Big Brother Spoilers POV Ceremony Results “On my Aunt that’s dying of cancer”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: Paulie AND Corey
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Victor did not use the Power of Veto Nominations stay the same Paulie and Corey are on the block

Paulie is the target

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 11-54-29-530

9:57am Kitchen Paulie and Paul
Paulie says the pitch he’s given Victor and Paul is win win for them. If he wins they are safe and if he doesn’t win he goes back on the block.
Paul doesn’t think it’s that easy to get Paulie back on the block asks him who will do it.
Paulie says he’ll tell whoever wins the HOH to put him up. (And if it’s Nicole and Corey won’t happen)
Paulie says if they get rid of James the two of them can control Natalie to as far as they want. Paulie says he’s going to bounce back to Jersey if he goes to Jury with 5 weeks left. if there was 4 days in Jury he can handle that, “I really don’t want to f***g go there”

paul – once the number crunch down it’ll be every man for themselves..
paulie – I was saying I’m don just let me do something to help these guys.. it’s all of us against Michelle and Natalie.. the odds are there..
Pauli is saying he’s trying to do the honerable move to the people he “D overed” because he’s been “D overed”
Pauli – my word on my family there’s no going back on that..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 11-52-15-213
10:27am Safari room Paul
Paul- There is some people in this house who are starting to do a little weird stuff. A lot of sympathy cards, sore loser-eque behavior.. It’s getting old to be honest.. Not a fan of

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 11-57-29-030

11:55am Nicole and Paulie
Nicole is saying strategically that is a very good deal paulie offered Victor.
Paulie – I swore on my aunt that’s dying of cancers..
Paulie- I want to honour the integrity of the game if I am goign to the jury house with 5 weeks left.. not goign to happen
Paulie doesn’t think Victor and Paul are thinking strategically keeping James.

Paulie – “On my aunt that’s dying of cancer”
Paulie saying that Nicole’s cast was really good this cast he could care less about he’s only goign to hang out with Nuicoel and Corey maybe Paul
Paulie – it is what it is.. they are set..
Paulie is going to tell James the only reason he got America’s favorite was becuase Victor was going to backdoor him so the fans wanted him to be safe.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 12-06-16-804

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 12-04-17-802
12:02pm London room Paul, Natalie and James
Talking about pulling Corey and Paulie apart and rattleing Corey before the next HOH competitions.

Paul – no matter what is going on Paulie is going home..
Paul – if he sees us tight with Pauli they will start asking questions..
paul – have conversations with him (Paulie) and when Corey comes in stop..
paul – this way he doesn’t know he’s goign home or now.. we start now until thrusday.. he’s shaken up
james- Nicole is shaken up
Paul – Always say I don’t know I’m not sure.. Corey makes good points Paulie makes good points.. I don’t know what we are doing
natalie is worried that Michelle isn’t coming to them and talking. James says she’s “Hot and Cold”

Paul – if we don’t create that paranoia he’ll win HOH and be like f*** yo f** you …
Natalie – he called Bridgette a sh1t head yesterday.. Corey
James – we need to get Corey campaigning..
Paul explains after what that side did to them they can’t give them the satisfaction of knowing what happened this week.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 12-12-32-291

12:11pm PAul and Bridgette MEECh

Paul is saying they are goign to let 3 days of Paranoia to sink into Nicole, Corey and Paulie. They are all going to pretend that COrey might be the target. Say paulie is doing a lot of campaigning and making some good points, “it’s Big brother” nobody is safe.
Michelle – brilliant.. we can prove Nicole is a snake .. who came up with it
paul – (points at himself see image) .. they will be sacred shitless
Paul – just know Paulie is going 100%

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 12-19-57-738

12:20pm Paulie and Paul bathroom

Paulie – I have ideas how I can campaign
Paul – don’t toss anyone under the buss
Paulie – they just want deals
Paul – i’m just played devil’s advocate.. Like you said to Frank don’t roll over and die
Paulie – I won’t roll over and die man..
Paul – Corey hasn’t talked to me about anything.. Corey has talked to me

Paulie – I’m not going to honour my families life and not do a deal like that especially with one dying of cancer… That’s real f***g shit I was playing this game for her.
Paul – Corey hasn’t approached me at all.. I don’t think he’s approached anybody
PAulie – I’ve lost James’ vote has anyone told james (Paulie trying to get james up this week)
PAul – I can’t comment on that
Paulie – I don’t know what’s the best approach with James
Paul – will it hurt to try
Paulie there’s no reason to throw people under the bus all I have left is deals
Paulie – My moral compass says they’re is a way to stay in this game with Pleading and making deals
Paul says he needs to campaign
Paulie – if I do that one of my closest friends go home..
Paul- right..
Paulie – I love the game and I do want to leave with some respect and dignity ..
Paul – Corey might campaign .. Maybe corey will say something that doesn’t make sense.. You can campaign and not throw each other under the bus
Paul – not everyone has made up their minds
Paul says some pros and Cons have been tossed around
Paulie wants to know the pros so he has a shred of hope
Paul – Corey might come to me with someone sweeter.. Theres 3 days
Paulie – between you and I nobody will give you a deal any sweeter
Paul – you don’t need to throw someone under the bus to campaign.
Paul – going out on a good route..
Paulie – I’ve gone rogue.. I thought I was kinda mellow.. I went X amount of days without going through anything until I got screwed over
Paul – I’m just saying what is being said to me..
Paulie – the odds are very very stacked against me, I can’t see natalie will ever vote for me
Paul – to be honest to you there’s nothing I can do it has to be something you do
Paulie – you don’t have to put your neck out there but you can help pros and cons when people ask you
Paulie – back it up man.. Be like that’s a sweet deal

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 12-58-34-034

12:57pm London room Paul, Natalie and James
Paul relays his conversation with Paulie. Tells them they have to go to Corey and tell him Paulie is bringing up some sweet deals.
Natalie says she will keep saying how much she feels sorry for Paulie in front of Nicole and Corey.

James – give them a little task of their own medicine.
Paul – lets give them a day.. I’m concerned about my safety in this game
Paule says Victor is going to do nothing this week he’s done enough

James – I’m going to start hanging out with Corey.. Playing pool, I might sleep in his bed with him.
Paul – we don’t want to befriend them we want them to be scared.. We want them to know we are deciding their fate..
Paul – we treat them the same don’t treat one better than the other
Paul – we were all out of their group not just james not just you we were all out of it.. We were all targets.. Even in the bathroom paulie is talking about getting out James.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 13-19-30-104

Praying for a buyback and/or a roundtrip
Paulie – they’re all sitting there being like we’re done ganging up on you.. they’ll still do more and more ..
Paulie says if he tries to Campaign and they all start calling him out again for it he’s goign to crack. He thinks they would try and do it on Wednesday.

Nicole – I would rather go out with my head held high..
Paulie – I’ll lose my sh1t Crack a couple guys in the face.. you want to do that to me and think you’re f***g safe because there’s cameras here..

Nicole – you can’t do that .. if you hit someone in the face i’ll be upset with yo u
Paulie – Nicole you can’t keep doing this to me
Nicole – you can’t punch someone in the face
paulie – I know I can’t.. I’m telling you if they do that I will
Paulie says he will if they try to mess with him again.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 12-59-35-038

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 14-49-55-845

2:51pm Chit chat or sleeping .. topic include Bucket lists to when they get out, Texting etiquette, new music, New phones, New watches etc etc…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 14-50-39-837

London room James and Natalie
Natalie tells James if Nicole really had his back she would have told him straight up that Paulie was throwing his name out there as a backdoor.
James says h’e putting Corey and Nicole up and telling Nicole “I refuse to believe you have never heard my name brought up and you never came and told me about it once.. in a conversation you betrayed my trust.. Corey. you have said things or whatever.. you are up there because of that..
Natalie – he was going against me.. him and Paulie I heard were ganging up on Bridgette.. that’s not cool
James- I’m going to call them (Nic/Corey) Clay and Shelli .. they were playing all sides of the house

James says Nicole hasn’t been called into the Diary for a long time explains that this means she’s not involved in much. When people get called into the Diary a lot that means they are involved in a lot of stuff in the house.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 15-52-18-147

3:26pm Natalie and Paulie London room (James sleeping)
Paulie says he was plying the middle of two groups and got caught the least he can do is help their side get further before he goes calls himself a free game piece.
Paulie – my Social game was so strong people never payed attention to my to my comp wins
Natalie asks him who is ride or die was
Paulie says it was Paul falls lays down beside Paulie.
Paulie says he’ll go after whoever the majority of the house wants and he’s not going against Natale. Natalie says if he stays and he’s not targeting her or her people that’s good for his game.

Paulie – if my fate is sealed the last thing I would not is Corey to feel the certain way if his time would be up shortly after.

Paulie – the whole mortality between do I make the decision to campaign for myself or sit back and let bygones be bygones.. My whole thing is if my fate is sealed I would rather leave him being cool than Leave and have him be like damn he tried to stay

Natalie – Corey didn’t get you here you did
Paulie – I’m trying to separate Personal with game that’s why I was so hurt I was taking it personal and not game wise.
Paulie the only thing I’m looking to repair is game damage.. I might not have done any game damage

Paulie – Everything is blown up I’m not going to try and salvage things because I do feel bad that from a game perspective I betrayed umm certain people
Paulie – umm so i’m not looking to win which would have been the ultimate way of like honouring my aunt to potentially help her out, if she’s still alive by the time I get out. (damn he won’t stop with this Aunt story)
Paulie – Umm so, I feel like the next closest thing that will make her proud of me will be honouring something in her name so if she did pass before I got out awww.. Like… She would be able to say that she was proud of me one more time.
Paulie starts to tear up..

Paulie asks if it’s about what the house or the HOH wants
Natalie says it’s not up to what the house wants it’s about what individual players want. She’ll be voting for what is good for her game.
Paulie – if I go I kinda don’t want a chance to come back in

After Paulie leaves.. Natalie says Paulie is finally talking to her like a human being..
Paul – it’s for strategy
Natalie – obviously
Paul says they are in lock down it must mean they are preparing for the wall competition. Paul brings up telling Corey and Nicoel if it’s the wall Comp he’s just going to let go and give it to James.
They laugh.
Natalie – I’m goign to give James a run for his money.

4:05pm Victor says he has an announcement from Production.. feeds cut to Jeff.

4:12pm they are preparing for a Ziggy Marley concert
Nicole says she’s not goign to shower becuase it concert is in 40 minutes she won’t have time to get ready
Michelle – I hope theres not game talk allowed
Nicole- there isn’t
Michelle – I totally thought there was a twist
Natalie – I did no .. thought when is this goign to end. (We all were)

4:22pm Corey and Paulie Kitchen
Paulie – I was hoping is was the Diamond power of veto or a rewind
Corey – I know .. I thought it was goign to be something
paulie – I thought it was goign to be something cool like that
Corey – Yeah I thought it was going to be something.. A comp.. I dunno.. something to do with game.

4:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the party carnival Big Brother is giving the House Guests with singer Ziggy Marley.

5:40pm The live feeds are still blocked.

6:35pm Still nothing..

7:25pm No feeds for you..

WEEK 4 – August 14th to August 19th

This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing 1 of the 2 nominees.

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Things that Paulie says/does that make me go, “Whatchyoo talkin’ ’bout Paulie?”

“I don’t get rattled.” You seem to be the most rattled person I have ever seen. Rattled when you were winning (against Tiffany) and rattled now that you are losing.
He didn’t want the veto used on him, he wanted it used on Corey so he wouldn’t have to campaign against him. Yet, Corey apparently had the veto and Paulie took it from him.
He could spend 100 days in a fairly small house with shared bedrooms, frequent lockdowns when you can’t go outside for up to 48 hours at a time and, at least one day a week having several people locked in a room together for a few hours. He can’t spend 35 days in a large house with private bedrooms and the ability to go outside whenever you want because of his claustrophobia. Is that selective claustrophobia? Winning allows him to battle his psychosis but losing triggers his psychosis.
He knows for a fact why certain people are getting the ACPs, yet he is not watching the feeds and he is not voting so, in reality he knows nothing.
I heard him say, “I’m not gonna swear on a family member type thing because I don’t play that type of game.” SEVERAL times since then he has sworn on his family member who is currently dying of cancer.
Last, but not least, “I was bred for this.” What exactly were you bred for? This? What is happening right now? Losing? If that is what you were bred for, maybe instead of swearing ON your family you should be swearing AT your family.

Just to clarify-I am not making light of any family member Paulie has that may actually have cancer. However, I have several family members that did die from cancer. One of them was my father. I didn’t use his illness or his death to set up a go fund me page, beg on the street corner, or otherwise garner sympathy. I sure didn’t go on a reality television show trying to explain to everyone why they were supposed to let me win. In truth, someone could have offered me a 50% chance of winning the money and I would have passed because I never would have traded those last 3 weeks of time with my father. If there truly is a dying aunt then the Calafiore family has my sympathy. However, I find what your son/brother/nephew is doing for the sake of winning a game to be very offensive and more than just a little bit hurtful.

Sad face Paulie

He tried Derricks game and that didn’t work. So now, he’s playing Vanessa’s crying/sympathy game, Dan’s dying family member game and Audrey’s crazy as crap game, all at once.


Classic case of being able to dish it out…but can’t take it.
He was brutally mean to people, especially Natalie. It is scorching his ass that she made it farther than he did.

Sad face Paulie

Paul doing his security checks is pretty entertaining.


i am still waiting for him to come out as the ghost of Audrey with the sunglasses and blanket on from head to toe . softly mumbling PP , friendship , never cared , cody and derrick cody and derrick , clip clip clip


He is so disrespectful. Yank his ass and bring back Bridgette since she was the last one out. Someone else deserves the opportunity. Paulie is an ungrateful little b**ch.

Kathie from Canada

As a two time survivor of this horrible disease I too am so offended that Paulie is throwing this around in the hopes of gaining sympathy from others. Most of us have family or close friends who have gone through the fight and not all have beaten it. Glendon, your post was beautifully written. I’m so sorry that you lost your Dad to cancer.


Let’s just hope that he doesn’t have the round trip ticket…please no.


I hope he don’t have the ticket back. But he just might. That’s why the plan Paul is doing to make Corey think he out us good. Get him a Nic to talk to save him. If Paulie feels betrayed and hurt by Corey he will go after him like a bull if he comes back.

I will say it again, Paulie don’t want to see Zee.
He looks sick on camera. He was playing the camera and her. Now to go to Jury along with her
He is crying like a baby. It was all show. That’s why he keep saying he love the GAME of BB.
But he will not go to Jury for 5 weeks. In the Jury there is no GAME jus Zee waiting , eye shining, smiling, longing for all his attention and affection for 5 long weeks.

Yea he sick they may have to take I him to Jury at gun point. Lol

Double D

Paulie… I want to honour the integrity of the game by not going to jury.
No Paulie…honor the integrity of the game BY going to jury.

If he bails, Cody will be pissed

Leopold Stotch

Praying you NEVER have to fight that battle again, Kathie. Grendon, I am truly sorry for the loss of your father, and others in your life and anyone’s life.

F*#k cancer!! I lost my brother last year to that insidious disease. I am extremely grateful for each day of the 6 months we had together after he was diagnosed. We lived 700 miles apart, but I still drove to see him every week. The thought of going on a reality show, or anywhere else, would not have even been a consideration. Shame on Paulie for using that (hopefully) bullshit excuse!!!

Amazing how Paulie continues to expand the envelope of being a cringe-worthy ego-maniacal pig.


yep guys condolences…i lost my brother/best friend
suffer and die from an aggressive cancer in a matter of 4 months..left 3 daughters behind
paulie…u could have won this game…unfortunate you became the joke/idiot of the season!


Would someone please get on the family’s or Derrick’s twitter and find out if there really is the Cancer Auntie? I seriously doubt the whole story, especially when he already slipped and said “my grandmoth…Imean my Aunt” when talking to Paul. He’s spouting a lot of fanciful BS and this is only a part of it.

Don’t believe it and don’t mind saying so.

Sad face Paulie

Cancer is the most horrible disease anyone could have. I lost my father and 3 uncles to it. I really hope Paulie doesn’t have an aunt at home, suffering from it. But, if he’s is lying, which I’m pretty sure he is, (he slipped up in a conversation with Paul and said my grandmother that’s dying…I mean my aunt) he deserves all of the booing and humiliation he will feel, when he gets out of the house.

Retired Teacher

Great post – I agree 100% with you. Sorry about the loss of your father, and I’d never have given up the time I had at the end with either of my parents for a TV show. I doubt there’s a dying aunt….


Add to that he’ll pay his own airfare to that country Nicole and Corey call Hawaii so he can crash their vacation. NJ flights to Hawaii are not cheap, so what happened to helping his aunt? How come he didn’t have problems with going to and being in the Paris room?


Paulie is a punk. He cannot wrap his head around the fact that he isn’t going to win BB18.
Karma is a big fat bitch…and I think I hear her singing…


Well said Grendon! So very sorry for your loss.
Shame on you, Paulie.

Pinocchio Obama

Could it be that Paulie’s aunt is dying of embarrassment?


if this is a sympathy cry or just some strange strategic game play, Paulie using a family member’s cancer sickness is 100% pathetic. Paulie has down spiraled to the deep end of disturbing now. he’s become very uncomfortable to watch and he is showing signs of being unstable. I don’t believe Paulie is mentally ill, I just think he exhausted himself to the point where he his choosing not to play BB any more. Paulie’s downfall in BB has nothing to do in how he played the game, it’s how he is portraying himself now as this pathetic sore loser. all game til now he dictated to people in what he thought was best for his game. the second the HG’s figured him out and made their own decisions, Paulie quits the game to the point where even he defies production several times because of his pie baking punishment. best thing now is for the HG’s to evict him and production to pray he doesn’t have the return ticket. there is absolutely nothing positive going forward with this season having Paulie still involved in it.


BRAVO Grendon!! Well said !


Brendon, I cried when I read your post. I’m sorry for your loss. Cancer is horrific I watch my brother suffer for 6 months before he passed. Shame on Paulie. I can’t even listen to him. Now threatening violence.. to punch people in the face. He’s unhinged and needs to leave.

Nana Jo

Superb comment and excellent analysis! Personally, I think Paulie should be given a stern talking to by BB production regarding all these threats, and if he does it again afterwards, he should be sent home immediately. I now think he has become the worst guest ever shown on BBC, and that is saying something! I wonder what his family thinks about his behavior? If that was my son, I would be so ashamed.


Well said Grendon. I lost my father last year (and this site served as a much needed distraction afterwards in getting me through the summer). I would never have given up that time together. Shame on Paulie but glad there are people like you that are pointing out how awful his tactics are.

Teri B

This time last year I was losing my Dad too. I know exactly what you mean about the distraction. Paul’s behavior is beyond disgusting with these latest “claims” and I totally agree with you guys. He needs to be removed and it needs to be now.

Powder Puff Girl

another Paulie lie Derrick spoke to Paulie 1 HOUR coaching boast
Interview/podcast with Derrick: Big Brother 18 Sunday Week 8 | BB18 Episode 24 Recap & Derrick Levasseur Interview | Aug 14, 2016 – Derrick’s view on Paulie’s gameplay.
Hope it is okay to post this Simon, Dawg I just thought your viewers would be interested.

Powder Puff Girl

I did not think of that you could be so right! Was not a fan of Derrick would rather watch Frankie YIKES!

Powder Puff Girl

Thank you for the post Grendon I am in agreement with you and my heart goes out for the loss of your father.

Bridgette's Good Ankle

Paulie: “I’ll lose my shit Crack a couple guys in the face.. you want to do that to me and think you’re f***g safe because there’s cameras here”

Where is the BigBrother psychologist?
Someone needs to evaluate/remove Paulie, he is threatening, aggressive and unraveling before America’s eyes.

It’s only a matter of time before something potentially violent happens…his behavior is only going to worsen (if possible).

All his talk about his “sick aunt” is a way for him (in his mind), to justify his recent behavior. He is doing all of this to “honor his aunt”. Its horrific, psychotic and actually quite sad that he is using illness of a family member (if true), to garner sympathy and manipulate.

I would be curious to find out what the Calafiore family thinks of Paulie’s recent behavior.I would hate to assume that this is deemed acceptable, as Cody did not behave anything like this on his season.

Paulie's Lost His Damn Mind

Agree 100%. Time to remove him. He’s a danger to others now.

Franks fumes

I heard Cody (his brother) claim it is Pauls bad influence lol….I remember Cody on his boring season had a lot of aggressive tendencies as well….It was tapped down by Derrick …..his family are probably a lot like him… sadly.

Loving the view I have

Well said!


Who are the sick people who thumbed down this comment? Horribly sick people.

Friendship...Never Cared

Paulie’s phrase of the week “my aunt who’s dying of cancer”.. Previous winners: “Jersey girl”, “my brother Cody” and “Vanessa”


You forgot “feeling a certain type of way”


I give that phrase to Max-Z. She was the one that got that one rolling if I not mistaken. The rest of the misfit toys picked it up from her. My sympathy for Con Corleone is the phrase he picked up from Paul. Never cared. I of course am not talking about a family member of his fighting an illness although as posted above most of us have experienced a loss of a loved one. I find it in his case to be an outright lie. First of all if it was true you would have thought it would have come up before in conversation as people talk about home and missing their families. Not for sympathy but just in passing conversation. 2nd he clearly messed when talking to Paul where he first said grandmother then corrected himself and said aunt. I wish Paul would just tell him like he told Frank. It is what it is stop making a fool of yourself. Oh and go bake a pie. Man to be able to see Bridgette’s face whenever she gets to see the breakdowns and the pie baking!


“Blah blah blah…..type thing”.


Past classic – “I send out information, which may or may not be untrue”
almost miss that paulie


You forgot the one I found most annoying “Derrick”


Don’t forget “Loyalty”


Strength and Honor

Paulie's scared of the jury girls

Derrick last week: “go team Paulie!!!”

Derrick today: “Paulie. Who the fuck is Paulie?”

Pauli please stay

The best player in BB history is on the verge of going home for no reason.

This season sucks!

Ian's Beer

Again…..if that jackass was the greatest player, he would not even be up on the block lol


…but yet everyone is talking about what a great game Victor is playing when he has actually been eliminated! How does that work?


Thank you! He might be playing a great game now, but his overall game is automatically worse than everyone else’s in the house because he’s been eliminated. He shouldn’t win against any of them in F2.

Only can wish

This is for this person named “Me”
Yes, Victor was eliminated because he was BACKDOORED!!!. Paulie wasn’t man enough to put him up on the block so he could play in the POV, because Paulie knew he couldn’t beat him. Victor was man enough to put Paulie up on the block to give him a CHANCE(something that Paulie didn’t do for Victor)to play in the POV and Paulie STILL LOST!!! CASE CLOSED


For starters, Victor had never watched the show before playing this season (just like Paul and Natalie). Paulie, however, watched his brother play BB and had immense coaching from Cody and Derrick. Even with his advantages, Paulie has overplayed his hand and spiraled down into near psychosis. He has played a poor game, especially after being caught in all of his lies and side deals.

Victor, Paul and Nat deserve much more credit than they are given.

Guy From Canada

Great players can be on the block, it’s how they play when they are on that makes em great. Dan and Dr will are great because of how they played socially when on the block. To a lesser extend Godfrey in bbcan 3 is a great player in that regard as well. great players can be on the block or stay off the block. In Pauline’s case, he tried to comp win his way to the end with poor social playing, and he is now in jury.




…. is that you?


No, you suck. Troll.


This season has rocked lately. Paulie sucks. ‘On my dying Aunt with cancer”. What a low life!


No great player would be in his predicament with the circumstances at hand.


Cody you seriously need to stay off these boards!


best player????? is this the first season you ever watched the show? ever hear of dr will? boogie? dan? derrick?


Best player in BB history? You’re joking right? Paulie is a disgusting human being and this past week has really shown that.


Call in Security!!!!! Paul is hilarious.


Simon/Dawg 316 thumbs down…..that’s gotta be a record!


I was 420! Whew Hoo! Maybe Paulie should have some to lighten the eff up.

Joe Kerr

To the comment of Paulie is the best player…


Anyways, no…Paulie deserves what he gets.

Paulie NutZ

Get off Pailie D1ck!

The snake

This is going to be sweet. Nicole is going to panic thinking Cory is going home so she’ll start campaign for him. She’s going to freak out as she knows she’ll never see that guy again! The snake is going to start making deals. Hope it backfires and she goes next week before Cory. Ha ha ha ha ha

Retired Teacher

Funny – I really liked Nicole the first go-round & when she flirted with Hayden and they became a ‘thang.’ But, Corey has zilch for personality & Nicole isn’t attempting to play much game or socialize with any others. Maybe she should have been on The Bachelorette if all she’s looking for is a husband?

sunny dee

Her game is : ‘don’t put me on the block’ followed by ‘please don’t put me on the block’. along with ‘don’t put me on the block because i suck at comps’ then proceeds to come in 2nd to COREY in at least one POV, and 2nd to PAULIE in at least one HOH.

ok nicole, you suck, but it isn’t at comps.

i want michelle or natalie to be able to be the one to put her on the block. mostly because she says she is ok with the final 5 boys alliance would be taking her out? great, let’s make sure then that it is a female HOH who does that instead,, see how that feels.


And didn’t she at one point in talking to Michelle I think say “yea Corey didn’t tell me about the all guy thing but I am going to still help him get as far as I can” If that was not only someone I was working with in the game but someone I thought was in love with me with such honor and morals as he put it, I would be another one of this seasons catch phrases…..PISSED!


Nicole has not had the time of day for anyone except Corey and Paulie. Now that the stuff is hitting the fan, she is trying to buddy up with the girls…
Michelle was right. She is a snake.

Bridgette please school Nicole in jury

The last straw for me to completely dislike Nicole was on the feeds when Nicole was in the Tokyo room when Paulie attached Natalie and then laughed during the retelling of it twice thereafter including to James. She thought it was funny but cbs did not air that part to protect Nicole’s image. Us live feeders see that she is definitely not a girls girl and she is a jealous and catty mean girl like a wolf in sheets clothing. I hope she goes to jury and Bridgette really gives her a piece of her mind.


I agree with Paul. Production make it stop. I’m sick of hearing Paulie, this is ridiculous. Does he think saying he refuses to go to jury will make people want him to stay? I think he needs to be reprimanded in some way for refusing to make pies, and saying he’s refusing to go to jury. He needs to lose all his stipend if he does that.


If he doesn’t complete his contract, I’m sure there’s financial consequences. I’m also pretty sure he’s getting at least 1 penalty vote for refusing to do his punishment in a timely manner.


They said on the feeds that Paulie ignored calls to the DR four times in a row.
So freakin’ defiant. Bye dumb ass.


I just don’t understand how Paulie even gets a chance to see if he has the roundtrip or possible buy back from jury. The guy literally says ” Im not going” Hes gonna quit the game. So why does he get a chance to make a choice after everyone finds out if he has a roundtrip or play jury buy back! Doesn’t make sense! You quit or want to quit because you aren’t where you want to be in the game. Then you are done! Too many other players that are there to play!


Actually, if you recall, most everyone left in the house with the exception of maybe Paul and Victor are only there to make it to jury. EVERYONE SINGLE OTHER PERSON there has said at one time or another that they “Just want to make it to jury”. Just so you know.


Not only will he lose his stipend for refusing to go to the jury house, he will probably be sued for breach of contract. I’m sure they have let him know that; it would mess up the game if he went home.


Now that the whining, deal making, sympathy card isn’t getting any traction, Paulie is threatening to crack some faces? (Eye roll) Punk.


I was worried production might pull some strings for Paulie, but he’s being such a baby I bet they can’t wait to get rid of him.


He is a f**kin meat head.

Meech's Dirty Feet

They should threaten him with a law suit for breach of contract if he doesn’t fulfill his obligations in the Jury House. What an entitled little brat.


Great strategy Paul. Im impressed.


Unless Nat, James, and Michelle realize that the “strategy” is really about getting Corey mad at them or at least spread the animosity around, so if Corey/Nicole win HOH maybe they don’t put up Paul and Victor.

What could be very interesting is if there’s even the slightest bit of variance in what Paul and Victor say to Corey, such as we’re 100% against Paulie or we’ll go with the house like they’re outsiders, and that’s shared with Nat, James, Michelle or even better if Corey/Nicole see right through it (especially if Paulie sees Paul using his playbook and decides to blow him up), and not only tell them, but show Paul and Vic are trying to use Nat, James, Michelle as a human shield.

This strategy is a Paulie-style overplay and the question is can Paul make it close enough to the end before there’s Paulie-style blowback


I still think Paul is a POS but that little dance he did on BB last night in the DR was freaking hilarious. Too bad he is a douche bag

Paulie The Pie Man

Pauls dance last night made my day. I played it over and over today with on demand cable. I disliked Paul the first two weeks but he’s mellowed and become entertaining lol.
Paulie….What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Except DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS ON YOUR WAY OUT!


I have not laughed so hard watching BBAD ever. Paul was hilarious last night. I had tears in my eyes. He really puts a lot of effort into his secret service role!


Paulie seriously just needs to self evict an go home. He keeps threatening he is not going to jury so just GO HOME NOW! Do not pass GO just GO HOME!


I dont get it! Why does Paulie get a chance to see if he has the rountrip or jury buy back? He’s quiting so that should be it! Production shouldn’t allow him to have the chance to see if he’s not even wanting to play the game. You signed up for it all, and that includes Jury! His ticket should be voided if he is already quiting because he knows he’s going home! Ugh!

New Jersey

PLEASE NO. Please don’t come back here. The Jersey Shore has been very nice without you. Hawaii is really really nice, if you feel that certain type of way.


Umm no! His attitude won’t last in Hawaii. Hawaii is too laid back for his crap. He just needs to go back where he came from with his attitude. Plus he should spend time with his “dying aunt”!


That threatening comment of Paulie’s in bold, really gave me a Deniro Taxidriver vibe. He’s a ticking time bomb.


I hate to say this but I thought he had that round trip ticket all this time. I really think he has it – sorry but I am usually right about these things. It sucks 🙁 – I give you the ok to thumbs down.


Aha! Proof that Paulie is full of shit.
He is playing the game for his dying aunt.
If he is leaving this week he would still earn a stipend for all 100 days but he will walk out of jury, forfeiting that stipend.
His new plan-if they keep him this week he will help Paul and Victor get to the end and he will sacrifice his own game allowing them to send him home in the next week or two. He would still end up with the same amount-a 100 day stipend.
Why is it worth it in a week or two but not worth it now.
He also said that his reason for being here was to play this game for his aunt. He said if he goes to jury there is no purpose for him being there. So the stipend money now gives him no purpose but he expects people to believe if he has one more week the stipend money will give him purpose. I call bullshit. If he stayed he has absolutely no intention of honoring any deal. His eye is only on the 500k. Sad thing is, I don’t think there is anyone he could sit next to in F2 at this point that would even give him a shot at winning.


The stipend is 750.00 a week. The vets get 25,000 if they made it to jury.


omy gosh! Those tears Pauline boo hoo!! Best actor! I just used all my 20 votes for Victor! he deserves it!

James the Cowardly Texan

I agree 100% give co-HOH to Victor! Paul will do better with next week’s fun care package. Also Victor gives 0 Fs. If Corey or Nicole win HOH Michelle might be swayed by co-HOH status to turn on James, Natalie, Paul or Victor. Victor is blunt. If he is splitting HOH with one of them; he will STILL put up any available part of Nicorey!


Do you think it was Victor’s idea to put up Corey and Crybaby? Vic wanted to put up two girls this week.


Absolutely correct! I don’t trust Michelle with it. Victor or Paul will still do some damage.

South City California

Exactly!! Meech is way to risky, out of all the girls Natalie has shown the right mentality 100% and I hope its her Paul and Victor to the final 3 all the way! Nicole is such a undercover shit talker and so totally fake ugh, lets go Victor for next care package!

Vic the Dick

Vic should be thanking Paulie for being such a huge dick that people have forgot how much of an ahole Vic is. Do you think Michelle and Z will forget the bead episode if Vic makes it to the final? Nat won’t forget his comments either.


Zakiyah might not forget, but the other two will…if they haven’t already. Vic’s redeemed himself well enough with his social game, and Nat and Meech are not vindictive or obsessive sorts.


Me too! All 20 daily going to Victor.


Paulie acts like the biggest brat ever!! Is he really 28 yrs.old? Because I think he needs a sucker in his mouth and quiet time in the corner. Bye bye Paulie!!

It ain't the right P

WOW, it’s very clear that Paulie is living in his brother’s shadow, given Cody is more handsome, taller and more successful in the game. He keeps comparing this cast to season 16. I think he was expecting to be put in a house with low IQ people who would just trop dead week after week until he got the 500K! I’ve never seen someone so entitled. I’m glad his ego is shatters beyond repair. He is an extreme narcissist*.

*Narcissism = Extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration. The Narcissist does not deal well with failure. When criticized, narcissists show themselves woefully incapable of retaining any emotional poise or receptivity.

Cant this definition be any more accurate! Wow.


It’s like it never even entered his mind that he might not win. After all he was coached by Derrick and is Cody’s brother.

Tiny Trump Hands

I feel like Paulie’s game started falling apart once he peed in the hottub


Pee! Yes. And he has no idea we saw it (thanks to its dark yellow color – dude was dehydrated).

Franks fumes

Hilarious……then about 45 min. later Paul was the first to slide in the tub with his fellow PP member! No pun intended…..


Spot on! Perfect description of Paulie the f..ktard!

Willi Paulie get booed?

I honestly don’t know. I’m just asking for opinions.

Up – Yes
Down – No


Paulie probably wont get booed. They’ll be cheering that the little A-hole got evicted.


Depends… it there are a few Jersey girls in the audience, then yes 🙂


He should !

BB Cynic

Oh hell no. This is Big Brother. The audience will be packed full of CBS employees and family enthusiastically cheering. BB will have him back to host an HOH competition next year and call him a “fan favourite”.

If this was BBUK, the audience would chew off his legs at the knees and stick them up his bum, as it should be.


Given Paulie’s volatile attitude, I imagine CBS will restrict the audience to employees.


Paulie, shut up! “My Aunt with cancer”, “I’ll go nuts in the jury house”, please don’t have the round trip. He is a sore loser. “Everyone was great on your season Nicole, they were like sheep”. GTFO! And please go to Jersey. Frank would be a juror then. He was evicted right before jury started.


Frank can not be a juror once he has been sent home. He has already been influenced by outside forces. That’s just not how it works.


They would ask for America to vote if there was an even number of jurors


I’m sure Paulir’s aunt if he has one is at home fielding sympathy calls and wondering why everyone thinks she is dying of cancer.
It seems like Paulie did a thorough study of past BB winners and is just running through a scripted playbook. And by the way not doing it very well.
Problem is he has misread the room and the people on this season are not mean backstabbers they just are not as dumb as those on previous seasons especially on his brother’s season including his own brother.
I hope he self evicts from jury because if past seasons are an indicator his jury vote will go to America.


All these days Pauline has been in the house he hasn’t cried about his ex girlfriend or talk much about her. Now that he knows he’s leaving he’s crying over her. I bet he treated her really bad when he found out he was going on the show, possibly belittled her because he thought he was going to win and girls will be rushing to him. Now he’s realized that’s not happening, he’s trying to deal with the embarrassment when he gets back to jersey. If I was the girl, I’d be laughing right now. He who laughs last laughs best.


I am only basing this on what was said on twitter so I have no way of knowing if it’s true. Paulie mentioned that his ex-girlfriend couldn’t handle all the attention that Cody and Paulie got after Cody was on BB. According to someone who claims to be a friend of the ex-girlfriend, the reason she broke up with Paulie was because he cheated on her 5 times.


Yeah. I read that on Twitter too, a girl named krista Kimberly who I believe is a friend of the ex and also a friend of Nat. She tweeted about that.


If I were her I would join the Ex-girlfriend Relocation Program. Paulie is deranged.

Go Home Paulie

Rumor on Twitter is she caught him cheating on her with five women. Of coarse he blamed that on Cody being on BB.


Rumor has it that he was actually ENGAGED! But was caught cheating with 5 different women, and was called out on twitter by the ex’s friends… reports that she gave the ring back to the mom just recently. Funny how not once did we hear about this gf, money troubles, dying aunt, mental health, etc…I certainly hope that these yahoos also notice how convenient all this is, & he has absolutely NO INTENTION of honoring anything…as he has stated himself -this is Big brother…where you can bounce Checks whenever you want.


Actually Paul that’s a good idea if executed properly.

Paulie leaving a bad taste in my mouth ( that sounded weird), anyaway you know what I mean; he’s a low integrity individual.


Paul is convincing all the followers to mentally mess with peoples minds…. He is no better than Pauli….. I guess once everyone realizes he is calling the shots, it will be too late for James, Natalie, and Meech…. I hope none of those three win a thing…. James talks about Meech being wishy washy…. he doesn’t have a clue and is easily swayed…. He needs to go. Vic or Corey for the win…..


I can never in a million years feel bad for paulinA. I remember when he confronted Frank about slapping davonns butt, i was like this is am really respectful man. Now am disgusted. Last night’s episode i was laughing so hard. And paulie if you were in zack season he would of made you cry. cough cough devin.????????????


If Nicole wins HOH she will be so happy for about 2minutes, If anyone on the other side gets the Care Package then Corey is gone. It would be funny if Corey left on Nicole’s HOH. Worse case if Nicole wins HOH and Corey gets the Care Package.

James the Cowardly Texan

That is why I’m voting Victor. Michelle just might sway to Nicole or Corey’s side as co-HOH. They could use the whole, “You only hated Paulie and he is gone now. You’d go final 3 with us” yadda yadda. Paul cares about appearing as the bad guy. He also may have a problem being co-HOH with Corey/Nicole. Victor wont care, He’ll sleep in the bed with those two and send one home.

Paulie's family tree

We’re so proud of you…NOT!


It’s a good time to tell Pauli that, “we are going to do what the house wants”. C ya.


DUMBASSES, You see how Paul is thinking and talking strategically. You see the difference between this type of gameplay that doesn’t really depend on the absolute stupidity/naivety of the other houseguests, and Dan/Derrick’s gameplay that did depend on the stupidity/naivety of the other houseguests. This is not blatant.. It is subtle, yet strategic, and it may very well rattle Nicole/Corey. Even if it doesn’t rattle Nicole/Corey, it is still strategic; whereas Dan could have been laughed at, and not considered by so many DUMBASSES as a great player. As far as Derrick, he would have been called out many times if people in the house did what the average person of average intelligence would have, and his game would have been blown just like Paulie’s. That is the difference between actual good gameplay and so called good gameplay; no matter what the houseguests do or don’t do, it is still good. Think Evil Dick Dumbasses. Remember his gameplay versus Dan/Derrick’s. His gameplay didn’t depend on anyone’s stupidity either. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE. By the way, many people refer back to Dan/Derrick, past houseguests, etc., so don’t nobody talk no SHIT… I’m trying to educate you DUMBASSES…


First off no reason to resort to name calling! Derrick I agree only won because he was in a house with unintelligent people, but Dan came back from being next one out of the house to turning the whole house back in his favor. Dan’s funeral ranks up there as one of the most memorable moments an funniest in BB history! Paulie is just acting like a very pathetic spoiled brat, an when he has nothing intelligent to say he resorts to bullying and name calling other house guests.Paulie please just self evict an go get counseling!


His funeral is memorable. That is a single event that stands out on BB history, but don’t you think it was absolutely naïve of those people to fall for it?, Especially, Frank. Dan had his funeral, telling everyone goodbye, then he had a meeting with Frank, offering an alliance. HELLO!!! You just had your funeral and said goodbye. He was the deciding person, who then told Jenn to use the veto. Absolutely naïve. Now what if those people didn’t so stupidly fall for it? Would Dan still be considered such a great player? NO. People would have been on these boards saying the exact opposite about Dan. “Did he really think people would be so stupid to believe his funeral, blah, blah.”So, why is he so great because they did fall for it? Simply because they fell for it? No he’s not. Those people were just stupid. Good gameplay is not dependent on whether or not someone falls for the manipulation. And I like Frank, but he apparently didn’t learn his lesson, telling Bridgette to drop, which led to him being evicted. He is simply naïve. If you are ever in an endurance comp, and several houseguests are telling you to drop, think back on Big Brother history.. DON’T DROP!!!


Sorry but totally disagree.. Dan had the ability to just come off very sincere, and he just had a personality that made people drawn to him. He made you want to believe him, and he played with some intelligent people, whereas, Derrick did not have the brightest tools in the box on his season. Paulie just comes across as someone with a mental disorder that needs a lot of mental help.


Evel Dick was not a great player. He had Eric who was doing America’s Player. {America felt sorry for Dick because of his relationship with his daughter Daniele.} Eric has said on numerous occasions if he hadn’t been AP Dick would of been out of the house!


Evil Dick was better than Dan and Derrick, because his gameplay did not depend on the stupidity of the other houseguests. It did not matter if the other houseguests fell for anything or not. And America did save him once, but HELL NO, America did not feel sorry for him. America did not vote for ED to stay in the house, because America felt sorry for him. America respected his gameplay, which was the best in the house that season. And the people in the jury did not like him, but they still gave him their vote.

Only can wish

You are the one who need to be educated. Just because people on this board don’t agree with you, doesn’t mean we are dumba$$e$. We are entitled to give our opinions about the BB HGS just like you are. Thank you!!!


Paulie maybe unraveling but Paul is just as big of a liar and manipulator but he is also pure EVIL! Evil on the inside and no in an Evil Dick sort of way. This is going past game play. Not even fun to watch anymore. So disappointed in this season.


Actually… This season is just getting good lmao what are you watching???

Tears on my pillow

Wow, I guess Paulie really doesn’t want to hang with Z in the jury house!! That should tell you something about their potential non-future together!!


I’m reposting my nightmare here. I think it went in wrong post. It was that bad.
I just woke up from pulling an all nighters feed watch and had the WORSE nightmare!!!!!
This Thursday, Paulie had the RT
Friday night, Z won buy back!
They were all laughing, high fiving on the feeds HOW BOUT THAT REWIND, America? I was screaming NO NO NO don’t let it be!!!!!
Oh my gosh, I need to take a break.”


Pauline…..get over it. Go to jury, play the role to elect the BB winner as you said you would in your contract. Good example of narcissism….bully doesn’t get his way…….poor me. BB please if he has the round trip….pull the plug since he won’t make pies….cmon….punish him for not playing.


Paulie says (multiple multiple times) “I’m never gonna campaign against my boy Corey” …. turns out NEVER was about 6 minutes after the veto wasn’t used!!!


Michelle, you are the snake

More Anonymous

So he hasn’t been making pies when he’s supposed to?


Paulie, go directly to jury. Do not pass the cone (Nicole), do not collect half a million dollars. Goooooooood riddance.


Someone (and Paul is the most likely candidate) needs to give Paulie the Frank speech. Give it up! You are embarrassing yourself. Frank campaigned but he did not grovel and cry.
I can’t wait to see Paulie start to campaign against Corey after Veto ceremony and then the rest of the house start feeding into the false premise that maybe Corey will be the one going home. Paul is devious and not someone I would want as an enemy. Where’s the “friendship” now? However I also think it is good strategy to get through til Thurs because if Paulie thinks he has flipped the vote he might just STFU.

Big Jim

Paulie had a good game plan but when it was uncovered he had nothing. Shows how great Dan was. He was in the same position his second go round and flipped the house back in his favor.


Hey Production – just yank him out now. This is tiresome.

Littlefinger's Little Finger

They are just going to twist the knife, and Paulie is going to get more and more crazy.

Good fun for the entire family!

Arya Stark Badass

They should let Arya “Needle” him.


Now that’s an interesting idea that America can be the extra jury vote.

Day, Brit and Z

Here Paulie, Paulie, we’ve been waiting for you. Don’t be afraid, Paulie why are you SO AFRAID (?), we aren’t Jersey Girls so why are you so afraid ?

About to upset people

Not exactly sure how Paulie can just refuse to do a veto punishment. It is in CBS best interest to make an example of him yet they do nothing.

Pulling for Victor at this point. He sucked it up when he was being backdoored and fought to get back in the house.

I still want to give it to Michelle this week just to see what she does with it.


He’ll end up with at least 1 penalty vote and may be fined or forfeit a portion of the stipend money.


I agree production CBS are you listening? If the integrity of the game play is NOT to follow through with repercussion for refusal to take punishment then whats to stop future players from dragging feet and or refusal of game rules while on air and in the house. CMON you have to have rules that are enforced in some manner or it all becomes a SHAM. Furthermore we the AUDIENCE deserve to know what repercussions were levied. and at what price.


Paulie.s pitch to stay is that he wants to help these guys because it is them against Nat and Meech? WHAT is up with this? Hey super douche not all men have problems working with a woman. And last I checked Paul and Vic seem more than capable of playing a strategic and civilized GAME alongside the ladies without needing your scorpio tongue to intimidate and degrade them. Boys vs Girls. How juvenile. No wonder when Bridgette uttered the word feminist it sent this misogynistic pig into overdrive,


I so hope a women wins, just to see Paulie’s reaction to being beat by a woman!

Na Na Na Na

Na Na Na Na
Hey Hey Hey


I love Victor. Man Crush Monday.


Victor is muy attractivo!

Bolt Uprite

So Palsy’s stratagem for staying is to lie and make himself the most annoying, pestering HG in BB history? Grteat plan. The guy is a pestilence. He’s a tick.


CBS needs to find a way to make this eviction happen before Thursday because I can’t stand four more days of Paulie. It’s as if his brain will go to any lengths to shield him from the reality that he is not the God of his own imaginings. There is nothing he won’t resort to: sudden onset claustrophobia, a previously unmentioned terminally ill aunt, heartbreak over his ex fiancé even though you just finished bragging about how you “boned” Zahkiya six times. I’m surprised there is enough room in the house for Paulie’s ego and seven other houseguests. Just let him go home so he can continue basking in the non-existent rays of his own importance and we can go back to Big Brother.

TX rar

If he self evicts then Victor has to put up a re-nom. Thats what happened a few seasons ago. (It might have been a girl that threw her mic in the pool?)


Remove the mirrors Big Brother. Paulie will self evict in a minute if he can’t look at himself.

Fuzzy Num Num

If his aunt is really dying, I will eat this fuzzy tic tac I found in my sofa ( I think it’s a tic tac).
First he’s hiding his crazy, and ohh it’s coming out. Then he’s claustrophobic and can’t be contained in a fabulous mansion with the hottie whose just waiting to jump him, again. Now, it’s, frankly I don’t really like anyone here, so I’m not gonna hang with you. Ya know because, my brother, Cody, yes that Cody, his season they were really cool. And they just lined up and took a number, then walked happily out the door. And oh, the girls, they didn’t talk. Ya they knew their places. But, maybe I’ll grace Whiney, Crazy Eye, and extra maybe Beardo with the glory that is me. Oh and I’m gonna swear on my dying Aunt that I won’t screw any of you over, ya know, again. And that’s family, and I’m Italian, and we are really kissy close with family. Ya, I literally think you should totally keep me.


On what planet does Paulie think that if they bounce James that they can “control” Nat? Paulie is all over the map. Bottom line to all his Michellesque fake crying: He does not want to be the first guy in jury.

Big brother

If I was Nicole or Corey I would knock down the couples Paul/Victor and Natilie/James. I would go with the strong team By putting up Paul and Victor first. If Victor wins the veto replace him with Natilie. Natilie is the stronger player strategically wise. Send Paul or Natilie home because both Victor or James can’t think for themselves so weakens their game. Natilie and Paul are playing the social part of the game and James and Victor are not. They rely on their partners. As for Nicole and Corey they can’t win so I would put them up last. Both are oblivious that they are being played by everyone in the house. They act like two teenagers falling in love with their annoying back and forth fighting and flirting. I don’t even think they are playing the game anymore. They are in their own little world thinking about going on vacation together or who made the first move (eye roll). I think Michelle will go with the house and make it to final 3 for sure. She’s in a perfect spot right now and everyone is a bigger threat than she is. Either side will take her to final three because everyone is gunning for each other.


Paulie is all talk no action
He said he wasn’t going to make any pies for his punishment and he made one yesterday
He said he wasn’t going to jury I call that bs i wouldn’t be surprised if I see him on finale night .
And OMG can he stop with the pity party it’s like Paul said it’s getting old all I hear when he talks ” pity me, for I have a aunt who is dying of cancer followed by KEEP ME IN THE GAME LONGER btw if he really does have a aunt dying of cancer all my condolences go out to his aunt that’s how I would feel on a personal level but as far as a game level and entertainment purposes don’t use that for your selling point to say in the house I remember when day left you didn’t care if she went she was disposable to you day has a kid at home and she was here to win once again to win 500k to make a better life for her kid and gameplay was mediocre at best but a least she didn’t always use her kid as an excuse for a selling point to stay longer and you could almost say the same thing for James which you wanted to backdoored and he actually didn’t betray you you betrayed him first face it paulie you got outplayed didn’t you say something to Frank between the lines of stop campaigning you’re going home I think it’s about time you follow your own advise .

If it was my choice...

…I would agree to keep paulie if and only as long as he shuts the hell up. Seriously anybody taking paulie to final 2 has it in the bag, $500,000 in their pocket.


pulie got to go talking about punch somebody in the face he got to go before it get out of hand he should not be in here to Thursday proudiction should do something now


Paulie previously admitted he would be fine with being evicted by someone actually having better strategy than his own. He is too burned by his alliance with paul to man up and admit he was outplayed.


Paulie is scared to spend 5 weeks with the bunny boiler, Z. That’s why he doesn’t want to go to jury. He has no reason to pretend he likes her in jury but doesn’t dare tell her while they are locked in together.


Paulie’s going home type thing.

3 Eyed Raven

Holy Shit! Paulie is now threatening to “crack” someone in the face this week if he thinks he’s getting played? This is turning volatile….hope security is on high alert ( and I don’t mean just Paul in his secret service mode)…. this guy is turning from annoying narcissist to scary sociopath….making Willie Hantz and Russell look like butterflies!