Natalie “He [Paulie] called me a princess… you don’t know me b***h!”

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POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH ? Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: ? AND ?
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Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 19-15-20-311
In the kitchen – James says he can’t wait to find out what the advantage is going to be? (They were told there will be an advantage in HOH comp later tonight)
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 19-27-01-680
7:15pm London Bedroom – Paul tells Nat that Nicole keeps talking to James I don’t know why. Nat says you have nothing to worry about with James. Nat says he (Paulie) out of this house and that’s all I care about. I’ve wanted that for a long time. Nat asks Paul where is your standing with them? (Corey & Nicole) Are you good with them? Paul says no. Nat says he called me a princess… you don’t know me b***h! Vic joins them. Paul says apparently he (Paulie) was telling Michelle she need to work with them to get you and I out. What the F**k dude! Vic says and he told Michelle that you and I are working to get James out. Paul says what the F**K! Nat says I did not tell them about the plan. Vic says I know that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 19-29-15-921
7:20pm – 7:30pm Corey and Nicole talk in the bedroom – Nicole asks Paul is putting us up right? Corey says duh! Nicole says I hope its the slippery slop comp. Nicole thinks the HOH will be slippery slop HOH competition. I don’t know what the advantage could be in the wall comp. The advantage in the slippery slop comp would be the smaller bucket. I hope you me or James wins it (the advantage)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 19-29-22-397

7:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again.. When the feeds return – James is telling Corey and Nicole how Paulie was trying to pit everyone against each other. James joins Paul and Nat. Paul asks James if he trust Corey? James says I don’t know if I trust anyone. Paul asks do you trust me, Nat and Vic? James says oh yeah.

7:50pm In the kitchen – Vic and Meech are studying. Corey says I wonder if people actually thinks he (Paulie) kissed you. Michelle says I hope so .. I thought he was actually going to kiss me.

7:50pm – 8pm James says I never fully trusted Paul. Nat tells James to watch his mouth with Paul. James says did you see that be was trying to get me to name drop. Nat says I know. Paul doesn’t want to win .. he thinks you or I will put the heat on us.. so he can slide under the radar. The fact that he threw my name under the bus .. I’m coming after him now . Sorry buddy play your own game bro! I would want to back door him. We can make him not win the veto. Keep saying you trust him so that he won’t win the veto. James says I don’t know who I would put up next to him. Nat says I am going to crush Paul! I’m going to crush him. Just the fact that you (Paul) threw my name under the bus .. BANG BANG!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 19-52-00-041

8:10pm Nicole says I’m afraid that James isn’t going to try. I wonder if you should tell James that Paul said that James is your target. Natalie joins them. Nicole says that Paul said James is coming after us. I guess I am Pauls target. Nat asks do you trust Paul. Corey says I don’t know he’s done some shaddy sh*t. Nat says I want to win so bad. Nicole says he is so sketchy. Nicole says I’m so frustrated .. I just need to win. Nicole tells Nat that he (Paul) made fun of you more than anyone else.

Nicole tells Nat and James we need to win this… because Vic counts as 3 people. Nicole laughs. Nat says night. Paul joins them and says that he talked to Meech and she is good. They’re trying to get to her but she’s not breaking.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 20-07-42-986

8:20pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the HOH comp

10:55pm Still blocked ..

11:35pm Still no feeds for you..

12:20am Still nothing..
1:12am Simon taking over.. NO FEEDS…

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160 thoughts on “Natalie “He [Paulie] called me a princess… you don’t know me b***h!”

      1. That’s funnier, I think James and Nat think they’re the bomb. The cowardly Texas lion who can’t keep his mouth shut and the floater who can’t win anything selling wolf tickets….

        1. I like Natalie but I do think she is much more cunning than the rest of them. She is not going to date James. As a woman I can tell . She makes sure that she tells him that she cant do anything in the house about a relationship.
          She drops hints that she wants to see how they are as friends first outside the house, Plus I didn’t like how she told James they would make out if he did what she wanted and then was suddenly sick right after(I know plenty of people who can make themselves throw up) There are just a lot of little things that she drops here and there and you never see those in the edit I think that production likes the reaction that she and James as a couple are getting from viewers. I am torn about this because I like James and think that his heart will actually get broken by Nat but James should not being doing this again. Frustrated…I do think Natalie has been underestimated and has been able to play a superb PR game even if she doesn’t win she will be wildly popular if she is able to convince people that she really liked James. I do like her and think she’s fun I just know if James doesn’t play this game for his daughter he will be a fool. I really hope this Game does not seriously impact anyone negatively afterward.


          1. Natalie has been feeding James pretty solid advice for weeks and seems pretty aware of what’s going on in the house. Yet James keeps shrugging her off so he doesn’t piss off “The Boys”. She incited the whole removal of Paulie. Why is it when boys bring on big game moves they’re social-game geniuses and when women bring on big game moves they’re manipulative bitches? Why is Natalie’s status as a BB player determined by whether she’ll eventually bang James or not? She’s doing well: give her a hug, she needs it.

            1. I think Nats Game is solid and DO NOT think she is a B***** for anything. I also think it would be stupid to become very adamant about them just being friends. I think that would make James not have her back as much.(which is not good for her game) @lady D Jeff and Jordan still had a sexual attraction they just remained friends on the show. I just don’t see that sexual chemistry with them (hope I’m wrong but its also ok if I’m not) Natalie and James need each other for the good of both of there game (right now) I do think that if James didn’t think he had a shot with her he wouldn’t be so solid with her . I just don’t like anyone’s genuine feeling to get hurt in the game. All that being said I think Natalie is doing what’s best for her and doing a good job not embarrassing her self or family

          2. @eek When it is down to the wire, James will play for his daughter/the money- no question.

            And as for the Nat thing… I haven’t seen a genuine connection like James and Nat since Jeff and Jordan- who, by the way, left the house as FRIENDS also. They have gotten to know eachother very intimately (if she didn’t feel genuine love- she wouldn’t have let her rub her back while she vomited the other day). He may not have caught her eye out of the gate, but genuine kindness and a sense of humour go a very long way- and he has the added advantage of all the conventionally goodlooking men in there being total douche bags. She seems like she is ready to settle down, and with her being someone who values family/friendship so much- I wouldn’t put it past her to see the virtues in someone like James.

      2. Paul is the new Paulie. He’s already putting a target on his back because he’s the next big over the top loud obnoxious player that people want out. He just looked good next to Paulie. Hell, Frankie looks good next to Paulie.

  1. Boy, Production will NOT let Paulie go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jury Buy Back Boooooooooooooooooo

    Since there is going to be one, I fervently hope that it is Bridgette! She put the Piss Pool Paulie eviction in place & got sacrificed. She deserves a second chance at the $500K!

    1. production is screwing around with blatant intentions of positioning a certain player or players they want to see in the end. it’s obvious now since their prized possession inside player Paulie got evicted without the round trip ticket that they announce a jury buy back. Paulie should be not even be allowed to participate in the jury buy back for his sore loser behavior and going against production when he did not bake the pies.

    2. I think the fact you got that many likes just reenforces how horrible all of these people are. I literally find myself trying to root for people strategically but still hate all of them personally. It’s kinda been that way for a few seasons. Maybe that’s either a comment on their casting or on our society at large.

        1. no you don’t…… can watch the last 5 or 6 (I forget how many but at least 5) episodes for free! I do it all the time cuz I usually miss the show.

  2. I love that Nat and James want to go after Paul now. I’d love to see him or Victor go next. But, the care package holder may have something to say about that.

    1. Good gameplay or not, if Victor leaves, this turns into a total snoozefest. James is so low key you have to put a mirror in front of his mouth to make sure he’s breathing, Corey can’t speak a compund sentence, Nat is more interested in her weight and makeup, and the less said about Nicole the better. Hoping whoever comes back can inject some life into the group, because the air got sucked out of the house with all the Paulie drama.

      1. Hey, now. Cut Corey some slack. He has no need for your simplistic human “speech”. When his eyes go all glazed like that, he is actually in direct Cerebro-Transferal with Glorious Leader Xenu. He channels GLX’s messages with a complex Morse-like code based on the distance his left eye wanders out of sync with his right eye. And THAT is why he thigh-bangs the chick who, if you were to shave the Rapunzel-like rat-bun off her head, would look exactly like a Grey Alien.
        All Praise Corey, All Praise Rat-Bun, All Praise Xenu!

    2. i was actually disappointed in James when i read that. I was , oh here we go, he’s lost the ability to see thru the BS again, just like in his season when he and Meg and whoever would talk about what is going on in the house, and getting every single thing wrong. We’ve seen vic and paul talk alone, they are sincere about going forward with nat and james, as far as i could see.

      And james is going to listen to nicole, someone who has pretty much consistently been a cover her own ass from the get go and completely unreliable as an ally? haven’t we learned that the best thing to do when you hear that someone you are working with throws your name out, is go and ask them what was said ?

      nicole lie about this? no way, right/? come on, james, wake up, don’t leave those two in the house.

      1. I totally agree! Vic & Paul were serious about their F4. Glad someone else sees that Nic is just trying to manipulate James & Nat. Pretty sad Nat/James is falling for it cause there is no way NiCorey will keep James/Nat safe. They’ve talked so much shit about everyone, more than the rest of the house but they only talk to each other (maybe Paulie). Nat & James will, sadly, end up on the block next if they aren’t careful!

      2. I think James wants the two remaining showmances to be f4 and that’s why he keep reassuring Cory he was good even as Paul was trying to get everyone to shake him and Nicole up so they wouldn’t win HOH

  3. These houseguests are stupid if they don’t take the chance now to get Vic out of the house. They may as well hand him the check now if they don’t.

    1. I would like to see Vic evicted this week, but for a different reason. It would be so awesome to watch Victor and Paulie fighting it out for the buy back, and then have unsuspecting little Bridgette come up with the win!

  4. OMFG…..

    First 5 jury members get to do a challenge for 1 to come back….. I hope to god that Paulie doesn’t win come back

    Please James or Paul win HOH tonight:)

    1. Oh no. We want Nicole to win HOH tonight. Then, like, Victor or Michelle to win America’s Care Package so they can co-HOH Corey’s ass onto the block and send him out on Nicole’s HOH.

      Incidentally, does anyone else think that if you shaved that humongous bun-mess off Nicole’s head, she’d look exactly like one of those Grey Aliens?

    1. IKR??? James is the one who told Corey about the plan. And her whining about the princess crap, enough already! Natalie is siding with the wrong one! PISSED!

      1. I Kinda like little Nat, she is a a little spit fire, but she holds on to too much shit. She needs thicker skin. She plays the victim too much, but she might just really know she is just not that talented or good at things. She doesn’t know anything about this game so you have to give her a little slack.

        1. Yeah, I kinda like Natalie, too. I get the impression she got broke somewhere along the line. She’s smart… she’s the one that blew up Paulie. She’s capable… she held in on the dangly-rope game almost as long as Victor… but the whole time it was like she was waiting for someone to tell her to fail so she could just let go and fail like she’s been trained to. She says that sort of thing a lot if you listen to her… I feel this way (like, I’m fat) but I know that’s wrong (like, she’s not) but it’s the way I feel and I need to deal with it. She seems to me like she’s pretty facking self-aware and trying to overcome some person shite. Go Nat, that’s what I say.

          And I suspect she’ll give James a chance to hang out outside the house but he won’t be strong enough. She’s got a fucking head-ache, give her 10 minutes to her fucking self, dude.

    1. I’d like to see Z win her way back into the house. Win the $500k. Use the money to put a hit out on Paulie.
      Expect the unexpected.

  5. Lowkey wanting Da’vonne to come back, her entering at this point would be juicy. But from a “most deserving” standpoint I would for sure go Bridgette, and if she plays her cards right, she could win.

      1. vic and bridge r my favorite final two, paul as my fan favorite (im my opinion he made the feeds more interesting he talked and walked game not like those other 20somethings who are there for boyfriends), another reason i i don’t want paul to win the 500k is cause he’s rich and seemingly goal directed, he’ll be ok, he has a soft place to land with his family and businesses. i want vic to win and bridge to get the 50k as paymetn for all those cookies or even frank for afp cause he stiill is one of my favorites.

    1. Will there be a pizza delivery guy too? I watched a movie like that once. There was even a guy in it looked just like Victor.

  6. If I were Frank, I’d sue CBS.
    At the end of the day, this is an official television gameshow where all contestants are to have equal opportunity to win the competition.
    Him being evicted where he was was never announced to the contestants that it was the “kiss of death” exit where a second opportunity wouldn’t be offered.

          1. Big Brother is a reality t.v. show with a cast that receives compensation whether or not they win or lose. A game show has contestants that are not compensated for their appearance on the show other than potentially being awarded prizes.

        1. Depends on how Big Brother is defined at the FCC. It’s like the Monday Night Raw, you know the outcome is already set and everything else is just for fun.

          1. The FCC only controls free to air broadcast. They cannot do anyhing about paid broadcast. that is why you see some cable channels take advantage of being allowed to cuss. FX is the channel taking most advanage, they basically say everything except fuck. Most channels bleap cussing because they want ratings and some people simply wont wach if there is a lot of cussing and they wan sponsorship deals. Comedy central allows cussing after a certain time on friday and saturday nights, USA network used to have a thing called “up all nigh” where they allowed cussing as well after a certain time on friday and Saturday nights. Most paid networks police themselves with standards and practices, and give shows a list of what can be said and what cannot be said, and it usually has to do with what sponsers agree to. A long time ago the WWE was saying lots of crazy shit on their show and the USA Nework lost a lot of sponsership deals because big companies do not want to be associated with neworks that play vulgarity, and that is why you do not hear cussing or see nudity on TV, its because of money not the FCC. The FCC conrols your free radio, but not your paid radio, it also controls your free TV that you can ge over the air with an antenna, but not the cable you pay for. The FCC can fine for the show big broher, but not the feeds you pay for.

        2. It’s fraud to boot….that’s why I think the “production fixed” brigade are hilarious. CBS is worth $40 billion and they’re going to risk contestant/advertiser/sponsot lawsuits, plus congressional hearings into all their game show offering…and do it for a low rated summer replacement show, with the kicker of being hosted by the wife of the CBS Chief.

          Of course it’s only fixed when they don’t like the result….as long as their favorites win, it’s on the level…

      1. Still seems unfair for Frank. He’s the only evicted HG who didn’t have the opportunity to compete to come back.

    1. Yeah, no, not a game show. Goes back as far as BB8 and Evel Dick and all that, solidified in a court of law. It’s right in the contracts of the Houseguests (not Contestants)… Production can do whateeeeeever they want. Fix things, manipulate, modify and transmogrify. It’s entertainment, not a contest.

    1. They are still both terrible. And did I really hear that the baby’s name was Adoraborealis?! What is happening….

      1. Naming a child adora borealis is practically child abuse. It’s very selfish of the parents and is not right for the child. Goes to show how much Rachel thinks she is a “celeb” and the delusional world she is living in to name a child a bizarre name like that in the hopes of topping other bizarro celeb names like ivy blue, apple. North west, etc.

    2. Yup. Adora Borealis. They should have named it something like Fryzwhidat, at least there’d be some charming irony.

      And awwwwwww, how sweet. Rachael is already planning to whore her daughter into reality TV for cash and procreation. Awwwwww.

      1. I actually felt a little ill when I saw them too lols. I like them in the game but not as people outside the BB house, weird I know but true. adorabulitis or whatever, poor baby. Cute but poor thing even to think Rachel would want her (adorabu) to meet her husband on the show, play the game yes but meet a husband…..Yaz!.
        Does anyone remember Brandon (cant even be typed with out hearing that voice saying it lols) taking nude pictures of himself and putting them on the net? I don’t remember if it was for a dating site or he sent them to someone? Ummm hello branchelle WTF is the dick pics about. That must have been a fun conversation to hear being explained.

  7. They probably has something like this planned for awhile in case the round trip tickets didnt work out, that was hardly a twist. This buyback is a twist that will shake the game up. Stop saying there handing paulie a second chance, stop being bitter like who cares. Itll be interesting to watch.

  8. My gawwwwwwwd. Jury buy back, say whaaaaaat?!? This son of a lady of the nite is gonna get back in the darn house. Kill me now!

    1. You had to see it coming. They’re on a schedule… so if the Round Trip Ticket isn’t used, someone HAS to come back in to make up the time difference. What they SHOULD have done with the extra couple of weeks this season is do something that’s ACTUALLY a twist… scrap the first-five-evicted returnee and the last-five-evicted returnee and have a couple of completely random contest-winner/fans go into the house right now. They’ve seen everything, they’re up to date on everything in and out of the house but if they talk about that knowledge in any way to other houseguests, they’re evcited on the spot. Huge targets on them for coming in so late, lots of knowledge no-one else has, and a huge restriction on that knowledge. If only BB would be INTERESTING instead of following their limited little set of “twists”…. “Ooooh…. let’s send TWO people back in this year” Bleh, you’re FIRED, Production.

  9. Now Nicole says it’s going to be slippery slope game. If it is then production is not only telling them what comps are coming but they told Simon too. He called it the other day. Lol

    1. they know at this point in the game that there are only so many different comps left, and slipper slope and the egg and chicken wire are ones that require a certain minimum number of people to look interesting to watch, but not so many that the set up is needed is too big for the space they have.

      James and nicole and maybe a couple of others know the two most likely now are chicken coop and egg, or slipper slope. Since this comp is being done at night, makes it more likely to be slippery. seems like it is always done at late night, the other at daytime.

      there are fan favourite comps, this is one of them for sure. I find it one of the more boring ones tho, and yet another one geared for a male winner. I get tired of all the comps being so obviously male centric. nicole yesterday was saying if there is a safety smaller bucket, she’d go for that one, today she’s saying go for the win. i think there is safety and there is a cash prize in this comp. i;m also assuming at least one if not two will suffer some kind of injury and be unable to compete well in the upcoming veto comp.

    1. Julie said it at the very end of the live show. It was a kinda casual statement. THIS is what turned arounf Paulies nose-dive. Production mustve told him about a buy-back BOOOOOOO :(

    1. Man Natalie is as fake as they come. Glad to see others online are seeing it too. So sick of her talking about herself ALL the time. She interrupts others to make every conversation about her. Usually when someone has to tell you how good and honest they are all the time……they aren’t really good and honest. I hate that she bailed already on Paul when she gave him her word. I hate that she is always talking to America in the cameras. She is a very calculated and fake person.

  10. Go brig for jury buy back!!! Nat for HOH!!! Shake this house up! Hope its slip n slide but that comp takes forever… Cant wait to see look on girls faces in jury when they see Paulie arrive…. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!! They all wanted to see him next n now they get their wish! Sweet vengance….

  11. Another sympathetic showing for Paulie! Why was he allowed to make like a three minute speech? Julie would cut off her own mother if she were on the block, but she just let Paulie keep yacking. WTF? And they never show Paulie talking about his “aunt dying of cancer.” Should we consider that part of the lies he told to get sympathy from the house guests? Didn’t f*cking work! Paulie is a grade-A dirt bag. He shouldn’t be allowed in jury, let alone a chance to reenter the house.

    1. You thought that that was a sympathetic showing for Paulie? I thought that he came off like a lunatic on steroids.

      1. The butterfly scene was hilarious! James’ expression was priceless! I was waiting for him to ask Paulie, why the hell are you crying over a butterfly?? I was waiting for Paulie to bring up his dying aunt during that scene. SMH

      2. What the commenter meant by sympathetic showing was that CBS gave him a better edit the he deserved and that they let him go on and on with his speech when house guests are normally cut off. He was bit referring to Pauline showing sympathy.

  12. I was kind of hoping that when Julie had them open their tickets on air, she would say congrats you are the new HOH to the holder of the round trip ticket (Paul as we now know)

  13. I think BB planned for the RT ticket to come into play and since it didn’t, they are doing the jury BB. I think it sucks for Frank that everyone single other HG got a chance to get back into the game except him (aside from the fact he obviously has played the game before, but so has Day,) Of all of the HGs, I would like to see Bridgette back into the game. Here’s hoping BB tailors a comp toward her.

  14. Ok, I feel like I missed something – why is Nat all fired up against Paul now? When did he allegedly theow her under the bus?

    1. Nicole said that Paul told Nicorey to go after James and also provided certain information Paul would only know to Natalie regarding personal attacks..

  15. I like the Round Trip Ticket twist, but…
    They need to improve it next season by have each One Way Ticket include either
    A Consolation Prize for the Evictee or
    A Bomb or a Care Package they can throw at/to someone in the house.
    Drop the public voting for the Care Package. That’s way too inefficient.

    1. This is a phenomenal idea. BBAU had Bombs thrown by evicted housemates one year. Pissed people off something fierce. One girl had all her clothes taken away. Can’t remember the other bombs, just that it stirred things up a bit.

  16. Why does BB insist on having updates with Rachel every year? I swear every time I hear her voice it makes me want to punch my TV repeatedly…

  17. Natalie is running her mouth too much and it’s going to get her on the block. She was in a good position but not so much now. Nicole and Cory have a new name for the other house guest to target. I guarantee, that they will let Vic and Paul know about her plan to target Paul. That will take the heat off of them at least for one more week.

    1. I don’t know why she’s opened her big mouth. Nat, wait to be in power, and then start talking about your plans of who to get rid of!! This can backfire, big time.

  18. I really want bridgette or day to come back because they’ll make things interesting if z comes back worst case she’ll cling onto nicole paulie comes back he’ll go back to whoever is left in nicorey if corey leaves this week and comes back and nicole is still there he’ll probably go back to nicole or even start something w/ james ( whom he trusts so much. ) either way whoever comes back the target will be either Paul or victor anyways the only person I see not targeting Paul and victor is bridgette and day?????? If nicole isn’t in the house maybe .

  19. did julie say first 5 members of the jury? i’m only counting 4 jury members so far. is frank jury? either way, i’ll be pretty pissed if anyone but bridgette wins.

  20. James and Nat suddenly running game… They do not deserve the win… I can’t stand James since last season, he’s probably all confused with all this game talk Nat is feeding him, he likes to ‘lay low’ and just play for America’s fave … Hoping Nicole or Corey win HOH because I do not wanna see floppy floaters go to the end… someone commented on Paul being all loud mouthed now; he always was, he was buying his time while he attached himself to Paulie and the power, now he’s gonna wanna run things, if you recall he was like this at the start of the season… At least Paul has been playing and he’s done a decent job…

    1. Paul won one HOH and Paulie ran it and got rid of a weak player.
      James won one HOH and Paulie ran it and got rid of a strong player.

      Don’t see much difference.

  21. Bye!!! He more than deserved to go home. He came into the house acting like he was entitled because of his brother, WHATEVER!! Like Michelle said “you’ll never be Cody”. He played a terrible game and i hope he gets alot of backlash from the girls from Jersey and women in general for how he spoke to Natalie

    1. When you think about…

      Cody made the stupidest move in BB history taking Derrick to final 2 with him.
      Derrick won the BB season with the sheep-est cast EVER. And now he’s apparently writing a book on how to manipulate people. And he supposedly coached Nicole, Paulie, and James on how to win.

      Not really that much of a legacy to live up to? Smell ya later, Palsy.

  22. what is it with people these days? Doesn’t anyone eat with their mouths closed anymore?
    Paulie was the worst, he ate like a cow, but watching (listening to) Natalie eat that apple was disgusting.

    1. No home training. And Michelle puts her whole hand in her mouth to shove the food in. Never saw anything like it. She drove me crazy on BBAD last night eating sunflower seeds. Had to mute several times.

      1. Yesss! They were raised in barns. Across the boards, throughout the seasons there are an alarming number of people who eat like pigs and make so much noise, idk of this has to do with the fact that they tend to find contestants who aren’t exactly the classiest or raised the best?? It’s getting ridiculous Though. Never seen anything like how ,I hole eats. I stared in wonder at the sunflower seed scene.

    2. I agree with Big Sister. Michelle is always eating, always shoving food into her mouth and making so much noise when eating crunchy food. It doesn’t help with the mics right under their chins either. I had to mute the tv when Natalie was inhaling the crackers the other night as she ate them like a buzz saw !

  23. Hearing Little Paulie tell Julie that crying was only to get sympathy from the HG’s was bullshi t.
    He cried all the time in DR!

    1. Right! Wonder who in Producton came up with this face saving excuse for Paulie…strategy, please. Let’s get real-he was at the point of crying throughout the vote/eviction. He just barely made it through without breaking down!

  24. So…all of the sudden the two people who have never given you the time of day, worked DIRECTLY with Enemy #1 Paulie, are telling you something and you IMMEDIATELY BELIEVE THEM?!?!?!!! Good Grief! I’m sorry, but USE YOUR HEAD…they know Exactly what they’re doing…going after the king & queen of wishy-washy…good move on their part, and if it works, they will officially be the biggest deehays.

  25. Is it just me or are they blocking the feeds a LOT more this season than any other recent season? Normally we would be able to watch the long HOH competitions…not so much this season.

    1. See… that right there is why you need to cancel your feeds and give all your money directly to Simon and Dawg. They persevere through the outages, they put up with nastiness like Austin finger-banging that twin-thing that incidentally sounds just like Nicole, and they condense all the long-winded and over-blown Paulie-ness that drags on in the house into digestible chunks of literary excellence. All hail Simon & Dawg!

  26. Natalie has been scheming Paulie all season. Natalie is fake. She’s trying to hang on with a pity vote saying “I’m so fat” …. she does not think that. She thinks very highly of herself, but she’s hiding it. Natalie is the ONLY one in the opening of the show that wore a bikini in what all of America sees every time the show is on. She has no problem with her weight when the opening credits show. This is not typical of a girl who thinks she’s fat. She’s using James beause she knew America liked him, and riding with him through the whole game. Pay attention … she is slowly distancing herself from James.

    1. I think Natalie is fake and is using James, but no one gets to pick what they wear in the opening. And she has put on significant weight. I believe her when she says she’s feeling fat.

      1. I think Nat is fake but I don’t dislike her that much bc I thought she was the least catty of the women on the cast besides Bridgette. Her voice gets me though. I do believe she’s a fake confident type girl. She acts confident in some ways but deep down she’s deeply insecure. I don’t believe she’s lying when she says she feels fat. I think she really thinks it and is looking for validation that she is not. She has gained weight on the show but I wouldn’t say a significant amount. She is the kind of girl that you can tell has FP (fat potential) and the ability to get chubby fast. You can see it in her face. If she stops working out she gains very quickly and is probably very sensitive about it.

    2. Good grief! Find a woman who doesn’t feel fat a couple of days before her period–especially one who had skipped a cycle! Lordie, I’m feeling fat just thinking about how it feels to be bloated before a period!

  27. Did you ever give a post a thumbs up when you’re halfway through reading it, then change your mind by the time you get to the end and reverse it?

  28. So what’s Natalie talking about Paul throwing her under the bus, when did this happen? I don’t get the live feeds and if it was shown on tonight’s show then I missed it because I was flipping back and forth between it and the Olympics.

  29. Stick to the plan people! Get Nicole or Corey out this week. These two have literally done nothing all summer but lie in bed! Neither one of them deserves to be there any longer.

  30. Da didn’t get a chance to really play. Nobody even listened to her game play because they were too busy listening to Paulie, hiding and being a scary cat. I hope Da gets back in. I most definitely don’t want to see Zakiya bridget or Paulie return. I want Nicole and Paul on the block

  31. Soooo whoever is voted out next week is the 5th juror then the buyback comp. well I have given up hope that anyone besides Paulie will win this season. It will be hard to watch going forward knowing that but I will try. I really need a Vic / Paul puppet show right about now to cheer me up.

  32. Does Paulie remind anyone else of that putrid Tom Cruise? You know…the fake smile that barely hides the fact that he is seething on the inside…the forced laughing, the sleazy winking and the fake friendliness?

    Paulie Pisspants better not come back.

    Go Bridgette!

    1. He has a hideous face. Those wonky eyes, the long face, potato nose, ewww. And when he laughs… omg … I won’t go there.

      PS: He didn’t even have the common sense to put on a decent shirt. I guess he wanted to flaunt his short arms one last time.

    2. Was with you all the way, unfortunately you had to throw Tom Cruise in there. Believe me, Paulie could only dream, of looking like Tom Cruise!!

  33. Just watched tonight’s show! Why did Julie let that idiot Paulie talk so long, who the hell were those people in the audience that cheered for that douchebag, and does Paulie really think anyone believes that he was acting crazy and sad on purpose. So embarrassing for him! What a fricken train wreck! I cannot believe they BB is going to allow a jury member to come back! It better not be a physical comp or we a WILL know it is rigged for the little sh*t !

  34. Every year i get on here and complain about the many many twists ruining the gameplay. Now here we are with another buy back and care packages etc. and this is the most twists ever in a season. It generally ruins the game. Theres a reason BB10 has been the best season since all stars it was called back to basics NO TWISTS. Paulie got the biggest cheer ive heard in a while got to love those golden edits for Grodner favs. Picking up Chenbot?? That robot usually gets annoyed with compliments. The cauliflower family has been a joke on big brother but in the Grodner era they are the dr will and boogie. Paulie is one of the biggest POS douchebags ive ever seen on the live feeds and cody made the dumbest move since marcellus but this is grodners show and she loves them brothers. Expect to see big jeff get promoted to something better on this show and then paulie take his place.

  35. If I have to endure a jury buy back, I’d be less pissed if Bridgette came back. Imagine a final 2 with her and Vic…

    The others are pointless really, Da’Vonne has no one to really work with and she can’t win so she’d be right back out. Zakiyah…no. Paulie has Corey and nicole but still too big a target to survive unless he just wins every time. Bridgette could get the girls to solidify and take out the boys if they could win. Which comes back to the comps. Too many of them provide a greater advantage for physically fit people. Casting finds athletic guys, because that’s supposed to be attractive and then they find generally pretty girls or girls desperate to hang on a guy all summer and they are generally not nearly as athletic as the average BB boy. I wonder how these guys would do if they competed against someone like Meagan Martin or Jessie Graff, who are both attractive and athletic beasts.

  36. This jury buyback thing sucks. I don’t understand how CBS would come up with something like that, knowing that Paulie was the most hated HG this season (probably in the last few seasons).

    I’m literally hoping that Vic gets evicted next so that he can compete with the remaining jury members and COME BACK (instead of Paulie)!. He’s the only hope.

  37. I’m really hoping that Natalie and James don’t go after Paul this week. Not because he’s my favorite (and he kind of is), but because it will just embolden Nicole and Corey. We don’t need any more flipplin’ house flips! Get rid of Nicole and Corey first, because they’re the only two in the house (as of right now) that don’t deserve to win a gosh darn thing. Then go after your own people.

  38. There is a big Twitter push for Corey to win HOH – if you do not want him to win remember to vote. The only issue votes are split between Meech and Victor which will make Corey a easy win.

  39. I’m all for James and Nat going after Paul since Paul has been playing both sides of the house with Paulie for weeks. However they should try a backdoor as to not tip off Paul and Vic as Miche might stick with them and it seems Miche is very likely to win the co-HOH care package this week.

  40. I’m not saying production never tries to help out specific players but they were banking on any person having the round trip ticket because they need to fill a certain amount of weeks til the finale. Since no one who was evicted had the round trip ticket, they still need someone to come back to fill the weeks. They don’t want to have a week where they can’t have an eviction!

    1. If someone comes back from jury they will be forced to have another double eviction. The amount of people left now makes it come out perfectly for the weeks left. So, jury battle back means a DE coming soon.

    1. the guy who threatened the house guests with a knife and had to be taken out was the biggest, but Paulie does come close.

  41. I so wish there was a live feed/spoiler site for the jury house. I would love to watch Paulie arrive and squirm all week.

  42. You knew when round trip didnt pan out it was either jury buy back or reset of this week and i guess jury buy back has a glimmer of hope if its not endurance we cld see someone besides douchebag paulie back. Means we need vic or maybe corey out to see that happen but id prefer bridgette foresure out of all of them… Did anyone notice they nevershowed the audience which is why i assume its was all cbs people… Im curious to see who won advantage for hoh comp? I hope to hell its not nicole…

    1. The audience sounded fake to me… I wouldn’t be suprised if it was an empty room…. I forget what point it was when Paulie said something but it was a delayed applause that didn’t match up with what he said, I could see a few laughs or a small amount of clapping but out of nowhere a delayed sound effect applause like he had just won the world series kicked in and it just sounded extremely fake if was actually an audience

  43. Nat is a future fatty! She will lose the weight after the show but just wait until she gets married and has a kid. She is gona blow up! Thumbs down me if you want but it’s true.

  44. You know it’s bad when Michelle is the least vile girl left in the house.

    Just make sure Nicole on block this week and all is well. Nicole baited Nat into giving her info she can use against her. Nat is clueless how to win. Nat thinks she master a game player now. Anyone would feel like a master gamer and a genius hanging around James dumb turd self all the time.

  45. I have to up in 5 hours for work but I really need to know what happens with HOH. it’s a love/hate relationship I have with BB. Love it but hate how I get so into it I lose sleep over it. It’s just not healthy.

  46. New respect for Corey (even though he was wearing the most gay American stripper suit) I loved the way he pulled his pissy pool Paulie friend out of a slump. Those two have a real friendship.
    Jury battle back is going to make the people in the house shit themselves. Kinda wish Frank has the opportunity to play he deserved to make jury over a few other people in the house.
    In other news… Did anybody else notice Nicole smelling her arm pits at the end of the show tonight lmao?

    1. Nicole smelled her arm pits because she was called out for pit stains in her unitard when she raised her arms up… and she has to wear it 24/7 so she cant exactly wash it … so Im sure it does smell bad.

  47. You know when season is over we will all be sad to see this site go
    I check few times throughout the day and before I go to bed
    Thanks guys for our summer entertainment and sitting through God offal feeds that I dread to watch
    Few more weeks we will miss u big brother even the Pauline’s, nicoreys
    Frank’s and brig
    Let’s enjoy it while it last and be a little nicer to eAch other for goodness sake it’s only tv and entertainment we ain’t getting $500 thousand
    Bb online bullies :p

  48. Paul and Vic just figured out Paulie’s game play moves and eliminated the master and took his game play over. Its so funny watching the nuts act like they really got game! YEAH, PAULIES GAME! SEND EM HOME !!! ALONG WITH MICHELLE AND NAT !!

  49. Okay. More than a little ticked off at CBS tonight. Last nights show shows Natalie getting hit in the head with Nicole”s care package as it parachute’s down from the sky
    I had forgotten about that and I realized that is how Natalie hurt her neck. Apparently the CBS lawyers realized it too. Tonights episode it is edited to show James’ package hit the ground and then Nicole going over to open her care package. Shame on them.

    1. They already showed Nicole’s package, they didn’t hide it and don’t believe everything you hear and see. She was probably exaggerating her neck as an excuse to hide out away from Paulie after she felt bad for what she did. If you remember the day before she laid in bed hiding under the covers after she was told the whole house knew she had ft’s. She threw them out there and then when confronted, she panicked.
      Who puts lotion on their legs when their neck hurts to the point of crying? Nobody.

  50. I remember Aryn the 19 year old mildly racist chick and Christine the married chick flirting with Cody….got booed big time and then Chenbot was very hard on both and called them out ….So yeah Pauline got special treatment…..That whole awful Califlowery family are CBS favorites….F them!

  51. I get soo tired of the games cbs plays like not showing alot of stuff, then waiting to do comps super late so people will buy feeds and sorry not this season not worth it for how much you fish everything this year from what ive heard. So those of us who dont have feeds and just watch cbs and after dark dont get to see crap like tonight… stop with the non sense cbs you have your 40 billion give us something like seeing whos hoh…

    1. I believe this is the 3rd HOH endurance comp CBS has blocked. When you buy the feeds they consider it “All Access” but it is hardly that. Most of the time I cancel my subscription after the BB season and then sign back up the following season. However with the coming fall season online I was going to keep it. Since they don’t have to worry about tv ratings for the fall season since it is all online, if they block comps this fall I am cancelling that shit.

  52. I think Paul’s families wealth is from the mob. Armenian and Los Angeles? Very suspicious. Look up Armenian mob and it’s quite illuminating.

  53. Anyone else sense the DESPERATION of Paulie’s performance tonight? He was over the top..and I was wondering what meds he was given. (wink).
    He was completely opposite to what he was feeling. Look..I play poker…and the *tell* was..believe the opposite. Act’re weak. And he was feeling weak as feck.
    Not just weak…a donk. No matter what he bet in a hand..I would have called him and won. In truth though…people watching just the CBS show might believe his shite. Crying for strategy? PLEASE!!!
    Now…I’m a bit concerned at how the tide is turning. I suspect CBS interference.
    No worries. Paul..if I believe all I do about him..he’ll click on what’s going down.
    I think james may be on the block. Call it intuition. Paul will suss it out.
    The *eye opening* or Nat. She has put my teeth on edge the last few days. This * Americaaa BS..this getting my goat. ( Helooo Cory)
    She’s done nothing..but all of a sudden she’s the expert. HEH.
    Let’s see James go….crumble time.
    Nic and nat ..or ric and frac…can go to jury. Davonne or Bridg win by back. I can hope.

  54. I bet she puts up Paul and Victor. I hope not but she did not like it that he made up the FT first. She could bd him and put up Nicole and Victor. Hope Meech gets to chat with James and Nat to spill the beans on all the stuff Nicole talks about Nat.

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