Super safety ” Thanks to a super safety costume.. Congratulations and stay safe in there”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 10-50-04-949

10:23am Bathroom Big MEECh discovers a douchebag relic
Says “Tampons are not toys”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 11-04-24-731
10:44am Cam 1-2 Natalie and Michelle london
Meech tells her somebody plastered the bathroom stall with pads and wrote “tampons are not toys”
Natalie says she went to the bathroom this morning and asked at the door if there was anybody in their. PAulie was. She waited outside for a couple minutes and he didn’t finish so laid down. She waited a long time, “He was doing that to make me wait”
Meech – DEEHA.. It all makes sense now
Natalie – I literally almost peed my pants..
Natalie is certain it was Paulie that ripped up and threw her underwear around. Talks about how she talked to everyone about it and only Paulie was sketchy, “Why would you do that to someone make them wait to go to the bathroom and waste all the pads”

Meech – Who do you think is going up
Natalie – honestly I really hope he puts Paulie and Corey up
Michelle – I hope it’s not use because that’s what they want..
Natalie – they want to clip James because they went against Dudes the bro code
Michelle – 3 of the guys wanted me to stay
Michelle – I wonder what the care package is it’s already 10:30

Nat – I’m proud of us
Meech – If we didn’t expose him he would have made it to the end.. We really did blow up his game
They agree Nicole is the biggest snake, Natalie says when James was HOH Nicole in the middle of the night would just stare at the memory wall, “Really weird”
Michelle thinks that Nicole might screw Paulie and Corey over.
Nat – she’s here to win.. She should have never told me in the bathroom she’s playing a feisty game
Natalie says all she’s been doing all week has been to be nice to Nicole and Corey and now she finds out they’ve been talking bad about her behind her back all season.

Natalie – they are so fake.. They play on the weak
Natalie – they have nothing on me they had to use my shit with Victor that we hashed out and called me a cry baby i’m not a crybaby.. I saw his true colours and they aren’t beautiful

Nat – I don’t think he’s emotionally ready for this pressure cooker.. He has too much paranoia because he’s named dropped to much .. he’s been playing hard all season

Meech – hot mess.. Get angry really easy

Nat – he’s spiteful that’s the worst trait a human can have
Nat – I’m done playing nice with Corey, Paulie and Nicole.. I’m done being their friends they’ve hurt my feeling too much
Meech wants to get everyone to call Nicole out to call her a sneak
Natalie – it’s funny how she waits for the cameras to be off before she twirls her hair to make fun of me
Michelle – I never liked her much her season.. She doesn’t like girls..

Natalie – Oh my god I wish I had won HOH , my speech would have been epic

Paulie , Nicole Congratulations on making it on the block .. Nicole for the first time this season.
“Paulie, you know, you keep saying i’m fake, you’ve made fun of my breasts and my personality that is something I take pride in”
“I haven’t done anything to you, to upset you, I would have quoted all the things.. “
“You say I’m a Jersey Girl and we’re all fake, you also told james he’s blinded by my boobs, I guess you’re always thinking about them cause that’s all you’ve been talking about”
“It’s funny you said my kindness will always get me thru this game or out of this game, but I have a really big heart and guess what you are on the block you think i’m fake, well don’t mistake my kindness for weakness because kindness also kills”
“Nicole you are a snake slithering in the dark, I’ve been trying to be your friend all season and you’ve never opened the door to get to know me both of you think I’m fake and you’ve never given me the chance to let me show you who I am, I’ve tried so hard. “
“I’m going to go off on her .. “
“You make fun of me when the cameras are off and on, that’s really hurtful”
“Thanks guys for hurting my heart, when i have been nothing but genuine, selfless and giving in this house and you take my positivity as fake but when we leave these doors you see” (she got a little carried away with the mother teressa edit she gave herself but that would have been a fun speech none the less)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 10-51-52-335

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 11-15-51-079

Whispering going over the House flip last night but just saying bits of sentences.. .

“Here are the facts, James flipped and took the side of Michelle, Bridgette and Natalie. Cause…. They must have had Paul and Victor. “
“Show the card today and win the veto tomorrow this will force everyone to show their cards “
“I could say that alliance was strategy we had the numbers”
“Soooo michelle blew up my game, probably threw me under the bus by saying I was in an alliance with her, Zakiyah, Nicole and Corey.”
“Which would rationalize in everybody’s mind because Da’vonne was saying the same thing and Michelle knows that”
“Michelle would use that it would definitely make James and Paul wary of me.. Victor wary as well”
“Which would make James want to screw us sending Zakiyah home keeping Michelle because now she flipped that makes sense”
“Paul was on board, they told him everything I was feeding them about him”
“I’m going to put it out on the table after the nominations” (?)

“Michelle you were right about 1 thing…. She threw my game under the bus… strategy.. Numbers.. Jersey girl.. Paulie… Paulie.. Number 1 .. i’m the best.. Greatness.. Playing Vanessa’s game.. Meet and greets.. ”
(Ok I got carried away.. Sorry ;) )

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 11-46-47-192

11:44am America’s super safety

Scrunchies, clips, mosquito spray and bath oil along with …
“Super safety congratulations nicole America has given you super safety with his power not only are you safe from eviction this week you are safe from everything thanks to a super safety costume Congratulations and stay safe in there.”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 12-05-28-470

12:04am Nicole thanks America for the prize
Nicoel – I got pony tails that I really fricken needed”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 12-09-29-299

12:07am Bathroom Nicole and Corey
Nicole – people are PISSED

Corey – that is so good for our game, so good
Nicole – I was afraid, makes me feel good that they want me safe..
Corey – oh my gosh.. that is so freaking good
Corey – I just have to survive, Paulie has to survive
Nicole – what if I’m safe from Zings.. that would be lame ..
Corey – safe from teh block safe from eviction .. dude that sis so good
Nic – Victor doesn’t look happy about it
Corey says Victor isn’t happy because now he has to put up a guy. (lol)
Nicole – thank you America
Corey – I 1000% wanted you to get that
Nicole – cause you are not in trouble right now ..
Corey – dude.. dude… that was so frickin BIG .. dude we have to win HOH.. we’re going Deep..
Corey – I feel like Michelle and Natalie this week.. Michelle or Natalie will leave this week
Corey – I hope Michelle leaves because Natalie already got a care package
Corey – Me or Paulie will win the care package (indeed)
Corey – I don’t think Paul will get it.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 12-08-44-308

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 12-43-43-882

12:43pm James and Natalie
Natalie says if one of them comes down someone from their side now has to go up but she’s not worried they have the votes to keep that person.
Jame – yup, I’m not worried about it.. it’s just that Nicole is safe..
Nat – ya that’s fine, we don’t want Nicole out like right now
James – no not right now but Honestly ..
Nat – she’ll abandon ship
Paul comes in
Paul – perfect.. perfect
Paul – perfect

Paul says this is perfect Meech has already volunteered to go up as the pawn.
James – It’s going to happen.. one of them is going home
Paul – We need to pull out a win next week.. if one them stays they are coming after me and him.. and you (James and Paul)
They talk about the certainty of Paulie or Corey leaving this week

James – I never thought I would say this but I trust Victor.. I never trusted Paulie ever I was just working with him

1:00pm Nicole gets her costume she looks like a safety witch

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299 thoughts on “Super safety ” Thanks to a super safety costume.. Congratulations and stay safe in there”

      1. this is total BS. no FN way Nicole could of even came close to winning the votes for the super safety package. production again with the violation of involving themselves for an outcome they would rather have. expect the expected from RIGGED BROTHER producers.

        1. Nicole won it fair and square. She was behind Bridgette and since she is gone, Nicole won! I don’t know who I want to win the whole thing, maybe Victor. For sure Victor is he gets Paulie out!!!

        2. Look at it this way. This care package is a waste. She was going to be safe no matter what. I would rather her have this one then the Co HOH Package. I really think Michelle is going to get the next one.

          1. How quickly we forget how unbelievablely mean and petty Bridgette and Michelle were when they were in power. Now you’re all pissed at Nichole because she twirled her hair to mimic Natale. Truefully didn’t everyone get sick of Natale strutting around the house in front of the boys because she thinks she’s hot?
            And now you want to give the evil witch Michelle a power?!
            Who really does deserve it? And with the power make them think viewers condone their behavior.
            None of them.
            Paulie is a chauvinist and more.
            Michelle is a mean girl and I wouldn’t want her to think that’s OK.
            Victor seems to have a low opinion of women. And gets away with humping a chair in kitchen in front of the girls and disrespecting them etc.. but that was last week. So we should forget?
            Who does that leave?
            Paul maybe but he’s iffy. And really doesn’t need the money. Maybe the bribe.
            Cory: I’d probably give half hoh to him because he’s a little weird but he hasn’t been cruel. And let’s see what he does with it.

        3. bridggett was the one America wanted .. but she got evicted and for some dumb ass reason fans where voting Nicole instead of meech .. so really Nicole won by default… she may be all smiles now .. but once the boys go up and one goes home .. watch that smile turn into a sheer terror look…lol

          1. No I went onto the CBS site and voted for Meech to get the pkg and after you vote it comes up with how the voting it going and Bridgette was in the lead with Nicole second, so she won by default.

          2. How was it rigged when Nicole was never the target? Nicole was never in danger to begin with, cause their plan was to get either Corey or Paulie out. Niclole winning the package has zero to do with the plan working out, cause if they stick to the plan either Corey or Paulie will be evicted next regardless of who wins VETO or who got the care package.

        4. I think she won because of two reasons.
          a) Everyone was voting for Bridgette but she left and not enough time to switch to Michelle. However, Nic fans were already voting for Nic and didn’t change. We saw even on OBB that Nic was second always to Bridgette in polls.
          b) The consensus for us all is to vote for Michelle on feeds but the casual watcher has hardly seen Michelle and they make up the majority of these votes.

        5. There is a huge advantage for Team Victor this week since it is a split HOH. Only Corey and Paulie have a chance to win the Care Package for the other side. Even if Cory, Nicole or Paulie win HOH they could still be hosed if the Care Package goes to someone on Paul’s team.

        6. Big deal. Nicole wasn’t going to go anywhere this week anyway. Palsy and Corey are the targets. Now Nicole is saddled with an ugly, uncomfortable clownsuit for the week and it won’t do anything except make her miserable, especially when she finds out she wasn’t the target anyway..

      2. I suspect that Allison Grodner is a feminist. I can’t imagine that a producer of a television show on one of the major networks would want to be paid less for her services than what a male producer would be paid. I would bet that any of the “favoritism” that we have all seen for her pet housemates over various seasons may not be bestowed on Paulie any longer.

      3. Yeah, we know that Nicole only won by default! It was Bridgette’s if she hadn’t been evicted on DE, which surprised her and Michelle, but rules are rules, it goes to 2nd vote getter. BUT…I think it’s HILARIOUS how much Nicole thinks this is “all about her!” How much America loves HER! How I would love to see her face when she hears that she ONLY won by default…to Bridgette of all HGs!
        Even more…how Paulie, Corey & Nicole all think this means that America is mad at James and the other HGs for turning their back on Paulie’s loyalty! He’s protected James the entire season! (cough*bulls**t). Is there any kind of public “reveal” after the show is over, like “After the Final Veto” (rose, lol). When the HGs learn the truth about what occurred? And they “Jerry Springer” it out?

      1. Is it possible that the votes were mostly for Bridgette and because she got voted out it by fault went to the next person? That’s the only way I can concieve Nichole winning anything from America which is the stupidest loophole ever!!!

      1. Leave nicole alone! No one else deserves this then her. All everyone does is bash on one another…

        I love how everyone calls paulie a douche and mean and whatevery but yet everyone is being rude too especially MEECH! The cry baby.

        I’m team nicole.

        1. Natalie has been bad mouthing Nicole since she couldn’t get Corey and Nicole got him.
          The things that come from Natalie’s mouth are always against Nicole and not always true, 100 times more than Nicole has ever said of her. Nicole and Corey just can’t be bothered with Natalie and that is driving her anger. Miss happy go lucky sure is not pleased that America gave Nicole safety.
          Did James ever get his “Make out session” that she promised if he got Michelle to stay?????
          Now James is saying he has deep feelings for her and wants to be together after the show. Her reply sounded a bit sketch to me. Poor James.

          1. OH YEAH, bc Corey is SUCH A CATCH. please. noone wants the overgrown frat boy bartender, who lights goats on fire, sleeps with multiple women in the same day, and needs Adderall to follow even the most basic of conversations – least of all Natalie. Try again my friend.

        2. The social media boards dont like Nicole. Suck it up buttercup. If you can’t handle comments and opinions about the various HG, maybe this ssocial media platform isnt for you??

      1. Things you should NEVER believe in:
        *Easter Bunny
        *Big Brother AFTER CBS edit

        Im sorry. But when I C BS I call BS!

      2. They should have 2 categories where the viewers can be involved: Feeder votes and Non Feeder votes Non feeders can determine food, punishments menial things.

    1. Why because Nicole got a care package? I didn’t see any of you crying when Allison gave frank or Davonne bullcrap twist in their first seasons. Let alone when James got rewarded with stuff. Now because Nicole got something everyone’s upset. There is no consistency

    2. Let’s be real here Nicole was second on our list for super safety after Bridgette… Who’d you guys think would get it lol. I’m not that upset 1. Because Paulie and Corey are the targets anyways. 2. If one of them leave it just increases the odds of the people we really like getting the best two care packages!

      1. The D.E messed with the votes. I bet most people voted for Bridgette all week and the casual fans who only watch t.v voted for Nicole. When bridgette left Nicole became #1. I’m not mad. I think it will be funny Nicole thinks the majority of America like her. She’ll be blindsided after the game is over. I hope Paulie leaves this week not just because he’s a douche, but because I think no one will vote for Corey to get a care package.

      2. i agree. i blame myself because my early votes were all going to Nicole, because i assumed paul/paulie/corey/james/victor would still be on board as bFFs, and before paulie’s game blew up and now victor is under suspicion. I did that because i wanted her to KNOW that she was NOT safe with them, to wake her up, and realize that. of course now vic is in, the flip happened, and she and they will assume it is because ‘america’ thinks she’s in danger for no good reason (from vic, which sure she is, but a couple of days ago she would automatically have assumed america is sending a message that she isn’t safe from the guys she has aligned with). so that backfired lol

        on the other hand, michelle is actually safe, as are james and natalie so it isn’t that much of a backfire, and also NOW when corey and paulie go up they know for sure that nicole isn’t going to be plan b so they won’t even be able to get her out instead of one of them ha ha

        so maybe not that disappointed in nicole getting it, i know she loves having to wear costumes.

        i saw her with vic on after dark, him all cool saying, it’s ok, nicole, just tell me have you heard my name mentioned and by who, my gosh the mental gymnastics she went thru in order to not answer the question, all the while trying to pull out from him what he already knows so she can just feed him that.

        tho to her credit she was not throwing anyone’s name out there, because she could have just flat out said, well michelle and zak talked about it for DE all the time, and so did natalie, you know she hates you. i liked watching him play with her it was funny painful. like he was doing to paulie. for some reason these people think he’s stupid like they think nat is, but Vic is a SUPERFAN, he knows the game and the comps, and he’s winning them. i have no problem with him getting to the end as a come back, right now i have no prob with paul, nat and vic getting to the end, they’ve played their hearts out.

        1. Remember when Corey came out of the DR and implied to Nicole that she had the round trip ticket…then Nicole went into the DR and came out with a big smile and implied she knew one of them had it.

          1. then that would be a good thing, it means that paulie doesn’t have it, corey doesn’t have it., not that i believe it went down that way, for that result. if nicole does have it, well she isn’t going anywhere.

            I think nicole was safe to say james name, pretty sure we all know james did the flip, and flipped what nicole has been told was vic’s target, so as far as she knows, james is already his public enemy number one. also, she described it the way it actually happened, as in james pulled up two names for day to hear. (except neither of them talked about how james actually spilled out bridge and vic, when as far as day knew, bridge was actually supposed to be going out the door, why not talk about that for a bit. also, the group nicole can’t remember, but she remembers all the seats were filled. i dunno, do the math, vic knows he wasn’t in there, and if bridge’s name was m,entioned, then she wasn’t in there, leaves a whole ton of people that nicole seems to forget their names? she should have said, day, james, zak, immediately, people who aren’t even in the house, and go from there.

            so the rest of the votes, i’d like michelle to be co HOH. for one thing, unlike corey/nicole/paulie/paul, she has never actually been a secret co HOH. I’d give it to Nat, but she can’t win. I do want paul to get to bribe people, i think that will be fun. I don’t think vic needs any package, since he’s got HOH for two weeks straight, and piling up the comp wins, so he’s going to be happy about what he’s already done.

            paulie and corey will be gone, so oh well.

        2. No not Natalie, she has too high opinion of herself and really isn’t very nice. She leads many conversations about people and they aren’t very nice, just like her.

        3. You’re ok with Nat making it to the end cause she’s “played her heart out?!!” She, up until 2 days ago, did pretty much nothing other than bounce and giggle on the bed with Bronte and Bridgette like they were 4 year olds..flirted with every guy in the house until James was the only taker then laid around in the bumper cars with him or in one of the other beds! And Vic is one of the dumbest, most clueless people to ever play this game! Without the guys literally telling him what to do and how to be, he’d already be gone again! He was going to put up 2 girls today if it hadn’t been for Paul begging him to “trust him” and put up Paulie and Corey! And Paul is a complete jackass!! He was in as deep as Paulie running the house and he’s putting it all on Paulie/Corey. He’s a flip flopper and a coward! And now everyone thinks Michelle is great?! She’s the hottest mess in that house! The whole cast is terrible.

    3. What difference doez it make? It will just be another dumb producer who will cast a bunch of boring clueless wannabe model/actor idiots.

      1. Your name is beyond what anyone would call “creative” or “humorous;”it’s just crudely nasty. My name implies that I support Nicole in the BB house; I don’t any longer. I did the 1st season she was on in the BB house and even as recently as about 2 weeks ago but not now. I don’t find her so-called gameplay impressive and the HGS with whom she’s aligned are on the level of pond scum for the most part. Your BB Nicole name is probably offensive to most of the people who post here. If your goal was to offend as many women and men (gay or not), then your gross thoughts probably succeeded. Post with a new name, PLEASE!!!

    4. Oh yes. Cbs won’t even let us call Nicole her nickname on the feeds. Everyone calls her RATCOLE. But they literally made it so it’s a “bad word” and when you type it, it comes up with asterisks instead of the letters.

      You have to space it out like R A T C O L E. Oh and you’ll get a warning from a mod if they catch you saying it! Completely ridiculous.

    5. nicole was winning just second to bridgette to get ACP on this sites poll
      i wasnt really surprised.. i really dont get why ppl voted for her

    6. Paulie and Corey are still the targets this week (they don’t know that which is why they are so happy). Nicole getting this is not that big of a deal because now she can’t get other ACP’s afterwards. Even if one of the wins POV and Vic puts up a pawn from his side, they will still have the numbers to vote out Corey or Paulie. So let’s sit back, relax and enjoy their confidence for now because after nom’s it will all come crashing down!

      1. People love to shit on Grodner but in my opinion BBUS has very good production. If you watch say BB Australia you’ll see it’s produced like a kid’s afternoon show. UK is not much better. Survivor overproduces the show. Other similar reality shows that are now gone weren’t as sophisticated in their production.

        1. Did you get your name inspiration a few posts above? It’s just so low and meant to hurt people who like or support Nicole. What’s the Point? Fortunately, Nicole, Hayden, their families and friends won’t see it. I guess it comes with the territory of being a “public figure.” Even though BB players barely fit that category. I’m still not a supporter of Nicole’s play on BB right now or the people with whom she’s aligned.

      1. Nicole getting the care package this weeks means nothing. She wasn’t in danger, she wasn’t the target. So you suck it.

      2. I didn’t vote for Nicole, but I seriously cannot stand Michelle, very rude immature embarrassment of a houseguest and Natalie who goes on and on about how nice she is but talks bad about everyone in the house. Never thought I would say this but let’s get rid of all the girls and their self absorbed cattiness. Then let the guys pick each other off – so tired of this season.

    7. i can see it now as Paul/Vic/James and Natalie crap themselves when Julie opens Paulie’s Round Trip Ticket.

      What a perfect waste of an HOH to expose themselves and not get anybody out. Production is probably licking their chops.

    1. SERIOUSLY??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I cannot STAND Nicole this seasons. I cannot believe America wanted her to have it. ARE THEY NOT WATCHING HER BE A JEALOUS IDIOT??????

      1. It is likely that Bridgette had the most votes to win the Care Package, and there wasn’t enough time for fans to hurry up and vote for Michelle after last night. I think it’s hilarious that Corey thinks that either Paulie or he will get the Care Package next week! Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha…NO!!!!

    2. I agree. Hope he still puts Paul and Corey up and neither of them or Nicole win the veto to take them down.

      At least if it’s true that Nicole had the round trip ticket (like the rumors are saying) then it won’t be a factor since this is the last week.

      And finally, I haven’t seen the super safety costume yet, but wouldn’t be hilarious if it was a snake costume? That would bring her down a few notches! LOL!

    3. This will not change the targets. The only added risk is that Michelle might have to go up as a replacement pawn if Corey or Paulie win the veto. In that case, they have the votes to take out Corey or Paulie, but there is always a risk of a house flip. That seems highly unlikely, though, although I suppose in Vic and Paul’s position not knowing what viewers know, they can never be certain if people are double dealing. But it’s probable that Paul will stay focused on the huge threat that is Paulie. He would feel it’s a waste to take out one of the girls. It would be. He’s not that kind of player. He’s confident enough to feel he can maintain the votes to get out his target.

    4. I’m hoping not because they have the numbers: Paul, Vic, Meech, Nat, James (5) against Corey, Nicole and Paulie (3). Whichever way you look at it, the power has shifted!!!

  1. yay, america, way to waste the slop pass on natalie leaving no one worthwhile to give supersafety to. least giving james the cancel votes worked out.

  2. I wish they would have still sent the package to Bridgette, she was most likely the winner and had the package be null and void. Or sent it to Nicole with Bridgette’s name crossed out so she knows that she’s not number 1!

    1. The upside to ratcole winning CP:
      1. If she has rt it will be useless next week.
      2. She wasn’t a target thus week and our team is in control.
      3. Now the mad hatter, tweedle and tweedle summer are crushing on getting a pkg and will be shocked to see the good CP go to meech!

  3. Well damn. And now Paulie, Nicole, and Corey are gonna think America love them. Give me a break how does this even happen? :/ oh well.

  4. Uugghh! Boooo, freaking Nicole got the care package. There wasn’t enough time between Bridgette’s eviction (and all her earned votes going to waste) and them awarding this. If they were to have waited even one day, it probably would have went to Michelle or anyone else other than the increasingly disliked Nicole.

  5. Can’t believe that slithery snake Nicole won the super safety. I don’t buy it just because she needs to wear that costume because it’ll make her look silly. Wtf were these voters thinking. you would have thought it would have went to Michelle or Bridget, and falling to Michelle, or paul. I can’t stand that b!¥¢£, now she’s going to think I’m America loves her. Whhhhhhhhyyyyy

  6. Rigged. That is too obvious. Now, I’ll bet Corey’s darting eyes that if and when Paulie gets evicted, he will magically have the return pass. Unreal.

  7. If I were Paul or Victor, I’d try to get Corey out this week for the following reasons:

    1. It keeps Paulie in the house as the main overall threat. If Paulie leaves this week, Paul and/or Victor (probably Paul) will most likely shoot up to the “strongest player in the house” role in many of the houseguests’ eyes.

    2. It keeps Paulie in the house to go after James. Taking a shot at James is going to be hard, especially since the houseguests all know how liked he is by mainstream fans. Paulie has made it known that he wants James out, so by keeping Paulie, Paul/Victor can bank on at least a week or two of Paulie/James drama that will keep them out of the limelight and that can potentially lead to getting James out without too much blood on their hands.

    3. It severely breaks up the Paulie/Corey/Nicole alliance. If Paulie leaves this week, Corey/Nicole are still strong together. If Nicole leaves (obv. not this week,) Corey/Paulie are still strong together. If Corey leaves, Nicole, who was already weary of aligning with Paulie, will likely break away from Paulie. Both Paulie and Nicole thus become “free agents” that Paul/Victor could swoop up (and potentially, as noted above, have take shots at James/Natalie down the road.) Put pressure on Nicole by getting out her pet.

    4. It highly decreases the chances of a Corey/Nicole/James/Natalie alliance. This is the big one in my eyes. If Paulie leaves, Corey/Nicole are going to be looking for a new group to attach to, and James/Natalie will likely be the prime option. We’ve seen how easily James is swayed, and while Natalie is obviously much more strong minded, I could see Nicole succeeding in turning Natalie against Victor, and thus Paul, especially if the “we’re the only showmances left” angle works. Additionally, Michelle, who we’ve seen is more than happy to be the 5th wheel to showmances, could easily join up as the 5th member to get Paul/Victor out.

    This is just from the perspective of Paul (who I’d ultimately like to see win the game) and Victor, mainly because they hold the main HOH power this week. I realize most people here are Natalie fans and thus would like Paulie out this week. Even so, however, getting Corey out greatly cripples Paulie and if Corey leaves, we may get to see Paulie suffer even more in the house, which may ultimately be worth more than just seeing him leave (only to see Corey/Nicole formulate plans to rise to the top again.)

    1. I 1000% agree! That Snory Corey should be kickin rocks…if anyone remembers, Corey was who Paulina was taking to the end…his final 2 guy is the best case scenario this week…fingers crossed!

    1. This isn’t a popularity contest. We should be voting strategically in order to help make things happen. I don’t like Michelle at all, but I voted for her today hoping Ratcole, Corey or Paulie won’t get it so their side can be weakened.

  8. With 8 HGs remaining, in order to get to finale night on 9/21 with 3 players, an extra HG is needed. Either:
    -Whoever is evicted next gets back in with the last opportunity 1-way ticket (highly likely, but then probably rigged), or
    -Someone comes back from jury (less likely, but could be another America vote opportunity, jury comp, or HG with the 1-way ticket chooses returnee), or
    -Finale format changes to final four (unlikely)
    Unless my calculations are wrong, any other possibilities?

    1. They are having an extra show on Friday so someone from the jury will come back — production knows that Paulie doesn’t have the return package but he’ll be able to fight back in a comp.

      1. You’re right, a BB is scheduled for 8-19. But how long has that been scheduled for, that’s not something that gets done overnight. That show would not be necessary if one-way went into play this week, unless thay knew 100% the person that had it was not in jeopardy of getting evicted or there never was one to begin with. Feel I missing something.

        1. i don’t get why CBS didn’t once announce the DE was coming, until the night of the show. obviously it was all set up, they almost always announce it when they say, and coming on thursday an DE oh my

          seems sneaky. why keep it from the viewers? same with this sneaky secret Friday show, what’s it for? probably not a come back or an eviction, since they’d be talking about jury come backs to the jury members when they go in. maybe it’s a pandora’s box or luxury comp, like when they used to have clothing racks and 10 minutes to grab what they can put on, then keep what they grabbed. lets face it, who cares about that comp when it’s all guys left. will it be a Zingbot episode? there will only be 7 people left, so again, what’s up with that.

  9. I’m actually glad Nicole got safety because everyone was saying vote Meech, but I want Meech to get co-hoh. Besides, Nicole wasn’t getting evicted this week anyway, and neither is Meech.

    1. But now she can’t be a replacement nom for either Corey or Paulie, which puts someone from the other side at risk (not good!)

      1. Yeah but there are only 5 votes this week, and Paul, Nat, James, and Meech are locked, so if one of them goes up, they still have the majority (3). If the original noms are Corey and Paulie, we’re golden.

    2. I agree. IF Victor follows through with his plan, Corey and Pauline will be nominated. If one comes down in the POV, the other one should be headed to the jury house. This eliminates Nicole from the final (bigger) care packages. As an added bonus, hopefully she will quit whinningas she nows seems to be in la-la land.

  10. They should have cancelled out all the votes once Bridgette was cut since she was winning that care package. Then started over. There is no way Nicole would have gotten it. I guess it doesn’t really matter for the week if they stick to the plan with Corey and Paulie, I just don’t think the voting process was legit. Super lame.

    1. It matters if one of them is off the block. Nicole could have kept that place warm. Ughhhh this is so frustrating. And who’s gonna put up with her – America wants me saaffeeeee

    2. I think if Bridgette won they should say that on the care package. If the person has been evicted i.e. Bridgette then that just means the prize of the package isn’t used that week. It sends the wrong message to the HG if they weren’t the lagitamant winner.


  11. I kinda saw this coming after Bridgette was evicted. Welp, at least this means she won’t be in the running for a care package going forward. And hopefully this solidifies Paulie going to jury.

      1. Good point! Although I am starting to thinks it might be bogus. who know’s- they love the shi**y people for this stuff – if you know what I mean – they crave drama.

  12. Nicole with Super Safety..Are you friggin kidding me ? SMH

    Let’s hope Corey and Paulie go up, There is no one that would pull Paulie down besides himself. He would be toast. I have zero respect for the guy after the events this week.

    Question ..I missed the last part of the DE (work related ) If Michelle called out Nicole in her speech, why did the whole house except Natalie vote out Bridgette ?

    1. I’m starting to think America voted for Nicole because of this ragtag United Nations, Olympic year, We Are the World group that is James, Natalie, Paul, Victor, meech, and was Bridgette. was sick of how they were treating sweetheart Nicole. Making BB great again is what happened here!

    2. Cause Vic & Paul had to maintain their innocence of not knowing Z was going out and James had to redeem himself with P, C & N after flipping the vote. Paulie believed Bridget was the bigger threat.

  13. This is actually ok you can still get one of your two asshats out and keep cohoh and bribe for Meech and Paul……plus coin nostrils will have to wear stupid ass costume for the week. Hoping for Bridge to get buy back next friday !

  14. I have a very hard time believing that anyone voted for Nicole to get America’s Care Package. Can you say rigged? Hopefully Paulie, Corey, and Nicole lose the POV. Can’t wait for arrogant Paulie to gtfo.

  15. Complete and udder Horseshit! How in the world are we supposed to believe that isn’t rigged when she is at the bottom of almost every single online fan site poll? I guess if James, Natalie, Paul, Victor and Michelle all stick to the plan it just means she will be there to see one of her group go home.

  16. Omfg! I knew that was going to happen if Bridget went home during the de…that sucks..would have loved to see her sweat this week. Hopefully one of her boys goes home..she will still whine all week about her precious Corey being nominated.

  17. Wish there was a way to let this twat know the only reason she got it is because Bridgette sadly got evicted. Don’t want Little Miss Sunshine to think all of America wanted her to get it.
    Jesus, she is odious. And annoying as crap.

  18. Never thought I would see the day I was rooting for Paul and Michelle. Nicole getting super safety is way better than one of the assclowns getting it and being able to stay safe (even though she still sucks). The bright side is both can’t win veto so one for sure will still be sitting in the block on Thursday. Please bb god send Paulie home so we don’t have to see his stupid face and watch him move his hands anymore the whole time he is talking (which is always)

  19. Someone please get a megaphone go over to the bb house shout how much America hates ratcole even an airplane SOMETHING! I can’t listen to them talk for an entire week about how much America loves them now and see the other side upset thinking they are in the wrong.

  20. That goes to show you how few BB fans watch the live feeds. Nicole doesn’t deserve sh!t!! She needs to be gone next week. She is horrible

    1. That’s because those of us that have a life, don’t have time to sit in front of the computer all day and watch feeds. Some of you take this way too seriously. It is just a game!

      1. Yeah and your “full” life consists of sitting in front of a computer all day commenting on comments of those who watch the feeds. Bahahaha you’re a dumbass!

  21. Nicole doesn’t deserve anything. She is so rotten! Atleast Paulie isn’t safe nor Corey. Get one of these idiots out PLEASE!! Victor get to work Buddy!!

  22. So a bunch of people were voting for Bridge to get the ACP, she gets voted out of the house. Because of this, the already entered votes were not on the fair side since people were voting for someone that eventually can’t use the damn gift. Had votes been set up to be entered AFTER EVICTION, I’m sure meech would have gotten those Bridge votes and locked this super safety fancy gift. I can only pray that Corey or Paulie the NJ #DoucheCanoe get voted out next. I can’t stand the way those two talk about women on national TV. Do they not know that there are cameras on them 24/7?! That they MIGHT be able to keep secrets within the house, but not to the rest of America and all that have access to the www? I am embarrassed for Paulie’s and Corey’s family. Actually, how does any WOMAN raises her SON to speak so VILE and generally about the female gender. Does neither BOY realize that their MOTHERS and SISTERS are WOMEN?!?

  23. Corey thinks he or Paulie will get the next care package. (Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.) His optimism is kind of cute. Oh, wait…did I say cute? I meant sad, and just a little delusional.

  24. At least there’s a good chance that Paul and Michelle will now win Co- HOH now so that’s even better, but now Nicole will be all smug and entitled because of this now ugh. At least it wasn’t Paulie who won it though god forbid.

    1. Hey Simon – is there any way you can compile a youtube video of Paul impersonating Corey last night on the feeds? Apparently Paul’s impression was SPOT ON and I need a good laugh for today. Much appreciated if you could find a link to it.

  25. A little boost for her ego! Dammmm. Oh and seeing Nicole push Paulie out if the way as he kissed her in the passing of voting hall way had me crack a smile

    1. Yes, Canadians can vote. I am British, living in the tropics and I vote. Last week everyone was saying vote for Corey for ACP 3 as it had little significance and he would look a right fool in the costume. For some reason no one wanted to keep Meech safe. I know we lose a lot of votes if we wait until after eviction but at least it would not be wasted votes.

    2. Nooooooo, cause any votes over the week accrued for Corey or Paulie could outweigh votes distributed between Paul, Meech and Victor on one/two days. I’m pissed cause I actually got four friends to vote for Meech this morning and they probably had Nicole’s package already to go last night. Now my friends know my dirty little BB secret that I’ve kept hidden for years.

  26. Nicole gets safety? I know that wasn’t America’s vote… WTF was Production scared another vet could be taken out? So they throw the rat some cheese, it’s what she was whining for last night.. LOL Paulie and Corey on the block and hope Rat don’t luck up and win POV.

  27. Why on earth would anyone ever vote for Nicole? She doesn’t do anything. She’s pathetic. She’s attached to Corey’s hip, complains all the time, backstabs without any strategic reason. This. Makes. No. Sense.

  28. I swear the house guest are stupid but they don’t compare to the BB fan base. How do you vote for Nicole with any self respect. This care package would of went to Bridgette but for some reason this dumb fanbase wants to keep the grossmance in the house by voting Nicole second. What was your logical reason for doing so? This better not effect the nominations later. Thanks BB fanbase for being idiots once again!!!

    1. For all you douchebags down voting this comment, answer the fucking question then.
      What was your logic to doing something as stupid as voting for Nicole?

  29. Oh B!tch… I can’t believe people voted for her.

    It’s ok no worries, Paulie or Corey is leaving this week. Hopefully she’ll go next week.

    People, please vote for Michelle for ACP#4 (co-HOH). I don’t care if you hate her, it’s a game move!

  30. Nicole can be safe this week. Paulie and Corey will go up. If they don’t get veto, whoever they want gone will leave. If one of them are saved, the other is going home. Paul, Meech, James, or Nat must win next weeks HOH. Stay calm people.

  31. Nicole has a lot of fans especially with casuals, she’s also got the cat lady vote. This is no surprise. Bridgette may have won it but was evicted during double so Nicole was the runner up. Or maybe Nicole just won it flat out she’s got fans was hugely popular in season 16.

    Would be awesome if her and Corey broke up on the feeds this is what i’ll be wishing for to the BB gods tonight.

    1. I’m a cat lady and Nicole definitely does not have my vote. Don’t generalize Simon, lol.
      I think it’s just that before the flip happened, everyone was hating on Michelle so I can see how Nicole could come in second.

    2. Calm down everyone! Nicole winning the package shouldn’t be a surprise. Even the poll that Simon and Dawg run on this (awesome) website (This Weeks Top 3) always has Natalie, James, Bridgette and Nicole as the top 4. By default, Nicole was the only one left of these 4. There are only two packages remaining and I would be shocked if Corey/Paulie won either one.

    3. Yup, another cat lady here against Nicole, and no good jersey girl, and sometimes feminist (geese, might as well end it all now). I say production should have built the voting so if your votes go to a person that gets get evicted, you can choose a second that they get awarded to. Also no need to have it go over so many days. Just a few hours after eviction. Would have preferred punishments over rewards.

  32. Come on people, these America care package as “pre-set” or planned from the control room. One thing to remember watching Big Bro, is it is a television show set out to get RATINGS. The reason Nicole got safety this week is for drama purposes and it seems to be working with so many people upset that Nicole got safety. In all honesty this week didn’t really matter anyway, Cory or Paulie will be going as the others still have the numbers. Even if one of those two wins veto and takes themselves off the vote will still go 3-2 or 4-1 in favour of James/Nat/Meech/Victor/Paul….so in all honesty this safety week means NOTHING, Nicole was probably staying anyways, so look at it in a positive light not a negative one!! :)

  33. The super safety was going to Bridgette, but since she left yesterday…Nicole must have got it for being the second highest….

  34. Everyone was voting for bridgette to be super safe and no one was voting for michelle for the entire week until yesterday because she was still siding with the douchebags of the house… i dont think this matters much tho you can still put corey and paulie up and they still have the votes to evict, paulie and corey are the main targets and nicole probably wouldnt get evicted over one of those two anyway

  35. Oh come on folks, you have to appreciate the fun of how Nat and Michelle are talking snake on Nicole (and James trying to please America) when suddenly (whether by intent or not) she get super safety from America. Will be interesting to see how private convos will interpret it.

  36. MICHELLE …. You will be the replacement nominee should Paulie or Corey leave the hot seats.
    NATALIE, JAMES & PAUL …. You will vote to keep Michelle in the house.

  37. I was hoping Nicole wouldn’t get any care packages. Now she will think she’s America’s Sweetheart when she really is a little whore…under the covers with Corey every chance she gets, hand jobs, etc. Her Mom is probably cringing every time she sees them in bed. She thinks she’s big sh!t this season hanging out with Paulie and Corey. Wait till she gets out the house and finds out Corey is gay. Lol. She’s a mean girl and she’s always looking at herself in the mirror, raising her eyebrows every time she looks at herself in the mirror. Both times she went into the DR last night to vote, she had to look at herself in the mirror right before sitting down to vote, you could hear the audience laughing at her both times for doing that. Little bit¢h needs to go home and get a nose job.

    1. She was put off by Paulie kissing her. She shoved him away! Then she was all flustered and you could see she was still upset about what Meech just said!

    2. I really can’t believe how low some of the comments are about Nicole. There is no reason to call her a whore. Do you personally know her? I doubt it. Name calling is so childish and immature. You all talk about this person and that person being a bully because they said blah blah blah about so and so. Did you ever stop and think that by you calling Nicole a whore, you are actually the bully!

  38. Who cares if Nicole got Super Safety. Paul and Corey are the Targets, if one comes down… nominate James because he is least likely to stay on course.

    Votes will still go:

    Paulie Vs Corey

    Nicole: Paulie
    Nat: Paulie
    Paul: Paulie
    Mech: Paulie
    James: Paulie.

    Even if Paul and James flipped it would take Nicole voting to evict Corey to flip the results. It is unlikely that Nicole would vote out Corey.

    James vs. Paulie/ Corey
    Nicole: James
    Corey: James
    Nat: Paulie/ Corey
    Meech: Paulie/ Corey
    Paul: Paulie/ Corey

    this would be the tricky votes… Paul might Flip but those two girls hate Paulie and they do not trust Nicorey.
    Paulie/ Corey still go’s hom as long as things stay on course. The veto just has to stay un-used and people need to stay on course… still if the worst thing happens… how much of a loss is James. He really disappointed me this year.

    I actually voted for Paul to win Super Safety.

  39. Who thought we would ever be thankful for Paul…..without him running Robot Vics HOH where the f#ck would we be….James is clueless Nat is unable to do much and Meech just wants Nicole out……. I really hate Paulie but Corey is really irratiating ……. Just a slightly less hateful southern version of Paulie Corleone.

  40. On the care package it was probably because so many had voted for Bridgette. When she left Nicole had the top spot and voters had already cast their votes for Bridgette so there weren’t enough folks who could vote to cancel out Nicole’s full week of votes.
    That being said, it’s not all gloom and doom. If they put up Paulie and Corey, and Nicole wins veto (it means nothing) She takes one of them down. Victor puts up James (or anyone, but James worries me about his vote) Michelle and Natalie will vote out the remaining Paulie/Corey and Nicole and whoever she used the veto on votes out the replacement nominee. That leaves Paul to decide who goes. Nicole winning the veto only means she seals the fate of whoever she leaves up there.

  41. Get a GRIP PEOPLE!!! Nicole getting that package doesn’t change anything!. Still nominate Paulie and Corey, if one pulls themselves down, then replace with anyone, because the numbers are in Paul and Vic’s favor to evict either of those two. Calm down…..breathe…..let her think she is liked, I can’t wait to hear what she says when her Corey is nominated, safe or not she will be a basket case! hehehehehe!

  42. This was terribly done by CBS. Voters should have been able to pick a top 3 for their care package, so that if your first choice left, the votes would go to the second. As they’ve done it now, all the people who voted for Bridgette in reality got no say and there was no time for people to pick their second choice. As a result, Nicole, Corey and Paulie will be parading around thinking they’re liked instead of knowing the truth; that she won on a technicality.

    1. America did get to choose “3”, by being able to vote 20 times, if I recall correctly. Always hedge your bets by splitting them instead of giving one person all of your votes. Its like putting $ on Green 0 00 in roulette.

  43. DUMBASSES, THINK!!! Nicole was unlikely going home. IF either Corey, or Paulie win veto, then Victor will likely put up Michelle, and the other one goes to jury. So this care package is just a waste anyway, but it still leaves Michelle, Paul, and Victor, who weren’t going home anyway eligible for the next care packages DUMBASSES!!! Use common sense. It would be different if America sent Paulie the care package, because he is the target this week.

      1. Do not be so sensitive… Because, I’m quite sure I’m hurting peoples’ feelings. But I do understand, I’m well above average.

  44. no double next time the America packages can go to the right person next time I think bridget got robed
    it wrong Nicole should not go it if pulie gets one America we no its rigged

  45. THIS is what happens when people vote before you know who the fuck is going to be evicted or HoH. SLOW THE FUCK DOWN PEOPLE! JESUS!

    1. So you are saying you don’t vote Sunday through Wednesday? That’s why this is another stupidly planned twist. Would be better if they gave a 12 hour window after eviction to vote. I voted Bridget playing the odds and lost. I figured she might not get nominated, if she did she might win the veto, if not then not voted out, and if she was she might have the one-way. Only other option is to split votes between the top two people acceptable.

  46. First I was upset Nicole got it, but it really doesn’t matter because she was safe anyway. One of Corey/Paulie should go. All this does is make Vic have to put up a pawn should one come down. Even if one does come down, the votes are against the one that stays on the block. With limited choices left for the remaining care packages, one of Corey/Paulie/Nicole was bound to get one. Why not burn one when its kind of meaningless?

  47. let her think America loves her and then Julie can tell her the week after next . That Bridgett actually won but got put out so production rigged it , I mean you were next in line . No Nicole not for the I am gay and in the closet , look guys we pulling a train on Nicole party . the care package . Wow Nicole you are as dumb as everybody thought . Julie yells , LES I cant take this much longer with these people ! ! !

  48. If Paulie’s game was not blown up, many of you dumbasses would be talking about what a great player he is, blah, blah. But because people had the common sense to blow him up, unlike in Derrick’s season, he is no longer a great player, is he? If people had blown Derrick’s game up like they did in this season, then Derrick wouldn’t be considered such a great player, would he?? Great gameplay is not dependent on the stupidity of the other houseguests. Learn the difference between great gameplay and gameplay dependent on other peoples; stupidity.


      1. The point Is not what Derrick did not do, or what Paulie did. The point is many people were talking about Paulie being such a great player; but now that people blew up his game , he will no longer be such a great player. If people blew up Derrick’s game, like they did Paulie’s, then Derrick wouldn’t be considered such a great player. If people had laughed at Dan’s Funeral, instead of falling for it, then Dan wouldn’t be considered such a great player. Good gameplay is good gameplay, no matter what the other houseguests do or don’t do. What if the tables were turned, and no blew up Paulie’s game, but people blew up Derrick’s?? Who would be considered the better player?? PAULIE… Get the point? DUMBASS…

    2. You’re so clueless. After all this fiasco you still think Paulie’s game blew up because he was a great player. They exposes him for the scumbag that he is, on both a PERSONAL level and game wise. He will go down BB history as a the biggest failed scumbag player.

      1. I never said that Paulie’s game was exposed because he was a great player, you DUMBASS!!! I said, many people were talking like his game was so great, but now that his game is exposed, he will no longer be considered so great. Are you an IDIOTT?? Seriously, go take some reading classes, and learn the point of what is being written.

    3. I am not a Derrick fan. I think he got lucky with a group of mostly fame whores and morons. He was challenged a couple times and risked his game. His reaction though was much calmer and he was quick to put out tiny fires and not let them simmer too long and get out of control. Paulie just bulled through and tiny things piled up and just collapsed on him.

      1. FALSE… When did he ever risk his game?? When did anybody ever challenge him?? The only person that had a clue was Donnie, and he didn’t have the numbers.

  49. Listen CBS loves them some Nicole so they want her in the game a while longer…..But her time is coming and in the interim we get to see her whine about asshat clueless Corey being on the block……I mean this is dumbass CBS (STANDS FOR CAN’T BELIEVE SHIT) so you to enjoy what you can get!

  50. I am 100% voting Victor for the next care package! Final care package goes to Paul! No way should Paulie or Corey get a package. Nicole only got it by default! She got lucky.

    1. You are not the majority of America!!! Apparently, America is also not on your side!!! America will decide who gets the care package and your puny little votes won’t mean squat!

  51. Natilie is obsessed with Nicole. Get over it they don’t like you. Focus on the game. Zakiyah has said so many things about you and you want to be her friend. She called you a Thot. Michelle use to make fun of you behind your back and blamed Nicole for not liking you. She even snitched you out to James about rubbing Paulies leg. Everyone in the house especially the guys made fun of you. But you only hate Nicole. She hasn’t said anything mean about you unless it’s about you flirting. She defended you when guys were talking about Fts. Paul talks so much shit about you to your face and behind your back. He’s said a lot worse than Nicole. But you only blame a girl. You claim you are a girls girl but yet you attack a female and want to put her on the block. You’ve been talking about Nicole just as much as she has about you. When James was Hoh the whole time you were calling her two faced. You called her a bitch when talking to Zakiyah. Nicole has never uttered those kind of words about anyone in the house. The only reason you don’t like her is because Corey didn’t like you. Let’s be honest. I don’t hear you bashing him as much. He called you fake and a Thot. You seem like a nice person but you can’t just blame Nicole only and call her out because that is very hypocritical, If you are genuinely nice you wouldn’t stoop that low and make a speech and embarrass them on Tv. Take the high road and be the classier one. I know I’m going to get lots of Disliked but I think it’s unfair.

    1. Natalie being rejected by Corey early on is why I think she says she hates Corey and Nicole. She’s the real jealous one. She also tries too hard to convince everyone what a good heart she has, and maybe she does, but why destroy Zakiyah like she did? Nicole is genuinely a good person, and tries to keep personal crap out of the game. Natalie may have alot of people fooled, but her goal was to be in a showmance. How many did she try before it finally took with James?

  52. Ugh Nicole thinks she’s America’s favorite. I just hope Victor sticks to the plan to put up Paulie and Corey. Would love to see those two battle each other for POV. And hopefully neither of them wins it so they have to campaign against each other. an epic week. Cherry on the top would be watching Paulie walk out the door. He will be a bitter juror if he does.

  53. So happy for Nicole!! Great to see her enjoying herself!! Love that girl!! You haters are such a sad bunch of people!!

    1. I don’t HATE Nicole. I just LOVE to see what goes around come around. It’s fun to “hate” someone. We really don’t HATE HER. This season is so hard to love or hate someone for very long!

    2. The sad one here would be you voting for whinny little snake who is only there for a showmance, she has no game at all, she should go on a dating game instead of big brother.

    3. Love conquers hate, it isn’t about hating Nicole and to a degree each houseguest does this but it is being oblivious to your own actions that most people dislike in a game player. You know that old saying of my crap don’t stink. If Nicole truly wants to be known as one of the best Big Brother competitors then she should play a game as such, yet she plays a very insecure role and always “thinking” what America thinks of her, this is a sign of a very weak game player, all the greats player “their own” game. Nicole has no game because she is so in her own head about what others think of her she becomes a prisoner of her own mind and no one ever worried about what America thinks wins. If she is so worried what America thinks, then paradoxically she doesn’t believe her own abilities. She gets so upset being called a mean girl because that is what someone who consciously feels guilt acts. If she KNEW she wasn’t a mean girl it would roll off of her like water on a ducks back, but it doesn’t because deep down she knows it is all true.

  54. At least she can’t use it on a person of her choice, and either Paulie or Corey will still leave. She is only 1 vote for Corey, and she can’t get anything next week. If either P or C pull themselves off the block, it doesn’t matter who sits beside them on the block, P or C will go home. They have no clout this week at all. The numbers don’t favor them. After the POV whoever is left on the block is “done like dinner”. Paulie has made such an ass of himself, there is nothing he can say or do at this point to make anyone believe him except Nicole or Corey. He couldn’t make a deal with anyone and be believed at this point. The absolute worst thing this little prick did yesterday was talk about how many times he and Z had sex. New low for him. I hope he gets what he deserves when he leaves this house. He is a monster who obviously needs anger management, and a good beatdown by someone to straighten him out. His behavior and mouth is completely out of control, and even Julie in her latest statement said basically her patience is running out with him.

  55. No way will Paul or Michelle ever get ACP. They are both horrible ppl. There really isn’t anyone in there that should get one but I would much rather a whiny, jealous Nicole get it than those two who say such vile personal things about ppl. It is a GAME. Those two actually enjoy tormenting ppl.

  56. I am voting for Vic for CO- HOH, and Paul for bribe.
    Thanks people who only see CBS edit……… Nicole thinks she is popular…………ugh!!

    1. We all need to get on the same page! I see everyone here has different people they want and it’s going to split the vote to where the casual person will give them to Corey and paulie!
      Let’s get together in strong numbers and all vote the same!
      Can’t let either of them get one of the last two! THAT we can all agree on!!!!!!!

  57. Am I the only one who thinks the care package should have been given before the DE? If no one has the round trip pass, we will get a jury buy back. Fingers crossed it’s Bridget! Nicole don’t deserve the care package. Wish she wasn’t in the house from the start.

  58. Apparently according to a leak on Evels Dicks twitter account, James told Paulie the plan before the live show last night, that he was canceling votes to keep Michelle and bounce Zakiyah.
    (I one hundred percent believe that to be true!)
    Paulie tried to strong arm him into going back to the original plan…and it says James was nearly convinced.

  59. I’m ecstatic Nicole got the care package! This means that this little coup won’t be able to overthrow it’s leader. Vic needs to figure out that he might need to join Paulie/Corey sooner because he’ll get clipped from the other group bc he doesn’t have a showmance, cry when things don’t go his way, or have a sick beard.

    PS: Yes Paulie is a douche, but he’s played the strongest game here.

  60. Most people that vote only watch the CBS show. The real Nicole doesn’t get shown there.

    Who cares that she got it? Victor is putting up Corey and Paulie. Nicole can’t stop them both from going home.

    Corey or Paulie is going home this week and that hurts Nicole bad.

    She going to cry when Corey goes up. Fun to watch. Worried all week. Fun. When one of them goes home she will try and snake in with Vic and Paul. Fun.

    Nicoles going to be miserable. Win for us.

  61. Not sure what is funnier….. Slot nosed Nicole thinking America acttually wants to keep HER of all people safe !! Or Paulie and Corey…aka Block Bait, thinking they will get the next care package !!

    Bwahahahahahaha Talk about terminally clueless !!!

  62. If Vic was smart, he would tell Nicole to come with him and send James and Nat to one room, Corey and Meech to another and Paulie and Paul to another. Vic would ask Nicole the question about who brought up the DE plan to get Vic out. Welllllllllll, I don’t want to throw anybody under the buuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssss. I’m loyalllllllllll. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttt…it was Jamesssssssssssssssssssss!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttt, he did say it in more of a question form. Ok…send Corey in and you hang with Meech. Same question…dude, bro, it was so awkward, my gosh, Day was in the room and brought up who do we go after in the DE and after total silence for a few seconds, James blurts out B and V. Dude, bro, I said who’s B? Dude, bro…Day was in the room how could we go after Bridgette in the DE when she’s on the block with Day this week. Dude, bro…Day was in the room…so awkward!! Ok…send in Paulie and you hang with Paul. Same question…Paulie already pissed at James anyway, throws him under the bus with a big hissy fit. Ok…sends in James and you hang with Nat (awkward). Same question…James knows he’s screwed and tries to blame it on Paulie because he knows he’s already on the outs with everybody. Vic says OK and then nominates James and Nat. Comes up with some kind of poem that there were 4 versions of the story and only his didn’t match. I know you James fans will give me the immediate thumbs down but Paulie and Corey are in the minority now and Nicole is safe this week. You would be breaking up another showmance and James has proven that he will make a big move whenever he can.

    1. The problem with your scenario is that Vic knows James was super close to Day. And, James just said it to let Day know. He was just passing information and NOT the instigator and planner. It WAS Paulie and Corey who planned the backdoor victor again during DE

  63. paulie and corey are going on the block. the other side (michelle, etc.) won’t be going home since they have the numbers. it doesn’t matter that nicole got safety. the only thing it does is make the house believe that the fans are on their side.

  64. It doesn’t matter as long as 2 things don’t happen.
    1-Paulie doesn’t win POV and
    2- Paulie doesn’t have return ticket into the house.

    I want his c*cky a$$ on the block and out the door. I loved seeing him so uncomfortable (pissed off) yesterday. lol

  65. If Victor puts up Michelle as a pawn and then one of Corey/Paulie wins veto and makes all three safe then that would just be the epitome of this season. That or Corey/Paulie having the round trip. Go Natalie?

  66. Well, at least she truly looks like a witch in it…Snitchcole the witch…u won by default. If she had half a brain she would pick up that she’s in danger, and that America thinks she’s a little biznatch! Too bad it couldn’t have looked more like a safety snake…*sigh* oh well, let’s pray her Snorey Corey (Paulinas final 2) gets voted out & kicks rocks…I for one will be jumping up & down! A 2 for 1…her ride or die, & Paulinas too! Yay!!

  67. Pauline & his flunky Corine think they’re not going on the block well they’re gonna be in for a rude awakening even if one of them wins veto the other 1 will go to jury & I hope like hell neither one has the round trip ticket! Ratcole really thinks America likes her she lucked up cause Bridgette was next in line to receive it!

  68. Zingbot needs to say…Hey Nicole, does the safety suit fit?…America had it ordered in Bridgette’s size. (Re-gift)

  69. Nicole wasn’t going anywhere this week anyway. They are concentrating on Paulie and Corey. For Nicole, this is a useless prize. The only good thing that will be used is her bug spray, and hair stuff. if one of the guys comes off the block, they will just put up a pawn, and also Nicole can’t get anything next week. So personally I think it all worked out well this week as far as the packages goes. Nicole winning this affects no one Worst case is she wins POV, but she can only take down one person, and that would be Corey. (oh oh…….flaw in Paulie’s plan). Should have put Nicole on block last week instead of Z. Too bad…so sad…NOT!!!

    1. Michelle is going up as a pawn, only if Paulie or Corey win veto. The other is still going home, regardless. She won’t be an original nom.

    1. I think Paul would be awesome on the bribe. A lot better than victor. And… would put victor in HOH for third week in a row, piss off paulie and they would be scrambling wondering why America wanted victor like s permanent HOH.

      I just want us ALL to be on same page. I’m game for any way, just make sure the onlinebigbrother alliance is STRONG!!
      I want to hear reasons for each way

  70. They really screwed up with how America votes on this. The way it’s set up you (obviously) can be voting for someone that’s not actually in the house by the time the vote is over. They SHOULD have made it where you could cast a replacement second chance vote if your first choice person were evicted.

  71. I have been trying to keep things a little more light hearted but I am furious at this asshat. Paulie is once again talking about the assault on his character only this time he is saying that it didn’t just make him angry, it hurt him because he has a mom watching. What the chit is wrong with this guy. You spent an entire season calling Natalie FTs, talking about knowing what kind of girl she was outside the house and basically implying she was a whore. All of this happened before Natalie did or said anything to give Paulie a reason to be angry or upset with her. How does Paulie think Natalie’s mom feels listening to those comments about her daughter? And what about Zakiyah? Paulie showed zero respect for her throughout their entire relationship. Less than an hour after her eviction he told everyone not only how many times they had sex but when and where it happened. I wonder how Zakiyah’s mom feels right now. I am not blaming Paulie’s family for choices he makes but when he gets home his mom needs to smack him upside the head, his father needs to kick him in the ass and Cody and Derrick need to take his card back and tell him his membership to the BB boys club has been revoked. Paulie is definitely some special type thing and frankly, once this season ends I will be happy to never see his face or hear his throat clearing voice again.

    1. Exactly! If he’s so concerned about his mom watching, he should have checked himself first and acted respectable. He’s a narcissistic loser who can’t stand being called out so he blames others for his own lack of character. Evidently his mom is OK with him having sex on TV? Doubt it. He’s an entitled brat.

    2. I think he has a tic….that throat/snot thing is way weird. Whars hilarious is his “mafia” point with his pinky finger and pointer finger pointed out when he points. All he needs is a big gold ring on that short, fat, pinky. Such a douche

    1. yeah me too. the talk on here all season has been how unhinged and psycho she is. we saw a bit of that last night. now she’s in with the feminerds on here.

      you know 95% of the nerds here have never done anything competitive in their lives. your 5th grade softball doesn’t count. anyway, that might explain why they hate Paulie because he’s competitive af. he’s the guy they wanted to be or be with.

      nat is a little brat throwing a fit over her stupid boobs. you would think Paulie punched her in the throat or something. nicole has ridden corey’s bag all season so forget her. paul is a snake but he’s good at it. i actually almost hate him but if he wins he deserves it. can’t say that about anyone else other than Paulie.

    2. This past week my opinion of Meech has done a 180; when she made nice with Bridgette it showed she was willing to work with the right people once she got to know them better. (Honestly, do you think Corey would have the depth to do the same). Yes she cries (ugly cry too), but she was (and continues) to not be intimidated by Paulie. She helped fuel the fire against Paulie and encouraged the others to take up arms alongside her and Natalie.

      1. NOBODY with any self respect would EVER want to be with Paulie. Jeff Schroeder needs to teach him how to be a respectable man. Paulie is disgusting.

  72. Love this costume on her! That is why she got this box…..super safety is irrelevant hopefully since Paulie and Corey should go up.

  73. Can you imagine Pauline wins Hoh next week Michelle getting co hoh package and him having to share power with her………I smell another Pauline meltdown

  74. I thought it was a crappy move to give James the cp for votes, I wanted him coHOH, safety AND nominations. But, America got all anxious to vote on their boy and didn’t think strategically. Now, we are left with TOTAL CRAP to vote for the best two packages.
    I say we get over this last fiasco with Nicole and start playing ourselves, strategize, and try to outvote the casual viewer who will vote for paulie because he’s just so cutely edited on TV.

    I’m thinking victor for co HOH and Paul for the bribe.
    Let’s get together, not split our votes and get it done. I don’t want paulie and Corey to get the last two best ones!
    I asked to have s separate post on here about the packages so we could talk about that only, but, I guess it wouldn’t work.
    What do y’all say? CoHOH would put victor in the HOH room three weeks in a row! Piss Paulie off!

  75. I’m hoping people vote for Big Meech for the co-hoh.. Really flip the house! Get Paulie out this week. I’m not a huge fan of Meech at all but love that some of the game has changed thanks to her and Natalie


  77. Ratcole, seriously America? This must be rigged! The votes should have all been cancelled out the minute the real winner, Bridget left. In that case I KNOW America would have protected Meech. She deserves it too for blowing up their games on live TV!! I pray the DR informs Ratcole who the real winner was and she was far behind Bridget in the polls! Nobody, not even Chenbot can convince me Corey was not coached to win that HOH??? Every HG answered the opposite of him and he was correct?? C’mon Grodner, how stupid do you think we are? It is an insult to our intelligence. He is a complete moron and a douchcanoe himself! The POV he won, also rigged… anything to keep Polly wanna cracker in this shitfest of a game. I do not believe for one minute Victor will put up Corey/Paulie!! Not ever gonna happen. He is too damned spineless! He and Paul are all show, no go! Nat Nat for the win!

  78. Personally, I think if they were doing an entire week in one hour then it should have included the safety pack. Makes sense. And F*ck Nicole and her whiny ass voice. I liked her 1st season but this season she just whines about Corey. Last season she would barely give Hayden the time of day… this season she’s trying to get wifed up by someone whose resting face looks like that of a hunting hoot owl. O O

  79. Corey and Paulie don’t have super safety so I’m happy! Enjoy the week Nicole! Hopefully next week, Operation: Ditch the Douche can continue with you on the block next to the bro that survives this week (for the love of the sweet baby jeebus, please)!

  80. i think a big impact was that we just all assumed michelle was walking dead. Zak was staying, no one was voting for her safety, the next default was going to be bridgette, since she wasn’t on the block. maybe DE was coming up, in which case the party line was that Vic was going up and out, which didn’t happen, but according to the show and feeds, up until wednesday night say, why vote for someone you know 100001% is going out the door. even if there was a fix it scramble after wednesday show, it was too late to sway votes off of nicole.

    I know i was always voting on nicole when the safety opened up, and that was also based on i was never going to vote for one of those bro dudes, and nicole was for sure still going to be there, and my view was bro dudes all in charge all the time, america votes nicole to be safe, might wake her up to what they are up to. if she has any wits, she will realize the voting didn’t just happen the day of eviction when they knew vic was HOH, it happened thru the week when the boyz were running everything, and she was running behind them.

    i’d be interested in seeing whether or not the vote served its purpose that she figures out that even with brodudes around this week, she was in danger? michelle and james and paul might have to lead her to it. but my guess is she will think oh vic was ‘in charge’ so probably america is telling her she actually is in danger from vic, no one else.

    when i realized that might not be the best route, i split voted paul and bridget, then bridget and michelle. no clue bridget was going to be evicted. didn’t realize the majority of the house couldn’t count to 100 for that last HOH.

    Michelle- People have a name for Julie Chen online because she’s fake like a robot, and I want to call her that name on live tv.
    Natalie- hahaha yes! Do it! Please do it!
    James- no you don’t talk about her.

    AMERICA THERE’S YOUR 2 BULLIES AND PAUL IS STOOPING TO THEIR LEVEL NOW. Paulie only defends himself, he doesn’t create it.

  82. I was hoping that if it was Bridgett that won the ACP, they would drop the package in the yard with her name on it and include a card saying “Bridgett won the ACP, but since she has been evicted, no one will benefit from the 3rd power – a week of safety”. That would’ve been priceless.

  83. BIG BROTHER, I hope you’re smart enough to realize comments and thumbs up are the same people over and over and over. Some of them are even admitting it because they’re family members or friends of the cast.
    Sketch…. They don’t believe in them to win it on their own so they create fake votes and comments.

  84. Im really surprised how far Paul has come. I hated him at first, liked him later until Paulie started his crap, now he is back to Vic. Meech was just a floater but now that she has Paulies panties in a bunch, I like her.
    James pussed out in defending Natalie. Glad he came through with the votes, but my opinion of him has changed.
    Vic is the Comeback Kid! Never liked him, but he is playing well.
    I gotta go with Paul for the win! Hes obnoxious yet righteous! He can blend in anywhere.

  85. Simon those are some terrific and hilarious parenthetical comments. Thanks for the laughs and for liking my retweet of Natalie’s FU Paulie. That was the BEST!

  86. look at the zillion posts on this site…almost EVERYONE was duped by nicole the 1st time but see thru her way in hell she wins anything by a vote…and cbs ..aka grodner..paulie won’t magically have the round trip if needed also…fire these pos who cast these jamokes and let big brothe be the great show it was MANY moons ago…don’t wanna be a quitter but this show sucks the last few seasons..same ole stereotype cast and predictability.even when it looks like a shake up production intervenes

  87. Nicole thinks she got the care package because America loves her. Corey thinks that because Nicole got the care package that James picked the side that is not ‘America’s side’. I can’t wait until they all find out that Nicole was the consolation, not the prize.

    1. Not a chance in he double hockey sticks would that EVEN happen.

      Also, I really love big brother’s sketchy-a*s hashtags stating “YAY for corey’s game” and “PP reunited”…who the hell is saying this sh*t.

  88. I admit it … I voted for Nicole. The reason I voted for her is because the blow up about Paulie hadnt taken place yet and I was anticipating the boys taking out the girls. Im not upset that Nicole got this and I actually wish she were still available to get one of the up coming packages. Everyone on here who is supporting Natalie and Meech… those are MEAN GIRLS. Say what you want, but the fact that Natalie has to keep telling everyone she is a nice person shows me that she is just trying to convince herself and everyone else how “nice” she is… she’s not. She is a jealous petty girl and so is Meech. I’ve had a hard time finding someone to cheer for this season and forgive me but… Nicole isnt as bad as those other girls in my mind. I find myself cheering for Paul and Victor as of right now but not the other girls or James. Paulie is a terrible person and Corey is too. I’d like to see Victor, Paul and Nicole in the final 3 I guess with what I have left to choose from. The only one out of the 3 that needs money is Nicole… so. That is why I voted for Nicole. Sue me.

  89. I am really starting to love Michelle! This is totally bogus that Nicole was 2nd to this. She doesn’t like females at all.. I remember thinking that during her original season. She is very power hungry over other girls. likes to be the alpha

  90. Just watching the livefeeds… Paulie, Nicole and Corey are talking. Nicole said that America likes her, that she knows that she is on the right team thats why she got the safety package. Yeah right Nicole! Lol
    Probably Bridgette got 10,000 votes and Nicole got 100!!!!

  91. Simon, didn’t Corey, Paulie and Nicole said that that whoever gets the next America’s care package should be put on the block next?

  92. just thought of something……we as America need to decide who would be second on the co-hoh vote because what if Meech wins hoh….I guess victor would be second? Running out of people here…

  93. Wow I’m watching the convo in Tokyo room between Corey, Nicole and Paulie saying how much America loves them and gloating and confident about how Michelle is going home. I can’t wait to see their reaction this afternoon when Vic puts their egotistical and proud asses on the block. Nicole is thanking America, saying what would you guys do without me? Geez but little does she know she would not have won it if Bridgette didn’t leave. I’m voting for Paul or meech for next weeks care package

  94. Say what you want about Nicole but she is not nearly as nasty as all the others girls in the house except for Natalie. The way the other girls would talk about Brigette and Natalie was so mean. .

  95. Like other have said NO doubt Super Saftey was going to Bridge first and Nicole was second. Once again it seems this Care Package is just a waste as Vic already said he was putting up Paulie/Corie before the package arrived. Next week the Care Package is HUGE as the team that receives it will be able to make 1 HOH nomination. If for example the Nicole-Pauley/Corie team of 2 win HOH and of course America will vote for Miche, Paul or Vic to receive it as America just hates Paulie and Nicole and anyone affiliated with them. It’s impossible for Nicoe-Pauley/Corey team of 3 to not lose another member and be down to just 1 player because the team of 5 will have the votes supporting the Care Package of 1 HOH nomination.

    Should be a crazy week.

  96. Paulie, Cory, Victor, and Nicole are the ones that don’t have to step on other’s heads. Last night the house was divided into 2 rooms. James, Natalie, Michelle, Paul in bedroom talking lies about the other players. Then you had Nicole, Cory, Pauly, Victor in kitchen enjoying life not making up lies against the others. Yes Paulie got upset when he was attacked by all the mean girls, especially Natalie. I don’t blame him. They are very mean girls that will stoop to any level. You can’t offer your body as a bribe and then cry wolf about it later Natalie to try and ruin someone’s reputation. Karma is ugly.
    (I guess the nice group doesn’t step on heads because they can win comps and the mean girls group has to punch in the gut to win.)

  97. Really America?! You pick the Whiney one?! I wanted to see the look on her face when she didn’t get this package lol. This worries me with the upcoming election lol. On the bright side she looks halirous I. That costume haha, I hope the king douche and crazy eyes still get nominated

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