeek to Have suuuuuuper saaaffety. I’m not the taaarrrget.


Haha. The costume looks even stupider on her now because she has no idea it wasn’t meant for her in the first place.


Pauliesays Z was programmed not to go after Paul and Victor. What a total ass. I hope he is with her on jury Thursday.


His momma should have programmed his foul mouth prior to getting on BB.


Paulie’s programmed to walk out that door on Thursday.


I hope nothing changes and Paulie doesn’t convince Victor or Paul to change nominations. At the end of the day I will be shocked if one of the two and not evicted. Lets all just hope that neither have the return ticket.


Paulie has to win the veto.

After the last few days, the last thing us entertainment fans (we don’t care who wins) is to go back to the same “house” dynamic, just with a new majority doing and saying the same boring stuff. I want Paulie to totally lose it, to rat how James is a rat and was all set to dump Nat, how Paul was always mocking Vic behind his back, even coming up with the exec nickname, how Michelle is mean girl in chief. I want Paulie to go full Evil Dick, then win veto, and then HOH where he keeps blowing people up on each other, on him, just unpredictable chaos.


I don’t really like Paulie, however I wouldn’t mind him going ape shit at James and revealing what James said about the team.

Big Jim

This proves it there is a god. Yesssss!!!


Nope. I’m just a myth.