Big Brother 18 Week 8 Top Animated Gifs

The 8th week of Animated Gifs For Big Brother 18. A boring week up until the last 72 hours when the house flipped and TOTAL chaos reigned.

Gif’s in no particular order..

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Ian's Beer

Lots of lovin’ going on with Corey and Paulie…..maybe that’s why Paulie thinks so little of women…..he needs to free himself from his Jersey closet and embrace ……. 🙂

What the heck

I waited all day for the show tonite……its football. Where is Big Brother?


Is there a link to a live stream by chance????


Now I really think Paulie really LIKES Corey. But, I still think Corey likes Paulie more.

Kathie from Canada

Is there any chance, given all of Paulie’s ridiculous behaviour that if he gets evicted and does not have the RT that he might get up out of his seat with Julie and just walk out of the studio? He seems capable of having a surprise shock ending for his exit.


Live stream please


Why does Paul wear that rubber duck?


Why does Paul wear the rubber duck?

Old lady

What does deeha mean?


Paul started it …it means d!ck head